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    In accordance with the concept of sustainable development of headquarter PFGHL and EU Organic Agriculture Certification Standards, BOMBYX has always been committed to environmental protection by introducing professional skills and advanced technical equipment. The construction of sericulture bases has brought BOMBYX towards the largest producer and supplier of organic silk in the world.


    Currently, BOMBYX has constructed three organic sericulture bases in Yilong County, Nanchong, with total area over 3,000 mu. Silkworm rearing in these bases are strictly managed with the EU’s Organic Agriculture Standards EC834/2007 and EC889/2008, Chinese National Environmental and Agricultural Standards, as well as National Environmental Health Standards. Recently, we are pleased to announce the harvest of our first batch of dry cocoons. Next year, we look forward to manage silkworms farming on 1500 mulberry papers and produce 60 tons of fresh cocoons.


    High-quality silk is the key to premium silk products. The suitable climatic conditions and fertile soil in Nanchong, Sichuan provides superior natural environment for sericulture. To provide better raw materials for garment production and processing, PFGHL Group begins with producing natural and organic silk. On the other hand, the development of organic agriculture can reduce pollution and protect local environment, which helps to develop a green and sustainable agricultural system.


    While making full use of the geographical advantages of Nanchong to build sericulture bases, PFGHL Group actively undertakes social responsibilities by increasing income of local farmers, promoting local economic development, providing opportunities for poor villagers, and addressing the issue of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Among others, it’s convenient for farmers to engage in mulberry planting, mulberry cultivation and young silkworm rearing at home. Additionally, PFGHL has also set up a technical guidance team for silkworm rearing, to educate silkworm farmers, improve their skills and reduce risks that may occur in silkworm rearing. The investment and construction of these sericulture bases has greatly raised general income and living standards of local farmers, further driven the development of local economy.

    The organic sericulture bases of BOMBYX will embrace the integrated development paths of agriculture. Apart from rearing organic silkworms, BOMBYX will also develop organic livestock husbandry, organic vegetable, fruit and medicinal herbs interplanting, organic farm tourism, and organize theme events such as organic food fair, eco-based tour and related recreation activities, in order to facilitate promotion and by-product sales.

    In the future, PFGHL Group will gradually build a comprehensive supply chain in the garment industry, covering raw materials provider, silk reeling factory, intelligent printing and dyeing factory, weaving factory, organic garment production and processing factory. By ensuring high output with optimal cost, the Group dedicates to offer customers superior products with the lowest cost.

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    Country: HongKong

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    TVC Mall, an online store which sells consumer electronics at competitive rates, recently announced huge discounts on 99 hot-selling products ahead of its 10th anniversary.

    TVC Mall, an online store which was started off by a group of entrepreneurs back in 2008, recently completed ten years in the ecommerce industry. To celebrate the landmark moment in the history of the company, the owners recently announced hefty discounts on 99 hot-selling products. The owners announced that customers can now apply coupon codes which are available on their website to avail the discounts on the selected hot-selling products.

    The owners of TVC Mall said at a recent press conference that they want to give out more to their patrons to celebrate TVC Mall 10th anniversary. They maintained that the decade-long presence in the highly competitive market for consumer electronics has become possible due to their aggressive sales and marketing strategy, competitive pricing policy and good customer support.

    “We are a consumer-obsessed organization. Whether our buyers are looking for cell phone parts or outdoor camping gears, we always strive to offer the latest products at affordable rates”, said the sales and marketing head of TVC Mall at the recent press conference.

    “We are quite excited to reach at a point from where we can take off as one of the biggest suppliers of consumer electronics in the world. All it needs is a little more dedication and a professional toward customer service and customer satisfaction. We are happy that our product procurement team has been doing an excellent job, and we think the latest offers would boost the sales”, the sales and marketing head added during the press conference.

    The ecommerce store, which has been selling Apple parts, Samsung parts, HTC parts and various other types of Smartphone parts since its inception, is now offering as much as twenty percent discount on some of the consumer electronics products. However, the owners underlined that the coupon codes are only applicable on non-discountable products.

    “We have ensured that each and every customer gets value for money and the maximum discounts. Even if some products are not discountable, customers can still enjoy a better price by redeeming coupon codes which they might have. At this landmark moment, we want to thank all of our present and past customers and stakeholders and we hope this is just the beginning of a long and glorious journey”, said the CEO and managing director of TVC Mall.

    About the Company

    TVC Mall is a leading ecommerce store dealing in consumer electronics.

    To know more, visit

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    Company Name: TVC-Mall
    Contact Person: Rita
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    Phone: +86-755-28416521 Ext.8033
    Country: China

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    As we all know, throughput has always been the pain point of the blockchain. It can be said due to low throughput, no killer level applications emerge in the blockchain industry. Similar to the early period of the Internet, the entire underlying system haven’t set up yet, users can only browse some simple web pages. The speed severely restricts the development of decentralized applications and blockchains.

    How to solve the problem of low throughput? Currently, there are several options.

    Option 1, increase the size of the block.

    For example, bitcoin, the size of an existing block may only be 1MB of storage space. If you want to trade, you can only add the transaction to this storage space. At the end of last year, SegWit2x enlarged the block size from 1MB to 2MB. But for security, It eventually eliminated the SegWit2x hard fork.

    Option 2, over the chain transaction.

    By contrasting Lightning Network for Bitcoin with Raiden Network for Ethereum, they have come up a solution. Paying some Ethereum or Bitcoin as a deposit in advance, and then users trade with others under the chain by using other means.

    Option 3, the agent consensus agreement solution.

    Whether it is 7 agents or 21 agents, or even dozens of agents, everyone will form a small group. Then some consensus agreement or similar function agreement will be run to reach a consensus, generate blocks, and then broadcast the block to the entire network, thus reaching the consensus of the entire network.

    The above three solutions are currently good solutions, and the throughput problem is solved from different dimensions and different scenarios. However, the three solutions do not perfectly solve the contradiction between blockchain transaction speed and security.

    A new solution – DRAW algorithm and double block refrigerating technology

    For the first time, the IFTC team optimized the IFTC (Double Reverse Annulus Work) and IFTC Double Block Refrigerating Technology to optimize the current blockchain algorithm for efficiency and security, increasing blockchain trading speed to 100,000+.

    DRAW’s idea: to allow each transaction to participate in the replication and building of the previous two transactions and the next following N transactions, in order to complete the transaction accounting in the reverse transaction sequence. After carry out X account notes, all X transaction records will be confirmed after the completion of block by the last one which has been replicated, and eventually it will form the final transaction group. After the transaction is initiated, this transaction accounting will be completed and the transaction loop will be closed after initiating replication process to previous TX and broadcast it to the entire network directly. After X transactions completed, the block of the whole transactions will be finished by last TX from the tail which has been replicated. After that, all transactions will be confirmed. The bookkeeper for each transaction needs to copy all previous complete blocks before participation in the accounting of each subsequent transaction.

    Strategy of Double Block Refrigerating Technology

    Design idea of DBRT: In today’s mainstream public blockchain, all public nodes bear the burden of storage transactions, smart contracts and various states. To maintain its normal operation on the blockchain, it may spend large costs to get more storage space. In order to solve this problem, a feasible method of block refrigerating technology has been proposed. The key to this technology is to separate the entire storage so that different nodes can store different parts. Therefore, each node is only responsible for hosting its own block data, rather than storing the whole complete blockchain. The first and most important challenge of refrigerating is to create N-block nodes. There is a need to develop a mechanism to determine which nodes can create indexes in a secure manner, avoiding attacks by people who can control a large number of specific nodes.

    The best way to defeat an attacker (in most cases) is to establish randomness. By exploiting randomness, the network can randomly extract nodes to form an index. Such a random sampling approach can prevent overfilling a single index by malicious nodes.

    But how can we build randomness? The easiest source of public randomness is the block, for example, the Merkle tree root of the transaction. The randomness provided in the block has been publicly verified and uniform random bits can be extracted by the random extractor.

    The IFTC team claims that more technical details will be announced on September 1, 2018. Including smart contracts, digital currency payment transaction settlement system, billing system, Token, decentralized exchange underlying architecture, IFTC has established a basic underlying platform that can be applied in vertical sectors. It’s an actual blockchian technology that can be used by users and realizing the application and construction of the business ecology at the blockchain level. IFTC, reconstructing global business.

    Contact us:



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    Country: United States

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    According to statistics, in 2017, Human Resources market in the US was worth of 150 billion dollars, in China over 100 billion. On average, global Human Resources market is a multi-trillion industry.

    Blockchain technology is a decentralized system integrating cryptography and P2P network based on distributed consensus mechanism, with advantages like tamper-proofing, transparency, traceability and reliability. Blockchain technology starting from version 1.0 represented by programmable currencies like bitcoin, over only several years, has catapulted to version 2.0, the programmable financial era based on smart contract, represented by Ethereum and Hyperledger. After that all kinds of industries begin to explore the potential applications of blockchain, initiating version 3.0 featuring “blockchain + industries” and heralding a promising future.

    Talent Chain is a talent service chain based on blockchain, aiming to provide safe and reliable talent hiring and talent training. It will create a decentralized, multi-node, tamper-proofing, open, fair and transparent ecosystem of talents with blockchain technology as the foundation, with talents, enterprises, training institutions and third-party headhunters as players( integrating both talent ecosystem chain and talent service chain). Talent Chain is a typical representative of the version 3.0 “blockchain + industries” application model, a product of blockchain combined with talent industry. It can be easily implemented as all users’ transactions are carried out in the form of word record and token.

    In talent recruitment, as global economy develops and people’s living standards increase, enterprises’ needs for talents are also skyrocketing, which propels talent market expansion. Meanwhile information technology has furthered ERP building for enterprises to construct their own talent pool. With the efforts of government and service providers, there is a rise in the number of online talent service platforms and online talent management systems with substantial new talent websites created. However, these online platforms, along with multi-sector talent system are fundamentally based on traditional talent information construction, so all these systems can only function properly within their own sectors and isolated information islands are being created.

    But in modern society, people grow increasingly dependent on information sharing when it comes to hiring, training and managing talents. That throws the existing talent service platforms heavily relying on centralized information system into question. Numerous inevitable changes arise: how to break information barricades among these isolated islands? How to achieve safe and reliable information sharing? For people working in talent industry, unreliable information sources, redundant procedures, untrustworthy system, late monitoring and many other issues are the hard nuts to crack.

    In modern talent industry, unreliable, unsymmetrical and nontransparent information in enterprises’ scale and needs, in training institutions’ capacity and in talents themselves is the root cause of lengthy and expensive hiring process. Therefore between talent ecosystem chain and talent service chain, there should be a decentralized, open, fair and transparent monitoring and integration system.

    Faced with these thorny issues, Talent Chain(abbreviate as TAL) proposes a solution to rebuild a blockchain-based platform with the aim to create a reliable, highly efficient and safe talent environment to solve information unreliability issues in hiring, training and other services. TAL, with openness, fairness, reliability as its core values, will build a blockchain-based talent service network and information sharing platform which will collect all sorts of talent service resources and job-hunting information. By its open and sharing ecosystem, it can provide information services like displaying needs of hiring and applying for new jobs. It creates a full-life-cycle TAL network ecosystem with digital identity of talents, hiring, training, monitoring services and token to provide reliable and safe talent service for all industries.

    1. TAL public chain solution

    Platform structure: the following is the structure of the whole talent ecosystem public chain which can create the basic environment of talent ecosystem. As it’s shown in the picture, the whole structure consists of three parts: the front end, public chain and infrastructure. It can be divided into four layers: infrastructure layer, smart contract layer, public chain layer and users layer.

    Structure of TAL public chain platform

    2. TAL technology (in brief)

    Main technologies of TAL are Trusted Guarantee Technology, Trusted Security Protection Technology and High-Performance Technology. Trusted Guarantee Technology is the most fundamental technology in blockchain’s underlying platform, including members, smart contract, cross-chain communication, identity verification, consensus mechanism and token mechanism. Security Protect Technology mainly includes trusted hardwares, decryption, encryption, zero-knowledge proof, privacy protection and so on. High-Performance Technology includes smart matching, heterogeneous equipment acceleration support, lighting network and IPFS.

    Here we elaborate on smart contract and heterogeneous equipment acceleration support.

    Smart contract:

    Smart contract embodies business logics and can operate in blockchain to complete transactions. TAL public chain platform first needs to construct a federation of service providers and deploy many nodes which can record and sort transactions to form the basic operating environment. The smart contract supports Go and Solidity programming language. It also includes many business contracts like identity registration, hiring, training headhunting, monitoring services, token incentives and credit scoring. Through identity registration contract, a person or enterprise can join the chain with their identity verified. Through hiring contract, all information in the process starting from enterprise posting hiring information to finally a person getting hired will be recorded. Through training contract, all information in the process of posting training information to applying to hiring will be recorded. Through headhunting contract, talent hiring information by headhunters will be recorded. Monitoring contract can make sure the system is fully compliant to monitoring rules and orders. Token incentives contract provides another crypto token and gives users incentives.

    Heterogeneous equipment support:

    In order to achieve high-speed transactions, TAL will use high-performance hardwares and introduce heterogeneous equipment like FPGA, ASIC and GPU to accelerate and improve the consensus communication protocol and the core algorithm of encryption and decryption.

    3. TAL building

    The basic idea of TAL ecosystem is to build a blockchain-based network in which federation of talents, talent service providers and monitoring institutions is well formed. Next it will use blockchain technology to integrate talent service transactions into all kinds of settings to create a talent service ecosystem. It can be further explained in three aspects:

    (1) Infrastructure: centered on talent service ecosystem, TAL will build infrastructure for talent service sharing and cross-platform services.

    (2) Ecosystem tools: to build ecosystem tools, TAL will provide mobile app to allow users to login and post hiring, training and job-hunting information.

    (3) Talent service application solution: TAL will provide all kinds of talent service platforms API to access its public chain and solutions.

    The birth of TAL will initiate a grand revolution in global talent ecosystem.

    TAL Telegram:

    TAL official website:

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    Company Name: Talent Chain
    Contact Person: Jack
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    Country: United States

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    Nbtopsed11 is the NFL shop UK that helps customers in purchasing cheap NFL jerseys UK with their informative Sports Jersey Buying Guide.

    NFL jerseys are very popular in the United Kingdom, and one can often see people wearing NFL jerseys and walking in the streets of London. This could inspire others too, and they may start searching for NFL jerseys to wear them for an active lifestyle. People who don’t have an idea about purchasing NFL jerseys at cheap prices in the UK can now take the help of the Sports Jersey Buying Guide introduced by Nbtopsed11. The website enables people in picking the best fitting NFL jerseys at the best prices.

    Only energetic and skillful players can get a chance to play in the NFL, and wearing NFL jerseys could be the dream of any American football player. For all those fans of the NFL in the UK, Nbtopsed11 is the number one source of NFL jerseys UK. Many people feel proud wearing NFL jerseys and to play and participate in the games. These American jerseys are available in various sizes for people of different physique. At the same time, people can choose from different designs. According to the spokesperson of Nbtopsed11, NFL jerseys keep evolving with the new sport apparel fashion trends. The web store reveals some important points that one should keep in mind while purchasing these NFL jerseys with the latest styles.

    Sports Jersey Buying Guide Reveals Secrets Of Buying Cheap NFL Jerseys UK

    According to the spokesperson, one should learn to distinguish between a cheap NFL jersey and an authentic NFL jersey. One should purchase a jersey from an NFL shop UK that sells authentic jerseys. One can easily recognize an authentic piece by checking its details. A cheap piece will not have such a comprehensive detailing like an authentic jersey. The next important thing to consider is the size of the jersey. One should choose a jersey that fits the best. A best fitting jersey will allow a person to play a game naturally and without any difficulty. If the jersey is too tight or too loose, one will find it hard to enjoy the game. The spokesperson states that the material of the jersey also to be checked before placing an order. A jersey made from a breathable material is always better to be picked by an individual.

    Of course, the price could be one important factor that any buyer cannot ignore while trying to purchase NFL jerseys. For purchasing cheap NFL jerseys UK, Nbtopsed11 offers all valuable information that one may need. One can purchase authentic American football jerseys from the web store with the name of the player on it. What’s more, they also allow to customize the jerseys as per the choice of the customer. The spokesperson claims that all jerseys they have are made from the breathable mesh, which is comfortable to wear.

    One can learn more about buying cheap American football jerseys online in the United Kingdom by visiting the website

    About Nbtopsed11

    Nbtopsed11 is the number one source for buying Cheap NFL Jerseys in the United Kingdom. One can purchase American football jerseys wholesale from the web store and can rest assured of an authentic design and the best prices. All jerseys are made from the quality fabric and are available with free shipping across the UK.

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    The word “advertisement” came from the Latin word “advertere”, which means “attention, inducement and transmission”, and then evolved into advertising. Its meaning is derived as “make someone notice something” or “notify people of something to cause others` attention.”

    Nowadays, ads has been an important part of our daily lives.

    Advertising appears everywhere all along the way from home to company: bus, subway, elevator, even bathrooms.

    Ads shows up around every corner on screens again: search – video – game – forum – social media.

    Ads always come into our view.

    But, here’s the problem:

    Baidu’s fake ads.
    Information leakage on Facebook 
    Topbuzz ads cannot be blocked, etc.

    Hope we can see what we want to see:

    Real and high-quality product introduction.

    Best of all, as one of the “contributors”, we can also get benefits and incremental value from the advertising activities
    DAD has been engaged in digital advertising since 2013, and now they entered the era of blockchain advertising with billions of users

    What Can D-ad (Decentralized Advertising) Do?

    1. Democratic supervision mechanism – eliminate illegal advertising

    General mode: Eliminating illegal advertising by analyzing millions of ad contents through using big data, artificial intelligence and mature advertising data model.

    DAD blockchain mode: D-ad, gives the rights back to users. User can kick out cheating and illegal ads from D-ad chain by voting.

    2. Advertising chain can be tracked with full Transparency-Real and Effective Performance

    General mode: traffic provider and third-party platform deliver data (including: placement, display time, duration, user clicks, views, downloads, etc.) to advertisers as evidence of performance.

    DAD blockchain mode: all the data shows up on the chain. All the information such as ad placements, clicks, views, downloads, etc. is public. Nothing can be changed afterwards. All the data will be post backed to advertisers, so they can track everything on the chain at any time.

    3. Smart Contracts – Pay for real perforamce

    General mode: the flow is traffic providers give quotation or bidding—advertisers confirm the rate–start promotion. Advertisers are responsible for ROI, it will cause disputes on payment issues between two sides once there are problems during the cooperation.

    DAD blockchain model: Advertisers choose ad placements and promotion model, and sign IO through smart contracts. Pricing and bidding are recorded in distributed nodes, payment will be paid to traffic platforms based on smart contracts automatically.

    4. Token Economics – User is also ads revenue holder

    General mode: when advertisers pay 100%, agency gets 40%, traffic provider shares 60% and user gets 0%

    Dominated Players are Google and Facebook:

    86% of Google’s annual revenue comes from advertising business in 2017, and its market value is $822.1 billion

    98% of Facebook’s annual revenue comes from advertising business in 2017, and its market value is $574 billion

    Blockchain mode: when advertisers pay 100%, traffic providers get 60% and users will get 40%.

    So if the advertising revenue of Dad reaches 20% of that of Google, the users will get $166.4 billion!

    Find what you want, See what you like.

    The advertisement you see will transform into the profit you get.

    Earn money from watching ads, DAD is waiting for you.

    Now, DAD has launched Spark Program. The massive DAD Token will be released continuously for four weeks, and generous benefits is waiting for you. The earlier you join the more you get.

    Become a member of Spark Program, finish registration and invitation to get DAD Token.

    Join the Spark Program. Join the DAD. Build superior advertisement community together.

    Please click to learn more information.

    Join our Telegram:

    OR contact DAD:

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    The Automobiles industry has topped the JobBuzz Workplace July 2018 index and has also been ranked on the top for work-life balance, work culture and career growth aspects this month – this is a huge feat. It shows that the employers here are putting significant efforts to keep employees engaged, said Sanjay Goyal, Product and Technology Head, TimesJobs and JobBuzz
    JobBuzz Workplace Index July 2018 reports that employees have ranked Automobiles, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Consumer Durables and FMCG as the top five sectors to work in India

    New Delhi: At a time when the Indian automobiles industry is bullish and gearing up for an electric future, there’s more good news flowing in for the sector. Employees working in this sector vouch for the work culture prevalent in their respective organisations. JobBuzz Workplace Index – a monthly ranking of sectors based on employee reviews – has revealed that the Automobiles sector provides the best work culture as compared to other sectors in India.

    Based on employee reviews collected in July 2018, professionals in this sector are most comfortable with important workplace parameters including work-life balance and career growth.  

    The JobBuzz Workplace Index July 2018 report notes that employees have ranked Automobiles, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Consumer Durables and FMCG as the top five sectors to work for in India. It is an indication that employees working in these sectors are happy with the work culture, salary, benefits and other things vis-à-vis the other sectors. Every month, JobBuzz Workplace Index provides such an assessment to indicate the overall employee sentiment of Indian workforce.

    Highlights of JobBuzz Workplace Index July 2018:

    •    Automobiles sector topped the charts with overall rating of 73%. It was also top rated in work-life balance, work culture and career growth parameters

    •    Automobiles sector toppled Hospitality to become the best-rated sector in July 2018

    •    Manufacturing industry with 72% rating was second on the index. It was rated as the top-notch salary provider by employees on JobBuzz

    •    Infrastructure sector retained its third spot (from June 2018) in the July 2018 index, improving its score from 70% (June 2018) to 72% (July 2018)

    •    Hospitality industry, which was on top in June 2018, slipped to the eighth position in July 2018

    The Automobiles industry is witnessing a steady growth and is awaiting the formulation of India’s first National Auto Policy. The upcoming debut of Kia Motors and the launch of several super-premium automobile models in India is keeping the sector busy. As industry watchers and academicians are debating the move towards electric vehicles, the employers are clearly focussed on employees along with business growth.

    “The Automobiles industry has topped the JobBuzz Workplace July 2018 index and has also been ranked on the top for work-life balance, work culture and career growth aspects this month – this is a huge feat. It shows that the employers here are putting significant efforts to keep employees engaged,” said Sanjay Goyal, Product and Technology Head, TimesJobs and JobBuzz.

    The JobBuzz Workplace Index records the employees’ sentiments month-on-month basis and hence is a reflection of how much employees adore or despise their workplaces. The July edition is available @

    JobBuzz: JobBuzz is an employer rating and review platform from TimesJobs.

    It is an employee-to-employee community which helps jobseekers make informed career decisions. Empowered by the collective intelligence of a group of actual users, JobBuzz ensures that aggregated information about career decisions is helpful to all users. 

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Neha Singh Verma
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    Phone: 9999652048
    Country: India

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    On July 12, 2018 German Time, Erste Internationale Biennale zur Präsentation chinesischer Ölmalerei aus Dafen had a grand opening in Bostchaft der Volksrepublik China in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. 10 original oil painting works of excellent Dafen artists were exhibited in order to show the development of Dafen oil painting village and to promote China Dafen International Painting Exhibition Biennale, which will make Dafen oil painting art be a communication window for exchanges, improve interaction between foreign and domestic artists and further promote cooperation and exchanges in cultural industry between China and other countries of the world.

    Erste Internationale Biennale zur Präsentation chinesischer Ölmalerei aus Dafen is sponsored by Longgang District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality, supported by Bostchaft der Volksrepublik China in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland and organized by Culture Industry Development Office of Longgang District of Shenzhen, Buji Sub-district Office of Longgang District, Shenzhen, Administration Office of Dafen Oil Painting Village of Longgang District of Shenzhen and Guanyu Entertainment Era Culture Media(BEIJING)CO., Ltd.

    Nearly 150 people from political, art, culture and sports circles in the Federal Republic of Germany or Berlin were present at the Erste Internationale Biennale zur Präsentation chinesischer Ölmalerei aus Dafen, including Mr. Shi Deming, Ambassador of Bostchaft der Volksrepublik China in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland; Mr. Chen Ping, Minister-Counsellor from Culture Office of Bostchaft der Volksrepublik China in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland; Ms Shang Boying, Deputy District Mayor of Longgang District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality; Ms Anna Grete Hanson, the Speaker of German parliament of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin; Ms. Obol, Deputy Mayor of Potsdam; Mr. Nietzsche, Deputy Mayor of Magdeburg; Ms. Eleonora, external communicator and director of marketing department in Federal Gallery and Dealers Association; Mr. Werner Tammen, President of Berlin State Gallery Association; Mr. Peter, Honorary President of Berlin State Sports League; Mr. Krauss-Woodward•Bennet, former Secretary-General of Germany Social Democratic Party; Dr. Breuer, member of Germany Economy Bundesrat and president of International Community Security Association; Mr. Detlev Sambrizki, former president of Federal Parliament Diplomatic Affairs Committee and The United Nations Affairs Committee, former president in Berlin of Germany Social Democratic Party; Mr. Yigit, controller of German Television.

    At the opening ceremony, Mr. Shi Mingde, Ambassador of Bostchaft der Volksrepublik China in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, said that Sino-German cultural relations had entered a stage of high-level development, and the areas of cooperation between the two sides had been expanded with fruitful achievements. As an important pillar of Sino-German comprehensive strategic partnership, cultural exchanges and cooperation play an irreplaceable role in enhancing the understanding and friendship between peoples of both sides. The Erste Internationale Biennale zur Präsentation chinesischer Ölmalerei aus Dafen is held to show achievements of China’s contemporary cultural innovation and a contemporary China’s image which is vibrant, innovative and confident.

    At the opening ceremony, Ms. Shang Boying, Deputy District Mayor of Longgang District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality, said that it was a great honor to hold the Erste Internationale Biennale zur Präsentation chinesischer Ölmalerei aus Dafen at Bostchaft der Volksrepublik China in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. As the “third pole” of Shenzhen’s eastern core area and future development, Longgang district is making every effort to build “cultural highland”, focusing on improving the cultural industry development from hardware and software. Known as the “First Village of China’s Oil Painting”, Dafen Oil Painting Village is a cultural industry card of Shenzhen City and one of China’s first batch of national cultural industry demonstration bases. It is also the largest commodity oil painting production and trading base in China, and an important global transaction hub for oil painting around the world. In recent years, Dafen Oil Painting Village is also taking the road of transformation and upgrading, supporting original works, creating art exhibition brands, and establishing a complete original art industry chain. It has become a vivid practice and a successful story for cultural industry upgrading in Longgang District. On this occasion, I hope that art exchanges and cultural integration between China and Germany will be promoted. In addition, Ms. Shang Boying, Deputy District Mayor, invited the guests to participate in the “Dafen International Painting Exhibition Biennale” held in October in Longgang District, Shenzhen.

    Ms Anna Grete Hanson, the Speaker of German parliament of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin made a speech that I was very pleased that Dafen oil paintings were exhibited in Germany. As we all know, the cultural, educational, economic, scientific and technological institutions and art groups in China and Germany have carried out various forms of cooperation to deepen mutual understanding between the Chinese and German people with a contribution to cultural exchanges between two countries. We could further strengthen cooperation and promote the development of friendship between Germany and China.

    Shenzhen, the pioneer city of reform and opening-up, has become an influential international city and created a number of China’s first, and Dafen oil painting village is one of them. At present, Dafen has become the leading demonstration zone for the development of China’s cultural industry, the representative foundation of Guangdong Province’s art tribal cluster as well as one of top ten characteristic cultural blocks in Shenzhen.

    In recent years, Dafen’s original strength has flourished. On the basis of the successful holding of “National Dafen Youth Oil Painting Exhibition”, Dafen has heavily launched the “Dafen International Painting Exhibition Biennale”, which is another international high-end art exhibition brand in cooperation between Longgang District and Chinese Artists Association. Before May 30, the organizing committee has collected 2,651 famous painters’ works which are from nearly 65 countries and regions including China, the United States, Germany, France, and Russia. The organizing committee will finally select 280 works through preliminary evaluation and re-evaluation, which will be exhibited in Longgang District, Shenzhen in October, 2018. At that time, art institutions and artists from all over the world will focus on Shenzhen, focus on Longgang, and focus on Dafen. This is also a sound opportunity for artists from all over the world to go into Dafen, know Longgang, and know Shenzhen.

    The theme of the first Dafen International Painting Exhibition Biennale is “Opening-up and Integration”. The exhibition works will be from the influential artists of five continents. As an international high-end exhibition focusing on academic and artistic feature, it aims to make artists at home and abroad influence and promote each other through the collision of creativity, individuality, concept and consciousness so as to achieve the goal of harmonious coexistence, multi-integration and mutual benefits. The Dafen International Painting Exhibition Biennale is held to blend the cultural essences of the world with an open attitude, deepen the thinking and enhance sense of participation of various countries and nations to this era and show diversity of culture in order to make Dafen become a platform and a window for the mutual understanding between China and the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guanyu Entertainment Era Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Phil Duan
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    Country: China

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    With their innovative product designing, Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd has several amazing products in their portfolio, such as the 72000mAh emergency power bank for retailers around the world to grow their business in their local area.

    Today, everyone loves to carry feature-rich gadgets in their hand. These gadgets often consume lots of power, and one may need to charge them several times a day, depending upon the use. To address this issue, Mengtop Technology now brings rapid charging power banks for the discerning smartphone users. These power banks are beautiful in appearance and serve the purpose of a reliable source of power for charging a host of devices on the move. Many of these power banks are waterproof and are powered by solar panels.

    According to the company spokesperson, they endeavor to bring innovative products for retailers around the world to quickly establish their business in their local market. Not only power banks, they also supply Bluetooth speakers, chargers, phone cases, cables and other products.  “With our useful products, you can easily build up your brand in your local market and can grow your business,” the spokesperson states. According to him, these products have been designed for the new-age customers, keeping their needs in mind. For example, the power banks have a rugged structure and allow a fast charging, and thus are more suitable for people who use gadgets continuously for several hours a day.

    Today, people do a lot of work on their handheld devices, from watching movies and videos to enjoying exciting games. Smartphone manufacturers keep adding new features, luring users to spend more and more time on these devices. All this puts an emphasis on having good power banks. Mengtop Technology’s 72000mAh emergency power bank allows charging multiple devices at the same time. The power bank uses the USB technology and allows fast charging. It has 2 USB ports, a laptop port and a cigarette lighter output. With its advanced and intelligent technology, the power bank can automatically detect the internal chips of devices to adjust the output power before charging.

    10000mAh Power Delivery + QC3.0 power bank 

    Another useful product introduced by the company is the 10000mAh Power Delivery + QC3.0 power bank, which is remarkable for its rapid power delivery. This newest power bank can rapidly charge a multitude of devices, such as Macbook, iPad, Smartphones and others. Its USB output supports the Quick Charge 3.0 Technology. Users can charge this power bank through the Micro USB Port or PD Type-C in less than three hours. With its PC+ABS casing, the power bank features a well-balanced, soft and metal design. The power bank is handy enough to carry and allows devices to be charged fast when needed.

    72000mAh emergency power bank

    To know more about these power banks and their features, one can visit the website

    About Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd

    Mengtop started its business with the B2B department from EasyAcc, which is set up in 2015. Due to rapid expansion of many more projects, they build a company named MENGTOP, and start their operations in February of 2017. MENGTOP carefully selects factories with years of expertise in the field, and works together to help develop quality, innovative and unique products. MENGTOP according to customer’s requirement and their own idea creates new products. All products available with them are original, from the initial concept, research, designing to the final production process.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Charlie
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    Phone: +86-18673182326
    City: Changsha City
    Country: China

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    Lucky Baby Names | Professional Baby Name Consultant
    The right baby name brings success to your child’s Health, Education & Happiness! Give your precious child a Lucky Baby Name from India’s No.1 Astrologer & Numerologist Mr. PR Sundhar Raja, the best astrologer in India, an Engineering graduate with a Ph.D in Astrology.

    Chennai, Tamil Nadu – July 17, 2018 – Mr. PR Sundhar Raja is an award-winning astrologer in the science of Astro-Nameology. He gives your child a lucky name for a lifetime based on the Child’s birth details.

    When asked about the astrology consultancy services, “Name is the entity which travels with us throughout our life. It is used in every important stage and adds up the flavour. We at give a perfect baby name for boys and girls, which can make them fortunate. Most of the troubles, illness in health, lack of concentration, irritating nature, not eating properly are mostly caused by the child’s name not being in harmony. By getting the right naming solution for your child after consulting with an Astronumero consultant will provide overall success in life” replied the spokesperson of Lucky Baby

    Dr. PR Sundhar Raja is the recipient of several awards including the “Indian Achievers Award” and uses Astrology with Numerology, as per the ancient texts, for over 36 years in assisting in choosing the right boys or girls baby name, company names and fine-tuning existing children names and individual names to achieve great success.

    The spokesperson also continued, “For baby names consulting services, it required date of birth, place of birth, time of birth. We also help you to select a new name or correct the existing name, and logo for businesses. In case, if the names given by the clients are not suitable, the clients can send some more names, until the famous astrologer, Dr. Raja selects the right name. And there will be NO extra charges for this service.”

    As a successful practitioner of Astrology & Numerology specialist, Dr. PR Sundhar Raja has assisted several business leaders and professionals over the last three decades by contributing to their success, and many business tycoons and corporate business heads are his repeat clients including several Fortune 500 companies like ONGC, Eveready etc.

    “Your child’s lucky name will also bring prosperity to you and your family. So you have to select a lucky baby name for your child, which is vibrating in harmony with their birth chart to give them continuous success, healthy life, good education, happiness, career/business, good marriage partner, and more. Go ahead in taking the first important step to bring success and happiness to your newborn baby and yourself,” concluded the spokesperson.

    The best numerologist in India, Dr. PR Sundhar Raja select the best baby names, whether it is baby boy names or baby girl names using the right starting letters. You can also use this service for your grown-up children. Also, gift this lucky name service to your friends & relatives children. This will be the best gift for their success.

    About Lucky Baby

    PR Sundhar Raja is a leading expert in the science of Astro-Nameology who uses Astrology and Numerology together to maximise success. He gives a unique baby name, which will bring success in health, education, career, business, marriage and more. To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Astro Number
    Contact Person: Sundhar Raja
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9840020243
    Address:No.1, 1165, 6th Ave, Z Block, Anna Nagar
    City: Chennai
    State: Tamil Nadu
    Country: India

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    In the past two years, various types of cryptocurrencies have emerged in an endless stream, but there are 1,000 kinds of initial issued currency names that are in existence and lose transaction value. Bitcoin, which currently has the largest market value, has experienced dark moments in the past year. According to CoinDesk, the current price of Bitcoin has fallen by more than 70% from the highest point of nearly $20,000 in December last year.

    Coupled with different levels of supervision by governments, as well as bitcoin stolen, hacked from exchange, tardy transaction and other bear news, the market turned negative in 2018. With price violently retraced, the cryptocurrency market suffered in the first half year.

    The value and development in expectation of cryptocurrency, however, seem not decrease. According to the report of the Firecoin Blockchain Research Institute, there are three changes in the number of non-digital currencies: First, it will gradually shift from investment-driven to “investment + utility”. Second, the demand for various types of application scenarios will be more digitally tokenized, which stimulates most of the digital asset tend to be tokenized by blockchain technology. Third, the utility requirements and the interaction between the various Dapp and blockchain ecosystems are increasing.

    At present, most of the cryptocurrency investors are still retail investors. The whole market is lacking of professional investment institutions. Those who focus on the future global digital asset management projects are overtaking in the corner. In one hand, they are using the blockchain to transform the traditional fund management model, in another hand is to invest in digital assets on the blockchain. Due to this, some new stand on the tip of the pyramid in the field of cryptocurrency assets management.

    Digital Asset Holdings, a blockchain startup led by former JPMorgan executive, received a huge $52 million investment in Series A financing, including financial giants Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Santander World-class financial institutions such as Bank of Germany.

    Guo Taiming, the founder of Foxconn, who just landed in A shares, has already laid out the blockchain and digital assets. Billionaire Mike Novogratz’s digital currency commercial bank completed a financing of 250 million US dollars, Hon Hai’s investment subsidiary participated in the investment of 500 million Taiwan dollars. At the same time, in order to get through all the links in the future, Guo Taiming also said that Foxconn is actively promoting the development of blockchain finance, cryptography and consensus mechanisms in the blockchain, which will provide technical support for supply chain finance.

    KOOBANK is known as the world’s first digital asset investment bank, which is based on blockchain technology and founded by former executives from prestige companies such as JPMorgan, VISA, IBM, Standard Chartered Bank and Microsoft. With the assets of the consortium, it operates global asset investment and allocation. Based on blockchain technology, KOOBANK also manages digital asset investment fund, FOF, blockchain research institutes, digital asset management chain, and blockchain industry innovation centers that are deployed globally. It aims to help global cryptocurrency investors achieve long-term stable return on investment and become “Blackstone” in the field of digital assets.

    In the traditional financial sector, the asset management industry has been known as a trillion-dollar market. The Berkshire Hathaway Incorperation is the world’s top asset management company, with Blackstone assets up to $5 trillion, surpassing annual GDP of Japan, the third biggest economy.

    It is foreseeable that in the future, the field of digital assets will also support the birth of a huge asset management market.

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    The production of household appliances, medical equipments, electronic equipments, safety equipments as well as monitoring system just got a new direction as JasonMould announces its strategies to increase quality production of these items. Known for their catalyst effect in China and around the world when it comes to production, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited has launched services geared towards better usage of plastic and metals in production of different equipments and systems.

    In this Modern Era technological advancement has affected each sector positively and has also helped in an increment of services in different industries. One of these changes is the Rapid Prototyping Service being offered by JasonMould which helps the design team to have a visual understanding of the look and feel of a project rather than through assumptions. One of the advantages of using this service is that it gives the client a more realistic product design than the one seen just through screen, it also saves money and helps to customize design according to customer’s needs.  Materials  used for this service consists of plastics and metals, like ABS, PMMA, PC, aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium alloy and brass etc. At JasonMould Industrial Company Limited, the SLS & SLA is affordable for some small parts.

    JasonMould Industrial Company Limited on a Mission to Revitalize the Plastic Mould Production Industry with its Services

    As a Plastic Injection Moulding Company they have been able to carry out production of large volumes of finished plastic parts for every kind of commercial and industrial use. This has proven the power of plastic injection moulding over the normal method used by some companies. With plastic injection moulding they have been able to enhance plastic strength through fillers, make use of multiple plastic types, save labor costs, reduce material wastage and produce a flexible product. Another factor that differentiates them from other industries is their advanced material verification, inspection and testing which ensures that customers expectation is met.  With a specialty in producing high-quality plastic injection molded parts and mold tools, they have also been able to produce 50 to 100k+ finished parts all in major resins.

    They also offer CNC Machining which is an excellent tool in broad production of metal and plastic elements.  Their CNC Machining Services is valuable as it works with numerous plastic and metal materials such as magnesium, steel, aluminum, brass and titanium to make tooling for plastic injection molding and pressure die casting or to make parts for rapid prototypes and low-volume production. Many industries desire accurate, consistent, complex cuts and at JasonMould that is possible with their CNC Machining Services. As an extra package they also make provision of customized raw material as required, in addition to their stock list. With a fast turn-around, multi-axis, high-speed CNC machining solutions to fulfil most requirements for concept models, prototype parts ,low-volume production components and a surface treatment method, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is surely the right choice for any CNC Machining.

    About JasonMould Industrial Company Limited

    Established in 2010, with a factory of over 15000 Square meters and a plastic injection tooling divisions possessing different machinery and expertise, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited  has been in the forefront of the plastic injection moulding industry. JasonMould’s diversification strategy and full service has won compliment from customers all over the world and their tools from small and precise mobile phone parts to as big as automotive parts can be seen mainly in U.S.A., Europe, Japan and UK.  Jason Mould has continued to contribute greatly in the mass production of quality plastic and metal materials maintaining their mission of exceeding customers’ expectations of pricing, quality and on-time delivery, all the while having a positive economy impact.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: James Yuan
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    Phone: +86-752-6682869
    City: Huizhou City
    State: Guangdong Province
    Country: China

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    Jul 18, 2018 – How we view and what we consider to be the latest trends and new fashion are defined culturally. There are many styles that are considered timeless, but what about global?

    Our search for stunning threads led us a luxurious boutique in Scottsdale, AZ that is owned and operated by Emelia K Tagoe Ofori, who has also been the figurehead of multiple successful business ventures. Kettey’s International Fashion Boutique (KIFB), offers the same classy fashion you would expect from other A-list designers, but focuses on cuts and quality that accentuate natural beauty. Emelia, who is known as Kettey by her friends and family, was born in Ghana and has lived an eccentric life of hard work and adventure. After exploring fashion throughout Europe and the Americas she opened her first of many clothing stores in Scottsdale Arizona, a popular landing place for American elite. Inspired by brands like Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace, Kettey and her team on in house designers open their doors this summer. 

    Kettey’s International Fashion Boutique (KIFB), formerly Kettey’s Boutique is opening a newly constructed retail location which will showcase primarily business casual attire and casual women’s clothing.  KIFB offers the latest in fashion trends from around the globe; including Europe, Israel, Canada, and South Africa.  KIFB will feature chic items from Africa, such as the highly sought after “Belly Beads” worn by Kim Kardashian. Kettey’s specializes in helping women master the cocktail dress code, and her  fashion line up also includes luxurious evening/event attire rentals, as well as high fashion sun protective clothing

    You can skip fashion week, Kettey has positioned herself as the premier boutique for fashion-forward women shopping in Phoenix, AZ showcasing the latest trends in upscale designs and ultra-fine fabrics to her clients. She attributes her success to her passion for quality, style and redefining what it means to be a fashion-conscious woman. KIFB’s latest ready-to-wear lines are made from the finest textiles and will also be available online, as well as in the boutique. 

    You are invited to get a glimpse of the new location and enjoy an unforgettable fashion experience at our Open House, Friday, July 15, 2018 from the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 pm at our Mercado Del Lago Mall location.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Kettey’s International Fashion
    Contact Person: Alexander Khan
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    Phone: 480-547-0828
    Address:8320 N. Hayden Rd Suite F102
    City: Scottsdale
    State: AZ
    Country: United States

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    Global Press Conference for the Establishment of Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs was successfully held in the ancient capital Xi’an on 19th July. Initiated by the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission and organized by Ctrip, the press conference was jointly hosted by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission.


    At the conference, Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi tourism authorities s signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs, and established the Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi Inbound Tourism Joint Conference Institution for the three regions which will take turns to host the conference every year to report their inbound tourism development, exchange experience and contribute to inbound tourism development. Meanwhile, the authorities will work with the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Ctrip, powerful inbound travel companies and travel agencies to jointly craft Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs travel products and routes targeted at different markets. A special-purpose fund will be launched to organize joint marketing and promotion events abroad, thus strengthening the brand and image of the Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs. Leveraging big data evaluation and advancing sustainable and healthy market development, cooperation and communication can be enhanced among travel companies, travel agencies and OTAs to promote tourism brand competitiveness consistently in the three regions. In addition, tourism authorities and travel industry representatives from the regions have jointly released “Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China High-quality Inbound Tourism Xi’an Declaration”.

    Inbound tourism which the Ministry of Culture and Tourism attaches great significance to is a main driver and core component of China tourism industry. When it comes to “Tell the Chinese Stories, Spread the Chinese Culture and Showcase the Wonders of China”, it is critical to boost China inbound tourism development and create international tourism brands. As for Shaanxi, a major travel province, inbound tourism plays a vital role in the hub economy, gateway economy and flowable economy development, as well as international first-class cultural and tourism center and international tourism hub construction.

    In possession of a great number of world-class travel products, Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi are the preferred inbound tourism destinations in China. The tourism routes are composed of their special tourism products, which are classic and well-known in the international tourism market. With the most Chinese characteristics, the routes are regarded as barometers of China inbound tourism development. When the Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo 2018 was held in April, Mr Gao Zhongyin, the Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission met with directors of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration. He proposed regional cooperation among Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi, the top three influential regions for China inbound tourism, to power substantial inbound tourism in the three regions and all other parts of China. Receiving warm responses from the tourism commissions and their directors, the proposal gained support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and advanced steadily.

    China inbound tourism has made remarkable progress after 40-year development. In 2017, the number of national inbound tourists reached 139 million, which marked that the industry proceeded to a new phase of rebound and overall increase. In the “New Normal”, Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi seized the momentum to establish the first China cooperation mechanism with the subject of inbound tourism. Leveraging big data and big PV, Ctrip Destination Marketing will also integrate inbound tourism resources organically, partner with different regions and facilitate complementarity. The partnership between governments and the enterprise will definitely fuel inbound tourism and tourism industries in the three regions, which will become an essential driver for China inbound tourism development.

    The establishment of Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs Cooperation Mechanism formulates a brand-new situation in which Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi governments jointly power the industry, while tourism administrations, travel agencies, scenic spots, restaurants and OTAs achieve the close cooperation, co-establishment and sharing relationship. It is of positive significance for the tourism supply-side structural reform deepening and proactive construction of a diverse, characterized and market-oriented China inbound tourism product system. Furthermore, it will undoubtedly help build the inbound tourism image of “Wonders of China” and drive the rapid development and prosperity of the inbound tourism market of the three regions, and even the whole China.

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    Country: China

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    As the global Internet becoming increasingly mobilized, mobile advertisement grew rapidly. According to eMarketer, driven by display ads, mobile will account for 69.9% of the entire digital advertising. Advertisers are pouring dollars into mobile due to growing mobile commerce activity. Ad performance from mobile display ad placements have already surpassed those of desktop. Advertisers’ increasing spend will push mobile’s share of total media to 47.9% by 2022.

    The ever-growing mobile advertisement has supported the sustained revenue growth of app developers. According to a survey by AdColony, advertising monetization accounts for 55% of total mobile publisher revenue, which is higher than In-App Purchase (IAP). The successful experience of many developers has proven that monetizing within ads is both safe and effective.

    With AI becoming increasingly pervasive in mobile marketing, app developers are seeking for more effective ad format and way to monetize with ads. In such circumstance, tech-driven mobile ad networks are developing in a vertical and refined way, thus catalyze revolutionary innovations in mobile marketing technology, such as programmatic advertising, more precise traffic matching, automated creative generation, and marketing insights tracking. However, it is not easy to handle the technology. Therefore, a lot of mobile developers lean on ad networks to achieve their goal.

    To have in-depth learning about topics concerned by developers, such as localization, monetization, user experience, and innovation, as an ad network, AdTiming held a discussion with its global renowned app-developing partners.

    Localize and Refine Operation with Ad Network

    Yuning Hu, Commercial and Monetization Director of Camera360: When selecting a programmatic advertising network, the ability to integrate resources is developers’ key consideration. An excellent ad network can not only offer traffic with quality and scale but also be good at innovation. As one of the pioneers to develop the international market, the beauty camera App Camera360 has made much effort to localize its product and operation in target markets. We are more than happy to see AdNetworks to help us in localization or catch users’ eyeball with creative ad display format. These initiatives make them stand out among their counterparts. In essence, programmatic is highly technical. Traffic quality, user labels, request processability and anti-fraud ability, are all necessary to increase monetization revenue.

    International Business Director of Inveno: We can see more and more “playable” ads with native, video and interactive becoming the significant advertising trends. Our product Noticias Aguila is now one of the most popular news apps in Mexico. As a major resource of information for over 10 million users, personalized information recommendation is crucial in improving the user experience. Meanwhile, we believe a refined operation can not only increase our monetization revenue but also increase our customer loyalty. Therefore, we want to see more detailed engagement data collected in each process of advertisement, and automatically analyze with ad network with the help of artificial intelligence, conduct A/B testing, feedback data and in-depth learning, understand user behavior and build our audience tag system, finally make sure our ads are precisely personalized, valuable and attractive.

    Balance User Experience and Ad Revenue with Innovative Ad Format

    Meng Zhu, Commercial Product Director of Xiaomi: During the past year, we are most surprised to see the in-depth integration between product user growth and ad monetization. A series of incentive ads were created, thus bringing some new ideas for the whole industry. To balance user experience and ad revenue, we believe that building resources, approaches, and methods to understand and monitor the current challenge is fundamental. We can only address the problem after making clear of that. For instance, if we only look at comments from app stores, social media and focused user group, the chances are that we may miss the opinion from the “silent majority.” Xiaomi has designed 17 monetizable media in our high-performance products. To better understand user experience, we need to have an in-depth understanding of users and make sure we are studying at a complete and unbiased sample. Companies should set special KPI according to their product category to quantify changes and update qualitative awareness via regular communication with users of all levels.

    Dan Su, Monetization Director of CamScanner: CamScanner is a powerful file scanner and organizer with over 400 million global users. CamScanner started to focus on the international market since 2015 and has taken a leading position in Europe and the Americas and gained a significant number of high-value users. CamScanner is well experienced and developed in IAP (In-App-Purchase), but still in the early stage of monetization. The primary users of the app are business users and students, who have a high standard on user experience. Therefore, CamScanner will pick monetization partners with the same standard, and find the perfect match for user experience and ad revenue.

    Instanza: SOMA Messenger & COCO are two communication apps produced by Instanza, which owns over 300 million users around the globe with a large user base in emerging markets like India. Instanza has just stepped into mobile monetization and is in great need of experience and professional instructions. To serve such a large user base with satisfaction, Instanza plans to have the monetization experts do their work. Our priority of monetization solution is to find a situation where ad traffic can match user demand. We want our advertising partners to know our users better than we do, find a native and customized monetization strategy that suits us through multiple trials.

    Leo Yang, CEO of AdTiming:

    To better serve developers, ad networks need to know users better than developers do. To achieve that, developers need to adjust ad formats according to their development stage. For instance, with the rapid development of mobile video advertisement, especially incentive video ads, the importance of ad format has been increasingly noticed. If an advertiser cannot control ad frequency to fit each user segment group and ad format, the ARPU will drop after watching too many times of ads and a vicious circle begins. To help that, AdTiming has launched AdMuing, an open source incentive video ad tool features live-commenting to make ads more interactive and exciting. AdTiming leveraged AI to match contents with the ad format according to the user behavior of different countries and regions, meanwhile uplift ad performance with the innovative ad experience.

    About AdTiming:

    AdTiming is an intelligent mobile marketing platform, providing solutions to worldwide mobile developers and brands. We provide the intelligent mobile marketing solutions in the age of Big Data. AdTiming has applied AI in mobile marketing to improve platform data analysis, parameter adjustment, and operation capacity, aiming at maximizing the value of data and providing developers with stable and productive services.

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    The unparalleled convenience and user-friendly design of the robot vacuum cleaners have gradually replaced the vacuum cleaner as the main tool for home cleaning. With the increasing popularity of robot vacuum cleaners, major brand manufacturers have put into production of robot vacuum cleaners. Brand manufacturers also try their best to survive in the fierce competition. They try to improve their market and consumer preference rankings and improve the ranking of their robot vacuum cleaner brand. The market of robot vacuum cleaners is full of all kinds of brands.

    Metabolism is an inevitable trend. And traditional brands will decline and new brands will emerge. According to the latest top ten rankings of robot vacuum cleaners. Traditional strong brands like Irobot, Ecovacs continue to rank in the top five. Haier, Mijia and other domestic brands have also entered the top ten of robot vacuum cleaners and allow us see the power of domestic brands. The most eye-catching brand should be the military-born German Liectroux. Relying on sophisticated and humanized design of German military industry, German Liectroux has attracted many consumers and counterattack all the way to become the biggest black horse and rank in the top of the list.

    Ranking Top 1: German LIECTROUX

    In terms of corporate culture and corporate strength, Liectroux maintains the meticulous characteristics of German companies.  (You can view the website: or And with the world’s leading product research and development strength, the robot vacuum cleaners that German Liectroux developed has become one of the most favored products in the New Year home appliance market in 2018. The market share of retail channel robot vacuum cleaners reached 34.8%, with an increase of 8 percentage points year-on-year, leading the robot vacuum cleaner industry. Regarding the specific design and use experience of the robot, the intelligence and convenience of this robot is also unparalleled. Its built-in chip can carry out map plane memory and automatically plan cleaning route and cleaning method. Its corner cleaning effect is good. The planar memory technology is also suitable for a wide range of cleaning and it has a wide range of cleaning applications. About the cleaning technology, it possesses suck and wipe function. It has a strong suction power to make stubborn stains go without a trace. Liectroux is undoubtedly the biggest black horse, and it is definitely a rising star. It’s amazing but not surprising that German Liectroux becomes the leader.

    Top Ten Rankings Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners, German Brand Liectroux Becomes A Black Dark Horse

    Ranking Top 2: American Irobot

    As a diversified high-tech manufacturing company, the highly intelligent operating system and strict military manufacturing process is Irobot’s label. Irobot has adapted to the vigorous development of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner market in recent years and gradually shifted its focus to intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. When entering the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner market, its degree of specialization has been praised. And people’s ideas about intelligent robots have been updated again and again. Irobot has also won many awards such as Time Magazine Innovation Invention Award and Red Dot Design Award. It has developed rapidly and has a good prospect. It is a trustworthy brand.

    Ranking Top 3: Xiaomi

    If you want to choose domestically-made conscience products, then you can choose Xiaomi. Xiaomi has always been the representative of low-cost and high-quality. Mijia intelligent robot vacuum cleaners has very good texture like Xiaomi. High-precision laser ranging, full of science and technology. And it can intelligently plan the route and very humane. By adopting the SLAM algorithm, it can well deal with complex environment. And with multi-sensors work together, so its cleaning effect is excellent. Xiaomi’s robot vacuum cleaners also shines in the Chinese market and becomes the preferred robot vacuum cleaner for consumers.

    Ranking Top 4:

    Ecovacs is also a well-known brand in China and it has a high status in home appliances. It is a veteran robot vacuum cleaners robot manufacturer. In the brand share of China’s robot vacuum cleaners. Ecovacs has always been a leader, and it is one of the best in the world. And it well solves the water volume problem when sweeping and mopping the floor. Supercharged flow control technology, constant pressure floating design, these designs have well solved some of the industry problems well. Intelligent scientific calculations allow it to achieve dragging so that it can achieve dry dragging immediately after it has been mopped. And its water control is just appropriate. Its cleaning effect is very impressive.

    Ranking Top 5

    TOMEFON is the former king. It has passed the testing of the world’s most rigorous American Home Appliance Manufacturers Association (AHAM) for five consecutive years and once occupied 80% of the market share in Europe. This undoubtedly proves TOMEFON’s unparalleled quality control ability and market influence ability. The latest TOMEFON robots have achieved the real “brain-possessed, eyes-possesses, memories-possessed”. The brains can plan, eyes can scan and build maps, memories can memorize maps. brains that can only be planned, eyes can scan and build maps, memories can memorize maps to make it easier for the next cleaning. Its intelligence is very impressive. However, his cost performance and noise reduction ability are really don’t dare to complimented.

    Ranking Top 6:

    Haier Electric is one of the most well-known, successful internationalized electrical appliance brands in China. After entering the robot vacuum cleaner market, the company put the focus of the development on the diversification of the plot mode and is committed to improving the cleaning rate and cleaning effect. Haier HB-X300Gplus possesses a variety of intelligent cleaning modes such as automatic cleaning mode and edge cleaning mode etc. These cleaning modes make its cleaning ability even stronger. It is also equipped with a TAB wet dragging system instead of manual cleaning. It possesses variable frequency suction, its cleaning is very efficient. Its products are very sophisticated and it is a domestically-made conscience robot vacuum cleaner brand.

    Ranking Top 7:

    Philips not only produces a razor. As the top presence of the world’s largest electronics companies, Philips is one of the world’s largest electronics companies. Its popularity is needless to say. Philips intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has a fair price and is worth possessing.

    Ranking Top 8:

    Samsung has a high positioning and superior performance. But its price is high and cost performance is not high. However, Samsung’s unique design sense and huge global influence naturally makes it owns a share in the market.

    Ranking Top 9:

    The Midea robot vacuum cleaner is very characteristic in noise reduction, as if it is soft and whisper and will not disturb the normal work and break. With its excellent cost performance, it is also worth buying.

    Ranking Top 10:

    The influence of this brand is not as good as Xiaomi, Samsung in China  but its cleaning effect is very good and the high cost performance makes it enjoy a part of the market.

    Among the top ten rankings of robot vacuum cleaners, there are traditional strong brands and emerging forces. But people can not blindly believe in this brand or believe in this ranking. There are many new products worth buying, Liectroux DH860, TOMEFON, and Haier are all worth buying brands. In addition, the Mijia robot vacuum cleaner that can use SLAM algorithm to deal with the complicated situation. Philips robot vacuum cleaner that has good shape and good price and excellent noise reduction can also be considered. Which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is good? In the end, there is no absolute ranking, only relative needs. The most important thing is to choose the most suitable robot vacuum cleaner according to your own needs.

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    The “Ecologiccal Nation Theory – Opens New Era for Humanity Summit” was recently held in Beijing, China. More than 400 guests and 100 domestic and foreign media from technology, finance, blockchain and other industries witnessed the official release of the “Ecological Nation Theory”.

    Ecologiccal nation theory – Opens new era for humanity Summit

    After in-depth studies of the history of the world economy and technological development, Puhua Commercial Group proposed the “Ecological Nation Theory”, which concludes that the traditional law of survival and development of humanity will be completely broken, and another life, coexisting with real life – an Internet life, has begun to occupy an increasingly dominant position in human development. Human beings have begun to live on the Internet, and the ideology and patterns of living online have evolved into a virtual world in which the human spirit lives in the online world — the ecological nation.

    Re-shaping the development of business and offering a theoretical basis for business management

    At the summit, Mr. Zhai Shanying, chairman of the Puhua Commercial Group, analyzed the “ecological nation theory” from a multi-level and multi-angle perspective. In response to the background of the creation of the “theory”, Mr. Zhai Shanying said: “The development of human society has a close relationship with the emergence of theories that can go through the test of time. Today, the Internet age has blown up in our faces, and economic theory that truly conforms to the Internet age is seriously lacking. The emergence of the ‘ecological nation theory’ will guide all fields of human society in the right direction.”

    He emphasized that the creation of the “ecological nation theory” is a conclusion drawn from the development of the Internet era, which makes up for the lack of theory in the current economy as well as help human society once more find new economic growth opportunities.

    Mr Zhai Shanying introduces Ecological Nation Theory

    The theory lands with three applications released at the summit

    The birth of unicorn companies is often accompanied by technological changes. How should companies seize new opportunities and become a new generation of unicorns? In response to this question, at the summit, Puhua Commercial Group released three self-developed applications – G2 – MC, Chain Football, and BSC Business Alliance.

    The three applications are applications based on the “ecological nation theory”, relying on the Internet, taking financial theory with Chinese characteristics as the core, with the help of modern frontier technologies such as blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, and launched in the fields of education, football and commerce.

    Practice needs the guidance of theory. International cooperation is expected and warmly welcome.

    The planning, establishment, expansion and protection of the “ecological nation” will become an important wealth topic in the business field of the future. The “Ecological Nation Alliance” created by aggregated efforts, is to completely unite enterprises and individuals with technological, capital, resource or project advantages in the world, and will use the most reasonable mechanisms to enter the network world full of business opportunities.

    As the proponent and practitioner of the “Ecological Nation Theory”, Puhua Commercial Group has invited the whole world to welcome enterprises with technology, resources or capital to join the construction of the “ecological nation”.

    It is reported that after the release of the “Ecological Nation Theory”, Mr. Zhai Shanying will start a world tour in the second half of 2018, and release the “Ecological Nation Theory” proposed by the Puhua Commercial Group to the world.

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    The coin operated ice cream vending machine can be installed in homes, coffee shops, schools and other places, so that ice cream can be served in a rather automated manner. One just needs to put the coin or token to get the ice cream of their choice from the machine to enjoy a sweet treat.

    Exportimes endeavors to bring various machineries for companies around the world that can increase productivity and help in their business growth. The company has already a variety of ice cream vending machines in their portfolio, and this time, they have brought the coin operated ice cream vending machine for their clients. This kind of ice cream vending machine can be installed at different places, allowing people to buy ice creams using coins or tokens. One needs to put the coin of the right denomination, and the machine will deliver the ice cream of their choice.

    The company’s coin operated ice cream vending machine for sale is drawing the attention of the ice cream vendors, coffee shop owners, restaurant owners and others all across the globe. The machine can deliver the perfect ice cream by mixing fruit, nuts and other ingredients of the ice cream. The machine features a manual control with speed adjustments for setting up the desired amount of crushing of fruits and nuts for mixing in the ice cream. With jet cleaning, the machine can be cleaned easily to remove any smell of fruits. The machine is equipped with the alarm system to detect the water overflow in the water tank. The bottom of the machine contains spiral mixing blades, which can be used for breaking frozen fruit pieces. The machine also allows to deliver ice cream in a variety of shapes.

    Exportimes Announces Coin Operated Ice Cream Vending Machine for Sale For Ice Cream Vendors Around The World

    They also have the vertical coin operated ice cream vending machine that features the latest advanced intelligent technology for unmanned selling of ice creams. This kind of automation helps saving the labor cost and increases the profitability of the vendors. The machine is highly efficient and can easily be installed in various places with a heavy footfall. The automated coin based ice cream vending process is significantly faster than a man operated machine. A touch screen controller of the machine allows controlling the different parameters, such as flavor and mixing of ingredients. Equipped with the pressure protect sensor, it can deliver healthy and hygienic ice cream for human consumption. One can also count the coins accumulated and can calculate the income.

    Exportimes also has the perfect table top ice cream vending machine with the inbuilt coin system. This self-service ice cream machine can easily be placed on a table or a countertop of a shop. Equipped with a touch screen controller, it allows delivering ice creams of different flavors. Its microprocessor can easily control the running process, and the viscosity can be measured continuously to help maintain consistency in the quality of the ice cream. With stainless steel housing, the machine has a rugged structure, while ice cream can be dispensed at the push of a button.

    One can learn more about these ice cream vending machines with the coin system by visiting the website

    About Dalian Exportimes E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

    Dalian Exportimes E-Commerce Co., Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning MEC Group. It’s affiliated cross-border e-commerce platform provides a one-stop whole value chain service for domestic and overseas SMEs. Relying on more than 50 years’ experience in international trade and 20 years’ accumulation in e-commerce, with a highly professional team and resources, Exportimes focuses on helping SMEs to carry out international business with high efficiency and low cost.

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    On July 15, 2018, 8:58 PM Beijing time, the night sky of Great Wall of Juyongguan was lit up, various medias like China Designers Association, China News network, Netease and many other famous network platforms gathered here, such like Tencent News, IQIYI, XiangBoJiuBo. All the medias are witnessing and reporting the Flower Nine New Product Release Conference globally.

    Dream in Ten Thousand Miles on The Great Wall - Flower Nine Haute Couture Release Conference

    The works of this new product release conference are inspired by “city”. The Great Wall is a symbol of the evolution of Chinese civilization and also reflects the deep integration of Chinese culture for 5,000 years. Live coverage of the live platforms and various media like Tencent news, Tiantiankuaibao, XiangBoJiuBo and etc. Those media let more audiences watch the show and make them feel like in the grandness of the Great Wall of China. When the audiences see the show, they also can feel the Chinese traditional culture.

    Dream in Ten Thousand Miles on The Great Wall - Flower Nine Haute Couture Release Conference

    Four series were on displayed at this new product release conference. The first series of “the red world” told about the fallen flowers withering after the gorgeous blossom of the blooming buds and was willing to be turned into spring mud to repay the breeding grace of flower tree. It also showed that children should not forget their parents’ cultivation and raising in the process of growing up. The second series, ” Auspicious Light Feather “was about the transformation of time and space. Through flying thoughts, it led people to travel through the historical horse track, looking for lost memories. The third series “Pond Lump Silvery Sea” was inspired by the combination of the silver pearls and water of the waterfall. The waterfall left ripples on the pearl surface by the water curtain, just like a white silk falling from the sky to earth with clear green stream, the beauty of show of a hundred children on the Great Wall, surrounded by Yanshan with peculiar mountains competing for showing and even with the quietness of Yandang. The fourth series, “Juyong Stacked Green connected the colors of nature and life and told the world about the gorgeous colors.

    Dream in Ten Thousand Miles on The Great Wall - Flower Nine Haute Couture Release Conference

    The four series were jointly completed by a hundred children at home and abroad, which also indicating that fashion has been developing continuously and is the product of the integration of various cultural and social aesthetic elements. Chinese fashion is no longer a simple “city person, so self-reserved” mode, but a more open way to show the world the brilliant Chinese culture.

    Dream in Ten Thousand Miles on The Great Wall - Flower Nine Haute Couture Release Conference

    At sunset, afterglow raged on, Flower Nine studio seemed to bring people back to the previous dynasties through the show which on the Juyongguan Great Wall and tell the dream in ten thousand miles on the Great wall to the future generations. It can be said that “a new sound of dancing music by Pipa, but nostalgic feeling has never changed. The worry touched by the frontier juncture can never be heard out. Only the high autumn moon shining on the Great Wall is eternal.”

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    The blockchain is regarded as the next generation of disruptive core technology after the steam engine, electricity and the Internet. After the emergence of the blockchain, the development of the Internet, which has been in the ascendant, has suddenly become a “traditional industry”. A recent Deloitte report shows that “The blockchain has the potential to disrupt existing business models, but it can also reshape new ones.” The blockchain would reduce the cost of trust through machine trust, hence obtain large-scale cooperative network with near zero cost. Non-intermediary value transfer network can be created which accelerates value transfer and improves the efficiency of organisational operations.  The blockchain technology may bring subversive changes in the mutual relationships and distributions in a production process, thereby leading to structural changes in all industries.

    Take changing media production relationship as an example. In the industrial revolution caused by the Internet, the Internet changes the mode of communication and digital media content spread rapidly through the Internet, causing traditional paper media to suffer serious damage after the birth of new media. Now the blockchain gives rise to new communication changes: information distribution is not crossed, multi-point links, full network synchronization and sharing, recording by time stamp, permanent preservation, and not tampering. The new blockchain communication model will once again subvert the media production relationship.

    DACC is the world’s first distributed rights management content chain. It uses blockchain technology to bypass content aggregators and platform providers, and reshapes the value communication channels of the content industry. DACC is called the creator of blockchain-enabled content and the changer of this era. From the perspective of the media industry ecology, DACC will realize the de-intermediation and community-autonomous content dissemination methods, improve the fairness of value transfer, and protect the rights and interests of content producers and consumers.

    DACC Blockchain Technology Guarantees Copyright Rights of Content Producers and Directly Connects Content Users

    The shortcomings of the past paper media model are the passive acceptance of users, poor selectivity, and single communication channel. Then the Internet model makes content production easier to spread and faster, but it increases the difficulty of copyright protection. At the same time, users are mostly aggregate in big platforms and the creators are difficult to profit because the distribution of interests is very uneven.

    First, DACC applies IAM to save the copyright, content, and usage information on DACC’s public ledger so that every search and use of the work is well documented, protecting the rights of copyright owners. Secondly, by creating the encrypted digital currency DACC Token, the owner and user of the content are linked. Users can directly purchase the rights from the owner of the content, hence reduces the transaction costs of the consumer. And the content owner can profit directly from the distribution of content, therefore avoids revenue of the original content being extracted by the centralized platform.

    DACC applies blockchain technology to make content dissemination transparent, difficult to tamper and independent of intermediaries. Moreover, DACC can achieve safe, efficient and low-cost value transmission. The ultimate benefit is to improve the efficiency of the entire value transfer process from content producer to consumer, to stimulate the productivity of the content creator, and to increase the willingness of users to consume.

    DACC Inspires Community to Disseminate Content Independently

    No one can resist the blockchain of value interconnection. Everyone needs a fast access to information, and the community is undoubtedly the fastest. DACC has designed an innovative reward mechanism for content dissemination in the community: activities that are helpful to the DACC community, such as writing insightful comments, helping to improve the work, maintaining the operation of the community, sharing community content, and expanding community influence, will receive reward in the form of Token. In order to make themselves more profitable, community members will continue to introduce their friends into the DACC community and share high-quality content, hence a virtuous cycle of content communication is formed and the problem of we-media lacking traffic is solved. DACC’s community operation mechanism makes the collaborative mode of content creation and distribution more dispersed, more efficient, and more connected, forming a new production communication relationship.

    Through the blockchain system, DACC establishes a distributed platform of content production and trading, which reduces the traffic costs and solves the problem that a large number of content creators and communicators in the social media era cannot obtain the benefits they deserve. On the blockchain distributed platform, the content creator, content communicator and content consumer can complete the matching transaction of the content by freely setting different trading mechanisms. The platform eventually let free market mechanism determine the content value, enabling both the content creators and communicators to receive high financial returns.

    Every revolution comes from the transformation of production relations. This time, the blockchain itself acts as a tool for change. DACC has established a world-class entrepreneurial team and top consultant team to use the blockchain technology to empower traditional industries and to transform media production relations with a win-win concept, thereby changing and promoting the development of the industry.

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