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    London, UK – Ashyleigh Kuda Masango, author, human rights activists, political activist and business pioneer is reaching out today to announce a really exciting ecommerce store being launched this week on Thursday – it is going to be a BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY REVOLUTION. The store is accessible worldwide and is a perfect innovation of business ethics; a true business French revolution!

    Ashyleigh Kuda Masango’s principles

    “Women are paid equally, our suppliers have no slave conditions for workers like big brands and supermarkets have abroad, even though they net Billions in Profits monthly and annually. We promote the use of human workers not AI-Bots unlike big cooperation’s replacing human employees with AI-Bots, We also stand for mental health as 1in8 people are likely to get it in their life time unlike cancer and HIV/AIDS which have a very low percentage of 15% chance. We are also shocked at big cooperation’s that claim to support cancer etc. but do not pay their female employees equal pay or hire minorities for big positions, they are a joke! I am also against Blood Diamonds which is why I sell Lab made Diamonds because only they can be 100% conflict free and still look great.”

    Ashyleigh Kuda Masango’s trading points: 

    GB and Africa and Middle East do not have a strong ecommerce identity. Asia has Alibaba, USA and the rest have eBay and Amazon.

    “I have created Novattione store to be the EBAY AND AMAZON of GB, Middle EAST and my motherland AFRICA, When you mention shopping online in GB, Middle East and Africa, will be the synonym. Africans and Blacks are proud and territorial and for centuries have been blocked and lacked the ability to truly unite at something this is why even the movie Black Panther was very successful because now Blacks and Africans have the ability to truly support each other and take pride in our own projects. The same thing goes for Britain and its islands and the Middle East, They have no Facebooks or twitters of their own and their own Amazons or EBays but they are begging for an internet identity and my store is exactly that. A proud symbol for the whole world to see.”

    • Free fast tracked delivery on all orders world wide
    • Giving Britain, Middle East, and Africa an ecommerce identity that rivals Amazon and eBay.
    • Catering to nations neglected by E-sellers because they are seen as low-profit nations
    • Building and representing a business culture that stands for ethical production, employment and trading and conscious consumers.
    • 100% conflict-free diamonds, gorgeous lab made diamond jewellery
    • Amazing Arabic jewellery
    • Amazing Christian jewellery
    • Unique jewellery pieces
    • High tech accessories such as {SMART RINGS} and green energy devices, solar powered

    Long term plan:

    • Open physical stores across the globe, employ more women and pay them equally, run our own factories and use labour forces respectfully unlike the slave camps and using bots being ran by big cooperation’s across the globe, some of these slave factories use child labour and produce items people buy daily. “This is why I am strong on the issue of conscious shoppers and investors who buy shares in such evil companies.”
    • Also to stay in charge of the business culture that stands for ethical production, employment and trading and conscious consumers: “After all why should our women and minorities buy from organisations that do not even pay them equally when I am there?”
    • Build schools and hospitals in Africa, Middle East and Britain and the islands and also mental health institutions.

    “For every conscious shopper and business investor, I say that they should be standing right beside me for my business ethical structure is the future and caters for all the above.”

    “If you support me shop at and let us build this conscious business EMPIRE and usher in a new ERA in business together, and leave behind these devilish corporations that lack ethics and empathy behind.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: NOVATTIONE
    Contact Person: Ashyleigh Kuda Masango
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United Kingdom

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    CoinBank joint conference site

    On October 18, 2018, at the New York Summit held by Mars Finance, Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab and the Mars Finance Blockchain Lab jointly launched CoinBank, a new generation digital bank for young people.

    With the dramatic increase in the level of digital technology, the emergence of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology has helped many industrial sectors to make structural optimizations. For traditional banks, although they have been mapped according to changes in the environment, for example, For younger users, the introduction of preferential credit card and wealth management services, but can not optimize the process and customer service experience, young users have their own consumer claims, especially for many young 90 and 00, they Tired of a series of cumbersome processes and privacy awareness, but choose to use the virtual assets in the game as their main asset. CoinBank itself is a financial service system that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, as well as digital asset applications. How to balance young people, how to balance convenience, fun and safety is the main core direction of designing products in the future.

    As the co-sponsor of CoinBank, Liu Jing, president of Mars Ecology from Mars Finance, said: “After more than eight months of rapid development, Mars Finance has grown into China’s leading blockchain service platform. Adhering to the vision of deep service blockchain Next, we will develop in-depth cooperation with more partners through the development of Mars ecology. The joint forward-looking Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab is a positive attempt to establish CoinBank in the United States. I believe CoinBank is a full stack. The innovative service will bring a new experience to young users.”

    Guo Xiaochuan, CEO of Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab, said: “The Taiyi Silicon Valley Laboratory is rooted in Silicon Valley and has established offices around the world. It has accumulated rich experience in technology research and development and consulting services. In the past few years, we have noticed the new era. Demand for digital currency banking is increasing, and they want a service experience that is superior to traditional finance. As a result, we chose the Mars Financial Blockchain Lab to create CoinBank.”

    At the joint press conference, in addition to Mars President Liu Jing, Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab CEO Guo Xiaochuan, and CoinBank’s North American leader Adam Cai, there are also strategic partners such as Du Fengchen from CoinDaq and Wang Yi of Julex Technology. Also participated in the unveiling of the stage and delivered a speech.

    CoinBank will use the resource system of the two partners to develop the financial brand of the new generation of young people as the development orientation, launch more innovative services, and provide customers with more choices, such as stable digital currency cooperative issuance and compliance transactions. Docking, global digital currency transfer payments, etc.

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    Company Name: CoinBank
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: United States

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    Drug Intermediates Manufacturer India | Ganesh Group of Industries
    Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited offer best quality Cyclopropanecarbonyl chloride (CPCC) ( 4023-34-1) that is primarily used as an intermediate in manufacturing final products such as Iclaprim (CAS: 192314-93-5).

    Ankleshwar, Gujarat – November 23, 2018 – As a leading drug intermediates manufacturer in India, Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited use quality compounds to formulate Cyclopropane carbonyl chloride 4023-34-1as per the pharmaceutical standards.

    Drug Intermediates Manufacturer in India

    When asked about their service, the spokesperson replied “Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited involved in the manufacturing and development of wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical drug intermediates including CyclopropaneCarbonyl Chloride 4023-34-1 and advance intermediates of bulk drugs in its ultra-modern state of art facilities conveniently located at Ankleshwar industrial area which is 350 km away from Mumbai-India,” replied the spokesperson of Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited.

    Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited manufactures Cyclopropanecarboxylic Acid and Cyclopropanecarbonyl Chloride 4023-34-1 from Ankleshwar.

    The spokesperson also continued, our chemical reaction technology allows us to manufacture & export Cyclopropanecarbonyl chloride CAS No.: 4023-34-1. Our product search for Pharmaceutical Intermediates can help you to find pharmaceutical intermediates with detailed specifications by CAS number and API name. We develop critical products for market by undertaking concurrent research to meet the need of this flourishing industry.”

    Cyclopropane Carbonyl Chloride 4023-34-1’s specification; Pseudonyms – CPCC, CAS No – 4023-34-1, UN No – 2920, Product Code – FP C009. Its appearance will be colourless to pale yellow solution.

    “Since 2004, Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited have been offering active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, excipients & raw materials. It is a part of Ganesh Group of Industries which is combination of different sectors like bulk drugs, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, pigments and packaging. Our efforts were blessed when we got opportunities to get associated with esteemed brands in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are looking for the pharma ingredients, contact us. Save time! Get best deals for pharma ingredients & raw materials,” concluded the spokesperson of Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited.

    Ganesh Group of Industries established its first pharma industry in 1991. It is a leading pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer in India, incorporated with the aim to manufacture, supply and export best quality pharmaceutical intermediates and bulk drugs to cater for the needs of pharmaceutical companies for research and development purpose. 

    About Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited

    Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited, a reckoned and fast-growing group of company, established in 2004. It is a part of Ganesh Group of Industries which is combination of different sectors like Bulk drugs, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Pigments and Packaging.

    To learn more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited
    Contact Person: Gunjan Kothia
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +917383434444
    Address:Plot No:6011, GIDC
    City: Ankleshwar
    State: Gujarat
    Country: India

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    According to sources on the market, Tencent recently sought resources cooperation on digital banking. Not long ago, Tencent injected about 200 million US dollars into the Brazilian financial technology unicorn company Nubank with a valuation of 4 billion US dollars, and obtained 5% of the shares. This investment is considered to be a major outbreak on the new wave.

    At present, many regions in the world are experiencing the peak of venture capital. For example, in Latin America, although the local PE funds are sufficient, VCs and strategic investors investing in technology finance are few and far between, so large-scale capital injection is mainly through the introduction of foreign investors. In Asia, countries such as Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, which are well-funded, are constantly exploring investment opportunities in emerging areas, especially new financial services.

    According to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the new financial services company expects that the future cooperation with traditional financial institutions will mainly provide decision support for the latter’s intelligent business, as well as help the latter’s middle and back office automation, intelligence, and mobile operations. Therefore, the development of science and technology has given tremendous kinetic energy to the financial sector, and has also spawned new financial services.

    At the peak of this venture capital, capital institutions from China have drawn great attention. It is reported that Alibaba and Tencent have been constantly observing and preempting resources around the Asian financial technology map. Alibaba’s Alipay Hong Kong (AlipayHK) announced in June this year that it has completed a cross-border transfer service based on blockchain technology with Philippine wallet service company Gcash, and Tencent and KKR have also invested in Indonesia, against Go. -Jek completed the investment, Go-Jek is a local new financial company that provides financial services such as travel payment, loans, and transfers.

    What is the market value of the new financial services sector, and each institution has given a different. For example, McKinsey, a world-renowned management consulting firm, predicted that by 2025, the products of new digital enterprises will oppress traditional financial institutions. Low profit, 10-40% of the existing five retail businesses (consumer finance, mortgage loans, SME loans, retail payments and wealth management) will be threatened, and 20% to 60% of profits will disappear, digitized Productivity will create an opportunity for the banking industry to be worth $350 billion.

    Last year, British online digital banking startup Atom Bank announced a $100 million financing, with a valuation of approximately $320 million. The lead investors participated in the follow-up of Spain’s BBVA, Toscafund Asset Management and Woodford Investment Management. Atom Bank plans to use this round of financing to expand its customer base and service categories and provide financial support for the loan business. Atom Bank is currently expanding the coverage of young users, and its app also adds DIY elements to adapt to young people’s personalized financial services. demand.

    Earlier this year, Revolut, a digital bank in London, also received a large investment from venture capitalists. Revolut is a financial technology startup from London that provides digital banking accounts and a variety of other financial services, similar to Qonto, the digital bank in Paris, and N26 in Germany, also received large-scale investment amounts. Such investment shows that investors are now valued by subverting the new financial services of the banking industry, and may also indicate that digital banking will become the mainstream of the future.

    In the near future, an online digital banking company focused on young people has attracted the attention of global venture capitalists. The company is called CoinBank and is headquartered in Dubai. It is reported that some well-known financial multinational companies have appeared on the list of their investors, some of which are venture capital institutions, and even analyze the company according to the size of the unicorn.

    CoinBank official website home page

    Through the online information search, we found that CoinBank is positioned to create a new generation of financial brands preferred by young people. Before the external financing, it has already achieved strategic cooperation with more than 20 digital asset exchanges around the world. Not long ago, CoinBank and a number of international financial services providers have also cooperated to become a potential company for unicorns.

    CoinBank’s co-founder and chief community officer, Yu Dong, is a post-98 youth. Like all technology changers, he likes to pursue new and interesting things. He believes that “some young people have financial interests, diverse and different stability. Digital assets, very suitable for this type of user population, including cross-border transfer payment services involving travel, is also very novel, we need to find and solve the needs of young people to meet the needs of diversity development

    If the bank’s services are all digitized online and combined with the digital currency application model, it may solve many real pain points. Services such as digital banking have multiple systems such as banking, payment, and transactions to solve such problems. Compared with services under pure line, online and offline services will reduce a lot of costs, and it will be much safer and faster.

    According to market investors, new financial brands such as Atom Bank, CoinBank, N26, and Revolut are very popular among investors because they have conducted extensive research on local banks and found that they are both bank customers and banks. They all hope that banks can change the overall structure, such as introducing new financial service models, or being able to have new financial services companies to change them, because they believe that these changes will make financial services more convenient and safe. As an investor, you can also get a return that you can expect.

    In fact, many traditional financial services organizations also know that new financial services companies will pose threats, especially traditional financial institutions in North America and Europe. However, for now, these institutions are not fast enough to change themselves. In the past few years, banks have blocked some new financial service companies in various ways, hindering their development, but we believe that over time, a new generation of young people has entered the age group that needs financial products, if still Providing them with complex and unexperienced services, when these traditional financial institutions will have no chance, they will be caught off guard by the new financial services institutions, and in fact have already begun, in areas with faster innovation, such as the United Kingdom and Japan. China, etc.

    Although the global changes are becoming more intense and there are many unstable factors, the opportunities are enormous. If the new financial services institutions can overcome the above challenges, the wave of standing on the market will also bring long-term positive to the entire financial system.

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    Country: United States

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    The Inaugural Ceremony of International Brand (Value) Committee of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

    The grand opening ceremony of “2018 Asia-Pacific International Economic Cooperation Annual Conference and the Inaugural Meeting of International Brand (Value) Committee of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation” is held by BJAPEC and China Brand Value Network ( in the morning of November 21, 2018 in Beijing.

    The international political and economic situation experienced ups and downs in 2018. New form of economy lead by the digital economy is rising, and the world is embracing whole new opportunities of reformation. Analyzing the world situation behind the international trading relationships, taking the pulse of the developing trend of digital economy, discerning major economic trend of international brands, discovering the prosperity of traditional finance in the innovation of brand value and creating innovation brand board in global stock market, these are critical in strategic decision-making for each country’s government, traditional companies and digital economy entrepreneurs. The goal of this annual meeting of Asia-Pacific International Economic Cooperation is to deepen the digital cooperation, innovate the value of brand economy, inject new energy for the world economy and create more development opportunities. 

    Robert Hormats, former Deputy Secretary of United States, Vice President of Kissinger Think Tank Office; Ji Pei Ding, former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs; Wu Zhong Ze, former Vice Minister of Science and Technology; Hou Yun Chun, former Vice Director of Development Research Center of the State Council; Ai Feng, former Chief Editor of the Economic Daily, Advocator of Brand Strategy in China; An Zhi Jie, former Dean of School of Economics Peking University, well-known Economist; Zhao Qing Guo, former Office Director of Party Committee Inspection Leading Group of China Securities Regulatory Commission; Qi Chun Bo, Deputy Director of Securities Funds Regulatory Department of China’s Securities Regulatory Commission and Deputy Director of Innovation Promotion Committee; Sun Xiao Pan, Executive President of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(BJAPEC), Chairman of the Beijing Consensus Blockchain Technology Development Research Institute; Song Jin Hong, President of International Brand Value Committee of BJAPEC, Secretary-General of Peking University Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Standard Research Platform, CEO of China Brand Value Network ( conduct deep discussion and view exchange on major topics, such as “Global consensus and sharing in digital era” and “Brand Board on securities markets with IT support”, and discern major economic trend of global digital economy and brand value.

    Former US Deputy Secretary of State, Robert Hormatz, interprets the current Sino-US trade relations and economic situation, pointing out that China and the United States, as the two largest economies in the world, should not be confined to certain specific trade issues. Seeking common ground while reserving differences and pursuing a win-win cooperation is the only correct choice. The former deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ji Peiding, also points out that the global economy needs to be developed in a more open, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction, with the help of new technologies in seeking more economic growth points. Hou Yun Chun, former Vice Director of Development Research Center of the State Council; Ai Feng, former Chief Editor of the Economic Daily, Advocator of Brand Strategy in China; Zhong Ze, former Vice Minister of Science and Technology; Yan Yu, Director of Strategy Office of School of Economics, Peking University; Song Jin Hong, President of International Brand Value Committee of BJAPEC; Ada Woźniak, Marketing Director of D-BANK project deliver keynote speeches in several respects, such as ”the strategy of global economic development”, economic growth under new technology trend” and “diversified development of global economy.

    At the Asia-Pacific International Economic Cooperation Annual Meeting, the “International Brand Value Committee of Beijing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Promotion Association” is officially inaugurated. Robert Hormats, former US Deputy Secretary of State; Qi Chun Bo, Deputy Director of the Supervision Department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Securities Fund; Ai Feng, former Chief Editor of the Economic Daily; Song Jin Hong, President of International Brand Value Committee of BJAPEC, Secretary-General of Peking University Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Standard Research Platform, CEO of China Brand Value Network ( and other VIPs take the stage to unveil the ceremony and express their deep blessings and high expectations.

    Ms. Song Jin hong delivers a keynote speech entitled “Brand Board on Global Securities Markets with IT Support”.

    BJAPEC-IBC (International Brand Value Committee of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) brand committee is initiated by Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (BJAPEC) and China Brand Value Network ( with the association of people from all sectors of society, such as brand circles, securities industry, economic communities, investment circles, education circles. Its tenets are as follows: strengthen the international market demand and cognition of Chinese brand value , promote the development of international brand value economy, and promote mutual exchange and certification of international brand value, integrate advanced internet technology, take the lead in establishing the ‘Brand Board’, a new concept in securities market, based on brand value and organizing the promotion and implementation, integrate current mature international financial securities investment institutions, plan to bridge with powerful international brand value evaluation and exhibition systems, become the most influential online display and advertising platform globally for Brand Board on securities market related to brand value, drive brand value transactions for both local and overseas companies and promote financial globalization of international brand, attract securities investment capital for international brand value which will bring multiple economic benefits for all participated parties.

    Innovate brand value economy with IT support, disseminate benefits brought by brand value on securities markets. The brand board on international securities markets fills the vacancy of brand value in the financial market.

    At present, the initial innovation concept of “Brand Board on securities markets with IT support” takes reference from the Portfolio Theory, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Arbitrage Pricing Theory, Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH), brand value evaluation method etc. Based on the “brand value evaluation standard”, with the consideration of the characteristics of capital market, it establishes a relatively complete and comprehensive index system and evaluates brand strength of enterprises from more than ten dimensions, such as brand leadership, product and service quality, creativity, legal rights, brand construction, social responsibility, financial index, administration management, stock performance, negative public opinion and 100 more of subdivided indexes. It truly focuses on the regular pattern , condition and future development trend of the brand and capital market. And then, it conducts prudent, exhaustive and comprehensive evaluation in respect of the formation, subsistence and development, brand benefit, etc.

    On the basis of brand value evaluation, combined with performances on capital market, corporate management and development status, the listed companies are strictly selected. According to the development of the market, the evaluation standard of brand board is continuously updated to ensure the brand board can reflect the brand and development trend of the company to the utmost extent.

    In the context of financial globalization, the “Brand Board on Securities Market with IT support” not only reflects the brand performance of domestic listed companies, but also conducts brand evaluations for overseas high-quality stocks in the international securities market. In the future, we will strive to track and analyze the data of listed companies in the global capital market, and conduct multiple-angle, all-round and in-depth brand and securities research to make the “Brand Board on securities market” to be the most influential plate in the capital market.

    After the establishment of the International Brand Value Committee, we will also invite the Peking University Brand Value Evaluation and Standards Research Group and the international expert team on international brand value analysis to join into the research team of international Brand Board on securities market to launch a more optimized and scientific standard for brand value evaluation on securities market.

    The profound meaning of the execution and implementation of Brand Value Board on securities market are: lead the international stock markets, guide the direction of international stock investment, establish brand standard for international stock market industry, initiate and realize the economic prospect for future brand value of listed companies on international securities markets, become the mainstay board on international securities markets and attract global financial capital.

    The promotion and implementation of the “Brand Value Board with IT Support” will surely propel the development of the global securities finance industry, the international IT industry, brand and brand value evaluation, legal consultation, finance and other agency service industries, and bring long-term benefits to the entire economic society. As a fast-developing country, China, since the reform and opening up, its mature international operation team is growing day by day with increasing international credit. Ms. Song Jin Hong sends her sincere invitation to America NASDAQ for their participation and support to our “Brand Board on Securities Markets with IT support”.

    In addition, the conference also discussed the Sino-US trade relations and the Asia-Pacific international economic cooperation situation, as well as the global consensus and sharing in the digital age. The leaders and business representatives pointed out that the digital economy has become a new economy with global  competitiveness. With the emergence of new technology, such as AI, big data and  blockchain, a new round of digitization is kicking off. For the world, this will become another rare opportunity.

    The event was unprecedented, and it gathered guests, former national leaders, former officials from different ministries, well-known figures from different sectors of the society, such as the political and business circles at home and abroad, the business community, the financial sector, the securities industry, the academic circles, the brand industry, the media industry and other famous people from all walks of life with the attendance of more than 150 people.

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    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: China

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    Can World is an anonymous unfamiliar social and personalized software, users can share the mood of this moment and this scene, can attract the most matching heterosexual for intercourse, can make some topical comments, unfamiliar social discussions are less stressful, you can also record your impressive stories around you.


    Product features:

    User’s demand: Users can match the most wanted features, personalized display of nicknames and avatars (according to mood); you and me are just in Can World (anonymous, safe, no social pressure)

    No social relation chain: There is No Wechat repost, no attention, no home page, no address book, just the interaction you want

    Target user group: 

    All of you who are unable to obtain the natural life state based on the complex emotional world of reality can recover yourself from the Can World that is a good, gentle, sincere and stress-free world. Never forget your original intention!

    Reasons for attracting users:

    1. Diversified interaction modes to meet user demand.

    2. Based on anonymous, unfamiliar and personalized social interaction, there is no real social character setting, and communication is more sincere.

    3.Completely interact because of content, emotional resonance is stronger.

    4. It’s decentralized socialization, where you are treated equally, without real identity and class, here you can not only find the sense of existence and warmth, but also give others the positive energy and aimless help.

    Main functions of products: 

    Sharing Can: The main point is that users can share a can of emotional or ideological content in the Can World at the moment, and the content is arbitrary, and can be commented, liked, and collected by other users, or can be privately chatted with other users based on this mood.

    Interaction Can: Users match similar friends according to their personalized avatar, nickname, age, identity, constellation, personality, hobbies, etc.; after the discovery of the Interaction Can shared by users, it can be liked, commented & collected or it can also have a chat with users in private.

    Topic Can: Users can share a topic you are interested in, which can be divided into many kinds of properties. If you like sports topics, then you can share a topic about sports, and then you can discuss it with other users, or you can also be liked and collected.

    Story Can: Everyone has different experiences and feelings, then you can record all your humanities stories about life, love, career, gender, nature, etc. to share with other users, other users will like you, communicate with you, or even give you a reward.


    Can World is a completely unfamiliar, decentralized and user-specific social software, which can let users have no real identity & class, and enjoy a relaxing social environment, help users find a release place for the mood which is difficult to release, and help users find the most original state of life. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    Dear Can friends:

    Everyone is born with his own inner world, inner changes allow us to experience life and feel it at the same time. Because we feel, we can connect with each other. We share the laughter and know the gift of empathy. It is because of our inner world that we can drink from love and cherish it.

    Yes, we will also experience difficult inner feelings like sadness, fear, shame and anger; and these emotions will fill your inner world. Your inner heart is like the sky, changing constantly. But may these be equally important? Why touching the hot stove will let us receive the signal to pull our hands back, is our hot mood warning us because of the potential danger?

    Yeah, having multiple emotions is the basis for having different inner worlds, and the changes in your inner world allow you to experience a colorful life. However, remember that don’t let it destroy your life.

    Friends! How do we know that the world outside the heart exists? Can you accurately express your emotions at this moment?

    How do we understand our inner world? Does your physical condition change because of your emotional changes?

    Is your will free? Have you ever responded to raw emotions with gentle forgiveness?

    Dear friend! There’s a reason that you can read these words, now there is a sad energy in your inner world shared by us. But can we start here to be full of hope and freedom from here?

    Our initial idea of creating Can World is to let every lonely soul have a world that belongs to them, and never let it go nowhere. This world is kind and loving to every soul, there is no real indifference, violence, darkness, identity, labeling, class and social intercourse. Here your will is full of freedom and your soul is full of human nature; here “the thoughts and feelings that have been in your heart for a long time will be revealed by a stranger and will go forward with you when you need them”; here, your heart will remain free, it will let you release a soul of sensual freedom from the struggling rational animal and retrieve the life state that belongs to you.

    Friends! Faced with a soul that has nowhere to place, a soul that needs freedom, we can’t change anything, we’re just giving you a break for the time being, and if you ask for it, it’s going to come for you. We hope that all who enter Can World will find the code to open the free world and put your soul where there is no place to put it, let yourself be free to exist and find the natural state of life that belongs to you.

    Finally, don’t forget it, I see you! Can World and the world love you!


    – Can World

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    With the rapid development of Internet technology, the number of netizens has increased exponentially, and social networks have entered an era of emphasizing user participation and experience. The so-called social network is a social structure formed by the collection of social individuals and the connectivity between individuals in the information network. The birth of social networks has enabled humans to use the Internet to move from simple information search and web browsing to the construction and maintenance of online social relationships, as well as information creation, communication and sharing based on social relationships.It not only enriches the communication mode among people, but also brings about profound revolution to the formation and development mode of social groups.

    In the era of mobile Internet, UGC (user-generated content) continues to develop, and social networks have become more and more popular, which can allow users to share content online anytime and anywhere. Therefore, huge amounts of user data are generated. Faced with the advent of the era of big data, complex and changeable social networks actually have a lot of practical value.

    The value of user data generated by social networks is far greater than that of the platform itself. Compared with big data such as search and e-commerce, social user behavior data transmission path is shorter and has higher value.

    So in the entire ecosystem of social networking sites, what value can big data from social networking of Can World bring?

    1、The diversification value of Can World social network big data

    Because of the diversified design of Can World APP and the diversified needs of users, there are many different points of communication, such as Sharing Can, Interaction Can, Topic Can and Story Can, which are faced with the needs of different users in different dimensions. Thus, a large number of social data in many fields like sociology, communication, behavior, psychology, anthropology, and public opinion has been produced. We develop and analyze these data, so as to grasp the trend of events more accurately and find the right marketing objects.

    2、Big data detection technology is based on the trend of big data in social networks

    With the diversified development of social network big data, the demand for social network big data in various fields shows a tremendous growth trend. Therefore, how to use these data is the most concern for Data Technology Analysis Group of Can World. Data Technology Analysis Group of Can World, based on social network big data technology – the processing platform of detecting code big data, uses advanced Web Crawler Technology and distributed computing capabilities to do network information data collection, data extraction, data mining, data processing of  for customized target data sources, and then provides data input for various information service systems. In the application of social network big data, it tries to provide users with more convenient and intuitive data analysis results.

    Attach spatio-temporal symbols to the data from the social networking platform of Can World, remove false and retain true, and collect from different sources or even heterogeneous data as far as possible. If necessary, it can also be compared with historical data to verify the comprehensiveness and credibility of the data from multiple angles..

    Data Technology Analysis Group of Can World uses redundancy configuration, distribution and cloud computing technology based on low cost, low energy consumption and high reliability objectives; it classifies the data according to certain rules when storing data, reduces storage by filtering and deduplication, and adds tags for easy retrieve in the future. Based on the in-depth digging of the user’s structure and behavior characteristics, the hidden useful data can be realized by means of statistics, online analysis & processing, intelligence retrieval, machine learning, expert system (relying on past rules of thumb), pattern recognition, etc..

    3、The function of Can World data analysis

    Can World social network data analysis is a service-oriented product derived from the massive data of social networking sites, but at the same time they also provide great reference value for social networking sites conversely. According to the analysis results of social data, Can World social networking sites can further develop applications and functions suitable for users’ needs, so as to stick users on their own platforms. Utilizing social data analysis tools to provide personalized user portraits, you can see the user’s hobbies, characteristics of consumption, dynamic characteristics and other behaviors, so as to better understand the user’s needs. It can push more accurate information to users and achieve more accurate digital operation.

    In the wave of “big data”, Can World application based on big data of social network will bring more benefits to enterprises, promoting the application and promotion of big data analysis in all walks of life will bring “great value” to enterprises and society. At the same time, the most sensitive issue in the deep data digging is still the issue of user privacy, but Can World is anonymous and strange social, we pay good attention to the protection of user privacy, meanwhile, it also provides users with more accurate and convenient services, which meet users’ needs and users’ safety, and achieve sustainable business benefits.

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    While Bitcoin rejoices in its 10th birthday, Bibox, the steady- pacing top-tier digital asset exchange, is celebrating its one year anniversary. News has been leaked that Bibox is planning its launch of BIX Bonds and opening up bond trading section on the platform itself. Would it be the ignition of a revolution in the bearish crypto market?

    With a total market capitalization of $823.8 billion at its peak, the crypto market went through bull- and bear-runs and has gotten everyone’s gaze upon itself. The faded craze of ICO and the controversial opinions from inside and out of the crypto industry show loud cries for practical innovation. Investors, believers and bystanders are all watching every movement the market has to offer both eagerly and carefully.

    In the past year, Bibox has opened offices in 7 countries and acquired Chain Capital with the VQF license in Switzerland. By the end of the this summer, Bibox started its incubator BiboxLab, located in New York, in faith of supporting the utilization of blockchain technology and in search for real projects that root in and land on the ground. The first admitted project was Vocean, a platform where financial contract is decentralized- a concept that seems easy to grasp. In the traditional financial market, there is $80 trillion worth of global equity assets, while the low-risk fixed income credit assets comfortably hold $100 trillion. If we compare this market to the current crypto market and try to reach a slightly further sight, we will see a huge market for crypto bonds. It is apparent why Bibox has chosen Vocean over myriads of blockchain projects and is scheduled to go on a test-drive.

    On 29th November, BiBox is hosting a bond summit in Singapore, searching for the new opportunities for digital asset.

    For the unpredictably volatile market where value is not always aligned with price, value- oriented investors are often times torn in between the choices. A lower entry barrier and milder fluctuations would attract respectively more onlookers and professional traders to participate rather than joining the frontline and crossfires of the battlefield of crypto market. In the traditional financial market, the circulation of bonds relies on the credit endorsement from regulators and intermediaries. In addition to regulatory approval, the bond issuance shall involve underwriters, auditors, legals, third party credit rating agencies, custodians, registrars, and settlement agencies with large cost involved. Every step of which could be a possible risk. Those intermediaries involved can always lead to information asymmetry and insider tradings, and financial systems isolation. With blockchain technology put in the right spot, the upcoming BIX bonds will be the first to test the waters of a yet unsaturated market. Issued through the platform where a complete cryptocurrency financial contract infrastructure and supporting facilities are built, there is no doubt that the BIX Bonds will bring the market long lost excitement and possibly point out a new direction rather than STOs (security token offerings) that are somewhat a placebo for the cure.

    Ranked 8th among exchanges on CoinMarketCap, Bibox could be considered a strong candidate for many roles in the industry. From vote-to-listing to CunBiBao, it is clear that Bibox’s strategies are always powered by providing quality service and max returns to its users while keeping a fair playground. When in a newly-emerged industry, the balance between bearing the responsibilities and morale that are needed in a rather chaotic market and maximizing profits is evidently difficult to keep. However, when we look closely at the top-tier exchanges, Bibox seems to be the rare exception that kept that balance. It is not only surviving the harshness of the market, it is flourishing and is showing a lot more potential than it did during even the good times. The BIX Bonds would be a scarce but much anticipated combination of current value and future potential as an accessible product. Details of the bonds and related trading section have not been known, the innovation and practicality of the product along with the reputation and history of the establishment works together envisioning this promising revolution.

    Registration link:

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    2018 is the year of draught of blockchain. It is also the best era and the worst era. We have missed the Bit-coin in 2013 and we also missed the Ethereum in 2014. We missed the Ripple-coin and NEO in 2015. We have missed chance to make great fortunate, so we could not be a second generation of wealth, but we do have chance to make our children second generation of wealth. So, would the T2T token be a popular purse? Let’s sort out the core of the T2T token purse.

    We all know that the economic base decides the superstructure. In the world of blockchain, the bottom chain is the economic base and it could be used as operation system that is similar with the IOS, Android of mobile phone and the Windows and MAC of computer.

    The representative of blockchain 2.0 means Ethereum. Since from the setup of the project in 2015, the price has been increased more than 4000 times in the peak. Why is the Ethereum popular among the mass? The first reason is that it is a public chain. Besides, there would be hundreds and thousands of biology that is applied in the public chain of ETH, so that is the reason of it to be the token of thousand times.

    T2T token also needs to build up such public chain. The purse is the entrance and such applications as exchange, mine and cloud computing power would be proceeded orderly. There must be a flood of wealth effect as a snowball once the chain is established. Hence, the ecology T2T token would be in bright future!  

    It is known to all that the exchange would be in the top of the food chain of token circle. Someone makes a joke that exchanges cut the project side and second-grade market with a good knife. It could be seen from the sideway that the profit of exchange is so amazing and such top exchanges as Binance and Huobi would have billions of dollars as exchange amount and the net profit is up to millions of dollars. It is reported that the profit in one quarter in Binance that is founded less than one year has surpassed the Deutsche Bank with the history of 148 years. It could be compared with the NASDAQ that has been established for 47 years.

    There is no doubt that this is the demand of token circle. Firstly, as to a purse, what the mass worry about is whether the purse is safe or not. T2T token, as a decentered purse, is similar with imtoken. I know that there were so many doubts on imtoken when it came to the market since most of players were the users of metamask and myetherwallet and so on. However, along with the development of its ecology and technology, there is no doubt on the safety of imtoken. Furthermore, purse is a management tool of private key without center, so, personally, I think it is reliable.

    On the other hand, as the entrance of flow, purse is of great help to the increase of the customer stickiness. Through the mutual direction with all major exchanges, the users of T2T token would be increased!

    T2T token is the key to be priority of other digital asset purses. Robots would identify the price difference and exchange volume of all exchanges of the digital assets to decide whether there would be implementation of arbitrage task or not and they would choose the proper time to start the arbitrage transaction initially. Robots could achieve the real-time catching of the profit difference of all kinds of digital assets in all transaction platform or the way of making profit, such as making exchange with different token. Hence, the asset digital that we entrusted would not be affected with the price change and all kinds of shortages and risks of artificial arbitrage could be fixed. In multiple exchanges in the world, there would be price differences in most of tokens, so it would be so painful if it is moved artificially since you need to inquire the real-time data in all exchanges at any time.

    Now you could hand it to the AI robot, T2T tokenα, to have a full-day focus on the business and we just need to make money with sleeping. In a word, start the T2T token with the deposit of digital asset of one million dollar.

    As to the owner of T2T token, the profit made by the platform would be shared by all users. Focus on the value and catch the opportunity. The opportunity is extremely important in the token circle. Have fun in T2T token and you could make money when you are sleeping. You should look at other’s making good fortunate if you do not dare to have a try of the little risk!

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    During November 21-23, 2018, many intelligent robots appeared at the 2018 Global Intelligent Robot Exhibition held in Berlin, Germany and received much attention. Among them, the highly eye-catching German LIECTROUX police security robot became the focus of the exhibition.

    The police security robot that was debuted at the Global Intelligent Robot Exhibition is the application of German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute in the field of public safety field. It is a comprehensive intelligent equipment which is capable of self-induction, autonomous action, self-protection and interactive communication etc. It can help humans complete various types of security work and promote the upgrading of security services. It has gradually become a widely used equipment in the field of public safety.

    German LIECTROUX Police Security Robot Debuts At The 2018 Global Intelligent Robot Show

    The design of German LIECTROUX police security robot highly imitates human intelligence. Its brain is equipped with a smart chip that endowed it the human mind and body functions so it can perform complex tasks and communicate with humans. It is equipped with the most advanced infrared thermal imaging camera and human body recognition algorithm, which can realize face capture, identification and comprehensive monitoring without dead space. Even at night, it can detect the surrounding environment in real time and perform real-time alarms when abnormal conditions are found. The police on duty will take immediate action after receiving the alarm message from the robot. It has strong mobility so it can handle all kinds of complex terrain and it can operate safely under the harsh weather such as lightning, rain and snow as well as high and low temperature environment to protect itself.

    When key areas such as key intersections and public transportation subways require temporary police card security check, the police security robot can help the police on duty to complete temporary security inspection tasks efficiently. Some areas that need to strengthen public safety such as exhibition halls, plazas, and station waiting rooms are places where the robot can show its talents.

    The application of German LIECTROUX police security robot in the field of public safety has greatly improved the security efficiency. Its R&D and application provide smarter security patrols, more effective personnel control and better security services for the public safety field.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been the pride of Germany and the inheritor of the German military manufacturing spirit.  (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner it develops adopts the most advanced laser navigation technology to calibrate the position of the fuselage by multi-point ranging, even by 360-degree continuous scanning every second and it record the movement path of the machine in space for one time. With the help of laser navigation technology and built-in computing chip, the accurate interior image of the space can be drawn to deal with various terrain environments of the family. Secondly, it has super suction. The professional customized digital frequency conversion brushless motor forged by high-precision pure lead forging has increased its speed to 24000RPM/MIN and is able to achieve air volume of 26CMF/cubic centimeter. And the robot vacuum cleaner can achieve super wind of 3000pa which can strongly absorbs dust.

    In addition, it is capable of automatic wet mopping after sweeping the floor. And its large capacity automatic water-permeable storage tank with the volume of 500ml can continuously supply water for 90 minutes, which is sufficient for large-sized house cleaning. And its barbed fiber structure water-proof mop can stay close to the ground and automatically apply pressure based on terrain to effectively remove stubborn stains on the ground. The robot vacuum cleaner has been sought after by consumers around the world due to its unique design and high performance. And even the competitors in the industry can not catch up with it.

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    Recently, Cui Yuanze, National First-level Artist and a Korean calligrapher with the honorary title of “Senior Registered Teacher of Calligraphy of the Chinese Calligrapher Association”, was interviewed by hundreds of foreign media and the interview video was broadcast in the relevant art programs. Cui Yuanze, with the title of the senior registered teacher of Chinese Calligraphy Association, the honorary dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of China International Culture Association, the honorary dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Wenhuage, art consultant of the Capital  Calligraphy and Painting Academy and Cui Yuanze is the first calligraphers to be concerned by hundreds of foreign media and to report and publish his works. He reached a new international height of Chinese Calligraphy.

    The brief introduction of Cui Yuanze

    The brief introduction of Cui Yuanze

    Cui Yuanze, a Korean calligrapher, National First-level Artiste and Senior Registered Teacher of Calligraphy of the Chinese Calligrapher Association was born in Mishan, Heilongjiang Province in 1942 in a scholarly family. He graduated from Chinese Calligraphy and painting Correspondence College in 1989. He studied with Ouyang Zhongshi and now lives in Beijing. He is the current the honorary dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of China International Culture Association, the honorary dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Wenhuage, art consultant of the Capital Calligraphy and Painting Academy, the Art Consultant of the Northeast Branch of the Bayi Calligraphy and Painting Academy, the Director of the Chinese Calligraphers and Painters Association, the Image Ambassador of the Chinese Public Welfare, the Art Consultant of China Life Science Aassociation,Director of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of China Cultural Association of Poetry and Wine, First-Class Calligrapher and Painter of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Art Consultant of the National Rural Left-behind UNICEF, Art Consultant of China Lao Tseu Association and so on.

    Cui Yuanze: simple, vigorous and cultured

    Writer: Li Keliang

    Clerical script is the mainstream style of Chinese calligraphy. A perfect writing style and thinking mode have been formed in the long historical inheritance. Clerical script is the main part of Cui Yuanze’s calligraphic art and he also writes regular script, running script, seal script and cursive script. He loved calligraphy from childhood. Later, he learned from the famous calligrapher Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi. He studied various famous calligraphy of Han Li for many years and learned a lot from the famous works of Liu Gongquan, Yan Zhenqing and Zhao Mengfu and some other calligraphers. From the deep exploration of traditional resources, he knew that calligraphers should respect the ancient but not be the same as the ancient. He unexpectedly wrote a new style. His works are powerful, straightforward and simple. He created his own style on the basis of inheritance of the traditional Han clerical script. His unique artistic style is reflected by his woks.

    Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

    Evaluation of art:

    1. The comments of Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi on Mr.Cui is that the ability of Cui Yuanze’s calligraphy is solid and wonderful.

    2. Comments by Li Duo, a consultant of the Calligraphy Association: Cui Yuanze’s calligraphy works are elegant, magnificent and solemn in style.

    3. Comments by Zhang Hai, Chairman of the Calligraphy Association: Mr.Cui’s calligraphy is unique and thick with the rigorous structure and layout, and the ending point is innovative.

    4. Comments by Professor Ren Deshan, the main speaker of Chinese Calligraphy on CCTV Calligraphy and Painting Channel: Mr. Cui Yuanze’s calligraphy is as gentle as himself and he formed his own style.

    5. Comments of Master Fan Zeng on Mr. Cui is that the calligraphy of Cui Yuanze is stable, dignified, fluent and natural. He formed his own style with rich meanings.

    6. Comments by the professor He Jiaying, Vice-Chairman of the Artists Association: Mr. Cui Yuanze’s calligraphy has formed his own style and characteristics, and has his own personality pursuit. He is a rare artistic talent.

    7. Comments by Su Shishu, the current chairman of the Calligraphy Association: Cui Yuanze’s clerical scripts are so thick and magnificent.  His writing is frequent and fresh. He is a real calligrapher with his own style.

    8. Teacher Wei Ding of the Palace Museum commented that MR. Cui’s calligraphy is full of the skeleton of Jin Nong’s, beauty of Liu Bingsen’s and bamboo leaves of Zheng Banqiao’s.

    9. Jin Dongshan, Director of the Cultural Exchange Center of the Asia-Pacific Affairs Committee of the United Nations Peace Foundation and Vice-dean of the Bayi Calligraphy and Painting Academy commented on Mr.Cui ‘s calligraphy works: Teacher Cui’s calligraphy works are the positive energy of the present era, leaves virtue for the society, and truly embodies the calligraphers who are devoted into realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.

    Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

    Cui Yuanze’s character is a typical northern style of calligraphy, its main characteristics are honest and simple. It contains a clear, meaningful and spiritual realm, which can be described as a combination of rigidity and softness and with vigorous momentum. He writes a set of words calmly and leisurely by using his brush pen. It is often with power penetrating the paper and with the magnificent momentum. Such an imposing manner is an important feature of clerical script of Cui Yuanze’s art. In his writings, the graceful and magnanimous spirit, dancing characters and calligraphic style of steel and iron show the ideals and pursuits of the ancients, and tell the long history of Chinese calligraphy art.

    As a hardworking calligrapher, Cui Yuanze has made great achievements in exploring the spirit of Chinese calligraphy by practicing and studying in Linchi for decades. In order to  grasp the force, thickness, purity and subtleties of Chinese calligraphy better, he facsimiled the works from Wei and Jin Dynasties as well as from Tang and Song Dynasties. He talked with the ancient every day when reading and facsimileing their calligraphic works and  learned a lot from traditional culture. Its writing is simple and rich, and its ink is thick and alive. He wrote crudely and subtly, not only vigorous and unrestrained, but also the words  are dense just like a tree, and with strange posture, upright and square folding, forming his won beautiful style. Throughout his brushwork, there is a sense of frequent and the interest of ancient and modern.

    Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

    Cui Yuanze deeply realized that the success of a person’s calligraphy ultimately depends on cultural connotations. Calligraphy without connotations is like the source without water and the wood without root, which is difficult to really grow. For this reason, he strives to absorb the essence from traditional culture and seclude the mystery of traditional calligraphy in his own style, which can make us be awareness of the rich connotation of the calligraphy works and unremitting artistic pursuit of the calligraphers. Cui Yuanze is very good at learning from the ancients. His works take advantages of the works of Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Yan Zhenqing, Ouyang Xun, Yu Youren and so on. His brushwork is vigorous and powerful, and his strength of writing is obvious. He strives to innovate in the content and form of calligraphy without departing from tradition, which not only embodies profound traditional skills, but also is full of the sense of the times.

    Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

    While absorbing the essence of the ancients, Cui Yuanze also had his own ideas and formed his own pure and unique style of calligraphy gradually. From the aspect of artistic style, his calligraphy emphasizes masculinity. His works are full of meanings and with deep charm and strong flavor. We can see that his handwriting shows a heroic spirit on the paper and it can shock us deeply. Calligraphers often take calm attitude to splash ink, and their works are all full of varied changes in the neat writing.  When he holds his pen, he seems to have the ability to pull out a thousand strokes, and then the strong and vigorous fonts appear on Xuan Paper one by one, which can attach importance to the relationship between ups and downs. There are no words in a mess. Whether it is from the combination to the dotting, or from the part to the whole, it contains rich cultural connotations.

    Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

    Cui Yuanze’s profound achievements in calligraphy originate from his theoretical accomplishment, cultural accumulation and artistic talent as well as are related to his years of knowledge and precipitation. Cui Yuanze is person who are up-and-coming and persistent in pursuing his aim. He not only knows the charm of traditional calligraphy, but also integrates different kinds of calligraphy into a whole. The inner cultivation and exploration can be fully epitomized in his works. On this basis, he learned a lot from many other teachers and constantly asked for new knowledge from famous calligraphers of all ages. He took the advantages of the calligraphy from all the calligraphers and made them become his own style. From his series of works, we can know the rich meaning and connotation as well as the unremitting pursuit of art of Calligrapher.

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    What comes into your mind first when you arrive in Chengdu? Shu embroidery? Tea house? Or delicious food? Whether you are a foodie or leisure lover, in the editor’s opinions, you should never miss the cute pandas, a different traveling experience, when you come to Chengdu.

    Chengdu is a park-like city known as “City of Pandas”, and the following scenic spots are recommended:

    Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Study Base

    (Address: No. 1375 Waibei Xiongmao Avenue, Chenghua District, Chengdu; Ticket price: RMB 55; service hours during the National Day Holidays: 7:30 – 18:30)

    Of course, Giant Panda Breeding Study Base is undoubtedly the first choice to see pandas in Chengdu. It is close to the urban area with a large number of pandas. And here you may see the newly born panda babies!

    As the oldest panda seeing scenic area in Chengdu, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Study Base receives a great number of visitors during the National Day Holidays. It is the busiest scenic area in Chengdu. Every day, tens of thousands of visitors go here to see pandas. The editor learned that during the National Day Holiday this year, Chengdu Giant Panda Base will implement such measures as controlling the total number of visitors every day and controlling real-time number of visitors in order to ensure the visitors’ experience and the normal show and safety of pandas.

    Panda Valley

    (Address: No. 408 Yutang Section of Rim-Mountain Touring Line, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu; Ticket price: RMB 55; Service hours during the National Day Holidays: 7:30 – 18:00)

    To get a close contact with giant pandas in the wild jungle is the aim of many visitors to Chengdu, and Panda Valley is a perfect place for you to realize such an aim. It is also known as Dujiangyan Giant Panda Breeding and Wild Research Center. Located in Majiagou, Baima Village, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City, it is the first research base in China with the purpose of “returning pandas to the wild environment”. It is 50km away from Chengdu City and 6km away from downtown of Dujiangyan. Here, with tranquil environment and slowly flowing streams, giant pandas that are taken care of by the people since born will be awakened for wildness and return to nature. You may stroll in the primitive mountain to collect every twinkle and smile of the cute pandas.

    The real figure for Kung Fu Panda 2 you love, Gongzai, lives here now. Come here if you want to see the bearing of Kung Fu panda!

    Dujiangyan Panda Park

    (Address: Huaizhong Road, Shiqiao Village, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu; Daily reception volume: 6,000 persons; Ticket price: RMB 60; Service hours during the National Day Holidays: 8:10-18:00)

    China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center Dujiangyan Base, also known as “Panda Park”, is located in Qingchengshan Town with beautiful landscape between Qingchengshan Scenic Area and Jiezi Ancient Town. More than 30 cute giant pandas live here, playing and having fun every day. They can totally meet the visitors’ demand for seeing of giant pandas. All the pandas here come from Wolong Panda Center with wild nature, especially they are skillful and rapid in climbing trees.

    Presently, the number of giant pandas settled in Panda Park has reached 30 including four red pandas, totally able to satisfy the “Panda” fans!

    Of course, you should go to have a look at Dujiangyan Water Project and Qingcheng Mountain once you come to Dujiangyan. You may see pandas in the morning, visit Dujiangyan Water Project in the afternoon, live at the piedmont Qingchen Mountain for the night and enjoy hot springs, and climb Qingcheng Mountain on the next morning to appreciate the perfect autumn scene. How comfortable!


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    Eminent speakers from the Industry to discuss on future technology and Currency

    Mumbai – Tefla’s which is known for conceptualizing, planning and organizing research based industry specific conference & Exhibition in tandem with industry leaders & associations is set to organize Fortune Asia 2018 along with CIO Awards on December 05, 2018 at St. Regis, Mumbai. The event will be organised in a joint initiative with Global CIO Forum with focus on Block chain – Future Tech & Currency and help connect, educate, collaborate and involve masses about the latest trends in the Block chain space.

    Global CIO Forum represents IT executives and CIO globally. Currently working in META region and with expansion plans globally, the Global CIO Forum is a non-profit community of CIOs and IT leaders whose mission is to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and executive development, and to collaborate on issues faced by the CIOs/IT Executives.

    To name a few eminent personalities associated with the event are Kumar Gaurav, Founder & CEO, Cashaa; Evan Luthra, CEO & Founder – EL Group International Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor – Honorary Ph. D in Block chain; Sean H. Worthington, President, CloudCoin Consortium; Girish Bajaj, Global CEO/Strategist, GB Blockchainer; Khartik Iyer, Block chain Monk; Jaspreet Bindra, Co-Founder, Stealth Mode Startup Company, independent Advisor and Consultant on Digital Transformation and Block chain; Anand Mahajan, CEO, Sphinx Solutions Pvt. Ltd.; Naresh Jain, Co-Founder, Snapper Future Tech – Block chain Technology & Innovation Company; Arvind Ravindranath, Nishith Desia Associates Legal & Tax Counseling Worldwide, Vaibhav Domkundwar, CEO & Founder, Better Labs; Sarang Bhoyar, Block chain Leader, Infosys; Mohit Mamoria, CEO, Authorito Capital; Srinivas Kulkarni, Director, Organizational Development, Social; NS Nappinai, Advocate; Sameer Sibal, Partner, Jerome Merchant and many others.  

    The event will be a forum to explore opportunities and discuss various use-case of Block chain across different industry verticals. Furthermore, it will provide a platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to meet up and exchange ideas followed by the award ceremony.

    Aadil Singh, Director, Tefla’s expressed his happiness in organizing such event and stated, “Innovators are exploring ways to use Block chain to disrupt and transform traditional business models across many industry such as financial services, healthcare, government and many others. Many industry leaders have already achieved significant business benefits, including greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency and speed of transaction, and reduced costs”

    “As per the latest news, the increasing investment by the venture capitalists in the Block chain technology is a significant factor propelling the market growth which is expected to cross USD 16 billion marks by 2024. In 2017, approximately USD 1 billion was invested in Block chain start-ups with more than 185 deals across the globe. The Block chain industry has great opportunities in the coming future,” he added.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact: Prashant Agarwal (+91 9022800584 / 9920150234), First Communicate Media Consultancy

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    Nov 23, 2018 – The Open Port site is basically a free open port checker tool that can be used for checking a remote TCP port status as open or close. This toll can even be used for testing the device or a router for port forwarding. This checker tool can effectively be used for checking one’s external IP address and detecting open ports on a certain connection. The tool is highly beneficial when it comes to finding out whether a port forwarding setup is correct or not or if the server applications are constantly being blocked by a certain firewall. The tool might even be used in the form of a port scanner for scanning a network for ports that are generally forwarded. Here, it must be noted that certain ports like port 25 are generally blocked at ISP level for preventing malicious activity.

    At, you get the free utility checker tool for remotely identifying or verifying whether a port is closed or open. The tool is highly useful for individuals looking to verify port forwarding and checking if a server is operating or an ISP or firewall is blocking some ports. can be described in the form of a website that offers information on subjects that are related to port scanning, open port and networking along with other related topics.

    There are three important sections covered within the site and there are specific introductions provided to the visitors on all the three topics or sections covered. The section called Online Tools is comprised of all network-associated tools. These tools can directly be run from the website. Here the main website tool is Open Port Checker Tool coming with the potential of detecting on target machines if a certain port is closed or open.

    Then there is the Offline Tools section containing tools that can be downloaded and run from different devices being used by the user. These systems include mobile devices, laptops and desktops. Currently, the site has the Mobile Tools section in its development procedure and it will soon be added. The section called Articles is basically the blog section where visitors get to read articles about open port, port scanning and various other networking topics. Articles on the site get updated on a regular basis with new and relevant content. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you visit the sire time and again for getting new and updated information.

    Sources close to the administration and development team of the site say. “Our main objective is adding freer and easily understandable online open port tools, great content and offline networking tools to our website. We look forward to making our website one of the best places where the entire community can get the right resources. We have even added a Q&A section to our site for answering relevant questions. We keep updating this section with new questions and answers for the ease of our visitors. We consider our readers to be the most important links in the services that we offer.”

    Feedback and suggestions are always welcome on the site along with anything that the readers think would work for the site and make it more helpful and user-friendly.

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    Electronic Works LLC has launched an electronic waiver app that creates an advanced electronic waiver system for businesses to convert paper waivers in the electronic format for their easy storage and management.

    Businesses can now store and manage their waivers using mobile devices only. Electronic Works brings this ease and flexibility for businesses by offering them a simple mobile application with advanced waiver storage and management functionality.  This waiver signing and storage app is available for both Android and iOS devices and with a speedy sign up process, one can get a paperless waiver storage business solution in minutes.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, this waiver app is perhaps the best and secure way to store paperless waivers forever. This mobile application can empower a business by making the process of waiver sign up quicker, easier as well as more secure. With this mobile app, one can collect waivers on any mobile device and can store them in the electronic format. The electronic waivers are easily searchable and one can easily retrieve a signed waiver from the database. The spokesperson reveals that they have created a complete electronic waiver management system, where one can easily convert paper waivers to online waivers and can say goodbye to paper waivers forever. Moreover, the system is fully secured with an enterprise grade security and 256-bit file encryption. A business can rely on the system and can rest assured of the safety of the waivers stored onto the platform.

    Best Waiver App Now Available For Both Android & iOS Users to Sign & Store Electronic Waivers Using Mobile Devices

    While further deliberating on their electronic waiver system, the spokesperson maintains that they also extend VIP tech support to the high-end business users of the system. The system offers different types of subscription plans and several plans are backed by the dedicated tech support, which focuses on quickly resolving any issue that a business might be facing while signing or storing electronic waivers. More importantly, the waiver management system speeds up the waiver signup process so that a business can keep collecting waiver at a faster pace, and which will generate more revenues. In the busy seasons, a business can now handle more numbers of customers using a quick waiver management system.

    The company’s waiver app has already become popular among many business users. One can also download the free one-month trial of the mobile app, and can check its efficacy, usefulness and features. Once satisfied with the performance of the app, a user can subscribe for the subsequent months. They have different types of subscription plans and a business can choose a plan as per the volume of the electronic waivers it needs to handle every month. They also have an unlimited plan, in which one can sign and store unlimited number of waivers every month. Available at a lower price with complete security, one can also integrate this waiver system into their website.

    To know more about this waiver management system or to download the free trial of the mobile app, one can visit the website

    About Electronic Works LLC

    WaiverElectronic is the best online waiver service that allows streamlining waiver collecting and storage business with their feature-rich electronic waiver application. In just a few minutes, one can convert their existing paper waiver into an electronic waiver and get rid of paper stacks forever using the application.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Electronic Works LLC
    Contact Person: Andy Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Besides offering discount card printing and gift card printing, Plastic Card Online, Inc now also supplies custom luggage tags that help identify baggage of the travelers and also brings a promotional advantage to a company.

    In the world of business promotions, innovative efforts never take a back seat. Companies keep searching for new ways of promoting their business, and luggage tags could be one important way to introduce a brand to the traveling community, more specifically. Plastic Card Online, Inc can now supply beautiful luggage tags in attractive designs that can simply help someone’s baggage to appear differently from the rest. Besides an easy identification, these tags can also deliver a business message for brand promotions.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they have now extended their experience of plastic card printing in the printing of custom luggage tags. They can print luggage tags with the custom message of the client on them, which can impress travelers and can also promote a particular product or a brand. These luggage tags could be appropriate for tour and travel companies, hotel chains, and others who particularly want to reach the traveling community with their brand message. The company boasts of supplying custom-made luggage tags in a variety of styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colors that can simply draw the attention of people in airports, lounges, hotels and other places. These luggage tags are practical and functional and can be an excellent idea of promoting a brand.

    Clear Plastic Card Printing Company Now Announces To Supply Custom Luggage Tags for Client Companies

    Plastic Card Online, Inc, however, has the specialty of supplying a wide range of plastic cards. They offer the clear plastic card printing with double sided printing along with the timber. These full color clear plastic cards can easily draw the attention and can be used as premium business cards. They can supply clear plastic cards with frosted and high glossy finish that can be helpful in improving the image of a business. According to the spokesperson, they can offer a great deal of customization with respect to shape and size of the cards as well as the designs and fonts used in making the card more illustrative and presentable. They can supply either crystal clear or clear frosted plastic cards that can be used for a variety of purposes. The company can also design clear plastic cards with the matte varnish finish that could be extremely transparent, but not fully clear although.

    The online card printing service is the best option to buy smart card online. Plastic Card Online, Inc has many kinds of products and smart cards in its portfolio, such as RFID card, contact card, contactless card, smart ID card, NFC card, and so on. The company can design smart cards for various purposes and sectors, such as telecommunications, network security, physical access, digital content protection, medical informatics, and so on.

    One can learn more about the plastic cards and smart cards the company can supply by visiting the website

    About Plastic Card Online, Inc

    Plastic Card Online, Inc is a plastic card printing company founded in 2008. Today, the company has been working with thousands of clients from all over the world (more than 80 countries). Plastic Card Online, Inc is now a leading professional and famous card manufacturer with monthly output of 20 million pieces. The company supplies full/four color litho printed cards with ISO standard 760 Micron solid PVC, professional looking, texture and feel.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Plastic Card Online, Inc
    Contact Person: Eason
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +852 81916581
    Country: HongKong

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    People who are fond of Extra Large Contemporary Paintings can visit the website of LN Art Co.,Ltd to explore a beautiful range of Handmade Abstract Paintings and Palette Knife Paintings.

    With their exceptional collection of handmade large size canvas art pieces, LN Art Co.,Ltd allows art lovers to grab customized paintings at affordable prices. These paintings feature a variety of designs and patterns, including stunning sceneries, floral arts, breathtaking landscapes and so on. They also have modern abstract arts with unique concepts, ideas and themes.

    The online art store has an adorable Handmade Abstract Painting collection, created by a team of talented artists. The artists choose professional acrylic paint to draw beautiful paintings on high quality linen canvas. These paintings could be in black and white or can feature a multitude of colors for an attractive and colorful artistic presentation. These paintings are available in a variety of sizes in both horizontal and vertical formats. The artists, however, can also customize the shape and size of the paintings as per the specific requirements of the client. According to the spokesperson of LN Art Co.,Ltd, “We can always alter the dimension and shape of the painting so that it can properly be placed in a given space of the client. One can choose the painting and can send us the measurement of the space and we will customize the size accordingly.”

    LN Art Announces Handmade Abstract Painting & Palette Knife Painting for Art Lovers around the World

    The artists of LN Art Co.,Ltd specialize in the Palette Knife Painting, and one can find several types of handmade and large Palette Knife Paintings in their collection. These large contemporary paintings are available in blue, green, yellow, red and other colors. These paintings are 100% handmade items, which show painstaking creativity of the resourceful artists. Using professional quality acrylic paints, the artists have portrayed various ideas onto a high grade canvas that can tell a complete story. Not only just attractive in lively colors, but these paintings are also very expressive to convey some message that a real art lover can easily decipher. Each of these paintings carries a signature of its artists at the back portion. One can also request for the signature to be placed at the right bottom corner of the canvas.

    LN Art Co.,Ltd makes the Extra Large Contemporary Painting more affordable as well as easily accessible for art aficionados around the world. Moreover, the team of artists is always available to customize the paintings that art lovers will always appreciate. The paintings are shipped to the art lovers rolled in a solid tube and it doesn’t carry any framing. One can get the paintings stretched at their local framing shop and can it hang on their wall with or without frames. The spokesperson reveals that unframed paintings are safe and convenient to ship around the world, and they never charge the cost of the frame from the buyer. They charge a flat shipping cost of USD 20 only, however.

    One can check all types of contemporary handmade paintings in their collection by visiting the website

    About LN Art Co.,Ltd.

    LN Art Co.,Ltd is a group of artists, trying to spread their ideas of art to the world via Etsy and Each artist in the team is talented in certain subjects or techniques. They create, recreate, paint every single piece of art carefully, slowly, and expand their business by bettering their reputation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: LN Art Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Zhi Lin
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-15892056362
    Country: China

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    On November 23rd, ExShell Token went online simultaneously around the world and opened the ET/USDT campaign. ET is the ecological token issued by ExShell which is the world’s first digital asset exchange.

    ExShell will repurchase ET 20% of its net profit every quarter, and the repurchased ET will be completely destroyed. When the total amount of repurchase reaches 30% of the total amount, the repurchase will stop.

    The following are the essential highlights of ExShell ET:

    1. Repurchase rules. The open market issuance price of ET is $ 0.1 per token, and the minimum repurchase price of the first quarter is 0.2 dollar/piece; if the market price is more than 0.2 dollar/piece, it will be repurchased at the prevailing market price; the minimum repurchase price of the second quarter is 0.3 dollar/piece; if the market price is more than 0.3 dollar/piece, it will be repurchased at the prevailing market price. Moreover, ET is the only Token with a clear marked price in the industry.

    2. ET can be used to pay transaction fees. The specific rules involve the first year, 50%; the second year, 25%; the third year, 12.5%. At the beginning, the exchanges will give users discounts in order to attract users’ attention and ET’s discounts are unprecedented.

    3. ET can be used to deduct rates in full ecological applications. It includes listing fee, leveraged loan charge, OTC service charge, token loan fee and withdraw fee, etc.: the first year, 20%; the second year, 15%; the third year, 10%. Compared with other Tokens, ET has a wider application scenarios, and it must have a high circulation rate in the future, which further stabilizes the long-term value-added of ET.

    4. Multi-channel of usages. The specific allocations are as follow: 25% for security reserve, 20.1% for exchange circulation, 20% for community operations, 10% for ET Fund, 10% for pre-transaction subscription, 9.9% for founding team and 5% for strategic partners. From security reserve to community operation, from user interests to partner interests, the distributions of ET usage are more reasonable, which can stimulate each role in the ecosystem to play its maximum value.

    It is reported that ExShell has gathered the world’s top operational and technical experts in traditional finance and digital finance, and its core founding team members are from former senior executives of Huobi.

    Recently, more than 10 top investment institutions and well-known investors such as Consensus Lab, Turbo Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, LD Capital, and Crypto Capital jointly invested in ExShell. Meanwhile, ExShell also launched the first digital asset current management product-ShellBel. The highest annual return of ShellBel is 36%, with free withdrawal and no transaction fee. According to the official website announcement, the first phase of ShellBel will open three kinds of digital assets investment, BTC, USDT and ETH. The profits will be calculated on daily basis, and the investment will begin to accrue interest after 24 hours.

    In order to celebrate the launch of ET and thank users for their supports, ExShell launched a Thanksgiving campaign to airdrop towards new registered users and ET-holders, with a maximum of 1 million ETs. Time is limited, first comers first get till all gives out!

    It’s not difficult to see that ExShell is looking for the long-term development. With the development of ecological construction and the application of ET’s diversified scenarios, ExShell’s market position will be gradually improved. We expect ExShell to provide more perfect ecological experiences of blockchain for global users.




    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    One can now read the 3d treatment for prostatitis review available on the website of 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic to help understand the importance and advantages of this non-surgical prostate treatment method.

    Reviews of products or services often help people understand their hidden benefits. The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic has now published reviews of their 3d advanced prostate treatment, which will help people understand why this natural treatment method is effective in eliminating prostate problems from their root. These reviews are from the real patients who have been treated in the clinic. These patients themselves talk about the salient features of Dr. Song’s advanced 3d targeted injection therapy, and how they came out of the painful situation in just a few weeks.Reviews Of 3d Prostate Targeted Treatment Reveal Prostatitis Treatment Success Rate & Other Advantages

    The 3d treatment for prostatitis review will detail out the root causes of the diseases and how Dr. Song plans a natural and herbal injection based treatment to completely eliminate the deeply rooted causative pathogens from the human endocrine system. According to Dr. Song, prostatitis is mostly caused by bacterial pathogens. He conducts laboratory tests on his patients to determine the conditions of the bacteria and then starts his treatment. The blockage of the prostate gland or its calcification could be another possible reason behind the disease. He has treated both types of prostatitis patients in his clinic and has cured them from their painful conditions. Due to prostate blockage, a man can undergo severe pain and discomfort, and often requires an immediate attention. Many patients are sent for a surgical treatment, which may fail to completely remove the blockage and calcification.

    Besides prostatitis, Dr. Song has treated several kinds of prostate diseases, such as enlarged prostates and prostate cancer. His 3d prostate treatment has been proved successful in most types of prostate diseases. In the patient reviews, one can come across several cases where this non-surgical treatment proved a boon for the patient. There are many patients who openly appreciate the kind of treatment and aftercare they receive at Dr. Song’s clinic in China. Speaking about his treatment, Dr. Song states that he only relies on herbal unblocking medicine to clear toxins and harmful substance from a man’s prostate. This unblocking medicine is directly transported to the affected area of one’s prostate by the way of tiny targeted herbal injections. The injections are administered at regular intervals and which ultimately eliminates the blockage of the prostate from its root.

    According to Dr. Song, based on the severity of a patient’s condition, the 3d prostate targeted treatment can effectively unblock the prostate in 2-5 weeks. Afterwards, the patients are provided with the medication and care that help in the fast healing of the prostate gland. This systematic treatment approach helps prostate to return to its normal conditions.

    One can read the reviews by visiting the website

    About The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are premier prostate treatment clinic. These two clinics specialize in treating various types of prostate diseases and complications, such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperlasia (BPH), prostate cancer, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, cystitis, prostate blockage and calcification, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), etc. These two clinics are medical clinic, licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics
    Contact Person: Miss Alisa Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18673216429 (WhatsApp)
    State: Hunan Province
    Country: China

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