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    Blockshine and Blockchain Global are pleased to announce a partnership with Ruden Holdings Co Ltd(TYO:1400). The two companies will jointly work together to build the Ruden Blockchain platform and push the real estate industry to a new era of transparency. Ruden Holdings is one of the first wave of established publicly listed businesses moving to truly embrace blockchain technology, with ambitious plans to enable the purchasing of real estate in Japan using cryptocurrencies.

    The Ruden Blockchain will speed up the cumbersome transaction times and eliminate expensive fund transfer costs associated with buying property, particularly with international payments.

    The Ruden platform will allow entire buildings to have communal cryptocurrency wallets for maintenance, removing the need for traditional bank escrow and reducing the number of staff required for the collection and distribution of maintenance funds. This open ledger system allows the tenants to directly track how their maintenance fees are spent and reduce the opportunity for corruption to enter the system.

    Ruden’s platform will collate real estate data and ensure it is accessible in frequently updated databases which are linked to the ethereum blockchain, allowing easy access to comprehensive information whilst keeping it accessible and transparent. Records will also be standardised, cutting out data duplication and the need to manually search for information, allowing for data mining and more accurate analysis of the market.

    Blockshine will provide their technical expertise in creating the Ruden Blockchain token, along with building the platform to ensure regulatory compliance with Japanese law. Renowned incubator, Blockchain Global has also invested into Ruden Blockchain, boosting confidence in the platforms future success.

    About Ruden Holdings Co Ltd

    Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; Ruden Holdings Co.,Ltd. is a real estate developer, and provides real estate brokerage and consulting services; manages buildings, condominiums, and public facilities; constructs, maintains, and provides cleaning services for buildings. It also offers renovation services such as wall coatings for new homes; flooring, housing equipment exchange and remodeling services, etc.

    About Blockshine

    A first-of-its-kind blockchain technology ecosystem which is set to usher in a new era of blockchain based products and services and global community hubs with industry leading strategic partners. Providing full service, all-in-one blockchain solutions – all backed by the world’s most ambitious blockchain pioneers.

    About Blockchain Global

    A multi-faceted incubator working with Australian government to bring regulatory standards to the blockchain industry. Blockchain Global has invested in more than eighty blockchain projects to date.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Blockshine Technology
    Contact Person: Kelly Wang
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    Country: China

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    Ruden Blockchain: The Future of Real Estate

    The real estate market is a slow moving, global industry which has not changed the way it does business since the invention of the internet brought real estate advertising online. Ruden Holdings(TYO:1400) is the world’s first publicly listed business moving to truly embrace blockchain technology, with ambitious plans to enable the purchasing of real estate using cryptocurrencies. And Ruden Blockchain is the first project legalized by both the FSA an SEC in Japan.

    Using the Ruden blockchain will speed up cumbersome transaction times and eliminate expensive fund transfer costs associated with buying property, particularly with international payments. Coupling Ruden’s cryptocurrency with smart contracts will allow secure “trustless” transactions, whereby neither party needs to trust the other. Transactions can occur virtually instantly, with funds or property deeds returned to the original owners if an agreement is not kept. This also removes the need for a third party to act as the middleman in the purchasing of real estate, leading to significant cost reductions.

    In some East Asian property markets like Japan, a lack of space & rapidly accelerating urbanisation has led to the majority of housing consisting of apartments in high rise buildings becoming the norm. Communities living in shared buildings brings a raft of issues, such as the need for maintenance fees, difficulties in coming to a consensus about community rules and decisions which will affect building tenants such as renovations.

    The Ruden platform will allow entire buildings to have communal cryptocurrency wallets for maintenance, removing the need for traditional bank escrow and reducing the number of staff required for the collection and distribution of maintenance funds. This open ledger system allows the tenants to directly track how their maintenance fees are spent and reduce the opportunity for corruption to enter the system.

    With data being touted as the new oil in terms of value, Ruden aims to unlock the value sitting in isolated data silo’s by encouraging market participants to upload current data about the real estate market. Through the collection of up to date data in a standardised format, Ruden will enable large scale data mining and analysis. The data collection platform is a hybrid system which combines the easily updatable nature of databases with the transparent nature of blockchain. This system will greatly benefit individuals looking to buy property, and also those looking to do market research, reducing the costs and a time involved.

    Ruden Holdings have partnered with Blockshine, a rapidly developing blockchain technology and consultant company & Blockchain Global, a blockchain ecosystem and incubator which has invested in more than eighty blockchain projects to date. Ruden has recently opened an office in Singapore to manage the blockchain platform, and has recently launched a website for the Ruden blockchain project which can be found at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ruden Blockchain
    Contact Person: Kelly Wang
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    Country: Singapore

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    40 years on from China’s economic reformations and opening up, it has developed from being behind to leading the way. From the song “The East Is Red” to “Tiangong” in space, from the launch of a domestic aircraft carrier to the deep-sea exploration of “Jiaolong”, to the new four great inventions of China: high-speed rail, online shopping, Alipay, and share-bikes, these all reflect the Chinese style of innovation.

    An aerial view of Shenzhen, China

    More than 30 world media firms enter Shenzhen

    As a representative city of reform and innovation, Shenzhen has been receiving global media attention. On 17th October, the large-scale interview activity, 2018 World Famous Media Innovation Trip to Shenzhen, held by the publicity department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, China Association of Journalists and Hong Kong Business Newspaper was officially launched in Shenzhen. Over four days, more than 30 world famous media outlets, including the British Financial Times, The Straits Times of Singapore, The Yomiuri Newspaper of Japan and the Guangming Daily of Turkey went to Shenzhen to report on the innovative development of China’s reforms and development.

    On this world-renowned media innovation trip to Shenzhen, the press corps focused on representative enterprises like Tencent, Ping’an Group, CredEx Fintech, DJI Innovations, and reported their exploration and experience during the economic reforms. They will also watch the light show on the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen’s opening-up, visit the Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhenwan Chuangye Plaza, and more, to experience the extraordinary development of Shenzhen directly.

    The press corps was at the light show

    On the night when they arrived in Shenzhen, the press corps watched the light show marking the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen’s opening-up. “This is so cool!” TV Asahi reporter said after taking photos. The reporter said that Shenzhen is very cool and he feels like would like to live in Shenzhen. On the morning of the 18th, the press corps also visited China’s tallest office building, the Ping’an building, standing at 667 meters.

    Visit the hidden champion: CredEx Fintech

    The press corps visited the CredEx Fintech

    On the afternoon of 18th, the press corps visited the hidden champion of the financial science and technology industry, CredEx Fintech. “The achievements and innovations of CredEx Fintech are very unique. Its innovation is the best practice of the global fintech industry. Its unique value proposition to small and micro financial borrowers, technological innovation, and leading risk management practices are reshaping the global mobile credit landscape.” said the professor at the Wharton Business School upon evaluating of the company. The on-site media reporters were very interested in the overall technology level of CredEx Fintech and asked Zeng Xuhui, the president of CredEx Fintech various questions. They said they would learn more about the development status and prospects of fintech in China through CredEx Fintech.

    Zeng Xuhui demonstrated the first mobile credit app by CredEx Fintech in the world and restored the 3-minute and 4-step simple loan process, and amazed the reporters. What was also worth mentioning was that the design of the CredEx Fintech app showed the characteristics of being fully online, open, having high quotas, high customizability, and being dynamic, and the resulting average amount of loans is far ahead, 5-8 times than that of its peers. Now, CredEx Fintech has exported their “mobile credit overall technology” to various financial institutions to achieve the rapid transfer of capabilities. This has also set off a wave of financial technology companies and banks in cooperation within China, and this will also accelerate the implementation process of China’s inclusive finance.

    It is understood that CredEx Fintech is also the only Chinese fintech case selected by Wharton Business School as one of the innovative achievements in the 40th anniversary of China’s economic opening-up. It is making financing services more efficient by continuing to delve into mobile credit as a whole so that everyone has access to loan-and-return financing rights.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beijing Xi En Eslite Culture Media Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Sisi
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 86-18611675933
    Country: China

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    Following two sessions of San Francisco & Chengdu Food and Culture Festival, Chengdu Food and Culture Festival enters Europe for the first time in the form of “a feast, an exhibition and a festival”, promoting authentic Chengdu cuisine in a “fancy” style and showing the world Tianfu Culture. 

    At 11:00 a.m. local time on October 18, 2018 Europe & Chengdu Food and Culture Festival kicked off at the Hilton Prague Hotel in Czech Republic. With wonderful speech, clear promotion, friendly signing, authentic cuisine with Tianfu Culture, Chengdu made an elegant debut and opened the door to Europe. This was the first major event at 2018 Europe & Chengdu Food and Culture Festival, where food and cultures from the east and the west combined. As two important node cities under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Chengdu and Prague have deepened the understanding, enhanced the friendship, promoted the cooperation and also brought a good beginning for Tianfu Culture to spread across Europe comprehensively.

    Great Opening and Business Opportunities Come with Broad Channel

    Chengdu is not only an important strategic city in the “Belt and Road” Initiative, but also the mega city in China nearest to Europe. In August 2016, the direct flight between Prague and Chengdu was officially opened; in September 2017, the first China-Europe train (Chengdu to Prague) left Chengdu International Railway Port. Prague became one of the most important gateways to Central and Eastern Europe officially.

    According to Srol, the Czech consul-general in Chengdu, at the National Day Reception just held by the Czech Consulate-general in Chengdu, the number of visas issued by the Consulate-general in 2017 increased by 100% over the previous year, and the total import and export volume also increased, with more and more products “made in Czech” and “made in Chengdu” sold in each other’s shops and markets.

    An important agenda of this food and culture festival was the economic and trade contract between Chengdu and the Czech Republic, which would facilitate more products “made in Chengdu” and “made in Czech”. The signing parties, Chengdu Commerce Commission and Czech-China Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Association, have signed the economic and trade cooperation framework agreement on industrial investment, business trade, food culture and tourism services, etc. Both sides have committed to encourage bilateral trade cooperation and development and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in such areas as food and tourism. This would help local enterprises in Chengdu to “go out” and actively seek the “introduction” of quality projects in Europe, so as to comprehensively expand economic and trade cooperation with Europe and facilitate the implementation of cooperation projects. This contract opened a new chapter of two-way trade between China and the Czech Republic.

    High-end Guests Gathered to Share Tianfu Culture and Gourmet Feast

    The event attracted a large number of Czech heavyweight guests to the conference, showing the importance the Czech Republic attached to Chengdu. They were Patek Polma, Office Director of Czech Governors’ Federation; Wang Jinsong, Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic; Wu Guang, Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic; Xu Jinsong, Office Director of Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic; Petr Mrhalek, Executive Vice President of Czech-China Friendship and Cooperation Association; NOVÁK PETR, Executive President of Czech-China Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Association; and Ni Jian, President of China-Czech Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, as well as the representatives from MADETA Dairy Group, Czech Mainstream Chinese Community, and Czech Media Group.

    Liao Chengzhen, Deputy Secretary General of Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, welcomed them in her speech. She hoped that more Prague friends would come to Chengdu for sightseeing and travelling, investment and development, share new opportunities for the development of Chengdu and jointly push the friendly cooperation between Chengdu and the Czech Republic to a new level. Padek Polma, Office Director of Czech Governors’ Federation, also hoped that Czech Republic and Chengdu, as old friends, could cooperate more, and Czech culture and enterprises could have more access to this charming Oriental city.

    Chen Xiaobing, Deputy Inspector of Chengdu Commerce Commission, made a special presentation about Chengdu. He introduced the historical culture, the cuisine characteristics, the economic status quo, the development opportunities and other aspects about Chengdu to the guests. “Czech Republic and Chengdu are bound to have bright prospects in terms of food trade, tourism and cultural exchanges,” he said. At the same time, he also sincerely invited the Czech friends to visit Chengduand welcomed them to feel the vitality of the Land of Abundance and the charm of Tianfu Culture.

    A special exhibition area for Chengdu cuisine and cultural and creative products was set up at the site. The authentic products “made in Chengdu” such as Pixian Douban from Pidu District, Sichuan cuisine condiment, hotpot condiment, tea brew cup, etc. were displayed and caught a lot of attention. “Festival in Chengdu” exhibition area, the urban cultural tourism brand built by Chengdu, the creative theme posters and various Chengdu characteristic cultures extended a kind invitation to the Czech people. In particular, a panda doll jointly launched by “Festival in Chengdu” and the local enterprise “Panda House” attracted the Czech friends to stop to take photos, and expressed their hope to have a tour “in Chengdu”.

    The next section of food appreciation pushed the event to a climax. With Chengdu-style dance and accompaniment, Zhong dumplings, Chen mapo, Lai Tangyuan, hotpot and other traditional special delicious food were presented in turn, giving the guests a great feast for their taste and eyes. The stories told by the chefs of the corresponding dishes not only made the food appreciation full of creativity and interest, but also helped the Czech guests to understand the profound culture contained in the food.

    2018 Europe & Chengdu Food and Culture Festival kicked off in Czech Republic and successfully launched a new chapter for China-Europe cooperation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Besides offering an attractive range of NBA jerseys, Nbatopsedu11au supplies jerseys across Australia with free shipping to major cities, like Sydney, Melbourne and others.

    The popularity of sport apparel is growing across the world, and customers in Australia too love to wear basketball jerseys, baseball jerseys and other types of sports apparel. Keeping in mind the requirements of the customers in Australia, Nbatopsedu11au keeps adding new sport jerseys in their inventory from time to time and offers them at cheap prices from their online NBA jersey store. Recently, they have updated their stock with a new collection of basketball jerseys that customers will love to purchase for leading an active lifestyle.

    Nbatopsedu11au Announces Yet Another Stock Update With New Arrivals Of NBA Jerseys At Cheap Prices

    For all NBA Australia fans, the online store is selling jerseys at affordable prices. Besides, they ship jerseys without charging any shipping cost to customers in all major Australian cities. Thus, customers in Australia can find their favorite basketball jerseys online and that too at a reasonable price. All these jerseys are designed meticulously and will be an exact replica of the jerseys that are worn by the players of the major NBA clubs, such as Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards and others. These jerseys bear the name and logo of the popular clubs and also feature the precise color combinations. They have jerseys for both men and women and which can suit the physique and personality of the individual customers.

    With a huge collection of NBA jerseys at cheap prices, Nbatopsedu11au allows Australian customers to pick their best basketball jerseys without any trouble. One can find the jerseys that represent their favorite team and they can wear these jerseys during the sporting events to cheer up the players. According to the spokesperson of the online store, they give a quality guarantee and a detailed designing helps maintain the exact resemblance with the original product. Made from quality materials, these jerseys are made for a long-lasting use. One can also wash these jerseys and can rest assured of the new-like shine and color despite washing them several times. The jerseys are made from the breathable material and feature a quality stitching that guarantee a durable performance.

    The spokesperson reveals that the NBA store Australia will keep introducing new products for its customers across Australia. The online store already has thousands of customers in Australia who regularly purchase jerseys and other products from them. The new products included in their stock are also drawing a huge attention of both men and women customers in the country. The spokesperson is upbeat about selling these new basketball jerseys at a fast pace. According to him, they have been selling several dozens of jerseys every day and customers are really appreciating their free shipping offer. The online store will continue offering jerseys at cheap prices and with free shipping, however.

    One can check the new collection of the jerseys by visiting the website

    About Nbatopsedu11au

    Nbatopsedu11au offers cheap NBA jerseys online through its web store The company offers Nike NBA jerseys for sale at reduced prices and with free shipping to Sydney, Melbourne and other cities in Australia.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nbatopsedu11au
    Contact Person: Paul Kent
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13666921126
    Country: Australia

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    JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd manufactures and supplies various types of hoses, including Sandblast hose, Oil delivery hose and other types of Multipurpose hoses.

    For the transportation of water, oil, gases and other fluids, a wide variety of hoses are used. China based JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of different types of hoses that are suitable for a variety of applications. These hoses are of excellent quality and are ideal for a long-lasting performance.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they have excellent quality multipurpose hose in their inventory that is ideal for various types of air, water and fluid applications. These hoses are made of rubber and PVC. Many of these hoses also feature a blend of hybrid thermoplastic rubbers and are highly durable. The spokesperson reveals that these hoses are also suitable for the low pressure fluid transmission and can be used for painting purposes. With a black synthetic inner tube and a reinforcement of high tensile cord, the hose can perform well in extreme temperatures as well. The hose also has an ozone resistant black cover that minimizes its aging effect. These hoses could be an economic solution for industries, such as petroleum, oilfield, mining, construction and others.

    Professional Manufacturer Of Multipurpose Hose Now Announces To Supply Sandblast Hose & Oil Delivery Hose

    The company has now also started supplying the Sandblast hose, which has been designed for the transportation of abrasive materials. These hoses have their inner side made from the natural rubber, which has a significant resistance against abrasion. The outer layer of the hose is made of the polymeric material, while there is also a reinforcement that plays the role of a double textile braid.  These hoses are mainly used in jet engines and in blast cleaning of surfaces. The spokesperson states that these hoses have a very high life, because they only use high abrasion rubber in the inner layer. With a superior speed and quality of sandblasting, these hoses are capable of obtaining a 3-5 times better life expectancy than other types of sandblasting hoses generally available in the market.

    The spokesperson states that they also have high-performance Oil delivery hose in their stock, which is ideal for the suction and release of petroleum products. The hose features a black, smooth tube made of the NBR rubber while the reinforcement is of high strength synthetic cord and antistatic copper wire. A black, smooth cover with a wrapped finish protects it from weathering and improves its oil resistance. The spokesperson states that they produce oil delivery hoses that are perfect for heavy duty petroleum, oil and gasoline applications. The outer layer of the hose is UV-resistant and also protects it from the impact of petroleum products. There are static wires placed in the tube that help in draining the static electricity, and ensure a safe and long-lasting operation.

    To know more about these hoses and their applications, one can visit the website

    About JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional company in the field of abrasive blasting and has enjoyed more than ten years of experience in manufacturing rubber hose (sandblast hose, air hose, twin line hose, suction and discharge hose, concrete pump rubber hose, etc.), couplings, nozzle holders, nozzles, accessories for preparation and finishing industry.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Rudy Yang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-532-80935980
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    People who have a little idea about Bitcoin trading can now rely on Btc Hour Ltd that guarantee money fast under their trust investment program for all small and big investors.

    Today, everyone is attracted towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that guarantee fast money. However, Bitcoin trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are a lot of complexities and certain risks in trading digital currencies and which restrict many people from entering into the field of Bitcoin trading. Now, Btc Hour Ltd has come up with safe and lucrative money making opportunity for everyone that is based on the trading of cryptocurrencies. This allows people to invest even a small amount of money and rest assured of getting huge returns on an hourly basis.

    The company’s trust investment program is a boon for people who want to invest money in Bitcoin trading without bothering about the intricacies of trading. Besides, the company offers a risk-free option to earn from the cryptocurrency market. With a team of expert Bitcoin traders, the company takes all the risks and pain of Bitcoin trading and ensures profits for its member investors. One can choose from different investment plans to become a member of the company’s investment platform. The minimum investment is of just $25, and which can guarantee a profit of up to 1.22% per hour for 120 hours. They also have other investment plans which one can choose to invest bigger amounts of money and reap great profits every hour.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, every investment plan listed on their website can guarantee money to every small and big investor. The company’s platform uses modern progressive technologies to earn big amounts from the Bitcoin trading. They have thousands of registered members on their platform who have been earning a significant amount of money on a daily basis. For a minimum deposit of $5000, one can earn an hourly profit of 6.5% to 20% for 20 hours, which brings a massive amount of money for any investor. They have recently added an investment plan where one can earn 0.6% hourly for ever for depositing a minimum amount of $50,000.

    The spokesperson states that one can join their platform at any time and can start earning money every hour. The honest team of the company manages the funds of the investors, and one needs not to take any headache related to Bitcoin trading. These expert trade professionals monitor the cryptocurrency market and keep a track of different Bitcoin exchanges. They endeavor to maximize the benefits by investing money in the exchange that guarantees the biggest profit margin. This is the reason why investors can rest assured of significant earnings on every hour. The company has created a safe online platform with the SSL security and advanced risk management features for people to invest money and earn profits.

    To know more about this profitable investment platform and to be part of it, one can visit the website

    About Btc Hour Ltd

    Btc Hour Ltd cames into existence in 2007, following the rapid global growth of Bitcoin and associated cryptocurrency markets. As the investors’ ambitions grew, the company created a platform that matched their lofty expectations, serving them with the best returns in the market. They focus on the most traded digital currency – Bitcoin.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BTC Hour Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United Kingdom

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    “The Rap of China”, produced by China’s innovative market-leading online entertainment service iQIYI, set off a frenzy of Hip-hop in this summer.

    “The Rap of China” is not only the first drama reality show with the idea of telling true stories of rappers, but also the leading music reality show in China. Focusing on Chinese-language rappers, “The Rap of China” successfully introduced Chinese rappers and Hip-hop to the public.

    “The Rap of China” became the most heated topic in the summer, and lots of buzzwords, such as “skr”, had been created during the broadcast. Also, plenty of melodious rap songs continuously hit the music charts, and have taken the young generation by storm. Moreover, rappers participating the show became well-known by the public. It could be seen as “The Rap of China” – the original, high quality, youth-culture oriented music reality show – smoothly led Hip-hop into the Chinese market.

    In addition, collaborating with Malaysia’s leading content and consumer company Astro and Hong Kong’s largest paid subscription TV network Now TV, “The Rap of China” was aired in a primetime spot on Astro Quan Jia HD and on Now TV NowJelli Channel, which brought this Chinese rap storm beyond the Mainland China. It shows the bright prospects for Chinese-language rap’s attempt to break into a broader market.

    On October 6, 2018, the season finale of “The Rap of China” was played at the same time as this super IP launched on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square. Thanks to the most valuable advertising locations in the world, “The Rap of China” got a great opportunity to attract more attention of rap lovers worldwide. Last summer, with the theme of “I’m young and I rap”, “The Rap of China” not only displayed the creativity and uniqueness of Chinese rap, but also brought the charm of Chinese pop culture and young spirit to the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    Yingzi Technology FPF Future Pig Farm, the intelligent engine that will drive forward the transformation and improvement of pig farming. It will revolutionise the pork industry!

    On the morning of October 19th, as the Platinum Sponsor of the 2018 Leman Pig Conference, Yingzi Technology held the “FPF Series Product Launch Conference” at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, and officially released the series products of its “FPF” Yingzi engine. It is understood that this is the third big product launch conference held by Yingzi Technology in 7 months after the global launch of its Pig Face Recognition 2.0 on July 16.

    What is the Yingzi Tethnology?

    Yingzi Technology was co-founded by a group of outstanding industrial scientists and IT talents in 2017. Based on Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and other emerging technologies, it’s committed to integrate agriculture with Internet to empower the entire “farm-to-table” industry chain, providing intelligent business ecosystem platform services and “BAG” digital solutions for this industry.

    The co-founders of Yingzi Technology include CEO Dr.Jackson He(has once been the general manager of Intel Asia Pacific R&D Co., Ltd.), VP&CSO Dr. Haitao Jiang, CTO Jason Xie, and CDO Dr. Qilai. They all have an experience in Silicon Valley over 20 years and are extensively experienced in high-technology areas like artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and internet of things.

    What is the FPF Intelligence Engine?

    As reported, “FPF” (the abbreviation of Future Pig Farm) pioneers a method of moving pig farm to the Internet, and represents a digital image of the farm and its production management on the Internet.

    The Yingzi Intelligence Engine is an intelligent business ecosystem based on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, genetic engineering and other technologies. It will provide “BAG” digital solutions for the entire swine industry from “farm to table” including farm, feed, management, trade, slaughter, supermarkets, tables and other industry links.

    What products the “FPF”contains?

    Use a formula to illustrate this question:

    FPF = Yingzi Intelligence Engine + IoT Hardware of FPF series + Mobile/Internet Applications.

    More specially, the Yingzi Intelligence Engine = pig industry experts / technology + IT experts / technology. The intelligent business ecosystem platform Yingzi-created, like the car engine, will empower a full transformation and upgrade of the swine industry.

    What are the strengths of FPF series products?

    At the first, the FPF series of IoT products are digitally threaded, and it means there is a human-pig-object-farm connection and digitalization on the Internet. At the same time, this intelligent connection also realizes automatic collection of data instead of hand-input, removing obstacles for the digitalization of the swine industry.

    Secondly, the FPF, supported by the Intelligence Engine, is to provide the industry with an Internet pig farming platform which has tremendous capabilities that traditional farm management systems can’t obtain, such as intelligent data calculation and analysis, intelligent control of equipment, automatic tasks push, and individualized and precise management of pigs.

    Finally, FPF is a platform of industry-wide synergies and capabilities and resources sharing. It provides a variety of collaborative tools to make farming no longer a relatively isolated work, but a collaborative, socialized production activity. It’s functions such as Veterinary Assistant, Peer Exchanges, etc., are not limited to only farmer, but achieving an industry collaboration by integrating third-party services and applications.

    In summary, Intelligence Connection + Internet Intelligence Platform + Synergic Farming= FPF.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Yingzi Technology LTD.
    Contact Person: Monica Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    RPay+ launched on the 20th of September 2018 and is the combination of efforts to change the financial payment landscape in Australia. The app supports online and offline card-less payment for Australian bank cards, and integrates payments, transportation, and financial tools. In the future, the app will continue to extend to clothing stores, cafes and restaurants and housing costs. Another great feature will provide financial management services based on bank-level credit guarantees.

    RoyalPay was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. It holds Australian AFSL financial services qualifications, Canada Fintech Gold Financing, New Zealand FSP Gold Financing, HongKong MSO Qualifications. RoyalPay cross-border payment services uses financial analysis and Cloud technology to assist Australian merchants organise orders and brand promotions. Its big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology builds an open, stable and secure credit system and financial service platform covering 11 major cities in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Cairns, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and so on. RoyalPay has grown to cover New Zealand and Canada, serving more than 16,000 brand merchants worldwide, and has reached online and offline with many international brands such as Superdry, Mecca, Rimowa, Cue, and Skybus.

    Since early 2017 RoyalPay updated its vision to reflect the growing ambition to improve payments in Australia for Australians. RoyalPay is working to build a cashless society to inspire a new age of people to business interactions Australia wide. RoyalPay’s CEO and founder Locky Ge said that “We have seen firsthand, the opportunities presented by mobile payment in China and abroad and it’s time we have the same in Australia”. This strategic shift leverages RoyalPay’s knowledge and expertise with Chinese mobile payment to take on a new challenge of expanding mobile payments in Australia.

    In order to protect the security of users’ transactions, RoyalPay cooperates with several major industry giants such as Flexewallet, AON Insurance and Equifax. In the transaction and after the transaction, the user’s capital security is guaranteed. Information is encrypted and stored in distribution cloud databases through bank-level encryption technology.

    Within two to three years, RPay+’s target is to increase the penetration rate of mobile payment users in Australia to 60%. RoyalPay said after several meetings with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) that the outlook is positive. Royalpay is putting in place the structures, systems and culture that will be able to give investors confidence that the business and its resources are well governed. RPay+ has completed the creation of a new business group and will officially launch digital banking application in October. There are internal projections that suggest RPay+ may reach 6.5 million users in 11 cities. RPay+ may also reach 50,000 merchants using integrated POS machines potentially creating 6 billion Australian dollars per year for the company. RoyalPay CRO Anthony Hargreaves said that the company’s compliance department has been promoting internal processes and is committed to meeting compliance requirements such as KYC, anti-money laundering laws and prudent due diligence procedures.

    According to the latest data from the Commonwealth Bank (CBA), the number of users using smartphones for payment is dramatically increasing. Over 16.8 million users in the first half of 2018 used smartphones to complete transaction, an increase of 35% over the same period last year.

    This dramatic change is part of the reason RoyalPay is building technology to suit this new consumer trend. RPay+ is built to be the next change in the Australian banking and mobile payment world. With its official version out now, make sure you download from the App Store today to try it today.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: RoyalPay
    Contact Person: Lily
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    Country: Australia

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    Ebuyjordans.Com has stockpiled a wide variety of Cheap Air Jordans for the upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale. The online store is planning to sell Cheap Jordans at huge discounts.

    Online shopper will have an opportunity to purchase from a wide variety of Air Jordan shoes at cheap prices during the forthcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale announced by Ebuyjordans.Com. The online store has updated its stock with a new range of Air Jordan shoes and which will be on sale during the shopping extravaganza. For customers, it will be a lifetime opportunity to grab a stylish pair of Air Jordans at unbelievable prices.

    According to the spokesperson of the online store, they are all set for the 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale with a large range of Cheap Jordans in their stock. They know that a large number of online shoppers are going to visit their online store to shop for the best pair of Air Jordan shoes. This is the reason why they have upgraded their order handling capacity and customer care representatives will be available to address any issue very swiftly. Ebuyjordans always aims at offering the best online shopping experience to its customers and will continue offering seamless services during the busy sale period. Both men and women customers can shop for the best pair of Air Jordan shoes at throwaway prices.

    Cheap Jordans Online Store Announces 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale with Huge Discounts on Air Jordan Shoes

    The online store’s Cheap Jordans for Sale will unveil a spectacular range of Air Jordan shoes, available in red, white, black and other color combinations. There are retro style shoes in different sizes for both men and women. For example, women can choose shoes, such as Air Jordan Spizike, Air Jordan Melo M8 and other shoes that are available in attractive colors and styles. Besides being in great styles, these shoes are also durable and have several kinds of functional benefits. The spokesperson states that some of the Air Jordan shoes feature a remarkable design and come with faux lizard print and other impressive styles. With a high quality craftsmanship, these shoes are meant for superior performance and are a popular choice of athletes and others.

    The 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale could be the best time for buying Cheap Air Jordans and showcasing an enhanced casual style. These shoes are not only popular amongst the young generation customers, but people of all ages love to wear Air Jordan shoes. For all of them, Ebuyjordans.Com now brings an opportunity to purchase these shoes at cost-effective prices. According to the spokesperson, these premium shoes are now will be available at wholesale prices for customers all around the world. Customers can now choose a pair of Air Jordan shoes for leading an active lifestyle and engage in running, jogging and other kinds of activities.

    People who want to take advantage of the 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale can visit the website

    About ebuyjordans

    ebuyjordans is an Air Jordans online store, providing customers with the best quality Air Jordans Shoes at cheap prices. The online store’s staff is comprised of independent analysts with a passion for the Air Jordans. Customers can find the perfect Air Jordans for their needs, from a large stock of sneakers available in the web store.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ebuyjordans
    Contact Person: Qiqi Lin
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (209) 523-7410
    Country: United States

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    “The number of truly registered fans breaks through 100,000 after 100 hours online”. A year ago, this number might be nothing for a slightly large exchange, but after all, that was a period that “everyone can make money once they bought COINS”. But right now, it is necessary for us to concern and explore when an exchange can create such a good performance.


    “Newton digital Assets Exchange aims at building a safe, high-efficient, open and transparent digital assets trading environment”. This is the self-introduction of Newton digital Assets Exchange. Now, let’s analyze the public information of Newton step by step.

    Safety and high-efficiency are the basic qualities that every exchange should guarantee without a doubt, and they are also the basic needs for users. It is learned that Newton will create a financial security solution with the combination of military hardware and software and non-open source codes, thus to guarantee the safety of cryptocurrency exchanges. From hardware, customize computer hardware, advanced key management technologies, and multiple safety U shields. From software, the cross protection such as multiple file and communication encryption protection and two-factor authentication mechanism will be adopted for operating systems and exchange softwares, instead of open source code, thus to keep hackers out of the operating systems. As for speed, Newton is equipped with a dedicated server, with distributed storage of the whole network. It enables every server center to be super node, guaranteeing the extreme experience of safety and speed. Essentially, it is a distributed, safe and high-efficient database system of the whole network.

    By comparison, it is hard to reach “open and transparent”. After all, it is hard to predict the ups and downs of COINS price, and moreover, it involves into the operation costs and revenues. Once users suffer from losses, all exchanges seem unable to prove their innocence in the accuses such as “black box operation” and “cutting chives”. However, Newton shows that all trading records will be open via blockchain technology. The traditional exchanges are restricted by technologies and unable to make the assets open and transparent. While the blockchain technology makes this target technologically feasible. Newton will put this feasibility into practice. Meanwhile, distributed deployment can avoid data safety hazards, multiply authorize management to eliminate insider trading hazards, multi-dimensionally and intelligently monitor abnormal transaction data, thus to fully play risk warning and management.

    Although blockchain technology is the underlying technology of digital currency, there is still no exchange applying this distributed and decentralized equity allocation technology into their own platform. It is easy to understand, because exchange itself is a decentralized platform, and it provides matchmaking trading service replying on the information mastered. Undoubtedly, Newton aims at thoroughly breaking through the traditional exchange mode, but after the information and exchange are totally open, is there any necessity and significance for the existence of exchanges? Newton dares to be the pioneer is because of the other side’s strategic layout — the healthy and complete benign trading ecosystem established based on community platform COINS.

    When issuing AI Token, Newton also launched ABoss plan. As long as you hold no less than $10,000 of AiToken, you can become ABoss and enjoy share benefit from the platform. Fiat trading area of Newton digital Assets Exchange will return the highest 95% service charge incomes of the previous day in proportion according to grades of Aboss. Besides the generous share benefit, ABoss will gain considerable commission discounts, interests, share bonuses and team bonuses from COINS trading area. In the future, ABoss will be empowered to jointly supervise and manage the exchange, forming an ultimate autonomous blockchain community.

    For exchanges, issuing platform COINS and formulating holder award rules are the normal operation modes. While what is noticeable is the plan made by Newton surrounding the extension scenes of community platform COINS. It is understood that Newton will build a COINS trading platform integrated with exchanges, it can not only improve consumption experience, but can also pay with all Token COINS putting away in exchanges, and the products can be sold all over the world. Meanwhile, open merchant payment, dock with the global merchants who support online and offline Token COINS payments, and speed up the historical process of cryptocurrency payment.

    From the current disclosed plan, it can be seen that Newton is not just meant to be a simple exchange, for it demands huge costs even just in merchant payment and constructing COINS trading platform. However, in the bear market, what is needed is exactly the determination to make products steadfastly. Perhaps, we can have an expectation to this “ordinary” team, and maybe, it will reward us with a big surprise in the near future.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: NEWTONXCHANGE
    Contact Person: Raymond Lu
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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    The 2nd China International Micro-LED Display Summit 2018 Invitation Letter

    On the day of Nov. 12, 2018, the 2nd China International Micro-LED Display Forum 2018 will be solemnly held in Shenzhen, China, co-hosted by China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LCB, China Semiconductor Lighting/LED Industry and Application Alliance, China Semiconductor Industry Association, China Electronics Materials Industry Association, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association Photoelectric Device Branch, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LED Display Application Branch, Nanjing Flat Panel Display Industry Association, Taiwan Display Union Association and Guangdong Micro-display Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, and co-undertaken by Southern University of Science and Technology, Shanghai SciLinks Group, Ltd., Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute of Micro.Small and Medium Enterprises.

    In 2018, along with the launch of Micro-LED related concept products by major manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and AUO, expected by the industry, the next-generation display technology and application market is accelerating its formation. At present, Micro-LED outperforms LCD and OLED in terms of technology lifetime, contrast, power consumption, reaction time and viewing angle, etc.; leading manufacturers such as Apple, Sony and Samsung have already made active deployment; Taiwan, Continental panels, LED chips and packaging companies are also actively deploying.

    What technical difficulties is Micro-LED facing currently? How far is it from massive production? In the competition of the merging technology, how should Continental panels, LED chips and packaging companies lay out the industrial development, rise to the challenges and seize the opportunities becomes the focus of the present academics and industry. To have in-depth discussion on the questions above, this summit will gather Micro-LED innovative technique pioneers, college experts and advanced representatives from the three major core enterprises LCD, LED and semiconductor, and the industry chain enterprises, in order to push forward the rapid coordination development of Micro-LED industry at home, by then grasping a superiority in the international competition of new display industry.

    Date: Nov. 11th-12th, 2018

    Address: JW Marriott Hotel, OCT, Qianhai, Shenzhen

    Official website:

    Agenda (updating)




    Nov. 11th

    (The first day)


    Preparatory meeting (Invitation only)


    VIP dinner (Invitation only)



    Nov. 12th

    (The second day)




    Conference theme report




    Conference theme report


    High-end dialogue



    Nov. 12th · Specific summit agenda (updating)


    Conference agenda


    Conference registration


    Moderator opening: Dr. Liu Zhaojun, SUSTech


    Proposed guest: Speech


    Proposed guest: Academician Zheng Youliao, Academician of CAS, NJU

    TopicMicro-LED Technology development trend


    Proposed guest: Liu Jimei, professor of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Topic Benefits and Issues of the Monolithic Approach


    Proposed guest: François Templier, Research Director of LETI

    Topic: Challenges for High-performance GaN MicroLED displays


    Proposed guest: Dr. Keith Strickland, CTO of Plessy

    Topic:GaN on Silicon Platform for Micro LEDs




    Proposed guest: Professor Ioannis (John) Kymissis, Columbia University SEAS

    Topic MicroLED Microdisplays Fabricated Using Thin Film             Transistor Backplanes


    Proposed guest: Professor Sun Xiaowei, SUSTech

    Topic Micro-LED Displays and its coloration


    Proposed guest: Mikro Mesa Technology  CEO Li-Yi Chen



    Moderator: Mr. Hu Chunming, Deputy secretary general of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LCD Branch


    Proposed guest: Dr. Xu Chenke, from San’an Optoelectronics

    TopicProgress in RGB MicroLEDs and Key Technology


    Proposed guest:Play Nitride  CEO Li,Yun-Li

    TopicPixeLED Display – Development, Challenges, and Opportunities


    Proposed guest: Yan Qun, professor of Fuzhou University

    TopicMicro-LEDDrive Next Generation Information Display Technology


    Proposed guest: Du Zhiyou, from Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc.

    TopicChallenges and Opportunities for Equipment Industry


    Proposed guest: Jin Jang, professor of Kyung Hee University, Korea

    Topic: TFT Technologies on Flexible Substrate for Micro-LED displays.


    Proposed guest: Tesoro Scientific, Inc.  Francois J. Henley  

    Topic Using In-Process Test and Compatible Mass-Transfer Equipment to Realize High-Yield MicroLED Mass-Production


    Proposed guest: Eric Virey, from Yole Development

    Topic: MicroLED Displays: Hype and Reality; Hopes and Challenges


    Proposed guest: Ledman Optoelectronic CO.,Ltd CEO& Founder Martin Lee 

    Topic The Application of COB Technology in Fine Pixel Pitch Microdisplays


    Proposed guest: Company Reserved



    Round Table Forum


    Mr. Hong Zhen, Secretary-general of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LED Display Application Branch

    Dr. Liu Zhaojun, SUSTC


    Topics of the dialogue(including but not limited to):

    1. Micro-LED display industry’s development status and future tendency

    2. What Micro-LED products has the great potential for development in the future?

    3. How can display industry embrace the new opportunities in the development of the Micro-LED market?


    Group photos of the guests & communication



    (Tentative Agenda, final agenda is subject to the site conference.)

    1. Highlights in the summit

    Global efforts. Collaborative development of production, study and research, promoting Micro-LED display technology.

    Cross-field integration.Three major industries of display, LED and semiconductor stretch over;

    Multiple strength union. The summit is co-held by nine associations among three industries;

    Big shots gathering. Tens of the Micro-LED innovative technique pioneers, global top tier experts and business leaders dedicated to Micro-LED display are assembled;

    Technical trend. Focus is put on international Micro-LED display and massive transferring of key technology, application and future developing trend;

    Hot topics analysis. The top two popular topics Micro-LED and quantum dot combine tightly;

    2. Organizing committee

    Hosts: China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LCD Branch, China Semiconductor Lighting/LED Industry and Application Alliance, China Semiconductor Industry Association, China Electronics Materials Industry Association, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association Photoelectric Device Branch, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LED Display Application Branch, Nanjing Flat Panel Display Industry Association, Taiwan Display Union Association and Guangdong Microdisplay Industry Technology Innovation Alliance

    Undertakers: Southern University of Science and Technology, Shanghai SciLinks Group, Ltd., Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute of Micro.Small and Medium Enterprises

    Co-organizers: Shenzhen Light Emitting Diode Industry Association, Guangdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovation Center, Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Association

    Participants: Pioneers in display and lighting industry, strategic decision makers and principals, technical experts, investment experts, superb supply chain management service providers, service organization principles, representatives from display & lighting application and new display fields, etc.

    1. Date: Nov. 11th to 12th, 2018

    2. Address: JW Marriott Hotel, OCT, Qianhai, Shenzhen

    3. Attendance fee:

    The summit accepts payments of RMB or US dollar (including qualifications and materials for participation, lunch on November 12th, excluding transportation and accommodation fees).

    3.1 Regular participation ticket: 2,600 CNY/person; 400 USD/person

    3.2 Regular participation ticket+dinner: 3,000 CNY/person; 450 USD/person

    4、Bank Details:

      Bank Name: China Merchants Bank H.O. Shen Zhen

       Swift Code: CMBCCNBS

       Account Name: Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute of Micro.Small and Medium Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

       Account Number: 755 9395 1761 0401

       Bank Address: China Merchants Bank Tower NO.7088,Shennan Boulevard,Shenzhen,China

    4.  Guide for accommodation and transportation

    4.1  Accommodation:

    JW Marriott Hotel, OCT, Qianhai, Shenzhen.

    Reservation Tel: 0755-21539466  An agreed price will be given if providing the name of summit: 1180 CNY for one deluxe room with breakfast included.

    Address: No. 8, Baoxing Road, Bao’an district, Shenzhen. It’s located on the intersection of Jia’an South Road and Baoxing Road, or near Exit D of Baohua Station of Metro Line 5.

    Please make reservations in advance since there is room limit.

    Diya Hotel, Qianhai, Shenzhen

    Reservation Tel: 0755-21539466  An agreed price will be given if providing the name of summit: 418 CNY for one deluxe room with breakfast included.

    Address: No. 201, Baoyuan South Road, Central Area, Bao’an district, Shenzhen. Exit A of Bao’an Station of Metro Line 11.

    4.2  Traffic: Map

    5. Contacts of the summit committee

    Participation/Consults.Commercial, display, sponsor

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute of Micro.Small and Medium Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
    Contact Person: Ms. Zheng
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 15361009970
    Country: China

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    The Hollywood film “River Runs Red”,Chinese name “Judge’s Revenge” premiered at west Olympic bullies cinema on the afternoon of October 21, 2018 local time in Los Angeles, United States.

    Chinese actress Jennifer Tao was dressed in cheongsam from the old Shanghai of the 1930s, which was especially eye-catching among many Hollywood stars. She became the first Chinese actress to take the lead in a purely Hollywood theatrical picture.

    Jennifer Tao(Hong Tao)achieved the leading role through her unremitting efforts, and together with famous American actors and actresses Taye Diggs, Luke Hemsworth, George Lopez and John Cusack, took a big step forward in promoting the status and contribution of Chinese people in the international film industry. As a native of China, she has been able to break into the ranks of Hollywood A-list movie stars with strength, breaking through the directional logic that Chinese actors always play supporting roles, which is of positive significance to the development of Chinese people in the world film and television industry.

    On the contrary, Mr. Cui yongyuan made a big splash. An A-list star has been fined more than 800 million for a tax scandal, and many more movie and television stars are in a state of panic. Some people are very popular in the domestic film and television, but in the international they often play the role of work-on. Even in a Sino-American joint venture, they will be cut in international version. Relatively speaking, Jennifer Tao has a high starting point and strict requirements, making her way out of a distinctive international route. She may not be well known in the eyes of domestic audience, but She has shone on the international film and television scene in Hollywood.

    Anyone who knows Jennifer Tao knows that she has a sincere and patriotic heart. She loves the traditional culture of the motherland. She began to learn claborate-style painting from an early age, and later learned acupuncture to help herself and her friends to relieve their pain. She is very caring, and in 2017, she donated hundreds of thousands of yuan to hold an activity to help autistic children in Shanghai! People who know her like her positive energy and loving heart, will be affected by her, feel that life is full of hope and beautifulness!

    In addition, from her performance shooting, we can see that she has shot more than 100 films and spoken tens of thousands of English dubbing sentences in three years, and she keeps practicing her pronunciation skills to overcome the language barrier. When she could perform in fluent English, she persuaded the director to ask for a few lines in Chinese, in order to teach Americans to respect and appreciate the language of our country when they go to the cinema. At minus 21 degrees, she kept shooting with short sleeves, with frostbite on her feet and never complained. Because she knew that the harder it was, the more she could not hold back and lose the face of the Chinese. Both the director and the field staff praised her acting skills and professionalism, as well as her patriotism.

    “River Runs Red”, a suspense film based on a real case in the United States, focuses on the manslaughter of a black judge’s son by police. Jennifer Tao plays the heroine – the judge’s wife. The judge, after various efforts to seek justice, united the families of the same experience to avenge the police. The film ends on a tragic note, reflecting the pain points of American society, which is an American version of “Dying to Survive”. The film has deeply explored the social theme of “gun freedom/gun prohibition”. It is one of the few feature films in American films in recent years, and with the help of numerous Hollywood actors, it is bound to trigger the attendance of this film.


    Luck never falls into your lap, and the hard work will pay off. When choosing the role, Mr. Rafel, a renowned British director and winner of the international film festival awards, became interested in Jennifer Tao through one film, and signed two films with her in which she will both play the leading role. At the end of October, Jennifer Tao will fly to London, UK, to shoot the starring film “Cranley Gardens”, in order to attend the Cannes international film festival next year!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: PUHASTUDIO
    Contact Person: Denvish
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    Modern society has a fast pace of life. Many parents are 80s and 90s and most of them are the only child in the family. Most of the couples both work and they are busy with work. They don’t have enough time and lack the experience compared with their previous parents. If the older generation do not live with them, they will need a nanny to help take care of the family and children at home. In addition, if there is an elderly person who is sick in bed, it is also necessary to have a nanny at home. In order to solve this problem, German Liectroux Robotics Institute newly develops a smart nanny robot, which allows users to have a more comfortable and relaxed life as well as improving their quality of life.

    German Liectroux Smart Nanny Robot  A Good Helper For People Home Life

    The smart nanny robot is kind and friendly and its brain is equipped with the newly developed intelligent human brain chip. The intelligent human brain chip highly simulates human brain and can give the robot certain human thinking and emotions so the machine can feel the joys and sorrows of people around it like human beings. The robot is capable of performing various chores with high quality including laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. In addition, it is able to take good care of children at home and sick elderly people. The robot possesses an automatic charging function. When it has only 20% power, it will conduct automatic charge by its own internal automatic charging device so it can be in a working state for a long time. And it will not feel tired like humans so it can work 24 hours a day without rest. It can nurse babies and add complementary food to babies, change diapers, play with children and ensure the safety of children. Even at night, it will stay with the children to prevent any accidents from happening, which can alleviate the burden on parents to bring up their children. The smart nanny robot can provide a reasonable diet for the elderly who are ill and carry out targeted care for different illness.

    The smart nanny robot developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute can bring great convenience to users’ life, allowing users to have a more comfortable life and a higher quality of life. In addition, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also conducted research in the field of robot vacuum cleaner. (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts a wireless carrier positioning system to realize the whole house positioning and its positioning is more accurate and reliable. And it can combine the multi-point matrix composition system to generate accurate home map, together with the bionic algorithm and then generate the most suitable partitioning scheme and cleaning route.

    Moreover, its professional digital variable frequency brushless motor forged by pure lead possesses high temperature resistance and high number of revolutions. And it can bring strong suction up to 1500pa so its cleaning efficiency is high. In addition, it is able to effectively avoid all kinds of obstacles at home and its ability to respond intelligently to complex terrain is excellent. For example, in the case of a complicated situation such as wire winding, it can be out of the predicament in a short time.

    Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has been immediately favored and loved by consumers.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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    The popular tube amplifier shop of China-hifi-Audio is now selling a wide range of Line Magnetic amplifiers at great prices for the worldwide music lovers.

    Any music lover will know the importance of high quality audio amplifiers that can greatly improve the sound quality. For all such discerning music lovers, China-hifi-Audio now brings Line Magnetic (LM) amplifiers at the best prices. These 100% brand new LM amplifiers are well known for their great performance, and some of these amplifiers are available at discount prices and with free shipping.

    According to the spokesperson of the amplifier online shop, they have a large range of LM amplifiers in their stock, and these amplifiers are selling fast because of affordable prices they maintain. Most of these amplifiers come with a remote control and a tube cage cover for their improved protection. The spokesperson reveals that the amplifiers feature a handmade construction and a superior point-to-point wiring. The amplifiers have specially designed EI transformers for power supply and also have two EI output transformers with a wide bandwidth. The spokesperson states that the amplifier also has four EL34 tubes that ensure the AB1 push amplification. The amplifier also uses two 12AX7s and 12AU7s at the preamp stage.

    New Line Magnetic Amplifier Range Is Now Selling At Affordable Prices Only By China-Hifi-Audio Online Store

    The spokesperson reveals that the Line Magnetic 219ia is a popular tube integrated amplifier that they are now selling at an affordable price with free shipping. The amplifier is available in black and silver colors and with a beautiful appearance. A limited number of the amplifier is now available in their stock, as the product is selling fast. The amplifier comes with a remote control and also with the tube cage cover for an extra protection. With its point-to-point hand welding circuit, the amplifier achieves a robust construction for a long-lasting use. The amplifier features two high quality special technologies and a high frequency single ended output transformer. The spokesperson states that the amplifier uses two high-power EI transformers and comes fitted with the Japanese high-grade potentiometers. With a high-grade double pointer output level meter, the amplifier gives a soft, smooth and pure sound output.

    Another important LM amplifier in their stock is the Line Magnetic 508ia, which is also a power amplifier. This single-ended amplifier comes with a remote control and also features the tube cage cover. With a graceful and dignified black panel, the amplifier can be used with a variety of tubes to listen to the music. With 805 high power output tubes, the amplifier is ideal for the single-ended Class A power amplification. According to the spokesperson, the whole machine adopts a number of welding booths with its totally handmade design. With the German high quality coupling capacitance and two high quality EI output transformers, the amplifier is often considered as the very best in the industry.

    To check the features and specifications of all the LM amplifiers they have in stock, one can visit the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is an audiophile tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-hifi-audio sells products from some great Chinese well-known brands, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    U.S.A. Warrior Tribe was founded in 2011 and is sponsored by senior strategist Michael Bart. It is composed of social elites from all walks of life and nearly 200 community members from all over the world. The community is rich in strategic resources, and its main members include the backbone members of major Internet IT giants (Former Microsoft engineer, Google Technical Director, Amazon Founder Team Member, etc.),Internet Technologies Geeks, Bain Consulting Senior Strategic Consultant and McKinsey Top Architecture Designer, Excellent Venture Capitalists, Financial Experts, Sociology Experts, Economics Experts etc. Its members are mainly distributed in the United States, Europe, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, China, Japan, South Korea and other countries.


    Warrior Tribe orientation: The community focuses on strategic investment planning of high new-tech industry, Internet projects, block chain project, is good at capital operation, fund management, packaging listing, market value management, strategic management. Its investment strategy is unique, with its own unique vision. It has clear investment logic and rigorous demonstration, scientifically plans project schedule and strictly implements it, in the industry is very low-key and known by a small number of top investors.

    Warrior Tribe has two main strategic branches, WT capital and WT fund. WT capital’s key investment direction: 1, Block chain industry strategic investment; 2, Strategic planning and operation; 3, Large data analysis technology research and development investment; 4: Circulation ecological project investment planning; WT fund involves areas: 1, Digital assets long-term investment; 2, Index fund; 3, High-frequency arbitrage;

    Warrior Tribe’s record in the block chain industry: Since established in 2011, Warrior Tribe’s historic performance has been remarkable with its community’s outstanding investment professionals, pragmatic approach and unique investment philosophy. Since its establishment in 2011, those projects which it participated in investing in of BTC, LTC, XRP etc. have an average 4-year return of more than 300% . From the appearance of ETH in 2014 to the beginning of ETH fundraising, the large-scale investment in BTC and ETH mines in 2016 and made a profit exceeding 100 times in less than one year. Then the private placement of EOS, NEO and many high-quality projects, as well as the moving brick arbitrage in the end of 2017. Its average annual return in the last three years exceeded 100 times, the total value of digital assets peaked at $18 billion. By June 2018, the capital value of community members has exceeded $10 billion.

    Block chains represent projects: BTC, XRP, LTC, ETH, NEO, EOS, BCH, DASH… etc.

    The projects currently being developed by Warrior Tribe are also excellent projects in the field of block chain. Projects in the pipeline: 3A public chain, BFM, Block Ecology,ADE A De chain, FMC media chain… etc.

    Warrior Tribe Vision: Block chains reconstructs a better world. Warrior Tribe is using its strong resource advantages to actively promote the growth and development of global block chains ecology. The technological revolution of block chain is developing vigorously and changing people’s way of life and thinking. As a subversive frontier of innovation and technology, the development of block chain technology is not a plunder and invasion to the Internet industry, but an opportunity and inflection point . At this moment, concentrating on research and development, long-term layout and seizing the first opportunity is the things the community must do. Block chain as a technology must take actual application as its goals. Being able to apply to real scenes is the criterion to distinguish the quality of block chain projects. Deepening the technology of block chain to the real scene is the direction of them for jointly efforts. Warrior Tribe will definitely contribute its most strength to the promotion and implementation of the real application of the block chaining technology.

    In the future, Warrior Tribe will in-depth lay out the new economic model, block chain infrastructure investment and block chain circulation DAPP strategic investment and planning, in order to building an ecological platform in the whole field of block chain and Make a historic contribution to the upgrading of the world’s new business system model.

    Contact Person: Angela

    Media Contact
    Company Name: U.S.A Warrior Tribe
    Contact Person: Angela
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    PFGHL, as a top-tiered eco-friendly clothing enterprise with a vision to ensure the highest quality of goods and sustainability, has always insisted on green manufacturing. Now we are pleased to announce that our Nanchong factory has received the Think Green Initiative Achievement Award. Most noteworthy is that we got an overall score of 85 points, which is much higher than both global average (71) and apparel industry average (60).


    The Think Green Initiative (TGI) program was developed by Intertek, which is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. With Intertek’s web-based platform and deep environmental expertise, TGI has emerged as the perfect tool for evaluating, reviewing and monitoring factories’ environmental performance from the basic assessment modules (Environmental Legal Compliance Overview and Environmental Management System) and six additional individual assessment modules (Water, Energy, Hazardous Materials, Equipment and Waste, Air Emissions, Noise Emissions, and Sustainable Production).

    PFGHL incorporates the concept of “sustainable manufacturing” into every step of production.  The strictest environmental management and optimization are carried out in the planning of sustainable bases, water conservation, and efficient use of both renewable and non-renewable energy, and other practices concerned with materials and resources. Our investments in advanced weaving, dyeing and garment manufacturing facilities and technologies ensure that we are able to meet the clients’ needs and expectations.

    We would like to express our gratitude to your long-term support and trust. Thank you for your recognition of our products and we will work hard to better satisfy your expectations.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Profits Fund Global Holding LTD.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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    Btc Hour Ltd has come up with a money-minting BTC deposit scheme, where investors can start investing with a small amount of just $25 to earn a profit every hour and withdraw the profit in their account instantly.

    There is one investment plan that offers profits every hour and one can also withdraw the profit instantly. This amazing investment opportunity is brought by Btc Hour Ltd, where they invite all big and small investors to start investing and earn significant profits on an hourly basis. The company has created a safe investment platform for the diverse group of investors and earns profits from Bitcoin trading. Since Bitcoin is a fast growing digital currency, they can make money every hour from the changing price of Bitcoin on different exchanges. This is the profit that they pass on to the investors listed on their platform.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they offer every hour profit to every investor on their platform, irrespective of their level of investment. One can start investing with them with a minimum amount of $25, and one can also invest an amount of $10,000 or even a larger sum. They have different types of investment plans, however. The rate of profit may vary from one plan to another, but one will get an hourly profit without any doubt. For a small amount of $25, an investor can earn at a rate of 1.22% per hour and which could be a significant earning on a daily basis. The spokesperson reveals that opening an account with them is a hassle-free process and one needs not to undergo any kind of training to start earning with them. One needs to just invest the money with them and can witness it growing every hour.

    Besides hourly profits, Btc Hour Ltd also allows an instant withdrawal of the earning. Thus, one can withdraw the profit as soon as it is added to their account on the platform. This brings a real income every hour and one can rely on the company’s investment program. The company lists out all payouts to its members on a real time basis, and one can check the efficacy of the program in bringing hourly income for every investor. They already have thousands of members from different parts of the world and who have been earning profits on an hourly basis. The company’s online platform is secure with the SSL certificate and they also offer an expert risk management to safeguard every investor’s money.

    The spokesperson states that they have designed their BTC deposit scheme for every discerning investor who has no knowledge about Bitcoin trading. The company has an honest team of financial instrument traders who manage the funds of the investors. These seasoned professionals know everything about the cryptocurrency market and how it works. They make sure the members of the platform earn maximum profits every hour without any risk of losing money.

    Anyone who wants to make money every hour can join the platform by visiting the website

    About Btc Hour Ltd

    Btc Hour Ltd cames into existence in 2007, following the rapid global growth of Bitcoin and associated cryptocurrency markets. As the investors’ ambitions grew, the company created a platform that matched their lofty expectations, serving them with the best returns in the market. They focus on the most traded digital currency – Bitcoin.

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    Country: United Kingdom

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    Samena Capital Group’s SUM TOKEN is set to create a Digital Currency Word Bank and Global Settlement Center for digital currency assets. The long term vision of SUM TOKEN was discussed here in a two day cooperation meeting with Kearney, a global consulting firm with presence in 35 countries. The meeting was held on 1st and 2nd October.

    SUM TOKEN super wallet built-in intelligent cloud module, for users to increase the value of digital currency assets, focuses on physical scene applications – the smart eco-payment system super wallet.

    SUM TOKEN users, smart contracts and distributed applications will contribute SUTs to perform various operations on SUM TOKEN, and in the future SUM TOKEN will become a global block trading center, while the acquaintance token SUT will achieve 10,000 Billion value! SUT payment system realizes the decentralization of currency and realizes the seamless integration of global currency and various digital currencies.

    Back by Samena Capital Group which focuses on the subcontinent, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (collectively referred to as the SAMENA region). Since 2008, the company has raised more than $1.5 billion in capital and has returned $675 million from more than

    45 fully and partially withdrawn investors. Samena Capital currently manages a total capital of approximately $1 billion through a variety of key investment strategies like private equity, blockchain digital currency, direct investment and credit.

    SUM TOKEN super wallet blockchain technology SUT global payment system initiative, intelligent ecological landing super payment wallet POS machine, to achieve a variety of mainstream digital currency POS offline consumer payment 8: Set the merchant advertising field in the SUM TOKEN super wallet, and advertise through the SUT.

    Ankit Bengan SUM TOKEN Marketing Director, has been committed to the research and development of cloud computing for nearly ten years. He has rich experience in leading technical teams to develop major engineering projects. He has served as the director of a large cloud computing center and has unique insights into the development and application of the blockchain industry. With a background in law and marketing, he is passionate about the future of digital payments.

    Michael Schmidt SUM TOKEN Technical Director, formerly SME of Nortel Networks, is dedicated to researching and promoting blockchain technology. Dreams can bring technology dividends to the public under the premise of controlling the technical risks of blockchain. He believes that the blockchain will lead people to build a more advanced society.

    Samena Capital: Mr. Saraf is the founder and executive vice president of Samena Capital. He oversees all of Samena Capital’s investment and divestment decisions and their strategic direction. Mr. Saraf founded Samena Capital in 2008 as a unique major investment company, co-investing with highquality families from Asia, India and the Middle East to create new “Asian companies.” He remains an investment manager and director of Samena Special Situations Funds and Samena Limestone Holdings.

    Kearney: Founded in 1926, Kearney is the world’s leading high-value management consulting firm with more than 60 cities in 35 countries, 5,000 employees worldwide, and 2002 revenue of $1.084 billion. A broad range of capabilities, expertise and experience across all major industries, and a full range of management consulting services including strategy, organization, operations, business technology solutions, enterprise service transformation and advanced headhunting services.

    Last but not least, Let’s wish SUM-TOKEN and Kearney a prosperous long-term business relationship!

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    Country: United States

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