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    Authentic Jordans Air, an online store selling all sorts of Air Jordan shoes, recently unveiled their latest offer, Air Jordan 11, which can be now bought online.

    Authentic Jordans Air, an online store which has been known as a bargain bin for Air Jordan fans, recently announced that they have already started selling Air Jordan 11 online for the fans who want a touch of class. The iconic shoes that owe their name to one of the greatest living legends of basketball, Michael Jordan, can now be bought online directly through the website of Authentic Jordans Air. The owners of the store said that the introductory price is significantly less than the actual retail price.

    “Michael Jordan – the king is back. When we say Jordan, we actually mean the footwear product named after the legend. The Air Jordan 11 shoes are the shoes that lent a subtle touch of class and elegance to MJ’s return to the court in 1998. The patented leather shine of the shoe is an extraordinary example of how aerodynamics plays a role in manufacturing of premium footwear products. The Air Jordan 11 is a favorite of many sportspeople around the world and it also appeared in an animated live action comedy in 1996 – Space Jam”, said one of the sales executives of Authentic Jordans Air.

    “We are happy to announce that the iconic shoe is now available on our store, along with all the other Air Jordans that we have been selling through all these years. We will now sell the iconic Air Jordans XI at a special discounted price, although for a limited period only. Buyers who have relevant coupon codes and promo codes can enjoy greater discounts on this specific product and all other products as well”, added the executive.

    The owner and managing director of the e-store said that their aim is to supply Air Jordan authentic shoes at marked down prices. “Since our procurement team sources the footwear products directly from the authorized factories in China, we are able to offer almost factory-direct prices on all of the products. These footwear products are manufactured in Nike’s authorized manufacturing facilities and we source and offer the products at prices that many high-street fashion shops cannot offer”, he told at a press conference.

    About the Company

    Authentic Jordans Air is a reputed online store selling Air Jordan shoes.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Top Outdoor Jordans Co, ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 8903910295
    Country: United States

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    What is the value of the block chain to the game?

    Ownership and liquidity of game assets: on a block chain, players can have assets within the game, and these assets have a broader liquidity. The integration, props, weapons, and roles in the traditional games are always all attributed to the game makers, so the central developers have greater power to make bold changes to these assets and even dispose of them at will. These assets in the game are often limited to the internal circulation of this game. Outside the game, it seems that there is no reusable value, and it is difficult to be given the application scene again from the technical level.


    In the block chain logic, once the integral, props, weapons, and roles in the game are completely assigned to the player’s block chain address, the player has ownership of the address and the assets under the block chain. Malaysia Chie Player has designed several application scenarios.

    1. Assets are traded anytime and anywhere: a large number of games do not have the function of the prop trading. Of course, this design is designed to avoid the chaos of the economic mechanism in the game, prolong the user’s game time, and increase the income of the developers. Assuming that the above is not a problem that developers are worried about, then the “prop chain + Mobile Wallet” can achieve two users online and offline anytime, anywhere. When you have dinner with your friends, you talk to the nearest PC – side game, open your mobile wallet and see what kind of weapons you have. The experience of completing a transaction is just as simple as a WeChat scavenging payment, returning home at night, opening the PC login game, and the transaction finished has long been in your equipment column.

    More open, the transaction is not necessarily limited to a game, and a user can exchange one of the best sword in the game A for a dragon knife in the game B, as long as the user agrees on the value of the exchange. The transaction is not necessarily limited to a single item, even providing an account package in the future, packaging all the assets of a game into one Token, trading it to another player at one time, and unpacking the Token into a specific game asset.

    2. Game asset reuse: after the chain of assets hangs on each player’s address, it is easy to reuse the assets of other games for the developer to reuse or reuse the game for two times.

    For a game under the same ecology or IP, asset reuse is the easiest, for example, you have a number of roles in the dream of the wizard. In the next game with IP, the developer can naturally allow the player to import the role assets that they have before.

    For a cross – IP cross – game scenario, asset reuse requires complex design and developer collaboration, such as the city you built in my world, can you appear in a game like World of Warcraft? Can it be imported directly into a game open to the world?

    3. New way of user acquisition: under traditional games, new games often need to regain users, or use old games to guide new games. The block chain can break this way and reduce the cost of the guest, such as the above CryptoCuddles, and all the users of the encrypted cat are potentially directly converted gamers. If the direct reuse assets involve the IP problem, the developer can also design this. As long as the cat has the cat with the cat, it can directly obtain a certain reward in the game. It can be the role, the treasure box, the prop and so on. The verification method only needs to read the data on the chain with the address directory.

    As a result, a new game online can be used to drain the users of the existing bursting game, which is not actually a fork in a confectionery or a new token. Use ETH or EOS, which has the largest number of currencies, to drop the token to 1:1, thus obtaining users at a very low cost.

    The relationship between the game developer and the player

    Most of the time, game players and developers often stand on the opposite side, one wants to find the imbalance of the game to earn the popularity of the game and get the pleasure of the game, the other side by modifying the game mechanism to adjust the parameters to wash the user again and again to extract the value of the user.

    The block chain changes the relationship of production. In the game, the relationship between developers and players will change in essence. Traditional games run on centralization servers, developers specify rules, and players try to break rules. What if the game runs on multiple nodes and some nodes run by the players and give certain incentives?

    Developers and game players may form a community, a consensus. When part of the node is delivered to the KOL in the game, part of the benefit of the game manufacturer will be consistent with the interests of the game community. The loyal player will spontaneously maintain the balance of the game, help the developer to obtain the user, prolong the life cycle of the game, and build the whole community.

    The relative transparency of the game mechanism

    This is not difficult to understand. When the core of the game is on the chain, players can look at the game rules that used to be hidden in the centralization server, which creates a stronger bond of trust between the developers and the players.

    In the transparent logic of the game mechanism, players can clearly know and believe the probability of a treasure box, a rare weapon is not really rare, the developer promises whether real cash. In the case of traditional game source code black box, these can be adjusted by the operator of the game. “Full service” is likely to fall off the altar in the next version of the game, which is more common in traditional games. But in the world of block chaining games, this is not the case.

    A fair and just mechanism, and a game update that is reached by the community, brings a more pure experience to the players.

    The most important point

    That’s the point we haven’t found yet. At this moment there is a company in Malaysia: Chief Player is creating an excellent idea that will redefine the concept of block chain + games. Once this idea is fully realized, I think that everyone’s ideas will be triggered immediately, which may be the turning point of the next block chain game.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Chief Player
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: Kuala Lumpur
    Country: Malaysia

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    14 Jun, 2018 – Ernest & White, the renowned retailer based in London specializes in offering a wide range of coconut and bamboo bowls. They have now introduced an extensive range of homeware right from serving plates, pasta bowls, ceramics, cushions, laundry baskets, bamboo bowls, coconut bowls, throws, servers and salad bowls with exquisite designs and stunning patterns. These handmade serving pieces are handcrafted out of best quality bamboos and coconut shells to assure long lasting service and look stylish on the dining table. The coconut and bamboo bowls with impressive metallic lacquer finish are available for sale at their online store,

    The site of Ernest & White has a special section dedicated to their range of authentic salad bowls made with bamboo featuring some exquisite salad bowl pieces with mother of pearl round designs, vibrant looking bowl with mixed light colours, bamboo salad bowl designed with poker dots with eggshell overlay pattern or with blue and purple poker dots, salad bowl in iridescent green shade or the one with eggshell design in green and red. Every wooden salad bowl featured on the website of Ernest & White is portrayed with a clear-cut product description along with an HD quality image equipped with the zoom feature to help the buyers have a closer look. All these salad bowls can go well with other serving bowls at homes and are a great choice for a distinct and classy tabletop presentation. To shop for some unusual earthy solid handmade bamboo salad bowls, just click on their website link at

    According to the website of Ernest & White, their coconut bowls are a great choice as a gift, to serve snacks to the loved ones or to enhance home décor. These salad bowls are made using pure coconut and are available in various colours, designs and patterns. Their salad bowl and servers collection are a great choice to serve the salads in style, as each handmade salad bowl is accompanied with matching salad servers with handles coated with eggshell lacquer.

    About Ernest & White

    Ernest & White is a London based homeware retailer specializing in offering a wide range of metallic lacquered coconut and bamboo bowls. They forayed into the homeware sector 3 years ago by selling high quality salad bowls at a Saturday market stall along the Portobello Road located in the Notting Hill region. They now offer their bamboo and coconut salad bowls at their Ernest & White online store.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ernest and White
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0208 935 5572
    Address:Unit 164, 30 Rugby Road
    City: London TW1 1DG
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd is a brand building company that helps companies acquire common growth and maximum turnaround. They do this by integrating factories and their customers to come up with products of undisputed quality, innovative and particularly outstanding.

    Products are necessary to build a brand and if the brand is to last out, it’s important that the product is of quality, constantly evolving and appealing to target buyers cum customers. Build up your brand with MENGTOP and be assured that customer loyalty will ensue. Choosing MENGTOP to build up your brand means choosing one of the vanguards in brand building – rest assured that only the best of B2B relationship are formed for mutual benefit.

    One of the biggest names in electronic devices selling businesses, EasyAcc has a B2B relationship with MENGTOP. With such a business relationship, MENGTOP has been instrumental in EasyAcc’s success and brand consolidation – EasyAcc is a household name when it comes to power banks, Bluetooth speakers and cables inter alia. MENGTOP’s design is responsible for EasyAcc and a host of other behemoth business organizations like Walmart’s success in the sector of electronic devices. The wholesale business of EasyAcc comes under the responsibility of MENGTOP as a part of the latter’s ‘build up your brand’ business promise.

    Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd – Building Brands that Impact for Businesses, Charging Their Growth

    MENGTOP is very particular and rigorous when dealing with B2B network. Meticulous in the selection of factories, fully focused on end product perfection, MENGTOP has successfully produced a range of electronic devices that fulfill the growing numbers of people using communication technology wirelessly connected to the Internet. Besides the business intent to build up your brand, MENGTOP has produced devices of its own and they are no less mighty than their B2B products branding commitments. Among the products are 500Wh Solar Portable Generator and 1 m Braid Lighting Cable.

    The 500Wh Solar Portable Generator has the capacity to charge not only the conventional smartphone – it can harness solar power to power small appliances like a mini refridgerator or a projector. 1m Braid Lighting Cable is also available – sleek and stylish in appearance and definitely fully functional, filling its production purpose.

    About Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd

    Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd is a company that does B2B relationships, designing, producing products and building brands for their customer companies.

    Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd strives to maintain set-apart-standards whereby all the attributes that go to create a product are original, meeting the stated requirements of clients as well – being scrupulous and not overlooking anything. Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd is truly a revolutionary in product and brand building and they aim to maintain the excellence they had achieved through the years.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Charlie Xu
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18673182326
    City: Changsha City
    Country: China

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    BlockChain into Fog Calculation? Pubilc Information Chain (PIC )Should be A New Ecological Environment of Distributed Industry?

    In 2009, the cloud global enterprise has gradually tilted the digital business strategy, leading to the transformation of the traditional IT service to the cloud service. The public cloud service market began to enter the rapid development trend.

    According to the data from the prospective industry research institute, in 2017, the global cloud service market reached 260 billion 200 million US dollars, which is 18.5% more over the same period last year. It is expected to reach $430 billion in 2019.

    In the process of rapid development, cloud computing gradually exposes three major problems:

    Network Congestion

    A great number of Internet of things and AI applications are deployed in the cloud, leading to massive data flooding into the core network, causing core network congestion.

    High Delay

    Because of the distance between the terminal equipment and the cloud data center, the high network delay is unavoidable, which has a bad effect on some applications that need to be updated in real time.

    Reliability Risk

    Because terminal devices are far apart from cloud data centers and have long communication channels, they are prone to all kinds of risks that can is unpredictable. At the same time, the cost of backup in the cloud is also very high.

    As a result, the calculation of fog came into being.

    The essence of fog calculation is the local chemical cloud computing. That is, adding an edge layer between the terminal device and the cloud data center, which directly handles and stores the data that does not need “cloud” on this layer, then directly relieving the cloud pressure.  Finally, it can reduce network congestion, high delay risk and improve reliability.

    With the appearance of a large scale of cloud, private cloud, enterprise cloud and other small clouds, the market capacity of fog calculation will also develop, and the $100 billion market will usher in the second peak.

    Pubilc Information Chain (PIC in short) is on the basis of the advantage of applying the block chain to centralization and not tampering, the public credit chain has first created the PPow consensus mechanism to improve the meaningless reversal hash calculation of the bitcoin system, and also to adjust the supply and demand relationship in the algorithm market by drop mode, so that “distribution is network + fog”. The new block chain model has expanded rapidly worldwide.

    According to fog calculation industry experts, using block chain to enter fog calculation is a subversive reform of the whole industry. The public credit chain PIC will use low cost, high security, no tampering, and never disappear to the central storage mode, directly divide the Ali cloud, the Amazon cloud cake. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    TVC Mall, a reputable online store which sells all sorts of consumer electronic products, recently rolled out the largest collection of discounted GoPro products for the Gen-Z shoppers and millennials.

    TVC Mall, which sells a wide variety of consumer electronic products at discounted prices, recently rolled out the largest ever collection of GoPro batteries and chargers in the history of the company. The owners underscored the fact that the products are specially meant for people who grew up with latest technologies and consider the gadgets they use as extensions of their inner selves. The owners also stated that buyers of the GoPro batteries and chargers can enjoy hefty discounts and other offers.

    The product promotions team of TVC Mall surveyed customers who were born between mid-1990s and mid-2000s. They collected feedback as well as suggestions on what kind of electronic products they mostly use and what they want in various product categories. “Along with everyday gadgets and accessories such as Bluetooth headsets, many of the respondents said that they are a big fan of GoPro action cameras, but they look for add-ons and replacement parts”, said a top sales executive of the company.  

    “We realized that there is a huge demand and supply gap for various types of GoPro accessories, and we decided to roll out GoPro batteries and chargers for a start. As of now, these products are available at marked down prices and we want to bring forth many such accessories for the Gen-Z and millennial consumers in the days to come. We can assure everybody that the prices of the products we sell would be competitive as always”, added the executive during a recently held press conference.

    The CEO and managing director of TVC Mall, who was also present at the press event, said that their aim is to make TVC Mall the largest ecommerce store in its niche. “We are known to our customers as an online store selling watches, mobile phones and other sorts of consumer electronics only and we would not expand our product categories. We have already carved a niche for ourselves and our primary aim is to offer latest gadgets at competitive prices to those who live and breathe technology”.

    About the Company

    TVC Mall is a reputable online store selling gadgets and accessories.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TVC-Mall
    Contact Person: Rita
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-755-28416521 Ext.8033
    Country: China

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    In July 11th, 2018 ,Xukun Cai’s weibo followers suparsses 10million, means that he becomes one of the most popular stars in China. Xukun Cai, again became the No.1 ranking on the star popularity chart of Orange Idol in the past two weeks.

    On July 15th, he shines on the Nasdaq big screen, New York, USA. With his handsome face and charming smile, he shines in the center of the Times Square.

    On May 4th, he posted a photo holding L‘oreal on weibo, and the post gets almost 50million re-tweets. He officialy became the brand celebrity spockesman of L‘oreal.

    Cai Xukun was born in 1998 in Hunan, China. 20 years old and 182cm tall, he has a fabulous stage style, and is good at singing and dancing. He is considered a versatile player. In August of that year, he participated in his first personal idol drama named “half fairy tale”. In October 2016, Cai Xukun officially debuted as a member in a 10-man idol group called SWIN. 

    In January 2018, he participated in the “Idol Producer”, a male idol group reality show produced by iQIYI (a web TV platform). On April 6, he won the highest number of votes in the “Idol Producer” finals, with getting more than 47million votes, made his way to the center position of Nine Percent (a new idol group consisting of nine males). 

    The event of Orange Idol is still in progress. As long as ranking first in four chart for two weeks consecutively, the idol can be boarded on the Nasdaq big screen.

    Xukun Cai, may your eyes always shine, live the way you want to be. We believe Kun will shine on the China’s idol market as a leader!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    AIM is expected to cover 5000 schools with Atal Tinkering Labs, covering all the districts of the country by the end of the year 2018

    New Delhi – 18 Jun, 2018 – Atal Innovation Mission is flagship program run by Niti Aayog, Government of India, to promote innovation & entrepreneurship. The program Mentor India is a strategic national building initiative to engage various leaders with rich experience who can act as guide and mentor.

    Harish K Saini, founder Director Recherche Digital is chosen for this unique program which is considered the biggest disruption in formal education in India. Envisaged to be the largest formal volunteer mentor network in India, Mentor India program is run by Niti Aayog under Atal Innovation Mission. AIM is  actively working on establishing collaborations with innovation systems and entities in other countries in APAC, Europe, UK, USA, Africa and Latin American Countries.

    On this occasion, Harish said “I feel honored to be chosen for this national service by motoring & guiding youngster for innovating and skill building. I will use all my experience & knowledge to boost the innovation, idea generation and executing the idea from Atal Tinkering Lab and take that to national level first and finally to the world.“

    Harish, apart from founder Director of Recherche Digital, Bharat Infotech and ShowToClients,  is the regular speaker in universities and other govt programs and speaks on benefits of Digitalization, bridging the gap in academia and industry, technology, and innovation. He is also associated with NGOs where he empowers the youth by mentoring and guiding. AIM is another platform where he will interact with students of ATL and motivate & guide them to experience, learn and practice future skills such as design and computational thinking.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Recherche Digital
    Contact Person: Ritika
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +91 11 27044512
    Country: India

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    18 Jun, 2018 – At the press meet held yesterday at their head office, the spokesperson for Social Blast said that they were happy to announce about providing a wide range of Social Media services at affordable rates to help both businesses and individuals have a better presence online and attract the attention of potential customers.

    The spokesperson for Social Blast further added that they are experts who are efficient in enhancing the visibility of businesses through the well-known social media sites. They have an experienced team of internet marketers who are passionate about helping the individuals as well as businesses of all sizes achieve growth and attain their optimum potential. With many years of expertise in offering an array of social media services by working with several companies have helped their clients grow and reach out to their customers at a rapid pace.  Their services aim at being an indispensable tool for businesses that have multiple social media accounts. With their result oriented services, the Social Blast team focuses on promoting the status of business brands on social media platforms. They also ensure that the first time customer gets a positive image about a business brand while checking their social media profiles by increasing the number of their subscribers, followers, views and likes.

    According to their website at, the team of Social Blast specializes in offering a wide range of Social Media services, such as Twitter services, YouTube services, Facebook services, Instagram services and so on. This Dutch site is filled with loads of information, which educates the readers about the benefits of buying Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Facebook Followers etc. It also gives a clear explanation about why businesses should opt for buying likes, views and retweets for several social media sites. They assure quick delivery time and follow a simple process that makes the views, subscribers, likes or followers reflect on the social media account within a day.

    About Social Blast    

    The website of Social Blast specializes in providing a plethora of Social Media services, which includes Twitter services, YouTube services, Facebook services, Instagram services etc. at low prices to help both businesses and individuals have a better online status and reliability on social media platforms by offering retweets, subscribers, followers, views and likes.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: J.A.D. van Rossenberg
    Contact Person: Social Blast
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0031650461543
    Address:Korteraarseweg 142a Zuid Holland Ter Aar
    Country: Netherlands

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    18 Jun, 2018 – Dr. Sammy Masri of Masri Sports Medicine is proud today to announce that their New Jersey clinics are now offering Lipogems Treatment to heal and offer relief from muscle and joint pain. This innovative procedure is developed to maximize the usage of the human fat cells for enhancing the natural helping process of human body. Dr. Masri also aims at using this Lipogems procedure backed by advanced technology to process the fat tissues of the patients for offering support and cushion joints to reduce the muscular pain owing to injury, friction or damage.

    While speaking about Lipogems Treatment, Dr. Sammy Masri of Masri Sports Medicine said, “Fat has been used for several years to support, repair or replace the injured or damaged body tissue. The fat cells comprise of stem cells, adipocytes, pericytes and blood vessels, which are essential to maintain an excellent healing environment. The Lipogems procedure is one of its kind, as it maintains the healing cells intact to enhance the biological environment while helping the patient get healed naturally”.

    This is the pioneering latest treatment that can offer good relief from inflammation and pain in the body muscles as well as joints. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is designed to harness the cells with natural healing ability that are extracted from human body fat for combating the issues affecting the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Such medical conditions can cause severe pain making it difficult for an individual to perform even regular everyday activities. The Lipogems Treatment is considered to be the best medical alternative for orthopedic procedure. Even for those conditions that need surgical procedures, opting for Lipogems injections will be helpful to improve post-operative healing. To know more about the Lipogems procedure, please click on their website link at:

    The Lipogems procedure available at Masri Sports Medicine in New Jersey is very efficient and can be performed within a short time period. During this simple treatment, the fat cells are extracted from the thigh and abdomen after the patient is administered with a safe local anesthesia. This procedure just uses a saline solution to clean and rinse off the blood and inflammatory oils from the extracted fat while keeping the fat tissues’ healing properties intact. This fat tissue is injected into the affected area and is allowed to interact with the injured site to let the body heal in a natural way. The Lipogems injected in the body promotes the healing process and the patient can go home immediately after the procedure.

    About Masri Sports Medicine:

    Dr. Sammy Masri heads Masri Sports Medicine, and is a specialist in the treatment and diagnosis of non-surgical musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries. The clinic offers many of the latest cutting-edge, proven, and safe treatment options. He works with a team of world-class physical trainers and therapists and offers individualized treatment to the patients right from diagnosis stage until they return home. He has now introduced the innovative Lipogems treatment using fat tissue cells to provide relief to patients with injury, pain and joint aches.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Masri Sports Medicine
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (973) 777-0934
    Address:1300 Main Ave Suite 3A
    City: Clifton
    State: NJ
    Country: United States

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    18 Jun, 2018 – 2Bridges Productions, a Manhattan based video production company, is looking for NYC entrepreneurs and small business owners to be part of a ground-breaking documentary. The documentary will discuss the power of video marketing, and how it has helped spur the growth of the technology scene in New York City.

    For a long time, many considered the city of San Francisco as the center of venture capital and startups. While on the east coast, New York was a city for Wall Street kings, and fashion models. However, in the last decade, New York has slowly built up its startup scene (dubbed as the “Silicon Alley”).

    Now, New York hosts both large banks, and world-renowned startups, like WeWork, Blue Apron and Warby Parker.

    “I’m an old school New Yorker. I remember when the city was all banks and large corporations. The tech scene really exploded here,” says director and producer Reggie Beltran of 2Bridges. “I think it’s because there’s so many filmmakers here in New York. We help them succeed by making cool videos to promote their brand.”

    As a premier provider of video production services to local, Manhattan startups, 2Bridges has seen first hand how the power of video marketing can transform a little-known startup to a global powerhouse. With the rise of free video hosting from YouTube and Daily Motion, it’s even easier now to just post a branding video to promote one’s business.

    2Bridges aim for its documentary is twofold. First, it’s to do a review of Manhattan’s Silicon Alley, and why so many new entrepreneurs are ditching San Francisco for New York.

    “In New York, you’ve got bankers to get money from. You’ve got filmmakers, like myself to make cool videos. And you’ve got fashion models to star in your videos. It’s an easy decision I think,” says 2Bridges film producer Reggie Beltran.

    Secondly, 2Bridges wanted to do an in-depth review of the type of companies that are attracted to New York in the first place. One would think mostly finance startups would flock to New York. But as WeWork and Blue Apron has shown, all types of industries can succeed in Silicon Alley.

    2Bridges will contact their existing clients to be part of their documentary. But they are also looking for eager Manhattan based entrepreneurs who would be interested in being featured in the documentary. Any interested parties should contact 2Bridges via their website.

    From pre-production to actual filming to post production, 2Bridges estimates the documentary will take about six months to complete. Then 2Bridges aims to go on the film festival circuit to increase awareness of the film, as well as seek support from film distributors. They aim to release the film to the full public in late 2018 or early 2019.

    They are a veteran provider of video production services and have produced many short films. But this untitled documentary will be the first documentary for the two-year-old company from Manhattan.

    To learn more about 2Bridges and its video production services, visit:

    2Bridges Productions is a full-service, New York City based video production company committed to the creation of content for corporate, commercial and entertainment projects.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: 2Bridges Productions
    Contact Person: Reggie Beltran
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 516-659-7074
    Address:25 Monroe St
    City: New York City
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    Showboom Technology is one of five startup companies in China exhibited at HITEC Houston during June 18-21 and releases a New Blockchain Hotel Solution.

    Showboom enables hotels to implement a “smart upgrade,” which includes precision marketing and the use of blockchain technology and helps hotels to make more money.

    HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology conference, will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

    How it works

    With the mobile phone as a virtual currency mining machine, Showboom will create a decentralized global boutique travel community and combine various application scenarios of tourists. By providing standardized, intelligent and big data support services, this product offers support for daily management and key decisions of tourism management companies. In the blockchain-based travel ecology, the value of travelers, hotels, and service providers is recognized, and their contributions are rewarded accordingly.

    Advantages of reserving a blockchain hotel with Showboom

    Showboom has advantages of offering the traveler more certainty in a hotel reservation and ensuring the profitability of the hotel.

    The following conditions can be avoided:

    • Hotel reviews are inconsistent.
    • The platform commission of online travel agencies (OTAs) is high and 15-20 percent or more in general.
    • The third-party service provider is not compensated proportionately.
    • There are high promotion costs and limited promotion channels for the tourism service provider.
    • Hotel costs are rapidly increased and the profit pressure is high.

    Incorporating a hotel into the blockchain

    This process is very simple and only requires to place a mobile phone into each room. At a blockchain hotel, guests can earn tokens when they check in.

    Tokens can be earned by:

    • Using travel services on a mobile phone or APP
    • Recommending other travelers to use travel services
    • Offering feedback to the service provider
    • Participating in an ecological survey or other research
    • Downloading or using recommended services
    • Using other travel services

    Tokens can then be used for:

    • Payments for hotel attendants or other service providers
    • Voting in activities
    • Receiving benefits through activities
    • Booking a hotel or other service
    • Making hotel payments

    Blockchain hotels provide more services for tourists, such as free mobile Internet access and WiFi. The universal remote-control terminal can be used to install the original APP or the public number entrance into the travel phone directly, thereby providing more direct control for tourists.

    Other benefits include AI voice control for room service voice realization, translation, travel navigation, AI tour guide, food recommendation, and so on.

    Blockchain Global Boutique Travel Community

    With a series of evaluation and credit system selections, the community can enable travelers to easily choose better hotels, more convenient online surfing experience, and more exquisite travel routes. When the trip is over, travelers can continue to earn tokens by posting travel tips and strategies through the app.

    Travelers can find the best hotels through the Showboom Travel Wallet APP and record reservations and accommodations on video to enable others to view the hotel. In turn, they will also have the opportunity to preview potential hotels before making a reservation.

    Hotels no longer have to pay 15%~20% commission when travelers book hotels through the app.

    Showboom Technology, a subsidiary of Datang Network, is an incubator within Microsoft Accelerator and an important partner of Baidu and occupies China’s largest blockchain hotel market. With the help of Microsoft Accelerator, it will enter the markets of Japan, Thailand, Australia and other countries in the second half of the year.

    For more information about Showboom, please visit

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    On May 28, 2018, the “Blockchain Landing Application and Nobel Coin Scenario Payment Scheme” research summit was successfully held in Sydney, Australia. A total of more than 200 people participated in the conference, including blockchain research experts and scholars from different cities of 22 countries, as well as officials from economic sectors in various countries, including the R&D teams of Litecoin and Nobel Coin NBLC.

    A gather of elites and talents

    In the global research summit of “Blockchain Landing Application and Nobel Coin Scenario Payment Scheme”, many domestic and foreign experts, scholars, and government officials in the economic field focused on the docking of blockchain technology and the real economy, sharing “industry-focused useful knowledge” with more than 200 business elites and blockchain professionals at home and abroad. At the same time, the technology R&D director Abbott was also invited to the summit to interact with industrial experts, and exchange views on the blockchain landing application and scene payment scheme with global elites.

    At the research summit, many experts discussed the algorithmic advantages of blockchain technology and considered the current digital currency to be of high commercial value. At present, the digital currency has begun to assume important currency functions and has injected new vitality into such traditional fields as finance and real estate.

    Explore the future of blockchain by analyzing industry trends

    At the beginning of the summit, the host delivered a sensational speech. He first sincerely welcomed the experts and scholars of blockchain research and the arrival of officials from various countries in the economic field, and then made brilliant explanations and analysis of the summit purposes and requirements. The host shared the direction of the response, described the blockchain history and development, and relevant skills and techniques, making blockchain a topic of common concern among the participants.

    Elites from all walks of life discussed with Abbott on the issue of “researching new blockchain algorithms”. They demonstrated how to use smart phones to download smart wallets. Virtual currencies with smart nodes can achieve smart quantum algorithms through blockchain and overcome its deficiencies.

    Through in-depth interpretation of scenario payment scheme to achieve the “Change the World” program

    At the invitation of the summit experts, Abbott further explained the development trend of the blockchain application industry. He believes that the blockchain is embracing increasingly wider applications, and has promoted scenario payment and digital currency to generate positive effects on various fields. For example, in the financial system, the use of blockchain technology has greatly reduced the cost of the intermediary and improved the operational efficiency of trading activities. Technical features of distributed storage data fundamentally eliminated the risk of information leakage and brought a truly secure transaction environment for hundreds of millions of users.

    Further discussions on “BitCoin, Nobel Coin” and so on were also made at the summit, which have been selected as the “preferred payment” transaction by 430 thousand merchants. Experts believed that as a world topic, the scenario payment scheme is changing the whole world quietly, and that the blockchain had returned to the technical level, so more attention should be paid to the application of the blockchain scene.

    “Change the scenario in the payment field to create a new ecology for the block chain, bring more value to all industries and bring high-quality experiences to participants, so that the scene payment area will create more wealth value.” After the summit, Abbott stated that the potential of blockchain application scene is limitless. And the future of blockchain lies in serving the real economy and business scene.

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    High Quality School Stationery Items Online
    Schoolse-shopping Pvt Ltd, a Venture of “SBS International School Supplies” serves as an open market for buying NCERT school books, accessories, and school stationaries online in India.

    Bangalore, Karnataka – June 19, 2018 – Schoolse-shopping Pvt Ltd is the one-stop destination for high-quality school textbooks and accessories online. The store comes with a wide variety of textbooks in their latest editions, from various publishers/authors.

    When asked about their shop, “We feature a huge collection of NCERT textbooks and other leading NCERT buying books, ICSC books, CBSE books, and other textbooks at the best price. The management has gained an inimitable reputation as a trustworthy supplier by providing educational books that would enable every student to reach the pinnacle of success in his/her chosen career. The textbooks and reference books supplied by us are of latest editions. Moreover, these books come with good paper quality, proper illustrations and solid references,” replied the spokesperson of Schoolse-shopping Pvt Ltd.

    They not only offer textbooks for students, but also provide notebook, stationaries item, uniform, bag, shoes, and more at affordable prices.

    The spokesperson also continued “We also offer assistive study material in the form of guidebooks, sample papers, question banks, references and more. Our store is the one-stop source for all academic materials such as notebooks, stationaries, uniforms, bags, shoes, Montessori materials such as puzzles, musical supplies, puppets, numbers and more.”

    The company started offering study material and other for the student in 2002 under the mission of providing high-quality academic books and educational accessories. When you log into, you will find that all the fun elements of shopping in malls have been exceptionally replicated. The easy-to-use interface that includes filters, compare options, buying guides, interactive descriptions and reviews, you’ll see that shopping online is fun and easy.

    “Schoolse-shopping Pvt Ltd works with the mission to provide high-quality academic books and educational accessories to aspiring minds and continuous dissemination of knowledge through our expanding network,” concluded the spokesperson of Schoolse-shopping Pvt Ltd.

    Schoolse-shopping Pvt Ltd provides fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to their users and connects buyers to sellers. Also, with the fast delivery options, you’ll have your product in your hand in no time.

    Author Bio:

    With over 16 years of experience, Schoolse-shopping Pvt Ltd has been offering, textbooks, notebooks, stationery items, bags, uniform and more at affordable prices. They endlessly provide you with the best online shopping experience you can get the consignment delivered to your doorstep at your preferred time. To know more, visit


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Schoolse-shopping Pvt Ltd
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +91 8971212713
    Address:SreeKrish Books & Stationaries, No.54, 9th Main, Prakash Nager
    City: Bangalore
    State: Karnataka
    Country: India

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    Before understanding the super validation nodes, let’s look at the decentralized nodes in the blockchain.

    Everyone knows that one of the biggest features of the blockchain is [decentralization]. Decentralization is closely related to the nodes distributed in the network. All nodes in the network are equal and distributed. Each node is equal to one another. The nodes provide services together, and there is no special node, no server, no central server or hierarchy.

    In this case, it means that every transaction and every block needs all nodes to reach consensus and confirm, but it takes time, which greatly sacrifices efficiency and restricts network performance, which is also part of the decentralization cost (PoW-based consensus mechanism in the blockchain, with a block generation time of 10 minutes).

    If you want to increase the block speed and confirmation time, it must be impossible to achieve it through decentralization, while you must reduce the number of nodes.

    What is a super validation node?

    Phantom uses the consensus mechanism of DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake), which is different from the traditional POW (Workload Proof) and POS (Proof of Stake), so Phantom belongs to Blockchain 3.0. The biggest benefit of this approach is the speed and efficiency of processing. We all know that bitcoin can complete 7 transactions per second, but Phantom can achieve a million transactions per second. However, in order to achieve millions of transactions per second, you must reduce the number of nodes. So this time, 111 super validation nodes are to be elected. The 111 super validation nodes can just balance Phantom decentralization and the efficiency of block generation. The implementation of the DPOS algorithm requires 111 super-authenticated nodes and several hundred spare nodes. The 111 super authentication nodes are currently competing and being elected.

    The Phantom Super Verification node is equivalent to 111 mayors in a country that are the normal managers of the country. Every person holding Phantom is an ordinary voter. You need to select the mayor you think has the ability to make this country more prosperous, so that the Phantom in your hand is more valuable.

    To put it simply, everyone uses Phantom Token in their hands to vote for all node candidates. Whoever has more votes can be elected as the master node.

    The roles of super validation node:

    1. To provide server nodes to ensure the normal operation of the nodes;

    2. The node server collects transactions in the network;

    3. The node verifies the transaction and packages the transaction into the block;

    4. The node broadcasts the block, after other nodes verify and adds the block to their own database;

    5. Guarantee and promote the development of blockchain projects.

    Voting rules

    Any Phantom can cast 1 vote. That is, if you have 1 Phantom, you can vote for 1 node, but you can’t cast more than 1 vote for a node, which means 1 Phantom can only give one vote for a single node. The more Phantom super validation nodes are, the more participants are. It is more important to provide maintenance for the system and it is also an important course for the whole decentralization management.

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    On the afternoon of June 11, local time, at the renowned historical Moroccan city of Casablanca, a crowd of several hundred tourists and local residents gathered inside the Tachfine Center shopping complex. What captured their attention were the irresistibly adorable panda costumed character mascots, mind-blowing knowledge Q&A about the giant pandas, imaginative and creative panda paintings…the on-site atmosphere was warm with passion and many “liked” the event on social media. This was just a glimpse into the highlight reel of the 2018 “Beautiful Sichuan, More than Pandas” Sichuan Tourism Promotion Campaign in Morocco.

    Various Panda Elements

    Praises and Nods Garnered for Sichuan as a “Tourist Destination”

    “Where is the home of the giant panda?” “What do the giant pandas eat?” “How many kilograms of food does a giant panda consume in one day?”… On-site at the event, the crowd of tourists and Casablanca local residents were active and eager in raising their hands and bombarded the host with all sorts of questions.

    After a round of flash mob by panda costumed character mascots, inside the adjacent panda DIY painting zone, local art celebrities and the general populace energetically participated in the blank panda figurine creative painting activity. The most distinguished and imaginative artworks were rated live and presented with awards.

    With giant panda as the carrier, at the event the displays of Sichuan’s wide range of idyllic landscapes and vibrant cultural traditions also captivated the visitors.

    “So Sichuan is not only the home to the pandas, but also has many great sceneries and delicious foods”. Local “fans” of the giant panda expressed that Sichuan’s picturesque views and cultural features like Sichuan cuisine are very compelling, and thus Sichuan is a very worthy choice as a travel destination. Many attendees sought to obtain Sichuan tourism promo materials from the panda costumed character mascots.

    Joint Construction of the “Belt and Road”

    Tap into Cooperation Potentials in the Tourism Industry

    2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of official diplomatic relations between China and Morocco. In recent years, the cordial and collaborative relations between the two nations have continued to make progress, and the cooperation and exchanges in the economic, trade and cultural sectors have also been continuously strengthened.

    The bond between Sichuan and Morocco is also time-honored. As early as 2008, after the catastrophic and destructive Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan, leaders of Morocco called their Chinese counterparts to express condolences, followed by a donation of USD 1 million to the disaster-stricken region. In 2016, an agreement for the formation of international sister cities relations was signed between Sichuan capital Chengdu and the Moroccan city of Fez, and after the official establishment of sister cities relations the two parties have carried out diverse exchanges and cooperation in fields such as economy, trade, culture, education, tourism and ancient text preservation.

    Activities held in the past year including the “2017 Tianfu Culture Week” in Morocco, “Enter China, Experience Chengdu” carnival and Chinese New Year temple festival, as well as this “Beautiful Sichuan, More than Pandas” Sichuan Tourism Promotion Campaign, have brought a myriad of exchanges and exhibitions of Sichuan cultural and tourism elements to Morocco.

    As a natural partner in the joint construction of the “Belt and Road,” Morocco is similar to Sichuan in that it also has numerous “World Natural and Cultural Heritage” sites, and thus the two parties share vast potentials in collaborations and exchanges in international tourism. On June 12, local time, the Sichuan Tourism Marketing Group headed by Fu Yonglin, director of Sichuan Tourism Development Commission, paid a visit to the Fez Bureau of Tourism, where the Chinese visitors introduced and recommended Sichuan’s tourism resources and also invited the Fez Bureau of Tourism and local travel agencies to come to Sichuan so as to strengthen communication and partnership.

    Promote Cultural Tourism Exchanges

    Jointly Build Platforms for Pragmatic Cooperation

    Not long ago, Fu Yonglin, director of Sichuan Tourism Development Commission, led the Sichuan Tourism Marketing Group to carry out multiple activities about the promotion of Sichuan tourism culture and trade and economy in Turkey. On June 8, Director Fu led the Group to pay a special visit to the Turkey Tourism Association, and communicated with Kalay, member of the Board of Directors and Berna Akar, director of the Foreign Affairs Department. Both sides introduced their tourism characteristics and resource products respectively, and carried out deep exchanges on how to closely cooperate in areas like product creation, tourists outputting and integrated marketing by focusing on the “Belt and Road” strategy.

    Ibrahim Halil Kalay, member of the Board of Directors of Turkey Tourism Association, said that with abundant and diversified tourism resources, Sichuan has great attraction for Turkey tourists. The Association is willing to build a platform of exchange and cooperation in tourism between the two sides, and intensity the publicity and promotion of Sichuan tourism, so as to promote pragmatic cooperation between enterprises from both sides and organize more tourists to travel to Sichuan.

    Chen Hongtao, deputy general manager of Sichuan China International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., on behalf of the other three visiting tourism enterprises, expressed that they were willing to cooperate with the Turkey Entry & Exit Travel Agency for building a long-term friendly partnership and a bridge of friendship between the two sides.

    The “Beautiful Sichuan, More than Pandas” Sichuan Tourism Promotion Campaign aims to leverage on the giant panda as its envoy in showcasing to the world Sichuan’s unique cultural and tourism resources, elevate Sichuan’s international fame, deepen exchanges between Sichuan and the rest of the world in culture, tourism, economy and trade, and promote multilateral interactions and collaborations. Since its inception this year, the “Beautiful Sichuan, More than Pandas” Sichuan Tourism Promotion Campaign has already been held in multiple nations such as Japan, Turkey and Morocco. The constituent activities of the campaign have been exciting and buzz-worthy, and Sichuan tourism, as symbolized by the giant panda, has grabbed the attention and interest of local tourism professionals, the general public and the media.

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    Women love beauty. They regard refinement as their belief and pursuit of life, maintain a healthy figure, wear fashionable clothes, and use high-quality skin care products. For a woman who wants to live happily and carefree, resists facial senescence and skin aging, skin care is an integral part of beauty.

    TG, the new brand of Guangzhou Yan Mo Bio Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the “harmony” concept of skin care, combining the internal needs of beautiful women, introduces natural, scientific and multifuctional series products, so that skin has significant promotion in the aspects of tight moisturizing, depth replenishment, brightening skin, nourishing repair and so on, which brings women unparalleled, comfortable and carefree of skin enjoyment with the concept of high end and efficient.


    Nature is a brand new concept of skin care, which can directly attack consumers’ hearts. TG series of products are made of natural and precious raw materials, devoting particular care to extraction from natural and without adding, giving natural care for the skin and a feeling of “Water out of hibiscus, natural to carving”, meeting their daily life confidently with original desire aspirations.


    TG is a natural scientific makeup and skin care brand, through scientific acquisition of natural precious raw materials, skin care formula and extraction technology, abandoning the harmful ingredients and additives to the skin to achieve a perfect skin care experience.


    Under the current living environment, women’s skin problems emerge one after another. The skin care products of single efficacy often fail to meet the needs of women’s skin care. In response to this situation, TG creates a brand new skin care product, which is a skin care experience for women with multiple functions, solutions to various skin problems, a luster of body and mind, and a return to the natural beauty of the skin.

    With the fierce competition of various of skin care brands, in order to become the market king, Guangzhou Yan Mo Bio Technology Co., Ltd. believes that it must be innovative, more professional and honest, to become the strong man of the times, and the new TG brand is the representative of this king, leading the new trend of skin care.

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    19 Jun, 2018 – At the press meet held today at a popular 5-star hotel in Toronto, the spokesperson for Edkent Media announced that they were delighted to provide an array of digital marketing services to help businesses and companies improve their online revenue at a rapid pace.

    The spokesperson for Edkent Media also said that they aim at increasing online traffic, support more leads and improved ROI, as these factors are very crucial for online businesses to thrive in the long run. He also added that when companies search for the terms, “Toronto SEO, Canada SEO, Internet Marketing Toronto or SEO Toronto”, they will find the website of Edkent Media at the top of the results of well-known search engines like Google and Bing. Their SEO experts are well equipped with specific skills that enable them to understand the search algorithms of top search engines. They also make sure that the needs of the clients to build an effective SEO strategy successfully. To know more about their wide range of digital marketing services, just click on their website link at

    SEO practices and PPC advertising by Edkent Media are essential for driving more revenue for businesses, as it acts as the basis for creating a better online presence. Plus, the SEO service is the part of the affordable digital marketing services offered by Edkent Media, which assures positive Return On Investment. With several years of experience in the digital marketing arena, the social media experts of Edkent Media can create perfect posts that can engage the page visitors of their Social Media platforms and improve the visibility of the brand online. They focus on building a perfect web design and development platform that would pave way for the businesses to attain long term goals at a quick pace.

    The digital marketing specialists of Edkent Media ensure that their clients are able to achieve their online marketing goals by brand enhancement, lead generation or by catering to a special business requirement. They make sure that there is clear-cut communication with the clients to keep them informed right from the stage of building a strategy, its implementation and till reporting it. This method of communication helps in producing optimum results with a retention rate of 95%, as it helps their experts understand the business goals in a better way. Their content marketing services and reputation management services ensure there are no negative information about their clients online to attract the attention of potential customers in the long run.

    About Edkent Media

    Edkent Media is a renowned firm that is based in Toronto region, which forayed into the digital marketing arena during the year 2014. They are specialists in offering a plethora of services, such Search Engine Optimization services, content marketing services, PPC services, Custom digital marketing services, website design and development, social media marketing and Email marketing services at affordable prices. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Edkent Media
    Contact Person: Dhruv Chawla
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    Phone: (647) 352-8700
    Address:885 Progress Ave #212
    City: Toronto
    State: ON
    Country: Canada

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    Website features up-to-date job postings for Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and other regions

    JUNE 19, 2018 – People who are trying to find a reliable source for government job postings in India are met with a great deal of challenges, but one new website is making it easier to find state and central government careers in India.

    inHurry Job understands the challenged faced by people who want to find a government position, and that’s why they’ve created a one-stop portal for finding the latest job postings throughout the country.

    For instance, users can find job postings listed in Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and many more regions across India.

    Thanks to this new website, people can find out the latest job postings at their own convenience – all in one easy to use place.

    “People can find all state and central government recruitment announcements easily on our website. We update this content regularly,” said the inHurry Job team.

    Not only does the inHurry Job website offer job listings in India, but it also offers information specific to government jobs. For instance, the website offers general selection procedures, roles and responsibilities of the branches of government, and much more.

    Further details can be found at

    About inHurry Job

    inHurry Job is a comprehensive, up-to-date job board offering all of India’s state and central government job posting.

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    City: Chennai
    State: Tamil Nadu
    Country: India

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    The outbreak of global blockchain industry in 2018, attracting a large number of technical team, and the Internet team to join the startup of block chain projects, and Chain star was born in line with the market development demands to meet dual requirements for quality projects and information which is committed to serve as a bridge between investors and projects so that project parties and investors can connect effectively to build a safe and reliable bridge.

    It is understood that the rapid development of block chain has led to a set of challenges that many investors cannot subjectively judge the  quality of  block chain projects, who have suffered huge economic losses in  the blind investment, and lots of good projects have been buried that unable to get enough money to launch.High-quality projects need attention and support of investors, and investors also need information of high-quality projects. ChainStar as a platform enterprise aims to solve the problems of information asymmetry between the project party and the investors, and becomes the link between the two parties and continuously promote the development of excellent block chain projects.

    As a professional block chain project docking platform, Chain star selects excellent block Chain teams and projects globally. In order to make sure all projects are valid, the project parties can’t release projects and fundraising needs on Chain star until they have been qualified in team validation, project rating by experts, tokens locking and risks audit.

    Chain star will lead quality projects simultaneously to make world debut, such as BTR, CTZ, global mobile phone service ecological chain MSCE and SoPay on 18th in June, it invites global investors and quality projects.

    Chain star teams are all block chain project developers, classical Internet investors, and legal practitioners.We have cooperated with dozens of blockchain experts and investment advisers around the world.All of them are top talents of block chain technology in the world, and we are also supported by top investment institutions in the world to help the investment institutions or natural investors to review and screen blockchain projects in this way.

    Transaction distributed storage of Chain star ensures that investment transaction information can not be tampered and provides informationalized protection of rights and all digital money is processed with a cold wallet, which effectively protect against hackers. During the investment process, you can even withdraw your investment right for seven days without any reason.

    The founder of Chain star indicates that Chain star would issue official Token to effectively monitor the capital flow of the project investors on the platform for project investment and financing, which is a safer investment method for investors.

    At present, Chain star has been legalized in the global operation and is applying for the US SEC certification license, Australia ASIC license and Singapore MAS license, and also already has strategic layout in Canada, Australia, Singapore, southeast Asia and other countries.



    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Cao Xiaochuan
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    Country: Singapore

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