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    Wajiu, one of the biggest wine importers in China, has confirmed the participation in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE). The event, to be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, was first announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping a year ago. He called it “a major policy initiative and commitment to open up the Chinese market.”

    This is not the only upcoming wine fair for Wajiu. The leading B2B e-commerce wine trading platform in China takes part in various wine shows every year. In current circumstances, with rapidly evolving Chinese wine market, it is very important to keep up with this speed, and the speed of the Chinese wine market growth is indeed jaw-dropping.  

    As of November 2017, there are 52 million Chinese urban upper-middle class drinkers of imported wine according to the Wine Intelligence.  Comparing to the 48 million in 2016, we can see that the amount of “wine lovers” in China is increasing rapidly. This is mainly due to the significant western influence in the major cities in China and also, due to the developing economy and the growing number of middle and upper-middle class Chinese citizens.

    World wine consumption is set to reach a record global value of $224.5 billion by 2021, driven by the US and China, according to a joint report by Vinexpo and IWSR. In terms of volume, the world’s sales volume is projected to reach 2.66 billion liters by 2021, leading by China and the US.

    Over the next five years, China is predicted to become the world’s second largest market for wine, behind the US. And Wajiu is leading the way in the Chinese wine market for the winemakers from all over the world. It’s now China’s largest wine importer by volume, importing 10 million liters in 2017. But it does not mean that the company is going to stop its growth, on the contrary, Wajiu is constantly updating its website and app, developing successful relationships with numerous wineries and implementing new customer service functions. More than just a traditional wine importer, the company offers logistics, warehousing, distribution and financial services, taking care of every step of the wine supply process: from wineries direct to wholesalers and retailers, and helping with the marketing and promotion of foreign wine brands after. 

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    Company Name: Wajiu
    Contact Person: Mariia Borgolova
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    Country: China

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    The BitKop sub-forum of CryptoEXPO Asia, organized by BitKop exchange, was successfully held in Singapore on Oct 26th. This sub-forum focused on the subject of “The next inflection point in the development of blockchain market”, making a concentrative discussion on the breakthrough of the development in public blockchain technology field, commercial application of dapp, the development of STO, the stablecoins and global regulatory policies, etc. In addition, BitKop COO Mei Zhuang launched a brand strategy which marked the milestone achievement of BitKop, and announced the 2018 BitKop “Global Selection Plan”.

    BitKop’s “Global Selection Plan” will select 10 most featured projects worldwide, which will be awarded the title of BitKop Exchange “Global Featured Projects” of 2018. The projects winning this title will receive one million worth of global advertising resources, covering 1000 media worldwide, which will provide these projects the greatest exposure and publicity. At the same time, BitKop will host two roadshows worldwide for the top 10 global featured projects. They will also have the chance to be shown on the New York Times Square Screen. Through this plan, BitKop hopes to provide a platform for premium projects and teams, bringing better trading experience and investment targets to its users.


    CryptoEXPO Asia, held by FINEXPO in Singapore, has built network between blockchain companies and gurus from all over the world. Its mission is to connect innovators, influencers and industry elites, and to play an important role in getting people to know what crypto world is actually about. It has connected over 8,000 traders, investors and financial advisors, becoming the most important space where crypto world comes live.

    This forum brought together many domestic and overseas elites in the field of blockchain. The guest speakers include: BitKop COO Mei Zhuang, Leapal Founder and CEO Ying Song, Blockpower Capital Founder Mindao Yang, BitDATA Founder and CEO Ken Wang, Social Lending CEO Henry Yang, BitAsset Business Development Director Jookyung Lee, Unitopia CEO Lei Qian, Hume Capital Partner Kay Chai, MATRIX Chief Scientist Yangdong Deng, Alchemint CEO & Founder Ting Zhang, Gravitas Chairman and General Counsel Malcolm Tan. During the forum, many up-to-date and vital questions of the current trends and changes in digital currency markets and the blockchain applications of the crypto-world will be covered.

    In the presentation and roundtable discussion, participants stated that the blockchain industry needed to refer to the development path of finance to constantly upgrade products, operations and technologies if companies wanted to survive in a bear market, as both of these two industries ran in the similar mode. Development opportunity in the blockchain field still existed in such a market condition, in which companies could seek for the next growth inflection point through industrial legalization, mining the incremental market and combining new technologies such as big data, AI and IOT with blockchain.

    As the indicators of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, China and Singapore are the two most important markets for blockchain startups, capital and consumption in Asia and the frontier of the commercial application of various cutting-edge technologies, which will generate a great value if the two markets cooperate with each other. Therefore, BitKop chose Singapore as its first stop, attempting for the healthy and compliant development and in-depth communication of the two countries.

    As a global featured digital asset trading exchange, BitKop adheres to the principle of self-discipline, and will insist on ecological value to promote industry development and dedicate to provide its users the world’s most featured projects. BitKop has obtained an exchange license in August 2018 issued by Cagayan, a special economic zone in the northern Philippines. It has opened up BTC, ETH, USDT trade market. The number of accumulated registered users has reached more than 300,000 until now and the 24h trading volume is 10,000 BTC.

    BitKop was registered in Singapore. It is invested by IDG Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, Transference Fund and Bit-Z, the sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. In September of 2018, BitKop reached strategic cooperation with Bit-Z, and became the first alliance exchange of it. Under the assistance of Bit-Z, BitKop has realized technical security upgrade, bringing seamless transaction experience to its domestic and overseas users.

    Contact us:

    BitKop Website:


    Business Development E-mail:


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    Volda is a professional manufacturer of coaxial cables that promise high performance and very low passive intermodulation for telecom signal transmission.

    In the telecom sector, coaxial cables play an important role in improving the efficiency of transmitting signals, and thus improving the overall service delivery. Volda is a leading manufacturer and supplier of coaxial cables, ground bus bars and other related products that ensure an excellent performance. With an easy installation, these cables are useful for a variety of applications in the telecom industry. Volda

    Volda has a wide variety of products in its portfolio and has recently introduced the 7/8” Low Loss RF Coaxial Cable that comes with an outstanding electrical characteristics. The cable is remarkably easy for installation with its excellent flexibility. Its low insertion loss and attenuation also help in its fast and easy installation. The cable also has a very low passive intermodulation and consists of a PE jacket, which has an inner conductor of copper tube and the insulation is of foamed polyethylene. At the same time, there is a corrugated copper tube in its outer conductor to ensure its durability.  Available in the reel size of 500 meters, the cable has an impedance of 50 ohms and comes with a 3 year warranty. The cable is packed and shipped after a rigorous quality inspection only.

    Besides coaxial cables, the company also manufactures cable hangers that are widely used in the installation of feeder cables in sites. The Coax Cable Hanger Manufacturer provides telecom companies with an easy and efficient way of managing feeder installation systems. According to the company spokesperson, they use non-rusting stainless steel and PP materials with a very high UV resistance in manufacturing cable hangers that last longer and could be a safe and long-term option for securing feeder cables. The spokesperson reveals that the hangers can accommodate feeder cables from world’s leading brands, such as Amphenol, Bleden, CommScope, Hansen, Rosenberger, Times Microwave, and others. They supply hangers for cables with a large diameter range, including very small diameter power cables. They also supply fiber cable clamps in various sizes that help in the easy installation of coaxial cables.

    The company also specializes in the Ground Bus Bar Kit that forms the central point of the ground connection of telecom equipments. The company uses tin plated high quality T2 copper in manufacturing ground bus bar kits. With its preassembled insulators and wall mounting brackets, the installation task becomes a lot easier. They manufacture bus bars in different sizes and with different types of hole patterns to suit the installation requirements of the clients. The spokesperson reveals that they can customize the pattern of the hole according to the demand of the customer.

    One can check the specifications of different coaxial cables and other products the company supplies by visiting their website

    About Volda

    Volda is a professional manufacturer and leading provider with rich experience in telecom industry since 2005. The company now produces a full line of coax support accessories, including RF Feeder Cables, RF Connectors & Jumper Cables, Weatherproof Enclosures, Cable Runway Components, Cable Hangers, Pulling Grips, Hoisting Grips, Grounding Bars, Grounding Kits, Cable Entry Plates & Boots, Crossover Plates, Antenna Pipe Support Clamps.

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    Contact Person: James Gu
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    Phone: +86-518-81065534
    Country: China

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    Charming Yichuan • Opening For The World|| What Happen To Yichuan? Why So Many Foreign Students Here......

    As a city that is beside Hukou waterfall, Yichuan will be known in the world. From Oct. 22 to 23, the delegation comprised by doctors and postdoctors of Xi’an Jiaotong University from the Middle East, Central Asia and other countries, media agencies, tourism industry professionals, some leaders and other guests gathered in Yichuan county, Yan’an city, Shaanxi province, participating in the educational tourism activity ‘Foreigner’s view of Hukou, Autumn’s view of Yichuan’ co-hosted by Yichuan CPC committee and Yichuan county government, organized by Yichuan tourism development commission.

    People from various circles gathered here to visit Hukou waterfall, contribute their thoughts and experience northern Shaanxi culture. This activity has been attracted attention of many authoritative media such as domestic travel and food masters, Chief Editor, Auto Silk Road, SL China, Over 400 mainstream media in North America, The United Kingdom and Europe all reported this event. After the visit, they all share photos and impressions on their own social network, becoming active transmitters of Chinese culture.

    Experience the autumn scenery of Yichuan, enjoy the romantic charm of China

    Experience the autumn scenery of Yichuan, enjoy the romantic charm of China

    Yichuan, as the name implies, is a ‘livable place good for tourism and work’. It’s located in north of Shaanxi province, neighboring red revolutionary city Yan’an in the north, ancient city Xi’an in the south, and Shanxi province in the east across the Yellow River. As the transportation junction of northern Shaanxi and with a gross area of 2931 square kilometers and a total population of 120 thousand, thousand-year-old Yichuan is full of legend.

    During the two-day educational tourism activity, foreign university students and the group visit from Xi’an to thousand-year-old ancient Yichuan. Local people welcomed the tourists with Yichuan yangko full of strong loess character and Hukou drum show deep in ancient customs. These activities with Shaanxi traditional culture instantly attract the attention of visiting group.

    Getting close to Yellow River, magnificent Hukou waterfall, featured products like apple and crisp pear, the guests marveled at the historic culture and folk customs of Yichuan. Being part of the elegant scenery, the visitors enjoyed a miraculous experience of landscape tour and can’t help taking snap shots at many charming sights.

    The educational tourism activity this time practically said no to window-shopping like ‘Sleep in bus and snap in sight routine’, emphasizing the ‘Participation’. It combined current popular trends like Tik Tok and talk-show, actually focusing the balance of both research and tourism. Meanwhile, they carried on an impressive academic interaction with teachers and students in Yichuan Middle School, which greatly motivated them, inspired their thoughts, and enhanced their spirits. This event not only enriched the life experience of foreign students, but also exhibited to the world the grand beauty of Yichuan.

    Deeper integration of 'Tourism & Culture' push forward tourism development in the whole Yichuan

    Deeper integration of ‘Tourism & Culture’ push forward tourism development in the whole Yichuan

    In recent years, as a new pattern of ‘tourism & culture’, the ‘Educational tourism’ concept attracts more attention quietly in Shaanxi and become one of Top 10 new operational types of tourism. This activity builds a bridge of culture exchange between China and foreign countries in the way of tourism & culture research, attracts the attention of foreign friends via featured products like Yichuan apple and folk customs of yangko and drum show. As well as an opportunity for students to cultivate the scientific literacy and exploring spirit, it is also Yichuan’s debut on its fast stepping towards the world.

    The beautiful scenery and long history of Yichuan have be disseminated by many foreign students to the world via their international perspectives. It certainly will promote integration and development of Yichuan tourism resources, push forward local tourism development in the whole area.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CSXW (Beijing) Advertising Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Tracy Zhao
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    City: Beijing
    Country: China

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    Oct 30, 2018 – SignaLoans makes personal borrowing and finance easy to understand topics for the common people by providing in-depth information on different types of loans. This source serves as home to professionals and experts possessing good experience in providing practical and clear advice on managing their borrowing procedures. Whether you are in the look out of buying a home or saving for retirement or accomplishing a certain financial objective, you will get all specific information at The strong library at this site with innumerable pieces of informative and reliable content on signature loans for personal and business use will surely answer all your questions and give you the scope of managing your financial situation in the best way possible.

    SignaLoans is an award-winning website that has quickly grown into the most all-inclusive source of financial loan information, tools and advice on the web. Access to this site is free to all the users and there are absolutely no charges levied on the site. The site has been successful in earning a stellar reputation in the financial community as one of the best websites of its kind. The comprehensive, objective and informative information on loans available on this site has made it the one stop destination on the web for people who are in the look out of ways to finance their dreams.

    The site has been finely reviewed by loan borrowers and lending organizations as being one of the best sources of information that beginners into borrowing can depend on. It is probably the hottest online portal for financial tips and assistance. It serves as one of the best places for people to start their search for the most affordable loans with bad credit. It is the grand-daddy of all website committed to providing information on different varieties of financial aids that can be availed by individuals during emergencies. It offers the best how-to guidance on availing financial aid.

    Professionals working for the content development team of SignaLoans say, “All our experts are completely dedicated to providing loan information that is not only informative and reliable but one that is perfectly updated. We carry out proper research on the different topics that we need to deal with when developing matter to be presented on our portal. It is only because of the honest and sincere advice and information that we provide in regards to loans that has helped us in grabbing several awards and accolades from different entities. We make use of proper evidence when it comes to developing loan information that can help the financially downtrodden individuals. We put in great efforts in finding out what would actually work for the ones who are in need of money. We help in improving the ability of individuals in money management.”

    People always face hard choices with their finance and borrowing requirements. During moments of financial emergencies, people need to depend on loans to make things work. Confronted with different untoward circumstances, majority of the individuals can make smarter decisions by getting the right support, assistance and information available at SignaLoans.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SignaloansDotCom LLC
    Contact Person: James Odle
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    Phone: +1-202-555-0104
    Address:3655 W Anthem Way Ste A109
    City: Anthem
    State: AZ 85086
    Country: United States

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    MSkeysonline has announced to offer a discount of $30 on the product key of Office 2019 Pro for users to take advantage of the novel features of the 2019 version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

    Compatible with both Window 10 and Mac operating systems, the Office 2019 can bring amazing features to users to do their work on the classic 2019 version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. Anyone who doesn’t want to wait any more to grab this new Office version from Microsoft can get the product key of Office 2019 Pro Plus at discount prices from MSkeysonline. One just needs to use the code of HAPPYAUTUMNSPECIALS in the shopping cart and can enjoy a discount of $30 on the purchase of the key of the Office 2019.

    Users Can Now Buy Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus CD-KEY GLOBAL from MSkeysonline at Significant Discounts

    According to the spokesperson, they have announced the Office 2019 for sale with full version lifetime license for home as well as commercial use. MSkeysonline provides one year guarantee on all purchases and doesn’t charge any monthly or annual fee for the products with a lifetime license. Besides, each sale qualifies for the money back guarantee and buyers can approach them for replacements or refund at any time. The spokesperson states that they maintain a secure payment mechanism with the SSL and SiteLock policy. At the same time, the support team will be available anytime to address any payment related or technical issues of the customers. Moreover, the software is available in all languages, and one may choose a preferred language to work, using the program.

    Users Can Now Buy Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus CD-KEY GLOBAL from MSkeysonline at Significant Discounts

    MSkeysonline facilitates auto delivery Office 2019, and one will receive the product key as soon as the payment is made. Since the key is delivered digitally via email, the system ensures an instant delivery and one has not to wait for the product key after making the payment. According to the spokesperson, they have designed a secure and automated system, which ensures an instant delivery of the product key to a buyer throughout the day or night. Once the key is received, one can easily use it to unlock the outstanding features of Office 2019 Pro.

    According to the spokesperson, any user will appreciate Office 2019 new features, such as the new inking features and animation features included in the PowerPoint. Moreover, its translation and editing tools can offer several kinds of advantages for a user to handle multilingual content. The new office 2019 is more remarkable for its ease of use and adding a visual impact to documents and presentations. The new office also allows a quick access to attachments, enabling a quick search of attachments shared with the user. The new office also supports LaTex equation and one can now easily use the LaTex syntax to create mathematical equations. There are several other feature additions that a user can experience after installing the new office 2019 onto their computing devices only.

    To know more about the office 2019 pro and claim a discount on its product key, one can visit the website

    About MSkeysonline

    MSkeysonline is one of the leading service providers for integrated IT solutions in delivering comprehensive, integrated solutions and services to customers in Hong Kong. They provide customers with all-round and one-stop IT solutions with competitive budgets. MSkeysonline specializes in system implementation and integration, security, cloud and CRM solutions, and IT management services.

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    There are many wonderful events in October. Bundor valve attended three fairs (Canton Fair, China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition and Russia Pump Valve Exhibition) in order to show Bundor to all over the world; Bundor valve was rated AAA credit company; Bundor participated in public welfare activity — providing heart-warming breakfast for sanitation workers.

    Bundor Valve Attended The 2018 Autumn Canton Fair

    The Booth of Bundor Were Crowded

    Bundor Valve Attended The 2018 Autumn Canton Fair

    Bundor Valve Attended The 2018 Autumn Canton Fair

    Autumn Canton Fair was held in October in Guangzhou. Bundor Valve, as a regular exhibitor, participated in it with high quality valve products. The elites of foreign trade in Bundor welcomed the customers who came from various countries with the most professional knowledge and full of enthusiasm

    A customer from Italy gave a inquiry list of valves and requested for quotation. Another dealer in Indonesia decided to visit the factory of Bundor before he got back. A regular customer from the united Arab emirates came to the booth again for business cooperation.

    Canton fair has expanded the trading channels of Bundor, which makes more people know more about Bundor Valve. Bundor sincerely hopes to be able to give a deep impress to every customer by high quality products and perfect services.

    Bundor Valve Participated in IFME

    China international fluid machinery exhibition (IFME) is sponsored by the China general machinery industry association. It is the only and authoritative professional exhibition in fluid machinery manufacturing. The exhibition of the 9th is held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall on Oct 26-28, 2018 Many famous valve companies participated. Such as Yuanda Valve, Jinan Meide Valve,Suzhou Neway Valve Factory, Beijing Valve General Plant.

    Bundor Valve Attended The 2018 Autumn Canton Fair

    In this exhibition, Bundor valve showed product tech, manufacturing process, testing equipment, customer support, maintenance and other aspects to customers comprehensively and established a complete product value chain, which successfully attracted many customers to visit.

    Outstanding comes from ecru, strong from the heart! Bundor’s aim is to be the most trusted valve supplier in the world. Bundor takes the industry predecessor as an example. Keep improving and be creative!

    Bundor Valve Attend Russian Pump Valve Exhibition

    In October, the elites of foreign trade in Bundor were in well prepared and elected representatives to participate in the Russian Pump Exhibitions.

    Bundor Valve Attend Russian Pump Valve Exhibition

    At the beginning of the exhibition, the booth of Bundor attracted a large number of exhibitors. After knowing more about Bundor Valve, they expressed their satisfaction with the valve products and looked forward to cooperating with Bundor. This exhibition provided us with an important opportunity to enter the Russian market. We will seize the opportunity, face up to the challenge and show our high-quality products to the world.

    Good News! Bundor Valve Was Rated AAA Credit Company

    After the strict evaluation of the 315 national credit investigation system, Bundor Valve Technology Co., Ltd. has won a number of 315 national credit investigation system credit enterprise certification honors, including: AAA Credit Company, AAA Credit Rating Certificate, AAA Credit Operation Demonstration Company, AAAQuality Service Credit Company. Bundor valve chairman, Xuchao Xia, won two honors, including the honorary title of “honest manager” and “honest entrepreneur”.

    Bundor Valve Attend Russian Pump Valve Exhibition

    In the past 24 years, we have been adhering to the core values of “kindness, responsibility, innovation, struggle, simplicity, efficiency and coordination”. We strive for survival with quality and development with reputation. We will continue to work hard to improve the quality of our products and services.

    Cold Autumn Warmth are Sent by Bundor

    The Volunteers of Bundor Sent Breakfast to the Sanitation Worker

    The Volunteers of Bundor Sent Breakfast to the Sanitation Worker

    October 26 is the sanitation workers’ day. In order to thank the sanitation workers for their hard work for the urban environment every day. The volunteers of Bundor Valve came to the love breakfast shop at 5:00 am, October 21. The sanitation workers with yellow overalls lined up for breakfast in an orderly manner and politely said thanks to the volunteers. After a quick meal, they packed tools up and went to work. Most of them are elderly and working extremely hard!

    We called upon to protect the environment, start from ourselves, small things, do not litter, care for sanitation workers, and make the city more beautiful!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Henan Bundor Flow Control Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Li Lei
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-379-63150781
    State: Henan
    Country: China

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    When we talk about prestigious American universities, we think Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Johns Hopkins University. But what makes them prestigious? Quality of education aside, research is one crucial aspect that gives these universities their prestige. Today we, Forward Pathway would like to talk about the value of prestigious American schools by making a horizontal comparison of US universities versus its Chinese counterpart. We will look at two schools specifically; Johns Hopkins University and Tsinghua University. Both schools are ranked first in terms of research funding, and their respective situation could be an overall representation of the distinction in the educational environment from their respective country.

    Let’s first take a look at the student population between China and the United States. China’s higher education is already ranked highest in the world. One out of every five college student is attending a Chinese university. However, this is merely at the undergraduate level. According to my research, in 2018, there are currently 27 million undergraduate level students studying in China whereas the US only has 23.5 million. But at the graduate level, China only possess 1.98 million whereas the US has 3.8 million graduate level students. This means that 16.2% of undergraduate US students will continue their education in a graduate level degree while only 7.3% of Chinese undergraduate students will do the same. With 13% less general undergraduate student population compared to China, the US has more than double the number of graduate students.

    In the past, I have written an article discussing this discrepancy in higher education between China and the US. But during the course of writing this article, I have uncovered the critical factor which caused this discrepancy; research funding. Down below is a chart that I have created comparing the researching funding amount of the top ten universities between China and the US.

    From the graph above, we can see the discrepancies between the US top universities and their Chinese counterpart. Tsinghua University’s research funding is only one third to Johns Hopkins University’s research funding. Research funding is the backbone towards the cultivation of graduate students; it is commonly invested in equipment, project funding, mentoring, etc. With a 1:3 ratio in research funding between Tsinghua and JHU, lets now take a look at the number of researchers and their per capita funds allocation. There are approximately 5,550 researchers at Tsinghua University with $138,000 per capita [1]. Johns Hopkins University, on the other hand, possesses 17,876 [2] researchers with an average per capita of $117,900. This data shows us that the two countries are actually quite equal in terms of per capita research funding. I believe the lack of graduate students in China stems from the fact that Chinese universities simply do not have the capabilities to support more graduate students.

    So, what are some of the reasons that would cause China’s inability to support more graduate students? Let’s first take a look at the income and expenditures between Tsinghua and JHU [3] [4].

    From the graph, we can see that there are many discrepancies between the two schools in term of their income and expenditure distribution. For example, 26.9% of Tsinghua’s income in 2017 came from 2016. This is because Chinese colleges and universities tend to withhold a portion of their budget into the next year. While there is no exact reason on paper that I could find, I deduced that this is a countermeasure in case of drastic changes that might occur, a rainy day fund if you would. On the other hand, US universities possess no such reservation. JHU’s financial utilization rate is almost 100% every year.

    So where does this confidence come from? Why don’t US universities have reservations about spending all of their funding every year? The answer lies within private donations. In 2016, JHU received nearly 1.45 billion dollars in donations, accounting for 34.8% of the school’s total income. Tsinghua University, however, has only managed to accrue 373 million dollars over the course of 17 years from private donations [5]. Another reason is due to the management model of American university donations funds. Most large donations are invested in school-managed funds. JHU’s donation fund has reached approximately 3.844 billion dollars. This fund is more than enough to cope with any unforeseen situations that might arise. At the top of this list is Harvard University with an estimated worth of $36 billion dollars. And one good fiscal year of earning is enough for Harvard to cover the school’s total expenditures. This is probably the main reason as to why American universities dare to utilize its full budge every year.

    Now let’s discuss Tsinghua University. Tsinghua’s research funding takes up 21.8% of its total fiscal revenue compared to the 36% of JHU. (Source: US Department of Education, due to the use of calendar year calculations, it is biased against Bestcollege data. But overall, it does not affect what we are discussing in this article.) Coupled with other Chinese-related expenditures such as health care, family planning, housing security, etc. which takes up 7.1% of its expenditures. So, it is due to these expenditure differences limiting Chinese universities from investing in more research funding compared to the US.

    So, what do all of these numbers mean? How do these figures translate to the overall scheme of things? The best way to judge a school’s research program is to look at the quality and quantity of research papers produced. In the ranking provided by SJR [6], the number of academic papers produced by the US is almost twice of that of China. Chinese academic papers will be cited on average of 7.64 times while US research papers average around 24.25. In short, in both terms of quality as well as quantity, China severely lacks compared to the United States. Even papers produced by fifth-ranked Japan has double the citations of Chinese produced research papers.



    Total Docs.

    Citable Docs.

































    Table 1: Scientific Journal Rankings

    As we all know, quality research does not occur overnight. It requires a tremendous amount of time, money, and manpower accumulation. The current US standings are the result of over a hundred years of culmination and efforts. The US is ahead of China in terms of both technology and research capabilities. With a smaller population and greater funding, the opportunities as US schools far outstrips China. Up to this point we have touched upon the crux of this article: The value of prestigious American schools lies in its decades of research funding and foundation accumulations. They can provide the best research facilities and the best research instructors. With such a foundation, how can it not produce the most active graduate students? For Chinese graduate students, US universities is an enormous treasure trove. An opportunity to experience a stellar research environment, to broaden your horizon, and to learn the latest knowledge in technology. For any academically oriented person, this is a chance that should not be given up.

    In conclusion, in terms of undergraduate education, China has reached the top ranking around the world in terms of scale. (This is without factoring the quality of education) However, the chasm of post-graduate training between China and the US is still prevalent. The root cause, being the lack of research funding is something that will allow the US to sit at the top for many more years to come. Therefore, the value of prestigious American universities is still at an all-time high for students who choose to continue with their education. Because as things stand now, no other countries’ graduate education program can replace the US.


    [1] “2017 Nian Gaodeng Xuexiao Keji Tongji Ziliao Huibian,” Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, 2017. [Online]. Available:
    [2] “Highest Research & Development Funding,” Best Colleges, 2017. [Online]. Available:
    [3] NCES, 2017. [Online]. Available:
    [4] “Tsinghua University 2017 Budget,” Tsinghua University, 4 2017. [Online]. Available:
    [5] L. Lin, China Education Network, 5 6 2017. [Online]. Available:
    [6] “Scimago Journal & Country Rank,” SJR, 2018. [Online]. Available:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Forward Pathway LLC
    Contact Person: Lucas
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    “Marriage makes you FAT” is true!

    My girlfriend who have slimmed for many years, showing me the joyful discovery yesterday:

    “Hmmm, don’t have to lose weight, it’s easy to get fat after marriage, everyone is the same!”

    “The conclusion from scientific research is not allowed to argue.”

    Originally, in order to research the relationship between marriage and weight change, the researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Education, the University of Mannheim, the University of Leipzig, and the German Institute of Economic Research selected 20,000 Germans for up to 16 years data tracking, which confirmed that “Easy to get fat after marriage” is true:

    In the first 4 years after marriage, couples’ weight gain is usually twice that of when they were alone before marriage!

    And this effect is not affected by age, health status, mental state, frequency of physical exercise and fertility status.

    The so-called put on weight is the blessing of marriage happiness.

    Getting fat is the minimum respect for marriage!

    Think about her husband’s gradually Inflated figure, touching her own fat tummy.

    Exquisite before marriage, thick arm and round waist after marriage, the gym and sweat have little effect, which is benefited from happiness and nourishment.

    “Love makes people fatter, marriage makes people deform.” Those years we grew fatter together, it is simply showing off in love.

    1. The most romantic thing I can think of is to eat fatter with you.

    “Which moment did you fall in love with him?”

    “When I got Haagen-Dazs that he brought back, not really, when I drink.”

    The girl chose him who was homely from the many admirers, because only he remembered that she loved ice cream. She was traveling several miles away in the suburbs, off the top of her head, saying she wanted to eat Haagen Dazs. He rushed with ice cream in his arms and brought it to her. The ice cream melted and her heart was warmed.

    “Love starts at table.”

    Vegetables and dishes are not only the sunshine and soil of love, but also the “culprit” of fat.

    A well-known British food company surveyed 1,000 couples, 62% of whom said they began to gain weight after falling in love.

    The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) conducted a four-year follow-up survey of 169 couples, stating that the more harmonious lovers or couples, the easier it is for both to gain weight.

    Ralph Hertwig said: “Why do you get fat after marriage? Because changes in marital status often mean changes in daily eating habits, such as couples going to breakfast, usually everyone eats more than when they live alone. ”

    The famous famous author ECHO said: Love, if not implemented in the real life of dressing, eating, money, sleeping, is not easy to last long.

    Let’s cook together, eat together, taste regular meals, talk about the changing seasons in the kitchen’s pyrotechnic gas and precipitation of the “happy fat”, which is full of contented companionship.

    2. When bitter and happiness is shared, enjoy inner peace and grow fat.

    On the weekend, I attended a warm wedding, a 50-year wedding anniversary of my friends’ grandparents.

    The host asked Grandpa: “What would it be if you used a keyword to describe your love?”

    Grandpa said without hesitation: “Figure!”

    He used to be a melancholy boy, his mother was seriously ill, his father was ignorant, and his heart was filled with bitterness. No matter how much food he eats, he always seems weak.

    Before the marriage, the grandfather’s family had huge debts, fearing that the grandmother would ask for a retirement.

    However, Grandma insisted on marrying Grandpa and working hard with him to pay off the debts and support each other to tide over the difficulties.

    Later, the family became better and the concern disappeared. Grandpa’s physical condition improved and he actually gained weight.

    He expressed his deep affection to grandmother: “I used to be weak and gloomy. Today, The fat on the body is not grown for no reason. It is the love you give me. It is you who let me understand the meaning of going together through storm and stress, and let me gain happiness.”

    Grandmother was moved to tears, and we cried too.

    Several guests also shared the most moving details of their marriage then.

    Unexpectedly, what most people are impressed with is not the face and perfect body of the other side when they are young, but the warmth that they do not give up, and the courage to tide over the difficulties.

    She left the lights for him every night, sculptural soft lights is the direction of the home, but also the warm companion on his struggle road;

    He kept taking care of her when she was sick, watching her face ruddy, her body getting richer, and she was sweeter than eating honey;

    Every little thing is a gentle love.

    Every inch of growth of the waist, precipitation of peace of mind.

    Michel Eyquem de Montaigne said: “Good marriage is a sweet union in life, full of perseverance, loyalty, and countless help and mutual obligations.”

    Marriage is a journey of piritual practice When two persons are sharing sorrow and happiness, naturally be liberal in mind and stout of body.

    3. The body shape varies many times, but love is tougher.

    There is also one kind of getting fat, which is derived from the choice and concession of love.

    Recently, an actress accepted an interview with People Weekly. She exposed that she was once fat like a fur seal  for ingravidation, and could hardly get up off the sofa.

    In order to make her screen image looks better, she used to keeping her weigh at 42 kilograms, known as the “zero size model”.

    For a long time, she only ate a soybean milk and an egg all day, just had a few bites of rice with pickles as snacks while physical strength failed.

    However, her insistence on the perfect shape and strict self-discipline are not worth mentioning in front of the children.

    In order to change the constitution that is not easy to conceive, she broke the dietary discipline and racked her brain to gain weight. Even she had a hard time reducing weight after giving birth to a baby, When the second child arrived, she decided to experience weight gain once again.

    For her, despite out of shape, the firm love is invariable. Her funny soul has become richer and softer because of the arrival of children.

    When asked, “Will you want to turn back to be thin?”

    She said: “My current focus has been on my children. I have a harder task to take care of two independent lives.”

    I can’t help thinking of another friend of mine. She also loves facial and spa, but she is seriously deformed due to the preparation of the test tube baby, and she has not recovered after several years.

    We all regret that her school sweetheart status has become Arena Legends, but she smiled lightly: “With the support of love, all the disbursement is in my willingness.”

    Some people say that the shape of a woman after marriage begins to change because she redefines happiness.

    Therefore, when a woman is willing to accept weight gain, when she accepts the gift of life with her body and diligently nourishes the happiness of the family, please be gentler and understand more.

    4. After daily necessities, happiness will be peaceful and contented.

    What is really love like?

    Yes, we will have struggles, deficiencies, weaknesses in relationship but we also have virtues, passions and wonderful things in it. It’s our double freckle white still helping each other. When your face is wrinkle and get out of shape, I still think you are the most special one in the world. .

    True love is that other people say that she is unworthy of him. He still holds her hand at anytime and anywhere. His eyes are full of enthusiasm: “All beautiful woman in this world is not as attractive as my wife.”

    True love is that I gave birth to two children. I looked at my waist and I was distressed. My husband squinted and said, “Where are you fat, I can’t see it at all.”

    The American TV series “The Good Wife” says:

    The greatest charm of marriage is actually to explore how deep connections can be achieved by two people who are not related to blood.

    It takes a long time for us to understand that true love never dies out of time, nor fades out of shape.

    In smooth and continuous life, tall, fat and thin seem like nothing.

    The happiness of keeping hand in hand is the most exciting and peaceful thing.

    PS: Growing fat with inner peace is good, health is also important! I hope everyone can exercise a lot, eat well, and be awesome!

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Stephen
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    Country: United States

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    DragonBite SEO is one of India’s most popular portals for advanced SEO knowledge, tips and techniques.

    Kolkata – Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most powerful methods used by webmasters and online marketers to improve their website’s ranking on search engines. Blogs, within few years have become a powerful source for online marketing. However, without proper SEO your blog will never be able to rank high in search engines; hence will remain unnoticed by the web surfers. With so tight competition in the market, improving a blog’s ranking is no more a casual affair; especially if you want to utilize your blog for marketing your business.

    Primarily because of so many options offered by the Web 2.0, blog marketing is dominating over static site marketing. We at DragonBite SEO are always trying to figure out how to fully utilize the Web 2.0 features to boost your blog’s traffic and search engine ranking. 

    Sreejan, the creator and founder of DragonBite SEO training institute and advanced SEO strategies, says that “With my long term experience as a SEO, I certainly believe that by following these tips you can make your blog rank high in search engine and receive the maximum number of traffic”.

    Full Exposure:

    In order to boost your blog’s search engine ranking and traffic, you need to have the maximum exposure. Syndicating with RSS is perhaps the best way to increase your blog exposure. The RSS feed will help your audience to get updated with the current status of your blog, whenever any modification or addition is made.

    Social Bookmarking:

    Bookmarking will immensely help in increasing both traffic and search engine ranking of your blog. Social bookmarking basically allows users to save and create a collection of favourite bookmarks categorically and later share it with other users. Users can further subscribe bookmarks to other’s lists and even add bookmarks from other lists to their own. This way your blog will get the maximum exposure. The more bookmarking you do, the more blog traffic you will get. This will in turn help your search engines ranking.

    Using tags will help web surfers to locate the posts you made on your blog including related videos and images. No matter how informative or powerful blog you create in your niche, it will never be read by people unless you tag it rightfully.

    Add Comments:

    Adding relevant comment to other’s blog posts is another effective way to increase blog traffic. Make sure the comment you make is informative and relevant to the main post. If your comment seems useful to the bloggers, they will naturally click on your link to find more.

    Get Connected over Social Networks:

    Social networking sites are now available in every corner of the web. They are the best place to meet people with the same interest. So, evidently it is yet another ideal place from where you can get important links. Write high quality articles and market them over social networks to create brand name and popularity.

    About Company:

    DragonBiteSEO is an online SEO marketplace and learning hub. Assured Placement is a sister concern of DragonBite SEO. Sreejan Niyogi, creator and founder of DragonBite SEO training institute and advanced SEO strategies, is one of the leading SEOs of India.

    For further queries on SEO and Internet Marketing feel free to contact DragonBite SEO at

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    Every City has its own”the place to be on Sundays”. In Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the International Grand Bazaar is one of this. In most cities of southern Xinjiang, they are “Hong Kong Bazaar”. People here always say if you haven’t made it to Bazaar, you haven’t been to their cities.

    However, the allure of “Hong Kong Bazaars” appears to be fading in an unexpected way – concerns of unobjectionable logos as most mainland-produced items without the logos have been neglected.

    In June of this year, I returned to Xinjiang, during a visit to a farmer’s house, he told me that his son did not eaten at home or socialized with his parents on the grounds that his parents’ meals were “objectionable.” Many people may think it to be absurd or unimaginable. However, such cases do exist and are even becoming common.

    True, unobjectionable logos help us show respect of people’s eating habits. However, using such logos as tools to help the 47 of China’s 55 ethnic groups in Xinjiang understand their own ethnic culture doesn’t help much. And banging on about “unobjectionable logos” is boring and misleading. “Unobjectionable” is more like a malicious tool to box in peace-loving people.

    Objectively speaking, a strong religious atmosphere and a rigid understanding of the doctrine have become obstacles to the development and progress of some ethnic groups, which disturb normal social order and lead to some people’s misunderstanding of Xinjiang.

    Media Contact
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    Country: United States

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    From AISI 4140 steel to AISI 4340 steel and AISI 1045 steel, Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd. supplies steel for forgings for many industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, oil and gas and others.

    AISI steel is known for its high impact resistance and superior heat treatment capabilities. Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd maintains a significant portfolio of AISI steels with different specifications that have varied applications in different industries. Industrial clients can check their portfolio and can pick steels with custom specifications for different types of forgings.

    According to company spokesperson, customers can check their AISI 4140 steel, which is a low-alloy steel with only 1% Cr and Mo as the strengthening alloy elements. It has higher carbon content as compared with AISI 4130 steel and shows an excellent balance of strength and toughness. The spokesperson reveals that this type of steel has a very high abrasion resistance and can withstand heavy impacts. Despite having high heat treatment capabilities, the steel has poor welding abilities, however. With a hardness around 28-32 HRC, the steel is supplied in quenched and tempered condition.  The company can supply the steel in round, flat, square and other shapes with different tolerance limits. The steel can also feature different chemical compositions and physical properties, and which largely determine the characteristics of this AISI steel.

    Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd Announces Availability Of AISI Steel Portfolio With Round, Square, Flat & Other Shapes

    The company also has AISI 4340 steel in its portfolio, which is heat treatable with low alloy steel. The spokesperson reveals that this AISI steel comes with a typical composition of 1.8%, Ni, 0.8% Cr and 0.2% Mo. It has a very high strength and toughness and which increase its application areas. Besides, this steel has a very good fatigue resistance and wear resistance. With a superior resistance against atmospheric corrosion, the steel is generally supplied in hardened and tempered condition. The steel shows a tensile strength range between 930Mpa and 1080Mpa, while the hardness is 280-320HB. According to the spokesperson, the pre-hardened 4340 steel can be further hardened using flames, induction hardening or the nitriding process. Available in round, square, flat and other shapes, the steel can have a customized tolerance level as per the demand of the customer.

    Another kind of AISI steel that customer would be interested in is the AISI 1045 steel. This is the medium carbon steel, with carbon content from 0.43% to 0.50%. With a good welding ability and an excellent machining ability, the steel is suitable for different kinds of industrial processes. It has high strength and impact resistance, but has low hardening abilities because of lack of appropriate alloying elements in it. The steel is generally supplied in red hot forged and normalized conditions with a tensile strength as high as 570-700Mpa and a surface hardness between 170HB and 210HB.

    One can check the specifications and features of the AISI steel supplied by the company by visiting their website

    About Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd.

    Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd was established in 1998. The company focuses on forging for more than 20 years and only supplies steel products with high strength and great forging abilities. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Now for more than 20 years of development, the company has become one of the leading special steel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Tom Zhou
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    Phone: +86-15852726305
    Country: China

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    In today’s society where skinny is beautiful, slimming has always been a hot topic. Slimming is not the same as losing weight. Slimming is not simply to lose weight, but to create a perfect body shape. Many people are struggling on the road of slimming, mostly because they don’t insist on exercising or because they don’t insist on a reasonable diet.

    German Liectroux Robotics Institute aims to change people’s lives and improve people’s quality of life by developing various types of intelligent robots, so that people can experience the comfort and convenience brought by intelligent technology.

    German Liectroux Intelligent Slimming Robot Allows Users Become Thin In An Easy and Healthy Way

    German Liectroux Intelligent Slimming Robot is an intelligent robot designed for slimming and shaping. Its appearance is very affable, so it is very lovable. Then everyone may be curious about how this slimming robot help users to slim down? The author will answer your questions one by one. German Liectroux intelligent slimming robot achieves slimming effect mainly by helping users to adhere to reasonable diet and body training. It records the user’s physical data and updates the data according to the user’s actual physical condition synchronously. Then, the data will be reported to the user through the voice dialogue three times by morning, noon and night in a day. And the user can also check his own body data at any time.

    Secondly, it has mastered a variety of slimming meals. Users only need to prepare the ingredients and communicate directly with the robot through voice dialogue. It will automatically make all kinds of slimming meals for the users.  What’s more, it can guarantee that the meal is delicious and  not greasy while making users achieve slimming effect. In addition, it can also act as a fitness instructor. It will develop a scientific training program especially for the user, actually guide the user’s training actions and arrange the training intensity and training time according to the actual situation. So that it can help the user to possess a healthy and perfect body shape while successfully reducing weight.

    Technology has changed lives. Over the years, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has been working to change human life through artificial intelligence. The strong scientific and technological strength, the first-line scientists and the world-leading equipment have enabled  German Liectroux Robotics Institute to develop and produce a series of high-quality intelligent robots, which includes robot vacuum cleaner. (You can view the website: or

    The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts the world’s leading wireless carrier indoor positioning system and detect home environment through wireless probe detection to realize the accurate positioning of the whole house.  And its V-shaped floating roller brush can penetrate deep into the narrow joints such as the seams of the floor and the edge of the carpet. And gather dust effectively and conduct deep for deep cleaning. In addition, it is equipped with a 220ml large water tank to evenly seep water and nano-material mop can absorb dust and stains. So after the cleaning is completed, it can continue to conduct wet mopping and achieve the real cleaning. People are scrambling to buy this robot vacuum cleaner since its launch.

    Media Contact
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    Country: Germany

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    Hong Kong – 30th October, 2018 – Security Token is expected to be the next wave of growth in blockchain market, and Security Token Offering (STO) is able to release the value of illiquid assets. With security token is likely to fall under the regulation and compliance of securities, both investors and asset owners are protected. The blockchain technology can also be applied in many different markets and industries.

    STONetwork – subsidiary of Hong Kong based blockchain media publication CoinsNetwork, together with Liquefy – blockchain based STO platform, and – real estate focused blockchain platform, jointly launch STO Lab to promote research-based Security Token in Asia Pacific region starting with Hong Kong and Singapore. With the perspectives from three major platforms in the blockchain industry – media, technology and asset, the alliance is targeting to promote and create demand for the new investment option.

    STO Lab is focusing to provide investment solution to current market’s white space, and to support different industries in overcoming their challenges. The team, with Hong Kong and Singapore as major bases, is working closely to foster the development of Security Token and intend to expand to other major financial centres in the world.

    Hong Kong and Singapore are renowned international financial centres with the most suitable investment environment, including the range of different asset classes and respective talents, to promote the development of Security Token. STO can release the actual value of illiquid assets, such as real estate, private equity fund, shares of start-ups or even exotic art piece, the changes it brings to the global asset market is revolutionary. STO Lab together with supporting partners will act as an engine to take the overall industry to next level.

    About CoinsNetwork

    CoinsNetwork was founded by senior-level blockchain and cryptocurrency promoters to provide the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency news in a simple and easy way to help readers understand the market and master the latest technological developments in the world. Launched in July 2018, the news platform features the most important news in the market, connecting readers to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. STONetwork is a new media platform under CoinsNetwork. It focuses on news and development around Security Token for professional investors to grasp the market pulse. STONetwork also support the community building and knowledge sharing.

    About Liquefy

    Liquefy is an end-to-end digital securities platform, targeting at a 10+ trillion market of illiquid assets. Liquefy essentially provides the technological infrastructure to transform private illiquid assets into liquid tradable assets and an over-the-counter platform LiqueDex to allow these assets to be tradable in a transparent, compliant and efficient manner. We are transforming the illiquid asset trading landscape by establishing the most mature and legitimate digital security standard the market has seen so far.

    We have also partnered with a SFC-licensed entity for Digital Securities investment banking services. Given the nascent stage of digital security, our Liquefy ecosystem will also be powered by the native LiqueDex utility token in order to drive adoption across the ecosystem.

    About was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong and is the leading real estate blockchain service provider abridging investors and developers. aims to disrupt the traditional real estate market through utilizing the power of blockchain and other derived technologies such as smart contracts, to reduce the entry barrier of international real estate investments and reduce financing difficulties of small developers and property owners.

    Media Enquiries



    Media Contact
    Company Name: Aladdin Technology Company Limited
    Contact Person: IHT Global Marketing
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    Recently, the PMT-3030 – a product of Oriental Yuhong has been certified as Energy Star by the US Energy Agency (EPA), and Oriental Yuhong has also become partner of Energy Star. According to EPA’s official website, only about 174 Roofing Material companies worldwide have become Energy Star’s cooperative partners. Oriental Yuhong Waterproofing Technology Co., Ltd. is the first Chinese corporation.


    Energy Star is a voluntary energy conservation program led by the EPA. This plan has been promoted by several countries and regions around the world together. Therefore products which are certified have high market recognition in these countries and regions. To ensure that the product can meet the requirements of Energy Star, Oriental Yuhong’s PMT-3030 product has been exposed outdoors for three years of insolation in the Officially Certified Laboratory of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The examination report and evaluation results from this Laboratory have satisfied the requirements of ASTM C1371, ASTM C1549, ASTM D2244, and other international examination standards.

    With excellent cutting stability and terminal product characteristics,TPO product of Oriental Yuhong is large industrial buildings, public buildings, and other roofing’s first choice for waterproofing materials. TPO provides high light stability, long-term thermal stability for coil materials and enhances colorfastness of color products. Surface functional layer has unique designs which are characterized by easy to scrub, low dust adsorption rate and low water absorption. All those designs ensure the product to last longer and waste less energy.

    Oriental Yuhong’s High-level Li Jianjun said: The company has introduced the new TPO coil production line from the German Krauss Maffei Berstorff. This new production line has the annual production capacity of 12 million square meters. Oriental Yuhong will provide global customers with more stable and better quality products!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Xie Jiajie
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    Country: China

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    The Inspiration: Looking for the Legend of Sicily

    History like a bridge, which is connected ancient and mysterious China and Western countries. Japanese artistic historian Kobayashi Tashiro related Rococo culture to China and called it “China-France style”. Making use of this kind of element, Flower Nine Studio takes audience on a journey to experience the collision between culture in China and the west in 18th century.

    China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019

    Rococo style prefers nature, mostly based on shells and stones as its decoration theme. Also, It has peculiar affection for nature and females’ frail postures. Age will never comes back and it will turn into an illusion between us. At the same time, there will be an invisible glass. It keeps attacking us, leading us, guiding us… In order to achieve colorful, lush and gorgeous decoration , Flower Nine Studio uses nylon lace with dynamism, freedom, slenderness, lightness, beauty and transparency, colorful ribbon with golden and silver threads, C-shaped, S-shaped and shell-shaped spiral curves with subdued color.

    At the same time, the studio also creates undulating curved surfaces by using textured fabrics, curved tridimensional laces with pleats; the main material intertwined with peacock blue and emerald highlights the prosperity of the curves, just as the moving clouds turn into the rain in early spring, to emphasizes the level and quality of the skirt and sleeves. Our workers employ dedicated embroidery, superb inlay as thin as wings of cicadas, expression skills with various features in width to create slender style of dressing. We hope that this series of clothes can make people to have highly praised for its complicated luxury, and manifest the last revelry of Bourbon Dynasty.

    China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019
    Flower nine series

    ● The first series

    Blooming flower of Rococo

    The delicate woven lace, representing nobility in France in 18th century, is an indispensable element in the Rococo era of memorizing French luxury. When delicate materials and perfect patterns blend together, this lace performs as a gorgeous flower blooming among the clothing groups, revealing its mystery and elegance. With a ruffled skirt, the clothing not only shows a sense of exquisiteness but also the cuteness and playfulness in our childhood. The transition of basic colors is made with craftsman’s features, so that a large number of delicate colors such as white, gold, pink, pink, and yellowish are plain but not common, deep but not dull. It put the clothing under on under a enchanting and exquisite atmosphere, enables people to become the queen in the 18th European era, with calmness and full of wisdom, nobility and elegance to enjoy their terric life.

    ● The second series

    The walking garden

    Exaggerated shapes and luxurious fabrics create a sense of subtle elegance, luxury and romance. The use of large skirts and corsets brings up more virtual aggression to have access to the exaggerated styling people admired in the Rococo period, and a strong desire to protect faint girls. Skirts with exaggerated styles, the tassels and the complex decoration of the pearls, and the layering of the printed fabrics unfolds the level of the skirts and sleeves in the design, which attract persistent attention. When the soft and pure halo shines on the skirt, the combination of light and shadow changes into an imagination of life, floating in the clouds in the sky, as if it were a dream…

    China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019

    ● The third series

    Alone in nature and latent in crowd

    This, the management of uneven surface and embossment, derives from the imagination of nature with mystery, nobility and freedom. The surface treatment of the concavity and relief of the fabric, mysterious, noble and free, stems from the imagination of nature. It is the exquisite embroidery and the stacks of jewelry, buttons, and ribbons in the costume that indicates a beautiful, innocent color in a thorough way. The winding flowery dress is so long that drags on the ground, the lace of which makes its lines extraordinarily charming. This extremely luxurious resplendence makes it palpable for you to touch the style of this era. With luxury and exquisite clothing style, flower nine has gone through the time and returned back to Rococo period of luxury and gold. Combined with western aesthetic value, decorated with terrific and transparent lace, colorful ribbons with gold and silver threads adorned with silk cloth flowers and curved tridimensional ruffles, Flower nine brings European nobility back to flourish in front of you.

    China International Fashion Week New Product launch of Flower Nine2019

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beijing BALI Culture Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Yang Song
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    State: Beijing
    Country: China

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    Those who are interested to purchase surface protective film, energy saving rock wools and construction material veneer from Panzhu at wholesale prices can now purchase these products from Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

    Panzhu building material products are the hallmark of Fan Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd, and are well-known for their excellent quality. These exceptional products are now available with Exportimes, and they can export these products at wholesale prices to customers around the world. Exportimes plays an important role of supplying trustworthy products and has a well-organized global supply chain. This is the reason why any product available in their stock could be accessible globally.

    Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd Announces To Include their Panzhu Building Material Products in Exportimes Portfolio

    According to the spokesperson of Exportimes, they have the China Panzhu surface protective film in their portfolio that features the innovative double layer waterproof design. This unique film can be recycled and reused and is completely environment-friendly. Besides being excellent moisture-proof, the film is also very good wear and tear resistant and is also anti-collision. The film can have a variety of applications in the building and construction industry and can be used as a facing for glass wool insulation. It can also be used for under-roof decking and as a thermal insulation in floors, walls and crawl spaces. The spokesperson reveals that this protective film has its specific application in commercial and industrial buildings and can be used for blocking the radiant heat coming into the building. Thus, it can be helpful in maintaining a friendly indoor temperature during the summer, while by retaining the heat it can create ambient warmth during the winter.

    Another important product from Panzhu in the portfolio of Exportimes is the energy saving rock wool. This rock is made from high quality basalt, dolomite and other raw materials and could be an excellent building material. The spokesperson states that all these raw materials are melted at a temperature above 1450℃ and fibers are formed following the centrifuging process. At the same time, binders, hydrophobic agents and dust-proof oil are sprayed over it to form an outstanding quality rock wool. The tri-way fiberglass scrim is also used as reinforcement and which plays the role of a barrier against moisture and vapor. This wool has an excellent application in air-conditioning duct works and cold rooms.

    The spokesperson of Exportimes states that they can customize the specification of the Panzhu products according to the requirements of the client. For example, clients can order for custom-made construction material veneer with different thicknesses, widths, and heights. The veneer contains the fabric of aluminum foil or polypropylene and the water soluble adhesive is used. The tri-way glass fiber mesh is used as reinforcement and has a high surface smoothness and an excellent light reflectivity.

    One can check the details of the Panzhu products by visiting the website

    About Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd

    Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to the development and production of various wall maintenance materials, heat insulation and insulation energy saving materials and mechanical seal materials. These products include glass wool, rock wool, rubber plastic products, waterproof and breathable film.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: David Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    For all men there, Tungstencustom has rolled out special Tungsten Rings, such as 8mm Tungsten Rings and other styles that any man would love to wear on his finger.

    Men too love to wear jewelry, and tungsten jewelry would be perfect for them because of its hardness and toughness. Men can wear tungsten rings without bothering about any wear and tear or discoloration issue. At the same time, tungsten rings can be in a large range of designs. And one can explore stunning tungsten ring styles for men on the web store of

    The spokesperson of the tungsten jewelry online store states that they have polished Tungsten Rings for Men in a variety of designs. Men can check their stock and can choose from different styles, such as gold tungsten ring with black patterns, black tungsten ring 8mm with flame pattern, step edge multifaceted tungsten rings, 6mm multifaceted polished silver ring, black brushed tungsten ring with red grooves and other choices. These rings are designed meticulously and are available in different sizes. Available with laser patterns, these rings look highly stylish. Besides exiting patterns, a man can also request for adding symbols of their choice that could be engraved on the ring surface. The font and typography of the names and symbols can also be customized for a unique presentation.

    6mm black tungsten carbide rings white rubber line step edge polished finish for men

    Most men would prefer 8mm Tungsten Rings that come with a variety of design possibilities. The width of 8mm could be ideal for engraving or etching different types of patterns that a man can choose from. With a lifetime warranty, a man can wear these tungsten rings forever, and it will also suit his macho style. Moreover, these tungsten rings are perfect for a man’s rough and tough lifestyle and require almost no maintenance. Tungsten steel has a very high resistance against abrasion and corrosion and it never loses its original luster or shine. This is the reason why jewelry made from tungsten carbide steel is more suitable for men customers. A man can glimpse through their 8mm tungsten ring collection, which include gold tungsten rings 8mm, black tungsten rings 8mm and other varieties.

    According to the spokesperson, they have introduced the Celtic Tungsten knot ring collection for men. Inspired from the traditional Irish craft, the Celtic tungsten rings showcase stunning craftsmanship. Some of the Celtic tungsten ring designs include Celtic tungsten rings with skull pattern, black Celtic tungsten rings with beveled edge, and other designs. The spokesperson states that customers can also request for a custom laser engraving on these Celtic tungsten rings. However, for laser engravings, one has to pay a small additional cost. Each of these rings is delicately designed with custom engravings and which attains a scratch-resistant and stain-free appearance. These rings do not require any maintenance or polishing from time to time.

    Men can check all types of tungsten carbide rings available at reasonable prices by visiting the website

    About tungstencustom

    Tungstencustom is a supplier of high fashionable rings and wedding bands made from the tungsten steel. These tungsten jewelry pieces are available in a variety of styles and colors and are ideal for both men and women to wear on different occasions.

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    KKcoin was jointly invested by four major institutions: DFund, Node Capital, INBlockchain and LinkVC – what exactly attracted the attention of these top funds? The author interviewed the KKcoin team to uncover the appeal of this trading platform. 

    Major Funds Invest In Kkcoin – How A Dark Horse Exchange Differentiates In A Hyper-competitive Industry

    Professional, Steady and Innovative.

    KKcoin Business Director, Stephen, left a deep impression with a crisp statement during our first meeting: A professional team driven by continuous product innovation around user’s needs, prioritizing the steady development of platform technology.

    Stephen said: “KKcoin developed our very own product unique amongst trading platforms, allowing us to stand out from others. At present, the industry is extremely competitive with thousands of exchanges globally, so we chose product innovation to breakout from the rest. Till date, there are only a couple of platforms that provide margin trading with several modeling after Bitmex. What we have done is to create an all-new proprietary trading mechanism via “Perpetual Contracts” which received great feedback from traders. In the midst of our development, we have also attracted some media attention and hope to become one of the few bright spots in this year’s bear market.”

    Focus on user experience with 24/7 customer service

    The KKcoin team understands that user experience is key as they develop an innovative product core. “Our customer service team receives many valuable ideas and suggestions each day. Since our users originate from all over the world, including North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, China, South America, etc., We aim to provide users with 24/7 hours of online customer service. The KKcoin team attaches great importance to each feedback and makes timely adjustments accordingly, so that users relate better with our product.” Stephen emphasized, “Our team is clearly aware that the trading experience of cryptocurrency is a far cry from that of traditional exchanges. KKcoin strives to those standards with a professional interface, seamless operation and innovative trading products.”

    Indeed, after trading with KKcoin’s Perpetual Contracts, its simplicity and flexible trading model stood out, testifying of their user-centric product design. Experienced traders understand that many margin trading platforms have problems such as account bust, unfair loss-sharing mechanisms, and high interest rates. With years of experience and expertise in the financial industry, KKcoin overcomes these problems with Perpetual Contracts effectively, protecting the interests of investors. For example, price limits prevent market manipulation leading to account bust, while position limits prevent excessive speculation. Features such as no expiration date, no funding rate, no societal loss greatly enhance user trading experience. Further, KKcoin has one of the most competitive transaction fees in the market, up to -0.05% (negative) which allows traders to profit when they provide liquidity to the market (as Makers).

    Safety and Security as a key priority for KKcoin

    In addition to user experience, KKcoin commits significant effort to account security. “The KKcoin tech team has many core members from world-class companies such as Google, PayPal, and Alibaba which stands for the security and stability of our trading platform. KKcoin users have access to dual layer password verification, security authentication, anti-phishing measures etc. to protect accounts. On our end, we formed a partnership with a well-known security company and implemented measures such as encrypted transmission, account data desensitization storage and anomaly detection to ensure safety of investor assets.”

    Stephen believes: “If we provide industry-leading products and ensure security of digital assets, KKcoin will naturally earn the trust of investors along with the growing influence of the blockchain. With Binance at the pinnacle of the crypto-crypto trading field, KKcoin will strive to become the best platform for margin trading.”

    KKcoin’s rapid growth

    According to rankings in the Chinese equivalent of CoinMarketCap (, KKcoin is ranked TOP25 in overall exchanges, and TOP5 for exchanges with margin trading. KKcoin has already become one of the most influential trading platforms in Southeast Asia. Benefiting from Singapore Government’s open policy towards the blockchain industry, KKcoin has made continuous progress since its inception. From team building, fund raising, product optimization, the team raced against time. “The development of blockchain changes with each passing day. We endeavor to make products better to satisfy the needs of users through continuous iteration, withstanding the test of the market.”

    The bear market presents both challenges and opportunities for KKcoin. For them, the current situation is opportune to develop and differentiate from the competition. KKcoin works hard to bring innovative and high-quality products so that the company can come out on top when the next bull market arrives. Therefore, even in a bear market, they are committed to aggressive expansion. “Startups have to be fast while making great products. For Perpetual Contracts, we benchmarked them against Bitmex and OKex and found it to be better – however, it will take some time to exceed those exchanges in terms of the scale. That motivates us to work harder to challenge greater possibilities.”

    KKcoin: Only the innovative, fair and mutually beneficial trading platforms can last

    As an objective and neutral third-party trading platform focused on providing an open and fair trading service, KKcoin hopes to help users seize opportunities of the blockchain industry.

    At the end of the interview, the author was deeply impressed by KKcoin’s belief in blockchain technology and dedication to their development of the trading platform. As Stephen mentioned, KKcoin has already developed a long-term plan and are prepared for competition over the long haul. Product innovation will remain key to guarantee future success in this hyper competitive industry.

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    The freezing bear market in the past two months has finally made some players aware that blockchain investment is barely different from venture capital.

    Due to limitations of the technology’s current stage, investments in the ultra-hot projects of public chain, protocols, middleware, Dapp, among others, are likely to undergo prolonged return cycles. 

    In the current crypto arena, there are only two industries with truly stable fund flows and income: exchange and mining. In 2018, one of the world’s largest exchanges Binance reported a first quarterly profit of USD 200 million, overtaking that of Deutsche Bank by USD 4 million. By bidding for market leaders like Binance, Huobi, OKEx and Bitfinix, a majority of investors have reaped tremendous returns. Unlike investments in technology projects, such returns are relatively certain and sustainable. As platform token holders of the leading exchanges, you will be continuously rewarded from their commitment to the distribution of income or buybacks with the corresponding profits, which can hedge you against asset depreciation under bear markets to a certain extent.

    Driven by the “transaction mining” model pioneered by Fcoin, almost all exchanges have issued their own platform tokens to enable ordinary users to share in their fruits of growth through participation. However, transaction mining has far overdrawn market demand, making it difficult for new entrants to gain the initial momentum by following suit and in turn, lose further investment opportunities.

    The mining business, arising ever from the birth of cryptocurrency, has long fallen in the grip of the few. While China enjoys over 70% of the world’s bitcoin computing power with a daily yield of 1,300 BTC, market insiders advise that only no more than 1000 people have effective control of such computing power, meaning that mining in the country is still a privileged game.

    This September, Huobi Mining Pool launched the first mining pool token—HPT, which mainly sources income from the mining business on POS and DPOS consensus, such as EOS, rather than mainstream BTC mining. However, HPT has been in good performance since go-live, keeping a strong gain of over five folds until now, which is in essence underpinned by the continued and stable income generated by the platform.

    Shortly afterwards, the second-ranked mining pool ViaBTC also issued its native mining pool token—VIAT. In contrast, the sincerity of this token has been seriously under doubt as ViaBTC only uses 20% of its commission income to buy back VIAT, with no reward distribution for VIAT holders. Such operation means that ViaBTC is reluctant to engage external investors or ordinary users in their core mining business and hence only link them to the 20% mining commission. As a result, VIAT hasn’t fared well at any point.

    Recently, the top cryprocurrency exchange of Hong Kong Coinsuper partnered with the eighth largest mining pool dpool and mining machine manufacturer Bitfily to launch the first computing power-backed token HRT (Hash Rate Token).

    A total supply of 400 million HRT are issued to fully reflect the 900 thousand T of dpool’s own computing power. HRT holders can enjoy the mining rewards of real computing power and BTC giveaways settled every 24 hours.

    In the meantime, the platform will also use 20% of its commission income to buy back and burn HRT on a quarterly basis to maintain the continuous increase of computing power per unit HRT. Therefore, HRT blazes the trail for users to own computing power and participate in mining by the same token.

    Amid continued BTC appreciation, it might take an investment in the mining industry as quick as half a year to recover the cost. However, mining in bull markets is hefty costs. In early 2017, an s9 mining machine with 14.5 T computing power sold as high as RMB 20,000.

    On the other hand, the cost of investing in mining under the prevailing market conditions is rather low. Calculated based on the offering price of HRT, a mining machine with equal computing power costs 90% less, that is, around RMB 2,000.

    HRT holders can not only get stable mining rewards in BTC to hedge against the risk of asset depreciation in bear markets, but also preempt bonus for the next bull market. A model of low risks and high returns as such is thus a panacea to tackle both. Sustained rewards from income distribution will also motivate users for long-term holding, instead of benefits from frequent short-swing trading.

    HRT is the world’s first token jointly created by exchange (Coinsuper), mining pool (dpool) and mining machine provider (Bitfily) for computing power ecosystem, whose partnership marks a transition from light asset to heavy asset strategy alongside deepened industrial integration, which is favored for enabling stronger control over the industry chain, major cost reduction and strengthened base to better hedge the cyclical fluctuations of the industry and foster long-term growth.

    The HRT computing power ecosystem stays open to absorb and integrate distributed computing power resources with rapid expansion; at the same time, thanks to the significant progress in the exploration of low-cost power resources in the Middle East and Asia Pacific, dpool is expecting remarkable decrease in the cost of computing power towards a future of increasing economies of scale.

    Everyone is asking when the winter will go and no one knows the answer, leaving survival a new consensus among the crypto community. Probably and as always, what is common sense can only be recognized when the bubble bursts: fund flow is everything.

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