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    19 Jun, 2017 – Rice cookers are must have products for the modern kitchens, as these appliances are designed to simplify the processes involved in cooking. Investing in a rice cooker will save one from spending a lot of time cooking the rice on their stovetops. With this kitchen appliance, one can forget the concerns about serving uncooked rice or overcooked rice to their loved ones. The rice cookers are offered with varied temperature control settings to help the users keep a track of the temperature to cook rice with preferred heat level.

    Some rice cookers are also offered with the feature to steam cook vegetables, pulses, cereals and meats as well as to prepare stews and soups to cook several dishes in a single pot at the push of a single button. However, the market is filled with rice cookers of various brands and each claiming its appliance as the best and feature rich product. Having overwhelming choice can make the buying decision very tough for first time buyers and the ones who wish to replace their old rice cookers. This situation explains why one should refer to the site of RiceCookerWorld, as they offer complete details explaining the good and bad points of the best selling rice cookers in the market for the year 2017 to help the buyers choose a perfect appliance to meet their cooking requirements.

    When clicking on the website link at, one will be able to find that they have a list of best rice cookers for 2017 featuring the reviews about each product along with its price and star rating. Richard Drayson, the owner of RiceCookerWorld who is passionate about cooking, writes the reviews about the rice cookers. The reviews are his personal experience with each product, which helps the readers to understand why a specific product is a best choice and how well it cooks the rice. The reviews will have details like how many cups of rice can be cooked within a specific time, best features of the products, the control the user will have while the rice is cooking and the features for user’s convenience like reheat, delay timer, specific settings for other dishes and so on.

    Through these reviews of rice cooker, the reader will be able to know about the design of the product, how easy is its maintenance and the quality of its part to help the shoppers make a well informed buying decision. The site also ensures that the negative points of the rice cookers are also discussed to educate the readers stay aware of the drawbacks of the product that they have finalized their choice. Plus, the reviews will have high quality images of the rice cookers that are reviewed to know which model they are choosing.  

    About RiceCookerWorld

    RiceCookerWorld, the website dedicated towards offering complete information about rice cookers have announced the list of best rice cookers for the year 2017, much to the delight of shoppers who are on the hunt for a best rice cooking appliance.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Rice Cooker World
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 308-935-6069
    Country: United States

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    Personalized Yoga Mats Turning a lot of Heads at Yoart Yoga Mat

    The number of individuals practicing yoga has started to grow in the last decade, no longer is the practice just for those looking for spiritual peace, but has become a practice for those looking for physical activity and stress relief.  The practice of Yoga itself requires very little equipment making it very popular for the frugal; however, individuals still need a yoga mat. Having a yoga matt allows individuals to reduce stress on the feet, joints, and rest of the body.  For those looking for a new yoga mat at an affordable price should check out Yoart Yoga Mat.

    In 2003 the founder of Yoart Yoga Mat, Ms. Lee quit her job at a Taiwan she factory and started her own rubber material factory. The company would begin to grow and in 2008 created its own unique non-slip pattern. This material would be the foundation in starting Yoart Yoga Mat. The natural rubber is created by a foaming technology and high-temperature vulcanization; this creates a super elastic and non-slip yoga mat ideal for all types of yoga.

    Yoart sells everything from travel yoga mats, thick yoga mats, and now personalized yoga mats.

    Today Yoart Yoga Mat is proud to announce the launch of its new line of personalized yoga mats. This new line of mats give customers creative freedom in creating a mat that matches their personality and style. Personalized yoga mats allow customers to choose any design of their liking and have them printed on their own yoga mats. This new line of product goes beyond just average consumers, enterprise customers (yoga studios for example) can brand their logos using the new personalized feature.

    Customers can choose from thick yoga mats and travel yoga mats to have customized.

    Yoart Yoga Mat is an industry leader in producing high quality yoga mats at an affordable price. The company uses its own proprietary brand of rubber, giving it superiority over its competition and allowing it to have a long shelf life. Yoart Yoga Mat looks to provide customers the flexibility to personalize their yoga mats, customers looking to get a new yoga mat are welcome to make an order today! 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Oiart Group Ltd
    Contact Person: Dola Pone
    Phone: 86-769-33829522
    City: Dongguan
    State: GuangDong
    Country: China

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    Parents searching for the ultimate disposable diaper take notice.

    It’s called Cute Seal (, made by a Canadian company in Vancouver. The diapers are now available in Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, and a global product launch is upcoming.

    The company, which showcased its products at the 2016 Vancouver International Fashion Week, claims that the diapers are softer, more comfortable and prevent diaper rash. In addition, Cute Seal diapers feature a three-dimensional soft waistband that fits the contour of the baby’s bottom and a special urine detection system that indicates when a change is necessary.

    All Cute Seal products have passed stringent tests for quality and received numerous international certifications.

    What makes these diapers so comfortable? They use an ultra-thin polymer core structure, which promotes fast absorption, and an inner film that breathes so the baby’s skin stays clean, dry and refreshed. The Cute Seal diaper also makes use of a three-dimensional, double-sided leak-proof design that prevents side leakage.

    The inner part of the diaper is an uneven pearl surface, which minimizes direct skin contact and maximizes air circulation. The slightly bumpy service also provides a gentle massage, promoting blood circulation.

    Cute Seal also offers baby wipes and tissues that are specially made for young children.

    Four sizes of diapers are available for babies (newborn, small, medium, large, extra-large) as well as “cute pants” diapers for children age 1-5. The “cute pants,” designed for nighttime use, are available in large, extra large and extra-extra large.

    “The combination of a new design and new materials makes for a truly comfortable diaper,” said a company spokesperson. “We received calls and e-mails from many satisfied parents who tell us that incidences of diaper rash are almost nonexistent. We’ve also heard from many parents whose babies have experienced allergic reaction to other products, but not ours.”

    The design and technology of Cute Seal diapers are evolving and the company is working on an improved model that utilizes an innovative surface layer that is even more comfortable than the current product.

    For additional information visit the Cute Seal website ( or contact Cute Seal at or 888-673-4363.

    For details about partnership opportunities, contact Cute Seal at

    Photos from: Cute Seal 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cute Seal
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    City: Vancouver
    Country: Canada

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    SACRAMENTO, CA – 19 Jun, 2017 – In honor of the 3rd Annual International Day of Yoga on June 21st, world-renowned yoga teacher Wai Lana is releasing her new “Oh My Sweet Lord” music video. Get ready to see a side of Wai Lana unlike anything you have ever seen before. Whether you recognize Wai Lana as an expert yoga teacher, a spiritual guide, a TV star, or an ambassador for healthy living, her radiant personality is so attractive that countless fans have expressed, “whatever she has, I want it.” With Oh My Sweet Lord, we get a glimpse into her heart and soul, her motivation, and the source of the wisdom and spiritual love that has inspired her to help so many over the past 40 years.

    Wai Lana wants people to know that this song is for everyone, whether or not they believe in God. She says,Oh My Sweet Lord is like a personal prayer. It is very intimate, and is very heartfelt and special to me. I am hoping it will inspire you to glorify your Sweet Lord in your own way, and cultivate your personal relationship with Him.” She further explains, “This bond, or union in love, with our Sweet Lord is really the true meaning of yoga. All yoga practices are meant to lead one towards this highest goal. When we achieve that loving union, we have truly experienced yoga.”

    The much-anticipated release of Oh My Sweet Lord follows Wai Lana’s two previous Yoga Day releases, both of which touched the hearts and minds of millions of viewers around the world. In 2015, she released Namaste, which spread the message that we are all brothers and sisters and should care for and be respectful to one another. Then in 2016, Wai Lana’s Alive Forever short film delivered a beautiful cinematic expression of the ancient meditation “Aham Brahmasmi,” which showed us that by appreciating the immortality of the soul we can overcome the sadness that often accompanies the aging of our bodies. Oh My Sweet Lord picks up from there. Knowing that we are eternal, Wai Lana now reminds us to always remember our Sweet Lord and, in doing so, our loneliness will subside and our desire to love and be loved will be fulfilled.

    Wai Lana Yoga, the longest-running fitness series in the history of public television, is well known for featuring spectacular shooting locations. But Oh My Sweet Lord takes it to a whole new level. As you follow Wai Lana through moonlit forests, breath-taking cliffs, and even waist deep into the ocean’s gentle waves, you will be transported to the transcendental inner world of love for the Supreme Soul. Oh My Sweet Lord is truly a video masterpiece.

    Wai Lana’s captivating music and lyrics create a unique genre which can best be described as music of the heart. All of her television shows and DVDs feature Wai Lana’s beautiful, soothing soundtracks, many of which are available on Wai Lana’s Yoga Sound and Yoga Music of the Heart albums. Her Namaste, Alive Forever, and Oh My Sweet Lord tracks are part of a new Alive Forever album that will be released later this year. Not simply an entertainer, Wai Lana’s songs are full of spiritual depth and inspiration as she shares how yoga wisdom can be a simple yet powerful foundation for improving one’s life.

    In 2016, Wai Lana was honored with India’s prestigious Padma award for her extraordinary achievements in popularizing yoga globally. The Padma Awards are India’s highest and most well-known civilian awards for exceptional and distinguished achievement in a particular field of human endeavor.

    About Wai Lana

    Wai Lana is the host of the long-running public television series Wai Lana Yoga, which has aired in the U.S. and internationally for nearly four decades. She is not only a beautiful and charming yoga teacher, she is a mother of three, grandmother of six, song writer, author, and genuine advocate for helping people from all walks of life attain inner peace and well-being.

    Wai Lana has produced several yoga DVD series for people of all levels, published books, designed kids’ yoga products, recorded music albums, released a meditation kit, developed a complete line of yoga gear, and even has her own line of all-natural snacks.

    “Oh My Sweet Lord” music video:

    Photos to download:

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wai Lana
    Contact Person: Fiona Fitzgerald
    Phone: 800-624-9163
    Country: United States

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    GFA-supported workers warn of dangers of tobacco to help demonstrate that ‘God cares for the whole person’

    WILLS POINT, TEXAS – 20 Jun, 2017 – Residents of a community in northern India have pledged to make it tobacco-free following a health awareness drive by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers.

    Carrying placards and handing out advisory leaflets about the dangers of smoking, teams visited villages and neighborhoods recently as part of a World No Tobacco Day initiative spotlighting the health dangers. Commuters and residents received the literature, which included the leaflet “Do you know the disadvantage of smoking?”

    Around 900,000 people a year die from smoking-related causes in India. Though smoking in public has been banned in the country since 2008, the prohibition is routinely ignored in rural communities away from major urban centers. In addition to cigarettes, “beedis”–tobacco wrapped in a leaf and widely considered to be more harmful than regular cigarettes—are popular.

    “So many people are unaware of the dangers of smoking, how it can lead to poor health and have consequences not only for the individual but their family too,” said Dr. K.P. Yohannan, founder and director of GFA. “By offering this information, we wanted to show that God cares for the whole person—body, mind and spirit.”

    GFA-supported workers walked to different communities and passed out literature along the way. Several thousand leaflets were distributed, including some warning about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

    At one event, residents expressed appreciation for the information. “I am motivated by the program and will encourage my neighbors and parents to stop using tobacco,” said a woman living there.

    Another resident said that she believed the initiative could make a big difference. “Along with other villagers, I would like try our best to make our village a ‘tobacco-free village’,’” she said.

    One of the GFA-supported workers explained why he was glad to have taken part in the program “When I see people are dying because of smoking, and their family suffers, my heart pains,” he said.

    Yohannan said that the anti-smoking drive was intended to reflect Jesus’ care for every dimension of a person’s life.

    “Jesus not only touched people’s hearts, he also cared for their physical well-being,” he said. “Our desire is for people to experience longer, healthier and fuller life in him.”

    GFA (Gospel for Asia) has – for more than 30 years ? provided humanitarian assistance and spiritual hope to millions across Asia, especially among those who have yet to hear the Good News. Last year, this included more than 75,000 sponsored children, free medical services for more than 180,000 people, 6,000 wells drilled, 11,000 water filters installed, Christmas presents for more than 400,000 needy families, and spiritual teaching available in 110 languages in 14 nations through radio ministry.

    PHOTO CUTLINE: GFA (Gospel for Asia)-supported workers passed out health awareness leaflets to mark World No Tobacco Day and demonstrate God’s care for people in body, mind and spirit.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Gospel for Asia
    Contact Person: Press Relations
    Country: United States

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    Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited is a China based company. It is involved in the production of tools and equipment which are used in industries belonging to different fields.

    With the emergence of advanced technologies and machines all kinds of work was made easy and efficient. This led to an increase in the number of industries that emerged in various fields. In all industries there are a number of tools and equipment that are required in order to maintain proper functioning of the industry.

    Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited is one such company that produces tools and equipments for the use of industries in different fields. It produces tools that deal with gases and LNG, such as tanks, trailers, etc. The company manufactures equipment according to the customers’ requirements because different industries belonging to different fields have very different needs. They also produce equipment based on the capacity that is required to carry.

    Cryo-Tech Industrial Company Limited produces tools & equipment for various industries

    Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited produces gas cylinder used in industries. It is important that the cylinders are made to perfection and are made with good material. Other important criteria could be the shape and capacity of the cylinder that should be taken care of in particular as it is these features that ensure safety. The presence of volatile substances and hazardous gases make industrial sites prone to severe accidents. Due to these reasons it is important to ensure that the tools and equipment used for the storage and transportation of substances within the industries must give priority to the safety of the workers in the industry.

    Another product manufactured by the company is cryogenic centrifugal pump, which are used in industries. These are highly efficient and ensure a stable flow of liquid gases or other substances as per the needs of the industry. They include liquid nitrogen pump, liquid argon pump, liquid carbon dioxide pump, etc. They have a flow rate of 13-24 m3/h. While providing a stable flow, the pump contributes to the smooth functioning of the production process in whichever industry it is used. 

    Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited produces vaporizer. The vaporizing rate depends on the requirement of the customer or industry that the product will be used for. It is used for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrous oxide, LNG field, liquid argon, etc. The product includes a single vaporizer and filling skid. This product, like the rest of the products manufactures by Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited, ensures efficiency and high quality output.

    The website for Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited has all the details and descriptions of the products manufactured by the company. Customers can also call the company’s representatives, who are available all the time, to clarify their doubts pertaining to any of the products.

    About Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited

    Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited is a company based in China. It produced tools and equipment used in industries from various fields. To know more about it please visit their official website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cryo-Tech Industrial Company Limited
    Contact Person: Vance Fan
    Phone: +86-13884458586
    State: Zhejiang
    Country: China

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    • The customer relationship management (CRM) platform provides a 360-degree customer view, tracking engagement across channels and devices

    • The system enabled to successfully execute targeted cross-sell capabilities improving lead conversion by 35%

    • New platform significantly improved customer profitability ratio and efficiency in sales

    CRMNEXT received the award for Best CRM Project in The Asian Banker Technology Innovation Awards 2017. The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the prestigious Asian Banker Summit 2017, the foremost annual meeting for decision makers in the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific region, held at the MAX Atria@Singapore EXPO, Singapore.

    The comprehensive sales customer relationship management (CRM) platform provides a 360-degree customer view, tracking engagement across channels and devices

    The (CRM) project is a comprehensive implementation covering processes in retail banking across prospect and customer service, campaign management, sales and performance management. The implementation ensured that the CRM platform will be accessible across all channels and devices inclusive of branch, web and mobile. It provides a 360-degree view of customers and tracks all engagement, leads, and triggers, analyse, and use it to enhance customer relationship. 

    The CRM system enabled to successfully execute targeted cross-sell capabilities improving lead conversion by 35%

    The bank integrated this system with location based demographics to develop and deploy targeted campaigns, improved insights, along with shared campaigns translating to more cross-selling opportunities with higher conversion rates. Its customers witnessed a 35% increase I lead conversion rate and a 170% increase in lead volumes following the implementation. Project also resulted in a 50% increase in cross-sell ratio and a 60% increase in sales per employee.

    New platform significantly improved customer profitability ratio and efficiency in sales

    CRM deployment by CRMNEXT brings significant operational benefits to the bank with notable increase in its customer profitability ratio andcustomer satisfaction. It improved the efficiency, reducing the turnaround time by 75% and the sales cycle time by 90% after this project.

    About The Asian Banker:

    The Asian Banker is the region’s most authoritative provider of strategic business intelligence to the financial services community. The Singapore-based company has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Dubai as well as representatives in London, New York and San Francisco. It has a business model that revolves around three core business lines: publications, research services and forums.

    The company’s website is

    About CRMNEXT:

    CRMNEXT is the leading global cloud CRM solution provider. It has practice leadership across nine verticals assisting businesses from SMEs to Fortune 500 businesses in optimizing customer relationships. It is also pioneering a Digital CRM rollout for some of the largest enterprises across Asia-Pacific. CRMNEXT’s customers include global brands like HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Pfizer, Tata AIA, National Bank of Oman, Pavers England etc. It was recently lauded in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2015 for Lead management, Sales Force Automation and Customer Engagement.

    For more information, visit:  

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acidaes Solution Pvt. Ltd
    Contact Person: Rahul Sheth
    Phone: + 91 9167799341
    Address:Corporate Avenue, Chakala, Andheri
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India

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    Efficiency of fiber laser marking machine is high, long service life, low cost (in the long run), do not need too much maintenance can be used better. It is not suitable for soft plastic products, marking the product easy to foam. It is widely used in metal, spraying materials, ABS, PVC, PES, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, plastics and rubber, epoxy resin, ceramic, plastic materials such as marking machine.

    Metal: common metal iron, alloy, copper, cadmium, aluminum, this type of application is hardware factory, Handheld Pneumatic Marking Machine electric appliance fittings factory or use the metal factory. Relatively rare metal with gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals, this kind of marking applications usually gold and silver processing.

    Plastic: fiber laser marking machine can mark for most of plastic products, such as engineering plastics, plastics and rubber, epoxy resin, polymer clay, plastic, ABS, PES, PVC, application field is generally plastic factory, ruandao factory tyre factory plastic products or processing factory.

    In addition, Large Format Inkjet Printer fiber laser marking machine can also be used for ceramic marking, the marking effect of beautiful, durable, eternal.

    Fiber laser in industrial applications of industrial production requirements of high reliability, small size laser, quiet, easy manipulation. Fiber laser with its layout is compact, light conversion high efficiency, short preheating time, affected by factors of small, maintenance free and easy with fiber or by optical lens light guide system coupling strengths by the wide attention of people.

    High power, Industrial Inkjet Printers high quality laser weapons have been studied military defensive and offensive weapons. High power fiber laser and its advantages in high brightness, small illuminated area, small volume and more attention. In addition, in the positioning, ranging, remote sensing, tracking and simulation and other fields, fiber laser is used as an effective tool also favored,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CYCJET
    Contact Person: David Guo
    Phone: +86-21-59970419 ext 8008
    Country: China

    0 0, a top e-commerce store that exclusively deals in Air Jordan shoes, both retro and new, recently started publishing unbiased reviews of Air Jordan shoes.

    For the NBA fans, and especially the Air Jordan fanatics, finding equitable and expert reviews of Air Jordan sneakers and shoes is important as it helps them in choosing the right pair of shoes. The owners of the e-commerce store said that they have now created a separate section for reviews so that their potential buyers can do a comparative analysis of different types of Nike Air Jordan shoes before choosing one for their wardrobe. has earned reputation for offering retro Air Jordan shoes at heavily discounted prices. The online store has already got all the retro Air Jordan shoes in its product list and product SKU is now being updated daily. The owners said that the objective behind creating a separate ‘review’ section was to educate the buyers, or end users of the website about the key features of the Air Jordan shoes they offer.

    Video Link:

    “Many of the Air Jordan shoes have distinctive features, and it is true that most Jordan fans don’t even know that there are a few hundred variants of the retro Air Jordan shoes that actually exist. On our e-store, people can find a plethora of Air Jordan shoes, starting from Air Jordan 12 Cool Grey to Lebron James Shoes to everything they might have even not heard of”, said a sales executive of during a recent press conference. The executive also asserted that people interested in cheap Jordans can follow their social media pages and profiles to get the latest updates.

    “We often offer massive discounts on Air Jordan shoes, simply to encourage more people to buy these shoes. For an average sneakerhead, collecting the latest Air Jordan shoes is as exciting as finding a rather old-fashioned and out-of-production Air Jordan shoe. We have created a vast database and product catalogue that consists of both new and old Air Jordan shoes. We can now offer these shoes at really attractive prices. Also, special offers and discounts are also available for Air Jordan fans”, added the executive during the recent press conference, while also maintaining that they will soon add more products.

    About the Company is a reputable e-store selling Air Jordan shoes only.

    For more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Retro Jordans Sports co,.LTD
    Contact Person: Tom Smith
    Country: United States

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    Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd is a company based in China. It specializes in transformer assembly production. It was founded in 2005 and has attained recognition from well known standards.

    Emergence of newer demands has led to an increase in the number of industries to meet these demands. Therefore, there is a subsequent rise in the demand of new and innovative machines and technique. These advanced machines and techniques help to supply the market with a variety of products in large numbers.

    Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd is a company that manufactures a number of equipments that are needed for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. The company produces a number of equipments such as Silicon steel cut to length line, CRGO cutting machine, swing share transformer core cutting machine, transformer unicore cutting machine, slitting machine, decoiler, carbide alloy tooling, and other electrical steel cutting equipment, etc. The company has been manufacturing, exporting and supplying its products in various countries across the world.

    The company is a Transformer core cutting machine supplier. The machines are operated easily in a Chinese-English man-machine interface. The users are ensured of the machine’s accuracy, longevity, high speed and less noise. The machines are also placed at reasonable prices. The company’s products have been certified under various standards. The company ensures that it is able to provide its customers with quality products. 

    Transformer core cutting machine supplier

    Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd manufactures core cutting machines. CRGO V notching machine is designed to automatically notch a V shape on the silicon steel core laminations of transformers. These shapes can be notched in different positions as per the demand of the customers. The company uses good quality raw materials to ensure that the products are efficient, low on power consumption and maintenance. The company also offers a facility to exchange products immediately, in case there is a defect in it or the customer is not satisfied with the product.

    The company also offers Transformer core cut to length facility. The machine is used for mitred and straight cutting and punching, feeding rack, V-shape silicon steel laminations. PLC and HMI operations control the machines. The machine is designed in a manner that allows the user to use the machine easily and as per his requirements. The machine is efficient, accurate and cuts the silicon steel coil depending on the drawings and designs provided for different products. Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd has a quality management team that helps to maintains high quality products in the market.

    The details and descriptions of all the products manufacture by the company are available on the company’s official website. The company’s representatives are also available all the time to clarify any doubts that the customers may have with regard to any of the products.

    About Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd

    Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd manufactures various equipments such as transformer core cutting machines. It is based in China and it caters to the demands of residential, commercial and industrial purposes. To know more about their products please visit their official website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Ms. Lili
    Phone: +86-317-3588775
    State: Hebei
    Country: China

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    With all the pressures mounting on day to day lives now, there is no surprise that stress and anxiety is building up in people of all ages.

    “I have seen an almost 5 fold increase in stress and anxiety related cases in Gurgaon in last few years,” said Ashish Sehgal, a veteran life coach and founder of ‘Ashish Sehgal Life Coaching Centre’ located in DLF Phase 3 in Gurgaon. “Most people working and living in Gurgaon are experiencing stress at levels they are unable to manage on their own. Overworked professionals with seemingly exciting lives are somewhere losing touch with reality and find themselves under extreme stress and feel anxious for no apparent reasons. The lives here are heavily spilt between their current state and their aspirations and there is a lack of mental emotional support in their systems.”

    Ashish Sehgal’s Life Coaching Centre in Gurgaon is providing professional help to many such people. This helps them gain coping skills for managing stress and anxiety. It also helps them build better mental and emotional immune mechanisms within themselves.

    “I have been helping people getting their desired results. People need more than just individual therapy. They require that love, care and attention which is somewhere missing in this new social setup”, says Ashish Sehgal. He adds that his mission is to help people help themselves, as they become self dependent in matters of the mind and heart.

    “Stress and anxiety are two biggest enemies of a happy life. My objective is to help my clients build amazing capabilities to self-cope with these issues. Each day I meet my clients and then see them transforming and blooming in their lives, which makes my own life so satisfying.”, said Sehgal.

    For more information on ‘Ashish Sehgal Life Coaching’, call +91 9810188629 or visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ashish Sehgal Life Coaching
    Contact Person: Ashish Sehgal
    Phone: +91 9810188629
    State: Delhi NCR
    Country: India

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    The strategic partnership helps RackApps customers simplify enterprise app operations through ServiceFormation technology and delivers measurable SLAs for operating applications on the cloud platforms

    FREMONT, CA – 6/21/2017 — RackApps, a division of ASA computers, today announced a strategic partnership with Appranix to help customers automate their application operations on hybrid cloud platforms using Appranix ServiceFormation cloud.


    As enterprises move more and more applications to the cloud platforms, legacy data center operation management tools or home grown open source based application operations tools are inadequate to handle the dynamic, service-centric nature of the cloud platforms to manage and deliver sufficient SLAs for the applications.

    Appranix’s ServiceFormation technology automates and simplifies application operations on multi-cloud platforms. It’s unique app-centric, real-time, cognitive automation platform assembles cloud services with unprecedented visibility and control so application operations teams can deliver measurable SLAs to business units.

    The “Ops” in DevOps

    Appranix’s platform allows next-generation managed service providers like RackApps to offer a simple application operations automation to their customers that delivers value within a day.

    Under the agreement, RackApps customers in the US and India will have access to the ServiceFormation cloud immediately for automating application operations on the cloud platforms.

     “With Appranix’s ServiceFormation cloud, RackApps customers can radically simplify enterprise application operations and let their DevOps teams focus on faster application release cycle with a streamlined cost compliance model to achieve significant business agility and availability”,  says Ravi Shelvankar, co-founder of RackApps.

     “RackApps is a strategic partner to Appranix. As enterprises realize the benefits of ServiceFormation technology, next-gen managed cloud operations organizations like RackApps will stand ready to help them”,  says Govind Rangasamy, Founder and CEO of Appranix.


    About RackApps

    RackApps, a division of ASA Computers, is a next generation managed cloud services organization. RackApps helps enterprises and service providers to operate and achieve measurable SLAs for applications running on the cloud platforms.


    About Appranix

    Appranix’s ServiceFormation technology assembles cloud services and automates application operations across multi-cloud platforms. ServiceFormation’s app-centric, real-time, cognitive automation continuously optimizes cloud resources so application operations teams can focus on delivering measurable SLAs for existing and cloud native applications.


    Media Contact


    Name: Bhuvana Palaniappan

    Phone: 508-656-0656



    Name: Vicky Mody

    Phone: 650.230.8002



    Schedule demos at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Appranix
    Contact Person: Vicky Mody
    Phone: 650.230.8002
    Country: United States

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    Haining Duletai New Material Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of various types of industrial fabrics made from different kinds of raw materials. The company is based in China and has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Zhejiang.

    With advancement in technology and the kind of raw materials available, there are a wide range of industrial fabrics that have been developed over the years. These fabrics are an integral element for carrying out various processes within different industries. Haining Duletai New Material Co.,Ltd which presents its brand Duletai offers extensive range of industrial fabrics. These are offered for PVC coated tarpaulin fabrics, projection screen fabrics, flex banner fabrics, roller blind fabrics, etc. The company has been in business for quite some time and has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in China. The fabrics they offer are available in both standard and custom finishing. They can be purchased for different widths and meet the tough needs of end application for different sectors. Industrial fabric offered comprises high performance standard as well as custom finished industrial fabric options that are made available in different widths as well as for meeting different end application demands including in sectors Automotive, Agricultural, Structures, Canopies, Covers, Military and others. Further, we ensure that these are also available in knitted polyester scrims so as to provide for superior tear resistance as well as to achieve optimum flexibility. Here, our expertise also lies in custom producing these even wider widths so as to fit client’s specific needs.

    PVC coated tarpaulin fabrics

    Their fabrics are mainly intended to cater to Automotive, Canopies, Millitary, Agricultural, and similar industries. Additionally, the company also offers knitted polyester scrims for offering a superior tear resistance for achieving optimal flexibility. Moreover, the company specializes in custom production of wider width cloths to meet custom requirements of each and every client. Their manufacturing unit is equipped with world class advanced weaving machinery backed by efficiency calendaring, knife coating and laminating production lines. Moreover, the company has been popular for rapid and timely delivery with robust around the clock support both pre and post the sales. All their products such as the popular PVC tarpaulin truck cover, can be checked and ordered directly from their website.

    The website presently serves as a virtual showroom for the company to display all its products to customers worldwide. The company has its factory based in the Haining city that is well-connected with Shanghai and Hongzhou. The high speed railway connectivity to Tongxiang station from Shanghai and Hangzhou besides the airports makes it very easy to reach their manufacturing unit. The company started operating in the year 2000 in this industrial zone named the Zhejiang Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Zone. Since then, the company has expanded its operative base as well as stepped into far off markets across the world. From the simple stripped PVC tarpaulin to the roller band fabrics, the company has a wide variety of options for different industries. For inquiries related to their standard products or to consult the experts regarding their customized products, the company’s representative through the contact options featured on their website.

    About Haining Duletai New Material Co.,Ltd

    Haining Duletai New Material Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing and exporting company that is based in China. The company is involved in production of an extensive range of industrial fabrics. They have expanded their market to several countries across the globe and have become a popular manufacturer from China. The company is equipped to offer both standard as well as custom industrial fabrics as needed by its customers. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Haining Duletai New Material Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Alex
    Phone: +86-573-87798816
    State: Zhejiang
    Country: China

    0 0, an online store that sells gaming items for MMOROPG addicts, recently announced up to 50% discounts on Madden mobile coins., a leading online store that sells in-game items and coins, recently announced massive discounts on Madden mobile coins specifically for NFL lovers. The owners stated at a recent press conference that the discounts are meant to generate awareness about their store and to increase sales. The online store now offers discounts not only on Madden mobile coins, but on other sorts of in-game items too.

    At a recent press conference, the owners claimed that they are now able to offer the lowest rate on most of the items. They also added that their buyers can now buy 500 NFL coins as a minimum. “The more coins someone orders, the greater discounts they can enjoy now. Our goal was to promote the store and to bring attractive offers to our end customers so that they can enjoy playing MMO games like never before”, said a top executive while speaking on behalf of at a recent press conference.

    The executive also told the press that they anticipated a huge growth in sales since when EA Sports revealed the NFL 18 trailer. “EA Sports decided to feature five times Super Bowl champion Tom Brady on the cover of their Madden NFL 18 MMORPG. This boosted the popularity of the MMO like never before. Also, the debut trailer got many hit on YouTube. We realized that many players would be interested in playing the game online. The discounted coins are now up for grabs and we think this will boost the popularity of our store as well”, added the executive.

    He said that people interested to buy Madden NFL 18 coins can just write to them or contact their support tea via Skype and get their coins delivered after phone call verification. He claimed that the entire process of transferring the payment and delivering the coins is particularly safe and hassle-free as they use high-level encryption to keep buyer data private and secure. He also added that coins and in-game upgrades for other types of MMO games, which NBA, Star Trek and many other games.

    About the Company is a trusted online store that sells NFL 18 coins and many more items.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MMOgo NO.1 Sale
    Contact Person: Mr.Gong
    Phone: +8615256087919
    Country: United States

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    21 Jun, 2017 – futures io, the planet’s biggest futures trading community hosted the webinar titled, Diving Into Order Flow last Thursday, 8th June 2017 at 4.30 pm along with Alex Haywood & Jigsaw Trading. The attendees of the webinar stated that it was a useful session, as it helped them gain an insight about the environment and process of auction in a better way. The webinar also taught the audience know more about the several execution strategies to deal with varied environments in a successful manner.

    The elite members can find the details of this webinar by checking the link: https://futures io/webinars/

    According to the spokesperson of futures io, the Diving Into Order Flow webinar presented a clear cut information about market velocity to explain the pace of the orders that takes place in the market environment. When the traders are able to know about the various environments of market velocity, which are in conjunction with the order movement that remains passive, it helps in developing the foundation of patterns of the price ladder. The webinar also focused on the aspect that market velocity is not about the size of the bids that are placed and the number of offers available, but it is about the way the prices are fixed for trading and what products and services are traded. It also explains the pace of the exchange employed by both the sellers as well as the buyers. The link would inform the reader that the webinar covered several aspects that are discussed below:

    Understanding the Auction Process and Environment: The webinar offers an insight about the process of auction and its environment to make each dealing a successful one.

    Execution strategies for each environment: The Diving Into Order Flow webinar offers useful information about the business environment and the various strategies that are essential for execute it in a successful fashion.

    Profile Types for Price Ladder traders: Traders can also learn about the different profile types available for the price ladder of the traders.

    Combining Order Flow and Market Profile: The webinar also help the trading people learn the nuances of combining the market profile with order flow.

    Order Book Scalping and Momentum Breakouts: It also explains about momentum breakouts and order book scalping.

    The order flow webinar also throws light on the levels of the activity involved in auction and its progress. One would also be able to know the speed of a relative auction in a day and the relative auctioning pace of the price zone during the trading period.

    To know more information about Diving Into Order Flow webinar, just check the website link at https://futures io/traders-hideout/42330-webinar-diving-into-order-flow-w-alex-haywood-jigsaw-trading.html

    About futures io:

    futures io is the biggest trading community on earth having more than 90,000 members to its credit. The aim of this trading specialist is to establish a community consisting of forward thinking and friendly members with positive business outlook to discuss all topics and share experiences in the arena of trading. Their Diving Into Order Flow webinar with Alex Haywood & Jigsaw Trading launched this month has received positive feedbacks from traders across the globe. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Futures io
    Phone: +507 833-9432
    Address:Av Ricardo J Alfaro, Century Tower
    City: Panama City
    Country: Panama

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    After introducing the sales promotion named “Be happier for house purchasing in Guangdong” during the May Day holiday, Nimble Real Estate launched another house-purchasing preferential activity, “Nimble’s Preferential”, during the Dragon Boat Festival to give thanks to the customers’ ongoing support, and bring benefits to potential buyers.


    Numbers of developments in Guangzhou, Shantou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Qingyuan etc. developed by Nimble Real Estate launched the preferential activities, offering gift packs and lotteries to buyers. For instance, buyers in Nimble Haiqin Bay in Shantou could receive gift packs with house payment discounts, property management fee rewards and household appliance funds, with a worth over 10,000CNY. Moreover, Nimble Green Lake Residence, being the hot sale in Zengcheng, released flash sales for favorable houses except for the thematic activity called “Zootopia”. Clients offering to buy could play the game called “Egg Frenzy” to win the household appliance gift packs. These preferential activities received overwhelmed welcome from buyers.


    Other than the preferential activities of house-purchasing, most developments held other events as well, including the beach music carnival in Nimble Golden Coast in Yangjiang and children’s storytelling competition in Nimble Riviera Palace in Foshan. Other developments like Splendid International Blossom Palace and Nimble Purple Ridge organized live rice-dumpling-making activities. Many buyers said that this Dragon Boat Festival was very significant for not only enjoying the games and wining the gifts but also obtaining the cost-effective houses developed by Nimble Real Estate.


    Nimble Real Estate has always been adhering to the concept of “build a dream home and make a better life”. Tan Bingzhao, president of Nimble Real Estate also emphasized that the company shall fulfill enterprise concept by various approaches to create more values for buyers, so that the owners can be satisfied with houses developed by Nimble and homes created by Nimble. These preferential activities during the Dragon Boat Festival offered benefits and feelings of home to buyers, and brought the relationship between the home owners and Nimble closer as well.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nimble Group
    Contact Person: Tan Bingzhao
    Phone: 020-66607888
    Country: China

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    26 Jun, 2017 – TravelCollectiveGroup, the well known online resource that specializes in offering useful information about the best selling travel gear to help the travelers choose the best one based on their travelling needs.

    It is true that traveling can be a memorable experience for people, if they have the perfect type of travel gear like travel luggage, backpack, pillow, camera, mug, tripod, luggage, wallet and hair dryer. If one does not have the right kind of things necessary for the travel, he or she might have to face several issues while moving from one place to another. When a traveler is all set to shop for the essential things needed to make traveling a smooth experience, he or she might be confused with the availability of a lot of options in the market. It is not possible for the buyers to find extra time to make a thorough research and compare the products to indentify the best one in every category before proceeding to buy. This is why the blog of Travel Collective Group aims at helping the travel gear shoppers by offering informative reviews that are unbiased, straight forward and honest, to help the shoppers make a well informed decision while buying.

    To find the reviews about different travel products, one just has to click on the link at

    When checking the website of Travel Collective Group, one would be delighted to find out they offer the list of top 10 travel products to help them choose one that best fits their requirements. The list of best travel products have complete information of each along with star ratings, details of its price and informative reviews about each to educate the readers about both the positive and negative aspects. They can also find the detailed reviews of several travel related products, such as luggage, backpack, pillow, camera, mug, tripod, luggage, wallet and hair dryer.

    Each review by Travel Collective Group covers the availability of major parameters like durability, storage space, affordability, special features, extra attachments and convenience features to help the readers get an idea about the quality and usefulness of each product and choose a perfect one. The focus of such reviews written by experts, who use every one of these products personally, is to provide an honest feedback that would guide the buyers towards a best one that offers good value for their money.  The reviews also describe about the positive sides of each product as well as the negative side to help the buyers stay aware of which products they must stay away from.

    About Travel Collective Group

    The blog, Travel Collective Group is dedicated towards offering complete details about the different kinds of products that are essential for every travel, like the travel luggage, camera, wallet, backpack, pillow and so on. The site also offers the list of best travel gear and reviews about the top selling products to guide the buyers towards a perfect one. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Travel Collective Group
    Phone: 320-210-5177
    Country: United States

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    26 Jun, 2017 – Inversion World, the renowned blog dedicated towards offering complete information about inversion chairs to help people stay free from joint pains and sore muscles by choosing a perfect one that meets their seating requirements.

    It is true that at some point of time in their lives, people tend to experience back pain, which is why they are in search of a perfect relief to perform their everyday activities without any hassles. Inversion chairs are ergonomically designed furniture pieces that provide relief from various issues like poor blood circulation, soreness, neck pain and back pain. Even though these chairs are designed to enhance the quality of life of people, choosing the right one is essential to attain optimal benefits.

    According to the blog at, the inversion chair is designed to realign the human body and decompress the back side. It works based on how people sit on it, strap up or use both the arms. Some fancy models of inversion chairs have a button for helping it turn upside down to make it work against gravity and loosen up the body to offer relief from strain and stress. However, one can get these benefits only when buying a high quality inversion chair from a reputable company to hold the body firmly even when working upside down. With a lot of brands claiming to be the best, it can be tedious to choose a perfect inversion chair that is reliable and affordable.

    This is why one should visit the website of Inversion World, as it offers the list of best inversion chairs along with detailed and honest reviews of each. These reviews can greatly help a shopper to make a better informed purchase decision. The reviews are very informative for first time shoppers of inversion chairs, as it would help the reader know the special features of each product like button control, leg adjustment and height adjustment, the material of the chair, its upholstery and construction material to offer the readers a complete idea about the furniture pieces before choosing the best one.

    To know more about the reviews, check out their website link at

    Apart from offering information about Inversion Chairs, the blog also offers complete details about inversion tables. The reviews about the best selling inversion tables will help the buyers choose a best one based on their comfort and requirements to enjoy a relaxing therapy at the comfort of their home. However, the blog also informs the readers that inversion chairs are not recommended for those who are suffering from medical conditions like glaucoma, heart disease and hypertension. It is also not advisable for pregnant women. The shoppers can also check with their doctors before buying these chairs to stay assured of their health and safety.


    The blog, is a well known online information resource that provides complete information about inversion chairs and inversion tables with useful reviews to help the buyers make a well informed buying decision. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Inversion World
    Contact Person: Marco Bahena
    Phone: 937-533-7086
    Address:7804 Venus St
    City: Loves Park
    State: Illinois
    Country: United States

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    MAG Bearing is an international bearing distributor that is based in the global innovation hub of Shanghai. The company has been operating since 1992 and has years of experience.

    The quality of raw materials determines the manner in which end products function and the years they last. Bearings of different shapes and sizes are used for making both basic as well as advanced set of products. There are manufacturers who have been coming up with innovative and functional bearings over the years. One such company that is based in China and is involved in manufacture and export of an enormous range of bearings is MAG Bearing. The company has been operating since 1992 and has established itself as one of the biggest distributors of different quality bearings.

    The company has its own manufacturing unit setup in the Wafangdian city and employs over 500 employees today. Its factory is equipped with modern equipment which is approximately 300 in numbers. The fixed assets of the company is valued at CNY 50 million. With a factory space spreading across 5000 square meters, the company is among the largest manufacturers of ball bearings needed by different industries in the world. Supervising the entire production process and keeping a check on the quality standards are its team of 50 experienced engineers.

    MAG Bearing expands its markets across the globe with superior quality bearings

    Speaking about its product range, it is spread over 2000 specifications that are primarily applied to different industries that involve mining, metallurgy, water conservancy, paper making, steel mills, chemical plants, heavy-duty engineering, etc. Among the popular selling products are its Tapered Roller Bearings, Deep Groove Bearings, Automotive Bearings, Plastic Bearings, etc. Besides having a stringent quality control system, the company has also attained the certificates of ISO9001:2000 and TS-16949:2009 which assures about the quality to the customers.

    Presently the company is exporting its products to over 60 different countries of the world. The company is fully equipped to deploy advanced technology, designs as well as offer OEM or ODM bearing products for its customers. All their products like the roller bearings, agricultural bearings, ceramic bearings, etc. can be directly viewed on their website. Offering detailed information along with high quality images, the website makes the order processing a lot easier. Customers may even send their product specific queries for their preferred products by instantly calling or messaging on the live Skype numbers featured beside each of its products. Moreover, for additional queries and questions the contact us page offers all the details about the company and the way to get in touch with them.

    About MAG Bearing

    MAG Bearing is a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of different grades and standards of bearings. They have included some advanced and innovative set of bearings to its portfolio and are among the leading distributors from China. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, the company adopts world class manufacturing standards. For more details, please visit their website. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MAG Bearing
    Contact Person: Athena Fang
    Phone: +86-21-64867618
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    ShenzhenYida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd sells various acrylic boxes, acrylic menu holders, phone displays, blocks, acrylic fish tanks and much more.

    Acrylic displays are being used in various industries and they are quite efficient when it comes to display. It is important to focus on the design and the quality of the products in order to make sure that the end customer gets desired product. There are many companies that are involved in this field and it is important to make a proper research before finalizing a supplier. One of the companies that have been selling various acrylic based products is ShenzhenYida Acrylic Product ManufactureCo.

    Technological progress has brought various innovative products that prove to be useful in different industries. Acrylic displays are prime example of creativity and innovative display products. In these products it is important to focus on hardness, surface design and transparency. These products can be a big investment for various industries and it is important for them to make a proper research before going ahead with these products. Making comparisons between different acrylic displays and designs helps in making a smart purchase.

    ShenzhenYida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd releases its fresh range of acrylic displays for different using

    Acrylic boxes can be customized depending on the requirements of the clients. The size, color, logo and design needs to be professional enough and it needs to attract customers. At ShenzhenYida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd buyers get the option to get the customizations made according to their requirements and get the product delivered to their place. The packaging is done as per the request of the buyers and they can also get silk screens included in the acrylic boxes. It is important to get in touch with the professionals and discuss their requirements. The professionals can help the clients in getting a good final design and provide their inputs.

    Jewelry suppliers need to have good presentation and focus on the box quality too. ShenzhenYida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd also sells various custom made acrylic jewelry display. Clients can get them in bulk quantities at cost effective rates. Before making payment the buyers have the option to make payment through L/C, T.T. or western union. The general MOQ at the company is around 100 pieces and the buyers can get the custom made products delivered in bulk. The company goes through regular research and development in order to provide quality products. There is a separate quality management system followed by the company in order to provide quality products. Packaging can be really important for the jewelry industry as it helps in attracting clients. Though the products are inexpensive and delivered in bulk but there is no compromise on the quality factor. Buyers also have the option to select the packaging as per their requirements.

    About ShenzhenYida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd:

    ShenzhenYida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd is a Chinese company that has been manufacturing various acrylic products for a long time now. They have been serving different industries that includes jewelry industry, crafts, phone cases and much more.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Jason Chan
    Phone: +86-755-85268096
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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