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    GearBest ( is a well-known e-commerce shopping mall in the world, especially in the American and European market, Recently, the tech website of My Money Tips updates its website with its new article, The Best 5 Chinese Android Phones 2017. Check the details:

    “Cheap Chinese devices from resellers like GearBest can always provide nice choices of Chinese Android Phones for many users. If you must have MacOS, a Chinese machine running Windows or Linux obviously isn’t the same. But if all you want is a small, stylish laptop, you might be in luck. Here are the Best Chinese Android Phones 2017.” The editor of My Money Tips states.

    Here are the details of the list:

    NO. 1

    OnePlus 5 4G Phablet 5.5 inch OxygenOS Snapdragon 835 16.0MP + 20.0MP Dual Rear Cameras

    OnePlus 5 is a cost-effective phone that comes with fingerprint sensor and is equipped with dual rear-facing cameras. It comes with most of the features we’ve come to expect from a smartphone, including 64GB ROM storage, 2.5D Arc FHD screen and decent cameras. You are certainly treated to an excellent user experience.

    NO. 2

    Huawei Honor 9 4G Smartphone International Version

    Huawei Honor 9 4G Smartphone 5.15 inch Android 7.0 Kirin 960 Octa Core 2.4GHz 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 12.0MP + 20.0MP Dual Rear Cameras Touch Sensor. It appears that Huawei will be able to dethrone Samsung from its position in the world in the coming months. Honor 9 makes it look pretty plain. This phone has a multi-layered structure that reacts to light, making its body shine. In sunlight, eye-catching gradients streak across its back.

    NO. 3

    Blackview S8 4G Phablet, Full Screen 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 8.0MP + 0.3MP Dual Front Cameras

    If you’re looking for a new flagship device and don’t want to break the bank, Blackview has the perfect phone for you with a lot of 2017’s most-coveted features and an irresistible price.

    NO. 4

    Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone

    Splash resistance on Mi 6 only supports temporary and limited amounts of water exposure. Mi 6 does not support prolonged submersion in water. Mi 6 is not IP67 certified and liquid damage is not covered under warranty. Do not soak or attempt to use Mi 6 underwater. In addition, splash resistance on Mi 6 may be reduced over time with wear and tear. Do not charge Mi 6 under wet conditions.

    NO. 5

    AGM X2 4G Phablet 64GB ROM

    AGM X2 is a unique device, counted as a rugged device it holds features on par to a high-end smartphone with some of the latest specs added into it. AGM is a pioneer level manufacturer of Travelling Mobile phones they are known for bringing latest mobile technology to help customers use them under toughest environment.

    The editor state that this month’s list is slightly different than the one we shared last month, the OnePlus 5 still leads the race and is followed by some compelling smartphones from Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi, all of which have made the list this time around. If people want to import phones from China directly, they can go to GearBest and find more.

    At the same time, GearBest has recently introduced another hot model. ACEPC AK1 mini PC, which is designed as a compact computing solution, and it can change what people think a traditional desktop computer should look like. It fits comfortably on an outstretched hand, and weighs roughly enough for users to know that it is packing some hardware. This company’s another model ACEPC T11 has been a good example of Mini PC that can explain why Mini PCs are getting more and more popular at the official website of the IT giant IBM company. Check deatails here:

    About MyMoneyTips

    MyMoneyTips ( is a tech blog about China gadgets news, TV boxes, mini PCs, action cameras, video projectors, latest technology, Android, Apple, smartphones, tablets, etc. The team of MyMoneyTips is the folks working hard to provide in-depth reporting, commentary and a daily dose of TV BOX and other electronics news for readers worldwide. The website provides We provide the latest trending news from the global tech industry, but not just electronic products.

    Check here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: My Money Tips
    Contact Person: JOHN
    Phone: 1-530-395-2035
    Country: United States

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    Top 10 TV Boxes has introduced the hot model Mecool M8S PRO L TV Box and its coupon code. This model is said to be a Youtube fans Must-Buy model in 2017. Why? Because the brand introduces that it is the first TV Box that can play Youtube 4K Videos and Netflix HD videos online fluently. Now, GearBest has a bigger promotion for this model. Check details here:

    Mecool M8S PRO L is equipped with Amlogic S912 Octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU. M8S PRO L is the best choice for you to have the smooth experience to watch the video or play games. With big memory capacity, advantageous in performance, security and reliability, ultimately delivering a richer end-user experience. 4K resolution is 4 times of full HD, so every detail of the screen is lucidity, enables users to feel the most high-definition video.

    Check details:
    Brand: MECOOL
    Model: M8S PRO L
    System: Android 7.1
    Processor: Amlogic S912
    CPU: ARM Cortex-A53
    Core: Octa Core
    GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3
    RAM: 3G RAM
    RAM Type: DDR3
    ROM: 16G ROM

    Besides, Beelink A1 and SCISHION V99 – hero TV Box are also strongly recommended by John from Top 10 TV Boxes. He said, “We just introduced Beelink A1 TV Box ,RK3328, 4GB and 16GB yesterday, which is the first RK3328’s 4GB RAM TV Box with LAN 1000M and USB 3.0 online now. Now, we got great news from GearBest that another TV Box factory has a similar product. SCISHION V99 – hero TV Box is a new choice now.”  

    GearBest Coupon: 11nov503
    With this coupon code, you can enjoy a price of $52.99
    (limited offer,  valid until Nov. 30)
    Check details here:

    Actually, there are few 4+32GB models of TV Boxes in the market, and moreover, all of them feature RK3399 CPU, a high-end SoC from RockChip company. Now, SCISHION V99 – hero TV Box is one of 4+32GB models. This brand’s SCISHION V88 or V88 Mars is also very popular.  

    Moreover, would say “thank you” to GearBest ( that has launched a mini PC promotion and given them the chance the hot mini PC models on its platform. Few days ago, the website introduced Beelink AP34 Mini PC and its coupon code (which people can use for a big discount when buy this model), Click for more:

    About Top 10 TV Boxes
    Top 10 TV Boxes ( is a technical blog under TVBMA about TV BOX products including other electronic gadgets, tech knockoffs and more. The team of Top 10 TV Boxes is the folks working hard to provide in-depth reporting, commentary and a daily dose of TV BOX and other electronics news for readers worldwide. Click for more:

    About MyMoneyTips

    MyMoneyTips is a tech blog about China gadgets news, TV boxes, mini PCs, action cameras, video projectors, latest technology, Android, Apple, smartphones, tablets, etc. The team of MyMoneyTips is the folks working hard to provide in-depth reporting, commentary and a daily dose of TV BOX and other electronics news for readers worldwide. The website provides We provide the latest trending news from the global tech industry, but not just electronic products. Check here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: My Money Tips
    Contact Person: JOHN
    Phone: 1-530-395-2035
    Country: United States

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    GLOBAL – 10/30/2017 — The Block Collider is the first blockchain to be built on the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol which is used by hedge funds to conduct high frequency trading. The team, ex-quants have developed a high speed trans-blockchain crypto currency called Emblems which when coupled with a new mining algorithm called “proof-of-edit-distance” (PoED) which enables live swaps between blockchains, inter-block time trading, and most importantly the ability to schedule transactions to execute on their own.

    Lead by co-founders Patrick McConlogue (prev. Citadel) and Arjun Raj Jain (prev. Wharton) the platform has joined’s seed portfolio team for guidance managing the upcoming ICO. Using technology developed by the Block Collider the ICO will be available on five blockchains simultaneously including Ethereum, Counter-Party, Bitcoin, Waves, and NEO.

    To complement the complex technology and help with exploring the functionality of the protocol the team has developed a series of flagship applications built on the Block Collider. Leading these applications a chatbot named Avon. With Avon users can execute trades, send money, and manage their wallets across cryptocurrencies with simple back and forth messages. Currently Avon is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Telegram with 7 more integrations planned in 2018.

    From a humanitarian side the team has also created Bleed which according to Co-Founder Patrick McConlogue is “what Wikileaks will look like in 5 years”. With Bleed individuals can encrypt secrets on multiple blockchains which reveal themselves unless the user executes a transaction only known by the user.

    Bleed is useful immediately for whistleblowers who can state that if they are “silenced” all they know will be automatically decrypted and broadcast to the world. The somber name comes from the concept that if you hurt someone in the real world, you never know if the truths/secrets they carry will bleed online.

    The Block Collider team is currently seeking interested miners looking to run software on the testnet and are hiring developers with experience in low latency networking, distributed systems, and cryptography.




    Telegram Chat:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Block Collider
    Contact Person: Press & Media
    Country: United States

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    In the last two decades, the way people communicate, play games, do business and even shop has been transformed by technology innovation. From fast, affordable home broadband at the turn of the century to the rise of the connected mobile device over the last decade, all have driven changes in a way that has not been seen since the industrial revolution.

    But whether it was the beginnings of Amazon and eBay, or the rise of smartphones and just how much they can do for everyone, while you focus on the obvious innovation, there has been an underlying tech revolution that many hardly notice and often take for granted. That is the payments industry. Everything you do, from buying a book online to grabbing a burger at the mall, it is all possible because of the payments industry and its ability to innovate, transform and keep up with ever changing demand in this fast-paced world.

    At their core, payment systems are simple, when you make a purchase using your card, the payment processor takes the money out of your account, then deposits it in the merchant’s account. That is the basic process of how payment systems work like that across the internet while remaining secure, working through using phones as the payment device and so on. Payment technology today leverages cutting edge technology to deliver simpler, safer payment systems that deliver the solutions that businesses and customers expect. is one of those innovators, delivering bespoke payment solutions across all market sectors, combining cutting edge technology with a dedication to customer service that delivers inspired outcomes for clients and their customers alike. Introducing a simple, easily managed payment gateway for global payments around the world along with the innovative i-RiskGate security package to maintain payment integrity, is pushing the boundaries of current payment industry expectations.

    However, a great solution today is not all you need, but a vision for the future that will keep up with your needs and maintain commercial advantages in the future, which is why companies like never stand still, but instead are always looking for the next step in what is possible. An industry built on innovation, the payment industry develops alongside the tech we use every day, and seeing payment trends for the year ahead is like a glimpse at the future of all aspects of life, so what will these innovators bring us next?

    While the customer facing aspect of the payment systems have continued to show significant innovation, with ideas such as Apple Pay and other digital wallet style options delivering even more user-friendly ways of completing transactions, the back-end infrastructure is where the majority of changes in the immediate future will likely be found. As both regulatory and technological changes introduce new challenges as well as opportunities, the payment industry must adapt to the new business environment.

    One area where this will have significant impact is that of Application Programming Interfaces, also known as APIs, and the rollout of open APIs to provide new opportunities and reduce barriers in global payments will continue, driven by the growth in digital payments, in particular cross-border payments as global commerce increases. Open APIs are particularly important because they are the driver for instant payments, and area that not only adds value for end users, but is also actively encouraged by banks, and is a growth area around the world.

    The potential of instant payments is enormous, and they are seen as the key to driving growth of non-cash payments, even replacing debit cards in some scenarios, leading to lower banking fees for point of sale terminals. This in turn could see new check-out methods in-store and online, and also enable a push for real time banking services that are currently difficult due to infrastructure limitations.

    Those are significant changes for the future, bringing improved service and a more streamlined payment procedure for end users, while also adding efficiency and cost savings to merchants, transforming the shopping experience whether in-store or on line. However, it is the regulatory landscape that presents the largest challenge to the payment industry moving forward, as governance across the world struggles to keep pace with technology advances and regulations become ever more complicated as they attempt to keep up.

    Within the payment industry, these challenges mean adapting to new compliance requirements, and it is this area of identification where the focus is placed. Payment firms can help banks leverage both existing systems and data to help banks better adapt to ongoing compliance changes, speeding up the process and reducing costs simultaneously. For end users, this can streamline the payment process and improve user experience for such things as the know your customer compliance initiative, which can be a significant problem for end users to deal with today.

    While there are many other areas that will see significant improvement moving forward, these two areas in particular not only enhance payment performance and security, but tangibly improve the payment experience for end users and merchants. Indeed, instant payments have the potential to transform what in-store checkout is, improving the shopping experience for all customers.

    There have been huge advances in technology and payments in the last two decades, and while that has acclimatised purchasers to online shopping and card payments, it is only now, as technology advances even further, that the entire process of payments can move forward again in an arguably even bigger leap. This is the mission of the payments industry, and from Fintech companies to Regtech companies, advances that deliver real change are emerging all the time.

    The payment industry has been part of the transformation of modern life without consumers really noticing, and is still at the heart of the changes to come. Will consumers recognize the innovation and dedication involved when instant payments transform the stores they visit? Or will consumers again take for granted the new payment systems and get on with enjoying a more streamlined, secure and easy to use shopping experience, without giving a thought to how it happened?

    Media Contact
    Company Name: APACPAY PTE. LTD.
    Contact Person: Robert Ang
    Country: Singapore

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    The first golf mat in China was made by SHENZHEN GREENJOY GOLF CO., LTD .Greenjoy started cooperation with Google and launched its online promotion campaign around the whole word, planning to look fora group of mat agents throughout the whole world so as to provide qualified golf devices for the driving range in the world.


    The company was founded in 1998, which is a subsidiary of the famous golf brand – Greenjoy. The company has always been being engaged in developing and manufacturing the golf mats and golf tee-up machine for 19 years. Now, the company has a series of products such as 3D Golf mats, Imax Single-sided Golf Mat System, T-grass Mat, and Classical 2-layer Mats, etc. The company located at Shajing, Shenzheng, from which it shall only take 15-minute’s car ride to Shenzhen Airport. The company’s workshop covers 2000 m2, which is for producing golf mats, which have been exported to many countries like the USA, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan, etc., being quite popular to the golf field operators and golf fans. Besides, its 3D golf mat have obtained several patents in China…


    Since its foundation 19 years ago, the company has sent many technicians to different countries to know about clients’ use experience and listen to clients’ suggestions, so as to develop and innovate itself continuously. At present, there are more than 10 types of golf mats, over 15 types of golf range products and more than 20 types of products for golf field. Furthermore, golf ball vending machine and stainless steel ball washer are widely evaluated by the clients. Now, the company would like to establish a broad and far-reaching cooperation with good golf investors, agents and golf driving ranges all over the world. Greenjoy is the real expert in making golf mats . Customers from all over world are welcomed to visit Greenjoy company!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen green golf technology co., LTD.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 86-0755-27272500
    Address:5th floor,Block 6,Xinlianhe Industrial Park West area Industrial zone,Heyi Community,Shajin,Bao\\\\\\\’an
    City: Shenzhen
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    30.10.2017 -Kathy Ireland, Chairman and CEO of kathy ireland Worldwide, Forbes cover subject and recognized, as one of the 50 most successful women in America, arrives in Greensboro, North Carolina’s FBO Thursday, because the kathy ireland Worldwide’s leased Gulfstream is too large for High Point’sFBO.  Thursday will continue preparations for the launch of Michael Amini Kathy Ireland Home Designs, premiering in over 7500 square feet at the Amini Showroom on Friday. 

    This will be Ireland’s 36th High Point Home market exhibition. It’s a first for Marty Sumichrast. This is Mr. Amini’s first effort in the affordable luxury category, where Ireland’s millennial customers are an inspiration for the over 250 sku initial collection.  “Michael is simply my dream collaborator.  We’ve designed and sold billions of dollars in home furniture.  Some of it wonderful and some of it not as innovative as our dreams.  Michael naturally understands my vision.  He brings it forward into reality.  Having Michael and my Global Creative Director, Jon Carrasco, work beside me in home design is a kathy ireland Worldwide dream team.  Michael deserves first billing in this partnership, because of his brilliant artistry and ability to make magnificent furniture at prices which are affordable.  Quality is never sacrificed in the hands of this artisan,” said Ireland. To know more details, click on

    Michael Amini said, “Kathy is a wonderful person, with great passion and success in business, furniture, royalty, philanthropy and fashion.  We are passionate to bring fresh air into the market for our customers.”  Ireland will be accompanied by Jon Carrasco, Global Creative Director, kathy ireland Worldwide; Martin Sumichrast, Chair and CEO of Level Brands Inc., a Reg A plus IPO which is currently testing the waters; and Paul Raps, Ireland’s partner in Kathleen Marie Paul Raps New York and Diamonds by kathy ireland. To know more, check

    Marty Sumichrast is also gearing up for a potential IPO in the fall. Level Brands, Inc. has filed an Offering Statement for the offering of its securities on Form 1-A with the Securities and Exchange Commission but the Offering Statement has not yet become qualified. You may obtain a copy of the most recent version of the Preliminary Offering Circular which is a part of the Offering Statement, with the following link:  The offering is being made only by means of the Offering Circular.  No money or other consideration is being solicited at this time with respect to such an offering, and if sent in response to these materials for such an offering, it will not be accepted. No securities may be sold, and no offer to buy securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received for an offering under Regulation A+ until the Offering Statement is qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and any such offer may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date. An indication of interest made by a prospective investor in a Regulation A+ offering is non-binding and involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. Get more information at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BLVD LLC
    Contact Person: Blake Van Leer
    Phone: 202-525-8717
    Country: United States

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    Journalist / Zheng Yi

    Guangzhou Tian’an Park is like a miniature innovation city for these aspects: perfect supporting facilities、giving individual business resources and services to help enterprises build a high building and so on. This way, these top outstanding enterprises have become the city’s landmark building.

    Guangzhou Tian’an Park is the development of high-speed business channel, it use depth quality service function to help enterprise accelerate grow and develop.

    Chinese companies always like making “listed” as a measure of success of the enterprise for one of the rulers. Follow this rule, there are more than 3,000 domestic listed companies, plus no more than 20,000 new three board companies. However, under the number of the country more than 80 million business entities, they accounted for more than 0.03%. “Listing” is an uncommon luxury.

    But if we focus on a smaller range, “Listing” seems to be a common enterprise development node. In Guangzhou Panyu, which covers an area of 500,000 square meters of Guangzhou Tian’an Panyu energy-saving science and technology park. Over the past year, almost every month a park business listed on the market. There are more than 1,200 enterprises in the park, including 26 listed companies,which accounting for more than 2%.

    Listing is not the only measure of business success, but it’s an important symbol of regional economic vitality. However, in the past, Panyu is still not the traditional sense of the strong economic zone. What magic did Guangzhou Tian’an Panyu Energy Conservation Science and Technology Park have for attracting so many high-quality enterprises in here rooting growth?

    The first Beach-goers

    “Congratulations to the 26th listed company, Yaki biological enterprise listing of the new three board”, a brand new red banner is announcing another happy event in the park.

    Leading the wave of the listing tide is a first beach-goers, who is stationed in the park 13 Building which called Zhong Haida company.

    Zhong Haida was founded in 1999, is the only field of domestic mapping equipment listed company. Before 2007, the story of Zhong Haida didn’t happen in Guangzhou Tian’an Park.

    Before moving to Tian’an, the office location of Zhong Haida was located in the other Larger industrial park. At the time of the Zhong Haida, annual sales of only more than 4,000 million, rented office space is small, location partial. The most uncomfortable is that, “The nearest meal has a 10 minute drive”, at the time of no take-away platform, “Meal difficult” has become the biggest problem for company attracting talent.

    Zhong Haida which seeking to move, met Guangzhou Tian’an park who was pay full attention to attract high-potential enterprises.

    Supporting facilities is the Guangzhou Tian’an Park service strengths. In the park’s operating philosophy, any office area must satisfy the “business, leisure, entertainment, education, health, government services and other types of supporting up to the standard.”

    Zhong Haida’s team turned several laps in the park, 1000 meters outside the staff quarters, 500 meters within the canteen, there are convenience stores around the bank and a series of supporting set. After the Zhong Haida team inspection finished, they immediately decided to apply for admission to the park.

    Zhong Haida had the will to settled in, the park also had a strict audit standard. According to the spirit of “rather lack of” the development of the principle, the park set a detail background investigation link for applying for admission to the enterprise. During 2004-2010, the rate of enterprises who applyed for settled in the park is only about 5%.

    Guangzhou Tianan Park also sent a tour team to the Zhong Haida team, made a round of strict “due diligence”: Zhong Haida is a technology-oriented enterprise, which had technical advantages In the field of mapping.

    After the survey, Zhong Haida has also put forward new demands – due to business needs, Zhong Haida wanted to set up the antenna on the roof. This is beyond the park to give enterprises assigned to the authority, which also had an impact on the other enterprises. They had different ideas in this thing.

    At the last, the two sides took a step back and discussed a compromise solution: Zhong H aida will be arranged in the top floor, the park allows it to set up the antenna in the roof.

    After moving into the new park, Zhong Haida no longer had to worry about anything. During 2007-2011,China’s overall market for GPS continues to grow by 30% annually; China’s Beidou satellite navigation system from scratch, from 2 satellites to 10. The market grew well, Zhong Haida at a leading position in these two areas of technology,performance continued to grow, the market has become a matter of course.

    On February 15, 2011, Zhong Haida listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, became China’s first surveying and mapping equipment in the field of listed companies.

    To the market as a starting point, Zhong Haida began to expand rapidly with capital. Through acquisitions and investments, there are currently 15 subsidiaries in Zhong Haida group, business from the mapping equipment to expand the mapping data, network platform, mapping systems and other fields.

    Listed for 6 years, the market value of Haida rise from 585 million yuan to 5.2 billion, nearly 10 times.

    Seeing the Zhong Haida “fame and fortune”, other companies can’t stand. ” These years, lots of owners in the park already know each other, they understand very clear of the level of their respective businesses. After Zhong Haida listed, many bosses feel that they can listed also. “

    The listed of Zhong Haida, as well as its follow-up development in the park caused a sensation, businesses in the park are eager to market.

    Enterprise Growth Booster

    However, there is a complex and systematic preparation process, financial preparation, equity structure, legal norms, corporate structure … just pre-compliance issues, it stumped a lot of entrepreneurs. Saying boast at dinner is easy, the implementation of the specific process stump so many entrepreneurs.

    In order to reduce the listing burden of the enterprise, Guangzhou Tian’an Park joint Guangzhou City, Panyu District as well as the third district government department of Donghuan Street where the park is located, establish a service center in the park. Enterprises in the park will be able to handle matters related to the government, including industrial and commercial registration, project declaration, patent declaration, the implementation of preferential policies.

    In 2013, New three board end of the pilot, expanded to the country. As was the champagne that opened the plug, the number of new three board listed companies from the end of 2012 the number of 105, surging to more than 11,000, increased by 100 times in 5 years. After the listing needs to open, the park has established a listing office, this organization provides guidance to enterprises, and deal with most of the intergovernmental matters.

    In addition to listing, the park also focus on the introduction of external professional institutions to assist enterprises listed.

    January 2016, under the coordination of Panyu government, Shengjing Website South China headquarters moved from Yuexiu District to the park. Shengjing Website has the domestic influence of the larger consulting firm and business services platform. Li Minjie, general manager of Shengjing network said they settled in contact with a lot of good business, which makes him feel happy for moving from the Yuexiu District.

    Shengjing Network had served over 10 A-share listed companies, more than 1,500 new three board companies, also served Qian Qianshi, Li Jing software, Fu Fang environmental protection and other enterprises. The company’s Shengjing network has owned the Cheng Mu capital, Jing Wei China, Junlian capital, Jun Lian, Shun Wei capital and other top domestic venture capital institutions and LP investors. After entering the park, many companies through the park held by the Sharon take the initiative to contact Shengjing network, to participate in the Shengjing network training and activities.

    For small and medium enterprises planning financing, design business model, as well as  guide potential listed companies to log into the capital market, to teach the listed company’s strategy and management make up classes, Shengjing network has entered a treasure house of enterprises, the park’s enterprises have also found a long-awaited “old driver.”

    “Here often sit dozens of hundreds of listed companies chairman, we had set an activity, more than 80 listed companies chairman sitting here to eat meal at noon for the activity after lunch. Expecting enterprise in the park, Sheng Jing website get well along with enterprise which need service in the entire South China region.

    An enterprise is sprinting the new board of the board chairman told us, relative financing and personal wealth promotion, he pays more attention to listed companies’ influence,” Do a sense of accomplishment in the enterprise all over the above .”

    The warm business climate shows the results – from 2015 onwards, park added 23 listed companies. Listing is becoming the goal of the park enterprises to reach.

    Seeking for node effect

    From the other enterprise in park-Hao Yun security, we can find more interesting details.

    According to the rule of park, all enterprises can’t be assigned to the production workshop and foundry enterprises in the park, production must be placed outside the park, this is the park on the stringent requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. Away from the factory and workshop, would that mean companies away from the entire industry chain?

    But the fact is on the contrary. We have observed that many enterprises in this park had partnership, and formed a perfect industrial system in security, environmental protection, mapping and other fields to form a perfect industrial system. Hao Yun security is the witnesses and beneficiaries of the industrial system.

    In 2008, Hao Yun security settled in the park. At that time, Hao Yun security main business is height vertical, they only do financial security products, financial security products and technology in a leading position, they have cooperative relations with a number of financial institutions.

    Although Hao Yun security initially only rented more than 100 square meters of office area, the park is still in the talent, capital, resources, three areas to provide a comprehensive range of services and support. In order to shorten the product assembly and testing process, Hao Yun security initiative to recommend their own upstream, manufacturing network equipment partners into the park.

    After this, Hao Yun security added the fingerprint authentication, face recognition, voice recognition, and even more professional finger vein identification technology in the security products, and recommended more upstream enterprises to enter the park.

    These enterprises have developed in the park, as well as served more security areas of the enterprise. Platinum Asia Technology, Tile information …… more engaged in security and wisdom of the city enterprises to grow up. Inadvertently, a security industry chain formed.

    During 2011-2016, Security market lasted for 5 consecutive years to maintain more than 10% growth rate, 2016 China’s security market size reached more than 500 billion yuan. In the video surveillance sub-sectors, financial security accounted for about 11% of the entire market.

    Benefit from the market environment and this industry chain, Hao Yun security performance continued to improve, and landing in the GEM in 2015. In June this year, Hao Yun security moved into the park’s new single-storey headquarters building, which cover an area of 18,400 square meters, is the 260 times than first situation.

    Zhong Haida、Qian Qian Shi、lan Gu Intelligent Technology Limited…… there are many such enterprises. With the development of these nodes, enterprises who grow together have also been developed. This way, there will be more and more related enterprises developed fast and settled in the park.

    Although the node enterprise works well, but the park operators did not deliberately cultivate such effects. The reason is simple: enterprises themselves know what partner they need in the efficiency, cost, value between the trade-offs, enterprises.

    The park only needs to improve the supporting facilities and service system, attract excellent industry in various industries, they will have a chemical reaction with original enterprises in the park, and bring more external companies into the park.

    Three ecology of Corporate Services

    From the Zhong Haida, Shengjing website to Hao Yun security, how does this innovative business ecosystem work? In other way, Guangzhou Tian’an Panyu energy-saving science and technology park provide what kind of services for these enterprise ? An overview of landing development for the three companies in the park, Tian’an park had accompanied three key moments of the business growth.

    The first, Reasonable and perfect services

    Including Office space selection, decoration, settled, business, leisure, entertainment, education, health, government and other facilities, including the convenience of the park and the traffic situation of the park.

    Guangzhou Tianan Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park customer service center, is to help enterprises improve these details for being called “neighborhood aunt”. When the enterprise settled, there is a person in charge of docking, he will solve all of the hardware problem.

    This is to help companies “hit the foundation”.

    The second, Match the rich capital, talent and resources services

    With a solid foundation, enterprises can “build high-rise”. This stage, Guangzhou Tian’an Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park is an important force for business growth.

    As early as 2008, the park in conjunction with the Bank of China set up the first branch of science and technology in Guangdong Province, with the government and the three banks set up a pool of funds for science and technology enterprises to do loan guarantees. Now, in the park’s 0.5 square kilometers, the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Guangzhou Bank, Guangzhou Agricultural Bank of China, these five banks has set up their  branches.

    Last year, the Institute of Engineering Modeling and Scientific Computing as well as Central South University was unveiled in the park, Central South University as NO.1 in the field of domestic CNC machine tools and advanced manufacturing, pay more attention on the industry gathering atmosphere and innovative genes in this park.

    School-enterprise cooperation, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Renmin University of China, South China University of Technology, Zhongshan University and so on.

    Capital, talent, the needs of enterprises more diversified: banks, advertising companies, public relations companies, these third-party enterprises were introduced into the park. They provide more flexible services. Some directly settled into the park, some provide assistance outside the park.

    The third, provide ecological services from the node to the platform

    In addition to the above resources, in 500,000 square meters of space of Guangzhou Tian’an Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park, firms, accounting firms, design consultants, headhunters…… everything related to innovation and entrepreneurship is adequate . This innovative ecology also greatly reduces the operating costs of the enterprise.

    Parks at all levels of government in the park set up a “one-stop” government service center, which in Guangzhou is the first case. Listing mechanism which provides enterprise listing services, set up in such innovative thinking too.

    In addition to these, the park also introduced a consulting firm, training institutions, venture capital and other external resources, to assist enterprises to find a suitable path.

    Looking around the golf course in the center of the park, we feel that the park is a miniature innovative city, supporting facilities for this innovative city to lay the foundation. Resources and services make the city’s individuals to build high-rise, those top outstanding enterprises have become the city’s landmark building.

    Vice Premier of the State Council, Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Wang Yang has been defined Guangzhou Tian’an Park as “three-funded integration”, which means”land capital, industrial capital, financial capital”, here it mixed into the power of innovation.

    What does the park mean for business? When most people’s answers still remain in the supporting services, Guangzhou Tian’an Panyu Energy Technology Park is using their own model gives a different answer, to create a high-quality enterprise ecosystem, use the deep service to help the enterprises grow fast.

    Editor Zheng Yi


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Panyu energy-saving science and technology park LTD
    Contact Person: Zhong Ming
    Phone: 020-39993366
    Address:12th floor, Tianan headquarters Center, north number 555 of Panyu avenue, East Central Street, Panyu District
    City: Guangzhou
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    The new property app is an important tool for those looking for a new rental property in India – Bangalore & Chennai., the company that provides the next generation rental portal in India is pleased to announce they have launched their new Real Estate app that simplifies the process of finding a new rental property. The app which has been designed for those looking for a residential or commercial property is available on Google Play and iTunes.

    The new Real Estate app has become a major step-forward in simplifying the process of finding a new property in two major cities Bangalore & Chennai. It has been carefully designed to take away the stress and reduce the time it takes to locate a property that is suitable for a person’s needs. Instead of just listing the rental price and location, the app provides full details about the property. Those details include the condition of the property, the type of property, and the BHK, square feet size.

    Location is very important when looking to move to a new rental property, it’s important to know what amenities are available when considering a move. Before the app was launched, people would spend hours either visiting the location or searching online trying to find out what is available in that area. Thanks to the new Real Estate app all that information is available within a few seconds.

    The new Real Estate app provides information which includes which schools are nearby, what is the nearest temple, as well as the location of the nearest shopping mall and ATMs.

    A spokesman for said: “Our intuitive interface helps tenants to search for their rental properties – Residential & Commercial effortlessly and allows the tenants to see the exact conditions of the property.”

    The rental app is not just beneficial to those looking to rent a new property, it is also an important app for property owners who are looking for new tenants. A property owner can remove the time wasted looking for a new tenant by using the app to upload their property.

    “When a property owner uploads their property, our expert team will take care of the entire process from a site visit to rental agreement. Properties published in will get the maximum exposure in the market so that property owners find genuine tenants within the shortest possible time,” explained a spokesman for

    The app is a major breakthrough in the real estate market. To download the app, please visit or visit

    About Rent4Free is the dedicated portal for rentals and the next big thing happening in the Indian rental market. We are harmonizing the chaotic rental market all over pan India.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Rent4Free
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Phone: 044-4600 6400
    Country: India

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    SmallRig,a DIY camera accessories and camera rigs from China, recently launched its official website,, its official trading and reselling web portal.

    To mark the successful completion of the eighth year in business, China-based manufacturer of camera rigs and accessories, SmallRig, recently launched its official reseller website. The company also announced the launch of its reseller and partner program during the launch of the official trading website – As a part of the ongoing anniversary celebrations, the company has also dished out a number of introductory offers, some of which are exclusively offered to their partners and affiliates.

    Kamila Guo, overseas marketing director of SmallRigs informed that the company will now offer as high as 40% discounts on some of their products, along with free shipping and other offers for its authorized resellers. She also said that fifty spots of new distributors are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and on zero conditions.

    “People or business entities that are interested in partnering with us need to just fill out a form and get instantly eligible for high discounts on retail price. Also, people who are already running online or physical stores or have connections within photography clubs can become Level A Distributors of SmallRig”, Kamila was quoted by the local press.

    “There are three different reseller programs to choose from based on specific market needs. We are offering competitive pricing packages for all the three and we can also assure unmatched pre-sales and after-sales services to all the distributors and partners. Also, all our partners will have full access to our digital materials and get two-year warranty on each and every part manufactured by us. OEM partnership opportunities are also available and interested OEM partners should write to us to request more information on that”, she added during a recent press conference held at company headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

    The CEO and managing director of SmallRigs said, “We have gained competitive advantage through intelligent pricing and we will make sure that each and every partnership turns into a symbiotic business relationship. We are also open to ideas and suggestions and our design team is ready to manufacture super-customized camera accessories.”

    About the Company

    SmallRig is a China based manufacturer of camera rigs and accessories.

    To know more, visit or the reseller website  

    Reseller Application Form:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SmallRig
    Contact Person: Kamila Guo, Overseas Marketing Director
    Phone: +86 18610928011
    Country: China

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    Beyond Pest Control Inc., one of the renowned names in pest control in NYC, recently organized a small press meet at their office, where they announced a few offers for residential customers. The meet was attended by many local clients who also discussed relevant topics with the staff related to pest control services NYC. 

    Named among the best companies for pest control services NYC, Beyond Pest Control Inc. has come a long way in the four decades. The company has been in business for around 37 years and works for the commercial and residential sector alike. Once in a while, the management takes the required steps to please its customer base, and this time, they have come up with some exciting offers for the entire clientele. The press meet, organized at their local office, was a huge success, and the management also answered queries related to pest control.

    “If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator NYC, Beyond Pest Control Inc. can help. We strongly believe that every home and office should be pest free, and for that, we offer the most incredible services. We are a locally owned and family operated service and have been around for almost forty years now. As a part of our yearly promotional plans, we have introduced some amazing offers for our residential customers. We will offer a custom discount to first fifty service calls for the month of October, and the discounts will be decided by the management. We want more homeowners to try our services, and for that, we always have special deals on offer,” the marketing head said in a separate statement.

    The company management was also open to questions related to the use of green products. Managers answered some of the most common queries related to eco-friendly products and why customers should make that choice for pest removal and cleaning.

    “Before you select a roach exterminator NYC, do ask about their cleaning process, and supplies and equipment used. Using green supplies is not a choice, and it is not meant for the environment alone. Yes, we need to think of the planet that we live in, but using green supplies is also effective and safe for pets and children alike. If you have older parents, infants and dogs/cats at home, you should switch to services that offer green cleaning and pest removal services. Together, we can make this world better, and Beyond Pest Control Inc. has always aimed for that,” their operational manager said in response to a query.

    Customers looking for Manhattan pest control services can contact Beyond Pest Control Inc. through their website and contact numbers. The company has some ongoing offers for homeowners at the moment, mentioned above.


    About Beyond Pest Control Inc

    Beyond Pest Control Inc. is a known name among NYC exterminators. The company offers green pest control services for residential and commercial clients and their team members speak English, Green, and Spanish. Their services are available throughout NYC Tristate area, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beyond Pest Control Inc
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: (718) 777-2345
    Address:2805 Astoria Blvd
    City: Astoria
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    Founded in 2015, APACPAY owns a comprehensive range of products and services distinct in its competence to provide customized full-service solutions.

    The payments industry is quite complex, depending heavily on the health of the economy. The more consumers purchase, the more transactions are processed. The industry is growing at a rapid rate and this is partly due to the ease of accessibility of obtaining debit cards that can be used to purchase goods and services online and through digital payment platforms. The credit card remains the dominant player of the payments industry, while online payment programs and mobile payment programs continue to increase their presence in the retail sector.

    The safety of online payment programs and secure processing of credit cards via digital payment platforms, is one of the major obstacles payment industry providers and merchants face. As more consumers pay for goods and services through credit cards and make digital payments, the new companies entering the payments industry need to be a lot more vigilant of their cyber security and safety procedures. Awareness of payment trends must also be at the forefront of risk management analysis, as not being in the know can sometimes harm the payments industry provider if they are not properly educated, prepared, or knowledgeable in the rapid emergence of the payments industry.

    Recent trends have identified that with disruption comes increased competition amongst new companies coming into the payments industry. China in particular is a nation growing rapidly in this space and one global payments industry solutions provider based in Singapore, has expanded its operation to include an office in China, thus capitalizing on this growth market region.

    Founded in 2015, APACPAY owns a comprehensive range of products and services distinct in its competence to provide customized full-service solutions. In addition to Singapore and China, APACPAY has offices in the Malaysia, United Kingdom and Belgium. Further expansion is expected by 2018 with offices opening in the regions of Brazil, Vietnam, Bahrain and the United States.

    The APACPAY payment technology provides an innovative payment solution with a strong focus and importance given to appropriate risk management practices. The risk management process in payment technology should identify, analyze, assess, treat, monitor and communicate to consumers exactly what the payment industry provider’s intentions are, to maintain the safety and security of its customers. Online payment systems are a red-hot target to cyber hackers and very vulnerable to online security attacks. Data needs to be protected at all points of the transaction, from the moment the transaction is initiated, through to the processing network in order truly be effective. APACPAY delivers this and more in its i-RiskGate risk management system.

    i-RiskGate will identify, manage and block suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions. By customizing rule based filters and tools to their business requirements, i-RiskGate offers consumers and users of APACPAY a unique and highly efficient risk management system. The many features of i-RiskGate that consumers can come to benefit from include flexible and well-developed risk rules configuration, correlated transactions detection, user assessment scoring, agile 3DS authentication, behavior analytics system, true identity verification, innovative device fingerprinting combination and an intelligent monitoring an alarm system. Through i-RiskGate, APACPAY also offers payment fraud insurance for a minimal fee, relieving customers from complicated dispute handling and financial complexity that may arise and while protecting transactions, thus maximizing growth in sales while reducing fraud rates. Add a committed global fraud prevention team consisting of professionals who are highly knowledgeable in the area of risk management, offering a full suite of business specific risk management tools and consumers receive peace of mind that they are adequately protected with APACPAY’s i-RiskGate.

    APACPAY’s payment gateway delivers a complete solution to consumers globally to process transactions efficiently and securely, while providing peace of mind in risk management and cyber security. It intelligently routes transactions across acquires and immediately accesses more than 200 APMs (Alternative Payment Methods) around the world.

    APACPAY is registered with the leading card schemes and local payment methods, allowing the user to accept more than 200 payment methods. With their multi-currency acquiring capabilities, customers can choose to pay in their preferred currency. APACPAY has contracted acquirers from Europe, the Americas and Asia. Being able to configure alternative payment methods for the consumer’s specific requirements such as carrier billing, bank transfer, digital wallet and many others; is one of the unique features that APACPAY’s payment gateway offers. Another very unique feature of this innovative payment gateway is the ability to choose a domestic acquirer the access to process domestic transactions based on the geographic location of the customer. Offering a more cost-effective solution to the customer.

    Integrating with APACPAY to achieve business goals is another benefit of the payment gateway. Providing services which are outside the consumer’s core competencies, enables the business to take care of their day to day operations. APACPAY is Level One PCI DSS compliant, the highest level of compliancy. Transactions are processed safely with minimal transaction risks, alleviating the burden of complex and cost-intensive issues that may arise as a result of non-compliance.

    GMERS (Global Money Exchange and Remittance Solution) is a cross border payment solution provided by APACPAY, to facilitate international currency conversion and money remittance. It offers an easy integration which ensures full transparency and streamlined transactions globally. Consumers will enjoy the use of a compliant and secure platform with access to wide range of money services worldwide. APACPAY ensures the operational transparency and security in being fully compliant with local exchange and remittance regulations.

    Accessing real time exchange rates at the click of a button through key exchange rate providers such as Thomson Reuters, irrespective of the device that is being used, is another key feature of GMERS. Transparency of fees and costs associated with transactions, is of upmost importance to APACPAY and they do this by sharing all fees levied upfront and prior to a transaction being made. This fee then becomes the only fee of APACPAY’s GMERS solution. A fast and efficient money transfer process is equally as important a feature that APACPAY’s GMERS solution offers consumers. By handling orders within six hours in most countries, to two hours in some regions; the need for urgent money remittance is addressed.

    Effortless integration to APACPAY’s GMERS solution allows consumers the opportunity to enjoy cost saving service and avoid currency risks. APACPAY do this by installing their “FX-as-a-Service” and “Remittance-as-a-Service” tools into specific applications and as per individual requirements. Finally, APACPAY’s GMERS solution is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive money service in a range of currencies and countries.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: APACPAY PTE. LTD.
    Contact Person: Robert Ang
    Country: Singapore

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    CAPED is all set to organise the second edition of the musical “I Have a Dream” at Shri Ram Center for Performing Arts, Delhi on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2017

    Nov 2, 2017: Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection (CAPED) is working towards creating awareness of women centric cancers, with specific focus on Cervical Cancer. Cervical Cancer is the largest killer within women’s cancers in India. ​ India also has the unwanted distinction of being the country with the largest incidence of Cervical cancer deaths. Aiming to make a small difference in the country’s cancer statistics, while building awareness, CAPED is all set to organize the second edition of the musical “I Have a Dream” at Shri Ram Center for Performing Arts, Delhi on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2017. 

    ‘I Have a Dream’ is a romantic comedy with foot tapping music and songs by the eminent ABBA band. The play has been specially directed for CAPED to create awareness on cervical cancer and raise funds. With the theatre experience of a whopping 15 years, the director of the play, Ms. Ritu R Chandra, has scripted, produced and directed a number of plays for schools and social organizations.

    The play is a musical adaptation of the movie “Mama Mia!” It revolves around a simple story of a young girl looking for her father. She has the unique position of choosing from three different men, as to who her father could be! The mesmerizing music, enthralling dance performance and a magnificent set make this theatrical work all the more fascinating.

    The first edition of the play was held in Gurgaon in the month of April 2017 and the same received an immense response from the people. Because the play aimed at raising awareness about Cervical cancer, it also received a great media coverage from some of the eminent newspapers of the country. SRF Welfare Trust, Clix Capital, ColorBar USA, Forbes Marshall, Platinum Motorcorp, Fenesta Windows, were some of the partners and sponsors of the 1st edition of the play.

    For the second edition of “I Have a Dream,” CAPED invites sponsors and partners as ‘Title’ Supporters, ‘Powered By’ Supporters, ‘Prime’ Supporters and ‘Supported By’ partners. These spots can be leveraged by the associated partners and supporters for branding and marketing during the event.

    The tickets of the show will be available from the 1st week of November exclusively on

    About Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection (CAPED)

    A Non-Government Organization dedicated to spreading awareness about cervical cancer, CAPED undertakes a plenty of activities to turn their vision of a healthier society into a reality. Regular and free screening camps, health check-ups camps for the underprivileged women are some of the ways through which CAPED strive to curb the spread of cervical cancer. Currently, the organization is involved in organizing screening camps in New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. It also carries out awareness activities on cancer in colleges, universities as well as corporates .

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CAPED
    Contact Person: Mridu Gupta
    Phone: +91 9873325515
    Country: India

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    MUMBAI, INDIA – 3 Nov, 2017 – Dhruvin Shah, who has had an award-winning debut with his movie, ‘Superstar’, directed by Bhavin Wadia and produced by Dakshesh Shah, is on a roll after the super success of this Indian movie which ran houseful for multiple months in the land of Bollywood. The next turf awaiting Dhruvin is Hollywood. The meisner trained actor has already had a huge breakthrough in the Bollywood Film industry and is now preparing to do some leading roles in Hollywood. “I have been blessed with a top-of-the-league film education in New York and Los Angeles, which has helped me polish my acting over the years and helped me understand the world of films from behind the camera too,” says Dhruvin. 

    Dhruvin is gifted to have a combined look of a Bollywood hero and a Hollywood actor as well. Maybe that is why the actor has been repeatedly approached by people in Hollywood, while he somehow manages to have a constant demand in Bollywood. Sources point out that Dhruvin’s acting skills have been majorly recognised by the directors in Hollywood and Dhruvin is now considering to be a part of a mega-Hollywood project. In the past we have seen successful Indian actors own it in Hollywood like Priyanka Chopra, Diana Penty, Deepika Padukone and now Dhruvin is on his way to breakthrough into Hollywood. With great success in his film “Superstar” loved worldwide in theatres and on Netflix, He is now said to be very particular about his roles and does not want to dive into any and every role that comes his way. “I always honour the story and the script more than anything” and getting the right material could mean another home run for Dhruvin’s efforts in entertaining the audiences globally.

    “I am humbled to have my talent being recognized so well. It is no less than a dream”. Dhruvin Shah was also recently awarded with the best actor award at the prestigious Paris Appreciation Awards 2017, which was held atop the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris. He is also being nominated for the Indian National Awards, 2017 making him one of the celebrated Indian actors of the year.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: World News Network
    Contact Person: Satish Reddy
    Phone: +919167553880
    Country: India

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    Interview with global crypto currency exchange XBrick’ CEO, Leafer Zhao, and senior advisor Stuart Gray

    With the recent price hike of Bitcoins to as high as US$7,600, digital asset investment is obtaining global recognition and has become a new form of value investment. Values of certain digital assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum have increased several thousand times. The temptation of quick gains is not the only thing that attracts global investment and speculators; the blockchain technology itself has enormous value and potential. Blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin and the value of this technology has been recognized as countries compete to invest heavily in this field. Recently the EU announced a 30 billion Euro investment in blockchain technology innovation; R3, a finance technology firm, also stated they had started a joint development with 22 global banks on an international transaction system. R3 aims to launch a commercial blockchain system based on ‘multi-functional transaction unit’, which allows central banks to trade existing currencies with any new crypto currencies through blockchain technology.

    Value drives the future. It is the new technologies, such as blockchain, that will drive future global growth. There are a wide range of digital currencies available for investment and retail investors now focus on which digital currency assets they should invest in to maximize returns. Currently they do so by analysis of available information from crypto currency exchanges, such information as currency supply, transaction volume and level of community activities. Reputable exchanges are very strict on which new currencies they will allow to trade on their exchange: the exchanges typically require the digital currency to satisfy technical requirements, as well as meet criteria on the project team and community development. To a certain extent the exchanges have ensured the credibility and value of these digital currencies and will help investors to identify good blockchain assets more efficiently. It is therefore very important for investors to choose an international trading platform carefully. With big brand names in place like Poloniex, Bittrix, Coinbase, etc., there are also a number of rising platforms with strong backgrounds and capabilities. We are fortunate to have the opportunity for an interview with two guests associated with one of the new leaders in this field: global crypto currency exchange, XBrick. Leafer Zhao is the CEO of XBrick, while Stuart Gray has advised XBrick on the platform implementation and they will share some insights into the new generation of digital asset trading.

    Journalist: What is your view on the relationship between blockchain technology and the development of the global financial market? What role do crypto currency exchanges play? What is the position of XBrick?

    Leafer: Blockchain has certain properties such as its decentralized, distributed ledger that have been recognized by leading financial institutions as increasing the security of the global payments system. Blockchain is the underlying technology on which Bitcoin is based and in the near future will become the core of the global financial system. The application of blockchain has expanded from financial technology into multiple areas like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), supply chain management and digital asset trading. We see this as not just a technological revolution associated with traditional finance, but expect it to have deep impacts on many areas of our lives. A crypto currency exchange is an extension of blockchain application so there is no conflict of interest. Global exchanges often focus on sound blockchain assets and provide a secure platform for digital asset liquidity with lower transaction costs than offered by the traditional payments system. They also help to promote wider blockchain development and as the value of digital currencies on issue now exceeds US$200 billion they provide greater public recognition of the entire blockchain industry. XBrick is created based on this vision of providing secure, low cost access to quality digital currencies. We maintain high standards and are very selective in relation to which digital assets are traded on the platform; they must pass strict assessment criteria to be launched on our platform. We offer this platform only to valuable global digital assets.  

    Journalist: When did you start to develop XBrick? There are plenty of such platforms around, what are the unique advantages of XBrick?

    Leafer: We have been working on XBrick for over 12 months since November 2016, and we plan to launch it in November 2017. Globally there are a number of platforms, but very few can excel in security and user experience and customer service. I believe XBrick will be the best option for digital currency investors in meeting each of these criteria. XBrick is a trading platform for top-tier global blockchain digital assets, built by a world-class team of blockchain technology specialists. The trading system has been rigorously tested and is secure and stable, supports multiple languages. We employ bank-standard SSL encrypted data transfer, cold and hot wallet insulation. We also have multi-layer and multi-cluster system infrastructure, and the high capacity engine technology which enables 2 million transactions per second, which is significantly better than the industry average. We have also built in an automatic ID verification system which prevents global money laundering. XBrick also has an experienced team with ex-directors and senior executives from various ASX listed companies, reputable boutique private equity firms and Goldman Sachs. They have extensive experience in global investment banking and risk management.

    Journalist: There are mixed views on crypto currency exchanges in different countries. How would you like to deal with regulation in future?

    Stuart: XBrick aims to create a world class platform. It will not be limited to investors in one particular country; investors around the world will be able to trade on XBrick. After discussions with our advisers, Dentons (Australia), one of the world’s largest law firms, we chose to locate the platform in Australia because we believe that it has the right balance of regulation to encourage innovation while protecting investors. XBrick has put significant effort into ensuring it complies with all existing legal requirements and XBrick has pioneered an advanced, world class anti-money laundering ID verification system in order to prepare for potential regulations.

    Journalist: You mentioned that XBrick has built in a world class anti-money laundering ID verification system. Will this process be very complicated? How long will it take for a new user to have their ID verified? Will this put a barrier on new user registration?

    Leafer: The ID verification system is cutting edge as our team takes account of the source country of identification documents and has designed appropriate ID checks for users. For example, users in the USA can use their Social Security Number (SSN), New Zealand users can use their local driver license and Chinese nationals could use their national ID card and bank card. User experience has high priority in XBrick so the website is very easy for new user to register and use. The entire registration and verification process will only take 1 to 5 minutes, from submitting their information to completing the verification. We have clear registration instructions on our website. New users can fill out their personal information online and the system will connect to global databases and run real time verification online. The verification process is fully automatic and requires no manual operations. It can take 5 minutes, but if you are familiar with internet you can finish in just one minute.

    Journalist: Does XBrick have smart phone Apps? Will it support Android or IOS? If yes, when can we expect to have them?

    Leafer: XBrick does have smart phone Apps and will support both Android and IOS. The App will go online at the same time with the XBrick website (

    Journalist: Could you please talk about the future plans of XBrick?

    Leafer: XBrick aims to build a world-class digital crypto currency exchange. Our first step will be to establish our trading platform brand in European and American market, as well as the Asia-Pacific region. We will be primarily working on markets in UK, Australia, China, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Singapore, Russia, etc.

    Journalist: I’ve heard some words that XBrick has plans to go public and get listed. Is this correct?

    Leafer: We do have plans to expand our investor base over time but unfortunately, I cannot make any comments on it at this stage, but please stay tuned.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: X Blockchain Pty Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: Australia

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    Fitness and health is important for all of us.  Now, more than ever, boxing is becoming a popular way for people to get in shape; but, doing the same workout over and over again get boring.  The S-Power team has developed a new boxing training tool with innovative motion monitoring technology that makes working out more fun and more effective.

    Tata-Punch, a smart interactive punching pad, brings science and fun to your boxing workout with an entertaining mobile APP.  The pad guides the boxer with light up sensors that are able to analyze each punch and teach important fighting techniques.  The APP gathers your data and provides expert analysis of your stats including punch power, speed, reaction time, and the number of calories burned.  Stats portrayed in a series of easy to read graphs help to visualize and track improvement.  This training system is a fun and thrilling way for beginning boxers to fall in love with the sport as they learn and get in shape.

    Intelligent  light and vioce

    Analysis of a number of data

    TATA-PUNCH can be used in three different modes:

    Personal mode: customize training to fit your needs and schedule so that you get the perfect workout every time.

    Training mode: use the light-up sensors to train your reaction time, speed, and strength.

    Game mode: allows two or more users to train together and do their workouts to music creating a unique, fun, and exciting exercise experience.


    The APP also allows you to find like-minded boxing partners with whom you can spar, share photos, and enjoy your training.  The punching pad can be taken anywhere and is perfect for the gym, the office, or at home.  Tata-Punch makes training fun for boxers of all ages and skill levels.



    Tata-Punch is made from a durable microfiber material to withstand constant striking and uses a unique pressure sensing system for precise gathering of data.  It’s light and sound technology work to improve hand-eye coordination and striking accuracy while keeping the workout exciting.




    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tata-Punch
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 18205953810
    Address:Software park 2, Guanri road No.22, room 503, Siming district
    City: Xiamen
    Country: China

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    The innovative skateboard is made of full carbon fiber and also incorporates a digital dashboard, which makes skateboard quick and convenient

    enSkate the leading provider of electric skateboard recently announced its all new, full carbon fiber based quick-charge electric skateboard. The skateboard that also incorporates a digital dashboard offers three custom ride modes to skateboard enthusiasts around the globe.

    Talking about the product, a spokesperson at enSkate stated, “We’re very excited to have created a truly unique and wonderful product. We were looking to raise funds for our Fiboard project through Indiegogo crowd funding and are extremely happy with the positive response, as our electric skateboard has already reached its funding goal of $50000 under 9 days. Our powerful and innovative skateboard is designed for all types of skateboarders including advanced, intermediate and beginners. We will continue to enhance and upgrade our product for skateboarders, allowing them to customize their rides as per their riding style or skills even in the future.”


    It must be noted that the Fiboard is a highly advanced electronic skateboard that is a perfect combination of style, technology and performance. The handmade skateboard is carved out of T700, 12k Carbon Fiber that allows riders to ride at great speed and offers ease of movement.  The IPX5 waterproof skateboard is ideal for riding under all types of weather conditions. The skateboard offers endless riding option and also features the Fiboard Swappable Battery, which also functions as a power bank. Skateboarders can also use the ergonomically designed 2.4G wireless remote that is provided along with the Fiboard to power their rides instantly.


    The Fiboard skateboard’s battery is designed to last for as many as three years on an average. It can be used for around four hours on a continuous basis and takes no more than three hours to get fully charged. Users can either use the internal charging method or opt for split type charging to charge the skateboard as and when desired. The Fiboard is a must buy product for individuals who’re new to skateboarding as the unique skateboard enables them in learning quickly and conveniently.

    Fiboard came into existence after a group of highly experienced and passionate engineers from Foxconn, Gopro and TCL Global Innovation Center resolved to launch a light, sleek and strong skateboard for skateboarding enthusiasts. Currently, the product is in production and the company will start shipping the skateboard in the month of November/December in 2017. The product will be available at a MSRP of $1288 but the company plans to offer a 40% or $772 discount to its early supporters at Indiegogo.

    Available at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: EnSkate
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Address:245 Ease Main Street
    City: Alhambra
    State: CA 91801
    Country: United States

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    MUMBAI, INDIA – 9 Nov, 2017 – Galalite Screens, a leading cinema screen technology company, is proud to once again associate with the world’s second largest cinema expo, Big Cine Expo as its title sponsor. Big Cine Expo 2018, being held in Mumbai on 28-29 August, is a platform that helps boost the potential in the cinema theatre market in India and other Asian countries.

    Big Cine Expo 2017 saw huge crowds, with unimaginable enthusiasm and interest. The coming year, it will only get better. Ever since 1959, Galalite has thrived to promote innovation in cinema screen technologies, and with this association, it continues to maintain its place at the forefront of innovation in the cinema screen industry.

    Speaking on the occasion, Yusuf Galabhaiwala (Director of Operations) said, “Galalite has been the most trusted leader for cinema screen technologies in India, as well as the global market for more than half a century. By investing in Big Cine Expo, we reiterate that we are committed to bringing innovative screens that enhance the next generation cinema-viewing experience and further strengthen our foothold in the domestic and international market.”

    About Galalite:

    Galalite®, is the flagship brand of GTC industries which manufactures the widest range of innovative Projection Screen surfaces across the world.

    A family owned business headquartered in Mumbai, Galalite® has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of screens to Exhibitors worldwide.

    Galalite’s specialized screen surfaces range from Gain Screens for digital compliant cinema systems to the latest 3D technology Silver Screens, from large format screens for Cinema Theatres / Large Events to Home Theatre Screens.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GTC INDUSTRIES
    Contact Person: Yusuf Galabhaiwala
    Phone: 9820836282
    Country: India

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    We are proud to launch PocketJobs with a mission to bring in ease of recruitment and transparency in the grey collar job market. I am happy to announce that it is the first mobile-ready platform and hence jobseekers on the go can use it easily, said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs
    Find Jobs, Call Recruiter & Get Hired

    The latest portal from TimesJobs aims to connect the employers seeking front line staff with verified job seekers. This mobile-ready site boasts of many ‘first of its kind features for this category’ like a geo-map based job search facility for candidates to connect them with nearby recruiters

    Can one imagine the success of ecommerce majors like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or even the local grocery vendor or dry cleaning service without the contribution of their front-line staff? In fact, every festive season is preceded by news of bulk hiring of front line staff by major retailers. Government estimates suggest that India has a total workforce of 47 Crore and close to 85 per cent of these are in the unorganised sector.

    Most of these professionals take up business impacting roles such as customer service agents, delivery boys, front line staff in hotels and hospitals, coordinators in schools or retail stores, event agency staff and the likes.

    Formally this sector is called the grey collar job market and constitutes about 15% of total workforce in India. Most hiring in this segment happens through referrals, poaching from competitors, consultants and job boards.

    Sensing this huge gap between talent available and growing business requirements, TimesJobs has embarked on a mission to bring together these employers and job seekers on a common platform. ‘PocketJobs’ is TimesJobs’ answer to cater to this employment segment. The new website showcases more than 12,000 jobs from across industries. A big encouragement is that more than 500 employers have already registered on the site to pick candidates for their organisation from PocketJobs.

    Announcing the launch of PocketJobs, Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs said, “Almost 15% workforce in India is employed in the unorganised sector. Merely encouraging job creation does not help anyway; it is imperative that an empowering supply-demand ecosystem is created. We are proud to launch PocketJobs with a mission to bring in ease of recruitment and transparency in the grey collar job market. I am happy to announce that it is the first mobile-ready platform and hence jobseekers on the go can use it easily.”

    PocketJobs has many features that are a first in its category, like these:

    • Very easy geo map-based system which lets a candidate find jobs in nearby location. Hence if one is in Noida’s sector 18 for an interview, he can quickly browse for nearby available jobs and apply there too.
    • A candidate can have his CV created, automatically, by quickly filling in their basic details.
    • For recruiters, the website offers verified numbers and profiles of job seekers.
    • Employers also get all candidate information in a standard format, which makes it easy for them to candidate information in one go.

    Discussing these features further, Sanjay Goyal, Head of Product, Technology & Marketing, TimesJobs said, “We have conceived PocketJobs with an ambitious target to sieve in all requirements of the unorganised job market in India. We have kept all elements like UI and access points very simple with an aim to make it user friendly for this category job seekers. Going forward, we plan to make it vernacular too, to harness the talent potential of regional markets.”

    The website is mobile ready. The App version of PocketJobs will be launched in mid-December, making it more accessible on the mobile. The site will be soon available in vernacular languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu. Its Hindi version will be launched first, possibly by the first week of January 2018.

    Initially the website is targeted at Delhi-NCR and will gradually increase its reach to all over India. PocketJobs primarily caters to retail, E-commerce, hospitality, food & beverages, insurance, retail and healthcare.

    About Pocket Jobs

    PocketJobs is a platform that connects grey collar job seekers and employers. It is promoted by The Times of India Group. One can explore entry level jobs such as customer service, marketing, data entry/back office, receptionist/front office, sales, admin/support staff, call centre, cashier/billing, telesales, warehouse staff and field staff.

    PocketJobs is available at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TimesJobs – Times Business Solutions Limited (A division of Times Internet Ltd)
    Contact Person: Neha Singh Verma
    Phone: +919999652048
    Country: India

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    “In February 2017, Finance minister Arun Jaitley presented the budget he announced an investment of as much as Rs 3,96,135 crore in upgrading infrastructure.Industry leaders anticipated an increase in talent demand across various infrastructure and related sectors. As we approach year-end, it’s indeed reassuring that things are going as per expectations and infrastructural development is taking shape, further driving the job opportunities,” said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJ
    TimesJobs has the largest collection of jobs in the market, which ensures that whenever and wherever there is a great opportunity, jobseekers will discover it on the platform

    On the back of large-scale infrastructure developments across railways, ports and national highways, the infrastructure sector emerged as the top hiring sector with 12% rise in October 2017, says the latest RecruiteX report by TimesJobs.

    Industry-wise analysis: Demand grew most in infrastructure

    Infrastructure sector saw nearly 12% rise in talent demand in October 2017. Demand for profiles such as production, manufacturing, IT, sales, business development and accounting saw maximum increase in demand in the infrastructure sector, during the month.

    Besides, the TimesJobs RecruiteX recorded a Y-o-Y increase of 3% in the infrastructure sector.

    “In February 2017 when finance minister Arun Jaitley presented the budget he announced an investment of as much as Rs 3,96,135 crore in creating and upgrading infrastructure in India. On the back of this investment, industry leaders anticipated an increase in talent demand across various infrastructure and related sectors. As we approach year-end, it is indeed reassuring that things are going as per expectations and the infrastructural development is taking shape, further driving the job opportunities,” said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs.

    Location-wise analysis: Vadodara top the charts

    Among key locations, Vadodara posted the highest rise of 5% in talent demand, as per the latest RecruiteX report. Within top metros Bengaluru witnessed a rise of 2% in hiring activity, in October 2017. Among states, RecruiteX recorded a growth of nearly 19% in Karnataka.

    Functional area analysis: Quality control professionals in demand

    Demand for quality and process control professionals grew by 12% in October 2017, followed by engineering professionals with 8% rise in demand. Doctors, nurses and medical professionals continued to witness growth in hiring activity. In October 2017, demand for these professionals grew by 6%.

    Experience-wise analysis: Demand stabilises for senior professionals

    Senior management hiring stabilised in October 2017, with jobs for over 20 years of experience witnessing no growth over the numbers in September 2017. However, in Y-o-Y analysis the hiring for over 20 years of experience bracket rose by 13% and for 10-20 years of experience the demand increase was 1% for the October 2016-October 2017 period.

    Key highlights of the report are:

    • Top hiring sectors

    • Infrastructure
    • Petrochemicals

    • Top hiring locations

    • Vadodara
    • Bengaluru

    • Top hiring profiles

    • Quality/process control
    • Engineering

    Click Here to Download the Complete Report –

    About TimesJobs:

    TimesJobs, a flagship business of Times Business Solutions (TBS), is a platform to help competent professionals make smarter career decisions. With over 25 million registered jobseekers across the board and more than 60 million page views every month, it is fast becoming the most preferred career portal among the candidates.

    TimesJobs is leading in the recruitment and employment space with its pioneering and dynamic divisions because it successfully meets all the needs of the jobseekers. Its major platforms include:

    TechGig: India’s biggest dais for tech professionals to help them Learn, Showcase & Compete in the IT industry.

    JobBuzz: A well-known portal that provides information & insights about different companies, job profiles and interview processes.

    StepAhead: StepAhead offers Professional Resume writing and distribution services, career astrology, resume improvement to help jobseekers accelerate their career.

    Also, TimesJobs has the largest collection of jobs in the market, which ensures that whenever and wherever there is a great opportunity, jobseekers will discover it on the platform.

    In the recruitment market, as well, being the biggest platform for competent professionals who think of their careers first, TimesJobs has become the destination of choice for recruiters who seek to engage with the right talent.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TimesJobs – Times Business Solutions Limited (A division of Times Internet Ltd)
    Contact Person: Neha Singh Verma
    Phone: +919999652048
    Country: India

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    Recently headlined on various global mainstream media, Bitcoin had climbed into a high value at nearly US$7,600, which also drew the attention of International Monetary Institution, IMF.

    Not everyone appreciated the rationality of what made Bitcoin booming exponentially, nonetheless, the market approved its recognition. Bitcoin, featured with decentralisation and the attached value in the blockchain applications, has earned more and more supporters since its inception.

    Despite different attitudes toward Bitcoin and its applications, and strict restrictions of the cryptocurrency trading in some countries, Bitcoin’s technical infrastructure and application frame (particularly in blockchain applications) have been recognised across a wide range of industries and global organisations. Government institutions as well as global corporate giants started to invest huge resources into the research of the blockchain technology.

    Dubai has recently established the first government-backed cryptocurrency in the world. JP-Morgan, Microsoft, Intel and other thirtyish global organizations initiated a new blockchain alliance.

    The world top three credit card issuers (VISA, Master, American Express) have joined the Hyperledger project. Goldman Sachs considers introducing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into Wall Street. If so, Goldman Sachs will be the first global investment bank operating the cryptocurrency transactions in Wall Street.

    In addition to the bitcoin transactions, words run around the market that Goldman Sachs is also interested in launching a cryptocurrency exchange and has taken some market researches on some existing cryptocurrency exchanges in the US, Japan, Australia and the UK, such as Coinbase, BitFlyer, Bitfinex, Poloniex, potential consideration of acquisitions or investments in some emerging exchanges, like XBrick or Binance. However, Goldman Sachs has not confirmed any of these actions.

    The total market value of cryptocurrencies is estimated nearly US$120 billion, of which there are 9 cryptocurrencies with a market value of over US$1 billion respectively, according to the Goldman Sachs statistics.

    Bitcoin has the market capitalization of US$55.5 billion, accounting for nearly 50% of the total cryptocurrency market value, which positions itself #1 cryptocurrency with no doubt. To date, no mainstream commercial bank has announced to join the cryptocurrency market, neither top tier organisations have engaged in setting up cryptocurrency exchanges.

    The violent volatility of Bitcoin prices builds up the dreams of becoming rich instantly and quick returns on investments, which may perfectly match what the Wall Street investors are looking for. On the other hand, this is exactly the issue that the regulators will focus on. Efficient supervision and disciplines are needed to guide this valuable market to sustainability.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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