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    “…a faithful journal of the extraordinary dream of every ordinary Chinese. Paint the world with your own color…” The ZJTV Chinese Dream Show recently debuted at New York’s Times Square and lit up the world’s number one screen with dazzling Chinese Blue. At the world’s crossroads, the dreams of the Chinese people in the Chinese Dream era were aired to demonstrate the power of these dreams. “Give a thumb up for the Chinese Dream Show! Let the world hear our voice and see our power,” netizens commented online.

    Chinese Dream Show Debuts at New York’s Times Square and Lit Up World’s Number One Screen

    “With the passage of time, everyone shines in a unique way in their course of life. Perhaps you are an ordinary homemaker or fisherman; perhaps fate has shown you no favors…The Chinese Dream Show is a faithful journal of the extraordinary dream of every Chinese citizen and a tribute to the transformation in every individual. Paint the world with your own color. Only you can change yourself!” Recently The Chinese Dream Show aired on the NASDAQ screen, known as world’s number one screen, at the world’s crossroads—New York’s Times Square. Every word was so powerful and every sentence so electrifying that the event instantly drew much attention from the Chinese people.

    “This is a dream-chasing era. The Chinese Dream of self improvement and the dream of constant progress have inspired every Chinese person! We are grateful to The Chinese Dream Show for a dream-chasing stage, and a full reflection of the charm and power of the Chinese dream.” “The Chinese Dream Show has allowed the brave dreamchasers to speak for the Chinese people in the global arena. We are equally proud as viewers of the show of the Chinese people and as citizens of the nation. We are convinced that dreams can empower our ordinary lives and motivate our nation to forge ahead!” Netizens spoke highly of the event.

    Chinese Dream Show Spreads the Power of the Dream with Ordinary People’s Stories!

    From 2011 to 2018, The ZJTV Chinese Dream Show has become a classic Dream Brand in Chinese variety shows. Returning for Season X this year, the revised show will focus on the greatness of ordinary people and tell the dream stories of everyday individuals. The 180-day show truthfully records the dream chasing journeys of  ordinary peoples, featuring stories such as The kids from the Little Dolphins Choir of Hearing-impaired Children singing the most beautiful acapella in the world and demonstrating that “the dimmest light can penetrate through the darkest night and light up the starry sky.”; how Chen Penbin went from a common fisherman to China’s number one marathoner, measuring the seven continents with his feet and demonstrating the indomitable Chinese attitude; a deaf-mute girl who overcame great hardships and sang to her mother, showcasing the power of “an impossible dream”; the Running Grandpas at an average age of 90 setting a world record and challenging  seniors around the world to stay young forever with their dreams; a 77-year-old man collecting 84 death notices of martyrs across 21 years and finally delivering their respective medals of honor back to their hometowns in memoriam; Wang Pengcheng offrom Hebei Province, fearless of the high-temperature melted iron, keeping his father’s skill of Melted Iron Splashing alive and carrying forward this 500-year-old tradition. The character and story in each episode is a touching, sensational and truthful reflection of the meaning and power of dreams.

    The revamped Chinese Dream Show is shows even better insight into more realistic dreams and is an accurate portrait of the extraordinariness of ordinary dream chasers. From these dream-chasing stories, the message of transformation and regeneration is delivered: they are ordinary people like you who savor the extraordinary taste of life and become great; the dreams of a nobody can shine as well. The viewers are impressed, “We can really relate to the ordinary stories in The New Chinese Dream Show. Our dreams are alive once again. The show has brought touching moments, and most importantly the power of dreams which inspires us to make changes to fulfill our own dreams.”   

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FINANCE NEWS CO., LTD.
    Contact Person: JANE SMITH
    Phone: 01-267-4706518
    Address:SUITE 2701, 1398 MARKET STREET
    State: PA 19100
    Country: United States

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    March 15, 2018 – Zheng Lin Dian was named as “The First Screen in the World” by Nasdaq in Times Square. As the video shows, among them is the display of Zhenglin Hall’s Beijing headquarters. Including the lobby, concert hall, guqin classroom, VIP dining conference center. There was also the appearance of Mr. Zhang Hanlin, Chairman of Zheng Lindian.Guqin Performance and Zheng Lin Temple is in the ongoing process of Zheng Lin Dian Gu Qin Town Planning.

    Zheng Lin Dian as Internet Enterprise in Guqin Industry, The company has demonstrated its own corporate image and corporate strength to the world,Let Zhenglin Hall and Guqin stand at the “crossroads of the world”, Talk to the world and become the global focus. The world has demonstrated the excellent image of the Chinese Guqin brand and the beauty of Chinese traditional culture. 

    New York is an important financial and economic center in the world,Times Square is located in downtown New York, because of its economic, cultural, and financial status and prestige in the world, it is also known as the “crossroads of the world.”

    Nasdaq was founded in 1971 and Japan has become the world’s second largest stock exchange market.

    Times Square, located next to Times Square in New York, represents the “Nasdaq” trading center. The center is a large studio with high-tech projection screens. Reports from journalists from CNBC, CNN, Yahoo Finance, Fox News and other media and other advertisements.It is used by major US media as the main route of transmission.

    The semi-cylindrical Nasdaq giant screen is a landmark of New York’s Times Square.Its up to 36.6 meters, production costs more than 37 million US dollars,Due to its large screen area and wide influence in the world, it was rated by the media as “the world’s first screen.”

    Zheng Lindian’s advertisement is displayed on this Nasdaq screen. Zheng Lin Dian became the first Guqin brand to advertise on Nasdaq.

    As you can see,The heart and perseverance of the Promote traditional culture including Guqin culture,The responsibility of the Chinese civilization, which has been inherited by the vast and profound, is unforgettable and cannot be neglected.Zheng Lin Dian inspiring to promote the Guqin culture to the world,Taking the world as a starting point, we will serve the Qin people more extensively and comprehensively to the benefit of the Qin community.

    Lilin Hall (unique ring) Guqin, ¥16000

    The melodious guqin is a commemorative edition of the Guqin of “Everything Ringing – Guo Peng Series·Recently of the Qin Musicians of the Near World”. It has been selected from the rare year of Liang Liang Lao Shan as the noodle, and the top wooden lining is used as the bottom, as if it were natural; the paint is used purely. Natural lacquer, lacquer liquid with fine grinding antler cream, paint color bright, smooth and smooth.Its timbre is bright and bright, simple and heavy. After Cheng Qin, Ming Ming [unique sound], has an independent code, only make 300, its biggest feature: support 18 months after the original price repurchase.

    Strategic Cooperation Contact Information: 188 0008 8016

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: ZHENG LIN JUN
    Country: China

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    Mar 15, 2018 – Durante a conferência de imprensa realizada num hotel 5 estrelas de renome na cidade, o porta-voz da Éclatant disse estarem muito satisfeitos por anunciar que ofereceriam agora produtos de beleza premium de marcas e designers de renome para ajudar qualquer pessoa a ter uma aparência estilosa e em voga todos os dias.

    O porta-voz Éclatant disse ainda que se especializam em oferecer vários tipos de produtos de beleza, tais como itens de maquilhagem, produtos de cuidados da pele, produtos de cuidado para o cabelo e perfumes de designers populares e de retalhistas de moda. Para saber mais sobre os seus produtos e marcas de topo, basta clicar no link para o seu website em

    De acordo com o porta-voz Éclatant, estes têm agora uma vasta gama de oferta tendo em inventário mais de 20,000 produtos dos designers com mais vendas, das melhores marcas e retalhistas. É hoje possível encontrar no catálogo do site Éclatant milhares de produtos fornecidos por marcas estabelecidas a clientes que queiram adicionar mais produtos de marca aos seus armários de produtos de beleza. Aqui poderão comprar perfumes de marcas de renome como Hugo, La Vie Est Belle Intense, Chance, Tresor Midnight, Jadore Lote, Red Door, Chloe Signature, Leau De Chloe, Happy, Wonderlust, Allure, Coco Chanel, Miss Dior etc.

    Na secção de produtos para o cabelo da Éclatant, os clientes online poderão agora adquirir champô anticaspa, champô de volume, loção anti piolhos, champô seco, equipamentos alisadores de cabelo feitos com zircónio, titânio, ferro, nano partículas de ferro, champô para a queda de cabelo, tintas temporárias, tónicos de volume, mouse de queratina, hidratantes de raízes, condicionadores, espumas de cabelo, laca e até mesmo pentes de dentes largos ou pentes de pontas redondas. Existe também uma secção especial para produtos de maquilhagem para que possam comprar cosméticos como por exemplo protetores labiais, sérum facial, óleo de fortalecimento das unhas, gloss, batons, sombras de olhos, pó fácial, bases, vernizes das unhas, sombras de olhos líquidas, lápis de sobrancelhas, lápis de olhos, blush, delineador de lábios e muito mais. O site da Éclatant oferece também óleos essenciais puros e óleos para o corpo de marcas muito conceituadas, por exemplo óleo de lavanda, óleo de calêndula, óleo de amêndoa, óleo de rosmaninho e produtos antienvelhecimento. Para além destes produtos, os clientes poderão também comprar pincéis de maquilhagem, acessórios para a casa de banho, óculos de sol e muito mais.

    Os produtos vendidos no site da Éclatant são autênticos, pois são adquiridos diretamente dos fornecedores. Estes oferecem envios gratuitos em todas as encomendas acima dos 75€ e entregas no próprio dia nas encomendas realizadas até às 11 da manhã.

    Sobre a Éclatant

    Éclatant é uma loja online de alta reputação que se especializa em oferecer uma vasta gama de produtos de beleza como por exemplo produtos de maquilhagem, produtos de cuidados da pele, produtos essenciais para o tratamento do cabelo, pincéis de maquilhagem e até perfumes de designers, retalhistas e marcas mundialmente famosas.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Éclatant
    Contact Person: Media Contact
    Phone: 21 243 597 6156
    Address:Rua da Boavista 355
    Country: Portugal

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    Wilmington, DE – March 15, 2018 – IOB llc announced signing an agreement to acquire significant stakes in Kession Capital (FRN 582160), an FCA-regulated company based in London, to expand its portfolio of regulated financial businesses worldwide, laying the first stone of the foundation for a global regulated blockchain-based financial transaction system.

    Yale ReiSoleil, CEO of IOB llc, said: “The global financial system is due for a major overhaul. We are building a new open-source, permissioned, secure, decentralized and distributed global finance blockchain that over time will be transformed into a world mesh system for all forms of financial transactions: Equity issuance, debt issuance, P2P, corporate finance, investment banking, equity trading, debt trading, crypto trading, loan originating, trading clearing, custodial services etc. All are on the public ledger through the most comprehensive financial smart contracts.”

    “Kession Capital has been one of the earliest ‘traditional’ financial companies in the world that recognized the importance of the emerging technology from crowdfunding to blockchain enabled systems and has worked with the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX). Under Mr. Kessler’s leadership, Kession has established itself as London’s ‘go-to company’ for financial companies seeking crypto fintech solutions. We’re excited and look forward to working together with the Kession team to build the ONE Finance Network (The Mesh),” Mr. ReiSoleil added.

    By partnering with top technology companies, investing in regulated financial companies, law firms accounting and other compliance-related firms worldwide, and help them build applications on the Mesh, IOB is enabling all financial transactions, from small peer-to-peer payments to hundred-million-dollar corporate finance deals, on the distributed ledger with full local and international compliance, at a fraction of the time and cost compared with the current financial system.

    To build a distributed financial network, IOB llc is initially investing in regulated, licensed and legal broker-dealers, trading systems and clearing agents in the US, UK and Germany, IOB llc to bring together an alliance of regulated entities to facilitate a global platform across multiple jurisdictions for trading, corporate finance, funds, accelerators and building of sustainable pathways for the future and supporting the needs of forward thinking jurisdictions.

    Mike Kessler, CEO of Kession Capital Ltd, said: “We are delighted to be working side by side with IOB llc in developing a transformational platform to enable tokenised securities to become the new norm in the financial ecosystem. By working with preferred partners in Europe and around the world Kession together with IOB is looking at becoming synonymous with tokenised securities and offering the platform of choice to building a tokenised financial future.”

    About IOB LLC:

    IOB llc (IOB) is a Delaware limited liability company set up to build the world’s first multi-jurisdiction-compliant public financial blockchain, the ONE Financial Network (the Mesh). IOB has raised $18 mm through a private sale of IOB security tokens, and is currently preparing its Interactive Crypto Offerings™ (ICOs) in both the US and Germany underscoring its ‘same taken, multiple offerings’ strategy. IOB llc has branch offices in the US, China and Germany.

    About Kession Capital Limited:

    Kession ( was founded in 2012 and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. With the extensive experience of working in the UK financial services regulatory regime, Kession has become a market leader in providing regulatory, financial services, crypto and RegTech solutions to companies within the UK, Europe and Asia.



    Media Contact
    Company Name: IOB LLC
    Contact Person: Kateryna Lyplyava
    Phone: +1 775 476 8588
    Country: United States

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    Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, forked at Block 499,999 by the Lightning Team. It adopts the DPoS consensus mechanism, thereby solving the problem of miner centralization and network congestion prevalent in Bitcoin. Lighting Bitcoin is an important part of the Bitcoin experiment.

    LBTC adopts a DPoS (Delegated-Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism instead of PoW (Proof-of-Work) and has a 2 MB block size. It can increase transaction speed, promote decentralization, and supports smart contracts, thereby combining the advantages of Bitcoin and EOS, creating a valuable and functional public blockchain, and ultimately achieve the goal of becoming a value intermediary. Team believes it is a very promising project, and will prove to be a turning point in the history of blockchain development.

    You may be wondering why article headline puts LBTC as “What Bitcoin Should be Really Like”. It is not due to any lack of humility. You will have a better idea once you review the history and current status of Bitcoin, explained in the following section.

    It has been almost 9 years since Bitcoin was launched in 2009. Since then, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general have evolved dramatically, and made a long way from being an innovative idea to entering mainstream markets and generating billions of dollars. Bitcoin has marked the beginning of a new era in storing and transmitting information and value, and has completely redefined our way of thinking not only from an economic perspective, but also from a sociological point of view, giving rise to different questions on power and control over value distribution.

    It opened new possibilities for underdeveloped financial regions that were overburdened by excessively high fees charged by monopolistic money transfer operators (MTOs). MTOs such as Western Union charge as much as 39% commission in Ghana for international transfers and 24% commission in Tanzania, while in comparison, BitPesa – a cryptocurrency company from Kenya, charges only 3%. Bitcoin created a new way to protect privacy, and a way to avoid government over constraints, fostering new financial independence. In Venezuela for example, US-imposed sanctions made it difficult to conduct international money transfers, and the improper implementation of domestic policies has led to a serious currency devaluation, therefore forcing many tech-savvy consumers to turn to Bitcoin.

    Since the time Bitcoin was created, thousands of blockchain projects have emerged, each solving different problems and catering different markets. In future, blockchain technology will be used extensively in fields such as finance, ownership management, investment management, Internet of Things, supply chain, and so on. Despite the rapid technological development, the whole industry is still in its early stage, because it has only begun to attract worldwide attention recently. Therefore, constant rethinking and upgrade is crucial for further technological expansion and improvement.

    Bitcoin has been highly successful in entering the mainstream market, due to which global interest in crypto-technologies has increased manifold. However, it also faces several significant problems. Increasing centralization due to processing power concentrated in the hands of large mining pools, and cost problem brought by energy consumption, are undermining the original idea of a small casual transactions supported, one-CPU-one-vote, decentralized payment system proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover, the conflict of interest has created huge differences between the mining pools and the core team that ultimately decides the project’s direction, raising questions on the viability of Bitcoin itself.

    The technology is so promising and has such great potential, that it keeps bringing thousands of new users and organizations into its network every month, pushing Bitcoin’s price from US$3,000 up to US$17,000 in just three months. This rapid price increase, along with very limited processing capabilities, have vastly increased transaction costs and validation speed.

    The Bitcoin protocol implements a 1 MB block size, due to which only 7 transactions can be verified per second, and there is very limited throughput. This has led to transaction costs soaring over US$20, far exceeding the average transaction size. In comparison, the Visa network processes 4,000 transactions per second (tps), while PayPal processes 115 tps. This has made it impractical to use and trade Bitcoin on a daily basis, and has hindered its mainstream adoption as an effective payment system, limiting its development to a speculative tool or investment instrument.

    On the whole, the high volatility of Bitcoin’s price along with the abovementioned issues has led to the conclusion that Bitcoin still needs several steps to be an establishment-free, global, inexpensive value exchange system, which would bring a higher degree of freedom and transparency, including in regions that are now excluded from the global economic system, ultimately shifting the power to individuals.

    Therefore, there is an urgent need to find a solution for the problems of network congestion, miner centralization and high transaction costs. In fact several attempts have been already made to solve these problems, which have ended up in hard forks. There are a handful of new chains that were forked from the original Bitcoin chain, each solving a particular problem of the original system.

    The developers of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) were the first to do so, as they expanded the block size to 8 MB and introduced a new Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA). Increasing the block size does improve scalability, but is it a definite solution, or are we just postponing the problem? Moreover, the issue of centralization still remains.

    Bitcoin Gold (BTG) came up with a different solution, and implemented a new mining algorithm – Equihash, limiting mining hardware to GPUs, thereby reducing the entry threshold. But the result is the same, limiting mining hardware to GPUs cannot solve the network congestion and centralization problem. Overall, earlier forks are still based on the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm, which is energy consuming, and was later improved upon by new, more progressive consensus algorithms such as Proof-of-Stake and DPoS. These adjustments by the earlier forks are just temporary fixes, rather than sustainable solutions.


    Similarities and differences between the forks

    The new hard fork of Bitcoin blockchain – Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) adopts the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism, created by Daniel Larimer, the serial entrepreneur behind BitShares and EOS. The DPoS mechanism has proven to be robust, secure, and efficient after being reliably used in multiple blockchains. It eliminates the negative impact of centralization in the PoW algorithm, ensures maximization of stakeholder profitability and the network effect, and minimizes the cost of maintaining the network.

    We do not know whether today’s Bitcoin is the way Satoshi imagined, but the Lightning Bitcoin does seem to be the best choice to reinstate the rights of holders. Comparing with other projects that tokens were distributed through ICOs, which token allocation are mostly centralized in hands of a few people, LBTC is much more decentralized and keep in line with Satoshi’s initial idea because Bitcoin holders can claim LBTC in 1:1 ratio to BTC held at block 499,999.

    The DPoS consensus mechanism enables each person holding an LBTC token to vote and decide who will be the authorized nodes for the entire system. At most, 101 delegates who have received the most votes, will have the right to forge blocks and record the transactions. Users who hold LBTC can vote at any time to replace the authorized nodes. If there is instability in the forging process, the computer crashes, or a delegate tries to misuse his/her authority, then they will be voted out and backup nodes can replace them immediately. In one way, DPoS has a parliamentary system like that of the United States, except that instead of having elections every four years, elections are always going on.

    Moreover, it brings the possibility to dynamically adjust system parameters like transaction fees, block size and intervals, throughout the lifespan of the system via voting for delegates, thus avoiding forking and market segregation. A delegate is a special type of account that has the privilege to propose changes to the system. This may bring the question of centralization by simply shifting the power from the hands of miners into the hands of delegates. However, the DPoS protocol resolves this by giving stakeholders the rights to not only elect and reelect delegates, but to also approve their proposals. According to Dan Larimer, “This design was chosen to ensure that delegates technically have no direct power and that all changes to the network parameters are ultimately approved by the stakeholders.”

    Delegated Proof-of-Stake has tremendous advantages, such as a tps comparable to Visa – 1,000 to 10,000, 3s block interval (Bitcoin – 10 min), average verification speed of 1s, and a 2 MB block size, which can be adjusted in the future through voting. This enables unlimited scalability and stability of the system, possibility of everyday use, and makes Lightning Bitcoin a solid alternative to existing financial systems.

    The snapshot of the blockchain was taken on December 18th and the main network was launched on February 5th. From then on, the project has gained substantial traction during this time, especially after the announcement about the cooperation with Stan Larimer, the godfather of BitShares, which resulted in a stunning 100% price increase in one day, and partnerships with exchanges and wallets have been establishing.

    The Lightning Bitcoin team have members from the Ripple and Metaverse projects, the current code is open source, and transactions and forgings are running smoothly. The Lightning Bitcoin team has strong technical capabilities, and is also working hard to build a community like Bitcoin. The team has a lot of belief and trust on the project’s success, and have already achieved a lot. At present, the community have done several things, such as developed the new light wallet, created all kinds of tutorial, and developed forging pools in many countries. As for the official development plan, more talents will be invited to join the team and a DPoS lab, which will be established in the United States. The lab will focus on the underlying technology and develop it further.

    LBTC will also implement smart contracts to eliminate the need for third parties to secure standard contracts, mitigates risk, which comes with the necessity to trust blindly, and generally increases transaction speed and reduces cost. With smart contracts Lightning Bitcoin will enable users to create and distribute their own assets and create projects based on LBTC, making it a blockchain platform with much greater capabilities than the original Bitcoin. It will also support DApp development and cross-chain atomic swaps, adding even more usability and enhancing system infrastructure.

    Once realized, LBTC will not only have the function of payment, but also build its own ecosystem, and increase Lightning Bitcoin circulation. In general, Lightning Bitcoin will make an attempt to merge the best of Bitcoin and EOS, breaking the boundaries of cryptocurrency, and broadening the horizon of its real-life applications.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ChainPlus
    Contact Person: Icey Peng
    Country: China

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    Mar 16, 2018 – We’ve all heard the awfulness stories of everybody from the elderly to the youthful slipping and falling on the ice. For the most part, we’ve seen an assortment of organizations and open areas that secured with small white shake salt heaps. The synthetic Halite brings down the point of solidification of water, implying that if the temperature is in the low thirties, you’ll, for the most part, can keep most ice under control. There is an assortment of employment for the mineral, yet there are a lot of motivations to utilize it frequently. 

    1. Starting With The Basics

    The first and most fundamental motivation to utilize shake salt on your walkways and other outdoor walkways is to give pedestrians an edge against the approaching ice. In the mornings, the temperature is usually lower which naturally increases the prevalence of ice. You’ll want to spread it out as early as possible before customers or visitors start coming. Given a short amount of time, it can begin the freezing point depression process and start breaking up the ice. As warmer air is allowed to pass in and around the ice, it has a much higher chance of melting entirely.

    Gives your business’s customers a smooth edge, and many consider it a polite courtesy. You’ll want to make sure and find a distributor if your property is slightly larger. You might end up spending a significant amount of funds on consistent trips to a retail store. Buying in bulk, and spreading in large quantities, will save you a substantial sum.

    Check the link at

    2. Traction and Removal

    Rock salt isn’t just about melting the ice. It is also an excellent traction additive. With the hardened granules underfoot, shoes have a much easier time of establishing a stable grip in winter conditions. In fact, US highways are often spread with a heavy dose of the mineral after snowstorms to speed up the melting process and give tires a better grip on the road.

    As winter draws to a colder point, your rock salt will only help break up the different sections of ice. Will allow much more natural removal and is your best initial course of action. As usual, start with a sizeable early-morning dose of the mineral, and give it a short time to work its chemical reaction. Then, take a heavy-duty shovel and continue the process by shattering the ice sections that you can find with a firm whack. You can then shovel them aside and remove as much as possible. If you see problem sections, sprinkle more on top and repeat the process a short time later. Pedestrians will notice the patches and usually steer clear.

    3. Legal Considerations

    A final note to consider is what happens when you don’t use rock salt. What kind of legal repercussions could there be if your business didn’t take a natural precaution to keep your customers safe? Are other companies in the area using the mineral, but you aren’t? How would this reflect on you as a business owner in a court case? Don’t wind up with an injury or worse happening in front of your shop or on your premises. This inexpensive deterrent is well worth the peace of mind you’ll get at the end of the day.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Rocksalt USA
    Contact Person: Mark Chick
    Phone: 314-736-5111
    Address:6559 Romiss Ct.
    City: Berkeley
    State: MO
    Country: United States

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    Beyond Pest Control Inc., one of the best companies in the NYC area for pest control, recently announced some amazing discounts on their pest control services for the month of March. The management invited some of their existing clients and selected press members to also discuss the importance of pest control services NYC.

    For more than 35 years, Beyond Pest Control Inc. has been offer competent and affordable pest control services in NYC Tristate area, Suffolk Counties, and Rockland County among others. The company is known for its promotional offers in the past, and recently, they invited customers to try their services with a special service discount.

    Video Link:

    “As the best NYC exterminators, Beyond Pest Control Inc. believes in offering affordable services for commercial and residential clients alike. When you ignore a pest problem, you invite many diseases into your home. Contrary to what people believe, pest control services are not expensive, and we are here to prove that and more. As a part of our monthly deals and offers, we are now offering a flat custom discount for every new and existing customer. If you have spotted roaches, ants, rats, or spiders in your home, basement, kitchen or attic, it’s time to call our experts. We promise you to offer a price like no other,” the marketing team for the company said at the in-house event.

    On being asked about the quality of services, the PR head said, “Time and again, we have been named as the best bed bug exterminator NYC, and we deal with all kinds of pests. If that’s not enough, we are here to offer a warranty plan. Get in touch with our team, and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that our service terms and conditions are subject to change, and the current offer is limited for March 2018 only.”

    Customers looking to avail their offer can contact Beyond Pest Control Inc. through their website or customer care number. They are always around to take questions.

    About Beyond Pest Control Inc.

    Beyond Pest Control Inc. is a family-owned and operated pest control company based out of New York. Named as the best roach exterminator NYC, they also offer their services in areas of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Westchester County and Rockland County, besides the NYC Tristate area. Check their website now to find more details on their services or contact them directly for pest control needs.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beyond Pest Control Inc
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: (718) 777-2345
    Address:2805 Astoria Blvd
    City: Astoria
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    Zoni Language Centers, one of the best English learning centers in the US, recently organized a press meet, where they discussed their plans to conduct more webinars for prospective students.

    Zoni Language Centers specializes in language coaching and is certified by the New York State Education Department. It is also accredited by ACCET in Miami Beach, besides Languages Canada in Vancouver. Besides offering the chance to learn English, the centers of this institutes also offer personalized course curriculums besides all the additional facilities. In a bid to help more students, Zoni has decided to organize seminars, where interested and prospective students can interact with the experts and ask relevant questions. The management promised to help students from other countries, who wish to study English in the USA.

    “Counted among the English schools in New York, Zoni has come a long way since its inception. In just 20 years, more than five hundred thousand students have passed from our centers, and we believe that tells a lot about our services. We know more students are interested in learning English in the US, and to help them in taking their decisions, we are going to organize webinars all through the year. These webinars will be managed by a team of language experts, who will explain the experience of learning at Zoni centers besides answering student questions. If you are someone who always wanted to learn English from the experts, this is your chance,” the marketing head said.

    The management also answered some of the relevant questions related to their courses. On a press question about student experience, the PR team said, “We offer the most outstanding education programs for English learners and students who want to study abroad. Our teaching methods are not just innovative but are designed to match individual needs. We also boast of a team consisting of professional, highly qualified instructors, who have decades of experience in language training. As one of the best language schools abroad, we intend to tailor learning experience for our students, and we have been immensely successful so far.”

    Students can keep a check on the official website of Zoni Language Centers for more details on upcoming webinars.

    About Zoni Language Centers

    Zoni Language Centers offers Premium Intensive & Semi Intensive English courses, besides English Proficiency Exam Preparation Courses, and English for Specific Purposes. The campuses are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Miami Beach and Vancouver. The learning process at each of these centers includes Cooperative Learning, Direct Method, Communicative Approach, and Total Physical Response.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Zoni
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: +1 (212) 736-9000
    Address:22 West 34th street
    City: New York
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    AICHAIN, the China’s largest blockchain project about artificial intelligence, has been a hit with investors now days. As the leading blockchain project in China, its unique research logic attracts people most.


    In 2017, the AICHAIN team started to combine artificial intelligence with blockchain, dedicated effort to seeing the breakthrough in blockchain industry.

    Basic concept was first finished in June 2017, its main purpose is to provide a open-source independent public chain platform for data owner, application developer, operation platform and consumers. So, everyone can use AI with low cost and no technical barriers. The AICHAIN inherited the advantages of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, open source, tamper-proof and anonymous, to solve the current challenges of AI such as data domination.

    AICHAIN has gathered over 100,000 supporters in more than 6 countries in only 3 months. More and more people pay attention to the progress of AICHAIN, which may change the existing situation in blockchain and artificial intelligence industry.

    The vision for AICHAIN is to create a platform that can facilitate the communication, cooperation and data sharing among partic-ipants by enabling data transaction, protecting data security and disrupting data concentration, therefore improving the efficiency and productivity of the AI industry and allowing everybody, not just the tech giants, to gain the most out of the digitalization era.

    Since the project started, it has been reported by CCTV Security (China’s most famous official TV) and Sohu Finance and Economics (China’s most famous Internet website). The advance has been reported by more than fifty news medias.

    AICHAIN has first considered converting blockchain technology into useful application since it was established. Changhong Electric, one of the China’s largest electric production company, has cooperated with AICHAIN in artificial intelligence industry. Badou Cat,the China’s first AI headhunter company,has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with AICHAIN.

    Easy Live, the China’s leading video live broadcasting company, has signed strategic cooperation agreement with AICHIAN. Everyone can witness the transfer of AIT by more than 20,000,000 users on Easy Live. AIT is a decentralized blockchain digital asset that is issued through AICHAIN and is served as a medium of exchange on the AICHAIN platform.

    The AICHAIN project has obtained angel investments from China’s largest blockchain company Bitmain who has supercomputing mining machine (China’s largest blockchain computing enterprise). the leading investment company in blockchain, has signed an agreement of deep investment with AICHAIN, thing king highly of the value of combining blockchain with AI. Viking Capital, the famous investment group between England and China, has invested in AICHAIN in the first round.

    Genius idea gather the talents, same with AICHAIN team. This team has famous scientist in artificial intelligence, ambitious entrepreneur from China’s largest blockchain computing enterprise, renowned scholars from UCLA and Tsinghua University, expert in marketing. AICHAIN has established base in China and America, both two team work together in research and marketing.

    With the Chinese State Council embracing blockchain in its 13th Five-Year Plan, Chinese policymakers are eager to set the framework and standards that accelerates industry adoption of blockchain technology. Now AICHAIN is dedicating effort to China’s technology creativity

    AICHAIN has prepared the most innovative and creative idea about AI ecosystem on blockchain. The international roadshow of AICHAIN, Chain for the future — the AI ecosystem on blockchain — is to start in Silicon Valley on 21 March.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AICHAIN
    Contact Person: Rick Fang
    Country: China

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    Now Kunming is in its full swing to build a worldwide famous tourism city, international tourist collection and distribution center and destination. And use the famous travelers on overseas social media to show the fascinating scenery and beautiful environment for all-region tourism in Kunming.

    Kunming China boasts natural and human landscapes, it has annual temperature 16.5℃, agreeable climate and flowers full of blossom throughout the year, and Kunming was ranked in the 3rd place among 2017 top 60 spring cities in the world.


    At present Kunming is in its full swing to build a worldwide famous tourism city, international tourist collection and distribution center and destination. In aligning with “international, upscale, feature and informationized” requirements, carry out tourism industry transition and upgrading deployment.


    “Look for Worldwide Travelers to Kunming” Overseas Travelers’ Trip in Kunming is the highlight of Kunming tourism international marketing. The whole team is comprised of famous travelers on overseas social media and a professional photography team. The in-depth traveling, experience traveling and quality traveling and photography work presents the fascinating scenery and beautiful environment for all-region tourism in Kunming comprehensively in all levels, which is an international tourist destination.


    This activity lasted for three months from preparation to promotion. 8 travelers walked in Kunming for seven days, setting foot on about 138 tourist attractions in 11 scenic spots, and they took about 20,000 steps every day, over 70km long in total. Boom from the Philippines, Yuiki from Malaysia, Chinese America TJLEE, Barbara from Germany, Derek and Kodak from the U.S., Poda and Ksyusha from Ukraine are from different countries with different cultural background, and they have been to many places in the world, but they are surprised in Kunming.


    When these travelers and photographers came to the Green Lake, it was a warm winter and seagulls were dancing to greet visitors; Yunnan Military Academy, which was a famous modern military academy in order to defend frontier defense, is standing in the golden sunshine; the golden gingko street of Yunnan University demonstrates the natural climate advantage of Kunming in winter.



    Stone Forest, which owns world natural heritage scenery and gets the fame as “number one wonder in the world”, is a huge natural stone art treasure you can image; Jiuxiang karst caves known as a world wonder, are stunning, strange and spectacular karst landforms, attracting attention of overseas travelers and photographers; The Golden Temple with thick pines and cypress trees is the largest and most intact copper palace in China, and overseas travelers and photographers appreciated and experienced Yunnan opera, Yunnan intangible cultural heritage; they ate roasted whole lamb in Jiaozi Snow Mountain, and appreciated towering cliffs, the sea of clouds, blue sky and alpine meadows.

    The Grand View Park, which keeps the “longest couplets in the world” and concentrates Kunming ancient and modern gardening history and culture development, shows over 300 years’ gardening development history of Kunming vividly; Yunnan Nationalities Village displays folklores and customs of 26 nationalities in Yunnan, and overseas travelers and photographers had songs and dances passionately with ethnic groups and experienced exotic folklores; they took the cableway to overlook the Dianchi Lake, climbed to Longmen in Xishan Mountain, and experienced thrilling and steep rock culture; in order to present beautiful Kunming in a better way, Kunming Dianchi Fengxiang General Aviation Service Co., Ltd. arranged the helicopter tour for them to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Dianchi Lake.



    Kunming boasts plentiful geothermal resources, the hot spring water is rich in diverse minerals, and the water temperature is 38-42 ℃. It is very good for physical health to have hot spring bath in winter. This time we chose Colorful Yunnan ·Famous City of Ancient Dian State and Brilliant Resort & SPA Kunming. Colorful Yunnan ·Famous City of Ancient Dian State is located in Jinning, which is the cradle for Yunnan culture. Now it not only displays and restores the brilliant civilization of Ancient Dian State, but also has Yunnan mineral geothermal hot spring from 2,500 m deep underground, including 57 hot springs, 73 hot spring holes and 36 rooms for hot spring bathing, making it a great place for holidays and health maintenance; Brilliant Resort & SPA Kunming is located by the beautiful Yangzong Lake, and there are gardening hot spring in the open air, SPA, Yoga Studio, etc., so it is great for vacationers.


    Hotels chosen for this activity are all the most representative boutique hotels with unique historic meaning and humanistic feelings. Kunming Silver Chest Hotel is located in Zhengyi Road. It is a quiet place in the bustling downtown, and every room here is named after the famous unincorporated bank in Yunnan history, nourishing profound humanistic atmosphere; Kunming Redolence Garden Boutique Hotel near Yunnan Nationalizes Village shows the architectural style of “the Old Town of Xizhou” in Dali, and we can experience folk house features and culture of Bai Ethnic Group in Kunming; Yunnan Mengjing Wangyue Boutique Hotel is located between eastern and western towers and in opposite to Jinri Building, it inherits the elegant style of the Ming and Qing Dynasty, and guests here can experience the daily life of old Kunming while enjoying high quality services; Sofitel Kunming displays the upscale taste, international standard facilities and services of French five-star international chain hotels to overseas travelers and photographers.

    Yunnan food blends the spicy features of Sichuan cuisine and local features, and forms Yunnan cuisine which gathers food features of ethnic groups in Yunnan. In this activity, Kunming local specialties are presented to international tourists, and feature snacks are also recommended. In Huixiang Xilou between the Green Lake and Yunnan Military Academy, Yunnan Rice Noodles and Crisp Stuffed Bun are representative food of old Kunming; Fresh Hot Pot provides fresh beef every day with dedication and originality. QBX inherits traditional hand-made tofu skills, and maintains the original taste of food to the maximum extent. Flower 17 is a romantic flower theme hot pot restaurant, and it has fresh flowers as ornaments, quality raw materials and the freshest materials transported by air to guarantee the most authentic and natural taste; In Yunnan provides dishes of ethnic groups, and every dish tells an old story about an ethnic group.



    Food is the realest emotional bond of a city. Kunming food cultural features are effectively displayed to international tourists. Meanwhile, Spring City Kunming is also a capital of humanistic feelings. Tourists can listen to allegro in Nanqiang Street with cultural and historic feelings; experience the Chinese culture essence in Qianxun Mowen Zen Hotel; and have Kunming style cocktail in Dream Bar while enjoying night view of Kunming City.


    During Looking for Worldwide Travelers’ in Kunming/Overseas Traveling Photography Activity, travelers and photographers record the beautiful scenes, blue sky, warm sunshine, classic tour routes, quality scenes, feature guesthouses, boutique hotels, and Yunnan cuisines with cameras; meanwhile, in the perspective of international tourists, convey “Stunning Kunming- Spring City & Flower City” to the world, and display the “international style” of Kunming as a world tourist destination. Based on communication in overseas media, gradually build up the brand image and influence of Kunming in international tourism market.


    Kunming Municipal Tourism Development Commission

    Vigorous support for Looking for Worldwide Travelers’ in Kunming/Overseas Traveling Photography Activity is highly appreciated!

    Kunming Municipal Tourist Attraction Association

    Kunming Hotel Industry Association

    Yunnan F-B& Delicacy Trade Association

    Kunming F-B& Delicacy Trade Association

    Stone Forest Scenic Spot Administration

    Yiliang Expo Garden and Jiuxiang Tourism Co., Ltd.

    Kunming Xishan Scenic Spot

    Yunnan Nationalities Village Co., Ltd.

    Kunming Municipal Grand View Park

    Kunming City Golden Temple Scenic Spot

    Kunming Jiaozi Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

    Colorful Yunnan · Famous City of Ancient Dian State

    Kunming Silver Chest Hotel Co., Ltd.

    Yunnan Mengjing Hotel Group Co., Ltd.

    Kunming Redolence Garden Boutique Hotel

    Sofitel Kunming

    Brilliant Resort & SPA Kunming

    Kunming Municipal Huixiang Catering & Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Yunnan Flower 17 Catering Management Co., Ltd.

    Kunming Qianzhenhe Catering Co., Ltd.

    Kunming Dianchi Fengxiang General Aviation Service Co., Ltd.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Kunming Municipal Tourism Development Commission
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    March 19, 2018 – The 27th Annual Market Research seminar was held in New Delhi on 19th & 20th February. The event featured distinguished speakers, industry professionals, brand leaders and young professionals not only from the market research fraternity but even from the corporate world!

    Fourth time the daylong event witnessed more than over 350 delegates attending the seminar, having 100+ organizations representing out of which 80 were research user organizations. Discussion revolves around ‘Business Impact through Insights – Get your skin into the game!’, ‘Top trends in Global Insights’ and ‘Digital World’. Event started with an admirable key note presentation by Deepika Warrier ( VP at PepsiCo India), Manish Makhijani (Head CMI at Hindustan Unilever) and Sanjay Tripathy (Cofounder & CEO at Agilio). ESOMAR landscape session which was presented by two international speakers received great feedback from delegates.

    On the occasion, Pravin Shekar (President of MRSI) said “Market Research today is poised at the cusp of phenomenal growth. Today we are proud to say that the bulk of the people that are in MRSI conference have the ownership thinking that is exactly the way we have to lead. All through these years, India has been at the forefront of the market research exporting researcher. Well now we will be exporting whole lot of talent on the data scientist, data syntheses front because frankly it is dividing between qualitative and quantitative continues to be blurring but at end of the day it is business throw insight.”

    The serene of the MRSI Annual Seminar was highly appreciated by everyone. For the ones who couldn’t present at the event 27th Annual Market Research Seminar was also streamed live with the help of the live streaming partner 24 Frames Digital and received more than 1000 unique views over two days. The event ended up with rocking MR Rock’s, where all the delegates were delighted by the performances of musicians from the MR, Insights & advertising/digital industry.


    Market Research Society of India (MRSI), a unique non-profit autonomous market research body formed by a large fraternity of research suppliers and users spread across India. Established in January 1988, the MRSI is at the forefront of maintaining standards of excellence in the market research industry. It is a proactive, dynamic and neutral society, continually striving to improve the professional standards of market research in India.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MRSI
    Contact Person: Tripti Jagasia
    Phone: 9833711759
    Country: India

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    ‘India Content leadership’ is a forum designed by Inkspell Media, a B-2-B media firm, specifically to promote content developers, discuss trends in content industry and reward individuals, enterprises and agencies for exemplary work in the content space. This event is being organized on 3 May, 2018 at in Mumbai.

    Popularly known as the ICL Awards, this event will include keynote addresses and panel discussions among the Who’s Who of the content, advertising and marketing domain from the agencies as well as the industries. The organizers have launched the website and have declared the nomination process open. The last day for individuals and enterprises to submit their case studies across various categories of the awards is 28 March, 2018.

    Some of the members of the jury for this coveted awards program include Ashish Tiwari – Head Digital Business and PR (Hero Cycles Ltd.), Gagan Singla – CMO (Angel Broking), L.Ramakrishnan – Head Digital Business (ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd.), Madhavi Irani – CCO (, Manav Sethi – CMO (ALTBalaji), Priyanka Sehgal – VP Content and Strategy (Network18), Peeyush Bachlaus – Head of Marketing (Kansai Nerolac Paints), Satyajit Sen – VP Media Management (Samsung INDIA), Smitha Ranganathan – Chief Story Teller (Brandlooms), Srinivas Jain – Executive Director and CMO (SBI Funds Management), Uday Sodhi – Head Digital Business (SonyPictures), and Vikas Mehta – CEO (PointNine Lintas).

    The programme shall be a blend of awards and interactive sessions addressed by eminent leaders hailing from diverse professional backgrounds, who will come together to discuss the best practices in the content space. Some of the eminent professionals (apart from the jurors) who shall be part of the knowledge sharing sessions at the event are: Ali Hussein – COO (Eros Digital), Rituraj Bidwai – Digital Marketing Head (Reliance Petroleum), Smitha Ranganathan – Chief Story Teller (Brandlooms), and Soumini Sridhara Paul – Vice President (Hungama Digital Media Entertainment). The topics that will be covered during the discussions include:

    • Blending Creativity with Data Science
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to create conversational content
    • Road connecting Million users with your Brand
    • Amplifying the reach of your content through social influencers and ad networks
    • Mastering the art of storytelling
    • The need for efficient Content Delivery Network

    Some of the leading media companies have come together to partner for this event viz. InstaaPR, India Today, ABP News, Your Story, Kenscio Digital Marketing, Caspar Technologies,, Khushi Advertising, Artist Aloud and Hungama Kids.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Inkspell Media
    Contact Person: Chitra Surana
    Phone: 9953546490
    Country: India

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    In the history of human development, there have been three industrial revolutions. The first was marked by the invention of the steam engine, and the machine replaced manual labor. The second is the breakthrough, application and the invention of the internal combustion engine as the symbol, which directly pushes the human into the era of electrification; The third time in electronic computer, nuclear power, space technology, marked by the invention and application of biological engineering, not only promote the huge changes of human society, more profoundly affected the human life and the way of thinking.

    Each time the industrial revolution brought huge increase in productivity, as one of the factors of production and production relations, change is not so big, still is a top-down, centralized organization pyramid level. The more complex the organization’s business, the more layers and the more difficult it is to improve efficiency. Blockchain is a decentralized and trusted network, which can realize peer-to-peer value exchange, which is called value Internet.

    “Ethereum Cash prioritizes security, stability, and scalability in design,” the ETCS team CEO said.

    The ETCS team members mainly include:

    Jacob Lewis, CEO

    The senior IM developer in silicon valley has been engaged in IM development for nearly 20 years, with rich experience and theoretical foundation.

    George Larkin, CTO

    Advanced software development engineers in backend and database systems, specializing in software architecture and object-oriented design. For many years George has focused on the design of product solutions.

    Sophie Well, CFO

    UCLA MBA, Sophie helps many companies complete their planned financing rounds and has experience advising many other startups.

    Bray Lee

    In the field of digital currency investors, financial technology company of California well-known consultants, in small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies have many years of sales and marketing management, have to perform complex business plan and the realization of the business ability in a timely manner.

    ETCS thinks that blockchain technology is most likely to improve the current e-cash relationship. With the help of the ETCS, we can create a financial world – the user and the user directly connected, to trust, under the community or social consensus, cooperation, point-to-point interchange, value driven financial world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    Blockchain is a decentralized data storage technology. Its core value is to create a system of safe and reliable, can make a mutual distrust the institutions or individuals, under no authoritative center organization as a whole, still can trust each other to interaction of information and data. At the same time, the block chain realizes the untamperability and non-deletion of data through cryptography, distributed consistency protocol, consensus protocol, point-to-point network communication and other technical means. Using blockchain technology, once information is published on the chain, it will never be deleted and modified. At the same time each data center can trust each other to share data.


    Based on the advantages of blockchain technology, investment banking chain team will play an irreplaceable role in fund management, investment and finance.


    The blockchain provides a compelling solution for combining accessibility with privacy and security. You can use end-to-end encryption to securely record, and expose authentication, reference, and documentation, so that the data can still be trusted to be reliable. This approach was not possible five years ago, but by using modern encryption techniques, coupled with the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, this ideal has now become a reality. This solves the problem of dealing with highly sensitive or confidential countries, which will still ensure all the privacy and confidentiality rights expected by the participants and regulators.


    Resolving trust issues in the Shared economy, reducing fraud and increasing trust: the application of blockchain technology makes it difficult to tamper, increase, and delete historical transaction records without being discovered. This will solve the problem of distrust between consumers and sellers, and accelerate the development of the sharing economy, especially in the commercial situations where the physical distance between users is far away.

    Increasing the efficiency and transparency of multiparty transactions: by increasing the transparency of the data that is supposed to be Shared in the existing system, it can save costs and improve efficiency. Such as block chain technology enables each counterparty to share all the transaction data, simplify the process of trading clearing and settlement, completely avoid the data errors caused by manual proofreading, processing process, shorten the closed window.

    The high reliability of the blockchain database and the high degree of transparency within its application alliances also indicate a lot of hard and hard challenges in the beginning of business. They’re more block chain project related enterprises, alliance, interest coordination between the government and IT systems on the business process of docking, eventually even the IT implementation process to solve the problem of block chain load capacity. These factors are the most critical thing to determine how quickly the blockchain data technology can advance in an application domain.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    The first wave of wealth: the circulation of goods

    The circulation of goods brought about the development of the whole market of that era. Many people take advantage of the wrong information, start from the streets of the country, and then start to buy and sell back to the original state of accumulation.

    Second wave of wealth: the manufacture of goods

    So many “self-employed” have opened the factory to become “big boss”, become another wave of wealth enjoyment.

    The third wave of wealth: the realization of power

    It is a time when courage is superior to all, and the wealth of change can be enjoyed as long as it is bold. Of course the times were changing, so a group of discerning and discerning people appeared.

    The fourth wave of wealth: Internet change

    Without the Internet, economic growth could not last so long and so fast. The Internet is the great savior of the global economy. Internet wealth can be divided into four stages:

    (1) wealth of Internet 1.0 — portals and games.

    (2) wealth of Internet 2.0 — e-commerce, communication tools.

    (3) wealth of Internet 3.0 — from the media.

    (4) wealth of Internet 4.0 — big data.

    The fifth wave of wealth digital money

    The investment value of digital currency is recognized by the public, and the application value of digital currency is also recognized by merchants. More and more countries and merchants agree with the settlement method of digital currency. Virtual currency is the major trend of the future economic development of the world.

    In the front, we did not take a step ahead of the opportunity, maybe because we did not understand, did not understand, the information did not share to earn the previous wealth. Now that the wealth of digital money is coming in, do we have to go through it? Do we still need to hesitate? Do we still need to wait and miss? Can’t! Because the present society is a continuous learning, continuous progress, bold forward, want to make money and share wealth is need to boldly choose and act. We choose to be ourselves in the process of sifting through our destiny, and we give action and seize the opportunity to have the success!

    The uniqueness of TuRe

    1. There are legitimate companies in the company, and the legal person of the company personally comes forward to guarantee the principal of the investors by means of guarantee.

    2. The global mainstream currency in the future of Turing (Ture) is supported by the global real project.

    3. The technological frontier of Turing (Ture) is in the old version of mainstream digital currency technology such as bitcoin, which optimizes the block chain technology and has the ability to be more suitable for the market.

    4. It will be promoted to the whole world through international social media such as radio and Internet.

    5, friends who buy Ture, buy the mainstream currency of the real future world, and all currency circulation is the most valuable.

    6. Ture has cultural assets, digital assets, and asset securities, which means that it can be online, digital exchange, and asset stock exchange.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    Agetha Lee (the founder of Global Intellectual Bank) joins hands with Sara Jane Ho (the founder of App SJ Style), who are going to make a new miracle. Here below is the interview.

    Global Intellectual Bank is a kind of smart solution dedicated for mobility projects all over the world. Global Intellectual Bank will work together with well-known professors from Harvard Business School and Oxford University to solve the problem that human capital is in great short. Meanwhile, Global Intellectual Bank cooperates with the government to set up creative funds to help to establish plants for mobility projects. In order to get all the projects well progressed, first-class CEO and professional technicians are invited and employed.

    SJ STYLE is a kind of app about the global life style, which has published an electronic magazine DM and set up a global brand R&D center. SJ STYLE has the live shopping shows covering the Top 10 shopping streets. SJ STYLE also engages in the lease and operation of privately-owned flights. SARA cooperates with the top authors and best sellers in the world. Nowadays, life style is being card about by more and more people, especially how to innovate our life styles. SJ STYLE has the function of face identification; in the future, it will also have a new payment method to support the innovation in economy and finance.

    Agetha Lee is also the founder of Universal Voice. Depending on Universal Voice, English shows will be performed in theaters and cinemas all over the world. Lecturers who are good at political speeches, economic speeches, innovative speeches and commercial speeches will be selected to do the presentation. This year, Sara Jane Ho will be invited to make a speech being as one of the dominators of global life style. However, it is said by the person in charge of opening ceremony that the opening ceremony would be delayed until April. At that time, many top CEOs around the world will come to Shanghai from New York to attend the opening ceremony.

    18000-attendee World CEO SUMMIT held at Mercedes-Benz Arena, able to be compared favorably with Warren Buffett’s Conference, will get all top giants all over the world together to join the New Era Conference. Definitely, it will be something big being looked forward to by all.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    As blockchain gains in popularity, more and more people believe it to be an inevitable trend that blockchain technology will merge with Mesh technology. So far, several development teams have been working on this front, pressing ahead in order to deliver their versions of Mesh networking to the world as rapidly as they can.

    Therefore, many questions arise. Perhaps the most anticipated of these are:  What are the core differences between these projects? and Which project will bring more practical value? Today, let’s talk about the differences among between several major Mesh + Blockchain projects.


    SmartMeshThe Tokenized “TCP/IP” Protocol for the Age of Value Based Internet

    SmartMesh is the first team to develop a blockchain-based Mesh Network in the world, and SmartMesh Token (SMT) is the only Mesh project listed on major global cryptocurrency exchanges. The SmartMesh protocol is a peer to peer network protocol that is essentially a token-based “TCP/IP” protocol for the next generation internet of value. SmartMesh enables smart devices to connect with each other without internet access, and data and value can be transmitted and transferred from one device to another in such Mesh networks.

    In order for the Mesh network to extend in a wider range, a large number of nodes are needed. SmartMesh incentivizes users to provide sustained online nodes through its SMT Token. The SmartMesh development team has also developed and optimized the Mobile Raiden Network to make the Raiden network available for smart mobile devices. This solves the problems of slow on-chain transactions and high costs and manifests the theory of having token incentives into a reality.

    However, enduring and stable mesh networks are not easily built with cellphones alone due to their mobility and wandering users. In order to overcome this challenge, the MeshBox project was launched, which will be a cornerstone in the endgame of the SmartMesh ecosystem. MeshBox is a hardware box combining home router, storage and streaming functions, among others, based on the SmartMesh protocol. This will provide better range and stability within Mesh networks and add functionality and features that benefit both users of the Mesh network as well as Meshbox owners who can earn cryptocurrency rewards by providing their box as a service to the local Mesh network.  The combined powers of SmartMesh and Meshbox give way to a sustainable and robustly featured agile network system that brings its own 21st Century digital economy of value, data and fungibles to any locale, empowering local communities and integrating with any existing IoT infrastructure. The symbol for MeshBox Token is MESH.

    The most prominent feature of Meshbox is its gateway functionality. This allows Meshbox to break through and serve as a throughput portal to the greater internet. When this is enabled, all the devices on the Mesh can access the internet as long as the Meshbox stays connected to it. This is vital in areas where there is little or no access to the internet. Mobile Raiden runs on the MeshBox as well to provide real time token incentives for packet forwarding which means the owner can earn SMT tokens to help build and facilitate a local mesh network. So SmartMesh and Meshbox technologies can join forces and establish wireless wide-range ad-hoc networks without fiber optics or any centralized telecommunications infrastructure.

    The distributed storage function and IPFS mechanism of Meshbox also enhances the network making it more efficient and useful. When distributed files are securely stored locally, the Meshbox owner is able to mine MESH tokens. If other users want to download these files, the owner of the Meshbox can mine even more Mesh Tokens. In order to get more and more tokens, Meshbox owners will be incentivized to provide long-term and stable nodes for Mesh networks.

    Besides mining both SMT and MESH tokens, they can also mine any other tokens launched on the SmartMesh blockchain, which is the only mesh project in the world boasting their own blockchain. This public chain is compatible with and comparable to the Ethereum chain but is improved to run on smart phones and devices.

    Most importantly, SmartMesh has an internal project called Atmosphere in the pipeline, which will support cross-chain interoperability between various blockchains.  SmartMesh is establishing the next generation fundamental protocol for the Internet of Value, and Atmosphere will define the Age of Third Generation Internet: Token Switching, which will supersede the first generation of Circuit Switching and the second-generation Packet Switching as we enter the brave new world of Mesh Mobile Crypto-Economic Networks.

    Summary ReviewBy establishing the underlying protocol for wireless mesh networks and leveraging the stability and added functionality provided by Meshbox, SmartMesh will have a completed a closed-loop ecosystem based on blockchain technology when the project roadmap comes to fruition around 2019. When SmartMesh is implemented, a parallel Internet will be built giving access to 3.9 billion currently unconnected people, opening up their economies to the rest of the world and vice-versa, and all the while giving the already connected population options to enjoy greater closed-circuit security, communications, data transfers and secure digital payments offline, and off the grid any time and any place.


    RightMeshA Mesh Network use MicroRaiden to incentivize packet forwarding

    RightMesh is a software-based mobile Mesh networking technology platform and protocol which is powered by blockchain technology and its own Token. RightMesh is able to create Mesh networks via smart phones, and each smart phone is able to connect as a node. People can transmit data through the Mesh network without internet whenever they need to do so.

    RightMesh creates Mesh networks using the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi direct functionalities built-in to smart phones.  Relying on these connections alone however is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, most smart phones are able to connect to the Mesh network conveniently via these features; on the other hand, a stable network seems to be largely unachievable. As mentioned before, people with mobile phones are not stationary. As nodes inevitably wander, their corresponding network connections drop easily, especially given the limited range of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi direct. Without any long-term and stable nodes supporting the Mesh network, RightMesh can only be used for short-term wireless communications.

    In order to strengthen the support that is provided by the wandering smartphone nodes, key supporting network nodes named “Superpeers” are to be established. These Superpeers which are connected to the internet and run both RightMesh and full Ethereum nodes to distribute tokens into the ecosystem. Nevertheless, these Superpeers are more like centralized nodes within the RightMesh framework, which conflicts with the fundamental decentralized approach to connectivity that blockchain embraces. Meanwhile, Rightmesh network nodes cannot even connect to Superpeers directly if the Superpeer is not itself connected to the internet or other nodes. Settlements and distribution of tokens are also not available under such conditions. The RightMesh framework is very dependent on the internet in order for it to function.

    Impetus for people to establish their devices as network nodes also plays a significant role in the establishment of Mesh networks. According to the official website of RightMesh, their token incentivizes will be in place for the sharing of nodes. RightMesh indicated that MicroRaiden will be applied in the routing of their Mesh networks. However, MicroRaiden payment channels only provide one-to-many services, which are one-way and cannot be used as transit channels. In theory they are not applicable to Mesh networks. If an ordinary node creates a channel to a superpeer, only the transfer payment from the ordinary node to the superpeer can be realized.  

    Summary Review:

    Rightmesh claims they use MicroRaiden to incentivize packet forwarding, which is an inadequate solution, and will foul things up when it’s put into play. First of all, bi-directional channels are not able to be created with two uni-directional channels via MicroRaiden. Supposing there are two uni-directional channels between node A to Superpeer and Superpeer to node B ( A-> Superpeer->B), node A can send a payment to node B through the Superpeer. However, if node B wants to send a payment to node A, another channel from node B to node A needs to be established. This is both costly and inconvenient. In this case, a Raiden (not MicroRaiden) bi-directional channel is appropriate, because it is a completely different animal with different functionalities suited to this purpose.

    Also, the security of a MicroRaiden channel is not guaranteed by the expiration time and the Hashlock. If node A sends a payment to node B through the Superpeer, the Superpeer is able to close the channel after he has received this payment from node A and withdraw this payment on the blockchain. In other words, Superpeers are able to steal the tokens which node A wants to give node B. In this system, such a centralized Superpeer cannot be trusted. Only if the security was guaranteed by the expiration time and the Hashlock can this security lapse be avoided.

    This is described in detail in the implementation document of the Raiden Network. However, the Raiden Network itself is not enough to support mesh networking, where there are many scenarios using off internet wireless connection, therefore SmartMesh developed Mobile Raiden to customize it and adapt it for Mesh networks that are live even when the Internet is not available.  RightMesh may well need to leverage the Mobile Raiden Network developed by Smartmesh down the line in order to function efficiently and securely.

    But even with Mobile Raiden, without distributed networking nodes like Meshbox in the SmartMesh Ecosystem to provide local support and functionality, the goal of establishing long-term and stable Mesh networks is going to be evasive for RightMesh to realize without relying on Superpeers which are both centralized and have payment security lapses. Looking down from our vantage point right now, RightMesh is not mature enough to put truly practical Mesh networks into real play.


    BlockMeshTo Create a Decentralized, Cost-free Communications Network

    According to BlockMesh’s official website, ”All data sent through our network will be absolutely cost-free”. Users can earn Tokens for supporting the network and their Tokens can be used in peer to peer payments within this network. This token incentive system is not difficult to fathom. However, a more detailed incentive strategy was nowhere to be found on the official website.

    Similar ambiguity appears in relation to their wallet and off-line payments. BlockMesh’s official website shows that people can trade off-line with the assistance of the Raiden Network first proposed by SmartMesh, but how to implement this is not detailed. Moreover, there is no information about the development of the BlockMesh team on the Raiden Network.

    MeshEX is a custom Wi-Fi router being developed by BlockMesh. Users may utilize the routers in their house or in their office. They will be rewarded with  Tokens for supporting the data free Mesh network via the MeshEX. Another way of putting it would be to say that MeshEX is BlockMesh’s version of SmartMesh’s Meshbox.

    However, in the BlockMesh whitepaper, we found that most of the content is only described at the theoretical level and it rarely delves into the nuts and bolts of how it would really work. Compared with SmartMesh and RightMesh, BlockMesh seems to be trying to provide a blockchain mesh solution but only putting out a very vague overall idea of how it will all work.

    Comment: Blockmesh only describes mesh networking in their whitepaper with little elaboration about any blockchain solution. It is obvious that BlockMesh is lacking in any significant blockchain experience. Their wallet and off-line payment are still at the theoretical level, and the technology roadmap for further blockchain research and development remains unclear. While these concepts were first proposed in the SmartMesh white paper and have already been implemented by SmartMesh, Blockmesh has not yet commenced Raiden development. Once again, a piece of advice to BlockMesh would be to adopt SmartMesh’s blockchain solution and focus the rest of their R&D on mesh connectivity.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SmartMesh
    Contact Person: Gina
    Country: Japan

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    On dated 01/03/2018, the Delhi based businessman Sh. Girish Kumar has taken over the full charge of Tirupati based famous company – Krishna Fabs Private limited including its whole equity with all movable and immovable assets.

    The previous Directors / Promoters Sh. N. Doraswamy and Mrs Anitha Doraswamy were in default in several payments of Government / Banks / Private parties since long. But the Delhi based businessman has purchased the whole business including all assets of the company and by setting off all the debts of the company in a phased manner.

    As per reports the total deal was settled between the parties for more than 45 crores INR. The Tirupati (AP) based company has a good name and frame in Steel industry and was serving several big players of the market. But due to family disputes its was declared as sick and closed in later 2009.

    Now the Delhi based promoters are planning to establish Agro food warehouse plant on the property of the company by closing existing steel plant. The new Delhi based promoter is under process with the local authorities at Andhra Pradesh to get permissions for the projected business of Agro-foods business. In a personal interview, he said that in Andhra Pradesh, there is too much potential to grow the business of Agro industry.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Andrew Braithwaite
    Phone: +44 (0) 161 818 6487
    Country: United States

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    March 15 is the World Consumer Rights Day, which is to extend the publicity of consumers’ rights and interests protection, and to better protect consumers’ rights and interests in the international scope. On March 15th 2018, Hot Beer Brewing chose a special way to deliver its management concept of integrity to the world.


    On March 15, 2018, the image of Hot Beer was displayed on the nasdaq screen of New York times square, showing the image of the company and conveying the brand culture to the world. “an enterprise of integrity, be loyal to quality” will appear on the huge screen. This voice is not only to comply with the domestic consumption upgrade requirements, but also demonstrates the enterprise’s quality assurance! It is not only the inheritance and development of the core spiritual quality of 3.15, but also the further enrichment and promotion of the brand.


    Between 2010 and 2015, China’s beer market was gutted, while newly-built breweries fell sharply due to capacity saturation. Faced with such a situation, Mr. Liu, who had been in the field of large beer equipment for more than 20 years, began to put transition into consideration, and the rapid development of craft beer showed him the way. He put his business into the small craft equipment.  Soon, he founded Hot Beer Brewing.

    So far, Hot Beer Brewing has four stores open, each with a different business model. In Haikou, the store is an open sales platform cooperated with alumni; In Shenzhen, the store is also with alumni cooperation, but is completely closed membership system, only open to members; In Inner Mongolia, the store cooperates with the largest restaurants in the area, which is an exploration attempt in the third and fourth tier cities; In Beijing, it is an open physical flagship store that has successfully used the platform of crowd-funding and financing in first-tier city.

    For Hot Beer Brewing, different stores try different business models. When the most reasonable one found, it can be quickly copied.

    Hot Beer Brewing values word-of-mouth sharing in the circle. The enterprise hopes customers have perfect consumption experience and come back with his friends. This is a circle of sharing, which can expand continuously. The premise is to provide the best quality product and experience.

    In order to better enhance the competitiveness of products, Hot Beer Brewing set up its own research and development center in Qingdao, constantly optimizing the products, and providing technical guarantee for more outlets in the future.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Hot Beer Brewing
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    City: Beijing
    Country: China

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    It is universally acknowledged that social interaction activity is playing an important part in our daily life. We shall communicate with different people closed to us through various methods every day, such as face-to-face communication, writing an e-mail, updating own Twitter and Facebook or using more convenient mobile APPs, making us felt we keep touch with people we love. There is no doubt that network shall bring huge social interaction convenience to us.

    But do you feel anxious when your private information flows through the network?  Actually, huge user quantity represents huge information flow, which also means higher and higher threat on information safety. As privacy, even property safety, is commonly included in information, so the result shall be unthinkable once the information is disclosed.

    When facing the challenge of information exposure, will you give up enhancing the great convenience of network social software? Of course not. It will result into certain obstacle of communication of people in different areas. As a matter of fact, popular software used by people in different countries and areas is different. Their abilities to safe information are also different. As long as we choose the one based on the highest technology to protect our information, then our privacy will be guaranteed. Luckily, Smooth encrypt social software, a perfect tool to fully satisfy your demand, comes to birth.

    ­­The establishment of Smooth encrypt social software is helping people in different areas to communicate more frequently and enjoy the fun brought by social interaction; meanwhile, it aims at protecting personal information, encrypting communication content, protecting individual property safety through blockchain technique and transmitting more valuable information to each user so that each user can enjoy the convenience brought by excellent business mode; moreover, it won’t collect user’s data. It saves value generated by user’s data in the platform through original form and gives the value feedback to each one finally.

    Since the blockchain occurs, it has been operated for many years and there is no problem that encrypted information is decoded; therefore, it has sufficient safeguard on safety. In fact, it is also sufficiently proved that it is the best encrypted safety solution. Smooth encrypt social software adopts blockchain technique to create safe encrypted communication channel for users to guarantee the communication contents of user are not disclosed and information cannot be broken down even it is intercepted by hacker.

    In the marketplace, the frequent problem in social software is information disclosure as communication content is intercepted by hacker which finally results in incalculable result; therefore, many social software has developed the function of encrypted communication. Although these functions bring certain safety, it cannot be denied that it is possible that some so-called encrypted safety measures only exist in their names only as safety technical level of different social software enterprises is different. And according to the professional survey, blockchain is so far the safest technology for information transmission. Smooth encrypt social software is just the one base on blockchain technology. Therefore, Smooth encrypt social software can offer higher security than others.

    Distributed storage function of Smooth encrypt social software application blockchain technique with blockchain data storage structure can guarantee information stored by users won’t be falsified. Meanwhile, stable communication channel can be constructed through certain encryption measures and point-to-point transmission to safeguard data safety. In safety strategy, Smooth encrypt social software shall adopt more methods, such as updating internal data in time and strengthening safety grade of external firewall, to guarantee user data won’t be disclosed.

    When more and more users use Smooth encrypt social software, it can establish safe business platform with more service functions and wider coverage area to help enterprises users from different places worldwide to complete transaction rapidly with low cost and realize rapid fund transfer to make communication among various industries worldwide more usual.

    Besides, Smooth encrypt social software shall provide safe encrypted information transmission channel by using encrypted technique and point-to-point transmission technique of blockchain; in addition, it shall provide payment and property storage function by using encrypted currency based on blockchain technique and transmit information to online users by using broadcasting function of blockchain, etc. We shall flexibly apply various inspirations brought by blockchain to make scientific and technological life more comfortable.

    What’s more, Smooth encrypt social software shall carry an information issuing platform with bountiful contents and user can share and browse interested contents in Smooth encrypt social software. Users can be awarded with bountiful reward if they share some contents on the platform.

    In the future, as Smooth encrypt social software users and business services carried out Smooth encrypt social software platform are gradually increased, Smooth encrypt social software shall become the most active online commercial community with the most perfect function and the most excellent service. It shall gradually replace certain traditional areas and form new business center.

    To conclude briefly, Smooth encrypt social software is devoted to bringing safer and more convenient social experience to users by adopting blockchain technique so that they can enjoy new changes brought by science and technical life. Users can use Smooth encrypt social software to complete daily communication with other people, and even shopping payment, property management and property safety storage. In other words, Smooth encrypt social software is devoted to creating encrypted social interaction software integrating shopping payment, financial management, reading sharing and wallet. If you choose Smooth encrypt social software, more surprises will be waiting for you! Come on, just try it now, you will live in a safer life.

    Media Contact
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    Country: China

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