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    On August 1st, “ROCK CHAIN ​​Global Blockchain Industry Conference New York Station” officially kicked off. This conference consists of technology sharing, roundtable discussions and project roadshows, bringing together the top talents in blockchain industry from more than 10 countries, which includes the United States, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, etc. the CEO of Rock Chain also shared the latest experience in blockchain technology development to 1600 participants in this conference.

    Rock Chain, based on the world’s leading blockchain technology, integrates with the global smart industry, and start from sports industry, linking some application scenarios such as finance, medical health, future sci-tech field to build a global win-win ecology circle of trillion-level smart industry chain, which will accelerate the realization of important scenes concerning the future development of human kind. Moreover, Rock Chain will build a great dream of “keeping the global healthy life with digital solutions”, and build a global health and intelligent ecosystem with unimpeded and high-speed economic flow, and it will truly unveil the prelude of the intelligent era of blockchain.

    It is reported that the Rock Chain will be listed in the three major US exchanges in mid-August, and its main network will be officially launched in September this year. According to the prediction of the authoritative organization, the market value of Rock Chain has reached 1 billion US dollars. In the middle of this year, Rock Chain has received 30 million USD funds from 13 institutions, which come from the United States, Japan and South Korea.

    During the conference, Adrian Chomski, CEO of Rock Chain, said: Blockchain will redefine human life, but the efficiency of current blockchain technology is not as high as people expected, and even many blockchain applications are difficult to land. However, Rock Chain’s unique blockchain technology perfectly solves this problem and builds a blockchain ecosystem that truly serves the users.

    Rock Chain is a truly commercial blockchain system. It is different from many domestic blockchain projects, which are mostly based on Ethereum, Fabric and other open source platforms for simple application development. Rock Chain did a lot of refactoring work to the underlying blockchain technology, including the consensus algorithm of the protocol stack layer, the distributed ledger, and the deployment and execution architecture of the smart contracts, which makes the Rock Chain blockchain system have the advantages of ultra-large scale, ultra-low latency. ultra-high concurrency and ultra-high throughput.

    According to the project party, Rock Chain uses the world’s most advanced blockchain technology as the underlying blockchain infrastructure, providing all the decentralized applications in Rock Chain ecosystem with distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and digital Identity management, blockchain message subscription, elastic computing, container management and many other resources. Rock Chain ecosystem application developers can quickly build new business models based on these resources, and quickly realize infinite value of wealth in application scenarios such as sports, health and future sci-tech fields.

    At the end of the conference, Adrian Chomski, CEO of Rock Chain, said: In addition to continuously strengthening the technological leadership of Rock Chain, Rock Chain will develop more assets and new applications on the chain, fully expanding the ecological structure of Rock Chain and enriching the vitality of Rock Chain, it is believed that Rock Chain will surely become the basis for the development of new technologies and the release of intelligent applications in the future.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: United States

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    At his 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics, Dr. Song offers advanced 3D targeted therapy. The 3d prostate treatment has cured many patients from around the world and these successful patients are now appreciating Dr. Song’s treatment for its effective results.

    There are numerous men around the world, who have been suffering from one or another type of prostate disease, such as enlarged prostate, prostatitis, prostate cancer and other complications. For all such patients, Dr. Song has come with a ray of hope with his advanced 3D targeted therapy. The treatment is the result of his years of research and his treatment is based on the ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy. He has successfully treated many patients at his 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics, and one can now read the testimonials of some of his happy patients on the website of the 3D urology clinic.  The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    According to Dr. Song, after his 3D prostate treatment, it is possible that a patient’s prostate returns to its normal conditions. “This is an advanced natural therapy that is superior to all other therapies currently known to the medical professionals. The 3D targeted therapy successfully eradicates causative pathogens and prostate lesions to remove the prostate blockage and calcification. More importantly, this is a non-surgical treatment, without a risk of any side effect,” he states. According to him, he carries out the full set of tests on patients to determine the disease conditions and then starts his 3D targeted therapy, which includes administering small herbal injections in the affected area of the patients.

    Dr. Song has treated patients from many parts of the world. He has been recognized for offering an effective 3D prostatitis treatment USA for patients coming from USA, Canada and other countries. Besides curing common problems, like enlarged prostates and blockage of prostates, Dr. Song has also treated many patients with prostate cancer. He uses the targeted injection technique, which is very similar to Chinese acupuncture, to cure prostate cancer. In this treatment, natural herbal extracts are directly administered in the affected area to kill the cancerous cells. Dr. Song states that after four weeks of treatment, effective results can be achieved in over 95% of cases.

    A patient can read about the 3D treatment for prostatitis review to learn more about Dr. Song’s 3D proprietary treatment that can effectively treat prostatitis by killing pathogens, removing blockages and calcification. His treatment focuses on the root cause of the diseases, and this is the reason why the treatment is more successful than traditional treatment methods. More importantly, it brings a permanent relief in the patient’s life. The 3D treatment cures the inflammatory areas of the prostate from the inside to outside, as the medication penetrates through the infected areas for a complete healing.

    People can learn more about Dr. Song’s 3d targeted injection therapy to treat prostate diseases by visiting the website

    About 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are premier prostate treatment clinic. The clinic specializes in treating various types of prostate diseases and complications, such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperlasia (BPH), prostate cancer, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, cystitis, prostate blockage and calcification, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), etc. The clinic is a medical clinic, licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics
    Contact Person: Miss Alisa Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18673216429 (WhatsApp)
    State: Hunan Province
    Country: China

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    With the advent of the “big data” era, the importance of data in all walks of life has been greatly enhanced, so the data collection, storage and analysis have become an industry direction which is desiderated to be promoted. And existing infrastructures have become increasingly difficult to cope with the requirements of more than 3.6 billion connected personnel and the massive amounts of data generated in the process. The server storage of nowadays and the framework which provides data access are both expensive and inefficient. In the era of increasing the number of connected devices, data access efficiency, storage cost and performance stability, etc., are facing great challenges.

    Today’s central intermediary — the server storage, and the framework which provides data access, are expensive but also very inefficient. Meanwhile, data center consumes between 1.5% and 2.0% of global electricity, and grows at a rate of 60% per year. With the accelerated integration of the Internet and industry at this stage, the volume of global data will show an exponential upward trend. As early as 2010, the scale of global data has reached the level of “ZB” (1ZB = 1024TB). And through IDC’s estimation, the total amount of global data information can be doubled every two years or so. Only a year later, in 2011, the total amount of data created and replicated worldwide exceeded 1.8ZB. Nowadays, owning to the rise of the concepts of “Internet +” and smart cities, etc., the world has gradually realized the valuable application value of data. According to the prediction of IDC, global data usage will reach 40ZB in 2020, and such a large amount of data is equivalent to about 42.9 billion 1TB hard disk storage space.

    However, the most pressing challenge in the industry today is the issue of security and integrity. Security aims at the security of data storage, the privacy of data, while the integrity is mainly for the compatibility of data interaction and the continuity of data.

    Today, under the era of big data which is extremely popular, most industries have gradually learned about big data, and began to care about how data is combined with business to improve corporate profitability. The application of data has gradually become the core of the entire data industry. However, the current data industry’s investment in big data and the investment in hardware devices and ERP software in the last era, there is no essential difference. They are believed that this kind of investment can help it increase income, reduce expenditure and solve business problems. But apart from data transactions, data cannot be direct contribution to enterprise’s profits, the value of the data is to generate greater profits of enterprise’s main business.

    According to Wikibon report, the market scale of global big data in 2016 was $45.26 billion, and the scale of these two segmentation markets of industry solutions and applications in the niche industry was $22.65 billion. At present, the most developed Chinese companies in the data industry are mainly investing in hardware and technology, and the investment of application layer is relatively small. But the potential of the application layer is undoubtedly huge. In the future, it will be a 100-billion market in a single vertical industry.

    But the data sharing industry still fails to address the following pain points very well.

    1.1. Incompatibility of Standard

    At present, the fundamental reason of which data is difficult to achieve open sharing lies in the existence of sharing barriers between existing information systems and theoretical systems. Data design and construction personnel completely determine the data and data structure, which results in data in different information systems being completely heterogeneous. Owning to these differences, standard inconsistency leads to the waste of resources and various problems in device intercommunication calls.

    1.2. High Storage Cost and Low Efficiency

    At present, the data obtained or generated after receiving mobile phone information in the Internet is stored on the central server. However, under the influence of geometric increase of networking devices, data storage cost, access efficiency, and stability, etc., are all existing great issues.

    1.3. Poor Security

    The current “Internet +” areas (including e-commerce, energy, finance, distribution, medical care, etc.) have already seen specific landing scenarios. In a wide variety of applications, the number of data transmission and networking equipment both are constantly climbing, and due to the execution environments of each scenario have different features, the original network security has been challenged. If the defense is breached, firstly, there is a danger of data tampering, and secondly, there is a danger of data leakage. Both are likely to bring a significant security impact.

    1.4. Strong Intervention of Centralization and Intermediary

    On the one hand, no matter how complete the network defense or legal means, it is impossible to completely avoid the danger from the data center itself. For example, the current network disk sharing is controlled by the operating company behind it. We often find some uploaded resources were banned suddenly. Whenever we share data into a centralized data center, we lose control over the data, and the data center will have the supreme power to revise your shared information.

    We saw a lot of losses and inconveniences caused by these problems, so we created Datumesh.

    Datumesh solves the problem of sharing all user identity attributes by building a public link for ecological data sharing. At the same time, it solves all industry problems by compressing data to retrieve cost and shard data storage public chain, and finally realizes data sharing.

    The blockchain itself is a decentralized database, and it guarantees the ownership and privacy after the separation of data information owners and storage. It returns the control rights of the data to each node in a complete way, and stores, transmits and shares the network data through these decentralized nodes.

    The most outstanding feature of blockchain is the distributed large book, which combines cryptography and advanced mathematics to achieve decentralization and consensus. The storage and transaction diary of the traditional database corresponds to a small database embedded in the blockchain. Meanwhile the blockchain actively absorbs the mature fragmentation technology of the database and continuously improves the generalization level of transactions between segments.

    What Datumesh is realizing is the integration of blockchain and database underlying technology in order to create a mature decentralized data sharing system. It does not have global locks and fixed node generation logs, maintaining data integrity and transparency, while leveraging Merkel trees and mining inspections to maintain block security.

    Based on the blockchain system, Datumesh builds a reliable data sharing library through decentralization. The use of blockchain is a feature of distributed books based on consensus, and the foundation of smart contracts and other assistive technologies. Datumesh, can be used to build a new generation of transactional applications, and meanwhile ensuring the core trust mechanism and transparency security, and simplifying the transaction process at the same time. Datumesh makes all the data exchanges of any node in the system for a period of time, all can be recorded and calculated by a cryptographic algorithm onto a data block (block), and then the key of the block is generated for the connection chain block and complete the check. All participating nodes in the system will then jointly determine whether the record is true and complete the consensus.

    It is hard to deny that the future blockchain technology will probably enable human society to achieve a truly interconnected mechanism. Datumesh has the confidence and ability to rely on blockchain technology as a tool to address the trust issues that exist in the data industry.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Datumesh
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: Tallinn
    Country: Estonia

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    Renowned Metal Producer, Shanghai Metal Corporation continues to prove their worth in the metal production niche with a variety of stainless steel precision foil, stripe and tape productions. With their years of experience in the production and distribution of metal products they have been able to make the perfect stainless steel part useful for industrial projects. Shanghai Metal Corporation is considered the best option when shopping for stainless steel parts.

    The stainless steel foil from Shanghai Metal Corp is a  Precision stainless steel foil designed to have a resistance to corrosion. This improved resistance to corrosion is due to its qualitative and quantitative chemical properties used in production by Shanghai Metal Corp. This precision stainless steel foil is also a good electricity and heat resistant. Manufactured to be uniquely flat and a little bit thin, this stainless steel foil possesses a high creep strength which is supported by additional alloys during the humid atmospheres. This stainless steel foil has a rich quality required for various production purposes. It is used in turbine machines manufacture and other heating parts. Due to its provision of increased strength and also its ability to resist high temperatures with minimal corrosion, it has been applied for use in Heat Exchangers, Aerospace sector, and in the medical sector as an instrument during surgical procedures.

    Shanghai Metal Corporation Manufactures Pure Stainless Steel Precision Stripe And Tape With Variations In Customers’ Needs and Demands

    This Stainless steel precision stripe is known to be used regularly for its detailed design and top quality which Shanghai Metal Corp. ensures is consistent. The design plays an important role in maintaining its good properties such as high strength, hardness and workability. A customized design to meet customers’ needs or standards is also available as collaboration with customers opens a way for production of variety of designs, considered appropriate in terms of application, functionality and attractiveness.  

    Shanghai Metal retains its standard and quality production even in Stainless steel precision tape. This product is divided into a hot rolled and cold stainless steel tape, where the hot rolled tape is as a result of the hot rolling of slabs or billets and is produced for conversion by cold rolling. In the case of the cold rolled stainless steel strip the manufacturing process involves a hot rolled, annealed and pickled strip by cold rolling on polished rolls. Depending on the thickness desired, the cold rolling requires various numbers of passes through the mill to effect the necessary reduction and to secure the desired surface characteristics and mechanical properties. Anti-corrosion Durable Low maintenance

    At Shanghai Metal Corporation the necessary technological facilities used in the production of broad range of stainless steel and its designs is available 24/7. With variations in customers’ needs and demands, Shanghai Metal Corp always encourages a collaboration with its loyal customers.

    About Shanghai Metal Corporation                                                          

    Shanghai Metal Corporation is a renowned company playing a key role in the production and supply of Metal products, Machinery and parts, Electric system, and also in the Construction industry. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Shanghai Metal Corporation has contributed majorly in advancement of production and manufacturing in areas such as: high quality aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, steel structure. The main product they manufacture include; coil, strip, foil, pipe, sheet, bar, fitting. For the business aspect they base in the Industry Service, and can supply the machinery and parts, Electric system, and Construction project for various businesses, Shanghai Metal Corporation – is the no.1 trusted manufacturer and partner in China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Metal Corporation
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 139 1600 7766
    State: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    In July 2018, the hiring numbers rose by 16% in the Indian job market after recording subdued growth in the first six months of 2018. The bulk of talent demand came from Manufacturing, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Power and BFSI sectors. Going by the trends from RecruiteX editions from previous years and a good sense of the job market we expect hiring activity to sustain the same growth in the coming months too, said Ramathreya Krishnamurthy, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig
    The much-anticipated hiring numbers by TimesJobs are out. After witnessing muted growth in hiring, the month of July finally brought some cheers for job seekers. July 2018 saw highest growth (16%) in recruitment activities in a month-on-month analysis, making it the best month from employment generation perspective in 2018! All key industries and job roles showed a major upswing in talent demand in July 2018

    New Delhi: Hiring activities in July 2018 saw an uptick with a 16% increase in talent demand, making July the best month for recruitment as compared to last six months of 2018, as revealed by TimesJobs RecruiteX – a monthly report.

    The RecruiteX August report observes that demand for talent in the BPO industry topped the chart reporting 14% growth in demand for talent in July 2018. Similar growth was also witnessed in sectors such as IT/Telecom, Healthcare, Petrochemicals/Oil and Gas/Power and the Manufacturing industry where hiring numbers showed growth in July 2018 over the preceding month. Demand for Petrochemicals/Oil and Gas/ Power professionals posted 13% hike in month-on-month comparison.

    Chennai recorded the highest demand for talent among other key locations in India. Tier II cities like Indore too performed well in July 2018 when compared with June 2018. Mumbai, which registered a low demand in hiring last month, witnessed a rise of 12% in talent demand. Among Indian states, Assam posted the highest rise in demand for talent.

    Among the experience levels, most jobs were available during the month for candidates with an experience of 10-20 years. Hiring sentiment gained maximum momentum for professionals with experience of 5-10 years.

    “In July 2018, the hiring numbers rose by 16% in the Indian job market after recording subdued growth in the first six months of 2018. In fact, the last major spike in hiring was noticed in April 2017, but the numbers were subtle as compared to July 2018. The bulk of talent demand came from Manufacturing, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Power and BFSI sectors. Going by the trends from RecruiteX editions from previous years and a good sense of the job market we expect hiring activity to sustain the same growth in the coming months too”, said Ramathreya Krishnamurthy, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig.

    Top hiring industries

    • BPO industry registered 18% rise in hiring
    • Project and Infrastructure sector posted 16% rise in talent demand
    • Petrochemicals/ Oil and Gas/ Power sector saw 13% rise in talent demand

    Top hiring cities

    • Among top ten locations, Chennai reported more than 30% rise in demand
    • Chandigarh posted 40% rise in talent demand
    • Indore saw 36% rise in talent demand during the month 

    Top job roles

    • HR professionals reported 28% rise in demand
    • Engineering profiles saw a 24% rise in demand
    • Customer Service/Tele-calling professionals witnessed 24% rise in demand

    About TimesJobs:

    TimesJobs is a platform to help competent professionals enhance their career growth. With over 25 million registered jobseekers across the board and more than 60 million-page views every month, it is the most preferred career portal among ambitious and talented professionals who want to make smarter career decisions that accelerate their career progression.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TimesJobs
    Contact Person: Neha Singh Verma
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9999652048
    Country: India

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    With their commitment to keep offering more exciting fish arcade games, APA Game now brings the monster strike 2 evolution, which is the upgraded version of the Monster Strike game.

    People who already have played the game of Monster Strike will love to play the new monster strike 2 evolution game. This upgraded version of the game comes with a lot of new striking features that are going to enthrall the players of all ages. The fish arcade games are very popular among different types of players, and a significant number of players are familiar with the gameplay of Monster Strike. They will surely now love to learn more about the features added in the recently published game of monster strike 2 evolution.

     APA Game Announces Availability Of A New Fish Arcade Game With Enhanced Features

    APA Game has different fish arcade game rangein their portfolio, allowing game lovers to pick the game with their favorite theme. For example, the company now offers the Wolf King Skilled Arcade Fishing Game that can offer a thrilling gaming experience. Inspired by the theme of the wolf king, the game machine is available with the code box. The company is offering the English version of the game, which is easy to understand for any player. Besides, the game features compelling graphics and a fascinating storyline that will keep everyone engaged throughout the game.

    According to the company spokesperson, their monster strike fishing game has been gaining huge popularity since its very launch. The outstanding new graphics and new feature additions are drawing attention of the gamers.  Players can use the feature of Crabs Party to enjoy free shooting, while the depth bomb is the deadly feature, which will kill all the fishes. The game also includes the jackpot feature, placed at the center of the graphic, for players to find out and take advantage of it. The spokesperson maintains that these features have been included in the game to increase the level of fun and excitement for the players.

    The company specializes in designing fish game machines that can engage players and can add to the profit of the game rooms around the world. They supply the fish game machine, complete with all accessories and software, which can easily be installed in any game room. They offer a large selection of fishing game machines for players to enjoy a variety of fishing arcade games, such as Monster Strike 2, Phoenix 2 Phoenix Realm, Flower Fairy Shoot Fish Arcade Game, Wolf King Skilled Arcade Fishing Game, King of Lion 2017, and other games.  APA Game can ship these fish gaming machines all around the world from China.

    To know more about the gaming machines and the games that the company can offer, one can visit their website

    About APA GAME( Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.)

    APA GAME( Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2011. The company is located in Panyu, which is the largest game machine industrial area in China. APA Game specializes in the international trade of gaming machines and they import gaming machines from Japan and export all kinds of gaming machines from China to overseas. They work with reliable manufacturers and source products at targeted prices.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: APA GAME (Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.)
    Contact Person: Jenny Peng
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13926124090(Whats App & WeChat)
    State: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    Most of today’s cold wallets are storage oriented and PC connected, providing little convenience but the risks still exist. Cryptocurrency owners are seeking the ideal secure wallet on the market. For them, the ideal would be a secure daily trading tool that is mobile-oriented, fully featured and multi-currency supporting. Security, functionality, and usability are becoming the defining features of the next generation cold wallets.

    A group of talented blockchain experts from Hong Kong has officially launched a new wallet that ticks all the boxes above. It’s a mobile-oriented, fully featured cold wallet that supports trading, named ELLIPAL. This is the start of the next generation cold wallet, replacing the old storage-oriented and PC connected products. The Cold Wallet 2.0 will become the essential tool for all cryptocurrency traders.

    ELLIPAL – The Cold Wallet 2.0, Connecting all Individuals to the Blockchain Safely and Conveniently

    The name ELLIPAL comes from ‘Elli’ – Elliptic Curve Algorithm (the core technology of today’s cryptocurrencies) and ‘Pal’ – partner.

    ELLIPAL provides users with a one-stop mobile digital asset management service based on the secure cold wallet technology. ELLIPAL is dedicated to connect every user to the blockchain.

    ELLIPAL – The Cold Wallet 2.0 Features

    1. An isolated piece of hardware to ensure the safety of cryptocurrency.

    ELLIPAL is a cold wallet. It’s isolated from any Internet connection such as 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. The only way to exchange information between the wallet and the ELLIPAL mobile App is through QR codes.

    2. One-stop Mobile App, especially supports cryptocurrency exchange and trading

    ELLIPAL App provides all the functions that users need. In the App, users can look up market quotes and read news, make exchanges and payments, and connect with other DApps. Currently ELLIPAL is in cooperation with decentralized exchange protocols including LRC.

    3. Unique cross-chain wallet protocol, supports multi-cryptocurrency and multi-chain

    ELLIPAL has created an universal OCCW (Open Cross Chain Wallet) protocol which allows our wallets to support multi-chain account systems and be multi-cryptocurrency ready. We believe this protocol will enable more devices to become multi-functional wallets, thus makes Blockchains more accessible to average users.

    4. Ready for the future of business world.

    Today’s cryptocurrency ecosystem is proliferating fast. Multi-currency is the norm of the future. ELLIPAL’s wallet solution can make exchange easy or even transparent for both paying customers and merchants. We can become the bridge between them and bring value for both.

    Connect with ELLIPAL:




    Media Contact
    Company Name: ELLIPAL
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Today, we are thrilled to announce OATH’s first and key strategic partnership with QuarkChain.

    OATH is the first protocol that focuses on Blockchain Arbitration and Governance. OATH provides a community-based dispute resolution protocol. It is modeled on the common-law jury system and utilizes blockchain, cryptographic algorithms, random algorithms associated with categories and attributes, juror’s credit level, and case-tracking technology. OATH is building a decentralized, standard and extensible chain-agnostic protocol that protects dApp users’ rights and assets.

    QuarkChain is a next-generation public blockchain system that leverages sharding as a horizontal scalability approach.  QuarkChain is an innovative permissionless blockchain architecture that aims to meet global commercial standards. It provides a secure, decentralized, and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain transactions per second (TPS).

    Yin Xu, Co-founder and CEO of OATH Protocol, says, QuarkChain showed us a very promising solution to the most pressing issues for blockchain today: scalability and security. QuarkChain has a great eco-system, and lots of strong teams are building dpps for it. OATH wants to provide them with a decentralized blockchain governance protocol, so that QuarkChain supporters can be part of the future of QuarkChain. In addition, we want to build close relationships with all the dpps on QuarkChain and become their standard dispute resolution protocol.”

    Ting Du, CBO of QuarkChain, mentioned that “OATH Protocol provides one of the most important protocols for blockchain security.  We have all been focusing on technical blockchain security, like anti-hacking, but OATH shows us a different layer of blockchain security, governance and disputes resolution, that will protect users’ rights and assets. OATH is a fair, efficient and extensible protocol. We are very excited about this partnership. OATH is our first and the only one dispute resolution protocol, and we can’t wait to show our users this great collaboration.”

    The collaboration between OATH and QuarkChain is the first of its kind, and a leading example of a public chain’s use of a decentralized governance protocol. It allows the public chain to give the rights and controls back to its supporters and gives everyone a fair chance to decide the future of the chain.

    With QuarkChain’s high-throughput scalable architecture, great communities, and healthy ecosystem, OATH protocol can be used in a wide variety of scenarios.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Oath Holding Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jenny Vatrenko
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 (718) 451-6384
    Country: United States

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    Mumbai, India – August 6, 2018 – After having inspired tens of thousands of people to transform their lives through his powerful and insightful seminars and workshops, Harrish Sairaman, one of India’s most sought after Inspirational Speakers and Change Agent is now venturing into unchartered territory. A different medium and a style to drive the same intention of raising the awareness of people, helping them elevate in their way of living. Over the weekend, Harrish spoke at an event, tangentially different to the ones he usually does to help individuals and organizations to achieve full potential. 

    A humorous ‘stand up comedy style’ take on relationships, the event was aimed at using raw humor as a catalyst to gain insights on the lenses, beliefs and common pitfalls in the relationship with our partners and relationships overall. ‘Humor with Insights’ is anyways Harrish’s style as he believes ‘the best way of learning is to laugh and have fun at the same time transform and grow!’ Harrish brought his experience of relationship coaching over the past 12 years to regale the audience with anecdotes, insights and a slight peek into the techniques he uses to empower individuals to have beautiful relationships as he believes ‘relationships are meant to be beautiful!’

    Over the past 15 years, Harrish SaiRaman has been an Insightful and an Inspirational speaker, spiritual coach, sales mentor, transformational life coach to more than 200000+ individuals and over 200 corporates. Most corporates seem to have found their recipe for motivation, mindful leadership, achieving high sales targets and peak performance with Harrish’s interventions. His sessions are an interestingly effective mix of time tested techniques including but not limited to Fire Walking, Glass Walking, Rod Bending Kinesiology, NLP, real life examples, insights and more to bring in profound results. As quirky as these techniques sound, large corporates in India ranging from Star TV, Siemens Limited, Tech Mahindra, Cipla, Pidilite, GVK and more will vouch for the transformational results it brings about. Harrish also drives his powerful interventions in other countries and is now also focusing on countries like Ethiopia to drive mass scale country level transformation as he believes when it comes to ‘Human Transformation’ there are no boundaries and limitations! What makes his interventions impactful is the way in which his chosen activities are woven into the client requirements, the relevance to their life challenges and learning. The resonance and results that his sessions bring about makes them fun filled yet transformational in nature.

    As a spiritual life coach, Harrish has coached over 2000 individuals who have gone on to experience a total shift in their mindset and live life to the fullest! His definition of spirituality is nothing but ‘Living Life in its Highest Empowered format’ independent of caste, religion, nationality and other limiting filters. Harrish believes anybody can be coached whether it is someone who wants to achieve success in corporate life, or an entrepreneur who wants to scale up or achieve quantum success, a sports person who wants to excel, a student who wants to achieve the best possibility, a housewife who wants to live her dreams of creating a well-balanced family or even someone who is going through serious illness. Harrish employs effective techniques such as hypnotherapy, regression therapy, kinesiology, breath work, chakra activation and more to enable people to overcome their limitations. The most powerful experience apart from these tools and techniques as clients say ‘Is to just be in his presence and have conversations with him which itself brings in a  shift’.

    At the relationship event, Harrish borrowed humorous examples from real life, which led to great relatability, again proving that nothing really infiltrates our senses like humor does. So, while the audience had abundance of laughs at the irony and beauty of relationships, they also left with thoughts to ponder over which can be realistically implemented. ‘Laughing at our own problems is a way to dissolve our issues’ says Harrish! With the new inclusion of such platforms in his repertoire apart from his sessions, webinars, youtube videos and short movies, Harrish is looking forward to widen his reach and make a transformational difference to more lives.  

    Rewiring excellence, adding value, empowering lives! 

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Harrish Sairaman
    Email: Send Email
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharastra
    Country: India

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    Bitmain has recently announced its latest strategic investment in DoraHacks. After this round of financing, DoraHacks will as always shoulder the responsibility of providing Hackers with service and infrastructure, connecting and collaborating them with each other so as to resolve the latest and most urgent problems occurring in all trades and professions refreshingly and efficiently.

    Up to now, the investors of DoraHacks since its birth involve many individuals or institutions that exert profound influence on their fields respectively, such as Zhang Jiannan, TopHacker Group, 8 Decimals Capital, BA Capital, Bitmain, etc.

    In addition, Tian Jia has joined DoraHacks as new director to speed up its further growth and serve more Hackers in the days to come. He is also the early investor of Bitfinex, a venture partner of Zhenfund and Metropolitan Capital and also the chief scientist of Cortex (CTXC).

    You Bixue, Chief Investment Officer of Bitmain commented on this move as follows: “Hackathon is an important organization for connecting developers, and DoraHacks is one of the first companies to introduce hackathon into China. It has great influence among developer communities, especially those domestic ones. When DoraHacks co-works with block chain enterprises, it brings in new blood into the industry which helps with the general development. Moreover,  it  serves the developers better with more opportunities and experiences to cope with cutting-edge problems.”

    Bitmain is a technology industry leader dedicated to the high-speed low-power design and R&D of customized chips. It has provided services to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

    DoraHacks is the largest and most active Hackathon organizer and the largest Hacker community in the world. For four years since its establishment, DoraHacks has held hundreds of Hackathons globally with the achievement of more than 3,000 projects, offering over 20,000 people chances to hack and communicate, influencing 300, 000 developers altogether.

    In the second half of 2018, DoraHacks will speed up its implementation of the 2018 Burning Star Program and hold more Hackathons in 26 cities of 17 countries worldwide. In the field of commercial aerospace, DoraHacks declared the Pleiades Program, which will launch an independent satellite to the LEO orbit circa the end of 2018 or early 2019 to develop a real DoraPlanet for Hackers on the earth. Launched also by DoraHacks, OpenDora, a social innovation movement makes it possible to organize and operate technology activities throughout the world on a frequent basis, the first batch of urban cities already established. This time, the collaboration between DoraHacks and Bitmain is bound to play a significant role in promoting global developer ecosystem.

    Brother Ma (小马哥) is –

    – CEO of BA Capital

    – Co-founder of Hackers Fund

    – Investor of Bitmain

    Quotes from Brother Ma, CEO of BA Capital, Co-founder of Hackers Fund and investor of Bitmain:

    “The strategic investment in DoraHacks by BA Capital, as well as the co-development of Hackers Fund with Dora Group, is rooted in the mutual benefit with regard to our respective strategic resources. DoraHacks is extraordinarily experienced in block chain competitions, for instance, DoraHacks has held nearly 50 competitions in 2017. Now DoraHacks has organized the most competitions and involved the most contestants among the world. In the years to follow, DoraHacks is probably going to be the biggest brand of block chain competitions for real due to the strategic America-centered layout. Hence, there will be wide-ranging resource interaction among games held by DoraHacks, Hackers Fund, block chain entrepreneurs, parent block chain projects, future Dapps, and exchanges. It is universally acknowledged that true success depends on resource of talents in any industries. Speaking of this, DoraHacks naturally possesses a large supply of talents and experts. We hope those competitions could bring even more value to all the block chain participants and look forward to following win-win cooperation in the future.”

    Song Ting (宋婷) is –

    Co-founder & CEO of DoraHacks 


    To quote from Song Ting, the co-founder and CEO of DoraHacks, “The open source community is the key to the societal development and innovation. DoraHacks is an international geek organization with vitality, business potential and imagination. In 2018, we are going to organize blockchain-related frontier tech Hackathons in 17 countries, launch satellites in the possession of all of our Hackers, and initiate OpenDora, the national social innovation movement. We are going to redefine the interesting, beautiful, and creative Hacker lifestyles, and in the meantime emancipate developers: to set free production and imagination of open source community, and to encourage Hackers to make the  unlimited.”

    “The block chain ecological developing structure and its organizational form identifies with those of open source community. The development of block chain brings brand new breakthroughs to the open source community. In the future, the underlying infrastructure of block-chain technology and business model will be open source technology communities that are low-centralized, globalized, information-sharing with autonomy. Only in this way will the block chain industry and its peripheral system embrace a real innovation.”

    Zhang Jiannan (张剑南) is –

    – Initiator of DoraHacks


    As Zhang Jiannan, the initiator of DoraHacks says, “The most fundamental idea of the global hacker movement is to permanently allow permissionless innovation. DoraHacks is connecting hackers around the world to achieve this goal.”

    Tian Jia (田甲) is –

    – Early Investor of Bitfinex

    – Venture Partner of Zhenfund & Metropolitan Capital

    – Chief Scientist of Cortex (CTXC)

    – Director of DoraHacks


    Quotes from Tian Jia, director of DoraHacks:

    “The hacker spirit, represented by DoraHacks, is the most subversive force under the current background of the slow-down in science and technology, economic growth, and the global transition from cooperation to regional division. It encourages Hackers worldwide to innovate, imagine, and create, fosters talents and their communication, and has achieved fruitful results.  For example, the co-founder and CTO of Cortex used to be the champion of a Hackathon organized by DoraHacks. Bitmain has a far-reaching and diversified layout in many industries including block chain, artificial intelligence, finance and the chip industry. The latest investment in DoraHacks will help both sides to explore the industry in depth, and spread hacker spirit to the interaction between sci-tech and humanities, which has never been reached before. Personally speaking, I am very optimistic about this cooperation as a consultant and investment partner of several investors in DoraHacks.”

    Ruan Yubo (阮宇博) is –

    – CEO of 8 Decimal Capital

    As Ruan Yubo, CEO of 8 Decimal Capital says:

    “This investment of Bitmain is of high strategic value: it will connect the industry and developer communities even closer. We’ve known Zhang Jiannan and DoraHacks Team for four years, and now as one of Dora’s business angels, we will continue to increase its global impact and upgrade its top-notch industrial resources, so as to ensure DoraHacks to be the world’s largest block chain developer platform.”

    Li Jiang (黎江) is –

    – CTO of Microsoft China

    – Director of DoraHacks

    Quotes from Li Jiang, CTO of Microsoft China, who once participated in DoraHacks Hackathon and later became director of DoraHacks:

    DoraHacks is geek-centered, and unites all sources that can be utilized from home and abroad to aim at the issues,  co-work as a team, and ultimately create value of geeks.  This is absolutely a pioneering and subversive exploration! As  an important force to promote open source movement in China and even the world, DoraHacks team is sure to have a brilliant future waiting in front of them.  

    About Bitmain

    Founded in 2013, Bitmain has strong R&D capability in the field of ultra-high performance computing. It is now the second largest IC designer in China. Stemming from China, the company integrates cutting-edge R&D resources from a global perspective, committed to changing the world with innovation, science and technology.

    Bitmain focuses on designing and developing high-speed low-power customized chips. It has rich experience in mass production of low-power 16nm integrated circuit with high performance, and has successfully designed and mass produced many ASIC customized chips and integrated systems. Bitmain offers service mostly to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users all over the world, its sales service covering over 100 countries and regions.

    Bitmain now provides as underlying protocol support for block chain ecology, Antminer as hardware device support, Antpool as customized solution for SHA256 high-speed integrated operations, and HashNest for cloud computing service.

    Moreover, with the maturity of ASIC customization and the advantages of IC design and mass production, Bitmain takes an active part in extending AI hardware and software products.

    About DoraHacks

    DoraHacks ( is the most active Hackathon organizer and the largest Hacker community in the world. DoraHacks shoulders the responsibility of connecting the whole planet and providing Hackers with service and infrastructure, so as to contribute to a better world.

    For four years since its establishment, DoraHacks has held hundreds of Hackathons globally with the achievement of more than 3,000 projects, offering over 20,000 people chances to hack and communicate, influencing 300, 000 developers altogether.

    In 2018, DoraHacks launched the Burning Star Program, and is planning to hold Hackathons in 26 cities of 17 countries worldwide. In the same year, DoraHacks will launch an independent satellite to the outer space  as  a part of the Pleiades Program to better serve the Hackers. Besides, DoraHacks has established Hackers Fund in cooperation with BA Capital with the intention of supporting Hackers that help resolve future issues and boost the global tide of innovation and transformation.

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    Switzerland nurtures many top watch brands in the world, appealing many watch appreciators to flock to the alpine country. With the wonderful workmanship and high prices,the key concern when buying a luxury watch is ensuring authenticity. For instance,the best selling products are hard to find, but it is difficult to guarantee the products bought with a high price are real, and the price of collection-level watches might be too high for the market.

    International watch appraisal management center solves all the problems above.

    According to the above information,international watch appraisal management center began in Swizerland,it is an organization that provides assessments to authorize systems,by inheriting rigorous and detailed Swiss aesthetic standard from an objective perspective to provide watch certification. IWAMC has decades of history across the northern hemisphere.

    Starting from the 1990’s, Adrien Dembélé has been an independent watchmaker, himself coming from a Swiss watch-making and maintenance family. He is the founder of an organization, which has the top watch-makers and professors from top watch colleges in the world for watch appraisal, focusing on making, remolding and maintaining watches. The organization’s name, AD, comes from the initials of the founder Adrien Dembélé (AD). But this organization’s scale and regularization were building in hongkong

    As the world’s most well-known free port, Hong Kong has top brands from all over the world, and is also a freeport for Asian top watch brands’ trading and communication. Hong Kong businessmen and luxury collector Charles Choi brought AD to Hong Kong and built it as the most professional appraisal management center standard, by recruiting professional employees from the luxury watch industry, convening the senior practitioners to provide academic and technical advice. In 2018, the INTERNATIONAL WATCH APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT CENTER, IWAMC was established in Hong Kong,combining luxury watches‘ appraisal, maintenance, and also providing the training for appraisal.

    IWAMC offers appraisal certificates across three areas: watch movement, parts and material.

    Today, IWAMC is choosing authorized organizations globally according to international standards. At the same time, IWAMC started consulting as a way to cooperate with top international time-piece scholars and senior craft technical experts, to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of time-piece appraisal. IWAMC is becoming the model appraisal organization in top luxury watch trading market and collection industry.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Jackson
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    Country: HongKong

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    With the rise of crypto currencies and the growing adaptation to blockchain technology, domain names relating to this industry have skyrocketed in price.  Everyday news breaks out about a new domain name being purchased for record prices, and the trend has not shown any signs of slowing down.

    Recently, another domain name related to blockchain and the finance industry “” was sold for another record breaking price of 2000ETH, equivalent to USD920,000 based on the price of USD460/ETH as of this writing.  The domain was registered all the way back in 1999 by Michael Brook in the USA and was held for nearly 20 years.  Some may think that companies in the blockchain industry are spending a fortune on domain names, but the value of these names are far more important than what meets the eyes.

    The value of lies in the acronym VC which can mean both Venture Capital and Virtual Currency.  With a meaningful and catchy name holding value in both the blockchain and financial industry, it is apparent why people see the value in the name

    Today, the biggest tech companies in the world have also adopted to use the word “bank” in their domain names.  Baidu the world’s second largest search engine registered the domain name, Alibaba who is publicly traded on the NASDAQ uses the name, and Tencent the leading tech company in China registered creating a whole new domain name rush revolving around the financial tech industry. started the rush when it was registered back in 1999 and was sold to Tencent with a registered capital of USD600 million. was regsitred back in 2004 and sold to Alibaba in 2015 for their subsidiary Mybank, for a registered capital of USD 600 million. was registered in 2002 and sold to Baidu’s AiBank in 2017 with registered capital of USD600 million.

    With multi-billion dollar companies investing heavily on domain names to secure their brand presence online, the value of has nowhere to go but up. The company behind will be launching a crypto-currency related financial service platform, providing users with a convenient, cost-effective, and secure financial services to both large enterprises and daily users.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: VCBANK
    Contact Person: Chris Shum
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    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    As we all know, internet has facilitated people’s communication both in work and life. However, on the other hand, the facilitated communication produces astronomical amounts of data. A consequence of it is that, data security is a concern across all users. A concern of users, thus there’s a pressing need of businesses to address.

    In an era when data rule, the one who harnesses data will dominate in decisions for the future.

    When it comes to data security, data leakage is a burning issue. As more and more personal and commercial data are stored in central databases via cloud-drive, the centralized systems are bound to be more vulnerable to hacker attacks than before, thus privacy and commercial information are at higher risk. For example, information stolen has already led to a large number of identity information leakage and illegal data trades on under-world webs.

    Hai Tian Xing Huo

    Hai Tian Xing Huo – Blockchain provides a more secure data storage approach.

    Since data are always stored in a centralized system, it is likely that one attack of a hacker may lead to a whole bunch of users’ information leakage.

    While blockchain may promise to secure our system better, we still need to consider some of the risks with blockchain applications. Opposed to people’s impressions, blockchain can indeed be hacked. For instance, sybil attacks, route attacks, and DDoS attacks all pose significant security challenges to emerging blockchain applications.

    For algorithm projects that reach consensus, the “51% attacks” performed by miners on a blockchain network proved a threat to many applications. For example, marginal areas, as well as other applications, are confronted with conventional 51% attacks.

    In technology application blockchain is relatively new, this means that businesses will have to build their own security plan than employ a well established one for blockchain applications. In that regard, complex solutions could be taken to prevent data leakage. In some cases, the designed system must respond to their security measures rather than take preempt measures to prevent potential threats.

    Improved scalability

    While security is a bottom-line issue, it is not the only thing that businesses and users consider. Even with the emergence of the decentralized locking chains, there are still many things that need to be developed.

    It takes time before businesses and users believe a large-scale data storage solution is generally better on a blockchain system. While security is critical to blockchain data storage, so is availability.

    In the middle of 2018, most of the major blockchains didn’t yet demonstrate sufficient scalability to meet potential growth in user demands. When it comes to cryptocurrency payment on blockchain, the actual amount of data storage is tiny compared to large amounts of data required to store photos and videos.

    For example, Sichuan Haitian Xingchen R&D Center is developing cloud storage for large files, which is not only possible but also practical.

    But for many businesses and users, blockchain has a potential to store personal or commercial data on less storage space. For example, financial and identity-related information stored on a blockchain may soon become available, even though, there are some minor improvements in scalability.

    There are many extended technologies for research and applications, such as fragmentation and out-of-chain protocols. These can make blockchain data storage more scalable, potentially allowing millions of users (and even billions) to store data securely.

    Hai Tian Xing Huo

    Hai Tian Xing Huo – The advantages of Blockchain data storage

    Even with these problems, the blockchain is still more preferable in security than traditional data storage. As mentioned above, solutions of traditional data storage rely heavily on centralized databases to maintain security. For hackers, the target of the attack is clear. Once a hacker successfully breaks into a centralized database, all the data of the system is available to him or her.

    However, using blockchain and distributed ledger techniques, hacking is much more difficult. For example: Xin Huo Hei Zuan, because data is encrypted and distributed in a large number of databases, only a small amount of data could be reached with hacking, and once the system is intruded, the real-time monitoring program will be quickly repaired.

    Many blockchain applications are designed to make data storage more secure. The potential benefit is groundbreaking for end-users. Blockchain not only has the potential to create an architecture for an inherently more secure data storage system, but also allows individual users to have full access to data.

    Hai Tian Xing Huo
    Hai Tian Xing Huo

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    China-Hifi-Audio is an innovative electronic and sound system provider in China. Recently, they announced some of their featured amplifier products to sell under the brands Line Magnetic, Qinpu, and MingDa.

    Music lovers, audiophiles, and vinyl lovers keep increasing nowadays. Their music player will need accessories to amplify the sound. Therefore, they need a tool called an amplifier.

    Being trusted by customers for years as the providers of qualified electronic sound systems, China-Hifi-Audio seems not stopping their efforts to satisfy them more. Recently, three new products from big local brands; Line Magnetic, Qinpu, and Mingda are ready to be offered. The releases of those amplifier products are not without any reason. They are considered to be the best in their class by seeing some factors, including the designs, features, quality or materials, and the performance.

    Starting from the amplifiers from Line Magnetic Audio LM Tube Amplifier, there are already more than 30 series that have been provided by China-Hifi-Audio. Then, this brand decides to release more under the names LM-216IA KT88 X4 and LM-515CD tube. For the LM-216IA series, it was handmade constructed, by applying the point-to-point wiring on its finest way. Meanwhile, the LM-515CD Tube is featured by a CD platter and USB DAC dual-use machine and O-type transformer for digital power supply.

    China-Hifi-Audio Releases 3 Featured Amplifier Products from Line Magnetic, Qinpu, and MingDa Brand

    This is also not the first time for Qinpu to cooperate with China-Hifi-Audio to market their products. Aside from the older amplifier series, here is the Qinpu A-6800 Amplifier with Tube AMP Bluetooth Wireless and USB DAC. It features the more fashionable design with a wooden accent on its body. Besides, the simple operating system is easy and convenient as well as the performance is not to be doubted.

    The last is MingDa Tube Amplifier with some new series; they are MC9 SE Passive Pre-Amplifier, MC-9 SP Passive Pre-Amplifier, and MC3008-A45 300B Integrated Amp Class A Single-Ended. Although three of them have almost similar features, each of them tends to have its own benefits including the better signal-to-noise response for MC-9 SE, a phase switch for MC-9 SP, and an Ardal remote control declaration feature for MC3008-A45 300B.

    “If you want to buy hi-fi vacuum tube stereo amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp or speakers, China hifi audio is your best choice. Some great Chinese well-know brands hi-fi audio for sale, like Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu(chpo), Bewitch, Shengya, Line Magnetic Audio, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Original, Opera, Shanling, Dussun, RFTLYS etc., and some Choseal, Xindak Cables to Interconnect your hifi sound equipment,” said the Marketing Manager

    About China-Hifi-Audio

    China-Hifi-Audio is an online provider of audio electronic devices, particularly in terms of tube amplifiers. The related accessories are also available starting from the CD players, cables, pre-amplifiers, speakers, and many more. It provides products from famous brands like Music Angel, Shanling, Dussun, Line Magnetic, Original, and some others to meet the customers’ demands.

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    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
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    In the present phase, both centralized and decentralized exchanges still play distinct roles in the crypto market. The current user experience on centralized exchanges is poor, while a decentralized environment is still too difficult to control. A decentralized, truly revolutionary exchange will be the end of centralized exchanges.


    In consideration of these problems, FCoin launched their decentralized exchange with the unique concept of ”transaction fee mining.” Prominent projects are now interested in listing on the FCoin platform thanks to the low fees. FCoin’s innovative model has sparked a new wave of interest in the crypto community, and other exchanges are starting to follow suit.

    So how does FCoin lead the revolution with their concept of ”transaction fee mining”?

    The main difference between the structure of FCoin’s ”tokenomics” and traditional incentive mechanisms is the reversal of the production relationship. Under the traditional business model, the relationship between the platform and its user is antagonistic because the goal of a commercial organization is to make money. In contrast, FCoin changes the structure of this relationship. The trader not only becomes a user of the platform but also contributes through fees and transactions. At the same time, the trader enjoys a 100% refund of their transaction fees in the form of exchange ”shares”- FT. However, the FCoin income distribution model is by far the most revolutionary aspect. FCoin directly distributes 80% of its revenue to its users on a daily basis. This tokenomics model will surely provide the platform with vitality for years to come.

    Another aspect of FCoin’s tokenomics is removing shortcomings in the form of outsourcing. An example of this is FInsur. The idea is that empowering professionals to do what they are good at is more conducive to the ecosystem. Several institutions are investigating blockchain insurance models, but nothing is widely adopted at this time. FInsur is one of the very first insurance communities in the blockchain space.

    The concept of ”insurance through mining” is quite simple. It is similar to the concept of FCoin’s ”transaction fee mining”, which dictates that clients and users of the exchange are traders. As the core of their token economy, FCoin unites their exchange with its users and treats traders as shareholders. Likewise, FInsur enables insurance applicants to become shareholders of the insurance company. ”It’s hard to imagine vehicles on the road without insurance,” said FCoin founder Mr. Zhang Jian, ”that’s why there is insurance like Compulsory Traffic Insurance and commercial insurance that we must pay. It also applies to our digital currencies and assets.” As such, FInsur will be a benchmark for innovation in this industry and provide numerous benefits.

    FCoin has a dynamic, innovative, and self-motivated team. The launch of the Growth Project Market (GPM) has attracted many projects, and the competition was more fierce than expected. FCoin responded calmly to this situation and consequently proposed an innovative solution by introducing FOne. FOne was created primarily to solve problems encountered in the GPM, such as long wait lists for listing and platform capacity. It became time consuming to verify the authenticity of the listings requests. In order to make the mechanism more efficient, FOne was created to allow FCoin certified organizations to screen quality projects. Every certified organization has its own zone which has the right to list tokens and set its own listing rules. FCoin provides service and technical support these certified organizations. This relationship will guarantee the healthy growth of FOne. Since these trading zones are operated by certified organizations, they have a responsibility to guarantee the quality of the listed projects. In addition, FCoin retains the right to review and verify the performance of these certified organizations.

    In addition to FOne, both FCandy and FT808 are used to incentivize FT holders as well as protect the rights of community members. In the future, regardless of market conditions, FCoin will continue their model of ”transaction fee mining”, and maintain the proportion of transaction fees returned. This is FCoin’s determination as a revolutionary exchange leader.

    As mentioned in FCoin’s recent announcement, FCandy is an asset pool containing a variety of assets. FCandy will be issued according to set proportions to guarantee its real asset value. However, the assets placed in the FCandy pool no longer belong to the contributors but instead belong to the entire community, which makes FCandy vitally different from other asset pools. Although FCoin has designed various mechanisms to distribute FCandy to its community members, it does not mean that FCoin no longer provides returns in FT. All transaction fees will continue to be fully returned in FT; this is a ground rule which will not be changed.

    In summary, it is not easy for traditional exchanges to reinvent themselves. FCoin’s innovative model has broken the traditional pattern and put this exchange in the spotlight. FCoin’s frequent announcements strongly demonstrate their determination to reform the relationship between exchanges and their users. So long as FCoin is committed to the original idea of decentralization, the introduction of new concepts, rules, and creative tools is not done to confuse users but to challenge the idea of the exchange itself and revolutionize the industry. As more users support FCoin, the FT token will become more valuable, and the impact of FCoin’s model will be felt by a wider audience.

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    Out of different types of Superhero Costumes available with Zentai Hero, the newly added Neon Genesis Evangelion Costumes or EVA Costumes are available in all designs that are perfect for any occasion.

    With their commitment to keep offering exciting new cosplay costume choices for people to add more fun and frolics in their lives, Zentai Hero has now revealed an updated costume collection, which includes Neon Genesis Evangelion Costumes in a range of exciting designs. Taking a clue from the popular Japanese anime, these costumes will allow people to do a new Halloween style. Besides, the cosplay costume store also brings a comprehensive Superhero Costume collection for people to emulate the style of a favorite Superhero, such as Batman, Spiderman, Superman and many more.

    According to the company spokesperson, they have the complete range of EVA Costumes for people to choose from the popular Japanese anime characters, such as Asuka, Ayanami Rei, Ikari Shinji and others. Some of these costumes are 3D printed with illustrious designs that can simply appeal to anyone. The spokesperson reveals that these are handmade high-quality suits made of lycra spandex material. The suits feature an attractive and permanent color that never fades away. Available in different sizes, the EVA cosplay suits are available for men, women, and kids as well. Each suit comes with a sufficient number of customization options to suit the personal styling needs of men and women.

     Zentai Hero Now Brings EVA Costumes in All Designs to Meet Customer’s Demand

    Besides, attractive and adorable EVA suits, customers can also explore a variety of Lycra Spandex Costumes available in the stock of Zentai Hero. Made from the spandex fabric, these full body suits are comfortable to wear and give a new meaning to the Halloween style. Available in a wide range of colors, these suits are made from a breathable material, allowing people to remain fresh and energetic for long hours wearing these costumes. These handmade suits are tailor made to customer’s requirements and come with customization options of detachable hands, detachable feet, open mouth and other choices.

    The spokesperson states that Zentai Hero maintains the biggest collection of Superhero Costumes, and which has been growing continuously as they keep adding new styles in their stock. One can choose a Superhero costume from the collection, like Batman, Superman, Deadpool or can even copy the style of a Super Villain, such as Harley Quinn. There is no dearth of choices for men, women and kids. Available in the best design quality, all costumes are made from quality materials and are hand stitched by the tailors of the company. The handmade costumes feature the best quality, durability and permanent color. The costumes remain in good condition even after washing them multiple times.

    To choose from a wide range of cosplay costumes, featuring styles of the most adorable fictional Superheroes of all times, one can visit the website

    About Zentai Hero

    Zentai Hero is a professional superhero costume company in China. They offer superhero costumes in different styles. They also supply custom-made superhero costumes. They have different types of Halloween costumes for adult and kids. They not only accept retail orders, but also accept wholesale orders, and offer more discounts for more purchases.

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    Contact Person: Laura Yang
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    Phone: +86 15982358575
    City: Chengdu City
    State: Sichuan
    Country: China

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    With the rise and prosperity of the digital cash market, the digital encrypt cash has become more and more popular in the last year, and all kinds of digital cash trading platforms have sprung up in the market like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The world of the future can be divided into two parts. That is, the traditional Internet world and block chain digital world. In the increasingly mature block chain digital world, the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank is the first to be established and and also the world’s first digital asset air bank.

    A brief introduction to the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank:

    BDB—its full name is Numbasa Digital Asset Bank, Chinese name: 币巴巴数字资产银行. It was founded in July 2017 by Baba Finance company in the United States. BDB fully opened all aspects of services including digital asset loan against collateral, digital asset management, digital asset fund management and so on. BDB aims to build a bank that provides professional financial services for digital cash fields through digital cash pledge, digital cash transaction levers allocation, entrusted digital cash quantified transaction, digital cash asset management and so on.It is committed to energizing the value chain of the block chain and reshaping the new pattern of global digital asset transaction market.

    The Forerunner Of Integrated Management Scheme For Digital Assets: Numbasa Digital Asset Bank 

    The necessity of the establishment of the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank

    Based on solving the pain point of the traditional financial industry, Numbasa Digital Asset Bank makes use of the special attributes of the digital asset of block chain technology, such as decentralization, open transparency, global circulation, low transaction cost and so on. It realizes the complete transparency of the intelligent contract and the automation of the loan terms of the debtor and creditor. It realizes the automatic execution of the intelligent contract and reduces the risk immobilization of the error of manual operation. It realizes the intelligent contract can not be distorted , avoiding the risk of fraud in the process of borrowing.

    The functional wallet and the online block chain digital loan against collateral contract of Numbasa Digital Asset Bank are expected to worldwide synchronization start to realize the online digital asset pledge and depository business in November 2018. All the pignorative contracts are completed on the block chain. At that time, it will work together with the 5A Digital Asset Exchange, the Numbasa Digital Cash Mall and the GALAXY FUND to create a digital cash 5acoin that can be circulated online and offline, and can be paid directly in the entity and the Internet. All digital assets offered by the BDB are settled through 5Acoin, which solves the problem of insufficient liquidity of cash due to the purchase of digital assets at the moment.

    5Acoin becomes the settlement currency of BDB.

    The Forerunner Of Integrated Management Scheme For Digital Assets: Numbasa Digital Asset Bank

    5Acoin is a digital encrypted asset currency issued by 5A Digital Asset Exchange on the basis of ERC20 in Taifang. It is the platform passport of 5A Digital Asset Exchange and uses the mechanism of “transaction bonus”, “currency holding bonus” and “Pan ecological reward use” to complete the application of 5Acoin.60% of 5Acoin will be rewarded to community users through the “bonus transaction” model, 5% of the 5Acoin is allocated to institutions, CO founders, clubs, strategic partners, 15% as a risk reserve, 5% awards to VIP users, and 15% is allocated to the founding team. By holding 5Acoin, the user enjoys the daily bonus of the platform, the regular settlement, and the pan ecological reward: the users are in circulation in the designated pan ecological circle, and enjoy the financial adequate and systematic services in the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank, that is, the low interest rate or the interest free. These are all settled by 5Acoin, which aimed at creating a perfect digital asset ecosystem.

    BDB join hands with the 5A exchange to build a real-time settlement network based on platform block chain to achieve free and efficient circulation of digital assets. BDB will subvert the finance banking and open up the new generation of digital asset banks.

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    With the rise of crypto currencies and the growing adaptation to blockchain technology, domain names relating to this industry have skyrocketed in price.  Everyday news breaks out about a new domain name being purchased for record prices, and the trend has not shown any signs of slowing down.

    Recently, another domain name related to blockchain and the finance industry “” was sold for another record breaking price of 2000ETH, equivalent to USD920,000 based on the price of USD460/ETH as of this writing.  The domain was registered all the way back in 1999 by Michael Brook in the USA and was held for nearly 20 years.  Some may think that companies in the blockchain industry are spending a fortune on domain names, but the value of these names are far more important than what meets the eyes.

    The value of lies in the acronym VC which can mean both Venture Capital and Virtual Currency.  With a meaningful and catchy name holding value in both the blockchain and financial industry, it is apparent why people see the value in the name

    Today, the biggest tech companies in the world have also adopted to use the word “bank” in their domain names.  Baidu the world’s second largest search engine registered the domain name, Alibaba who is publicly traded on the NASDAQ uses the name, and Tencent the leading tech company in China registered creating a whole new domain name rush revolving around the financial tech industry. started the rush when it was registered back in 1999 and was sold to Tencent with a registered capital of USD600 million. was regsitred back in 2004 and sold to Alibaba in 2015 for their subsidiary Mybank, for a registered capital of USD 600 million. was registered in 2002 and sold to Baidu’s AiBank in 2017 with registered capital of USD600 million.

    With multi-billion dollar companies investing heavily on domain names to secure their brand presence online, the value of has nowhere to go but up. The company behind will be launching a crypto-currency related financial service platform, providing users with a convenient, cost-effective, and secure financial services to both large enterprises and daily users.

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    Country: Singapore

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    Is Ethereum going to achieve hundreds of thousands of TPS? Is a large area of landing application approaching to reality?

    This grand meeting will show the general orientation of the future development for blockchain for readers!

    On July 11, guests and friends filled up Shangri-la Banquet Hall in HongKong. More than 150 distinguished guests from global blockchain field participated in Hongkong Blockchain Summit Forum jointly organized by Higgs Block, Ausvic Capital and Token Foundry, including the co-fouder of Ethereum Joseph Lubin, CEO of Token Foundry Harrison Hines, president of Ausvic Capital Chen Ping, CEO of UCF Group Hu Xiuren. These distinguished guests gathered here to have a joint discussion about the ecological system of blockchain industry.

    The meeting started with the speech from CEO of Token Foundry Harrison Hines and president of Ausvic Capital Chen Ping. The following opening was the discussion about “The differences and highlights between Asian and American blockchain projects”. COO of Token Foundry Pei Chen, early engineer in the Ethereum team – Alex Leverington, the honorary president of US-China Business Association Liang Jieyang, the founder and co-chairman of HongKong Blockchain Association Tony all expressed their unique opinions. Later, an honored guest – the co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin made a passionate speech: 

    CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin
    CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin

    CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin – “Ethereum network will soon support hundreds of thousands of trading volume per second.”

    The co-founder of Ethereum Joseph: There exists congestion in Ethereum. The blockchain technology and Ethereum technology are not fully mature, which are in the first stage of the ecosystem. So all trades in the network are treated through nodes. The node has storage problems, so there will be low efficiency and congestion. However, it gradually enters the second stage now. Soon we will have some new technologies, which can successfully have hundreds of thousands of trading volume per second. Some platforms connect to Ethereum with different mechanisms, so the technology expandability is very high to better ensure the security of Ethereum.

    Next, the co-founder of Ethereum Joseph Lubin, CEO of Circle in Asian region Jack Liu, CEO of Huobi Capital Huo Li, President of Higgs Block Deng Ke and Chairman of Ausvic Capital Chen Ping had a joint discussion about sharing the experience of blockchain investment. Everyone shared highly valuable views in this round-table forum.     

    General manager of Huobi Capital Huo Li

    General manager of Huobi Capital Huo Li (first from left), CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin (second from left), CEO of Token Foundry Harrison Hines (third from left), Chairman of Ausvic Capital Chen Ping (third from right), President of Higgs Deng Ke (second from right) and CEO of Circle in Asian region Jack Liu (first from right) participated in the group discussion.

    The co-founder of Ethereum, CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin said, nowadays, the whole market is in very rapid development and as well the company. Consulting work is a large business flow for us. Our team needs more labor resource in law, finance and market. It is surely not easy for different teams and different departments to keep the same step. But we really hope to be more flexible and more flattening to develop along this netty structure.

    When Joseph mentioned that when blockchain could be widespread like Internet, he said, now we are improving the expandability of the second level. Ethereum network will soon support hundreds of thousands of trading volume per second, which is the recent direction for us to improve corresponding agreements. In fact, there are too many projects, such as some different token money, some new products, including insurance, government, accounting. With different projects, we can be more mature to working on them. Soon most systems in the world now will use the blockchain technology more or less.

    The chairman of Ausvic Capital Chen Ping – “Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things both serve for blockchain!”

    The blockchain technology will be successful with the good design of economic incentive. Only after the digitizing of all capital will the blockchain technology play a better role. The influence of blockchain technology on the economy just gets started and there is still a long way. In the next two years, blockchain will mainly focus on solving the problem of the capacity and speed of public chain. It is believed that there will be miracles in the next two years.

    Mr. Chen ping who is the chairman of Ausvic Capital delivered a speech
    Mr. Chen ping who is the chairman of Ausvic Capital delivered a speech

    Chairman Chen Ping – “Blockchain users make money and the future world must be a platform freely created smart ones!”

    Make money when using it. Everyone uses it and everyone will make money. The whole world will be rapidly changed by smart people. The wealth among people will become more and more equal and the world will be more peaceful. Only after the digitizing of all capital there may be global digital currency accepted by people. I think most parts of Token must be security at present. The supervision is certain to be strengthened in the future. Every country will hold out the finance, this important defensive line.

    CEO of Token Foundry Harrison – “The core of decentration is to have trust!”

    CEO of Token Foundry Harrison said, when purchasing token money, many people don’t want to hold it, they want to sell it, like intelligent contracts. For example, in a node of the token money, you buy 1 million of token money. What we require you is to operate a node at first, then when you use some token money, you must use our network to really operate it rather than selling it after the price becomes higher. Not with this kind of speculative behavior, we hope that our investors can truly use it rather than just holding it or having speculative investments. In this way we can make people know about what decentralized network is so that it can truly change the world.

    Discussion on investment ideas:


    As an entrepreneur, what benefit can blockchain technology bring?

    In my opinion, it is like an enterprise and we should not only check its advantages and weakness but also consider whether it can help to solve actual problems. Because in our mentioned decentration, the most important point is to have trust. I believe the future efficiency must be higher and the costs must be lower. The more interesting point is that, I think, now we have such a new open system and there must be new business mode produced on this open system in the future. It is like there is a digital camera in your mobile phone. Therefore, please think that since the mobile phone has camera for taking pictures, how many things have come out? So what we imagine now is to assume there exists such a thing or technology, how we can make good use of it. This is what we should pay more attention to.

    Huo Li, CEO of Huobi Capital:

    There are many technological and business modes nowadays, especially we are in the early stage. For investment, there are Angel Investment, A-round Investment, so looking for a better team is undoubtedly very important. A good team should combine everything well, such as technology, business and so on. It is very difficult to responsibly investigate in encrypted currency industry. Sometimes you need to have quick decisions. Many people say now ICO Investment will overturn the traditional venture capital. Actually the traditional venture capital is the investment round by round. We are not working on traditional venture capital, but we can borrow many methods from it. Because there is much industrial experience in many white papers now, like Mr. Chen said just now, 95% of the projects won’t be successful. This is what we are supposed to use for reference. The core in decentration is to have trust.

    Deng Ke, President of Higgs Block

    Referring to digital asset exchange, Deng Ke said, there are exchanges in the real world, but our exchanges are digital. In fact, the competitors are not very large for us. Although we all have rapid development, there are still many customers who haven’t enter the market. I believe there will be more people enter this market in the future and this market is always in growth. We hope to focus on those new comers and make more efforts. The success of this meeting, especially Joseph’s and Chen Ping’s description for the future development of blockchain, indicates the general development situation of blockchain industry, which will reduce time costs and trial-and-error costs for more blockchain practitioners. In particular, Joseph Lubin mention that Ethereum network will soon support hundreds of thousands of trading volume per second, which will be great news for this industry. The main problem now for blockchain industry is the low speed of public chain and it will be difficult for applications. If the speed problem of public chain can be quickly solved, the development of whole blockchain industry will speed up. Many industries in the world, even the recent running mode of this world will become better!

    The guests present in this meeting were some old HongKong families, several bosses who managed 100-billion investment funds and family wealth funds, a part of important figures in business and financial circles, representatives of HongKong blockchain investment companies and so on!

    Background interpretation:


    Higgs, founded in August, 2017, is a Singapore-based technology company with blockchain technology as the core. It mainly involves the blockchain business such as heterogeneous blockchain and application scheme, solutions of blockchain integration, aiming at building a more creative, equal and effective scientific and technological ecosystem of blockchain based on heterogeneous blockchain Higgs Chain to provide all-round and comprehensive science and technology service of blockchain for customers. At present, Higgs has finished the arrangement in many countries and regions including Singapore, UK, Japan, Korea and HongKong.

    Ausvic Capital

    Focusing on investing ecological projects of blockchain, Ausvic Capital participated in investing more than ten projects including Circle and Dfinity in early stage. The founder of Ausvic Capital Chen Ping set up a non-profit foundation for the future leaders of global blockchain together with Roger Ver, Jeremy Allaire, ZakiManian, Tom Ding and Amino Capital, the target of which was to award those outstanding people who made important contribution for global blockchain industry. Ausvic Capital will select worldwide future leaders of blockchain every year and hold a grand award-giving ceremony in annual general meeting to push a quicker and better development of global blockchain.

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    On July 17th, 2018, Haoyiku, the community-based e-commerce platform, officially announced the completion of a series B funding round that brought in several hundred millions RMB. Co-invested by IDG Investment, K2VC, Vision Capital, Tencent led the investment and Chongying Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing. For Haoyiku, who still places heavy reliance on the social fission in WeChat, a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent, to earn profits, Tencent’s investment means it has been officially recognized and supported by Tencent.

    This is less than a month after Haoyiku announced its last financing. On June 20th, 2018, Haoyinku announced that it had obtained 100 million RMB in its series A round led by IDG Capital. Before this round of financing, Haoyiku had already secured 50 million RMB in angel investment from K2VC and Vision Capital.

    Great Support and Recognition from Tencent

    For startups that are making a living at the community-based e-commerce raceway and developing in the WeChat ecosystem, the importance of getting Tencent’s investment is self-evident. The prospectus recently released by Pinduoduo, a leading Chinese app for social e-commerce, has also shown that Tencent served as its second largest shareholder, accounting for 18.5%. “Having been observing the industry landscape of community-based e-commerce for a long time, Tencent believes that there are great opportunities in this market. By virtue of its vast experience on the development of multiple rounds of e-commerce, currently Tencent is choosing a relatively open strategy to capture the market by supporting related companies. Pinduoduo was just the first one to win the support of Tencent, but not the only one.” Wu Qiangqiang (his nickname – Guigu), the founder of Haoyiku, told reporters.

    The manager-in-charge of Tencent’s Strategic Investment Department said that the reason why Haoyiku gained Tencent’s recognition and investment mainly lies in two ways. First, Tencent has been looking for companies with the same concept and extensive experience in the community-based e-commerce sector. The Haoyuku team has more than 10 years of experience in the e-commerce field with an edge in the supply chain and operation of non-standard products.

    Second, Haoyiku can share insightful ideas in the community-based e-commerce sector with Tencent. “After several rounds of communication between Haoyiku and Tencent, it took about a month for both sides to finalize the financing plan. We have discussed a wide array of issues with Tencent, including the development path of the community-based e-commerce market; the role that Tencent should play in boosting the industry, the distribution methods of traffic and the innovative approaches of operation; etc. Having experienced the development of the B2C e-commerce era, Haoyiku team has abundant experience on platform management for future reference.”

    At present, Haoyiku team has already completed synergization and cooperation with Tencent in several business segments, like WeChat, Mini Program (mini apps in the WeChat system created by business owners), Official Accounts (a platform enables personal and organization users to interact with subscribers) and WeChat Pay (a digital wallet service). “For e-commerce companies in the WeChat ecosystem, if Pinduoduo is much equal to the early Taobao, then the companies like Tmall and JD will be gradually emerge. Branding is the core of this trend.”

    It is reported that there are more than 300 brands to cooperate with Haoyiku, including Semir, Peacebird, Li-Ning, Anta, mainly based on mainstream consumer brands in low-tier cities. The average price for transactions is around 100 RMB.

    Branding: the Unmissable Trend

    Wu Qiangqiang estimated that the community-based e-commerce sector soon after will usher in its first key milestone – a large number of brand owners will settle in platforms. In the era of WeChat Business, many products have no brand endorsement and the quality cannot be fully guaranteed. But with the upgrade of consumption, users are keen to buy branded goods.

    Users need branded goods and brands are seeking for new channels as well. Qin Hao, General Manager of the E-commerce Department of Fujian Seven Brand Group Ltd., a renowned Chinese garment provider, admitted that the traffic dividend of e-commerce has disappeared. The difficulty for brands getting involved in the community-based e-commerce sector are normally at two aspects. One is the data integration, and the other is the coordination with stores and shopping guides. “Unlike past membership management, which might be unidentifiable with low interactions with members and high maintenance costs without the support of online network, the community-based e-commerce platform can help us find ‘key opinion leaders’(KOLs) to promote goods and collect user information. In this regard, instead of putting ads towards the mass market, brands can conduct precise marketing and sales. Where the user is, where the money should be spent.”

    “In the past, brands were looking for users; now everyone is an Internet-user and gets immersed into the online community. Similarly, people were searching for goods and products they wanted in the old days; now goods and products are looking for people with all kinds of information coming. There was not so much traffic supply in the previous-generation e-commerce environment. The e-commerce platform has owned profound contents and marketing tools, but it can’t connect to the community. Therefore, once the community-based e-commerce platform operates the content and marketing tools well, it may usher in an explosive growth.” Wu Qiangqiang told reporters.

    Wu Qiangqiang also believed that all the stories that appeared in the previous generation of e-commerce development may appear in current community-based e-commerce environment again, e.g., Taobao mode, Tmall mode, Vipshop mode, JD mode. In addition to its sociability and fissionability, the community-based e-commerce itself will offer the market a larger scale and a faster growth rate.

    “The open platform of big platforms cannot fulfill in-depth merchandise operation and goods operation. It is not enough for brands to open online stores and settle in the big platform. Instead, someone needs to guide the brand to have a better understanding of the new market, the new crowd and the new traffic. ‘Shopping-with-friends purchase’ and ‘group purchase’ are just the beginning. More purchase practices will be introduced in the future. For instance, people can vote for new of products and brands in the online community. Information can be quickly conveyed and communicated amid the community.” Wu Qiangqiang added.

    Another clear difference between community-based e-commerce and traditional e-commerce consists in that although the ad campaign released by community-based e-commerce platforms occupies the user’s private domain traffic, the user in fact has limited tolerance for ad spamming on Moments (a signature function of WeChat renowned for its social feed of friends updates). They might keep only one or two Daigous (personal shopping agents) for each product type. Wu Qiangqiang held that Daigous perhaps draw useful lessons from WeChat business and keep constantly evolving approaches to sales and operations.

    “At the earliest time, WeChat merchants used to spam ads on Moments roughly. Users felt uncomfortable and repugnant and tended to screen such ads. Unlike previous operations, today’s daigous would just release specific product ads on Moments, and then pull the people who have consulted into the WeChat group. By so doing, sales and recommendations will become more accurate.” Wu Qiangqiang said that some daigous will create two groups. One is the group for basic users, mainly for activating users by chatting and communicating. The other is the group for VIP users. This is the exact online community that can generate plenty of orders.

    In response to the needs of the daigou group, Haoyiku also announced the launch of Sesame Cloud Warehouse and Sesame College. Sesame Cloud Warehouse is a useful daigou-oriented tool for daigous to relay broadcast, fish for new clients and place orders. At the same time, it can also help them to expand and bind clients and realize automatic account checking. The Sesame College is a shopping school for Haoyiku to provide daigous with training activities.

    “Haoyiku intends to connect millions of daigous and over ten thousands of brands to create a better life for people.” This is the vision set by Wu Qiangqiang for Haoyiku.

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