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    On May 8, 2018, Dubai Business Bay, the famous world’s tallest hotel – JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, International Blockchain Economic Conference was held here.

    The crowds blowing the hotel, luxury cars all over the place, the chauffeur was too busy parking too much cars. People coming from all over the world speaking languages ​​of various countries have packed the lobby of the hotel. The high-end hotel was crowed like a busy shopping mall on festival day. 

    On the 6th floor of the hotel,here held the “International Blockchain Economic Conference” . Thousands of seats were full. People from all over the world have spent a lot of money on air tickets and hotels. Many people crowded on the aisle, as if they didn’t want to miss the wealth that would sweep the world this time.


    Dozens of cameras and media workers, as well as celebrities’ presence highlighted the importance of this conference. CEO of blockchain, rich Dubai businessman, JP Morgans, Citibanks and other business giants were impressive, but one of them was even more eye-catching: black hair, energetic, fluent English and talking with great confidence and power. His name is Liao Wang, the richest Chinese in Dubai Blockchain industry. For this purpose, we made a special interview with him. 

    Right side is Liao Wang

    Liao Wang, the richest Chinese in Dubai Blockchain industry, comes from Jiangxi Province, China. He went to Dubai at 24 years old, when he was as poor as church mouse and used to sleep on corridor as he could not afford paying  bed space . He founded “Atomic Properties LLC” at age 25, turning from extremely poverty to boss in a year time. Later he invested hundreds of properties in Dubai and became a self-made billionaire. He is a living legend of people becoming  rich in Dubai, the famous luxury city. Now he is the CEO of Atoshi(a blockchain company ) and the initiator of International Monetary Freedom Organization.

    Selected below are some of Liao Wang’s speech:

    “China only banned exchanges and haven’t banned the legitimacy of OTC transactions and owning of Bitcoins, indicating that the government is still relatively friendly and open. The people of the world do not have to panic because of  Chinese government’s ban on cryptocurrency exchanges. The Chinese government has adopted foreign exchange control policies to promote Chinese economy. If the existence of an exchange is allowed, many capitals and illegal money will flow out of China through cryptocurrency, thereby increasing the difficulty of foreign exchange control and affecting economic development. The Chinese government also controls US dollars in China. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be more restricted than what the government has done now.

    “Bitcoin may fall to $1 after rising $1 million per coin. Bitcoin has all the merits of gold and can be more easily easier divided into small pieces than gold, which makes it better for transactions than gold. At the same time, it also has all the advantages of the US dollar, but better than dollars. Limited at only 21million coins, Bitcoin will continue to go up to 20,000 US dollars, 100,000 US dollars, and even 1 million US dollars, but at the same time due to the rise of many new cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins dominance in all crytos will be  reduced to below 5% .Because bitcoin technology was a decade ago, the rise of new cryptocurrency, technological upgrading  and some mining pools have more than 51% of whole  computing power, which may lead to the risk of attacking the bitcoin network. It will gradually decline, even less than 1 US dollar.”

    “The cryptocurrency 3.0 is still a baby in mama’s stomach. 3.0 should have a faster transaction speed, lower transaction cost, and be more decentralized. At the same time, it can run Dapp on a large scale and implement ipfs. He is leading atoshi team to do that.

    “Foreign reserves will gradually shift from US dollar to cryptos, because US dollar can be printed at almost 0 costs, and the wealth of countries that hold US dollar as foreign reserves is constantly diluted and devalued.  People of the world are not happy with that and demand a change now.

    “Dubai’s blockchain business environment is very good:

    Dubai ruler HH Sheik Mohammad Al Maktoum himself said: “The adoption of blockchain technology will help Dubai for the future challenges.”

    Dubai’s Crown Prince HH Sheik Hamdan launched “Dubai Blockchain Strategy” project and established Smart Dubai Office.

    Dr.  Aisha Bin Bashr, Director of the Smart Dubai Office, said: “A lot of countries are still arguing about the advantages and disadvantages of the blockchain. We have already embraced blockchain to make Dubai the capital of  blockchain.”

    “Dubai has a 2020 paperless city plan. By 2020,50% of the government  will adopt blockchain, saving an estimated 77 million man-hours per year and  440 million sheets of paper. Departments including the Immigration Department, the Ministry of Finance, DEWA, and Land Department must all use blockchain technology, such as real estate registration……”

    Liao Wang’s speech was straight to the point. He had a very eyes-opening understanding of the crypto currency. Huge applauses came like waves after his speech. We wish Liao Wang and his Atoshi blockchain a big success on the world’s stage.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Atoshi Foudation
    Contact Person: Atos
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    Zentai Hero is trying to fill the people need who want to celebrate Halloween & Cosfest by providing high quality Superhero costumes.

    The best part of Halloween or Cosfest is that people are able to be what they want to include being their favorite superhero. Specific superheroes such as those from Marvel Comics are very popular and most people want to wear it. At the same time, those people need to find the best place to buy their favorite superhero costumes. Zentai Hero is ready with several high quality superhero costumes. One of them is Fantastic Four costumes. The costume is unique because it is tight, but elastic as well. Specific material such as Lycra spandex is a perfect material to fill the need of tight, flexible, and comfortable costume. Zentai Hero has the blue and black costumes including the human torch on fire in the form of 3D and it makes the costume looks real.

    Zentai Hero Introduces Most Wanted Superhero Costumes for the Cosfest

    Some women want to appear extremely different than her daily performance on Halloween. One of the most popular extreme and unique characters chosen is Harley Quinn. She is a fictional character created by DC Comics. The main characteristic is in her bright and brave makeup and style. Zentai Hero knows what their clients need in Halloween by providing the best and high quality costumes including Harley Quinn costume. There are several Harley Quinn costumes offered and they are made of spandex material. Spandex is elastic and comfortable enough to wear. Women love to be a superhero in Halloween because it looks cool.

    Besides looking for Fantastic Four and Harley Quinn costumes, Totally Spies costumes are also chosen to celebrate Halloween or Costume festival. Totally Spies are 4 female superheroes, which created by Marathon Production. The costume is charming because it consists of 4 different colors which are blue, red, yellow, and green. As an experienced and expert superhero costume company, Zentai Hero knows how to prepare high quality costumes. Most of the costumes are made of Lycra spandex material.

    To get the detail from each of the superheroes, the costumes are handmade and it makes them looks real. While choosing the best costume design, it is also important to check the size of the costume. The combination of cool superhero costume and fit size makes the users not only look amazing but they can also wear it comfortably even if they have to wear the costume all day long. Just like what Zentai Hero said, they are providing high quality and good condition superhero costumes for any kind of occasions including Costume festival and Halloween.   

    About Zentai Hero:

    Zentai Hero is a costume company which serves their clients with various types of costumes for any kind of occasions. One of the most wanted costumes is superhero costumes to celebrate Halloween and Costume Festivals.

    For more information, please visit :

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Zentai Hero
    Contact Person: Laura Yang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 15982358575
    City: Chengdu City
    State: Sichuan
    Country: China

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    A wide assortment of infinity, convertible dresses and more in different styles and sizes are now available for global online purchase at highly affordable prices

    Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd, a Chinese company that specializes in fashion and design announces the launch of the latest collection of infinity, convertible, wrap convertible dresses and more in their online,, at affordable prices to offer global customers with their choice of party wears and ceremonial outfits, yet, within their budget range. These feature collections such as manic style, laciel, chiffon skirts, butterfly, strapless dresses and more which accommodate various sizes and age brackets.

    The company offers a broad assortment of infinity dress in its online retail shop to provide both men and ladies of all age categories and sizes with a more unique outfit. This variety of dresses and accessories designed from high-quality satin are the perfect choice for stylish women and men. Other infinity designs available for buyers include short infinity, maxi infinity, high low infinity dresses and more. Generally, they are made available in many styles and fashions. Also, with the straps, the dress can be styled in various ways giving a more admirable outfit. The company also provides customers with a tutorial on how to create their own style and multiple ways to dress up with infinity dresses.

    Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd Introduces New Collection of Infinity Dresses, Styles and More for Global Customers

    For the more style-conscious ladies, Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd has the Convertible dress ready in their online store. Available in different styles, these highly fashionable strap dresses are designed with a soft fabric which makes it able to adjust to any fit. In addition to the comfort, the material also helps to flatter all the shapes and sizes while maintaining users’ styles even when their body changes. This unique property makes the convertible dress preferred by most ladies for parties and occasions. The company also provides different style options to accommodate global customers’ choices.

    To also improve comfort for wearers in addition to the fashions and styles, the company offers a novel variety of Wrap convertible dress with unique straps. The target for these adjustable form of dresses are for those who would like to wear several looks even with the same dress. Other dress styles and accessories designed by the company include groomsmen neck tie satin, infinity essential silicone bra, butterfly bow tie groomsmen and more.

    Clients who are interested in purchasing their new collections or wish to know more about Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd, and their other services are urged to visit their website on 

    About Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd

    Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese company that specializes in the design of a wide range of fashion gowns, convertible dresses, wrap dresses and more. They also own an online retail shop, where these stylish dresses are made available for global customers. They are major distributors to Europe, US and other countries around the globe.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Leo Zhang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 24 85718959
    Country: China

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    PG SOFT (PG Software), also known as Pocket Games Soft, is a game software company founded and headquartered in 2015 in Malta (Valletta Buildings, South Street, Valletta – VLT 1103 Malta). They have since branched out and opened offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

    PG SOFT is committed to comply with the strictest requirements set by the regulators. All of PG SOFT’s operations are under strict supervision to ensure the safety and fairness of all of their games. All of PF SOFT’s game data are tested by the following Accredited Testing Facility (ATF).

    Certifications obtained include:

    BMM TestLabs – BMM TestLabs has more than 35 years of experience in testing, consulting, and certifying many world-class online and gaming systems, making them the most experienced third-party independent gaming testing laboratory based in Las Vegas.

    Gaming Associates (GA) – GA is an internationally recognized Accredited Testing Facility (ATF). They have been in the gambling industry since the 1990s, and have pioneered regulated internet gaming by providing its services to operators, developers and regulators.

    Quinel – With almost 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, Quinel has gaming testing labs in Italy, Malta, UK, and Argentina, ensuring that the organization is fully equipped to test, certify and inspect in the fields of gaming around the world.

    HM Government of Gibraltar – Online game license issued by the British Government of Gibraltar.

    According to reports, the core team of PG SOFT Game Software Company comprised of senior Hollywood filmmakers, mathematics elites from Oxford University and Cambridge University from the US, and a top Internet product team from Asia with more than 10 years of research and development experience. PG Soft team has since grown to more than 200 employees with an average age of 28 years old.

    Currently, PGSOFT have signed agreements with partners that include Nektan, one of Europe’s largest gaming solutions and services provider, well-known British video games solutions and services providers, Relax Gaming and Leander Games, world-renowned sports brand 188BET as well as famous video games operator 138com and others.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: PG Soft
    Contact Person: Alex Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Malta

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    China-Hifi-Audio online shop lines up an exclusive new series of vacuum tube power amplifiers and other accessories at affordable prices for global customers.

    With the objective of providing global customers with high-tech audio experience, introduces new series of technologically advanced vacuum tube power amplifiers and other accessories in its online store at low prices. These hi-fi audio brands feature products such as hi-fi vacuum tube amplifier, cables, hi-end CD player, power amp or speakers, audiophile valve preamp, and are chosen from popular brands like Meixing Mingda, Music Angel, Line Magnetic Audio, Bewitch, Shengya, Yaqin, Qinpu(chpo), JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Original, Opera, Shanling, Dussun and others.

     Undoubtedly, music is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of everyday life. However, there is a growing demand for a step up from the relatively simple sound to a more innovative and authentic full voice. understands this growing trend for quality amplifier technology. The online retail shop is proud to offer series of audio tube amplifiers in its portfolio.

    The company offers Line Magnetic Audio LM Tube Amplifier series to meet the needs of customers. The online stores provide a collection of what is required to improve electronic exhibitions both at home and abroad.  These include series of amplifiers such as Audio LM-500IA, LM-219IA, and others.

    China-hifi-audio Unveils New Brands Of Quality Tube Amplifiers Online provides another Chinese well-known brand as the PSVANE TUBE to ensure that clients are given quality audio experience. The online shop has sections offering series of this unique brand. These include high-end vacuum tubes, electron valves and more.  

    Also available in their portfolio are high-rated Mei Xing MingDa Amplifier brands.

    The company has a collection of these unique brands to offer customers products with the highest sonic qualities that are very efficient, reliable and low noise.Other products available in the store include accessories such as power cables, power filters, Hi-fi Audio Racks, bookshelf Desk for amplifiers, Audiophile stereo interconnect hi-fi, cords and more.

    To know more about the products and other inquiries, one can visit

    About China-Hifi-Audio

    Today, China-hi-fi-Audio is one of China’s major suppliers of hi-fi vacuum tube integrated amplifiers, other vacuum tube stereo amplifier in addition to other high-tech electronics. The online store features products ranging, hi-end CD player, hi-fi vacuum tube amplifier, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp or speakers and other electronic accessories. They have been chosen from leading Chinese hi-fi brands such as Music Angel, Yaqin, Mei Xing Mingda, Qinpu(chpo), Bewitch, Shengya, Line Magnetic Audio and more to Choseal, Xindak Cables for Interconnecting hi-fi sound equipment. Prices offered by on these products are reasonable. This will afford customers access to such high brand.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    VOLDA Communication produces a new set of DIN Male Connectors, Coaxial Cables, Universal Grounding Kits and other components to improve global experience in wireless telecom network operations.

    VOLDA Communication, the Chinese company with over 12 years of manufacturing experience, announces the release of a new line of technologically advanced wireless telecom network componentsto provide global wireless telecom network with a better experience in operations. These feature a wide range of DIN Male Connectors, Steel Hardware, Jumper Cables, Coaxial Grounding Kits and others including Hoisting Grips, Boots & Entry Panels and more.

    With the growing trend towards achieving a high-speed signal by mobile communication industries, there is need to enhance production and services with good quality to meet the requirements for the construction of wireless telecommunications network systems. Responding to this global urgency and the need for expansion, VOLDA Communication has come up with a wide range of advanced telecom tower site components one of which is the DIN Male Connectors.  This is represented in the advanced RF Connector 7/16 DIN Male for 1/2″ Superflex Cable.

    Advanced DIN Male Connectors, Coaxial Cables, Grounding Kits Boost Global Wireless Telecom Network Experience

    Also manufactured by VOLDA Communication is the Coaxial Cable Grounding Kit which is designed with tinned wires. The machine is technically integrated with standard bonding conductor and cable jacketing removal lengths and compatible diameters in addition to Lugs, hardware, tapes and several other high-tech components. Moreover, the company has a team of experienced employees who focus on the research, development, and production in addition to ensuring the security of the packaging and assembling processes to continually preserve and enhance global customer experience.

    The company has also developed other coaxial cables one of which is the Jumper Cable. Other products include RF components, support grips, cable attachments, feeder clamps, cable entry, weatherproofing, other steel products and more. In addition to their products, the company provides other services to global customers. These include complete on-time shipping services to help customers pay less. Again, they provide other specialty or custom services for specific applications. They have also indicated their commitment to providing a 100% satisfaction to customers.

    Clients who are interested in knowing more about VOLDA Communication their products and services are invited to visit their website

    About VOLDA

    The Chinese giant industrial company, VOLDA specializes in the manufacture and supply of a wide assortment of high quality telecom tower site components which include Steel Hardware, Cable Runway Components, Cable Blocks, Hangers, Standoff Kits, Angle Adapters, Grounding, Hoisting Grips, Boots & Entry Panels, Jumper Cables, Tapes & Weatherproofing, Feeder Clamps, Coaxial Connectors and more. The products are supplied domestically and overseas.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: VOLDA
    Contact Person: James Gu
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-518-81065534
    Country: China

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    With the popularization of blockchain concept and the rapid development of technology application, through combining with entity industries, blockchain technology has been applied in our lives, drawing more and more attention around the world. New patterns and applications are also having an influence on our way of life and thinking habit.

    XMC is the world’s first User Generated Data health care system that combines blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and big data analysis.

    Penny Caesar — founder of XMC

    Users or patients can upload and manage their personal medical records through XMC to obtain primary ownership of their personal data. With the application of encrypted data, these data cannot be edited by other parties.

    XMC encrypts and stores private medical data by making use of decentralization, consensus mechanism and tamper-resistant characteristics of blockchain. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence and big data are used to analyze and provide customized global medical data to meet the needs of users, and provide a safe and efficient data management platform for individual and institutional users. Based on blockchain and artificial intelligence, by connecting data, objective, accurate and multi-dimensional global medical care proposal can be found for users.

    1. As a professional “patient”, the founder has a clear understanding of the needs of patients

    The founder of XMC, Penny Caesar, has been exposed to the blockchain since August last year and spent about 2-3 months studying many foreign texts, with many years of cross-border medical experience. And the company’s project is called X-MED. His personal advantages of being engaged in medical blockchain lie in the following three aspects:

    First, whether it is cross-border or local projects, he is familiar with the projects he manages. Second, he has a three-year experience in cross-border medical care. As for customer’s distrust in cross-border health care, the emergence of the blockchain exactly addresses the problem. Third, he combines the traditional healthcare industry with blockchain technology, and the team possesses an international background and global vision, which is a significantly important advantage.

    Through his personal experience, he deeply realizes that: in different countries and regions, there are great differences in medical strength. So, in addition to focusing on local medical service, people should expand their horizons to include other countries and find more suitable medical services.

    Therefore, he comes to a conclusion: There are some diseases that can be treated abroad (or other places). Finding the right destination to treat illness will have a good effect. For example, the cost of cancer treatment in Hong Kong, China, is only 1/3 of cost of treatment in the United States, and 2/3 of cost of treatment in the United Kingdom. For example, in terms of high-end drugs, patients can also find high-quality drug in India, Israel and other places, but the price is only 1 / 10 of the price in the United States.

    Although the market may seem minor, it actually has a large scale. At present, there are still many people who are not aware of these differences. Based on this situation, they begin cross-border medical services in Hong Kong, China.

    Data show that in the past, the proportion of mainland Chinese customers coming to Hong Kong for medical treatment was 10%. Three years later, that is, now, in some popular medical programs, especially medical departments such as medical cosmetology, vaccine, cancer and so on, the proportion has reached 50%. Many outsiders come to Hong Kong not just for shopping, and the proportion of people who pursue medical service, especially medical cosmetology, is also very large.

    In terms of patient end, the most clinical cases are cancer. In addition, cross-border medical care can be divided into two parts: one is light medical care, the other is heavy medical care, and in these two parts, both of which are highly needed. The number of vaccinated users served by X-MED is more than 1000. And in Hong Kong some programs, such as medical cosmetology, cosmetic surgery, vaccine, and cancer are normally chosen by mainland customers who come to Hong Kong.

    Through analysis, they divide the global market into medical importing countries and medical exporting countries. Medical importing countries, such as Singapore, Japan and South Korea, have the medical reception capacity; In addition, the medical exporting countries are Russia, China, the United States. Although their medical technology is the most powerful in the world, the cost is also the most expensive, so patients normally go to other countries to access medical services, which is the industry background of cross-border medical care.

    As the influence in the industry and the market continues to expand, the demand end for X-MED services has experienced explosive growth. In the mainland of China, we can conclude that southerners choose Hong Kong, China, and northerners choose Japan, Korea, but patients have no idea about which country is the most suitable for themselves, because there is no excellent platform to answer for them. Therefore, they want to make use of the blockchain to solve the problem of information sharing, management and authenticity.

    2. The blockchainization of clinical case to judge which country is the right place to treat illness.

    What does a normal person do if he gets sick? There is a common phenomenon that first of all, he probably will not ask the doctor at once, but resort to Baidu and search for information on the Internet. Because it is a centralized platform, we cannot ensure whether many of the results are true. After the patient searches for some information, the related information about the person will be recorded in the platform, and the platform will make use of different ads to guide the user’s behavior. But it is uncertain whether this is the best medical care plan.

    The benefit of the blockchain is that the whole process is confidential. XMC can quickly analyze a real, encrypted clinical case data, thus presenting a medical condition, experience, price, satisfaction of the same case data. Analysis from multiple latitudes allows patients to identify the most appropriate medical options. Through analysis in multiple dimensions, patients are able to identify the most appropriate medical care plan.

    XMC enables everyone to blockchainize clinical case, and the blockchainizaton of clinical case is to record data. These data can be easily transited to doctor after data are encrypted by blockchain. With the help of AI data, some important information is recorded, integrated, analyzed, and presented. And then these information is pushed to the patient, making the user possess a better medical experience.

    Each user can sign up to an XMC account and upload their clinical case to the blockchain. Through cross-border medical care, for the same disease, if there are 10 cases in different countries around the world, people will be able to determine which country is suitable and how much it will cost and find out the most appropriate medical care plan.

    At present stage, XMC can tell patients where is the best place to treat their illness according to medical experience data from different dimensions. And there are no more than 10 evaluation dimensions, but these dimensions are crucial and key.

    XMC aims to continuously collect more cases of the same disease and accelerate the establishment and improvement of the database. It is expected that in 2019 more and more comprehensive data will be collected on the same disease in different regions, such as medical records analysis, technology, experience, services, prices, and evaluation, in order to improve and enrich the cross-border medical blockchain data system. With these data as the basis for better judgment and analysis, users can “experience” intelligentized services and make appropriate medical choices without leaving home.

    3. The improvement in the reliability and security of blockchain technology

    X-MED serves tens of thousands of patients, and their platform has accumulated a lot of information about medical institutions, so there is a set of evaluation systems. In the future, the data from these medical institutions can also be blockchainized. Through decentralization management, XMC blockchainizes the most critical and non-private clinical case information record, thus realizing information sharing.

    They want to simplify complex problems. The blockchainization of clinical case data is mainly to promote cross-border medical services itself. Overall, users or patients can upload and manage their personal medical records through XMC to obtain primary ownership of their personal data. With the application of encrypted data, these data cannot be edited by other parties.

    XMC encrypt and store private medical data by making use of decentralization consensus mechanism and tamper-resistant characteristics of blockchain. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence and big data are used to analyze and provide customized global medical data to meet the needs of users, and provide a safe and efficient data management platform for individual and institutional users.

    We can firmly believe that with the rapid development of XMC and the application of XMC in combination with traditional industries, more and more users will benefit from blockchain technology and platform, which will be bound to create more value for industry and market in the future.

    About the Company

    To know more about XMC:

    Youtube video:






    Contact Info:

    Name: Media Relations

    Organization: XMED Chain

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: XMED Chain
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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    SUM, a social security system based on blockchain technology, has attracted a lot of attention recently, especially for Europeans and Americans that attach great importance to privacy and personal information. SUM has become a hit on U.S and Canadian websites and forums, with hundreds of international media outlets reporting about it. As well as this, with the development of blockchain around the world, eyes are increasingly fixing their gaze on SUM.

    Current social networks are centralized structures created by user content. Social networking sites set rules, store content, and distribute content. As a service provider, the social network has mastered using data generated by users, which breaches users’ personal privacy as well as their personal rights. Due to these reasons, the SUM social chain was created.

    As a communication platform for decentralized peer-to-peer cryptographic transmissions, SUM completely excises the central server based on a distributed communication network, so that all communications conducted on SUM will adopt trusted peer-to-peer encryption standards. The ECC algorithm of elliptic curve encryption is used to create a secure and closed information transmission close loop through asymmetric encryption of information from the initial transmission to the storage of information.

    As well as this, the high performance of ECC encryption algorithms will lead to more efficient information processing speed, comprehensively solving the transmission encryption security problems from the mobile end to the server end, and avoid the risk of information leakages and privacy theft from the source. After years of collaboration and integration, the SUM team has been able to do a good job in the field of instant messaging with efficient technology. SUM will build the SAC smart application public chain platform into one of the ecological entry points of SAC smart application chain, providing users with a safe, convenient and concise decentralized social platform.

    In addition, SUM combines the broadcast function of the blockchain technology, carries a rich information platform, and provides access to all node users. Users can share and browse content on SUM, and enterprises can publish advertising information on the SUM platform. The generated data will be stored in the blockchain with original data form, and users can get a variety of rewards when participating in information transmissions.

    SUM will create a “social network that does not monetize by harvesting user information,” where interactions between users, such as sending messages, posts, photos, and video, are peer-to-peer. Users can also publish paid content for personal benefit through the SUM chain. SUM chain is an incentive system that substitutes money.

    Blockchain technology has given startups for social media a new hope. SUM provides a new development idea for peer-to-peer social networks, which guarantees the interests of users. SUM provides a new way of thinking about social networks based on peer-to-peer social networks, which is to protect the user’s interest, while having zero latency, is free for everyone, and is based upon the sharing concept. SUM connects global values within the same network, creating a global social platform that stands for freedom.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Have you ever seen a washing machine that can be put in your pocket, and it has embodied the application of ultrasonic technology?

    Mankind has always been looking for the most convenient way of laundry. Recently, Indiegogo website is crowdfunding for a world’s smallest ultrasonic washing machine. Exactly speaking, it is a pen named ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen that can wash clothes. Its appearance has subverted the traditional way of washing


    • The completion of the cleaning within tens of seconds

    • Available for use at anywhere and anytime

    • Ultrasonic cleaning technology

    • Super water saving

    • Ergonomic& simple design

    This device allows you to easily deal with all kinds of stains at anytime, anywhere. For example, it can remove coffee, jams, salads, blood stains, lipsticks, etc.

    What’s more, it has an amazingly fast speed to clean up. It only takes tens of seconds and the stains are washed away. The most magic thing is that it can also wash things like glasses, sports shoes, razors, etc. This product is perfect for those neat freaks.

    ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen completely subverts the situation when you are still fighting with stains using hands or brushes.

    The use of ultrasonic technology, according to statistics, can launch a large amount of energy in the water to quickly peel off the stain from the clothing fibers so as to achieve a deep cleaning effect.

    According to the R&D team that has developed the product, the ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen is a super cleaning device aimed at local stains. It can do things that the traditional washing machine can’t deal with.

    In addition, the R&D team adds that they are developing laundry equipment with higher efficiency so that humans can wash clothes without the use of water in the future. Please watch the video below for more information.

    Video Link:

    This ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen is undergoing crowdfunding at the Indiegogo. They reward the earliest supporters with a 63% discount ($99). Participants are limited. For details, please click below:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ViTUN Science And Technology
    Contact Person: Bob
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Recently the next generation blockchain-based Mesh networking company SmartMesh (SMT) and international cryptocurrency exchange Huobi were both included in the “Top-10 Blockchain Provider 2018” list published by APAC CIO Outlook, a well-known Silicon Valley IT magazine.  SmartMesh also was selected as “Company of the Month” in April and its CEO and Founder Henry Wang appeared on the magazine’s cover.

    APAC CIO Outlook provides a platform for CIOs, CTOs and other senior decision makers in the IT domain to share their experience, wisdom and advice.  Development trends and frontier technologies in enterprise applications, big data, mobile computing and security are also covered by the publication.

    World Economic Forum Founder and Chairman Klaus Schwab considers blockchain to be the key technology behind the upcoming fourth industrial revolution in a series of world-changing transformations following ones previously led by water and steam power, electric power and electronics and information. Nevertheless, blockchain technology is still in its youth and it has not yet been integrated into our daily lives. In China, the most significant functional use cases for blockchain have laughingly been called “Token Speculation” and “Holdings Meetings”. Investors’ confidence have also been dealt a blow as recent policies have been deployed and carried out globally with the aim of containing fraudulent and speculative blockchain projects. But these were also necessary steps in developing a framework where the investment arena could be kept rational.

    The Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference was held on April 17th, 2018. At the conference, SmartMesh performed a demo of its multi-hop Mesh network successfully being deployed without internet connections, and thereby also implementing the first instance of internet-free blockchain technology. The establishment of the Universal Connectivity and Consensus Organization (UCCO) was also a highlight of the conference. Members of UCCO including SmartMesh, RSK and MeshBox will make joint efforts to connect half the world’s population that still cannot access the internet. SmartMesh also announced their decision that they would release their SmartRaiden offline payment technology as open-source at the conference. Currently, Spectrum, the SmartMesh public chain, is already online and as the project rolls out, SmartRaiden, Spectrum and RSK sidechains will be integrated into MeshBox to operate as the cornerstone of the Internet of Value and Internet of Things.

    Having been voted a “Top-10 Blockchain Solution Provider 2018” in a well-respected Silicon Valley publication makes it is obvious that SmartMesh is being recognized and established in its field. The SMT Token is also experiencing high volumes of trading as it gains in popularity. As a pioneer outfit, SmartMesh and other similar high-quality projects will enter a new development stage that draws stark contrasts with fraudulent and speculative projects based on smoke and mirrors that have no real technology behind them. It’s easy to see that SMT is a promising bet in the blockchain field and has enormous room for growth, expansion and success.



    Tel: 010-82612061

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    Offer CNC machined parts, precision engineering components, custom machined parts, precision CNC machining service, injection molding parts and die casting parts, and so many others at very affordable rates.

    RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd are proud to announce to the public, the release of its unique, quality, and highly effective high precision components to the global market. Be it for the medical, aerospace, transportation, gas and oil, or military industry.

    With advancement in technology, the need for components with precise structure and shape is required. Runsom Precision Co. Ltd.’s machine components, serve all the needs well irrespective of the material size or number of needed parts. Their machines are used to customize, reduce and refine materials into usable parts. They are also used with computerized and mathematical controllers. Their machines are categorized into milling and turning machinery. Industries with high level sophistication and low level tolerance can use Runsom’s machines to design and create products which are safe and are of high quality.

    Runsom Precision Co. LTD Introduces High Precision Machined Components to Global Market

    RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd have advanced precision milling parts ranging from general 3 axis to 5 axis for customers in the field of automation design, automobile parts machining, defense industry components, medical equipment, lighting parts machining, etc. They are the number one china turning manufacturer, and also provide custom CNC machining services for custom machinery building, automation and robotic, food processing machinery, lighting industry, cinema and photographic equipment, and jigs and fixtures.

    They also produce thousands of china custom milling parts ranging from washers, bolts, shafts, rivets, spacers, sleeves, nipples, stainless steel fittings, pipe fittings, light fittings, wheel studs, etc. Runsom’s turned components have an accuracy of roundness and concentricity that can achieve up to +/-0.005mm, surface roughness that can achieve up to Ra0.4, a diameter of 1mm to 300mm round bars, precision CNC turning, turning-and-milling multiple machining,  machining carbon steels, stainless steel, tool steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and plastics, and low, medium to high volume batches.

    With an advanced machining equipment, streamlined machining process, and a well-supported supply chain in China, Runsom Precision is able to ship machined parts in 48 hours after receiving customers’ orders. They deliver precision machined components on time and to specification. They also assist customers with material choosing, structure testing, processes arranging and component finishing.

    For more information, go online to

    About RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd

    Founded in 2005, RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd is a professional customized, high precision machined components manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. They have a high reputation for high quality and nice service, and are able to provide one-stop services from initial concept to finished products. Runsom Precision have been in providing custom machining service for more than ten years.

    Amongst their numerous high precision component machines are CNC machined parts, precision engineering components, custom machined parts, precision CNC machining service, injection molding parts and die casting parts.

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    Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd is a professional water park equipment supplier company for a water park or theme parks with incredible quality products.

    Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd becomes the main supplier of water park equipment in China. It becomes the first supplier company, that exclusively providing one stop service feature for planning water park investment, water park equipment, and many more. It also calculates the cost to build a water park for clients and investors, therefore they understand how much money to spend in building such water park, and theme park.

    This company is a credible supplier of a water park equipment, of some great water park in China such as Zhuai Dream Water City and Chimelong Water Park. The company is professional with certifications in the water park industry in China. If people want to build your own water park, they can trust this company for providing equipment and plans. It always develops its innovative products to fulfill the customers’ request. It has developed a hundred of water park facilities with international level technology to provide high satisfaction for visitors in the water park.

    Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd Offers One Stop Water Park Design Build Service To Help Clients Build Their Own Water Park

    There are some products of the water park and theme park from Guangzhou Trend Water Park Equipment company. The equipment usually follows water park design build before it is kept and installed in a particular water park area. The first one is Cobra Water Slide, that has a high platform up to 16.4 meters. This is giving high temptation and dare people to beat it. It increases the adrenaline when people take this at the water park. In addition, it provides Boomerang Water Slide. It is completed by high quality fiberglass swings and water slide areas. This water park equipment is constructed and designed in China. Long Raft Fiberglass Water Slide is a long raft water slide made of plastic that is suitable for children and adults. It becomes the most sales of water park equipment in this company

    About Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd

    Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd is a professional company that offering one stop service for people about the plans of the theme park, water park investment, project construction, landscaping, and many more. This company works professionally for 23 years experience in the water park construction field. It has a strong commitment to providing pool equipment, water slide, water home structures, and flow rider that all of them can be trusted.  Guangzhou Trend WaterPark Equipment Co,.Ltd is a Chinese supplier of being a broad range of water park tools and equipment. It has handled 1000 projects in China and also overseas. It has been a high reputation for being the best supplier company in China.

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    The Data Shield team will cooperate with the Kun Opera Theaters of the Belt and Road in response to the national call, with the aim of carrying out the spirit of the instruction of “firming cultural confidence and promoting prosperity of socialist culture” put forward by the Central Government; telling the world about Chinese stories; showing the picture of China in an authentic and comprehensive way; truly enhancing cultural soft power; promoting international communication capabilities and integrating Chinese culture into the world.

    The Kun Opera Yiyue Drama Art Platform is hereby established to provide a chance for the DS Corporate to understand the Kun Opera and to have a glance at the brilliant Chinese culture. At the same time, it will also build a bridge between the DS Corporate and the essence of Chinese culture.

    The Kun Opera platform will be an important supporter of DSCBank’s commercial empire. The platform will make all payments with the DSCB and will provide the strongest backing for DSCB’s deflation model.

    Kun Opera, also known as Kunqu Opera, Kunqiang and Kunshan Qiang, is the oldest opera in China, and is also a treasure in Chinese traditional culture and art. Kun Opera originated in the 14th century at China’s Suzhou Taicang South Wharf. After the improvement of Wei Liangfu and some other people, it became well-known around the country and ever since the middle of the Ming Dynasty it has been the most remarkable one in the Chinese theaters for nearly 300 years.  Kun Opera was listed by UNESCO as“a masterpiece of human oral and intangible heritage” in 2001.

    With a long history, Chinese Kun Opera stands out in the world’s cultures.

    Kun Opera, also known as Kunqu Opera, Kunqiang and Kunshan Qiang, is the oldest opera in China, and is also a treasure in Chinese traditional culture and art. Kun Opera originated in the 14th century at China’s Suzhou Taicang South Wharf. After the improvement of Wei Liangfu and some other people, it became well-known around the country and ever since the middle of the Ming Dynasty it has been the most remarkable one in the Chinese theaters for nearly 300 years. Kun Opera combines chanting, dancing, martial arts, etc. It is famous for its elegant libretto, refined melody, and exquisite performances. And it is known as the ancestor of 100 operas. Kun Opera uses drums and boards to control the rhythm. Qudi and Sanxian are the main accompaniment instruments. Its singing voice is “Zhongzhou rhyme.” Kun Opera was listed by UNESCO as “a masterpiece of human oral and intangible heritage” in 2001.

    Judging from the development of Kun Opera in history, the 400 years before the 18th century was a time when Kun Opera gradually matured and became increasingly prosperous.

    As early as the end of the Yuan Dynasty (mid 14th century), Kun Opera was born in the area of ​​Kunshan, Suzhou. Along with Haiyan Qiang, Yuyao Qiang which originated in Zhejiang Province, and Fuyang Qiang, which originated in Jiangxi Province, it is called one of the four major musical melodies of the Ming Dynasty. It belongs to the Nanxi system.

    At first Kun Opera was only a folk song and only heard in the area of Suzhou. During the Wanli period, it expanded to areas on the south of the Yangtze River and the north of the Qiantang River. At the end of Wanli period it was introduced to Beijing. In this way, the Kun Opera became the most influential type of musical melodies in the middle period of the Ming Dynasty to the middle of the Qing Dynasty.

    May 18th, 2001, UNESCO announced the first set of “masterpieces of human oral and intangible heritage”.

    Here are the reasons: 1, extremely high skills. The dramatics of operas is a combination of singing, reading, performing, playing (dancing). 2 “living fossils”. Kun Opera has few changes, and it retains more traditional features of traditional operas. The repertoire is extremely rich. And it is called “living fossil.” 3, “endangered species.” Before 1949, no other occupational performance groups than the New National-style Su Opera and the semi-Fu Kunban, had been included in the intangible cultural heritage list.

    Due to Kunban’s extensive performance activities, in the last years of Wanli, Kun Opera was introduced into Beijing and Hunan via Yangzhou, and it took the lead in all the melodies and became the standard of the legendary play: “All Songs Must originate from Wu area”. In the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Kun Opera spread to Sichuan, Guizhou, and Guangdong, when it became a national drama.

    Kun opera was originally written in Suzhou dialect, but after it was introduced into other areas, it was combined with local dialects and folk music to create a variety of schools amd became a national representative. During the Qian Long period of the Qing Dynasty, the development of Kun Opera entered its heyday. From then on, Kun Opera began to lead the opera area, which has lasted for six to seven hundred years. It has become the oldest traditional form of opera in China and the world at present.

    At first Kun Opera was only a folk song and only heard in the area of Suzhou. During the Wanli period, it expanded to areas on the south of the Yangtze River and the north of the Qiantang River. At the end of Wanli period it was introduced to Beijing. In this way, the Kun Opera became the most influential type of musical melodies in the middle period of the Ming Dynasty to the middle of the Qing Dynasty.

    According to scholars’ research, “The aesthetic taste represented by Kun Opera obviously belongs to the South, especially in the Jiangnan region, but its cultural identity does not belong to one place and one time. It embodies the aesthetic pursuit and artistic creation of the literati in the vast regions of China. Because it is a model of literary elegance, it has a strong ability to cover, and has the potential to be widely spread. And in the process of dissemination, it basically maintains its inherent consistency in aesthetics.”

    Cultural implication. The intangible heritage of the precedent of operas.

    Kun Opera being included as a “masterpiece of human oral and intangible heritage”—it is a classic of ancient Chinese dramatics.

    As a mature and perfect comprehensive art, Kun Opera has many constitutional factors, including literature, music, dance, performance, makeup, costumes and scenery. Its heritage value is also reflected in an extremely wide range of cultural areas. The first is the art of Shuimo Melody, which is the fundamental feature of Kun Opera being different from other opera dramas.

    In other words, in essence, the Kun Opera is firstly a kind of drama melody, and it is the language art of music. Its manifestations are based on more than 2,000tune cards based on the rich sources of Tang and Song poetry, Jin Yuan Zhu Gong, Song and Yuan Nan Xi, Yuan Zaju, Yuan Ming Sanqu, music of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and religious music, folk songs, songs of ethnic minority groups , and even cries of hawkers. The tune cards are arranged according to the timbre of the tube, the tone of the tune, and the combination of the tunes into a complete set. The internal basis for merging the specifications of music materials of different eras, regions, and styles is the Chinese phonological system.

    Another valuable legacy of Kun Opera is its literary script. The legends and operas created by the dramatists of the Ming and Qing Dynasties have no less than 4,400 species and more than 2,700 species have been handed down by the dramatists. The vast majority of these plays are written and sung according to Kunshan Qiang. In addition, the Kun opera stage once presented with a scene of colorful and beautiful scenes with some scripts of the Song and Yuan Dynasties operas, the Yuan Zaju operas and the later Flower Luantan. The ideological content of the Kun Opera script covers every period of the 5,000-year history of civilization in China, and it profoundly reflects the anti-religious and humanistic ideological trends that engulfed Chinese society from the 16th to the 17th century. At that time it was the capitalist economy. The rapid growth of budding, especially the rapid development of the urban commodity economy in the south of the Yangtze River and the transformation of Chinese society, has historical background and has significant social recognition value.

    In addition, the heritage of Kun opera should also include its performance system of “singing and dancing combining; singing and performing being equal.” Kun Opera does not have the exactness of realistic realism like western drama. It is a freehand brushwork that reflects the reality. Here, the natural form of the language of life has been broken through and turned into a freehand poetic art; the natural form of life’s behavior and expression has been broken, turning into a freehand dance and performing arts; the natural form of the living environment has been broken, turning into Freehand set and prop arts; the natural form of the human body in life has also been broken, turning into freehand facial makeup and costume art. The freehand brushwork of Kun Opera art focuses on the stylization of performances, the liberalization of space-time, the virtualization of the endgames, and the personalization of characters. It also expands the arts shared by the North and South Opera groups in the long historical process.

    With the aim of carrying out the spirit of the instruction of “firming cultural confidence and promoting prosperity of socialist culture” put forward by the Central Government; telling the world about Chinese stories; showing the picture of China in an authentic and comprehensive way; truly enhancing cultural soft power; promoting international communication capabilities and integrating Chinese culture into the world.

    The prosperity of a country and a nation is always supported by cultural prosperity. Without the inheritance and development of civilizations and without the promotion and prosperity of culture, there will be no realization of the Chinese dream. The fate of culture and the fate of the country intimately relate to each other. In order to protect and spread this intangible cultural heritage of humanity, Ms. Hao Meng, with her love for traditional Chinese culture, established the One Belt One Road Kun Opera Theatre together with related departments to further study and implement the socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping and to strengthen communication and cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road; to develop foreign cultural trade, and to publicize and promote Chinese traditional culture and art represented by Kun Opera.

    On the 9th China Foreign Investment and Cooperation Conference—the Belt and Road Cultural Industry Construction and Development and the World Intangible Cultural Heritage Kun Opera Forum hosted by the Kun Opera Theater of the Belt and Road, Ms. Hao Meng described her goal and mission of spreading and inheriting the Kun Opera heritage. And through the Kun Opera Forum she also announced that the Kun Opera Theatre of the Belt and Road officially takes its start. She said,“The Belt and Road Kun Opera Theatre will spread Kun Opera as a diplomatic present from the countries along the Silk Road according to the national strategy. And we will arrange special performances for countries along the Belt and Road.”


    Mr. Li Kaiwen, chairman of the US-China Cultural Communication Committee, awarded Hao Meng with a special award for intangible-heritage, and complimented her contribution on promoting and protecting Kun Opera. And he formally invited the Kun Opera Theatre to perform at the Lincoln Center in the United States in 2018.

    Yang Feng, deputy chairman of the China Dramatists Association and dean of the Northern Kun Opera Theatre pointed out that,“In the dissemination of operas, we must adhere to the Chinese cultural stance, and not compromise too much to other cultures. We must combine the conditions of present times to achieve Knowledge dissemination, repertoire guided-appreciation and accurate positioning of operas; to attach great importance to stage performances; to make full use of new media platforms and to spread it combining some creative ideas such as drama anime, drama mobile games, and cultural creative products, etc.

    The ambassador of China to Sierra Leone, Momoh, proposed to introduce beautiful Kun Opera art to her own country. She hopes that the two countries will have more cultural and artistic communications in the future. The Chief Consultant of the Kun Opera Theater of the Belt and Road and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Sierra Leone Zhou Yi also said that “We should use Kun Opera as a diplomatic present and give tour performances in the countries along the Belt and Road.”

    The essence of the country; the intangible heritage of the world; the long history and the livelihood at the present time—Kun Opera is one of the essences of Chinese traditional culture. The Data Shield team keeps making progress and developing the global market. The two are strong and united. Through the power of the blockchain, the “Kun Opera” and even “Chinese culture” are carried forward. We spread the beauty of the Kun Opera and promote the traditional culture, and let Chinese culture stand out in the world.

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    Documents released by the Central Bank on September 4th last year explicitly stopped the financing of token issuance – that is, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ban. Now that more than half a year has passed, a recent survey by CCTV financial reporters found that the enthusiasm of investors is unabated behind the endless flow of token issuance and financing, which is quite obvious that there does have been an bubble in the market in the eyes of professional investors. In the bubble, the most dangerous thing is the “air coin” that has no solid project support at all.

    Unlike other financing projects, the so-called “air currency” does not need to be a real company and a temporary “team” can become the financing entity. Obviously, the harm of “air currency” and the difficulty of supervision and consumer rights protection are far greater than ICO. The most serious risk of ICO is to take money to run, that means that the supervision of “air currency” can be said to be in deep waters. It is even impossible to start if it involves consumer rights protection, not mention that this PPT project is not based on any project. In addition, the server and financing registration places are outside the country, that is to say, it is really like air which is out of sight and out of touch, once there is a problem.

    How should we deal with the situation where air currency is rampant and disrupting the market? Xiaoying Liu, the founder of Eagles Fund, Zhu Li, the founder of Innoangel, Maigang, the founder of Start-up Factory, Lijie Wang, the founder of Pre Angel, Hong Yu, the founder of the Three O’clock Community, and other traditional investors, as well as renowned chain circle celebrities, jointly launched and established the “Anti-air Currency Alliance” to take on the three major missions of anti-fraud, anti-manipulation and anti-pyramid selling.


    The alliance will expose digital cash’s tricks and strengthen investor education through spreading the knowledge of air coins. In addition, the alliance will join hands with over 100 well-known investment organizations to set up an Asian Blockchain Project Evaluation Committee so that outstanding Blockchain entrepreneurs can focus on the project itself and solve the three major pain points of difficulty, high cost and slow cost of outstanding Blockchain projects. In Xiaoying Liu’s view, starting a business is allowed to fail, but cheating is not allowed. Since air items and air currency are the biggest damages to the industry and investors, the Anti-air Currency Alliance was established to block air currency from outside the door and prevent more investors from suffering. On the other hand, it helps truly high-quality Blockchain projects to emerge.

    Nowadays, although there are more than 300 digital asset trading platforms in the world, due to the different policies of various countries towards the digital cash market and the lack of uniform standards in the industry, causing the chaos that led to the savage growth of the industry in its early days, most of the existing trading platforms are limited by the platform’s own technical team and resources. There are still many problems, like that some people are only concerned with the realization of the flow and lack of awareness of ecological construction. As a result, the market is mixed with good and evil and the industry atmosphere is not right, which has brought many inconveniences to many currency circle investors.

    Project, Review, Platform (project party, review party and platform party are independent)

    Let TTEX attract the attention of the industry and the support of users from the very beginning of its establishment


    The “Anti-air Currency Alliance” TTEX.COM Blockchain Asset Exchange will form a trading platform alliance together with 49 other well-known Blockchain trading platform providers in the world. The excellent Blockchain projects approved by the TTEX (Tian Tian Exchange) Review Committee will be recommended or guaranteed to 49 other alliance platforms. In the future, the number of alliance platforms will continue to expand. Once the Blockchain trading platform does not give air coins room for survival, then these air coins will have no room for survival and die of lack of oxygen.

    TTEX.COM Blockchain Asset Exchange, by means of the “Anti-air Currency Alliance” mechanism, 1. Has an evaluation committee with 31 evaluation committee members, who are composed of senior Blockchain experts, renowned angel investment organizations, international senior Blockchain investment experts, senior media commentators, well-known Blockchain project parties, etc. 2. Adopt a secret ballot system, conduct preliminary research and analysis on the Blockchain project, communicate with the project team in detail, make meetings online or face-to-face between the project team and all members of the Evaluation Committee before voting. 3. Approve online those projects that meet the voting support rate of 50% or more. For projects that fail to pass, the secretary general of the Evaluation Committee will send the reasons for the failure to pass to the project party by email. Combining the knowledge of air coins, revealing digital cash’s tricks and strengthening investor education, the alliance will join more than 100 well-known investment institutions to set up an Asian Blockchain Project Evaluation Committee so that outstanding Blockchain entrepreneurs can focus on the project itself.

    Trade every day, earn every day.

    At present, the “Anti-air Currency Alliance” TTEX.COM Blockchain asset trading platform is mainly divided into two categories: one is related to legal currency, which is also an advantageous area of daily exchange – providing a trading platform for exchange of legal currency and Blockchain asset transactions, which reduces barriers for users to trade Blockchain assets; the other kind is mutual transaction between Blockchain assets and common currency transactions in the market.

    TTEX.COM is the world’s first digital asset trading platform that specializes in serving investment institutions. The unique Evaluation Committee System in the world is introduced by TTEX, that is, through a fair and open project evaluation system, the project party, the evaluation party and the platform party are allowed to be independent. TTEX digital asset exchange has completed the layout of several countries and regions and has set up independent trading and operation centers. At present, it has obtained legal trading licenses form Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Middle East and other countries or regions. Through the three steps of intelligent contract agreement, contract execution and computer readable code, we ensure that all transactions can be settled openly and fairly, and completely eradicate the possibility of any data fraud. Through the combination of decentralization and centralization, an unprecedented exchange with high credibility has been created. Cooperate with the special Review Committee System of TTEX to truly enable users to “trade daily” at the daily exchange.

    Telephone :0084-2432565588



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    Daradia: The Pain Clinic was officially inaugurated on 28th Sept 2018. On occasion of its 10th year Daradia: The Pain Clinic is organizing free medical camps & free pain management workshops for physicians in addition to its regular pain management courses & pain management fellowship programs.

    Kolkata, India – Daradia: The Pain Clinic has started its operation with OPD only from 1st June 2008 and was officially inaugurated by that time Police Commissioner of Kolkata, Sri Gautam Mohan Chakraborty on 28th September 2008 when all facilities of pain clinic were ready.

    In this 10-year Daradia had strong impact on management of patients suffering from chronic pain in this continent. More than 15000 new patients were treated here. 30% of all patients were international who came from all over the world suffering from various kinds of pain like back pain, neck pain, headache, pain after spine surgery, cancer pain etc due to arthritis, slip disc, migraine etc.

    This Pain Clinic achieved several milestones in this 10 years. In 2010 it received “Excellence in Pain Practice” award from World Institute of Pain, USA for treating pain patients, pain management training & pain management fellowship program for physicians and researches in pain management. This Pain Clinic also received “Best Pain Clinic” award by Indian Society for Study of Pain which the Indian chapter of International Society for Study of Pain from Governor of HP in 2011.

    Daradia also started journal named “Journal on Recent Advances in Pain” which is indexed at Index Copernicus, Cosmos, J Gate etc. This journal publishes researches & case reports on various aspects of pain management.

    To celebrate 10th anniversary, this pain clinic is organizing free medical camps for poor patients, free pain management workshops on interventional pain management for physicians in addition to its regular pain management courses & pain management fellowship programs.

    For more information, please visit |

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    The Sina-Us Innovation Times Reported by Youping Wen, May. 30th, 2018” With the global vision of new economic integration and the innovative practice of Porter’s “Portercity-O2O Cloud Platform”, Mr. Chen Zongjian, a new economic expert, Chairman of the World’s New Economic Organization, founder of Porter company (ticker symbol: ULNV), recently made extensive publicity for the preparations of the event of “The Fourth Global New Economic Summit and China’s New Economy Enters prestigious Universities of Boston” among the United Nations, and the governments, enterprises, schools, and research institutes of U.S., so as to further promote Sino-U.S. new economic integrated development.

    From May 16th to 28th, Chen Zongjian flied to the United States for the promotion and publicity of The Fourth Global New Economic Summit. He paid a visit to the officials and professors of the United Nations, the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, the United States Congress, Massachusetts, Fairbank Center for China Studies of Harvard University, Alfred P. Sloan School of Management of MIT, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Yale University, and Columbia University, as well as the leaders of Zhongguancun Boston Innovation Center, Boston Chinese Association, U.S. International Alliance for Innovation in Colleges and Universities, U.S. Belt and Road General Chamber of Commerce, China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, New York Association of UNESCO, NYSE, NASDAQ, famous banks of Wallstreet as well as the leaders of Hunan Chamber of Commerce in U.S., Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in U.S., and Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in U.S.. Meanwhile, Mr. Chen also visited a number of Porter shareholders for an in-depth exchange about the Fourth Global New Economic Summit and their extensive support. 

    The reporter learned that Porter Corporation with its headquarter located in Shenzhen is an innovative new economy representative that vigorously promote the new economic complex of “Porter-O2O cloud platform” in 26 regions around the world. Due to its long-term commitment in the practice of new economy, especially in the transition of the world economy in recent years, Porter has carefully planned and co-organized an annual global new economic summit since 2014 to actively promote the integration and development of global new economy.

    Chen Zongjian said that we achieved fruitful result after the past three summits, two of which were held in China while the third one was held in the headquarter of UN. In order to make the global new economic summit more innovative, open, shared, and forward-looking, the Fourth Global New Economy Summit is planned to be held in the world-famous colleges and universities in Boston which are the land of innovation. The Summit would be co-planned by the new economic organization, Porter Corporation and the the Sino-Us Innovation Times, and co-organized by New York Association of UNESCO, China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Belt and Road International Cooperation Committee, and other organizations in 29th-30th Sept. Through the Summit, we could fully gather and connect the academic resources and innovative channels of new economy in the world-known Colleges and Universities.

    Seeking Summit’s Academic Support from Prestigious Universities

    According to reports, one of the most important features of the Fourth Global New Economic Summit is to gather academic resources and results on New Economy as well as the innovative entrepreneurial resources in the famous universities such as Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts, Yale University, and Columbia University.

    Therefore, Chen Zongjian, accompanied by Wen Youping, the president of the The Sino-Us Innovation Times, visited Prof. Mu Haoran – Executive director of Fairbank Center for China Studies of Harvard University and executive director of Harvard-China Fund, Zhang Juanjuan – Chair Professor of International Management of Time Fund and Marketing profession of Sloan School of Management of MIT, Tenured Professor Wu Jia – Dean of Accounting and Finance Department of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Tenured Professor Du Chan – Deputy President of the Business College of Massachusetts Dartmouth University, Marketing Professor Steve White of Business College of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to respectively introduce the innovative practice of Porter Corporation and the 4th New Economic Summit.

    Harvard University Prof. Mu Haoran stated that Harvard University is one of the best universities in the world, while China is the most important Country to be known by Fairbank Center for China Studies of Harvard University for research. Therefore, Harvard should make full use of the platform to understand China. “The Fourth Global New Economy Summit and China’s New Economy Enters Boston’s World Famous Universities” is a very creative high-end summit which will collectively demonstrate the outstanding performance of China’s New Economy representative enterprises. This is highly in line with the academic and research topics of Fairbank Center for China Studies of Harvard University. Therefore, it hopes to achieve cooperation with some of Chinese projects. Prof. Mu Haoran also stated that Fairbank Center for China Studies will also organize some of its students to attend the summit and provide some academic guidance.

    Professor Zhang Juanjuan from the Sloan School of Management of MIT believes that the “The Fourth Global New Economic Summit and China’s New Economy Enters the World-Famous Universities in Boston” will provide a high-end platform for both innovative resources in Universities, especially student’s entrepreneurial resources and China’s New Economy. She also speak highly of Porter’s innovative “Portercity – O2O Cloud Platform” and its innovative operation model. She said that China’s new economic development requires innovative and entrepreneurial resources from world-known Universities such as Harvard and MIT, meanwhile, the huge Chinese market will provide powerful guarantee for the university’s innovation and entrepreneurship; it hopes to achieve a major alliance of production, academy, and research through such a high-end summit and to look forward to launching the world-renowned students’ entrepreneurial forum and business project expo as soon as possible.

    Tenured Professor Wu Jia, the Dean of Accounting and Finance Department of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth said that today’s new economic development needs to be closely integrated with financial innovation. China’s new economic enterprises also need various types of industrial and financial talents in the process of its development. The Business School of University of Massachusetts has its own characteristics in cultivating new economic, industrial, and financial talents. It is hoped that through the Fourth Global New Economic Summit, it will be able to achieve cooperation with more Chinese new economic growth enterprises and cultivate targeted talents for the high-growth new economic enterprises in China.

    Mr. Chen Zongjian express his great gratitude and approval in terms of the valuable opinions and the exchanges with the above-mentioned professors from famous American universities! He also actively explored innovative cooperation methods with the Fairbank Center for China Studies, the MIT Sloan School of Management, and the Business School of University of Massachusetts respectively for realizing the integration and development of the new global economy.

    On behalf of the world’s new economic organization, Chen Zongjian’s active pursuit of academic guidance from world-famous universities has also been highly endorsed and strongly supported by Li Yiling, Chairman of the New York Association of UNESCO . On the 24th, when President Li Yiling meet Chen Zongjian at the UN headquarters in New York, he said that “The Fourth Global New Economy Summit and China’s New Economy Enters Boston’s Famous Universities” is very meaningful, which also play a significant role in promoting new economy integration in China and the United States. the New York Association of UNESCO will give full play to its resource advantages of American universities, so to recommend more new economic experts and professors to attend the forum and contribute their academic wisdom to the global new economic development. At the same time, it is also hoped that in-depth cooperation between the cultural industry pavilions of the relevant UN member states and the Pottercity platform will be carried out.

    Gathering Professional Associations and Innovative Platform Resources of New Economic Summit

    In order to make the Fourth Global New Economic Summit a more open, diverse, cooperative, and shared global economic integration platform, as the chairman of the global new economic organization and the sponsor of the main organization of the summit, Chen Zongjian also pay an in-depth visit to the leaders of well-known associations in Greater Boston area to vigorously publicize the summit and sincerely invite them to attend.

    The Boston area is a land of innovation, where aggregate new economic emerging industries with advance strength and competitiveness such as biomedicine, medical care, health, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. This is an important reason why the Fourth Global New Economic Summit was held in Boston.

    On May 19th, Chen Zongjian who had just arrived in Boston and hurry to attended the “2018 Boston Biomedicine Forum and the 11th Annual Meeting of the China-America Biomedical Association”. Even though Mr. Chen had not recover from time-delay fatigue, he was still energetic and had an in-depth  exchange  with the incumbent president of China-America Biomedical Association, PhD. Lei Ming – president of the council of Boston Branch of Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA, Xu Ping – the head of New York Office of North America Representative office of Shenzhen, China, Ni Jihong – Zhejiang University Alumni Association, Boston and Yu Guoliang – GM of Liepin North America.They all express their support for the Summit.

    Chen Zongjian said his participation of the Biomedicine Forum can not only collectively publicize the Fourth Global New Economic Summit, but also leaned a lot from the friends at present in terms of the knowledge in the field of biology, medicine, talents, project and services in the Boston. All these fields and formats could be the essential topic in the Summit and the cooperation content of various parties.

    The MIT Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization (MIT CEO) is a non-profit organization founded by students and alumni from universities such as MIT and Harvard, as well as young entrepreneurs and professionals around Boston aiming at helping Chinese entrepreneurs around MIT to establish   world-class companies, to construct long-term connecting mechanisms for high-tech companies in China and MIT,to set up high-efficient communication platform for investment institutions and   Chinese entrepreneurs in the Boston. The MIT CEO co-chairman Cao Zhen and Guan Yue and other associations supported the Fourth Global New Economic Summit. These organizations and associations will be the major co-organizers of the Summit.

    In the morning of the May 20th, Mr. Chen, upon the in-depth exchange with the MIT CEO team,   expressed his great interest in the emerging industries such as blockchain, big data, new materials, and great health that the association’s doctoral and postdoctoral professionals are engaged in, and believes those industries would be the direction of new economy development. Based on the resource advantages of both parties, Chen Zongjian and the MIT CEO team also discussed in depth and proposed to initiate the forum with theme of “Forum on Entrepreneurship Alliance of the World-Renowned University Students” in this Summit.

    The Zhongguancun Boston Innovation Center was an innovative project officially launched in March, 2018. It is close to Harvard University, MIT and many other top research institutions a large number of high-tech companies incubators. with a global vision, the project is aim at attracting high-end technology projects and innovative resources, thus will become a dynamic gathering place for innovation in Boston and the Eastern U.S. To this end, Chen Zongjian made a special trip to the Boston Innovation Center in Zhongguancun on May 22 and conducted an in-depth communication with PhD. Qiao Ming – the director of the center, PhD. Xu Deqing, the co-chairman of the U.S. International Alliance for Innovation in Colleges and Universities, who is about to settle in the center, and General Secretary Weng Xinlong. They all believe that the Zhongguancun Boston Innovation Center, the U.S. International Alliance for Innovation in Colleges and Universities and Portercity’s new economy could be compatible as a triple economic complex, this could fully integrate with the Summit. Qiao Ming and Chen Zongjian also unanimously stated that during the Summit, China’s new economy representatives will be eligible to have an in-depth investigation into the Zhongguancun Boston Innovation Center for cooperation.

    After concluding the visit of Boston, Chen Zongjian made a special trip to New York to visit Wang Zhiwen, the President of the China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce which is one of the most representative international chambers of commerce in the United States. It serves as a joint chamber of commerce and trade association between the U.S. and China with the purpose of bridging the gap between the senior managements of the companies of both countries. It will promote the harmonious ties and development between China and U.S. through the influence of the organization. After listening to Chen Zongjian’s introduction, President Wang stated that China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce will strongly support the Fourth Global New Economic Summit with its strong strength and resources and mobilize numerous U.S. top 500 companies and financial institutions and some well-known Chinese companies to participated in Summit.

    In order to make the Fourth Global New Economic Summit fully integrate with financial capital, Chen Zongjian also paid a visit to the well-known investment banking financial institutions in Wall Street for sincerely inviting financial professionals to contribute their professional wisdom at the summit, which won the highly recognition from WallStreet financial institutions.

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    Country: China

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    Financial blockchain leaders FUSION have turned heads on Wall Street by announcing that USD12.28 billion worth of digital assets have been locked-in on its revolutionary cryptofinancial platform, in what is one of the biggest commercial deals secured by a financial blockchain company to date.

    Revealed at the first meeting of the FUSION Foundation Intelligence (FFI) conference, held at the Hilton Midtown on the 17th of May, the locked-in funds – a term used to describe the process by which a third party deposits their assets onto the FUSION blockchain to be transacted upon or managed there – have been made available thanks to strategic partnerships with leading corporations in the asset management, second hand car financing and restaurant supply chain management spaces.

    They will see FUSION undertake a broad scope of work for companies operating in challenging niche industries, in a test of how well cryptofinance can cope with real world use cases:

    • Digitizing and tokenizing financial assets and fixed assets to ensure effective circulation in the financial system.
    • Digitizing the financial assets of a car dealership platform with revenue of over USD10 billion per year.
    • Developing an effective system for supply chain and e-commerce financing.

    “These are tremendous opportunities not only for us but for the cryptofinance industry as a whole”, said FUSION Visionary and Principal DJ Qian. “We now have the opportunity to demonstrate how the FUSION ecosystem can streamline and effectively deliver for companies who are operating in highly specific industries, digitally and globally, and our degree of success will be seen as a benchmark for how far blockchain-based finance has come”.

    Present at what was described as a momentous occasion for cryptofinance were not only blockchain industry players but a range of thought-leaders from leading traditional financial institutions including NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Bank of America, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. Guests had the pleasure of listening to finance thought-leaders in attendance discuss key issues pertaining to the adoption of next-generation cryptofinance infrastructure, with the FUSION network a particular focus for presenters. Topics addressed included a panel discussion on “Traditional Finance vs Cryptofinance” featuring guests from Bloomberg, Barclays and PWC, and a presentation on “Exciting Scenarios For Digital Assets” led by Elie Galam, the Chief Investment Officer of Eastmore Group.

    At the same time, guests also learned about six important new functions available on the FUSION network, each designed to ease adoption by the broader financial community. These new functions are:

    • A ‘Lock-in Lock-out’ mechanism which enables the ability to lock-in crypto assets from other blockchains onto the FUSION blockchain. Four token types will be supported on FUSION’s first version – BTC, ETH, ERC20 and USDT – with a plan to expand to accept all digital assets controlled by private key in the near future.
    • A token ‘Time Lock’ which adds time as a third dimension of value, in addition to the type of token and the amount of tokens.
    • short address notation which simplifies token addresses, reducing account string length.
    • Cross-chain smart contract functionality, enabling smart contracts that include different tokens at the same time (e.g. a smart contract that includes USD Tether, BTC and ETH).
    • Support for new token issues on the FUSION platform.
    • Support for token swaps on the FUSION platform, enabling easy swapping of FSN ERC20 tokens to native FSN tokens on the FUSION blockchain without the need for third party exchanges.

    Qian explained that the full suite of FUSION’s new features would become available on May 31st, when the platform’s Testnet is launched. He also surprised the guests by introducing a star-studded lineup of advisors spanning some of the finest minds in the financial industry. They were Jeff Singer, a former CEO and board member of NASDAQ Dubai, Daniel Petrozzo, former CIO of Fidelity Investments and Morgan Stanley, Eric Weinstein, the Managing Director of Eastmore Group, and Dr. Najam Kidwai, Partner at Alpview Capital.

    This esteemed panel of advisors will comprise the leadership of the FUSION Foundation Intelligence, due to be headquartered at FUSION’s new office in New York. They will be tasked with spreading awareness of FUSION’s successes and developing even closer links with the financial industry in order to encourage adoption of the FUSION platform, and are a part of FUSION’s grander vision of building a truly all-inclusive cryptofinance ecosystem. FUSION’s very own industry adoption team was also established on the same day and will also be headquartered in New York, working on the ground in the world’s financial capital to fulfil FUSION Foundation Intelligence’s exciting vision.

    “I hope that with FUSION Foundation Intelligence, we can build connections around the world and encourage leading institutions to adopt our technology”, said Qian. “Equally, I am looking forward to frequent brainstorming and idea sharing sessions with influencers in the crypto and traditional spaces to formulate what the next step should be. In other words, what is the next paradigm in cryptofinancing and how do we get there?”

    The FUSION Foundation Intelligence conference was held to coincide with Consensus 2018, the world’s leading blockchain technology conference. FFI will be a twice-yearly event and the next gathering is due to take place in November or December 2018. For more information about FUSION and its innovative and inclusive approach to finance, please visit

    For media enquiries, kindly contact Nan Jiang at

    About FUSION:

    FUSION aims to open a new era of cryptofinance for the Internet of Values. With an inclusive and innovative approach, we are creating a broad finance ecosystem on the blockchain that is fully interopable, intelligent and independent, providing the infrastructure and architecture for fully fledged financial functions on the blockchain.

    We work towards our goal by cooperating with financial institutions, cryptocurrency companies, 3rd party app developers, academia and the broader cryptocurrency community. Through providing APIs to enable different cryptocurrency tokens, off-chain values and data-sources to be mapped onto the FUSION blockchain, we are moving ever closer to building a truly unified financial ecosystem.

    Visit to learn more about FUSION.

    Benefits of the FUSION Platform:

    By adopting FUSION and locking-in their assets on the FUSION platform, companies stand to gain key competitive advantages compared to industry competitors, including:

    Ease of Business Automation:

    Companies expend a great deal of time and money managing their own supply chain and administering processes with clients and other business partners. However, through the use of the FUSION platform, assets can be digitized and transactions programmed through smart contracts, allowing for thorough and highly effective business automation while reducing wastage as a result.

    Access A Bigger, Better Financial Ecosystem:

    One may think of all cryptocurrencies and financial platforms as being like a small river. As they exist in their own ecosystem, their size is naturally limited. This siloed nature means that anyone who wants to conduct cross-platform transactions needs to have an account on each platform, creating a natural disincentive.

    With FUSION, all these small rivers combine to create a large lake. As a connected ecosystem that integrates the many different financial platforms in existence, FUSION allows for simple and straightforward value transfer across platforms and cryptocurrencies.

    Enable Complex, Multi-Party Financial Agreements:

    FUSION enables all companies to access the benefits of complex financial instruments. In today’s world, creating agreements that involve three different parties creates prohibitive costs. However, if all assets are locked in on FUSION, a programmable smart contract involving as many as 10 parties, 20 different assets, and based on over 30 different conditions, is reduced to matter of code, minus the high costs. Furthermore, the use of code guarantees that the contract will be executed exactly as it is written.

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    As encryption the spreading of knowledge assets, encryption has assets by the initial geek circuits, COINS ring bosses, fund to the general natural seepage, statistics show that at present single for OTC, amount has reached millions or even billions of scale.

    As the number of traders increases, OTC trading is bound to create a bigger market in the future. This market competition, will also usher in the situation of four – ring gunsmoke. How can ability stand out from it, become the focus that the personage inside course of study pays attention to. The recent behaviour of OTC WORLD, a European OTC exchange that has emerged from the scene, represents the current direction.

    Diversified trading channels

    In terms of the status of OTC transactions on global encrypted asset exchanges, common trading channels include bank CARDS, credit CARDS and third-party payment tools. A single channel, on the one hand, will reduce the audience; on the other hand, it will face the danger of being shut down under the situation of strict supervision. Based on these considerations, OTC one WORLD bank CARDS, credit CARDS, third-party payment are included in its own ecological, to trade through both sides to accept, can need not through the platform circulation, can smoothly and easily to complete the transaction.

    Business pattern internationalization

    As for encrypted assets, although some countries insist on regulation and some countries strictly forbid it, it cannot stop its spread around the world. If the exchange only limits its vision or business scope to a certain region, its development is bound to be limited, and it is more likely to be nibbled by competitors in the same industry. Therefore, exchange entrepreneurial teams should have an international perspective. In this regard, although OTC – WORLD has its roots in Europe, its global march has begun, and it has focused first on Asia, where encrypted asset trading is booming. The deal is expected to open on June 1. In order to encourage new users to register, the team specially prepared tens of millions of tradable digital assets to be given to each new user free of charge.

    Diversification of asset returns

    Ecological development, has become both block chain entrepreneurial projects, or the consensus of Internet companies, chain blocks of community construction, it is based on the concentrated reflection of ecological development, and economic benefits of diversification, is the main constructing ecological gripper. This business logic also applies to encrypted asset exchanges. In the process of constructing its own ecology, how can exchanges create value for its ecological structure? The answer is the mining machine. By mining, more people can harvest the exchange’s Taiwan dollar and enjoy the benefits of a stronger currency.

    As for OTC – WORLD, the nt dollar earned from mining is OW and the first intelligent robot with block chain is being launched globally. The smart robot is bound to WIFI, so it can use idle bandwidth to participate in mining, and get corresponding OW. It is understood that in the case of WIFI and power of energetic, dig out the flat t OW on OTC a WORLDC2C platform can trade freely according to the price quotation, and has function of deduction platform poundage is favorable, financial share trading platform revenue function.

    The market stock of encrypted asset exchanges has been gradually activated with the increase of the popularity of encrypted assets, and the following user wars are bound to be fierce. In the operation mechanism of OTC – WORLD, no matter the layout or the detailed strategy formulation, it is in line with the current development law of the market, and its future is worth looking forward to.

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    TVC Mall, an online store which is primarily known for offering high-tech gadgets at discounted prices, recently added GoPro bags to their updated product list, among other products.

    TVC Mall, a leading ecommerce store which has carved a niche for itself in the burgeoning online marketplace for gadgets and accessories, recently announced that their fans and patrons can now buy GoPro bags, accessories and other products at discounted rates. The e-store owners also announced that they have added the latest Sony mobile phone replacement parts and accessories and a wide array of laptop accessories to their ever-expanding product catalogue. At a press conference, one of the owners of TVC Mall said at a press conference that all the GoPro accessories and other branded accessories are now available at special introductory prices.

    As an OEM parts ecommerce store, TVC Mall has come a long way since its inception a few years back, and the owners think that their aggressive pricing strategy and through market analysis have helped them in earning trust of their patrons.

    “Whenever a new product hits the international market, we contact the manufacturers with a dealership proposal. Since we have adequate warehousing facility plus the technical support team required for selling gadgets and accessories, we enjoy deep tie-ups with some of the biggest manufacturers of gadgets and accessories. This time, we are delighted to launch the latest Sony parts and accessories along with GoPro bags and other accessories”, said a sales and marketing executive of TVC Mall.

    According to the executive, TVC Mall would exhibit their latest products at trade fairs and expos in the months to come. He also added that offline promotion is as important as online promotions for their sales team. “We know how important it is to use social media and it’s equally important for us to participate in trade fairs. Both online and offline promotions are integral to our marketing strategy. The recently launched GoPro accessories would surely boost our sales in the days to come as we will do massive promotion for these products”, added the executive.

    The CEO of TVC Mall stated, “Our aim is to offer the trending and useful gadgets at a price which is lower than the retail price offered in the brick-and-mortar marketplace. The GoPro bags and laptop accessories we are offering now are also priced way below the standard market price as we are keen to capture a larger share of the market”.

    About the Company

    TVC Mall is a leading ecommerce store selling laptop and Smartphone parts and accessories and other sorts of consumer electronics since its inception.

    To know more, visit    

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    Recognized as one of the leading pharmaceutical laboratories that come up with innovative products, Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. stands for manufacturing quality products and it will be much the same this time with the launch of Gestodene powder.

    Established with the motto of ‘Wisdom, Faith, Service’, AAsraw Biochemical Technology Co. Ltd. has stood out among its competitors for offering high-quality and tested pharmaceutical company, reasonable pricing and hassle-free services. The company has recently started manufacturing and marketing of Gestodene powder, which comes with the brand name Femoden. A progestogen hormonal contraceptive that the powder essentially is, it’s now officially a flagship product of the Weston, Florida based company. The owners announced that the production team has recognized the immense benefits connected to the powder and hence went ahead with it.

    “The Femoden tablets work as hormonal contraception ‘pills’ that contain two primary active ingredients – Gestodene powder and ethinylestradiol. The former is a ‘third-generation’ synthetic progesterone. Unlike most others, it’s not a pro-drug since its biological half-life is 12 to 14 hours and bioavailability, 87%-100%”, said one of the sales executives of Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.

    According to the executive, the R&D team at AAsraw found out that the benefits of the (Gestodene powder) 60282-87-3 mostly included helping in pre-menstrual symptoms, rendering protection against sexually transmitted infections, causing no interruption in sexual intercourse and regularizing patterns of periods and minimizing the excruciating pain and cramps associated with it.

    Since most users are unaware of the usage and dosage of the powder, the product promotions team of Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd has detailed the relevant information on their website.

    At a recent press meet, the CEO of the company said, “At Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd, we maintain a total quality control system. Our workers brought to the table their sound technical knowledge and practical experience. Gestodene powder, which we are now selling under a non-generic brand name, would be beneficial in decreasing the symptoms of acute menstruation and prevent unwanted pregnancy, we believe. Our researchers have worked diligently to come up with the solution and it’s a good thing that our marketing team has been able to market and promote it globally. We would soon start selling the Gestodene powder online”.

    About the Company

    Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable steroids raw powder manufacturer and supplier with ISO9001 certification.

    To know more, visit

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