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    Craving for a night life jazz experience? Now in its seventh year, the Friday Night Live Free Jazz Concert series on Main Gate Square features different jazz groups every Friday to keep listeners reeling in entertainment.

    The series commences in April and runs through early August every year.Experience Live Jazz in Arizona

    “The jazz concert series first began in partnership with SAACA, Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance, to bring great local music to the community and encourage everyone to explore Main Gate Square and enjoy all the shopping and dining we offer,” said Kris Siuda, marketing coordinator for Main Gate and the Marshall Foundation in a report.

    For three years, Suida has been handling marketing activities for the Marshall Foundation. The foundation organizes events that “supports higher education, youth programs, and arts and cultural organizations,” according to the Marshall Foundation website.

    The concert location, Main Gate Square, offers attendees shopping and entertainment right next to the University of Arizona, between Euclid and Park avenues.

    “The lush Geronimo Plaza where the concerts take place offers a great outdoor shaded area and is really close to many great dining choices for our concert goers,” Siuda said.

    The event planners in preparation for The Friday Night Live Jazz Concert series, worked with Jonas Hunter Productions, to set up scheduling and booking talents several months before the series began.

    Jazz lovers who would be hoping to travel to Arizona to experience this concert can easily find a car rental that is cheap, comfortable and can easily aid with movement from one location to another—especially since Arizona is home to one of America’s most famous attractions, the Grand Canyon.

    Local talents are invited to the event, and with locally owned merchants in attendance, “it’s a great fit,” according to Siuda.

    Typically, most performances have a duration of 90 minutes, and paired with scrumptious meals from nearby local restaurants, the evenings provide a great way to start the weekend, according to Visit Tucson.

    “There are crowd favorites we invite every year or two and we also try to find new talent as well,” said Siuda about the performers.

    Jonas Hunter Productions is responsible for stinging together an “intriguing schedule” featuring Tucson’s broad range of music styles including smooth, modern and Latin jazz.

    The coordinators of The Friday Night Live Jazz Concert series remain hopeful that the event would offer everyone a reason “to go out and enjoy their Tucson summer nights.”

    Chillie Willie Groove band featured on July 27, giving Tucson a taste of Percussion Jazz/Funk. According to the Main Gate Square website, Chillie has played with countless salsa, smooth jazz, funk, soul rhythm and blues bands and now gospel bands.

    The final opportunity of the season to experience this year’s Friday Night Live Jazz Concert series is August 10, and the Rezonators will perform a set with a New Orleans Brass Band flare.

    “The Rezonators Brass Band is here to take music to the streets of Tucson when and wherever possible. Along with drums, you get a double dose of saxophone, trumpet, trombone and tuba,” said the Main Gate Square website.

    The Friday Night Live Jazz Concert series is a free event where everyone is welcome to have a nice time and partake in the festivities.

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    Address:BP 24191 – 300 Eagleson Rd
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    Country: Canada

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    Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd Announces The Gallium Nitride Era is Coming

    Because of the smaller form factor, better thermal performance, and higher efficiency of gallium nitride (GaN) devices, the industry has been looking forward to it for a long time. In recent years, as GaN-on-SiC devices have begun to be put on the market, research on silicon-based GaN (GaN-on-Si) devices has become increasingly popular, and has gradually shifted from research and development to market-oriented production.

    Although these products are not yet fully mature, the good news is that these device manufacturers are improving the structural design of the device and improving the production process. The manufacture of silicon-based GaN devices is expected to enter the power device market of working voltage 600-900V in the next two years.

    The Gallium Nitride Era is Coming

    Xiamen Powerway predicts that the average annual compound growth rate of power devices from 2015 to 2020 will reach around 90%. It is expected that as production volumes increase and production costs decline, the range of applications for both GaN-on-SiC and GaN on Si devices will be further expanded to include these areas: consumer electronics, solar and wind power, and electricity supply, automobile manufacturing, etc. Doctor Chan at Powerway, said: “SiC-based GaN is definitely a growing market”. At the time the latest SiC via etch process solves the problem of SC etch and can be attached to Oxford Instruments’ the PlasmaTron00 Polaris etch system. Plasma Prol00 Polaris is a single-wafer etch system designed for rapid etch on a wide variety of wafers such as GaN, sapphire and SiC. It has now proven to be an important part of SiC-based GaN device development.

    So, what about the GaN-on-Si situation that competes with GaN-on SiC? Last year, MACOM celebrated the sale of more than one million GaN-on-Si RF devices, while claiming that its 100W RF transistors are The cheapest performance is the cheapest. Recently, MEC launched a silicon-on-silicon GaN research project to produce eight-inch silicon-on-silicon GaN wafers. MACOM stands out from its GaN-on-Si technology, achieving the best balance between product performance, cost and supply chain scale, making it the most cost-competitive material which could be alternative to gallium arsenide and LDMOS (laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor) in most RF applications. MACOM’s GaN-on-Si inherits the unique RF performance advantages of GaN, and the average efficiency is about 5% higher than the current mainstream LDMOS technology, which means that the energy efficiency of base station and RF energy applications is improved.

    The high cost of restricting the promotion of GaN technology was previously broken by the low cost architecture of GaN-on-Si technology. Therefore, the widespread adoption of GaN technology in base station and RF energy applications will be greatly accelerated by the aggressive advancement of MACOM’s GaN-on-Si solution.

    About Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd

    Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of compound semiconductor including GaN material in China, its GaN business involves freestanding GaN substrate, GaN on silicon, GaN on sapphire, GaN on silicon carbide, which structure include LED structure with MQW or template or HEMT structure.

    KeyWords: gan substrate, freestanding gan substrate, gallium nitride laser, gan wafer, gan hemt, gan epi wafer, epitaxial wafer, GaN on Si

    For more information, please visit our website:

    Send us email at or

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    Company Name: Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Victor Chan
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    Phone: 86 592 5601404
    Country: China

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    The FINWISE SUMMIT, co-sponsored by FINWEX, Goldford Venture and Ant Node Alliance, stormed Hong Kong with the largest fintech and blockchain summit at L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre last weekend.

    Sam Lee, founder and CEO of Blockchain Global, was invited to the summit and introduced Blockchain Global’s global ecosystem to  partners from around the world.

    Blockchain Global and Blockshine:Ecosystem and Community

    It is incredible that blockchain has taken such a short amount of time, whereas other industry developments can take a life-time. Now, Blockchain is close to mainstream adoption. Most people have heard or are using blockchain. From using it in their businesses, to buying cryptotokens looking for profits, and more and more governments are coming on board with regulation.

    As an early practitioner, Sam Lee witnessed the miraculous development of this industry. He firmly believes that the potential of blockchain technology is unlimited. He hopes to participate in the construction of blockchain industry, help more people through education and grow together with the industry. Sam Lee’s vision for creating Blockchain Global is to be a pathfinder for the industry, enabling more people to benefit from this new technology.

    Since 2014, Blockchain Global’s global ecosystem has taken serious shape. The company has invested more than US$200 million in dozens of blockchain enabled companies and projects. Blockchain Global aims to fund the future of the blockchain. As the only subsidiary of Blockchain Global, Blockshine Technology’s mission is to support the future of the blockchain. And Blockshine established Blockheaders, the world’s leading Blockchain Development House.

    Blockchain Global and Blockshine:Ecosystem and Community 

    The investment foundation investment between Blockchain Global and Blockshine Technology has nurtured many excellent blockchain projects and enterprises, covering value exchange, development tools, shared data, financial technology and many other fields, including many listed companies around the world.

    Recently, Blockshine and Blockchain Global have led a USD $15 million investment into Path Corporation, a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The acquisition is also an important layout for Blockchain Global and Blockshine’s global ecosystem. As Japan’s policies strongly support the development of the blockchain industry, Blockchain Global and Blockshine is highly committed towards their development in the Japanese market by providing technical consulting services for blockchain-related projects.

    In addition, a number of blockchain applications developed by Blockshine Technology, such as the smart wallet application Bastion Pay, the exchange alliance EXA, the fully integrated digital assets data browsing platform CoinMerit, and the public chain Tachion, have completed the global ecological technology architecture of Blockchain Global and promoting blockchain development.

    This year, Finwise·HongKong set up three awards to encourage outstanding figures and groups in the financial technology and blockchain. Surprisingly, Blockshine Technology won the “New Blockchain Technology Award” in light of its outstanding efforts in the blockchain field.

    Blockchain Global and Blockshine:Ecosystem and Community 

    In addition to investment incubation and technology development, community building is also important for Blockchain Global’s global ecosystem. Sam Lee has been emphasized “community first” since its inception. In 2014, Sam Lee founded the Blockchain Center to build a platform for equal communication, drive public awareness and industry development with education.

    The Blockchain Centre has expanded to 7 countries/cities and have successfully incubated 62+ startups and hosted 570+ events with 52,000+ participants around the world. At the same time, Blockchain Centre is also actively strengthening the dialogue between industry and government, maintaining good relations with many governments such as Australia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Dubai, Anguilla and China, and promoting the healthy development of blockchain technology under the guidance and supervision of the government.

    Blockchain Global and Blockshine:Ecosystem and Community 

    Blockchain Global has now grown with blockchain technology into a global player, with all its products, services and investment projects implemented to create a complete ecosystem. In the future, Blockchain Global will continue to promote the seamless integration between blockchain technology and the real world. A blockchain ecosystem that serves and benefits more and more people around the world.

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    Company Name: Blockshine Technology Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Kelly Wang
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    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Blockchain is sweeping through the world. What are the people in this field doing?

    At the beginning of August, the founder of Money Monster Chen Jia was interviewed by the global media. Chen Jia has worked in this area for many years as a CEO of a financial investment company, chairman of the board of directors in a high-tech company. He also has worked as an chairman of the four silvers asset. During the interview, Chen Jia indicated that the blockchain domain is a new and interesting area. Currently, he has invested in seven or eight block-chain projects personally, such as blockchain Technology in Europe, America and Japan, Bitcoin Entity Field, International Digital Assets Exchange and so on, and Money Monsters is one of his ventures.

    Chen Jia

    Strive together to forge ahead

    Before the press conference held in china, Chen Jia invited his well-wishers from all walks of life to discuss the idea, development and goal of creating MMON or Money Monsters creation team on April 7 this year. After they agreed on the terms and goals of formulating the MMON team, a 30-person MMON creation team was formed to “create penetrating scene applications and a new ecology of digital assets Investment”. Chen Jia said, “It’s the right moment to inscribe it on my memory, express it in words and put it into the action. It’s critical to make the Blockchain a transformational force for changing the internet world and even economic activity, not just a way to invest in the future.”

    During this time, the initiative meeting named “5.18 Global Blockchain Day” was planned and Asian Boao forum on blockchain was organized by the MMON team. The creation team has been on the hero list of  Gold Knows The Answers honorably.They hope it will foster the development of global blockchain industry.

    The essence of the Blockchain is the talent who know internet technology

    During the interview, Chen Jia stated that he is not a technical talent but he loves and cares for these people so much like the general manager Xu. Currently, the team consists of 100 skilled personnel. Among them, R&D and operation personnel account for 70%. Besides, there are also some customer service and marketing executives who established Yaoyuan Renhe Technology Co, Ltd. They are responsible for the technology of 2 block game and customer service. He’s been mobilizing technicians to develop his own M Wallet. Except for this, the MMON team also invested in big data’s competition named We Team and became a shareholder of Magic technology co. Ltd. It intends to grab the technical talent and market of the blockchain and full fill people’s dreams and aspirations.

    There are huge business opportunities and market in M Wallet

    Chen Jia mentioned that M Wallet is a more portable digital multi-purpose private purse. It’s also a safe and private “wealth center.” It has functions such as distributed application entry, currency with multiple links, centralizing the coin transaction, market information hand in hand. And unlike the other wallets, “M wallet will be equipped with a trading master at the beginning. This is a more distinctive function.” Chen Jia said. The entrepreneur will go to the United States soon to get some qualifications in the United States and develop more wallet features, such as asset management and other channels.

    The Chinese financial Blockchain of “Longdong Plan”

    Chen Jia believes that the “Chinese Blockchain Finance” industry is poised for further growth. He explained that there is no one borrowing money from you with money in the hand. But something like this will happen in the blockchain. “A lot of people buy digital assets to hold them not to sell them. I bought ETH for $40, 5000 dollars in exchange of bitcoin. After a few years, I still like to hold them. I believe there are a lot of people like me in the currency circle. But how to change it into money, it reminds me of the years of pawning, leasing and mortgage lending. What if digital assets were combined with mortgages? That is the “Long Dong plan” that we’re going to explore. That’s the Chinese “idea of blockchain finance”. I believe in the fourth quarter, blockchain industry will be hit by the plan again”, he told during the interview.

    MMON is not a tool for speculators

    When reporters asked Chen Jia why he was so calm during the interview, he said, “The original intention of MMON is a game certification and it’s not a tool for speculators. The reason why we have a trading platform is for those people who do not understand the people who are not interested in it. So we certainly don’t care about the ups and downs of the trading market. When the user discovers that we design the game with irrevocable fairness and valuable playability. As the revenue increases, there will be more and more players. What we need is loyal fans and investors. Blockchain technology is developing rapidly. A lot of things are invisible forces pushing us to do it. If we do it seriously, all of the things will be successful”, he said.

    Lei Jun said, “Even pigs can fly if the wind is strong enough”. But how many people can take advantage of this blockchain development? How can it achieve without decision, strategy, courage, and acting in just a few months? Including technical team of 100 people among the blockchain, the big scale that across Japan, the United States, Europe and China. Besides, several blockchain products hit the ground and exchanges are online. And more perfect bolder and perfect dreams are born.


    MMON Official website:

    Money Monster Official website:

    Invitation code:B305928

    Gold Horse official website:

    Invitation code:517

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    On August 11st and 12nd, the 2018 Global Media Block Chain Summit was held at UCLA. This commit was intended to build an international media communication channel that enables the global blockchain media industry to connect and share win-win results. StoneMatrix Technology from China was invited to the summit. The CEO Grant Yang and COO Jesse Liu at StoneMatrix participated in the event and delivered a speech about their smart solution to ticketing issues.

    StoneMatrix currently hosts the operations and major R&D efforts of the StoneTicket (STNT) blockchain platform in China. The leadership team now consists of former senior technical leads from oversea IT giants, previous head of silicon-valley based company at distributed system areas, and experienced investment manager of Nasdaq-listed startup.


    Just a few months before, there was a shock in the ticketing market that thousands of Taylor Swift’s concert tickets remained unsold even on days before showtime. The flop was caused by the strategy of Taylor’s team, which meant to maximize ticket prices and minimize scalping. According to Digital Music News, Live Nation, the owner of Ticketmaster, has pointed this strategy that involves highly dynamic ticket pricing. His strategy foregoes the upfront sellout, which is designed to take money normally claimed by scalpers. It was a brave trail but with high, unpredicted costs.

    StoneTicket may provide the solution for these ticketing dilemmas. With fewer risks and more feasibilities, the public chain is an innovative model for the ticketing & entertainment industry. The StoneTicket (STNT) blockchain platform is positioned in the “decentralized digital ticketing transaction public chain”, by leveraging the distributed ledger technology, StoneTicket aims to solve the bottlenecks of the entertainment industries during the tickets selling, agency, purchase phases, and ensures the effective and safe circulation of each ticket.

    Event organizers can also customize the ticket rules through smart contracts to control the various behaviors of ticket first-sales, resales, exchanges, and make the process transparent.

    Ticketing, as a rapidly expanding market, has considerable potentiality. In the future ticketing industry market, the problems that StoneTicket can solve will not only the one-way sale of ticketing for the entertainment industry, but also the analysis and matching of e-commerce, sales, fan economy and long-term marketing data in multiple dimensions.

    StoneMatrix is committed to using blockchain technology as the core driver to connect Business to Customers, and create a better business environment. Their vision is to promote and lead the next era through professional technology and their enthusiasm for the industry.


    More worth mentioning,during their trip in states, StoneMatrix Technology was also invited to attended a business conference with the Commercial Office of the Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles. During the meeting, Grant and Jesse actively explored the possibility of cooperating with governmental resources, and looking forward to the future innovation of business models in the pan-entertainment industry for both China and the United States.

    Through the exploration and study with the business, academic, and political circles in Los Angeles, StoneMatrix has further defined the next development direction.

    What will be the future of this world which is gradually changing by blockchain technology? Let us wait and see…

    For further information and contact:




    Thousands of Taylor Swift Tickets Remain Unsold — Just Days Before Showtime. April 28. 2018. Digital Music News. Paul Resnikoff. Retrieved from: 

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    On the large screen of Nasdaq in New York Times Square, a huge picture with spectacular features and bright colors shows up in the world stage by dominating the whole billboard. It is a blockchain-based enterprise from Singapore – BYS.

    Nasdaq screen is a landmark of New York Times Square, which is located in the square business district with the highest passenger traffic around the world and known as “the global first screen”. By showing up in Nasdaq screen, on the one hand, BYS announces to the whole world that it is an expandable, diverse and fair digital platform; on the other hand, it undoubtedly witnesses the revolution and innovation of a new generation of digital asset trade platform to let more people see the innovation and future of “blockchain + lottery”.

    Bayes In public chain is a lottery service ecosystem which promotes that lottery is service, following laws and regulations and providing underlying technical services for legal lottery entertainment around the world.

    In addition to blockchain which is the underlying technology, Bayes In tries to introduce big data, AI and other new technologies to improve its public chain service system. At the same time, Bayes In breaks traditional lottery rules and creates a secure and fair game environment by providing a completely anonymous and convenient registration method. Players just need to build an Ethereum wallet to settle globally.

    Blockchain is a perfect technology to support this lottery revolution. All transactions in Bayes In are based on open smart contracts, allowing all participants to check their capital in real time and ensuring absolute security. The whole process is completely decentralized, transparent, and self-regulated to give users the best lottery experience.

    Bayes In, a decentralized lottery social platform based on Ethereum technology and smart contracts, aims to provide a full range of lotteries individually or in cooperation with many partners. We are making efforts to transform the current lottery model into a decentralized, credible, and verifiably fair service platform driven by blockchain and encryption protocols.

    BYS public chain insists on being a blockchain communicator to make technology serve the people. Bayes In platform will provide good game experience for players based on blockchain, like transparent and fair rules, anonymous mechanism, fast transfer, customization, etc. 

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    With the advent of the “big data” era, the importance of data in all walks of life has been greatly enhanced, so the data collection, storage and analysis have become an industry direction which is desiderated to be promoted. And existing infrastructures have become increasingly difficult to cope with the requirements of more than 3.6 billion connect people and the massive amounts of data generated in the process. The server storage of nowadays and the framework which provides data access are both expensive and inefficient. In the era of increasing geometrical number of connected devices, data access efficiency, storage cost and performance stability, etc., are facing great challenges.

    Today’s central intermediary —the server storage, and the framework which provides data access, are very expensive but also very inefficient. Meanwhile, data center consumes between 1.5% and 2.0% of global electricity, and grows at a rate of 60% per year. With the accelerated integration of the Internet and industry at this stage, the volume of global data will show an exponential upward trend. As early as 2010, the scale of global data has reached the level of “ZB” (1ZB = 1024TB). And through IDC’s estimation, the total amount of global data information can be doubled every two years or so. Only a year later, in 2011, the total amount of data created and replicated worldwide exceeded 1.8ZB. Nowadays, owning to the rise of the concepts of “Internet +” and smart cities, etc., the world has gradually realized the valuable application value of data. According to the prediction of IDC, global data usage will reach 40ZB in 2020, and such a large amount of data is equivalent to about 42.9 billion 1TB hard disk storage space.

    However, the most pressing challenge in the industry today is the issue of security and integrity. Security aims at the security of data storage and the privacy of data, while the integrity is mainly for the compatibility of data interaction and the continuity of data. Especially in the AI industry, stable data storage is the foundation of the AI industry. The important technique of the AI industry is to make the robots learn and complete through a large amount of data information so as to make it more intelligent. Therefore, the stability of data storage can affect the normal operation of the entire AI framework. If the storage system encounters some problems such as data loss and downtime, etc., it will have a fatal impact on AI products. Secondly, because the performance of the data storage has a great impact on the efficiency of the whole AI and the reading speed of the storage system is up to the efficiency of data storage and extraction, so it directly limits the maximum efficiency of AI. Thirdly, the scalability of the data storage system will determine the scalability of the entire AI. Therefore, a stable storage system is crucial to the development of artificial intelligence applications. And AI has extremely high requirements on the processing technique of data storage. Data is one of the raw materials for the development of AI. As an intangible asset, any organization that wishes to get involved in AI is increasing its importance.

    However, at this stage the data collection and storage technique still fails to solve the following pain points.

    1. Data Security

    Regardless of how the data storage industry develops, data security is always a key issue that cannot be ignored. It can be divided into two parts, one is the problem of data storage time, and the other is the problem of data loss and theft. Many big data stores in the fields of business, law and medical, etc. all involves the issue of storage time, which require storage periods ranging from a few years to decades. As the foundation of big data analysis, historical data undoubtedly puts higher requirements on data storage time. It is the key to ensure the validity and availability of data in the long-term phase. At present, data theft and data trafficking have formed a complete industry chain, people pay more attention to the security of data. In areas of finance, healthcare and government, there is a clear demand for data security. Big data analysis often requires a comprehensive reference of multiple types of related data, and in the past, there is no mixed data access. Therefore, big data storage and processing gradually present some new security issues.

    2. Data Validity Discrimination

    In the context of big data, the data scale and file quantity are increasing substantially, and the management of metadata accumulated at the file system level becomes a difficulty. In addition to the continuous upgrade of storage capacity, the identification of data validity has become an urgent demand of the current market. The most efficient solution is to identify data and filter invalid data to effectively reduce the demand of data storage capacity and solve the problems of system delay.

    3. Slow Speed of Data Processing

    The requirements for immediacy are high in the application and coordination of data, so more and more big data application environments require higher IOPS performance, and the widespread popularity of virtual servers comes up with severe challenges to processing performance and processing efficiency.

    4. High Cost of Data Storage

    Whether it is a hardware device or a software platform for data storage, it takes a lot of time and money for enterprises to build their own data storage system from scratch. At present, in order to help users reduce building cost, more and more storage products are available in pure software form, which can be directly installed on existing, general or off-the-shelf hardware devices, but obviously the enterprises which have high demand for big data cannot accept this form. The problem in the data storage market is how to complete the input and save of data with the fastest time and the least budget under the premise of software and hardware.

    We saw many losses and inconveniences caused by these problems, so we established Cyberange.

    Cyberange is a basic chain for data collection and storage. It aims to offer a large block of data storage space and cross-chain technique for storage technique by combining all the blocks with blockchain technique and Artificial Intelligence technique.

    As a public chain designed for data collection and storage, Cybrange is a blockchain infrastructure which is similar to the operating system designed for data managers. Cyberange AS storage system is a decentralized file data storage system, which aims to provide permanent, stable and secure storage services for each individual or group in the big data waves, and is connected to the browsing function of any web browser to achieve the retrieval management of accessible online data.

    The Cyberange AS system provides basic services for platform users who hold the CRAT tokens based on the Star File System (IPFS) and Cyberang Message. The owners of the block storage data space are motivated to manage and share their own data resources. IPFS, as the most reliable method for permanent decentralization of saving and sharing files, is a distributed protocol for content addressable, versioned, peer-to-peer hypermedia. Therefore, we chose IPFS as the design basis of our public chain, and extended and upgraded it based on the project features.

    In the CM data ecosystem, there are three roles of users: data uploader (data owner), data demander and data integrator. The unique point is that the identity of each user is not fixed, but he or she changes with his or her own needs. As the cornerstone of the entire ecosystem, the data uploader is the largest, obtaining Token incentives by uploading first-hand data and actively sharing its own data can also make the overall data storage ecology in a state of information flow, which helps to maintain the validity of data and promoting data update. Data demanders play a role in promoting the entire ecosystem. By continuously proposing data requirements and analysis programs, data volume is increasing and data analysis capabilities are constantly improving; data integration is the key in the ecosystem. A small number of integrated parties can systematically and completely classify and sort out existing data, and with the emerging techniques such as AI and so on, it can also effectively maintain the continuous operation of the CM data ecosystem.

    Faced with the problem of data storage and slow analysis under the background of big data, Cyberange has sharply grasped the market demand, and constructively increased the AI sector in the data collection and storage public chain model. With the accuracy of artificial intelligence and even data classification and screening, it can greatly improve data storage capacity and improve analysis speed. Similarly, the rapid learning ability and stylization of artificial intelligence also make it more universal market application value, so it is extremely feasible to upgrade the existing data storage public chain model with the help of AI.

    Cyberange performs the analysis of data storage by combining blockchain and AI techniques. Blockchain storage technique enables accurate recording, authentication, and execution, while artificial intelligence helps make decision, evaluate, and understand certain patterns and data sets, ultimately resulting in autonomous interactions. Artificial intelligence and blockchain require data sharing, and distributed databases emphasize the importance of sharing data between multiple clients on a particular network. Similarly, artificial intelligence relies on big data, especially the data sharing. The more open data available for analysis, the more predictable and evaluated the machine will be, and the more reliable algorithms generated. In addition, security is also an important advantage. When dealing with high-value transactions on a blockchain network, there is a strong demand for network security. This can be implemented through existing agreements. For artificial intelligence, machine autonomy also requires high security to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic events.

    Cyberange has the confidence and ability to build a basic public chain for all industries and provide storage space, technique and analytical services, and build a fair, transparent, secure and efficient information data ecosystem. Then it will promote the long-term healthy development of the entire data storage analysis industry and improve the data management concept in the era of big data.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cyberange
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    City: Tallinn
    Country: Estonia

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    On September 16, Top Asia financial institutions and elites will gather in Taipei to participate in the Asia High Net Worth People Wealth Management Forum.

    “Asia High Net Worth People Wealth Management Forum” organized by the famous Chinese Financial Media ToushiSTAR. Primarily to study and explore the wealth management problems of high-net-worth Chinese investors in Asia, promote cooperation among Asian Financial Sector, its headquarters are in Shanghai. The Asian High Net Worth People Wealth Management Forum (AHNW Forum) is called the small Davos of Asian Chinese finance. Previous participants included Morgan Stanley (Asia), Citibank, China Renaissance, China Banking Fund, Qijin, CLSA, CITIC Securities, atomic capital, Henry Fok Fund and others.

    The forum content of the Forum on “Asia High Net Worth People’s Wealth Management Forum” in Taiwan highlights the timeliness, applicability and uniqueness of Asian Chinese investors. The forum will include: Strategy of trading market investment Under the risk of Global Trade, Currency Investment and hedging strategy on facing to IR raising cycle of USA, Development and Diversity of Block Chain in Global finance, the future of Block Chain and Encrypted monetary ecosystem, Legal risks from The mineral circle、the chain circle and the coin circle, The combined strategy of fixed asset and financial investment in Asia-Pacific, Global configurations of family assets, Cultivation and prospect of financial talents, Advantages and Disadvantages of Robot intelligent transaction.

    The forum will be held at the Fubon International Convention Center in Taipei (No. 108, Fubon Life Building, B2, Taipei City, on September 16,2018, at 12:20 p.m.

    AHNW Forum official website:

    Guest of the Forum

    LIN CHIH-SHENG, General Representative of China, Marketing Director of YanQi investment management co., LTD, worked as the VP of Citibank. MBA, A.B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University, USA,Finance PhD of Jinan University, China.

    Felix Hoe, A graduate of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with post-graduate studies conducted at Tsinghua University, Felix Hoe currently works as an institutional sales director in Broctagon Fintech Group and ICO advisor in

    Doctor XIE CHEN YAN The founder and CEO of MSFG(Maestro Finance).Managing Director of Hong Kong Liyu Consulting Company. The publisher of A money Weekly Magazine.Stock Commentator of Talk Show(57 Jinqianbao) in Taiwan Eastern TV.

    Sun Ge yang, He is director of customer relations in Exness Ltd. China. With rich practical operation experience, paid attention to the concept of value mining and long-term investment in the actual operation of large foreign exchange companies for many years.

    LI YONG SHENG, eToro in Asia-pacific managing director, Global Leading Social Investment Network, is responsible for e investment in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

    Tiger Han, the current Alpha Jet Financial Group market development director in China, graduated with master of financial engineering and statistics from Shanghai university of finance and economics.

    Dean Jack, being the first at the global trader opinion sharing website, Tradingview, is the only Chinese analyst on the list. Dean Jack has more than 10 years of experience in international banking system and has the qualification of Associate Financial Planner.

    Zhou Yi, The Atomic Capital CEO of the ATOM capital, CEOC (and the Atom Exchange Fund Manager) was awarded the 2011 Global Chief Executive Award for Responsible Business Leaders.

    Lawyer TAN FANG, Ms. Tan Fang is the director of Shanghai FO Law Firm, the top lawyer in the field of private wealth management, and a well-known legal expert in the field of marriage and family.

    Participating Organizations

    Yanqi investment management co.,ltd. was established on 21 November 2013 and obtained its licence (licence code is P1006735) from the Asset Management Association of China in 2015. Yanqi has experience conducting quantitative trading programs since 2010 in PRC where it has grown assets under its management by employing quantitative and qualitative strategies.

    Atomic capital is a financial group headquartered in Hong Kong, China, with a service network covering major global financial centers which including greater China, Singapore, London, the European Union and so on. The team of investment experts is composed of international chartered financial analysts, senior traders, data model quantitative strategy programmers, risk control specialists, certified accountants, lawyers and investment consultants whom with decades of practical experience. Guided by the concept of “control risk and wealth appreciation”, the company creates stable and considerable wealth for high net worth private clients and institutional investors through professional investment services such as fund investment management, foreign exchange trading, PE equity investment and Internet finance.

    eToro, founded in Israel in 2007, and is one of the first financial technology companies in the world to implement replication-tracking technology. eToro trades in 13 digital currencies, more than 1,000 US and European equities, 47 currencies, 13 indices, 6 commodities, 83 ETF Funds and can communicate with global investors anywhere and anytime, focus on, share trading strategies, look at the trading records of other investors, and easily and free copies of top investors trading.

    GKFX Prime‘s journey to become one of the most reliable brokers in the world has started in 2010 Our objective was clear; observe the changing customer needs and provide them the best service possible.

    We knew that the trading business required a lot of dedication in order to have a good reputation. This awareness motivated us to create a sophisticated trading environment for our clients including individuals, companies and financial institutions.

    EXNESS, Russia’s best known foreign exchange trading platform is the only one in the world that supports a 1:2000 lever, and the EXNESS website offers 22 languages and provides trading capacity for more than 120 financial instruments, provides the best market order execution service and has a small difference in the records of the major currency pairs. Exness has participated in the compensation funds, another important safeguard for the protection of the interests of clients in foreign exchange transactions. Exness’s reputation has been tested by time to ensure the safety of client funds and to meet its financial obligations in a timely manner.

    Broctagon Fintech Group is an intentional conglomerate with core competencies in financial corporate consulting services. Priding itself on offering the latest technologies and high-quality services in the Fintech industry, including one-stop forex brokerage solutions, corporate management consulting, trading platform technology, network information security, entity licensing and institutional-grade liquidity. Broctagon Fintech Group aims to become the biggest corporate platform in the APAC fintech market by providing optimized and uniquely-tailored client solutions.


    As a member of Broctagon Fintech Group, has been active in the Blockchain space through its provision of one-stop ICO solutions to token issuers.’s comprehensive service suite spans the entire ICO process, from Project Advisory and Planning to Technology Development, White paper Advisory and Drafting, Legal Review, as well as Marketing and Media Outreach. All you need to launch your ICO is ICOMain.


    APJFX is the online financial derivatives trading brand of Alpha Jet group holdings, a financial substantial British financial group with operations in stock, forex and many other financial markets, and is tasked with the development of global forex market.

    Jack Trading Academy,the top professional financial trader training institution in China,is dedicated to the education and trader incubation of Chinese investors. It is praised by the industry and media as “Hogwarts in the trading world”.

    Shanghai FO Law Firm is the very first law firm in China that specializes in providing family office legal services for Chinese families. It was named as the top law firm in China by the famous legal rating agency LegalBand in 2018 and ranked first in the field of private wealth management.

    IFM Trade is an Australian based financial institution with offices located in Sydney and Melbourne and development and support offices spread worldwide. IFM Trade was launched in 2012 in Australia and is authorized and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number 426359. We provide Forex, Gold, Silver, Global Equities and Commodities CFD trading services directly and through established relationships with some of the most trusted names in the industry.

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    As spring goes and autumn comes. Time is carving people’s appearance and shaping people’s character. Dispelled evil in exchange for loyalty and specificity. The changing thing is time. Time flies, but people’s pursuit of life quality never stops. Technology changes life and it also changes the connection between people and enhances people’s emotional bonds. Due to artificial intelligence technology, people can completely liberated their hands. The emergence of the robot vacuum cleaners enables the families  no longer worry about trivial matters and no longer quarrel about the dust on the ground. Saying goodbye to coldness and indifference, family ties are also becoming more closely due to technology. Robot vacuum cleaners are loyal.

    They work silently and they possess selfless dedication and they are also reasonable. Intelligent technology allows them to have the brain of the machine and they can operate autonomously. Robot vacuum cleaners are like families and they can solve the problems of family health. A good robot vacuum cleaner is the most important member of a family. Many robot vacuum cleaners brands emerge as if the ancient women were elected. If they do not improve themselves from both inside and outside, they would be ignored and be cast out of favor. Therefore, all kinds of new ideas of robot vacuum cleaners are emerging one after another and strive to become the industry leader. Who is better and who can win the champion. Please look at the following robot vacuum cleaner brands rankings one by one.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Top 1. Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner

    Liectroux is not a very famous and popular brand. However, it emerges from Germany which is famous for its rigorousness, it has added buff to the competition. (You can view the website: or Rigorous workmanship and military family to create military quality. Even if Liectroux is not well known to the domestic public but its 34.8% market share of the retail channel illustrates its unique charm. The charm of the Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner is its intellectual beauty. It does things in an orderly manner and with full confidence. Plane memory technology can smoothly plan the sweeping route. And its excellent ability to overcome obstacles makes people marvel with the athletic ability of this beauty. The real reason why it is loved by so many people is because of its excellent cleaning ability. It improves its shape from the outside and improves its quality from the inside. It is tepid and not noisy. Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner is such a “Good wife” that makes people can’t stop to love it.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaners Brand Ranking, The Newest Ten Brand Ranking, German Liectroux Ranked TOP1

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 2: Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

    One more minute makes the difference. Xiaomi is the perfect scorpion of compromise. You can see its pros and cons by your own eyes. It does everything very well. It can be compared with those very expensive robot vacuum cleaners and will not be Inferior. And it can also be compared with those inferior brands. Xiaomi is capable of doing anything whether you appreciate or not appreciate it. Whether you like or dislike, Xiaomi is the price-performance king in the light luxury doctrine. Its intelligence, talent, appearance and ability are all the best in its equally positioning products. It is this feature that makes Xiaomi rank in the second place in this ranking.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 3: Irobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    The Irobot family is like a scholarly family. Its technology research is always at the forefront of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner market. Irobot is like the kind of woman who wins by quality. It is superior in the aspect of intelligence. And its intelligent degree is at the top of the smart chain. It is ingenious and can easily bring the “stainless” home environment by the technique of dry and wet mopping. At the same time, Irobot is like a patient woman. It will do wet mopping and drying mopping and then wet mopping again. It enables its masters no longer need to drip with sweat. Obviously, its high intelligence necessarily decides its high price. And not every family is willing to pay for its intelligence.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 4: Dyson 360Eye

    Exquisite and dignified, Dyson’s design is quite a master of the world. It is able to make many consumers rush for it simply through its shape. Born in the traditional powerful forces of smart home appliances, Dyson robot vacuum cleaners dominated the sales list of this Jingdong 6.18. However, to have a overall control possesses a very high requirement for the working environment. And a bright environment is the essential environment for Dyson’s work. Losing a bright environment will cause princess disease for Dyson robot vacuum cleaners. Longing for the light and can’t stand the darkness. Plus its noisy working mode and sound effect. Dyson robot vacuum cleaners are only suitable for those home environments with better lightning.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 5: Philips

    Who cuts such slender leaves, Philips is like a daughter of humble family. Philips robot vacuum cleaners have deduct the exquisite, small and ultra-thin to the extreme. And many other robot vacuum cleaners will be eclipsed in front of it. The 60mm robot vacuum cleaner is capable of going to everywhere and it can clean everywhere. Philips has a variety of hidden modes. It has all the styles you like. All the styles you like it all have. The four robot vacuum cleaners cleaning modes are free to switch. It enables people to have comfortable user experience, reassuring price and user-friendly price. This is absolutely the sweeping artifact that necessary for the small fresh people.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 6: Ecovas

    Ecovas is a real famous family with a strong substantial resources and a huge family. It is a real giant family. Merely through possessing the background of the Ecovas family, it already has a high title. If it doesn’t have actions, you don’t move, it will affect thousands of people. The leading domestic and international influence is her biggest selling point. However, the aristocratic daughter is obviously not suitable for household chores and its level of intelligence and cleaning ability still need to be improved.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 7: Haier

    The neighboring family has a girl who grows up in the first place. She is a well-known person who has high autonomy and can sweep automatically and achieve automatic recharge. Haier robot vacuum cleaners work hard. Their cleaning ability are not bad. But Haier is like a girl that always stays at home and don’t know too much about the outside world. Its popularity has affected its influence.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 8: Panasonic

    Panasonic Corporation’s name reverberates like thunder, and the name of Panasonic’s robot vacuum cleaner is not as famous as its own brother’s name. But the tiger father has no dog girl, and conscience Panasonic robot vacuum cleaners are not bad.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 9: U Life

    U life’s machine is as famous as its name, it is graceful and exquisite so it is naturally popular among consumers.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 10: Samsung

    Samsung is the cross-border cooperation between robot brand mobile phone manufacturers and robot vacuum cleaners. We should expect how much for this combination of different boundaries? We should only hope that Samsung will have a better performance and will not explode randomly. So we put Samsung at last in this ranking to show some respect for it.

    Life is a long road and the robot vacuum cleaners are like the light in the dark. Not everything will go with the wind and the energy will not exhaust with time. Peaceful life and peaceful world need a suitable robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners brand rankings, Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner improves itself from inside and outside and wins the champion. Wanjin oil millet follows tightly behind Liectroux. Flowers of every kind are in bloom and finally they will benefit our chosen master. The world changes. The thing that never changes is our pursuit for quality. change of the world, the constant is the pursuit of quality, the improvement of the quality of life thanks to the birth of these products. A ranking, a life, an experience, everything is the best arrangement.

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    Supermodels from 30 countries around the world, top-notch producers across the globe, influential fashionistas, renowned domestic moguls, local movers and shakers… on the verge of the Qixi Festival, the grandiose Award-presentation Ceremony of the BlueSword-Viee Cup World Super Model Contest Global Finals took place in Chengdu to fantastic fanfare…

    On August 16, 2018, the “Award-presentation Ceremony of the 2018 BlueSword-Viee Cup World Super Model Contest Global Finals” hotly anticipated around the globe took place in Chengdu. Supermodel contest winners from 30 countries around the world, internationally influential fashionistas, foreign diplomatic envoys in Chengdu, local movers and shakers and renowned moguls descended on Chengdu’s fashion landmark International Finance Square to participate in this magnificent award ceremony.

    At 14:00, the red-carpet ceremony of the “Award-presentation Ceremony of the 2018 BlueSword-Viee Cup World Super Model Contest Global Finals” was held inside the Niccolo Chengdu. Supermodel competition winners from 30 countries around the world, influencers from various facets of society and influential fashionistas across the planet gathered at the star-lit “Number One Gala in the Chengdu Fashion Circle”.

    At 15:00, the Award-presentation Ceremony officially began. Supermodels from around the world showcased their feminine beauty in summery sexiness and the pursuit of excellence in the subsequent fashion and swimsuit segments that combined into a ravishing visual feast.

    CEO of the “WSMC” Organization CEO  Robert Pagen (first on right) and Executive General Manager of Sichuan BlueSword Group Wang Bin (first on left) present award to the global champion

    At 17:00, CEO of the World Super Model Contest Organization CEO Robert Pagen and Executive General Manager of Sichuan BlueSword Group Wang Bin present award to the global champion. Chinese supermodel Yin Rao was crowned as the champion of the 2018 Global Finals of the World Super Model Contest, and rounding out the top three are runner-up in the 2018 Global Finals of the World Super Model Contest Veronika of Russia, and third-place finisher in the 2018 Global Finals of the World Super Model Contest, Serbian supermodel Lera F.

    World Super Model Contest Organization commands trends in global fashion

    On-site at the Award-presentation Ceremony, CEO of the World Super Model Contest Organization Robert Pagen announced: “The Global Finals of the World Super Model Contest, which originated from California, United States, in 1979, will return to America in 2019. Due gratitude is extended to BlueSword-Viee for making this decade-long distinguished partnership a possibility, and we hope to continue globalized cooperation in the future”.

    The Global Finals of the 2019 World Super Model Contest will make a formal return to its birthplace the United States, and after its return the first Finals will be held in the city of Los Angeles. According to CEO Robert Pagen: The 2019 Finals of the World Super Model Contest will be a gathering of social influencers and international superstars.

    We spoke to Wei Wei, first-place winner at the World Super Model Contest Global Finals 2013, at the event. She said: “As the cradle for world-class supermodels, the World Super Model Contest has always been the center of attention. After a decade, the return of the global finals of this top-tier international competition for professional supermodels would naturally capture the spotlight in the fashion circle and other facets of society”.

    Wei Wei revealed that guests scheduled the attend the 2019 Global Finals of the World Super Model Contest is a star-studded line-up, including the likes of the current head of Ford Modeling Agency Katie Ford, Dean of Fashion of Parsons School of Design, and founder and CEO of WeDesign Simon Collins, eminent New York City make-up artist and Max Factor’s Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath, NYC-based fashion consulting firm founder Rick Kantor, famed Hollywood film producer and CEO of Beacon Pictures Armyan Bernstein, Head of New Business and Special Projects of Beacon Pictures Mark Pernell , and Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Top 500 Chinese private enterprises BlueSword Group joined hands with World Super Model Contest Organization and brought the World Super Model Contest to China in 2008. A decade has passed and not only has the partnership created a series of fabulous feasts of fashion, but it also became China’s number one fashion intellectual property and an international platform for models around the world to shine in all their glory.

    Publicly available information indicates that the World Super Model Contest Organization (WSMO) is a public welfare organization approved for registration by the government of the state of California, the United States, back in 1979. This 38-years old organization is headquartered in the American city of Los Angeles, and has set up branches in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Beijing and Chengdu. The company boasts a force of world-class competition management professionals and a distinguished panel of expert judges.

    World-class product, globalized market

    The Executive General Manager of Sichuan BlueSword Group and Chairperson of Sichuan Viee Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. Wang Bin presented first-place award to the global champion and was interviewed in-situ. Wang Bin said: “The Viee brand uses fashion to showcase the beauty of nature, and will continue to cooperate with the World Super Model Contest Organization extensively, to promote the Viee brand’s internationalization strategy, and to speed up the pace of overseas market expansion”.

    A supermarket in Melbourne, Australia

    Wang Bin explained: “The Viee brand owns a world-leading ‘zero additive’ patented technology, and this world-class product serves as a crucial and powerful engine behind Viee’s internationalization. Drink Viee and be beautiful, the brand has achieved widespread acclaim across the country. Today, Viee has gained accession into overseas markets, having recorded sales in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada”.

    The traditional Chinese holiday of Qixi Festival, often dubbed the “Chinese Valentine’s Day,” falls on August 17 this year. The first ever “Viee Eastern True Love Day” large-scale concert will be held in Chengdu, which will feature seven Chinese music celebrities including Chyi Chin (Qi Qin), Sitar Tan (Tan Weiwei), Khalil Fong (Fang Datong), Cyndi Wang (Wang Xinling) and Chen Chusheng, who will take to the stage alongside the world’s supermodels as they jointly conjure a mesmerizingly beautiful runway performance.

    True love is worth the wait. On the night of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month on the traditional Chinese calendar, a night of true love, the first ever “Viee Eastern True Love Day” will take place inside the Chengdu Performing Arts Center. All those blessed by true love will be presented a performance of ceremonial aesthetics, romance, fantasy and true love.

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    Aug 16, 2018 – SearchMaid was well received, with over 8000 maid bio data listed within 30days and supported by over 150 Singapore maid agencies, becomingthefastest growing maid listing portal in Singapore.

    It is true that homeowners in Singapore often have a tough time balancing their professional and personal life due to their hectic work schedules, which is why they are on the lookout for the best domestic help. Singapore is fast-paced society with many working adults compromising personal life for work. Most Singaporeans avail the services of the maids to perform household choresand take care of their young children. However, it can be very challenging to find an honest and reliable maid. Availing the services of reputable maid agency in Singapore proved to be helpful to these Singaporeans, as it  can get difficult to navigating the way to find a maid on your own.

    SearchMaid being the pioneers in launching state of the art online portal to help professionals and homeowners get access to multiple maid agencies across Singapore. These maid agenciesare responsible for arranging interviews, offers honest feedback and review on every maid andgetsthe paperwork gets duly done. People availing the services of the maid agencies can inform them of the specific needs they have, such as Filipino maid, Indian, Sri Lankan, Myanmar, Bangladeshi or Indonesian maid. The homeowners can also make requests for maids under specific age group, religion, education, language, marital status and so on. The maids registered with these maid agencies are well trained in several languages, varied home atmosphere and culture, which makes it easier for them to fit well inside any home.

    SearchMaid aims to be a one-stop solution that simplify the process to getting the right maid. The licensed maids have undergone various training programs and are capable of making each home a clean and peaceful abode. The trustworthy domestic help can handle all kinds of domestic chores giving homeowners peace of mind. One can avail the services of to search for the right professional housekeeper through maid agencies.

    Searchmaid focusesonuser centric interface and user experience. In short, it’s easy to use and allows afaster search for prospective employer. For users, there is a user profile creation, users can save their search preference, receive inbox reply. Users can also share their search with their love one or family quickly. 

    About offers an innovative web portal consisting of maid agencies to help the people of Singapore find the right maid of any specific religion, country, culture or. The agencies hold multiple interviews, perform background checks and take care of the paperwork related to the maids.  An improved SearchMaid version 2.0 is undergoing.

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    Aug 16, 2018 – is where factors like ease of use of website, customer satisfaction and assisting the visitors in finding the perfect products are given prime importance. The site is completely dedicated to providing the best and the most excellent online shopping experience to clients right from the beginning till the end of the buying procedure. You can easily go through the reviews of shoe insoles and inserts available on this site for making the right purchase at the right price.

    Not all feet or insoles are created equal and therefore having a vivid idea of how to make the right choice of insoles for your personal requirement can help in making a major difference in how your feet feel post a long day of training or work. Replacing the standing insoles of the shoe with a superior quality pair of good insoles can help you in increasing your comfort level and in reducing different medical conditions. It can also lower your chances of being injured. In addition to this, if you are amongst those individuals who need to handle foot pain or the ones who require additional support then you must surely consider getting a pair of specifically designed shoe inserts that have been made to serve different situations that the users might be facing.

    In order to save the users a considerable amount of research and time, Happy Feet Review has put together some of the best reviews of insoles for athletes, nurses and the ones who are concerned with improved foot health. Sources close to the site administration and operation come with claims saying, “We support all our readers and visitors with several hours of testing, reporting and comparing of shoe insoles for helping them find the right stuff that they require for living a better and healthy life. We have a close word or detailed discussions with foot care experts for giving you the right information on insoles that are worth of usage. Thus, it can rightly be said that we are one of the best sources for all those individuals who are just starting out on their search for the most useful shoe inserts.”

    Insoles are products that can be difficult to review. Quite similar to shoes, almost every individual might feel differently about these products. however, the shoe insert reviews that you find at Happy Feet Review are detailed discussions of what the users feel about using the products. the mission of this online source for shoe insert reviews is quite simply and that is providing honest reviews to be trusted by buyers when they ultimately move out to make the right choice. There are different brands of shoe inserts reviewed by the site making it easier for individuals to get complete information of the products or the brands that they like to go for.

    It is one of the most independent review sites that work with professionals and also with consumers for fairness, truth and transparency across the marketplace. The site uses rigorous research and policy expertise for helping users make the most informed purchase decisions.

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    Filming is a very enjoyable thing for Chinese actor Zhu Yilong. In this impetuous world, few people can settle down to create a role. Unlike other actors, even in the entertainment circle, Zhu Yilong never forgets his original intention insisting on himself, speaking elegantly, not contaminated with the noise of the entertainment circle, as bright as jade. After ten years of tempering, through different roles to precipitate his acting skills, he completely erased the part of his own “Zhu Yilong”. He can accurately grasp the characteristics of each role and ensure that the role is “no drama”.

    Just like the previous filming of Safari, Zhu Yilong played a savage in the play with ugly style and few plays, but his performance was very distressing. Between the actor and the idol, Zhu Yilong has always stressed that he is an actor and his persistence in acting is the only belief he walks in the real entertainment circle. This is a rare phenomenon in this impetuous society. Now, how many young actors can really sink their hearts and specializes in their own work? How many  strengths can be matched with fame?

    Zhu Yilong is worth being liked because he is clean, pure, simple and trustworthy. As fans describe him, “We like his sincerity to the world and his simplicity to human nature, in fact, because that’s what we yearn for, what we dream about every midnight and imagine ourselves out of reality.”

    Time is long and slow, but time will always give gifts in the future and excellent actors will gradually improve their acting over time. After The Soul of the Town, Zhu Yilong’s new drama Mr. Your Life is Dreaming will be on the line. What kind of surprise will Zhu Yilong bring to the audience in the future? Let us look forward to his performance together.

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    Plastic Card Online presents website where the customers can enjoy on-stop-shop for everything they need about high-quality card printing. The company provides all types of plastic card printings that can be made based on the customers’ specific orders.

    Plastic Card Online is a company where people can find all they need about card printing in various types and designs. The company allows the customers to personalize the cards they order by using their brand name, logo design, and variable data such as signature panel, magstripe, barcode, and much more. The Plastic Card Online’s products range from a custom plastic card, card carrier, and magnetic strips that are created to meet the clients’ satisfaction.

    The custom plastic membership cards produced by Plastic Card Online can help the customers to give the best impression to other people. The membership cards are all made of ingenious designs and shapes that will make the customers look more unique than their competitors. The cards are also produced by using plastic with high quality that is not easy to split or break.

    Plastic Card Online Offers One-Stop Service For Various Type Card Printing OEM Orders

    Another product to offer to the customers by Plastic Card Online is a magnetic strip card that comes with two options to select. The first option is Loco Magnetic Strips (300OE) that will be suitable the most for short time applications. Thus, the cards only use an electromagnetic field with lower strength. The cards will be perfect for membership cards, grocery club cards, transit passes, etc.

    The second option to offer is Hico Magnetic Strips (2750 OE). A contrast to the Loco type, this second option uses a more powerful magnetic field. This kind of card will be suitable the most for customers whom more secure and long-term application. The Custom card holder is another product to offer by Plastic Card Online. The company will help the customers to design an eye-catching card holder to match with their card design to optimize the impression resulted in the product.

    “We are now shipping our cards to many countries worldwide. Using the online track and trace system you can monitor the progress of your shipment no matter where you are in the world,” said one of the company’s representatives.

    About Plastic Card Online

    Plastic Card Online is a company which produces any type of custom plastic cards. Either it is simply a blank card, promotional cards, hotel key cards, or business cards, the company will provide all for the customers. With years of experience in producing plastic cards, the company knows best what needed by the customers to convey messages through the cards they have. The custom plastic cards provided by the company will make it possible for the customers to track their clients quickly.

    Find out more information about Plastic Card Online at

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    The global first new product “human intelligence detection, artificial intelligence voice, health science physiotherapy” to be the whole of Jim Koala Health Robots officially published on August 16, 2018 in Guangzhou Huacheng. The birth of Jim Koala Health Robots will be the first perfect model of the combination of the human intelligence detection, artificial intelligence voice and health science physiotherapy in China and even in the world.

    Jim Koala (Guangzhou) Health Technology Co Ltd demonstrated its latest development of Jim Koala Health Robots at the scene of the meeting, which aroused extensive attention among participants, industry professionals and financial institutions. Mr Li Jinguo, founder of Jim Koala Health Technology, said: In 2018, “artificial intelligence” was written into the “Government Work Report”, and AI technology will become an important force to help science and technology rejuvenate the country. Meanwhile, we must also break through the dilemma of “difficult implementation”in the artificial intelligence industry, putting artificial intelligence into practice, especially in a more humane way. So we creatively developed Jim Koala Health Robots. The appearance of the Jim Koala Health Robot is graceful and looks like a koala image. The 180-degree free rotation will give the public more fun and privacy. At the same time, the Jim Koala Health Robot has three functions: human body intelligence detection, AI intelligent voice, and health science physiotherapy, which allows the audience to enjoy the health science treatment while relaxing and interacting with human-machine through AI intelligent voice, thus understanding the health data of their body immediately the health science therapy ends. Jim Koala Health Technology will always adhere to the business philosophy of “providing quality health services for the world”, so that more people can easily enjoy a smarter, healthier, more humane and more tasteful life, and improve the sub-health status of the public. We believe that the emergence of the Jim Koala Health Robot will lead the intelligent health industry to new height.

    At the meeting, the organizer conducted the first Jim Koala healthy robot experience for the guests. Many guests were attracted by the novel look of the Jim Koala Health Robot and actively participated in the live experience. According to Ms. Zhao, who participated in the experience, told the reporter that the product’s cute and fascinating appearance captured her heart, especially in the process of health science therapy, as well as health monitoring functions, which left her a deep impression.

    According to 2017 national health data, there are 160 million people with abnormal blood lipids (including high blood lipids), more than 100 million people with high blood lipids, 270 million people with hypertension, 92.4 million people with diabetes, 200 million people with overweight or obesity and 120 million people with fatty liver. On average, one person has cancer every 10 seconds and one person suffers from diabetes every 30 seconds, and the sub-health rate is as high as 76%.

    Mr. Li Jinguo said: “The healthy economy will become the focus of the next decade. AI and healthy living will inevitably bring about a new round of health and economic industry upgrade.” The launch of the Jim Koala Health Robot may be a revolution in the rise of the big health industry and the artificial intelligence industry, and it is the subversion of the old economy by the new economic form.

    Jim Koala Health Robot New Product Meet “Intelligence leads life, health changes the future” in 2018 is an innovation and enhancement of existing smart health robot products. Rongmo Intelligent, the controlling parent company of Jim Koala (Guangzhou) Health Technology Co Ltd, as a technology-oriented enterprise focusing on the development of intelligent health robots, will integrate the technology research and development capabilities, to establish a full ecological chain of health science and technology intelligence, provide a unified technical standard for the smart technology industry, and become a leader in the health intelligent robot industry. Going deep into the user’s life scene and adhering to the user-centered guiding principle, Jim Koala Health Technology not only makes Chinese people healthier, but also makes people all over the world love Chinese wisdom and feel the charm of intelligent health therapy in traditional Chinese medicine.

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    Country: China

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    The new products included are 100% brand new PSVANE TUBES, Opera Consonance and Shuguang tubes, available in an original edition box.

    As the new products hit the market, China-hifi-Audio also attempts at upgrading its stock, bringing latest tube amplifiers, CD players, tube valves and other products for the music loving community. Recently, they have added several new and feature-rich products for their customers around the world. All these products are 100% brand new and come with a quality guarantee. One can choose a product from a vast array of products available in their stock and can purchase it online.

    The spokesperson of the online store states that they handpick the best quality and latest products for their customers. For example, they have brought the PSVANE TUBES which have been developed as per the American Western Electric’s standards. These are the western Electric’s replica tubes with the full matching guarantee of its original factory specifications. With a traditional craftsmanship and a meticulous build, it is designed to improve the quality of sound. According to the spokesperson, these tubes are the perfect combination of the latest technologies and antique materials. The tubes include every detail with a perfect accuracy and one should stick to the manufacturer’s instructions while operating the tubes.

    China-Hifi-Audio Upgraded Its Stock With A New Range Of Audiophile Products For Customers

    China-Hifi-Audio has also Opera Consonance Amp & CD player, Droplet LP 5.0, Hifi digital player stereo and other products in their stock. The brand new Opera CD player comes with a one year guarantee and features SONY213 bald and Philips CD18 servo systems. Its DAC chips ensure the best musical expression.  The remote control of the CD player allows choosing from different upconvert and upscaling modes to witness different sound performances. The CD player is also suitable for playing different forms of music with the best performance. The CD player is remarkably appreciated for its pure natural performance and its improved circuit design is the key behind its substantial performance.  With a shipping weight of 12kg, the product is available in the voltage range from 110V to 240V.

    One can also check the Shuguang tubes that China-Hifi-Audio now offers to its customers. These brand new tubes are full factory matched tubes which feature the High Polymer Compound Carbon technology. These cathode power dual triode tubes can effectively improve the vacuum, using the vacuum extraction technology. With the gold-plated pin and white porcelain seat, the tubes can sufficiently better the vacuum.  Using new materials and new processes, these tubes are performance driven and are drawing attention of the worldwide music lovers.  The spokesperson states that only few tubes are left in the stock, as customers are spellbound by the impressive features of these tubes.  One can rush to purchase the tubes before the stock lasts.

    To know more about these tubes and other products included in the stock of China-hifi-Audio, one can visit their website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is a tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of products, including hi-fi vacuum tube stereo amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-Hifi-Audio offers some great Chinese well-known brands for sale, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc., and some Copper Colour audiophile cord, Choseal, Xindak Cables etc.

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    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    On the afternoon of the 18th, the Ant Fund and the Kingdom of Cambodia jointly held an economic and trade exchange meeting with Gebo Luomi. The two sides signed a number of project cooperation agreements.

    Cambodia Government Introduces Huge Investment To Build Asia's Largest Mine - Ant Fund

    The chairman of the Cambodia-China Friendship Association, Eisenwo, the State Secretary of the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce, Chundala, the governor of the Battambang Province, Zhan Slope, the Counsellor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, Li An, and representatives of Cambodian entrepreneurs witnessed the signing ceremony.

    Ant World CEO Dmitriev said that the Ant Fund and the Battambang Provincial Government signed a memorandum of economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, which laid the foundation for deep cooperation between the two parties. The Ant Fund also signed a number of project cooperation agreements with Cambodia partners. A number of new cooperation intentions mark a more solid step forward in promoting the development of blockchain and mine construction cooperation.

    He said that the Ant Fund attaches great importance to the economic and trade cooperation with Cambodia. In the next step, it will increase investment and investment promotion on the basis of the original investment to promote cooperation in the fields of mine construction and blockchain technology research and development.

    The chairman of the Cambodia-China Friendship Association, Eisenwo, said that Cambodia has been a fertile ground for regional chain technology investment in Southeast Asia for many years. The Ant Fund has strong strength in industries, agriculture, tourism, education, science and technology, and has broad prospects for economic and trade cooperation with Cambodia. He said that the third phase of the four-corner strategy that Cambodia is pursuing and the ten-year industrial development plan are highly compatible with the Ant Fund Initiative, and Cambodia has increasingly become an ideal investment destination for companies all over the world.

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    In 17th August, 2018, 10:25 a.m. New York time, a video displayed at New York’s Times Square NASDAQ produced by  ‘Sophon Capital Community’ received quite a lot of attention.

    The founder of ‘Sophon Capital Community’ , Mr. Bai Shuo, the former chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, appeared on the big screen to explain the global one-stop blockchain investment community for digital asset- Sophon Capital Community, which rapidly drew in the attention of media. It was reported that ‘Sophon Capital Community’ was not only the first blockchain community concentrates on investor education for digital asset in China, but also the first Chinese blockchain community to be listed on NASDAQ.

    Based on blockchain and artificial intelligence (covering natural language processing, deep text mining, knowledge maps, etc.), Sophon Capital Community provides users with 24/7, all-time zone, full chain, valuable, highly efficient, multilingual robo-advisory and consultation services for digital currency and actual operational guidance.

    As a veteran practitioner in finance and blockchain technology, Mr. Bai once said “literally, my last name represents artificial intelligence and blockchain. (“b” stands for blockchain and “ai” stands for Al).” It is highly possible for digital asset industry to reshape market ecology through the combination of AI and blockchain technology while they have tremendous impact on upstream and downstream nodes of cryptocurrency exchange. Sophon Capital Community in fact indicates  Bai Shuo’s beautiful hopes and feelings as well as the vision of itself.

    The web of Sophon Capital Community has been publicly tested on July, and the App will be launched in September. Visit to learn more! Having beautiful hopes and feelings landed with technologies. Let’s wait and see what kind of sparks will the block-chain and AI collide with in Sophon Capital Community!

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    Shanghai Metal Corporation introduces various products such as inox decorative sheet made of high-quality metals. The company uses their main components which consist of service, management, and craftsmanship to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

    Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC) is a leading manufacturer in China. The company has been giving service to a lot of customers from different business backgrounds for more than 30 years. SMC specializes in providing metal products in the best quality including stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and steel structure. The company only utilizes high-quality metals to produce their products. It is to make sure that all of the customers can get the best items they need from the company that meets their budget.

    SMC as a big company of metal products mainly manufactures fitting, bar, sheet, strip, coil, and foil. Meanwhile, the company’s main business is industry service to supply people’s business with a construction project, electric system, and machinery as well as the parts. One of the most popular products of SMC is the stainless decorative sheet. The product comes with various widths including 1000/ 1219/ 1500/ 2000mm to opt while the length can be ordered based on the customers’ requirements. It is created by using an advanced technological process of hot rolled and cold rolled to ensure the product’s quality and durability.

    Shanghai Metal Cooperation to Grow As A Leading Stainless Decorative Sheet Manufacturer in China

    For the cold rolled, the thickness reaches 0.4mm – 10mm while the hot rolled has a thickness of 3.0mm – 60mm in size. The decorative sheet that made of stainless steel produced by SMC is supported by anti-fingerprint, embossed, vibration, etched, and beads blast finish.

    “Our company is comprised of experienced and professional staff, whose primary principle is to meet our customers’ needs. We seek to couple our domestic material advantage, mature technology, and advanced equipment to best suit our customers,” said the company’s representative.

    The decorative stainless plate of SMC is also very popular among customers. The product comes with the same width as the stainless decorative sheet. The length of the product can also be adjusted based on the clients’ requirements. The stainless steel products of the company can be applied for various purposes such as domestic (sinks, microwave oven liners, saucepans, razor, and cutlery), transport (road tankers, exhaust system, ship chemicals, ship containers, and car trims), medical (surgical instruments, MRI scanners, and surgical implants), and oil/ gas (cable trays, platform accommodation, and subsea pipelines).

    About Shanghai Metal Corporation

    Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC) is a respected manufacturer that specializes in producing various items made of metal. Being located in China, the company has been around since 1980 and become one of the largest international group company in the country. SMC is established to supply components of an electric system, machinery, and parts, as well as construction projects that will be perfect the most to support the people’s business. All of the metal products provided by the company are of high quality. They are durable and made of the best materials to make them such a profitable investment in every business.

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    Phone: +86 139 1600 7766
    State: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Varying styles and sizes of infinity collections including unique convertible dresses now available for online purchase at discount prices

    The Chinese company, Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd, known for their many years of experience in the fashion and design industry, proudly announces the introduction of a wide variety of collection of infinity convertible dresses with different styles and sizes in their portfolio at discount cost for global customers. These feature several collections of chiffon skirts, butterfly dresses, manic style dresses, strapless styles, laciel, and more which can be used as ceremonial outfits

    One constant aspect of human culture remains change. This is significant even within the fashion and style industries as ladies strife for more innovative ways of wearing different outlooks. Consequently, Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd, with their main focus on designing dresses and other clothing styles offers a broad assortment of infinity dress in their e-commerce site. This is aimed at providing ladies different sizes and age categories with more unique outlook. For easy purchase, the company has also placed certain discounts on their products. Tutorial on multiple ways to dress up with infinity dresses and how to create different style have also been made available for customers.

    The company, in a successful attempt to accommodate the high-taste and stylish ladies, has also introduced different styles of the Convertible dress in their e-commerce site. These include the unique strap dresses which are designed with soft fabric to offer a more comfortable feel and for easy adjustment. In addition, the soft material provides a flattering effect on the shapes while accommodating any change in the user’s body size. Today, the different styles of the convertible dresses make perfect choices for several outings and parties.

    Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd Presents Wide Collections of Convertible Dresses at Budget prices for Global Customers

    Also available in their portfolio is a novel variety of plus size convertible dress for the relatively large-sized category of women. The company has also designed these unique straps in different fashions and styles to provide the needed comfort for the wearers. However, they have expressed their focus on those who are passionate about wearing different outlooks even with the same set of fabric. In addition to the dress styles, the online platform offers other accessories which include the infinity essential silicone bra, satin groomsmen neck tie, groomsmen butterfly bow tie and more.

    Clients who are interested in placing their order on the new collections or wish to know more about Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd and other services are urged to visit their website on 

    About Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd

    The China-based company, Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd, have their main focus on the design of a wide range of convertible dresses, fashion gowns, wrap dresses and many others. The company owns an e-commerce site,, where global customers can make their choices of a collection of these stylish dresses. In addition, the company distributes to the US, Europe, and many other countries.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Leo Zhang
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    Phone: +86 24 85718959
    Country: China

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