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    Throughout the development of blockchain technology, blockchain start-up projects need to go through four stages: concept formation, concept verification, technical implementation and commercial landing. Only the enterprises that can adapt to the impact of new technology and convert it rapidly into commercial value can complete the integration of blockchain into traditional industry in this empowering era, then integrate it into original business and bring commercial ideas to fruition.


    The medical market is one of the world’s largest industries. The annual global health spending amounts to about a tenth of its GDP. The average cost of global health care is 9.9% of global GDP. The United States is as high as 17% of its GDP. Global health care costs are increasing year by year, with global health spending projected to rise to 14% of global GDP from 6% back in 2010.

    High capacity blockchain storage is decentralized, high in security and features privacy protection, etc., makes it particularly suitable for storage and protection of important private data, and is used to store personal health data in blockchains (such as electronic medical records, genetic data, etc.) this is a rapidly developing and promising application field. At the same time, the smart contract mechanism built into the blockchain makes it more cost-effective, efficient and safe for health data, medical data and old-age data authentication, precision medicine and life memorial halls.

    From this, we customized a Life Operating System (LOS, the chain of life), it is a decentralized system of medical and health services that breaks the traditional service mode for centers with medical institutions, health data based on blockchain value sharing networks, enables the acquisition of high quality medical and health resources and services worldwide.

    LOS uses Ethereum as the base of the blockchain, and combines the Fabric super ledger with the Ethereum technology to bring the the data interconnection between the public and federated chains into effect. LOS is the catalyst for the entire life health ecological system, and it will be based on the life and health of the ETH public chain ecological applications, the corresponding tokens, economic system and INK chain interaction protocol together to form a complete ecological system dedicated to life and health.

    LOS built a self-control and self-growth ecological system. The patient as the only legal owner of the medical health data can upload their own medical health data authorization to LOS, the chain of life. The personal use of medical health data through the LOS smart contract also ensures the privacy of medical data. Users of medical health data (such as artificial intelligence research, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies) can get the required valuation data in the LOS “data market”. LOS is based on blockchain technology to solve the security issues with the use of data, and the huge amount of medical health data will be released through LOS ecology. The LOS ecological market created can be applied to personal health reports, complete supply chains, medicine, clinical trials, population health research, AI, health care Internet of Things, and for the government to provide national health data analysis and for other fields such as the health of mankind.

    The LOS team has begun intensive distribution. In the future, LOS’ main efforts will go towards solving open problems relating to technology landing. After creating commercial and social value for the blockchain project, the LOS team has been exploring and innovating in the field of blockchain decentralization.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Country: United States

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    Mar 9, 2018 – During the press meet held yesterday, the spokesperson for said that they have now added the list of best 5 mattresses for the year 2018.

    It is true that people often wake up very tired every morning than the previous night, not just because of their sedentary lifestyle and stress but also due to the quality of mattress they use. The mattress they choose often decides the quality of sleep they would experience every night. They can put an end to this issue by choosing the right type of mattress that can offer them a good sleep for a long time. This is why the site of has added the list of top 5 mattresses for the year 2018 to help the homeowners make a well informed decision while buying the right one to go well with their bedstead and frame.

    According to their website link at, they have conducted a Megatest to identify the first 5 best mattresses for 2018 and the first winner in the list is the mattress by Emma that is made from memory viscose foam. It is offered with 4 layers of memory foam to deliver the best sleeping experience. The next one on this list is the Eve premium visco foam mattress that is offered at a similar cost bracket of Emma. With 25 cm as its thickness, this mattress has 7 lying zones as well as various layers. This mattress has H2.5 hardness level and is offered with a trial sleep phase of 100 days. The 3rd mattress on the list of best 5 mattresses is Bodyguard anti-cartel mattress, which has emerged as the price performance winner in the Megatest held by the team of

    This product is a best choice for the shoppers on a tight budget, as it has QXSchaum, highly elastic polyurethane foam. It is also offered with 7 different lying zones, hardness level of 4 degrees and premium quality cover. The Dream Night 4-Star Orthopedic 7-zone mattress is featured in the 4th place, as it can assure long hours of sleep and is an excellent choice for users with back pain. This mattress is designed with to quality pocket spring core of 500 tonne and is covered with breathable cold foam pad. This Dream Night mattress is offered in 3 hardness degrees like H4, H3 and H2 to help the buyers choose one based on their sleeping demands and degree of back pain they experience. The 5th place has Ravensberger ORTHOPEDIC 7-zone HR cold foam mattress that is offered to provide excellent relief from back pain. With 7 lying zones, this mattress has 4 degree hardness, with the weight of 45 kg to 130 kg.


    The website of specializes in offering helpful buyer’s guide for mattresses, tips to buy mattresses, useful reviews about different mattresses and list of best 5 mattresses for the year 2018 to help the shoppers make the right buying decision.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Matratzengurus
    Contact Person: Media Contact
    Phone: 02737 78 49 85
    Country: Germany

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    Mar 9, 2018 – During the press meet held today, the spokesperson for said that they were happy to announce that they have now added the list of top 5 food processors after conducting a Megatest to help the kitchen appliance lovers make a well informed buying decision while they are shopping for this product.

    It is true that kitchens are filled with several appliances like blenders, mixers and stirrers which can blend, grind or mix several ingredients to help in the process of cooking. However, it is important to invest in a perfect food processor to reduce the cooking time and improve the cooking process by chopping, mincing and grating the fruits and vegetable in the desired shape. These kitchen appliances are offered in compact shapes and smaller dimensions with a stylish design to go well with the modern kitchens having compact kitchen cabinets and countertops.

    However, the market is full of food processing products that are offered by both new and existing brands in different shapes and sizes, which can be confusing for the first time shoppers. This is why the website of has added the complete list of top 5 best selling food processors for the year by holding a Megatest that checks each product based on different parameters to test its performance. The team behind this site have made sure that they only the durable, affordable and high performance food processing appliances are chosen to help the buyers choose the right one based on their cooking needs. To find this list of top 5 food processors, just click on the website link at

    According to the Megatest held by the site of, the Bosch MUM56340 food processor belonging to Bosch MUM 5 series has emerged as the winner, as it can mix, mince, juice, cut and mix dough. It is offered with several dough hooks, rasping and cutting discs. The Kenwood Cooking Chef KM096 is the food processor of luxury model that can take care of various tasks, such as pureeing, stirring, mixing and slicing, and it is also designed with an induction hob.

    The Bosch MUM58K20 food processor grabs the winner in performance and price category of site, as it can offer better value for money. Equipped with 1000 W power, this product comes in an attractive design and is offered within an affordable budget. The KitchenAid Artisan food processor is termed as a noble choice, as it is made from durable stainless steel material and is open to upgradation as a multifunctional food processing machine. The Bosch MUM4880 food processor is another model that grabs the 5th rank with its solid design and decent performance.


    The website of specializes in offering buying guide, shopping tips and helpful articles about different food processors sold in the market. The site also has the updated list of top  5 food processors after conducting a Megatest to help the kitchen appliance lovers choose one wisely.

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    Company Name: Kuechenhelfercheck
    Contact Person: Media Contact
    Phone: 06385 53 30 10
    Country: Germany

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    On March 16, the world’s first blockchain-based computer – the Acute Angle PC – is coming to South Korea. An all-day event with Blockchain experts and mainstream media from both South Korea and China will be held at Seoul’s ‘The Shilla’. Also in attendance are Korean pop artists Rain and Bae Woohee.

    Acute Angle Cloud official website’s screenshot

    (Acute Angle Cloud official website’s notice on March 16th South Korea Conference)

    The Acute Angle PC has been on display at international exhibitions and conferences, such as the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Finwise Summit Macao, the Summit Forum of Block Chain in Southeast Asia and Bitcoin, and Ethereum & Blockchain Super Conference. The Acute Angle PC met with praise on its international tour, and has garnered considerable public attention since its official launch earlier this year.

    Acute Angle Cloud participated in various international conferences

    (Acute Angle Cloud attended CES, Macao Finwise Summit, Blockchain Summit in Southeast Asia and the Bitcoin Ethereum and Blockchain Super conference.)

    Acute Angle has plans to open flagship stores and branches in North and South America, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. Although some blockchain pundits have long thought the furutre of accessible blockchain hardware a distant reality, Acute Angle wants to bring customers affordable and accessible blockchain-based hardware products. In April, Acute Angle expects to open its first physical store in Hong Kong. Spokespeople for the team said; “One of the core, driving, philosophes behind Acute Angle is the idea of a free internet, and putting control of the internet back into the hand of users. Coming to Korea is the realization of a dream for Acute Angle.”

    Find out more about this event and the creative team at Acute Angle at

    For more information, Contact:

    Charles Rego
    Acute Angle HQ
    Hong Kong

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acute Angle
    Contact Person: Charles Rego
    Country: HongKong

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    As like other Asia economic increasing market, e-commerce business bring the convenience to the consumers as well as the demand for efficient logistical solutions for  Chunghwa Post Co., LTD (hereafter as “CHP”), the largest logistic entity in Taiwan.

    In September 2015 CHP awarded Toshiba Taiwan local branch a contract for supplying of high speed and high capacity automatic letter and parcel sorting system to replace the existing system at Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung mail center.

    The letter sorting machine ready for action

    This project was completed in December 2017 and the whole system is now in operation, contributing to the processing of Lunar New Year busy season.

    The integrated systems comprise letter sorting machine and parcel sorting machine, all connected with a management information system at CHP’s head office in Taipei. Toshiba’s advanced character recognition system boosting high capacity throughput and productivity by reading zip codes and Chinese character mail addresses and barcodes on letter and parcels (zip code and barcode only)

    The letter sorting machine can process 42,500 letters an hour and the parcel sorting machine can handle 8,500 packages per hour, both significant improvements: letter sorting is now some 20% to 30% faster than with the earlier systems, and highly accurate; the deployment of high level barcode reading and a video coding system has automated parcel sorting.

    Toshiba has provided comprehensive support for this full turnkey project that goes far beyond system supply. It oversaw the dismantling and removal of previous equipment; and with a local partner, it will provide professional on-site maintenance support for over 10 years, bringing its proven know-how to maintenance management.

    The fully automated parcel sorting system

    “The Chunghwa Post project is a great success for us,” observed Mr. Sadao Sekine, Vice President of the Security & Automation Systems Division at Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation (TISS). “Asia’s e-commerce and logistics industries are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and this project has allowed us to demonstrate how Toshiba can deliver integrated, automated mailing systems. Leveraging our 50 years of experience in providing equipment and solutions for the postal business, we are delighted to support Chunghwa Post’ system in areas of scalability and efficiency.”

    In addition to Taiwan. TISS has also installed advanced logistics systems in Singapore, and will continue to seek to cultivate new business in other Asian markets and the wider world market.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Toshiba Corporation
    Contact Person: ZHANG Xia
    Country: Japan

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    Actress Mahira Khan, largely considered the biggest female star in Pakistan’s film industry and the first Pakistani actress to enter Bollywood, stands up for women’s rights in the controversial film Verna.

    The 33-year-old actress shared the big screen with Bollywood’s biggest star, Shah Rukh Khan, in the 2017 film Raees. She’s also making headlines as the first Pakistani ambassador for L’Oreal.

    Her latest film, Verna, which was briefly banned in Pakistan, follows a woman who is raped and tormented by her abuser. Khan’s character seeks her own justice when the law fails her.

    The film will be featured at the 2018 UK Asian Film Festival in March. This year, the film is celebrating the achievements of women in the film industry.

    Ahead of her visit to the UK, Khan spoke with Newsweek and discussed how the Time’s Up movement has been making its way into Pakistan.

    The actress says women are raising their voices in Pakistan. She also says that she would like to see better roles written for women.

    Khan says she and other women in the industry are laying the groundwork for future generations so that they may not face the same struggles and challenges.

    Talking about Verna‘s brief ban in Pakistan, Khan told Newsweek, “We knew there are certain things that have been said in this film that won’t go down well with certain people, certain institutions. And they didn’t. There was a feeling of, OK, it’s been banned—now what do we do? There was a handful of people who did not want it to go out, and then there was the entire brigade of people—a society—who created an uproar and said they want this film to be released.”

    Khan joins a growing list of people, like Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, and filmmaker Habibullah Afridi, who are helping to revive Pakistan’s film industry.

    But for the star who is breaking down walls in a challenging industry, her films are more than just entertainment.

    “More than anything, Verna talks about power,” Khan said. “Whether we talk about misogyny or patriarchal society or even abuse, they’re an act of power. That’s what the film tackles. My character is an empowered woman who fights the system. It’s not just a story about rape.”

    The actress said Shoaib Mansoor, director of Verna, was her first director and considers him one of the best in Pakistan.

    “When I heard the story, all I knew was that there are lines in the film that I wanted to be able to say,” Khan said. “There were a lot of other great commercial projects that were around at the same time but as an actor, it was a hunger… to be able to be part of something like this.”

    Khan is an anomaly in the industry, as she is the first Pakistani to break into Bollywood. But that may change, as India is upholding its ban on Pakistani actors and actresses in Indian films.

    “It’s something governments are deciding, and so be it,” she said of the ban.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: National Times Pakistan
    Contact Person: Shahabu Din Shahab, Chief Editor National Times
    Country: Pakistan

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    Recently, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd, a blockchain organization based in Canada, has announced an strategic partnership with Gehua Chain, a professional CDN sharing platform in China, with its product starbridge chain having announced strategic cooperation concluded with Tianjin Gehua Networking Technology Company. Subsequently, with established achievements of two parties in blockchain, they will combine ICO and C2C trading wallets into Gehua Chain Route, a product under Tianjin Gehua for stronger development. This indicates the first cooperation of two parties on network hardware technology, and will further help establish TSD sharing ecology and create a harmonious collaborative future.

    StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd, as the digital currency technology supporter for Gehua Chain, will be dedicated to pushing healthy development of blockchain together with Gehua Chain, and building a CND sharing based TSD sharing ecology.

    StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd, is a blockchain service provider that focuses on offering ICO solutions and services including ICO wallets and exchange construction. and also delivering various enterprise solutions including distributed book-keeping wallet and proprietary digital currency, etc.

    Gehua Chain, a CDN content sharing platform independently developed by Tianjin Gehua by deriving from blockchain underlying technology, is aimed to act as a bridge for computer resources and become an advanced blockchain technology that integrates P2P distribution, smart contract and unique encryption algorithm, thereby driving CDN content sharing and distribution network into a brand new level, and bringing safer and stabler CDN content sharing service. Users can share computer resources such as idle bandwidth, electricity and storage space through Gehua Chain Router, and obtain and share “Digital currency” with equal weights through IMO.

    This cooperation means the first step for StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd to enter Chinese digital currency and blockchain market. As a holder for blockchain underlying technologies, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd is always advocating that “people should have their own digital currency at lower threshold”. In this cooperation, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd will provide various blockchain underlying technologies and power for research and development, in order to further expand IMO-based Gehua Chain platform and to completing building of a basic platform and optimization of use scenarios, and also after Gehua Chain Router, the first network hardware based on blockchain concept, is launched, provide supports and helps for developing IMO terminal providing technologies, such as GPU router, which are in Gehua Chain’s later plans.

    Additionally, taking current operation in Gehua Chain, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd has built a blockchain technology based distributed bookkeeping wallet, with powerful function, that can provide fast trading service at very low cost, fully protect user privacy and support transfers between sharing users, thereby further optimizing user experience. Furthermore, through distributed bookkeeping wallet technology, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd will build its own exchange for providing direct trading channels for users, in order to help trades in and exchanges between Gehua Coins, various ICO tokens, Bitcoin and Ethereum, increasing available trading scenarios.

    On technology, by combining Gehua Chain’s fog computing technology, and VPN that uses blockchain and fogging based global P2P, StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd provides P2P VPN services for users with limited network accessibility in China South Korea and Cuba, to connect global starbridge chain users, fully realizing information sharing between users and ensuring fairness and security of trading.

    The powerful deal between StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd and Tianjin Gehua will definitely the first step for them to secure a place in Chinese blockchain market. Next, two parties will further adhere to the idea that “let each Chinese own their own digital assets”, by offering IMO terminals like Gehua Chain Router with low selling prices and high returns, to help each user own his/her digital assets easily and conveniently, and also to enhance profits earned by each user in the current context of digital currency and blockchain bonus, through powerful wallet tool and functional trading channels that are to expand users’ ability for realizing digital currency into cashes.

    StarBridge Chain Co. Ltd Website:

    Gehua Chain Website:

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: FRANK
    Country: Canada

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    Success-mantra revealed by its founder in an exclusive interview recently

    When the aim of any company is to uplift the client’s business, the growth comes naturally said the serial entrepreneur Harish K Saini. In his recent interview on a national TV Channel, he was asked many questions wherein Harish explained the significance of a happy man-power, pushing-boundaries-culture and customer-relation in these changing times and how they stand aligned with the very vision of his company. He said, “The core of Recherché Digital’s working is to work hard consistently with its clients to take their business to next level through the company’s innovative digital services”.

    During the interview, Harish shared his thought about the Glocal (Global-Local) and future-plans vis-à-vis a seamless expansion.  While mentioning the recent project-experience done for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), along with United Nations, PMI, Motorola, Abbott etc., he described how through strategic tie-ups, his company is ready to provide world-class business-presentations & Digitalization to the Fortune 500-companies. He spoke emphatically about the philosophy of three wins at three levels, i.e. Win, Win & Win, wherein he put forth in plain words that working only for the benefit of its own business wouldn’t take any company far, but a shared progress surely can be achieved in a sustained manner when all efforts collectively benefit all the stakeholders. 

    Harish K Saini, summarized in the end by sharing his conviction that each one of us must push our boundaries to get the best from ourselves & while doing so, everyone in the business-chain gets benefitted in terms of better product, better pay-out and better learning. He also explained that how having +1 policy in its mechanism has done wonders for the company. The policy means value-addition for every task, signifying that his people always make this extra effort to go one step ahead of client-expectations.

    Thus far, Harish  has formed three companies, namely Recherché Digital, Bharat Infotech and Show To Clients. He is sure he is not going to rest on his achievements. His entrepreneurial quest and restlessness shall continue. Perhaps that is Harish K Saini for you, Once an Entrepreneur, Always an Entrepreneur!

    Recherché Digital: A next-generation, award-winning, Business Presentation Designing Company! The company has crafted more than 1000 presentations and won 2 international & 8 national awards during its journey.

    To know more about the company, visit

    ShowToClients: World’s largest portal for hosting & sharing business-videos and  presentations. The portal is getting increasingly popular among professionals & business-communities as it provides the biggest global platform with purely business-centric target-audience for marketing & branding.

    Know more at

    To find out more about Harish K Saini & Recherché Digital Pvt. Ltd., check out the company’s website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Recherche Digital Pvt Ltd, Bharat infotech
    Contact Person: Harish K Saini
    Phone: 01127044512 / 9540344454
    Country: India

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    Hi Mutual Society (HMS) is a blockchain based community tackling the problems we see today in society with insurance. Blockchain with insurance is an important direction of concern to the financial industry, but unfortunately has no particularly successful application scenarios so far.

    March 13th, 2018 – Cayman Islands – HMS believes that similar mutual support with insurance is a more marketable landing scenario. The nature of insurance is security, and security often spreads risks through mutual support. Blockchain smart contracts and centralized technology can improve the operational efficiency and credibility in the field.

    Arthur, Head of Product Operations, stated:

    “HMS (Hi Mutual Society) hopes to build a global mutual support community on the blockchain. First of all, starting with To Clients business, HMS will launch different mutual support plans based on different scenarios, such as mutual plan with sickness, mutual plan in bad weather, and mutual plan in disasters. These mutual support plans are similar to standard insurance policies, except that they are not “rigidly redeemed.”

    The HMS Ethos

    In order to realize the operation of the platform, HMS plans to create Hi Mutual Certificate (HMC) as the basis for membership benefits and participation in mutual support plans. A user needs to lock a certain number of HMCs before joining a specific mutual support plan.

    Users who join the mutual support plan receive equal shares from other users if the condition is triggered. Those who already joined mutual plan, if their HMC balance is lower than the minimum requirement for a single payout, they will temporarily lose membership. Client-end users will have accesses to the platform through the DAPP.

    The platform will enable services such as joining mutual plan, managing account, uploading required materials, and participating the operation of community.

    In Terms of Business

    HMS plans to establish a mutual support ecology and application platform, this allows third parties to create their own mutual support contracts in the contract ecosystem. Once the development of DAPP is completed, HMS will open access to its source code and provide unified user system, IM, Token account and other modules on the platform. Third-party organizations only need to edit smart contracts on the platform according to the underlying logic.

    Arthur believes that blockchain-based HMS platform offers the following advantages over traditional insurance or centralized platforms:

    HMS will improve the credibility of the platform. Based on the smart contracts on the blockchain, the number of users, operational logic and trigger conditions for mutual support plans are all open and transparent and cannot be modified. The original user’s trust in mutual support plans is based on the credibility of the platform. In any normal circumstance if the platform has its data breached, such as the number of users and the total amount of money, then users’ interests will suffer. Blockchain will completely avoid any kind of similar moral hazard.

    HMS will reduce operating costs. Blockchain smart contracts will be able to eliminate unnecessary labor costs, automate the process of joining, paying, clearing and other processes to shorten the payout cycle and improve operational efficiency.

    Elaborating on the point that if the whole payment process is based on a smart contract, the claims settlement will be avoided under the ideal condition, the claims settlement cycle will also be shortened. Insurance product user experience is often affected by claims disputes, insults grievances that the user does not report the contents of the contract or belong to the scope of liability exemption.

    The industry believes that this is mainly due to asymmetric and opaque information between the two sides, of which the investigation and forensics will take a lot of time and effort to improve the operating costs of insurance companies, resulting in claims not being processed on time, which greatly reduces the user experience. Under the application of blockchain technology, user information will be protected and stored in the most fairly manner, which improves the accuracy and the efficiency of information exchange between the two parties in the insurance.

    However, in reality, the problem with insurance or mutual support industries is that it is difficult to be completely “online” because, in addition to a full line of insurance such as flight delays and shipping costs, the data required for the extensive claims for health insurance are not digitized or shared.

    HMS endures user privacy and confidentiality. Before the blockchain, the centralized companies had mastered a large number of sensitive customer information in the process of underwriting and claims, the latter stored in a centralized server, which has the risk of leakage and being attacked. Blockchain can solve those problems. HMS encrypts users’ personal data in the blockchain and uses private key to authorize the smart contract.

     For the Globalization of Users

    The platform form is conducive to the diversification of mutual support products and the globalization of users. HMS introduced a platform that allows third parties to set up their own mutual support plans, which Arthur sees as more possibilities, expanding the market for the platform, not only for insurance and mutual support but also for new users introduced through experience optimization.

    “In the past two years, the number of domestic mutual support plans has grown to about 50 million, of which only some are original insurance users and more are new users brought by institutional optimization. The obvious trend is that Token can break through the regional boundaries of insurance, so I think there is a huge potential user base for mutual support markets.”

    There are two main platform profit models, one is to charge a certain percentage of the fees generated from the mutual support plan, and the other is to charge the third party mutual support developer the initial Fee and Gas.

    HMS plans to release the platform-level community products and DAPP around March 9th, 2018

    The HMS team has about 15 people, mainly product, operation, and technology. The core team mainly comes from the financial technology company QFund, and the payment company Circle.

    The Qfund team is responsible for the development, and global operations as early core member in the management committee. Arthur has 10 years of product experience and have worked for Circle.

    Visit the Website:

    Follow on Twitter:

    Chat on Telegram:

    HI Mutual Society is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: HI Mutual Society
    Contact Person: Ankur Teen
    Country: Cayman Islands

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    With the evolution of new technologies and the condensation of value consensus, the blockchain world is likely to replace the Internet world as the next mainstream business environment in which the logic of business model building will also be distinguished from the single point breakthrough of the past strategy. In fact, the birth of many blockchain projects nowadays focus on globalization and cross-industry from the very beginning, which completely subverts the traditional model-market verification model. In terms of team composition, it is also a cross-boundary team that has been integrated into the international community at the beginning, and the participants in the upstream and downstream are also maintained through the community. The new business model has created challenges for traditional companies: internationalization, cross-industry and community-based management. Colliding with such a dimension, every traditional entrepreneur inevitably has a concern: how can I rely on a single company to play a game with an industry system?

    In fact, in the next three years or even longer, traditional entity companies and Internet companies will inevitably encounter problems of corporate governance. Behind this is the review, understanding and integration of the business logic of the blockchain. In face of this pending appeal for corporate value assets, lots of prospective entrepreneurs have started to explore solutions using blockchain-based thinking pattern and technology, of which LittleBee has taken the lead combining with its advantage of global registration resources.

    In the market scale of nearly 500 million companies in the world, LittleBee builds an enterprise value chain service platform based on the coalition chain architecture. LittleBee aims to develop a high-performance and high-extension blockchain-based service platform and quickly build high-level applications with focus on various ecological scenarios of enterprise value chain activities. LittleBee also deeply connects the enterprise value starting point, value increment and value realization to help traditional enterprises expand the accumulation, management and circulation of global digital assets, and finally achieves a smooth transition from the Internet world to the blockchain world.


    Unlike many other blockchain projects that fail to land, LittleBee has been a pioneer to use blockchain technology for specific applications. For example, in order to help a company expand its global business, LittleBee quickly cuts into the global company registration business. LittleBee will soon launch the project of all-on-chain global company registration service, where popular registration countries/districts include Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, the cayman islands, the British virgin islands, Delaware in USA, etc. At the bottom layer of the platform, decentralized electronic identity solutions, smart contract articles of association and legal documents will be embedded into the blockchain. Private keys are used for electronic signatures of documents. Users simply complete online registration process, after which the platform can help complete the file processing and reporting, thus greatly improving the efficiency of enterprises in the global company registration, and also greatly reducing costs that helps businesses from the origin of the chain.


    LittleBee will continue to provide corporate asset management service as its sign-up portal improves such as digital rights management of tangible assets, intelligent contractual processes and community-based management. This means that traditional corporate assets will become liquid assets with vested interests due to the blockchain technology intervention, and corporate equity and options will also be digitized. LittleBee will also provide a smart contract system for the company’s business processes based on local laws, and decisions within the organization can also take advantage of the voting rights each participant is given. The entire process is stored on the chain in the form of on-demand certificates for future use, retrieval or review.

    The ultimate goal of LittleBee is to build a new business community. In the community, business members are integrated around the business process, and even the LittleBee consultant network is included to help the community grow ecologically. The creation of a global asset trading platform will greatly facilitate circulation of digital assets such as corporate equity, options and proceeds under the legal systems in different regions of the world. The completion of the platform will allow the border of the old company governance to gradually disappear, and the centralized organization system of the enterprise will also give way to the community-based business organizations.


    There is no successful corporate but only the era of business. The prevalence of corporate system caters to the efficiency attributes of the industrial revolution, but the centralization behind efficiency is detrimental to the awakening of individual consciousness. The traditional corporate system prompts the compaction of the company’s value assets, and the enthusiasm of the company’s members fail to be fully mobilized. With the penetration of the blockchain technology, the current centralized companies will gradually transit to a community-based business organization through the digitization of value, the right confirmation of individual assets and the process of contractual intelligence. As a facilitator, LittleBee members will also play the role of bees and use wisdom to weave this new organizational ecology that has infinite charm.

    The future has come but is in uneven distribution. In the window of emergence of thousands of blockchain projects, we expect that more people can hold their own desires and use blockchain ideas and technologies to explore the essence of new business organizations and leave their footprints on the road of social resource relocation.

    LittleBee Global Roadshow is coming! The starting station–Seoul, South Korea: LittleBee will debut at 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Summit on 14th March. The second station–Singapore, Littlebee will host a speech at “HiveCloud·Singapore Station | Global Blockchain Technology and Application Conference” on 24 March. Follow-up stations will be continuously updated, please stay tuned.

    More about LittleBee:


    The white paper:

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Gary Deng
    Country: China

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    Since 2017, blockchain assets have been developing at home and abroad. According to data from, the total market value of blockchain assets in 2017 was approximately USD 600 billion. Although there is a huge gap between the value of digital assets and the global market value of gold and common stock, digital assets are already 20 times the value of the previous three years.

    Although many enthusiasts predict that the market value of blockchain assets may decline, based on the huge gap between blockchain assets and the market value of gold and common shares, they are still convinced that the long-term direction of digital assets needs Regulatory compliance to ensure further development. However, for many current digital asset holders, during the period when the value of blockchain assets is increasing, certain digital assets are locked into smart contracts to obtain liquidity for part of their funds. This needed liquidity makes daily shopping, tourism and other consumption possible. We can enjoy the added value brought about by the rise of digital assets, and this kind of demand is constantly expanding.


    Recently, the Digital Assets Guarantee Token (DAGT) project (  was launched by a non-profit foundation in Singapore (Granddream), to solve this problem for digital asset holders. DAGT utilizes Ethereum and smart contract technologies to successfully create the first decentralized digital asset credit platform. On the one hand, the digital asset holders who meet the capital requirements are connected with qualified financial institutions who lend money. When digital asset holders have funding needs, they can use DAGT to lock their own digital assets into smart contracts. In the meantime, DAGT will issue corresponding credit qualifications. The cooperative lending institutions will provide appropriate financial services based on the credit qualifications.

    Adopting the features of blockchain technology, DAGT has created a decentralized, transparent, tamper-proof, and distributed credit system. Through the distributed ledger, features such as asset transfer and storage are established. DAGT has redefined the value of the borrower’s digital assets. Meanwhile, built on the transparent and open smart contract of the Ethereum platform, DAGT, and financial institutions will realize the concept of decentralization and achieve a multi-win-win goal.

    The year 2018 is the outbreak of blockchain technology. The application scenarios of blockchain technology in various industries will be “emerging”. The future of network security, securities trading, insurance, and logistics will all employ blockchain technology to completely subvert traditional business models. DAGT applies blockchain technology to the digital asset credit field and establishes a trusted distributed credit system with transparent information, efficient collaboration, and high-speed digital asset value transfer through blockchain technology and smart contracts. Digital asset holders can enjoy the added value of blockchain assets while gaining liquidity of their funds.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GRANDDREAM
    Contact Person: Trenton Creamer
    Address:9 Temasek boulevard #04-02 Suntec Tower Two
    Country: Singapore

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    Mar 13, 2018 – At the press meet held this week at their head office in the city, the spokesperson of David Genis law firm said that they are experts in offering pocket friendly Immigration Law and Criminal Law services for the residents of Toronto.

    The spokesperson also said their head, David Genis is a veteran in the field of Immigration Law and Criminal Law that are connected with the Ontario region of Toronto. David is an expert immigration lawyer who has handled several cases by appearing at the Federal Court of Canada as well as Immigration Appeal Division. He has also made special appearances in the Superior Court – Ontario Court of Justice and Court of Appeal. His articles completed in criminal defence company have offered additional experience related to the levels of trial and appeal.

    One can just click on the website link at to know more about their Immigration Law and Criminal Law services.

    According to the website of David Genis – Toronto’s Top Criminal Lawyer, one will be able to know that they specialize in offering legal services to clients who are speaking several languages like Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Ukrainian and English. He also has immense interest in the challenging as well as technical cases, such as drinking and driving offences like DWI or the DUI that includes cases for refusing sample, care or control more than 80 mg, dangerous driving, impaired operation, dangerous driving and drug related offences. The clients who might have to deal with various non technical problems due to sexual assaults, thefts, customs, thefts, child abuse cases, appeals, domestic violence,  immigration prosecutions and much more. David Genis law firm acts as the representatives of their clients while they need legal assistance for facing complex and challenging cases against them and their family members. This law firm strives to maintain the reputation of emerging successful in every case they have defended their clients to help them stay clear of the criminal charges charged against them. They have dealt the cases of thousands of people who were charged with the domestic assault case, DWI, drug offence or DUI while ensuring that their rights are duly protected.

    The team at David Genis law firm are experts in handling the cases related to immigration laws and ensure that their clients stay assured of getting a favourable verdict when they are interested to expand their business or establish a start-up or take up a job opportunity in Ontario in Canada. They also offer assertive defence presentation to create a direct impact onthe situation of the charged individuals. Their focus is to make sure that their clients do not face any jail term or lose their immigration status, employment and driver’s license during the legal proceedings.

    About David Genis

    David Genis is a reputable Immigration lawyer and Criminal lawyer based in Toronto, Ontario. The David Genis law firm are experts in offering cost effective legal services in an array of practice areas.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Law Office of David Genis
    Contact Person: David Genis
    Phone: (416) 512-2345
    Address:5775 Yonge St #602
    City: North York
    State: ON
    Country: Canada

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    “Our project execution team was very clear that they required tablets that were robust and long battery life given the environment in which they would be operating. At the same time we needed it to be economical. We spent quite a few hours evaluating several models and finally went with this model of iBall Slide, and so far we have got positive reports from the field,” said Raj Sharma, Chairman of MRSS India.
    MRSS India relies exhaustively on usage of technology for data acquisition offering reliability, validity and faster turnaround times to its clients.

    New Delhi – 13th March, 2018 – MRSS India, BSE listed (1st & Only) Market Research Company Social Market Research Practice recently won a prestigious project. For the execution of the same MRSS India opted to do it via Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) on tablets covering majority of Rural India & Urban as well. Hence it acquired 300 tablets with 3G capability from iBall India which was delivered to MRSS India, New Delhi office with a quick turnaround shown by the iBall team.

    Mr. Sandeep Parasrampuria, (CEO and Director, iBall Pvt Ltd.) quoted, “We are glad that MRSS India have chosen iBall Slide Tablet PCs that contributes for the welfare of UNDP. iBall Slide Twinkle i5 is a brilliant combination of style and features that delivers Terrific Performance and enables users to Enjoy the ride while using it.”

    The iBall Slide Twinkle i5 tablet features a 7.0 inches (17.78 cm) touchscreen for daily needs and runs on Android v5.1 (Lollipop) operating system to quickly open apps and games. The device is powered by a Quad core, 1.3 GHz processor paired with 1 GB of RAM to further enhance the user’s experience.

    Raj Sharma, Chairman of MRSS India on this upgrade commented “Our project execution team was very clear that they required tablets that were robust and long battery life given the environment in which they would be operating. At the same time we needed it to be economical. We spent quite a few hours evaluating several models and finally went with this model of iBall Slide, and so far we have got positive reports from the field.”

    About MRSS India:

    MRSS India relies exhaustively on usage of technology for data acquisition offering reliability, validity and faster turnaround times to its clients. The company has wide range of offerings such as Eye Tracking, Mobile Analytics, Video Analysis, Facial Recognition, Digital Tracking, Online Communities, Neuroscience, Emotional Analysis, Automated Audience Measurement, Sensory Sciences, etc. It is India’s 1st and only listed Market Research Company, also a member of MRSI and DIN (Digital Insight Network – Global). It is the subsidiary of Majestic Market Research Support Services Limited, – One of Asia’s largest full service market research firm. MMRSS is a member of ESOMAR, QRCA, MRA, etc. with presence in 18 countries across Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MRSS India
    Contact Person: Ms. Sukanya Mandal
    Phone: +91 8369257175
    Address:Office No. 601 & 701, Trellis, CST No. 1218121/1 to 4, Near Asha Petrol Pump, Kurla West
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India

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    When most companies focus their effort on the smart speaker market, one of the world’s first smart speaker makers have turned their eyes to the children’s market. DeepBrain (  specializes in providing Turn-Key solutions for toy manufacturers. They have built China’s Alexa and is helping the global toy industry to upgrade and become intelligent.

    A Rich Tech Background

    The core team at DeepBrain is one of the earliest team in China to focus on Natural Language Processing. They launched Smart 360, the first Chinese voice assistant, in December 2011 and have since accumulated millions of users.

    When IoT was still growing strong in 2013, the team realized that apart from mobiles, IoT was another important voice interaction scenario worth expanding their technology on. They launched the world’s first smart speaker, Small Zhi Soundbox, in June 2014. This was six months earlier than Echo, which supports Alexa.

    In 2015 the team foresaw the exponential growth of IoT scenarios centered around voice intelligence. They believe that developing an intelligent brain to converse with all things will push forward the entire IoT industry. They finally launched the DeepBrain AI Cloud Platform in May 2017, after over two years’ hard work.

    The “Apple Store” of Semantic Skills

    The goal of DeepBrain AI Cloud Platform is to build a powerful semantic skills ecosystem. Semantic skills include entering audios, images and texts, using semantic matching understanding as core technology, combining content provider to create a new form of third party application. These rich skills equate semantic skills platform on IoT with the Apple App Store in the smart phone era, or the app store in Android.

    Some common issues for traditional manufacturers upgrading to AI manufacturers are how to keep their customers through the smart service grafted on hardwares, and creating a positive cycle of business model. Semantic skills ecosystem is the basis of AI service. Through involving developers from all industries, they can create semantic skills apps that fit customers’ need better in all scenarios.

    When facing all types of scenarios, instead of customized hardwares, different needs of customers can be satisfied by the semantic skills shop. As easy as people downloading different apps according to their needs on the app store. With a variety of semantic skills this enriches the functions of hardwares.

    It terms of semantics recognition skills, DeepBrain enables skills developers to develop skills that are capable of conducting dialogue with complex context for more than 20 rounds with precision rate exceeding 98%,  and are able to train themselves to achieve customization depending on the characteristics of manufacturers and user data.

    A Solution That Unifies Hardware and Software – Toy Market’s Alexa

    Alexa has become one of the most popular AI products in the world. Smart home appliances equipped with Alexa make living smarter, bringing changes to people’s life. Yet, DeepBrain, with its AI cloud platform, chose not to focus on smart home appliances, but on toys.

    As China allows parents to have a second child, the number of newborns is expected to increase between 17.8 to 19.5 million every year. The number of children aged 3 to 14 will reach 320 million. The toy market will see continuous growth. This is a huge untapped market. DeepBrain will help the toy industry in China and the rest of the world to make smarter toys.

    CMO of DeepBrain said that DeepBrain is China’s first robot SaaS platform. Its clients include IoT hardware maker, APP developers, toy manufacturers. It enables products to conduct in-depth dialogue with people. Providing a cloud brain for all kinds of IoT devices, it enables them to talk, think and make decisions.  It’s also a powerful cloud for manufacturers (allowing them to connect devices and manage them, view and control devices remotely, store and analyze huge amount of data, store and synchronize user operations information). It provides infrastructure such as a platform to manage and interact with users and a huge amount of skills and services. 

    DeepBrain has complete smart hardware empowerment solutions for Android, Linux and RTOS systems. It provides services for various famous toy brands suppliers in and out of China, such as Bandai, Hasbro and Mattel and smart robot toy companies such as Jin XingDa,  Huixue and JianJian Intelligent Technology that sell more than 1 million smart toys every year.

    DeepBrain is also working on developing products that support multiple languages. It will explore combining its existing offerings with blockchain.  Before long, paid skills on DeepBrain will be able to be bought using DBC (DeepBrain Chain token).  DeepBrain hopes to help toy makers to make their tens of millions of toys smarter. Making toys less cold, but more human and smarter, so that they can be truly happy companions for children.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: DeepBrain
    Contact Person: Shawn You
    Country: China

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    The World We Business Congress, the authority and benchmark gathering of the mobile Internet circle, is under the direction of the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) China Chamber of E-commerce and MOC (Ministry of Commerce) China International E-commerce Center, hosted by the China Chamber of E-commerce We Business Committee, organized by Wegoo (the China We Business Service Platform) and headed by Feng Linglin (aka Superintendent Ling), the secretary general of China Chamber of E-commerce We Business Committee.

    It is an occasion of the mobile businesses to promote the healthy and regulated development of the industry, aiming to identify new growth poles of local economies for government policy makers, help the traditional e-commerce parks migrate to the mobile Internet environment, and release the world mobile e-commerce development mode. The 1st World We Business Congress was held in Yiwu on April 11, 2015.

    The 1st World We Business Congress

    Date: 11-12 April, 2015

    Theme: Change the World with Connection to Win Business in the Future

    Hosted at: China & Yiwu Radio and Television Center Broadcasting Studio

    It was the first time the we business had its voice heard worldwide.

    Under the instruction of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce, and with the support of the Yiwu Municipal People’s Government, it was held at the China International E-commerce Expo on 11 April, 2015, under the auspices of the China Chamber of E-commerce We Business Committee and undertaken by wegoo. The 2015 1st World We Business Congress was a success all around. It has won high praise both at home and from abroad. The Conference has pushed China to a new height in the global mobile e-commerce circle, injected new vitality into the development of China’s mobile Internet industry, and added new strength in the field of China’s Internet innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Achievements of the Conference:

    • At the conference, five new theories were first mentioned, that is the off-site economics theory, the theory that we business is the preliminary stage of mobile e-commerce, the theory of the detachment of manufacturer from distributor, people from goods, and cargo from fund, the theory of the marketing system of the mobile e-commerce professional agents under the sharing economy, and the theory of the new direction for community direct supply;

    • The Conference issued the 2015 We Business Industry Survey Report; it offered guidance against the existing chaos and present vigor of the we business industry during its rapid development and for its future development; after the conference, a formal report was submitted by the organizer, the China Chamber of E-commerce We Business Committee to the governing body at the State Council

    • It summarized and published the multi-mode, multi-diversity, platform-based and cross-border development trend of the we business in the future; afterwards, the organizing committee of the conference pointed out and landed the farm-specialty we business, cross-border we business and we business incubation laboratory, the Wegoo Town through organizing a think tank symposium of the experts attending the conference. The mobile e-commerce platform based on the PTMC theory and numerous farm-specialty we business modes and cross-border we business modes were realized. The conference has actively promoted the in-depth integration of the manufacturing industry and the mobile Internet industry in China and explored the development path of Chinese brands.

    The 2nd World We Business Congress

    Date: 11-13 Apr, 2016

    Theme: Standardization, Development and Internationalization

    Hosted at: Yiwu Basketball Gym, China

    Development Weathervane for the Mobile E-commerce Industry

    The 2nd World We Business Congress, hosted by the Wegoo, included 11 news media briefing events, eight domestic and three overseas, spreading the flag of the standardization, development and internationalization of the we business all over China and out to the world. Delegations from eight countries, seven industries, 560 teams and 625 brands participated in this event. Ni Guangnan, a research fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Dong Mingzhu, the chairwoman of GREE Group were invited to attend, which has regulated the international development pattern of the we businesses.

    Achievements of the Conference:

    • The 2016-2020 Global We Business Industry Panoramic Research and Development Strategy Research Report was released

    • The China We Business Integrity Certification Platform was launched

    • The Chinese We Business Entrepreneurship Competition and Incubation System was established

    • A systematic model was developed that could enable the manufacturing industry to use the circle of friends for in-depth marketing, and achieve traceability and accountability

    • A conference organizing model was innovated to meet different demands

    The 3rd World We Business Congress

    Date: 11-12 April, 2017

    Theme: Openingup, Integrated Creativity, Ecology

    Hosted at: East 1 Pavilion of Yiwu International Expo Center

    Join Hands to Build the Community of Shred Future of the We Business Industry


    The 3rd World We Business Congress, hosted by the Wegoo, focused on six core issues of “industry norms”, “education innovation”, “entrepreneur-capital cooperation”, “service platform”, “cross-border we business” and “young entrepreneur” and covered topics in the heated fields of beauty & fashion, health, daily chemical, knitting, farm specialty and science and technology to explore the path of industry-financing integration of the Chinese manufacturing industry and the global consumer network. At the same time, the conference has held the Chinese We Business culture and art festival, which from an artistic perspective, reviewed the minute changes in the lives of the we businesses and with humane care, listened to their genuine stories. Li Zhaoxing, the former foreign minister of China was invited to attend the conference.

    Achievements of the Conference:

    • The We Business Industry Norms was published

    • The Chinese We Business Culture and Art Festival was held to give an artistic view to the minute changes in the lives of the We Businesses

    • A special TV program was arranged with the Hunan Broadcasting Group, which realized the Wechat transformation of the entertainment industry, and the entertainment transformation of the We Business industry

    • The West-bound Strategy of Mobile E-commerce was pushed forward to achieve the four-in-one of conference, expo, industry and we business.

    The Global Entrepreneur Conference and the 4th World We Business Congress

    Theme: Open up and Boundless

    Date: 11-12 April, 2018

    “The country grows and thrives with its youth. When the young generation has the ideal, the ability and the sense of responsibility, the country and the people will have hope of a bright future.” The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has caused great ripples in the Internet field where the youth are the main entrepreneurs. Based on the current demand of international integration and innovation of the Internet industry and the excellent performance of the Chinese young entrepreneurs in the mobile and social e-commerce field, and under the guidance of the China Chamber of E-commerce We Business Committee, the Global Entrepreneur Conference and the Fourth World We Business Congress will be held on April 11-12, 2018 in Zhejiang, the holy place for the Chinese Internet industry. The venue of the conference is located in Yiwu, a portal city to global trade. More than 20,000 people are projected to attend the event, including more than 1,500 delegations of young entrepreneurs from over 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Germany, etc.

    The conference will concern itself around the core theme of “boundless and empowering”, of which, boundlessness refers to the openness and practical needs of the industry, which encourages the resonance of industrial innovation and technological revolution and aims at the trend and future of the Internet industry in the new era; while empowerment is the desire for knowledge of the young entrepreneurs, which is the demand for the conference to constantly meet changes and upgraded entrepreneurial demands and embodies the new thinking, new task and new path to be taken by the social and e-commerce business in the super IP and individualistic era.

    Previous guests

    The ninth foreign minister – Mr. Zhaoxing Li

    Secretary general of the China electronics chamber of the ministry of industry and information technology – Mr. Lihui Peng

    President of China electronics chamber of industry and information technology – Mr. Ning Wang

    Chairman of wegoo holding group – Mr. Jinhua Zheng

    Minister of trade promotion department of Thailand’s ministry of commerce – Mr. Vorapun

    Chairman of gree electric appliances – Mrs. Mingzhudong

    Chairman of pan gaoshou pharmaceutical co., LTD – Mr. Dongsheng Li

    General manager of zhejiang minsheng health technology co. LTD – Mr. Wen Zhu Chen

    Alibaba 1688 market operations director – Mr. Jidao

    Media Contact
    Company Name: WEGOO
    Contact Person: QIAN
    Email: 3473952932@QQ.COM
    Country: China

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    Real estate project

    Project General Manage/Development/Cost/Engineering/Finance personnel

    Future Leader (Doctor’s degree)

    HR telephone number / Ms. Li +86-13914390306

    Mailbox /

    Real estate marketing

    Marketing Manager/Planner/Administrative personnel/Graphic Designer

    HR telephone number: Ms. Mao.+15850014340

    Mailbox /

    Nantong, as a rising star in the Yangtze River Delta, has played an important role as “the north gate” of Shanghai. In 2018, Nantong will further promote cross-river coordination, river and sea linkage, and speed up the abutment with Shanghai, even to the world. In addition, traffic will be used to lead the urban integration proceeding between Shanghai and Nantong, to carry out intensive river passage, municipal railway, airport passenger hub planning research.


    In such short five years, Country Garden has set up projects from 1 to 33 as far, constantly expanded market capacity in the whole area of Nantong. In such fertile soil, Country Garden have already made extraordinary achievements, it fully deserves the title of the leader of many housing enterprises. Put aside the hat of “developer”, Country Garden is the human settlements operators to let the society become more beautiful.

    Twenty-six years ago, the Country Garden formally entered the real estate market, devoting itself to continuously improving the quality of human settlements and living, and adding more glory to the image of the city. It is this constant pursuit and responsibility that benefits Country Garden to achieve decades of success in improving housing, property services and hotel development, and has become the most influential industry in China’s real estate industry.


    What is the most important in the process of the development of Country Garden is that the efforts of elite teams and the great importance they attach to the cultivation of talents. The country Garden has specially formulated a brand talent development project that integrates talent absorption and development. Through centralized training, tutoring and on-the-job practice, the new staff union aims to cultivate high-quality talents who meet the needs of the company’s development and be qualified for the post in a short period of time. 

    If you have a dream, ambition, strength, here is to help you take off the springboard! Give yourself a high starting point. Work in Country Garden, you will become the elite. Achieve immeasurable future!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Country Garden
    Contact Person: Ms. Mao
    Country: China

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    The block chain is a very hot project at the moment, and the Hetero Dimension team can say the best in the field. The Google team is a member of the elite from all over the world, who worked before many well-known companies such as Microsoft, apple and Goldman Sachs. The Hetero Dimension team was a very powerful company before he had won many international awards before it came to the HD team.

    Hetero Dimension is a large community of resources based on the underlying protocol to the center of the center and perfect coexist, as a new project, it requires all the backbone chain and community members abide by the asset proof protocol to achieve each other assets reform and profit profit to the organization. The purpose of Hetero Dimension is that all developers (not only block chain developers) can establish their own rules with users through virtual chains, and then complete the whole ecosystem of the main chain. The main chain of Hetero Dimension is different from that neo,eth,omni,waves, it’s equivalent to CPU in a computer (it’s quite a black box for developers), not just a running train. All virtual chains are processed through the main chain second processing, after which the virtual chain is fed back to the virtual chain, and the virtual chain is followed by the action of the next step. Such an underlying architecture makes it easy for developers to have no congestion no longer. The goal of Hetero Dimension is to socialized and ecological, and to carry out in the form of block chain and integrate into various fields of society.

    At present, the Hetero Dimension team has completed the financing of the angel wheel, and the A wheel has also obtained the investment intention of the French Alven Capital Corporation. At this stage, block chain is leading to investment frenzy. It is likely to be the next investment outlet. As the first investment block chain project in France, the prospect of Hetero Dimension team is very promising, and Hetero Dimension team’s ambition and long-term plan are pleasant.

    So the above these, we can see that the Hetero Dimension team is a very powerful and very promising, whether it is composed of team members, or the previously acquired investment, and these years achievements have proved that the Hetero Dimension team can use the blockchain in social ecological one great, let us look forward to its success and benefits to society. We should also be full of expectations for the future of the team, believing that they can create more social values, and the great socialized ecology is the mainstream of the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Hetero Dimension
    Contact Person: James Lever
    Country: United States

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    YIMEI Plastic Surgery, The Chinese Beauty Idea blending with International Trend

    On March 15th of New York time in the United States, a Chinese Plastic Surgery Group from Shandong Province called YIMEI, launches their image on the advertising screen of NASDAQ at New York Times Square, which excites the passion of people with its grand red color and big smile, and shows their ambition to enter the global market.

    YIMEI Plastic Surgery, a beauty brand with Chinese gentleman character, was found in 1986 by Mr Jianying Zhu, a doctor with high morality and business ethnics, who sticks to the sayings and righteousness of Confucius and beauty with high tech, offers the best service to the clients and has become a top brand already in ten years development.
    YIMEI plastic surgery focus on global partnership since its inception by achieving deep strategic cooperation with more than 500 partners including 126 top beauty experts in 16 countries, and brings out the best of Chinese and global fashion. YIMEI plastic surgery has invested hugely in R&D field and host high level of seminars to create a famous brand which won the heart of clients in 50 countries across the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: YIMEI Plastic Surgery Hospital Co.,Ltd.
    Contact Person: Mr Gao
    Country: China

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    The 2 containers of BEINGMATE milk powder donation products have successfully arrived in Afghanistan and was received by ACCI (Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry) for distribution to needy babies for nutrition supplement and health growth. A huge amount of the cans was donated to the Afghan Red Crescent Society which is a charity society and rest of them was distributed to many needy nursery school of Afghanistan ministries.

    The donation was based on a CSR project between SAARC-CCI (SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and BEINGMATE to make joint effort to benefit the families in South Asian countries.

    ACCI is the focal point of SAARC-CCI in Afghanistan, it represents over 90% of the total Afghan work force and is uniquely positioned to influence the pace of economic growth and reform. ACCI along with trade and economic matters preferred to have a step forward to helping needy people and always would be ready to be cooperative. Strategically nestled at the nexus of public, investor, donor, academia, media, and foreign channels. 


    The land transportation of this donation is carried out by Azimi Brothers Group an Afghan company which hold ACCI membership with a high sense of social responsibility and willingness to charity behavior.

    “In the world, improve the world.” As one of the leading and largest enterprises in China’s infant industry, Beingmate takes practical action to “spread the love”, it carries out CSR projects with love to the neediest groups, with practical action to practice the social responsibility of the enterprise.


    About BEINGMATE:

    BEINGMATE Baby & Child Food Co., Ltd. (“BEINGMATE”) established in 1992, is China’s leading baby product and service provider. It’s committed to continuously developing, manufacturing and engaging in scientific and safe maternal, infant and baby products and services. It established 8 milk source bases in the “Global Golden Milk Source Belt” including China, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, etc. With corporate spirit of LOVE, BEINGMATE helps children to live in a healthy way and makes contribution to sustainable development of human beings.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beingmate
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    On March 14, a classic Chinese beauty on the NASDAQ screen in New York Times Square drew the attention and cheers of the public. It is learned that she is the beautiful actress of large live-action epic theatre Luoyang Empress Wu Zetian in China.


    All the time, we are accustomed to naming China the mysterious oriental world because of its advanced civilization beyond our imagination, as well as the continuous history and culture. World wonders as the Great Wall and Terracotta Army show their charming and style. What’s more, China has more and more international metropolis, including Beijing and Shanghai. Recently, with the launch of large live-action theatre Empress Wu Zetian in Luoyang, China, we will see a mysterious historic city, Luoyang.


    Wu Zetian, the empress of China, is as talented as Churchill.

    According to Chinese historical data, Wu Zetian was selected into the imperial harem at the age of 14 and was the “Cai Ren” (concubine) of Emperor Taizong of Tang (polygamy was implemented for ancient Chinese men and “Cai Ren” is much lower than wife), named “Wumei”. Later she became “Zhao Yi” and empress consort of Emperor Gaozong, with the honorific title of “Tian Hou”, called “Double Emperors” together with Emperor Gaozong. After the death of Emperor Gaozong, she began to reign as the empress dowager of Emperor Zhongzong and Ruizong of Tang. She is the only female empress in Chinese history (reign from 690 to 705), as well as the oldest emperors when ascending (at the age of 67) and one of the longest-lived emperors (died at the age of 82).

    In China, many films and TV works have begun to reproduce the life, appearance, story of Wu Zetian in recent years. But many historians point out that many details are for dramatic effect, not real history. In China, a big historical and cultural country, people prefer official history. In view of this, in Luoyang, China, the cultural birthplace of Wu Zetian, there will be a culture feast about Empress Wu Zetian. And the large live-action theatre Empress Wu Zetian in Luoyang, China has entered the final preparatory phase. It’s known that many international friends loving Chinese culture are ready to go to Luoyang and feel the culture edification.

    See the Actress of Wu Zetian in Backstage Visit, She Looks Amazing, like Juliet.

    Our journalist implemented an exclusive interview to the head of large live-action theatre Luoyang Empress Wu Zetian, and investigated the cultural treasure attracting the attention from the world in advance.

    In the interview, Director Zhu Jun said, “The reason we reproduce Wu Zetian is that throughout her life, it was exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful, legendary, vigorous and indomitable. Her record has never been approached and will never be approached again. She was so charming that she had the pleasure of entering the haram and handled the love of two generations of emperors with ease. Her legend fulfilled the prophecy that “the sovereign descends the world and a woman will be the empress”. Her brilliance left a good name forever in Chinese history and her ambition realized the great prosperity of Zhou Dynasty. In addition, she served as a link between Zhenguan and Kaiyuan period. She was so charming that countless heroes were attracted.


    Such historical figures combining Churchill’s wisdom and Juliet’s beauty are also a minority on the international stage. In the backstage, we saw the actress of Wu Zetian, who has fresh face and fair skin, with strong and powerful expression in her eyes, imperial temperament and a dignified appearance. Her clothes are also exquisite, with delicate dragon and phoenix embroidery, almost the same as what we see in the museum. Many international friends on the scene make comments on their Facebook that they will try to see the live theater Empress Wu Zetian, since it is extremely shocking.

    According to the Chinese official information, the large live-action theatre Empress Wu Zetian is a project of Cultural Industry Park for Luoyang Flourishing Tang Dynasty. In this industrial park, there are stunning large landscape performing arts zone, fragrant garden flower theme functional zone and intelligent social function experience zone, etc. It has both historical and cultural heritage and modern cultural atmosphere, which is regarded as one of the top historical scenic spots in China.


    There is an old saying in China, “One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero”. Now there is another saying in China, “One who fails to see theatre Empress Wu Zetian in Luoyang doesn’t visit China truly!”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Luoyang Shun Di Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: MR ZHU
    Country: China

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