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    Decentralised Exchange Is Needed Globally – Crazier In 2018.

    Based on third generational blockchain graphene technology, FlashChain will be listed on the Korean funcoin exchange on February 6th 2018.

    From the past 2017, the global center of attention without a doubt must be the price swings of Bitcoins, where price appreciated from USD970 from beginning of the year having peaked at USD20,000!

    According to Coinmarketcap’s record, Bitcoin’s market capitalization traded over USD281.9 billion (successfully exceeded VISA’s market capitalization), Ethereum over USD41.4 billion, Bitcoin Cash over USD25.8 billion, IOTA over USD11.1 billion and Ripple over USD9.6 billion, total market capitalization already exceeded JP Morgan’s market capitalization from only these top five crypto currencies.

    Along with the surge in Bitcoin prices, the value of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies were well recognized by investors globally; based on Bitcoin’s Decentralized core principal technology, such principal is now well accepted globally within the financial technology communities. The emergence of digital currencies exchanges and the ever increasing cash injection from all over the world into the blockchain sector, adding on various governments’ supportive policies for regional blockchain developments, all helped to create a wave of high demand for human resources as well as funds. It is without a doubt that the blockchain technology is to be the centre of future focus, not only it will disrupt traditional finance, it will also disrupt traditional regulatory measures even for central banks world wide.

    The endless potential growth of the blockchain technology is attracting investors and opportunists from all over the world. One of the largest crypto exchanges Coinbase currently has more than 13.1 million registerd users!

    However, certain centralized exchanges weren’t well prepared for such exponential growth of new customers, resulted in a very slow signing up verification process, in worse cases were incidents of system failures occurring, helped hackers into the those systems.

    Although centralized exchanges are fast and simple, yet the core problems are the funds’ safety and platform trustworthiness (the major risk of manipulation and fraud exists). By comparison, decentralized exchanges are much safer and transparent, not required to rely on third party service in managing clients’ accounts, instead it is based on automated peer to peer connectivity trading. Such a peer to peer technology without the need of a centralized server will become a disruptive revolution.

    We no longer need to trust the trading platforms, as all funds and assets are stored in users’ personal wallets, rather than held by a third party. Decentralized trading platforms better enhances its customers’ privacy, and it reduces the risk of potential server down time.  Furthermore, it bypasses many governments’ very strict cryptocurrency supervision policies, allowing its users to more comfortably trade its digital assets.

    This is a extra choice for a decentralized exchange, a much more secure and valuable service, the birth of FlashChain. FlashChain and Bitcoin both adopted Distributed consensus mechanism for creating such a globalized, transparent, trustworthy and high efficiency system. FlashChain is based on third generational blockchain technology of graphene platform, supporting 100,000/second decentralized high frequency trading platform, an industrial level processing ability.

    FlashChain will evolve into an ecosystem. Funds and trading orders within this ecosystem will be strengthened by this industrial strength software platform for deploying third generateon cryptographically secure decentralized ledgers (blockchain). No one may visit such information without your prior consent. FlashChain also provide to its customers guarantee and multiple signature mechanism to further enhance security.

    FlashChain continues to develop blockchain based technology advancements, provides basic support to all services throughout the Internet. Be that is a bank, securities exchange, gambling, voting, music, auctions or many other sectors, one digital public ledger enable the creation of the Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACS), in comparing to traditional centralized method it cost much lower, provides a better quality service.

    Furthermore, FlashChain trading is 24/7, no holidays, no regional limitations, total freedom to trade; it’s convenience, fast and high efficiency. Anyone from anywhere around the world may at any point in time through the internet visit FlashChain to trade. There will not be problem of a single point failure as the global technical team will be services all points to allow for smooth trades.

    FlashChain has an important characteristic of a Smartcoin, similar to bitUSD, bitEUR and bitCNY, etc. For convenience sake, these assets will simply be demonstrated in USD, EUR and CNY. Such digital assets reflects their equivalent fiat currency value. For example, a 1 bitUSD in the wallet equates to USD$1, freely tradable. All the digital assets will be secured against FlashChain company’s shares in escrow, which may be liquidated at market price.

    FlashChain’s decentralized digital asset exchange system is fully developed, FlashChain will list on Funcoin in Korea on 6 February 2018 as the first listing exchange, trading code FLC. The website shall synchronize with community forums globally, coming live soon. The early registered members in the FlashChain community has the chance to win gift FLC tokens.

    More information may be found on FlashChain official website:

    Pursue freedom may be our human nature, “Decentralization” is now a firm believe among us, such technology advance could not be fenced by anyone. Mt Gox and similar exchanges and their history indicated to us that, the centralized exchange model posses significant risk, whereas the more safer and efficient decentralized exchange would lead the future of digital asset exchanges.

    2017 were called “The year of commercialization of the Blockchain Technology”, however the majority of applications are not yet commercialized, mostly still based on the blockChain technology; the year 2018 shall be a much mature year for the market to commercialize a number of such projects. If year 2017 to digital currencies were heated and cooled, then 2018 could be the rebirth of the Blockchain!

    It’s predictable, that in 2018 would be a much more exciting year for the blockchains! It will be outstanding for this disruptive technology, a highly efficient financial market level processor in “FlashChain”, a truly decentralized exchange!

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FlashChain Pty Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: Korea

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    On January 19, 2018, sponsored by China Times, “The Era of New Financial Products – China Institutions Investors Annual Meeting and the 11th Golden Cicada Award Ceremony” was held in Beijing. UNPay, as a global leading payment service brand, has won unanimous recognition from investors and partners, being on the list with honor and winning FinTech Innovation Award in 2017.

    Winning Golden Cicada Award of China Times

    “Golden Cicada Award” is an annual financial brand selection activity created by China Times, started as early as 2007, known as the “Financial Oscar”. The most powerful financial institutions will be shortlisted at every yearend within the range of banking, insurance, securities, funds, trust, finance lease, PE, Internet finance and other financial enterprises. It has had a wider influence in financial industry.

    “Golden Cicada Award” focuses on financial technology and financial product innovation and gives commendation to outstanding industry representatives. It is one of the most authoritative annual selection activities in financial industry, known as the “Financial Oscar”. The awarding for UNPay is the recognition and encouragement of its contributions and achievements in the field of global mobile payment. The other winners are Baidu Finance, MI Loans and JD payment etc.


    Creating one-stop FinTech Open Platform

    UNPay (sub-brand of UNext Group) is a leading global payment service brand. It is committed to integrate new mainstream electronic payment method around the world and provides new intelligent integrated payment solutions to the global merchants. UNPay was established in June 2017. Without public financing, UNPay has been chased after as Unicorn by capital market. At present, there are first-class investment institutions to follow up and more than three investment institutions make lump-sum payment to UNPay to complete the investment.

    UNPay insists on providing one-stop FinTech Open Platform, empowers global partners, offers the forefront, the preferential, the most professional quality payment technology integrated service provider. With UNPay, partners could put aside their worries like confused multi-channel access, confused multiple platform reconciliation and difficult cross-border payment and easily achieve “One-stop access, global collection and payment”.

    Quickly Setting up Global Layout

    At present, UNPay has gathered a group of top paying talents in the same camp who come from Ali (including Ant Financial Services Group), Baidu, Tencent, UnionPay, IBM, Microsoft and Amex etc. The companies are setting up in multiple overseas countries. Country manager from all countries is the core startup leader of local well-known payment company and keeps close cooperation with the state’s financial institutions and related government authorities.

    UNPay respects the local technology and finance culture of the importing country. UNPay acts as oracle in the filed of payment and does the local landing service with reproducible cloud service capability in the world. Under advantage of strong team, technology, and service, after setting up for a few months, UNPay makes rapid business implementation in multiple countries with fast and diversified business cooperation and has completed the signing and docking with all the well-known payment institutions at home and abroad.

    The first stop of “Infrastructure service” for Overseas Business of Fellow Enterprises

    UNPay has a strong sense of mission and responsibility. Given the advantages of financial technology, UNPay helps overseas Chinese companies with a flexible and comprehensive payment serivce.

    In the process of cooperation with collection business of all industries in landed country, UNPay focuses on cultural communication with the landed country, promotes cultural integration between the two countries, realizes diversify development, establishes a collection bridge for exchange of funds in all industries between the two countries, helps the landed country to change the way of life, breaks the traditional way of life of other countries and makes a breakthrough change.

    Consolidation of information and providing industrial solutions

    UNPay has eliminated the obstacles such as fragmentation of payment channels, high costs of research and development, difficulty of financial management and slow cross-border access. From “Bank Union” to “Payment Union”, UNPay further integrates the capital flow and information flow for merchants and provides add-on value to global merchants synchronously.

    The integration advantages for a large number of globalized resource data will lead to extension of applications. At the same time, open platform will empower enterprises in many areas such as risk control, data, marketing etc.

    All of these require years of industry accumulation and abundant overseas resources. At the meanwhile, the founding team is required to be able to calm down in current popular FinTech rush and to develop long-term business instead of making fast money. The core competencies of UNPay are hard to replicate. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: UNPay Global (Beijing) Network Technology
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    Feb 1, 2018 – At the press meet held this week at a renowned 5-star hotel in the city, the spokesperson for Warren in Finance said that they were happy to inform that they now offer complete assistance, ideas and information about home refinancing, mortgages, insurance, house buying, real estate as well as information related to finance and business.

    It can be a tedious task for people to solve or identify even the basic financial aids. So, the website at aims at offering highly comprehensive information for all kinds of financial demands of people. They make sure that their site is loaded with the essential resources as well as information that will help people make better decisions and choose the best financial solutions to cater to their needs in any situation. When checking out the website of Warren in Finance, one would be able to experience one-stop shopping to make the reader knowledgeable for making the perfect home mortgage refinancing decisions.

    The team of experts at Warren in Finance make sure that the information they offer caters to the specific financial needs of each individual and offer expert advice to resolve any issues they face in the real estate, mortgage or business. They offer professional assistance to help people verify, execute, coordinate and plan well in advance before arriving at a crucial decision. One can find informative articles on several financial topics like auto insurance, credit cards, bad credit remortgages, car loans, bankruptcy, business loans, buying or selling home, foreclosure, credit scores, insurance, debt consolidation, car loans, refinancing, payday loans, personal finance, investment, UK mortgages, student loans, repair bad credit retirement and so on. The site also offers detailed information about credit card relief program and the way it works to help the readers stay debt free or bid goodbye to their debts.

    Those who wish to know about Sam’s club credit card can click on the link at The expert team of Warren in Finance have offered 22 tips to save money to help people have better control over their budget. These financial tips will help individuals save more money even if they have a small income. According to the website of Warren in Finance, one will be able to save more money by paying their bills as partial payments through their paycheck. The article also discusses the benefits of abstaining from owning a credit card, as it will prevent the urge to spend money while shopping. The others tips discussed in the article at Warren in Finance are saving a 10% of income for oneself, getting the car checked regularly to avoid high maintenance expenses, using cost effective travel methods, shopping using bets deals and coupons, setting up a Christmas fund and so on.

    About Warren in Finance

    The website of Warren in Finance is the one-stop destination for individuals who wish to gather information, tips, advice and assistance on home refinancing, mortgages, insurance, house buying, real estate as well as information related to finance and business. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Warren In Finance
    Contact Person: Media relations
    Phone: 479-601-4203
    Country: United States

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    Global medical blockchain becomes an investment hot spot. Global digital health care investment hit a record high in 2017. The announcing financing amount reaches as high as 11.5 billion U.S. Dollars.

    Among the most suitable scenarios for blockchain technology to exert its transformative power, health care is one of the most viewed areas. According to the latestGlobal Digital Medical Investment and Financing Report 2017 released by StartUp Health, a well-known American digital medical startup accelerator, global digital health care investment reached a new high in 2017. The announcing financing amount reaches as high as 11.5 billion U.S. Dollars.

    The report quotes from David Sarabia, founder of inRecovery, commenting that these two technologies, artificial intelligence and blockchain, have transformed the health care industry and laid the groundwork for its future. The report predicts that by the end of 2018, the large-scale introduction and application of medical blockchain technology will have been seen.

    There is no doubt that the combination of blockchain and AI will result in structural changes in the health care industry. As an industry that places a premium on the protection of data’s value and privacy, it enables distributed information can be shared and analyzed more efficiently. The use of data, while protecting the privacy of all parties involved, is of great value. The blockchain will have a disruptive impact on everything from research pharmacies to clinical diagnostics and even the whole insurance industry chain.

    One of the representatives of blockchain application is the “Xmed chain”. Compared to similar medical blockchain projects, XMC shows its unique advantages and innovation.

    The Application Scenarios of XMC

    According to the latest white paper, Xmed chain (XMC), which will go live in the third quarter of 2018, is the world’s first global medial blockchain + AI big data platform that addresses overseas health care needs. XMC utilizes blockchain’s advantages of decentralization consensus, credibility, immutability, transparency, mutual supervision and secrecy. Storing personal medical data in to blockchain after eliminated privacy information. XMC also utilizes AI and big data to analyze and provide tailored advices of global medical services.

    With regard to audience orientation, XMC focus on end users rather than the hospital, so that the structure can be better decentralized in legitimately collecting and sharing international medical information. It was impossible for all private organizations that work with hospitals to obtain authorization to use patient records. However, in order to legally collect, use and share medical information, “Xmed chain” has come up with the concept of “user generated data” to promote the establishment of “Xmed chain” medical information community, encrypting, transferring and sharing medical information in a legal way, so as to form an organic ecological chain. As Penny Caesar said in the interview: “Our partner is everyone who is committed to sharing without national and geographical restrictions.”

    Specifically, after users join the XMC system, they can upload their medical records by inputting or scanning paper-based medical records. Subsequently, artificial intelligence technology will identify and verify if the medical record information is true. The valid case information will be further translated by artificial intelligence and then stored in the blockchain.

    Artificial intelligence that has combined with XMC’s Big Data system will then automatically match the most appropriate global health care resources for users.


    In this process, the forthcoming XMC Token will better facilitate the effective operation of the system. Users will be rewarded with tokens through typing in and sharing information or by helping to verify the information. At the same time the tokens can be used in subsequent medical or insurance links, in exchange for the corresponding service.

    Latest Progress of the Project

    Version 1.0 of XMC will be launched in the third quarter of 2018, covering the major cities in Asia. Version 2.0, which is equipped with artificial intelligence analysis, will be released in a year.


    As a blockchain project focused on health care, in addition to the technical aspects, it is necessary to pay special attention to the professional protection of the project in the medical field. In addition to Penny Caesar as the founder of the XMED project and HK Health without borders limited, Dr. Shun Tung Lau, Benjamin, co-founder of the project, is fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, convener of Hong Kong Primary Care Foundation (HKPCF), convener of Hong Kong Specialist Care Foundation (HKSCF). He has a strong appeal in the medical community in Hong Kong. Rita Hou, the Chief Medical Officer of the project, is a consultant to the former Center for Health Policy and Technology Evaluation and is responsible for evaluating high-tech pharmaceuticals and medical innovations. Ms. Hou has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto Biochemistry and a Dual Master Degree of Epidemiology from the University of Hong Kong. She has many years of experience in Epidemiology and Health-Care Ministry think tanks.

    At the same time, Penny Caesar told us that the XMC project has attracted a large number of large medical institutions in Hong Kong, China, Chinese mainland, Japan and Korea to discuss the details of cooperation. The medical institutions’ feedback on this blockchain project are very positive.

    In XMC’s consultant team, we also see YALE REISOLDEIL, a well-known fund manager, who is also the founder of IOB Fund LLC, Baidu’s Mr. Liu Jiping, XMED’s angel investor, Mr. Richard Wang, a partner of DFJ Dragon Fund-Draper Dragon, Mr. Ricky Wu, founder of listed company I-click and, well-known expert in the field of medical information, Mr. Chen Yufu and other heavy weight figures. It is reported that XMC will also start the financing plan of expanding into overseas market. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Health Without Borders Limited
    Contact Person: Becky Lo
    Address:Rm B3, 10/F, 36 Mok Cheong Street, To Kwa Wan, Kln
    Country: HongKong

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    Today is a pursuit of sustainable development era, new materials and new energy emerge in an endless stream. The SPC floor is the only surface decoration material that can be recycled, which has great significance for protecting our natural resources and ecological environment.

    SPC floor is a new type of environment-friendly floor based on high technology. It has the characteristics of zero formaldehyde, mildew proof, moisture proof, fire prevention, insect proof, simple installation and so on. SPC floor is widely popular in developed countries in Europe and America and the Asia Pacific market, with its excellent stability and durability, from the German brand “JOKA Jin Jia” SPC floor, which can solve the problem of rotten wood floor damp deformation, and other decoration materials, formaldehyde and other environmental problems, in line with the domestic use of high-end customer requirements. In the future, many office, hotel, business, home and other indoor places have chosen SPC floor.

    At present, the market of customer consumption concept is to quality of consumption, the annual domestic SPC floor decoration industry rapid growth, with the promotion of the city, the future of decorative building materials market will be very prosperous, at the same time, is a new generation of consumers, young and vibrant consumers will be more inclined to environmental protection, beautiful appearance, economy of the concept of design. Therefore, Shanghai pulong Industrial Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Dilong decoration material limited company production of SPC plastic floor decoration stone because of excellent performance than currently on the market of wood flooring, stone floor and other floors are more favored by people.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: SPC
    Contact Person: Yang
    Country: China

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    X CARE

    The mission of X CARE is to establish a transnational medical data sharing platform via blockchain. Through “blockchain + medical data collaboration system” comprehensive solution, X CARE will provide more abundant, reliable and accessible basic data for AI health care, gene study, precision medical care, “long data” medical cases, drug research and other fields.


    X CARE will provide a mechanism that allows medical data value to flow and exchange in favorable conditions. Data contributors can share de-sensitized data to boost medical research and development of medical service institutions, and receive rewards from data sharing.

    Data islands in AI-driven big data era

    The world has entered the big data era—all data analysis becomes possible. Due to limited computing capability in the past, small data analysis has been dominant in scientific research, which has inevitably led to less accurate and valuable findings.

    AI computing proves to be exactly the solution. The innovative technology can handle a great amount of or even all data, providing more valuable data for medical care and research.

    However, all data collection has been developed relatively slow in the medical field. Due to security, legitimacy and privacy, it has been a headache for the entire world to collect a great amount of medical data. In addition, data ownership, relevant laws and other regulations pose more challenges to all data collection. The most important data resource in the life science and healthcare field becomes “sleeping treasure”.

    Application scenarios

    X CARE will become a cornerstone for medical data research. Prospects are that it will be widely applied to the field of big medical data, such as AI medical assistance, drug development, gene research, medical insurance, as well as the field of long medical data, such as precision medical care, health management, chronic disease prevention and treatment, disease prevention, etc.

    AI pharmaceutical development

    AI has enormously improved data processing ability. With continuous improvement in the medical data community, a wider range of samples become available. The pharmaceutical research organizations can acquire and process cross-border and cross-industry big medical data via AI, accelerating the development of new drugs and benefiting lives.

    Precision medicine and disease prevention

    “Long data” refers to the vertical medical data of an individual. It contains traces and trends of one’s health since birth, enabling more precise judgements based on the patient’s drug resistance, medical history, drug reaction, etc. Meanwhile, it enables more accurate prediction of the patient’s health status and can even prevent certain diseases.

    The future medical service providers will tend to choose the most effective therapy for the patient based on “long data” instead of general diagnosis or therapy.

    Study of gene and rare diseases

    X CARE will invite more and more gene research institutions to the community. As cross-border and cross-race gene data is added, chances are high for us to seek satisfying answers for critical issues regarding human lifespan, genetic diseases, senility, etc.

    Low incidence rate is one of the major causes for a low curing rate of rare diseases. X CARE, with its strong integrating power, will provide more opportunities for the research and treatment of rare diseases.

    Automatic claim settlement and precision insurance

    Through smart contract, X CARE will automatically review and settle the claim for medical insurance based on big medical data. The reviewing process will be conducted via the trustless blockchain technology. Insurance service provider can also fulfill claim settlement in the same manner. Besides, “long data” will contribute to precision insurance for individuals.

    Donation and relief

    Authorization of medical data by individuals or institutions is critically important. By adopting blockchain technology, X CARE ensures security of the process and authenticity of the data, and greatly speed up development of medical data research.

    Individuals and institutions may donate rewards obtained through data authorization to medical and charity institutions via X CARE. The donations will be applied to support areas with less developed medical systems or patients with disadvantaged economic conditions.

    The design philosophy of X CARE chain is to maximize security, reliability, convenience and equality in medical data sharing. Rapid medical data generation speed, fast access speed, low utilization frequency and long storage cycle, as well as security, privacy, legitimacy and empowerment concerns during medical data storage and exchange will be fully considered to thoroughly solve the problem of data islands.

    Blockchain technology will ultimately change the ways medical data is stored and shared. The decentralized trustless architecture is adopted to assure privacy and reliability of data sources, and security and legitimacy of data retrieval. Medical data, which has remained isolated, will be integrated as one on blockchain-based platform. To summarize, blockchain will reverse the frustrating phenomena of medical data islands, revolutionize medical care, and contribute to scientific research and welfare of mankind.

    For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: XCare Foundation Ltd
    Contact Person: Michael
    Country: Singapore

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    Bitcoin Star (BCS) officially said that they had successfully branched out from 50,2999 which is the block height of bitcoins. The abbreviation of Bitcoin Star is BCS, whose official website is The original intention that BCS foundation created BCS is to find value for the lost Bitcoins and inactive accounts. Secondly, BCS didn’t not branch for the sake of branching, but it hopes to improve the pain points in terms of BTS’s technology and application and lets BCS bring better customer experience, scence application and technology upgrading. At the same time, BCS also inherited the POW mechanism UTXO mode and other advantages of Bitcoin, and its block time and half time are the same as that of Bitcoin. The total circulation of BCS 21 billion, and the active bitcoin address will get the corresponding BCS at 1:1000, and there is no additional issuance and pre-digging.

    BCS was created and led by BCS FOUNDATION. BCS block size is 8 MB, and it supports increases segregation witness through increasing block size, which greatly increased the transaction speed and experience. BCS will increase the support for playback protection, zero-knowledge proof, smart contracts and lightning network.

    In future, BCS team will work with experts hand inside and outside the industry to constantly innovate and change. BCS will continue make efforts in technology upgrading and ecological system constructing, continuously broaden its application boundary, and let the blocks chain better fuse into life and serve the public through BCS ecosystem.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BCS
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    TECR (Treasure extravagant coin) is traceable and trustless Internet era based on the bottom of the blockchain technology to build a distributed intelligent contract. It will subvert the rules of the traditional luxury industry and directly link the components of the whole ecological chain with a decentralized structure and realize the capital docking under the mechanism of realizing the tracing of gem luxury goods.

    TECR’s first vision is based on blockchain technology to help businesses and suppliers to eliminate luxury high-inventory pressure and reduce the cost of procurement funds. For consumers, spending will become more transparent, personal data will be more confidential, which will be a major change in the luxury goods industry consumption experience. For businesses, the system will also fix the serious problems of widespread false advertising and bundled consumption in current luxury industry. The problems in the industry for many years will be completely solved, TECR will take merchants, advertisers, consumers, world-class brands together to create a decentralized platform with blockchain technology. The TECR Global Plan will provide Multi-language version and multi-platform support to the global market. TECR is a luxury-goods platform with decentralization, visualization, high confidentiality, high transparency and high traceability.

    TECR’s second vision is to build a online secure payment system of globally purchasing based on blockchain technology. The TECR platform provides open source for luxury goods merchants around the world and perform global shopping with asset penetration. There is no need for exchange rate convertibility, and there is no difference in the use across national borders, and the economic system in the large ecological system of luxury goods industry and high synchronism of high and new technology can be opened and coordinated. All supply chain upstream and downstream docking, communication, staff training, trading and payment can be achieved through TECR. At the same time, the merchants’ consumption points can be exchanged and docked smoothly through the TECR. The TECR platform can achieve the conversion itself is an open platform with payment function, which can support businesses, users, raw materials suppliers and other roles of luxury loans, including small non-review loans. TECR will also build the world’s largest luxury exchange community where members will have the opportunity to learn about new project dynamics and earn points on a daily basis. They can also gain opportunity to participate in TECR rebate dividends later (Two phase plan).

    TECR is a gemstone and luxury industry platform based on distributed and intelligent contract. The characteristics block chain data that can be identified and can not be tampered will escort user and solve the pain point of the luxury industry. To ensure the healthy and rapid development of the entire luxury industry TECR allows users to easily carry out the most cutting-edge design transformation and the most convenient global transactions, access to the latest information. Breaking the flow of traditional currency, electronic money and various other forms of high-value added physical assets and standardizing the identification of pre-valuation of transactions or collections of precious stones with luxury goods. The significance of TECR lies in the general connection, authority and openness of entity.

    TECR also allows people from around the world who want to invest in the luxury industry to provide digital cryptographic money that allows holders to invest directly in any business around the world that needs financing to expand on the TECR platform or independent Jianbao studio. And Baobao and independent studios around the world can get enough money from the early stages of the project to develop their own markets and fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams without fear.

    TECR will open all development source code on the platform, complete transparency of the core information. Compared with the traditional centralized server data manipulation, the whole platform is guaranteed to be fair, fair and open.

    The private key secure TECR wallet design is divided into two parts. When the amount of payment is within the equivalent of $200, the user’s digital monetary assets are stored in the hot money package of TECR Wallet. Those payments over $200 need to activate the cold wallet password mechanism to get the user’s payment authorization. TECR Wallet provides multiple security protections to ensure the security of user assets. 

    The whole station of terminal security TECR adopts the HTTPS protocol, namely the secure hypertext transmission protocol, uses the secure channel to carry on the encryption transmission to the information. With the functions of authentication, information encryption and integrity verification, it can effectively prevent the risk of information eavesdropping, information tampering and information hijacking. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TECR
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    Feb 5, 2018 – During the press meet held this week at their office in Leba, the spokesperson for Lech Resort & SPA said that they were delighted to announce that they now offer a wide range of spa treatments and special rooms for the guests to make their stay in Leba very comfortable.

    The stunning seaside of this region in Poland never fails to attract thousands of tourists who travel several miles across the globe to have a fun filled time each year. It is important to find a perfect accommodation if people who wish to spend quality time with their loved ones in an intimate fashion. Even though they can find several options, the best one among all is the services offered by Lech Resort & Spa. Their hotel offers several options for people who prefer to find comfortable and cozy accommodations. They have rooms for the travelers on a tight budget and for the exotic travel lovers who wish to indulge in luxurious accommodations.

    The hotel rooms at Lech Resort & Spa are designed to offer excellent comfort as well as amenities like that of a home to help people enjoy their holidays to the fullest. When clicking on their website URL at, one will be able to know that Lech Resort & Spa is situated at 300 meters away from the sandy beach. This area also has several places of attraction to help people travel short distances while visiting various places. Their single rooms, double rooms and triple rooms are specifically designed to assure optimum comfort and space to keep the guests relaxed. The comfortable beds with cushion are capable of offering a full night’s sleep and can ease the pain from the body joints.

    Every hotel room in Lech Resort & Spa they offer is equipped with top-notch facilities like safe, Wi-Fi, TV, cosmetics set, hair dryer, beach seat, balcony, desk, cordless kettle, phone etc. Their oriental style spa will help the guests feel relaxed, fresh and rejuvenated, as their treatments will erase all the impact caused by stress, anxiety and worry. They also offer an array of special beauty treatments and 7 varied climate offices to pamper the guests to the fullest. They also have a mini spa for the kids and a relaxing therapeutic massage for the vacationers. Their health treatments at the spa also include brine inhalations to clear off the lower and upper respiratory tracts, and magneto stimulation to treat the joint inflammation issues, stress, headaches, sleep disorders, ulcer disease and so on.

    One can know more about Lech Resort & SPA in Leba when they check their website link at

    About Lech Resort & Spa

    Lech Resort & Spa maintains the highest standards when offering high quality services to the guests staying at their accommodation in Leba. Their spa treatments can rejuvenate and pamper the senses while helping the body revive from stress and worries. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lech Resort & SPA
    Contact Person: Leszek Pisarski
    Phone: 598661342
    Address:Brzozowa 18 Street, 84-360 Leba
    State: Pomerania
    Country: Poland

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    COINS since its birth in 2008, as a prototype derived block chain technology, numerous technology enthusiasts to participate in contribution, is accelerating into multiple areas, it brings is not only to promote the efficiency of technology, as well as commercial breakthrough. Although the industry is thriving, industry insiders believe that the blockchain faces many challenges, both in terms of technological innovation and commercial applications.

    It is understood that the application of block chain technology is becoming more and more diversified, and its untamable bookkeeping, transaction settlement and other functions are being duplicated in many fields. Many application scenarios can now be implemented with block chain technology, and for traditional institutions, there is a certain increase in operating efficiency.


    The main challenges of blockchain are: first, there are still security risks in smart contracts, and hackers can use loopholes to steal users’ digital assets.Second, the blockchain platform established by different application targets has compatibility problems with each other. Third, although people have discovered and tried the information interaction between specific chains, this partial solution is not enough to support the whole block chain ecological development. The fourth is the lack of interaction between the blockchain and the physical world, so that many application innovations have to be carried out in the form, such as product traceability; Fifth, the current blockchain application still has a high technical threshold, which leads to the high cost of large-scale commercial enterprises; There is a performance bottleneck in the blockchain, and the performance of distributed system is still difficult to catch up with the central system. In other words, it is difficult for distributed system to realize large-scale commercial operation.


    Ethereum Cash (hereinafter referred to as ETCS) came into being when the development of blockchain was affected.ETCS puts security, stability and extensibility first in design. By introducing modular virtual machines, smart sandbox, value exchange and bifurcation mechanism, we can create a blockchain network with continuous evolution, easy to use, low cost and moderately customized. In addition, the ETCS can theoretically reach the usable performance of 1000TPS through the optimization of block spacing, block capacity and consensus algorithm. ETCS believe that, through the technological innovation will be able to resolve interpersonal trust, also can create a new production relation network, to better the community consensus, individual behavior and value exchange organically integrated.


    Based on OuKuai Lian (blockchain) and smart contracts, ETCS can extract a wide variety of cryptographic currencies in more than 1,000 offices around the world. The mainstream use of smart contracts will require a new architecture solution that combines the blockchain with more traditional technologies (web applications, public APIs, and so on).

    In recent years, the Ethereum area chain has gained a lot of attention, and many companies have decided to use it to develop their own projects, while leveraging the extreme flexibility provided by the Ethereum’s “smart contracts”. This has led to an increase in the value of the Ethereum currency, but at the same time, in terms of commitment, user applications have not yet developed synchronously in terms of availability and security levels. This is because the Ethereum is a highly experimental technology that is still incomplete and is growing rapidly. In addition, the “account-based” approach enabled by Ethereum is very weak in other areas, especially in terms of privacy. The goal of ETCS is to use the technology currently in place to provide the best possible experience for the user, to try to fill the major gaps in technology, and to follow and adapt to the development of the platform.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    Kharadi development involves 120 acres masterplan and budgeted at 1 billion USD

    India – Panchshil Realty, one of India’s most successful property developers, is proud to announce they have signed MOU for Smart City Pune project. The MOU has been signed by Panchshil Realty, Smart City Korea, Carbon Asset Management and Posco E&C as the first selected project by Smart City India. Smart City Pune in Kharadi development budgeted at 1 billion USD and will involve 120 acres masterplan located in Kharadi – Pune, with projected 10 million square feet. Smart City India consortium shall work closely with all the government agencies to facilitate the development and its sustainability. The time frame of the entire project is less than 36 months after commencement of construction.

    Speaking on the MOU signed by the joint venture, chairman of Panchshil Realty, Atul Chordia said, “Panchshil Realty is committed to establishing sustainable smart cities, and the joint venture of Smart City India is the next generation of sustainability with the highest exposure to artificial intelligence.”

    “Our aim at Smart City India is to redefine the low risk and sustainable financial models for building Smart Cities for the future generations. In each smart city we structure the right balance between private equity investment and debt finance backed by Exim banks and syndicated commercial banks to maximize the competence of our investments,” said Morad Fouladi, Non-executive chairman of Carbon Asset Management.

    The SMART built-up area is the first project by SMART CITY INDIA consortium in India which will benefit from the finest technologies and solutions in development, ICT and telecommunication, E-governance and administration, energy efficiency and sustainability, etc.

    Smart City Korea’s chairperson, Erica Yoon, has this to say about the MOU, “Smart City India is a joint venture between world-class partners to provide turnkey Smarty City solutions and Smart City Korea (in association with Smart City Dubai) dedicates its expertise and solutions to make Smart City India a pure success.”

    “Posco Engineering and Construction as No.1 construction company specialized in high-rise buildings in Korea is warmly supporting the Smart City developments in India and would proudly contribute to such developments by the latest construction technologies. Posco Engineering and Construction has extensive experience in development of Smart Cities such as Songdo area in South Korea where smart waste management system, traffic management, public services have been integrated,” said by Mr.Chan-gun Han the chairman of Posco engineering and construction.

    About Smart City India

    Smart City India is a property development project with a joint venture between top property design, investment, and management companies in the world. Each Smart City project is environmentally friendly, efficient, and energy saving. It supports high-tech ICT and green technologies, ideal for entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

    Panchshil Realty
    Tech Park One, Tower E, 191 Yerwada
    Pune – 411006. INDIA.
    Tel: +91 20 66473200

    Smart City Korea
    95-1 Donggwang-ro
    South Korea
    Tel: +82 2 581 3888

    Carbon Asset Management AG
    Innere Margarethen Strasse 5
    CH 4051 Basel
    Tel: +41 588 0500

    Posco Engineering and Construction
    180, Daesong-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si
    South Korea
    Tel: 82-54-223-6114~5

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Smart City Korea
    Contact Person: Media Representative
    Phone: +82 2 581 3888
    Address:95-1 Donggwang-ro, Seocho-gu
    City: Seoul
    Country: South Korea

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    The proportion of electricity generation may quadruple in the next two decades.

    “Going out” is meeting the opportunity of speeding up, private enterprises are involved in cracking down on financing obstacles

    reporter: Wang Lu, Beijing
    Reported Source: Economic Information Daily

    Feb 6, 2018 – “The development is not balanced, but the market is still huge.” Francois Morin, China Region Director of the World Nuclear Energy Association, described the current global market pattern of nuclear power during an interview with the Economic Information Daily reporter.

    This is also the consensus of participants at the recent GNIS Nuclear Energy Investment Forum. In their view, the development of nuclear power in China is still in a period of strategic opportunities and will quadruple the proportion of generating capacity over the next 20 years. At present, it is also a good time to speed up the “going out” process. The first obstacle to be solved is financing. At present, the first private enterprise has emerged.

    China’s nuclear power is still ina period of strategic opportunities

    Since the beginning of the first civil nuclear power in the Soviet Union in 1954, nuclear power in developed countries developed rapidly, especially in the 1960s and 1970s, but then two nuclear accidents in Three Mile Island and the Soviet Union Chernobyl slowed down the development of nuclear power in the world. With the oil price climbing up to more than 100 US dollars a barrel peak, the nuclear power development recoveries again. However, the accident of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan led to the shadow rise again in 2011, and some countries and regions decided to abandon nuclear power, represented by Germany and Switzerland.

    According to Yang Hanxin, PhD in the Department of Nuclear Energy Engineering at the University of Manchester in the UK, not only are the security issues behind the nuclear abandonment, but also factors such as a slowdown in energy demand and the impact of renewable energy. In fact, many countries, especially developing countries, now require massive power and are more pressing to develop nuclear energy.

    Data shows that there are 448 nuclear power units operating in 31 countries around the world with a total installed capacity of 400 million kilowatts, accounting for about 10% of the world’s power generation, peaked at 16% once. At the same time, until July 1, 2017, there are 59 nuclear power units under construction and 160 units under construction plans. The market size is close to 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars.

    Francois Morin makes a more detailed analysis and description with a color map. It can be seen that 45 countries around the world are actively considering the development of nuclear energy projects such as Argentina, Belarus, Bangladesh, China, Brazil, Finland, Hungary, India, Iran, Pakistan, Romania, the United Kingdom, Russia, Slovakia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. It is estimated that by 2050, the world will add 1,000 GW of nuclear power installed capacity, being able to account for 25% of the total power generation.

    China is considered to be one of the major forces in this. According to the “13th Five-Year Plan of China’s Power Development”, the installed nuclear power capacity in China will reach 58 million kilowatts in 2020, with a scale of more than 30 million kilowatts under construction. Data shows that until November 2017, China (excluding Taiwan) has put 37 nuclear power units into operation and 19 nuclear power units under construction. Nuclear power installed capacity ranked the4th in the world, electricity generation is more than Japan and has entered the top 3 in the world. Nuclear power units under construction has ranked 1st in the world for many years.

    In the past year, China’s “Nuclear Safety Law” was formally promulgated. The Interim Provisions on Securing Nuclear Safety Consumption were issued and the CDFBR construction has started. The unexpected result was that the eight units scheduled to start operation at the beginning of the year were still pending approval. The first reactor AP1000-Sanmen has failed to put into operation on time. It has not even complete the loading node.

    XuYuming, deputy director of China Nuclear Industry Association Expert Committee, believes that China’s nuclear power development is still in a period of strategic opportunities. He said that nuclear power is the only energy source that can replace coal on a large scale and to provide stable and reliable power for the grid. It is indispensable in the construction of China’s green low-carbon energy system. At present, nuclear power has a very low proportion of installed capacity and power generation, and there is enough potential for capacity expansion. It is estimated that the installed capacity of nuclear power in China could reach 100 GW to 120 GW by 2030, accounting for about 8% of nuclear power generation. From 2040 onwards, China’s installed nuclear power capacity will reach 150GW, accounting for nearly 11%, about the world average, that means more than quadrupling the current level.

    However, it cannot be ignored that China’s nuclear power development also faces many challenges, including issues of safety, economy, independent innovation, public understanding and support. The construction of the third generation nuclear power generally faces problems such as delay of the construction period and increase of construction cost. Moreover, the economic, power supply and demand relations have entered into a ‘new normalcy’. The measures such as bidding for the Internet and limiting the amount of on-grid electricity have reduced the utilization hours of nuclear power equipment.

    Speeding up the “going global” process based on “Belt and Road”

    Compared with the “calmness” in the domestic market, “going global” for China’s nuclear power is much more popular. The independent research and development of nuclear power technology based on “Hualong No.1” has become a national business card for the high-level active overseas promotion.

    On November 21, 2017, CNNC signed the third overseas unit contract of “Hualong-1”. Before, the first overseas Hualong 1 reactor-Pakistan Karachi Nuclear Power Project K2 has completed the dome-mounted installation and entered the equipment installation. On November 16 of the same year, CGNPC Hualong 1 reactor has formally entered the second phase of UK General Design Review. The British Bradwell Project B using Hualong1 technology has also entered the site exploration phase.

    It is understood that CGNPC has signed memorandums of understanding or letter of cooperation with counterparts or government authorities from more than 20 countries such as the Czech Republic, Kenya and Thailand. CNNC also made substantial progress in the development of nuclear energy market with Argentina, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries.

    XuYuming said that China has built a comprehensive nuclear power industry system. Both the major equipment manufacturing capacity of nuclear power and the nuclear power construction capacity rank 1st in the world. There is a huge demand for developing nuclear power in the world. This makes a the very good opportunity for China nuclear to “going global”.

    Yang Hanxin also believes that unlike nuclear power development in other countries, China’s nuclear power generation has been a continuous process of development over the past 30 years. It has abundant experience and has many advantages in terms of technology, capital, cost, duration, and policies.

    In Francois Morin’s opinion, the pace for China’s nuclear power to go global cannot be slowed down. Countries along the “Belt and a Road” are the markets that should be explored. At the same time, some aging power plants will be retired and new reactors will be established in some countries and regions such as Western Europe, the United States and Japan. China has the opportunity and strength to develop these markets.

    According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, about 130 new nuclear power plants will be built around the world by 2020, and this number will reach about 300 units by 2030. The countries along the Belt and Road and the neighboring countries will account for about 80% of the new units.

    The first private enterprise to break through the financing obstacle

    It is noteworthy that, despite the long-term and stable return on investment of nuclear power projects, the nuclear power project has the characteristics of high technology content, large capital investment and long return period on investment during landing. “The biggest obstacle to promoting nuclear energy at present is how to combine it with the green finance of the whole process,” said Wei Jianguo, former vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce and vice chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center.

    According to XuYuming, currently there are some private enterprises participating in the equipment part within China’s entire nuclear power industrial chain but not yet in nuclear power plants. In building power plants, they are still mainly by CNNC, CGNPC and SNPTC. In terms of overseas mergers and acquisitions, Chinese enterprises come onto nuclear project investment late and the funding sources are mainly from policy-oriented financial institutions, lack of private sectors.

    About Ocean Nuclear

    Ocean Nuclear Co. Ltd. (referred to as Ocean Nuclear) which established in October 2017, intents to be the first private company to “eat crabs.” According to Qiu Zhen, chairman of the board,living in the new era of energy, it is absolutely impossible to cover the needs for financing all new nuclear power projects and the upgrading of old equipment. It is particularly important to provide financing tools for nuclear projects to fill vacancies in free markets.

    As a result, Ocean Nuclear is positioned as a global nuclear energy financial service provider, dedicated to providing total solutions for investing and financing of nuclear power projects and focusing on systematic services that provide capital for world energy projects. It is understood that on November 27, 2017, the company set up a branch in London to start the global nuclear power investment plan and is currently negotiating a small modular reactor project in the UK. It will also choose to open branches in France, South Africa and South Korea in the future.


    Hong Kong Office:Room 32,11/F, Lee Ka Industrial Building, 8 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    London Office:60 Gresham St, London EC2V 7BB, UK

    Shenzhen Office:601, Oriental Science and Technology Building, 3 Kewei Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong

    Shanghai Office:Suite 502, 1271 South Pudong Road, Pudong, Shanghai

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ocean Nuclear
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    At present, the transformation and upgrading of the global energy industry are imminent. Compared with conventional power generation, the advantages of nuclear power in terms of safety and economy are increasingly prominent, providing a vast market space for the development of nuclear power. At the first GNIS · Global Nuclear Investment Summit recently held by Ocean Nuclear Ltd, insiders believe that nuclear energy development is ushering in unprecedented historical opportunities. In the future, China will become one of the countries with the fastest developing nuclear power. Under the ” Belt and Road”initiative, China is expected to strive in the nuclear filed, and private enterprises will also play an important role in promoting China’s nuclear power to the world.

    In the global energy structure, at present, only coal, natural gas and nuclear power can act as the stable basic electricity. As gasoline cars are gradually replaced by new energy vehicles, they will generate more electricity demand. Behind a large amount of electricity demand is the financial demand for capital-intensive basic electricity.

    Data show that as of July 2017, under construction, planned construction, the proposed construction of nuclear power units were 59 units, 160 units, 378 units. At present, 17 non-nuclear-powered countries are under construction, planning construction and proposed construction of nuclear power units. In the future, the number of nuclear-powered countries in the world will increase to 32 or more.

    With domestic enterprises and policies continuously pushing forward the localization of nuclear power materials and equipment, China has now formed a relatively complete independent nuclear power industrial system and has become the country that owns the largest nuclear power generation capacity in the world. The independent research and development of nuclear power technology based on “Hualong No.1” has become China’s business card actively promoted overseas. In the future, nuclear power will have a vast market space. According to the prediction by CNNC, the nuclear power cooperation among countries along the “Belt and Road” will directly lean on the 3 trillion-output-scale market.

    However, under the economic downturn, the adequacy of funds is becoming a key element in the development of nuclear energy. To achieve industrial upgrading and sustainable development, the nuclear energy industry must use more financial resources. Shi Yan Yu, senior vice president of Ocean Nuclear, said that nuclear power projects have strong profitability and long and stable payback period, but the investment is huge and the cost of scientific research is high. With the increasing demand for the integration of energy industry and finance in the world, relying solely on the government’s infrastructure construction budget is not able to cover all new nuclear financing and upgrading of old equipment needs. Therefore, to provide financing tools for nuclear power projects, to fill the vacancies in the free market is particularly important.

    Laura Xu, Asia Pacific Investment Director, London and Partners, said Britain’s nuclear power accounts for a quarter of all energy in 2016 and that the share will rise to one-third by 2035, but new nuclear power investments are facing special challenges including Financing difficulties caused by high upfront costs.

    Since the threshold of the nuclear power industry has been relatively high, there has been very little private capital participation in overseas nuclear power investment. In fact, compared with the large “national team”, private enterprises are often more flexible and efficient in participating in overseas nuclear power projects. Ocean Nuclear is the fourth Chinese company to join the World Nuclear Energy Association (WNA) after CGN, CNNC and the national nuclear power.Qiu Zhen, Chairman of Ocean Nuclear, said that as a private-owned enterprise, the advantages of Ocean Nuclear Lies in the depth of cooperation with a wide range of global financial institutions and multilateral agencies, thus providing strong financing capabilities. All this will enable the nuclear energy to meet the financing needs of nuclear power projects in different stages of promotion and fully guarantee the financial support for all stages of nuclear energy projects.

    “In the overseas nuclear power investment, there are very few private enterprises in China, but many countries in the world are active in the field of nuclear power. Private enterprises undoubtedly will help improve the efficiency of China’s nuclear power going out.” China Nuclear Industry Association XuYuming, deputy director of the Committee of Experts said.

    In addition, compared with state-owned enterprises, private enterprises also have a stand-point advantage. Qiu Zhen, for example, said that after South Korea’s Korean-based consortium won the UAE nuclear power project worth 40 billion U.S. dollars, one of the reasons for the failure of Chinese enterprises is that no private-owned enterprises are involved.

    Wang Jin, president of the International Intercontinental Energy Consulting Institute, believes that the identity of private-owned enterprises in the nuclear energy industry will not be over-emphasized by the national ideology in the overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions of large-scale energy projects, eliminating the differences between the parties due to differences in the national political system,thus to improve the success rate of investment and mergers and acquisitions.


    Hong Kong Office:Room 32,11/F, Lee Ka Industrial Building, 8 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    London Office:60 Gresham St, London EC2V 7BB, UK

    Shenzhen Office:601, Oriental Science and Technology Building, 3 Kewei Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong

    Shanghai Office:Suite 502, 1271 South Pudong Road, Pudong, Shanghai

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ocean Nuclear
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    The Blockchain Connect conference, which took place on January 26, 2018 in San Francisco, was the first high-level dialogue between China and US elites from the blockchain industry.

    At this eye-catching event, i-house token (IHT), the first global real estate blockchain cloud platform, carried out its first global roadshow. Ricky Ng, Founder of IHT, attended the conference and had an engaging discussion onstage with Andy Tang, Managing Partner at Draper Dragon, Da HongFei, Founder of NEO, Michael Yuan, Co-Founder of Cybermiles and Thomas France, Co-Founder of Ledger. The panelists shared their insights and views on the adoption of blockchain technology in China and the US with over 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors, developers and media from all over the world.


    At the end of 2017, IHT successfully launched its tokens on the global arena. Since then, it has gathered strong interest and been considered by industry leaders and the media one of the 15 most notable projects in 2018. With the team’s extensive experience at reputable internet and real estate companies such as Yahoo, Baidu and Wanda, and the influence of its consultants, the project has attracted a total investment as high as USD 30 million from overseas blockchain investors, which displays IHT’s unparalleled competitiveness among its peers in Asia.

    As a matter of fact, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence as well as big data are now changing the global economic pattern. And blockchain technology, in particular, will help shape a “value and credit internet” based on digital assets.

    Real estate is a vital component of various assets around the world. In 2016, the total value of global real estate hit nearly USD 217 trillion, about 2.7 times higher than the world’s GDP. It makes up 60% of mainstream global assets, and amounts to 36 times the global gold value, USD 6 trillion.

    Globally, it remains as a topic under heated discussion to determine effective ways of digitalizing properties, securitizing assets, and making these tradable on the market. In light of this, the IHT team came up with the idea of applying blockchain technology to the global property transaction market. It also aims to include property transactions as part of a digitalized credit society, through combining blockchain technology with property, and connecting real estate developers, financial institutions and their investor clients. The mission of IHT is to improve the efficiency of property transactions with advanced financial technology in a bid to streamline the property transaction process. Meanwhile, it aims to optimize the allocation of property assets and its circulation, contributing to overall economic growth. It is also committed to sharing benefits among property owners and investors, as well as all dividends brought by the technology.

    Currently, the blockchain platform includes property programs from Australia, China and Japan among others. It is now forging new collaboration with developers from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and so on, and besides, it also aims to cover more areas around the world such as the United States and Europe in the coming two years.

    As briefed by Ricky Ng, Founder of IHT, the team has attracted top level business leaders and expert consultants, including Yale Reisoldeil, Founder of McAfee Crowdchain Technology Inc, Ms. Tzu Wen Maryann Tseng, Managing Director at CLSA Limited, Zhou Jiayuan, Operation Director of the Internet Finance Department under Fosun International, and Ivy Hou, Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Financial Engineering and Modeling practice. We believe that with the involvement of more talented individuals, IHT is well-positioned to tap into the immeasurable potential that blockchain can bring to the real estate industry and secure enormous growth in the near future.

    At the Blockchain Connect conference, the IHT project has gained widespread recognition from participants of the event. Ricky Ng, Founder of IHT, says he will never forget why he started the business, and will work together with blockchain pioneers to promote the industry’s growth, and allow more customers to benefit from blockchain technology and the IHT platform. 

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Catherine Su
    Country: HongKong

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    Feb 6, 2018 – has announced that people can now visit their website or Facebook page to get the updated information about the best selling products in the market and make a well informed buying decision through their detailed reviews about each. To get more information about the products in different categories, such as Home and Kitchen, Outdoor and Sports, Health and Personal Care, and Baby and Parenting, just click on the link at

    When referring to the website of, one will be able to find several buying guides, informative reviews and list of best products in the market to shop for the best ones to get better value for the money. The site is loaded with reviews, buying guides and articles on the list of best products include the top 10 jewelry boxes, mass gainers, kids scooters, masticating juicers, smoothie blenders, electric shavers, potty seats, electric shavers for women, bonsai trees, facial cleansing brush, bean bag chairs, toiletry bags, massage cushions, baby diapers, baby walkers, tool bags,  toddler travel bags, karaoke machines, maternity pillows, microdermabrasion machines, Wi-Fi baby monitor, auto soap dispensers, electric toothbrush, electric knives, shower heads, meal preparation bags, copper cookware, baby wipes, yogurt makers, baby food makers, creams for diaper rash, Reverse Osmosis systems, jojoba oil brands, Himalayan salt lamps, shower heads for low pressure regions, baby swings, wood pellets, soap dispensers, oscillating fans and much more.

    The articles found at the site of are very informative, as the team of experts who handle the reviews and list of products go an extra mile to explain the different types of a specific product to inform the readers about the uniqueness of each type. They also offer a complete explanation about why they decided on these products on their top 10 list instead of the others in the market to keep the buyers well informed. They make sure that the pros and cons of each product reviewed are listed out to enable the users choose the best ones based on their needs. The buying guides offered by also explain why an individual should invest in that product, expert tips for buying the best one, the best features of a product and which features are drawbacks to help the readers have a clear-cut idea about the product they wish to buy. They also update their Facebook page with the latest buying guides, reviews and list of top 10 products on a daily basis to stay connected with their readers.

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    Calvin,founder of this website of informed us they specializes in offering updated information about the best selling products under various categories, such as Home and Kitchen, Outdoor and Sports, Health and Personal Care, and Baby and Parenting & various other niches so a buyer can get all the necessary information’s before making their final decision.

    Media Contact
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    Feb 6, 2018 – During the press meet held yesterday at the popular 5-star hotel in the city, the spokesperson of Village Bakery said that they were happy to announce that they have now released the ultimate guide to bread makers after updating it for the year 2018 to help the buyers stay abreast of the advanced features of the latest products in the market. To find this ultimate guide to best bread making machines, just click on the link at

    Bread making machines are the simplest and quickest way to enjoy fresh loaves of bread every day. When compared to the bread available in the supermarkets, the bread made by the bread machines are super fresh and healthy. When a home has a bread maker, it is easy to prepare piping hot bread by setting the timer and enhance their culinary skills at the same time. There are several types of bread machines available in the market with varying capacities to fit the different lifestyles of families. When referring to the site link at Village Bakery, one will be able to know that the bread making machines are available in different capacities, such as 1 lb to 2.5 lbs.

    Small families that have one or two members can choose the ones with 1 lb. to 1.5 lbs. capacity to have fresh bread on their table every day. Mid-sized families with up to 4 members can go for the ones with 2 lbs. capacity to cater to their bread eating needs. Large families having 5 members or more will be happy to shop for bread makers with 2.5 lbs. capacity to make sure that they never run out of bread. The review about the best bread machines for the year 2018 has three products on first 3 ranks, such as best overall product, best value product and best gluten free product. The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 ranks as the Best Overall product while the Breville BBM800XL is rated at the best gluten free bread maker and the Oster 2-Pound Express Bake is ranked as the Best Value product, as its performance aims at offering better value for money.

    These 3 products are ranked based on specific features, such as loaf making capacity, delay timer feature, dimensions of the machine, price range, baking settings, display, crust settings, bread settings, and other features. The review also elaborates on the advantages and disadvantages of the bread machines to help the reader make a well informed buying decision while shopping. The buying guide also offers buying tips, pointers to remember while selecting a bread machine, why this product is important for a family and the safety aspects to consider.

    To know more about other kitchen tools and appliances, just click on the review section at

    About Village Bakery

    The site of Village Bakery is dedicated to offering updated information about the different kitchen appliances and tools available in the market

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    Sous Vide cooking has become a very popular method of cooking, as it enhances the quality of every meal. So, many people are keen on investing in such kitchen equipments to serve their loved ones amazing and tasty sous vide recipes. According to the website link at, one will be able to know that it is run by the popular sous vide cooking expert, Joe who has experience in preparing delicious gourmet foods using different Sous Vide Machines. Through the site of Sous Vide Wizard, Joe shares latest tricks and tips and helpful articles on easy sous vide methods, recipes and reviews about the best Sous Vide equipments to help the homeowners make a well informed buying decision and get the best value for the product they buy. 

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    About Sous Vide Wizard:

    The world renowned Sous chef, Mr. Joe owns the site, Sous Vide Wizard through which he provides honest reviews, tricks and tips and helpful articles on easy sous vide methods, recipes and updated Ultimate Guide to the Best Sous Vide Machines for 2018. 

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    Feb 6, 2018 –, the well-known online resource dedicated to offering the latest information about the best heat press machines has now updated their Ultimate Guide to the Best Heat Press Machines for 2018 to help the buyers make a well informed buying decision. To know more details about heat press machines of different brands, just click on the link at This site also provides information about different types of heat press machines, such as Clamshell, Draw and Swing Away with manual, automatic and auto release features.

    The heat press machines of the modern days have simplified the process of creating stunning imprints and have made it one among the swiftly growing markets of the world. Several businesses rely on this process to gain profits and many families buy them to have a fun filled time with their kids. Those who wish to create lasting memories with their loved ones or wish to make it big in the imprint production sector can opt for a heat press. This machine utilizes a combination of both pressure as well as heat for applying a design to transfer it to several media types. It can also be used for applying unique designs and readymade designs to an array of items, such as mouse pads, caps, t-shirts, tote bags and so on. Such designs can be developed on a PC and can be transferred to media of different materials like plastisol, sublimation paper, vinyl or ink transfer paper to get the desired effects. However, choosing the best heat press machines can be a tedious task for first time shoppers and for those who wish to switch to a modern one instead of their old machine, as the market is full of heat press machines of different types and brands. This is why the website of has updated their Ultimate Guide to the Best Heat Press Machines for 2018 to help the shoppers choose one wisely.

    This buying guide available at the URL at will be very useful for all the buyers looking for the best heat press machines, as it has a detailed explanation about each product along with its latest price details to help the buyers choose one based on the budget they have. The guide has products such as the Mophorn 5 in 1 in the first place, the 2nd place has the PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch, while the F2C 6 in 1 Combo is in 3rd place and the remaining places of the list features products like OrangeA 16″ x 20″,  BestEquip Swing-Away, and ShareProfit 5 in 1 Swing Away.


    The website of specializes in offering informative articles, buying guides and buying tips to help the buyers make a well informed decision while purchasing one. They have now updated the Ultimate Guide to the Best Heat Press Machines for 2018 to help the buyers know the best selling products on the market.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: HeatPressReview
    Contact Person: Joe Hughes
    Phone: 414-630-3181
    Country: United States

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    The First Boao Fashion Art Week in 2018, which lasted five days, ended perfectly on February 5 in Boao Qionghai Hainan. This Boao Fashion Art Week is leading China’s fashion forward, extracting the essence of international fashion, realizing the perfect combination of Chinese and Western fashion culture, and creating a perfect visual feast of Boao fashion. As a special town in China, Boao has been praised as an international fashion town by the domestic and foreign media for its multi-international fashion culture.

    At the closing ceremony, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce signed an agreement with the government of the city of Qionghai in the presence of numerous media. The co-establishment of the Boao Fashion Base means that Boao will change the serious image of the Political and Economic Forum; begin to connect with the fashion trend and become more artistic and fashionable. The Boao Fashion Art Week is hosted by Hainan Coconut Music and Culture Development Co., Ltd. and sponsored by Qionghai Tourism Development Commission and Hong Kong Coconut International Arts and Culture Media Co., Ltd.

    20 Fashion Brands from 10 Countries Land at BOAO. About 1, 000 Chinese and Foreign Media Focus on Boao Hainan

    The Boao Fashion Art Week has 11 shows, with 20 trendy fashion designers from 10 countries and 20 brands of clothes on display, the FEILIN that attracted the journalists from the world absolutely, presented a fashion and art feast, and together set off an international fashion storm. Well-known brands for the show include SLAVA ZAITSEV、Alexander King Chen、JL&TT And so on. And for the first time, the Asian supermodel corps are chosen for all the international brands in Fashion Week to display the image of Chinese fashion with the international standard.

    At the same time, in addition to the show, the current Boao Fashion Art Week also held four international fashion forums, including Fashion V. S Music Art Pioneer Dialogue, the intense collision between Chinese and Western fashion frontier elements will promote the blending of Chinese and Western fashion culture.

    During the event, the domestic and foreign media reported the activities of Fashion Week every day through direct broadcast and interviews, attracting a large number of fans and traffic attention. Thousands of foreign media including the famous American media FOX competed to report the fashion week, with a total flow of 100 million, covering a wide range. More than 300 articles have been published in the domestic news and fashion media. Among them, the IQIYI platform fashion week exposure exceeded one million.

    China and Russia build Boao Fashion Industry Base, International Fashion Town

    This Fashion Week is the exchange and collision of Chinese and Western fashion culture in Boao. The fusion of Chinese traditional design elements and classical foreign design elements can be seen on the stage of Boao. And at the same time, it shows the charming Boao fashion potential and gene. Hong Feng, a vice mayor of Qionghai Municipal People’s Government, said at the closing ceremony that the event was truly based on an international perspective, open and inclusive. Hundreds of fashionistas took part in the event and took on the responsibility of promoting Hainan Local Culture, the mission of promoting international cultural exchange and sharing. It has laid the foundation for forging a new image of Boao International, Art and Fashion, further enhancing the international fashion image of Boao and Qionghai and their international influence.

    The Director of the Tourism Development Commission of Qionghai City, Wu Enze, said: Boao Fashion Art Week means to bring new fashion industry elements for Boao. Through this event, BoAo will add fashion, innovation new breakthrough, being based on the image in the past. The city government and the Moscow Chamber of Commerce signed the Letter of Intent for the Establishment of the Boao Fashion Base. We will actively expand the effect and influence of Boao Fashion Week, attract more high-quality fashion resources from home and abroad to gather Boao, and make Boao a unique fashion platform. It is reported that the Boao fashio base after the landing, we will actively introduce more Russian and other Western fashion brands. The establishment of Showroom (brand studio) and brand entity stores in the small town of Boao will be built with the integration of tourism development And it will help the tourism economy of Qionghai continue to heat up.

    The Fashion Art Week event also focuses on the integration of the event with the fashion industry, and not just on the event itself, while expanding Boaos influence in the international fashion world, Boao has also been actively engaged in dialogue with the fashion industry to raise its fashion image and reach a consensus with the Russian fashion elite in the Special Show in Russia day. We signed a letter of intent to build a fashion industry base in Boao and the fashion industry in Boao took root. Fashion and tourism more closely. combined. The new vitality to the tourism industry in Qionghai will be added.

    The famous designers attended the week. Widely acclaim of fashion taste from domestic and foreign citizens

    Boao Fashion Art Week attracts lots of fashionistas at home and abroad to watch the scene. Wonderful model shows and the masterpieces of various national brands capture the hearts of the audience and evoke a warm response in the fashion world. As a fashion enthusiast, Zhang Na, a citizen of Sanya, told reporters, ‘ This is the first show I’ve really seen and I’m happy to have the opportunity to watch and learn from it in a very real sense. The designer of this show brought many excellent design works. Supermodels also embodied the designs incisively. The designs have very strong feeling, matching and reflecting the internationalization of Boao. Hope more and more brands come to Hainan. ‘

    International supermodels participating in the fashion show said they were deeply atacted by the beautiful natural scenery when they first came to Qionghai, and they made a special trip to Qionghai during their leisure time. This is the paradise of leisure vacation. The slow life makes the life here more comfortable. The people here are very friendly, always very enthusiastic to help us. The feeling of a show on Boao’s side is like the intermational fashion week in France, full of joy. In addition, supermodels have said that the designers original clothes are unique and artistic, integrating the elements of environmental protection, avant-garde, fashion and peace. Every piece of clothing is made in the factory and reflects the design naturally and wonderfully, making people fall in love with it at the first look.

    A nine-year-old boy from Russia, Min Soon, is also a small model. He told reporters that this is his 6th fashion week, he thought this fashion week is very elegant and exquisite and the clothing display is very fashion avant-garde. That accord with his esthetics. Models wear clothes that are completely different from those in the mall. The design and fabric is much more imposing and. comfortable. He really likes Qionghai, Mi Soon told reportersthat he lost his way while living in a hotel, looking for a children’s park and asked the people around him. They all smiled and showed him the way. He felt that the people of Qionghai were very warm and honest. This International Fashion Week, Mi Soon as the guest came to the scene, he felt very happy.

    Han Chunxiao, Hainan Jinrui Import and Export Trading Co, a sponsor of the Fashion Week, said: Hainan has a lot of potential in international fashion. Fashion needs to slow down, and red wine can make people slow down and enjoy the leisure time.

    With the Boao Fashion Art Week, Qionghai will seize the opportunities, facing to Hainan, China, the world and the future, and starting from the Boao International Fashion Week, gradually make the business card of World Fashion Boao.

    After the closing ceremony, also the important link of Boao Fashion Art Week, the theme of the music festival named Release’ performed here. 4 groups of international musicians and the new sharp Chinese electronic musicians launched a night of revelry feast! With the music collocating the fashion, this fashion week left a memorable moment.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Coconut Music Ltd. Co.
    Contact Person: Yan Qin
    Country: China

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    Toronto – Eco Choice Windows & Doors, an award-winning installer and supplier of top quality replacement windows and doors happy to announce that they have won the “Best of Customer Service Award” offered by Houzz, the well-known home design and remodeling platform.

    Over 40 million monthly users from the Houzz community that comprises of professionals of home design, remodelling and building industry chose this doors and windows replacement company among the others. This awardis yet another huge achievement for the team of professionals at Eco Choice Windows & Doors.

    To get more information about their services, just click on their website link at

    The Best of Houzz award is offered each year in 3 different categories, such as Photography, Customer Service and Design. The works of the design award winning companies are considered as the highly popular ones among the 40 million plus Houzz users. The honors in Customer Service category are based on various factors like the quality and number of client reviews they received during that year. The winner’s profile will feature the prestigious “Best Of Houzz 2018” badge to portray their commitment to excel. Such badges will guide the homeowners to spot the well-known and high-rated home professionals in their respective metro region at the site of Houzz.

    “The Houzz community selected a phenomenal group of Best of Houzz 2018 award winners, so this year’s recipients should be very proud,” said Liza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing at Houzz. “Best of Houzz winners represent some of the most talented and customer-focused professionals in our industry, and we are extremely pleased to give them both this recognition and a platform on which to showcase their expertise.”

    The team at Eco Choice has also been driving a strong message encouraging more home owners in Ontario to make the most of Green Ontario Fund program which entitles them to rebates for upgrading to ENERGY STAR®’s Most Efficient 2017 select high-performance windows. 

    About Eco Choice Windows & Doors

    Eco Choice Windows & Doors is a leading supplier and installer of quality windows and doors. We have been in business for over 15 years, installing windows and doors for many satisfied customers across the province of Ontario.

    With the knowledge, experience and expertise to recommend the windows and doors that best suit the need of every house, Eco Choice Doors & Windows have been rewarded for their quality of work and their level of expertise which consistently delights their customers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Eco Choice Windows & Doors
    Contact Person: Media relations
    Phone: (416) 690-9992
    Address:90 Basaltic Rd #6
    City: Vaughan
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada

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