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    Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory specializes in supplying different types of pre-tensioned and post-tensioned products, such as pre-stressed tendon, pre-stressed tendons, pre-stressed strands, post tension anchor and so on.

    Pre-tensioning or stressing of wires used to anchor the concrete section, and which has wide applications in concrete structures. China based Tianjin Gubo specializes in a wide range of pre-tensioned and post-tensioned products that are remarkable for their anchor efficiency and an excellent performance. These products are supplied to a number of construction and infrastructure development companies around the world.

    According to the company spokesperson, they design and supply the Post Tension Anchor, which is the most common type of post anchorage system. This anchoring system is suitable for concrete structures, rock retaining walls and other applications. They can supply the anchor with two different types of anchorage grips, and are also ready to customize the product as per the drawings and samples of the clients. The spokesperson reveals that the teeth of their anchoring grip are sharp and clean, and can allow an easy clamping of the strand.  At the same time, the anchorage grip can match single-hole or multi-hole anchor heads. The anchorage systems they supply ensure the required stability and safety of the structure.

    Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory Announces To Supply Pre-Tension and Post-Tension Steel Materials For Construction Industry

    One of the important post tensioning products the company supplies is the Anchorage Barrel And Wedge. The anchorage barrel is used as a construction material, mainly used in building bridges, railways, highways and underground constructions. The spokesperson states that the 100% product reliability is their benchmark, and companies can rely on their anchorage barrels for heavy construction and infrastructure development projects. The product uses steel strands locked in the conical holes of the wedges and which can be used in supporting heavy loads. Every grip is checked for its quality and can efficiently transmit the tension in the steel wire. The anchors or barrels are also used in pre and post tension concrete manufacturing and have their own applications in the construction sector.

    The spokesperson reveals that they have years of expertise in manufacturing made to order pre-tensioned and post-tensioned steel products that can meet specific construction related requirements of the client. The company has own factory to design and produce a variety of products. At the same time, the R&D team can customize the specification of the products as per the design and samples provided by the client. The company can supply products throughout the year, and clients will never find a shortage of products for their projects. According to the spokesperson, they use high quality materials in their products and maintain all quality parameters, so that products are durable and reliable.

    One can check all types of pre-stressed and post-tensioned products the company supplies by visiting their website

    About Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory

    Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory produces pre-tensioned and post-tensioned steel materials, such as Post Tension Anchor, PC strands, PC wire, unbonded tendon, pre-stressing tendon, pre-stressed tendons, pre-stressing strands, unbonded PC strands, PE coated PC strands, anchorages and corrugated duct.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory
    Contact Person: Leo
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 18622040400
    Country: China

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    These new Line Magnetic products include Line Magnetic 219ia tube integrated amplifier and Line Magnetic 508ia single ended tube amp.

    Founded in 2005, Line Magnetic(LM) Audio is a popular brand with its array of high-end products. Using the latest and the cutting-edge technology, the company is now a forerunner in the music instrument segment with its innovative products. China-hifi-Audio attempts at bringing modern and feature-rich instruments online, for customers to purchase them with ease and convenience. The company has added several new LM products, which can appeal to the music lovers around the world.

    China-hifi-Audio already maintains an extensive portfolio of a wide variety of instruments, such as tube integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, preamplifiers, DACs, CD players and others. With the new addition of LM products, customers will have more choices to enhance their music listening experience. One of these products is the Line Magnetic 219ia tube integrated amplifier. This single-ended Class A amplifier is available at reasonable prices with free shipping. Available in black and silver colors, the product is available with a remote control and a tube cage cover. The amplifier features point-to-point hand welding and also wide frequency single-ended output transformers. Built on two high quality special technologies, the amplifier uses two high-power EI power transformers.

    New Line Magnetic Amplifier Products Included in the Stock of China-hifi-Audio for Music Lovers (audiophiles)

    According to the spokesperson of the company, this tube integrated amplifier is now in their stock for customers to purchase from anywhere around the world. The amplifier is convenient to install with its tube cage cover and its remote control comes with the volume and quiet functions. The amplifier is suitable for enjoying all types of music, as it offers soft, pure and sweet sound to the listeners. Another new product to explore is the Line Magnetic 508ia single-ended tube amplifier, which comes with an elegant and more dignified back panel. With 805 high power output tubes, it achieves the single-ended Class A power amplification. Users can also adjust the BIAS and can also find it suitable for hum balance adjustment. The amplifier can be used with tubes from a variety of brands and models to enjoy different rhymes. The spokesperson states that this amplifier comes with a totally handmade construction with the same welding booths. The machine also uses German high quality coupling capacitance and features a special development for the power transformer of the native circular area.

    LM products often have an intrinsic value and feature a true spirit of craftsmanship. The company continuously strives at evolving the product feature and quality and introduces new products to the market. Through the online channel of China-hifi-Audio, customers can rest assured of finding the newest LM products online at reasonable prices.

    One can check the features of these new LM products by visiting the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is an audiophile tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-hifi-audio sells products from some great Chinese well-known brands, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    BonusCloud is now open for global volunteers recruitment from all over the world, If you:

    1. Can work in English fluently by writing, reading and speaking.

    2. Familiar with hardwares and development boards such as Raspberry Pi

    3. Can be available for possible remote work.

    4. Have certain acknowledge about blockchain industry and better about Cloud Computing.

    5. Are interested in BonusCloud and have a general idea about the project (will be a plus).

    Please free feel to join our telegram group for further detailed communication:


    Brief Introduction About BonusCloud

    BonusCloud ( aims to develop a decentralized trustworthy global cloud computing platform to serve open and shared ecosystem platform in blockchain application. It combines the virtualization technology of cloud computing and blockchain to support more PaaS applications under the promise of guaranteeing its security. It can execute the smart contract, web application, storage application and computing application.

    On one hand, FaaS and Edge Computing can be developed by the virtualization technology of BonusChain. On the other hand, it stores all the transaction information and resource information into the blockchain where the users can inquire and audit freely.

    On Nov. 16, 2018 BonusCloud launched Russian speaking community, which covers the region of Russian speaking countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and any other Russian speakers across the globe. The community,with Skorzhevskyi Anton Vladimirovich as a community operations leader, aims to offer the users of this region the services of better and better quality along with timely and related updates and information.

    For more information about the introduction of BonusCloud, please see the below link:

    Official webste:

    Official Forum:

    Introduction & Tutorial about how to Join BonusCloud:

    Official Telegram Group of BonusCloud Russian Speaking Community:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BonusCloud
    Contact Person: Gray Wong
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Singapore

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    On October 22, 2018, CoinBank, a global digital bank, and Circle, a blockchain financial services organization, began an official friendly cooperation on the stable digital currency USDCoin issued by Circle.

    Circle is a world-renowned blockchain financial services company. Its investors include Goldman Sachs, IDG, Baidu, etc. Circle has developed and launched Circle Invest, Circle Trade and Circle Pay, and announced the launch of anchor USD in May this year. Stable class digital currency USDCoin. Circle’s ecosystem is very large. In February of this year, Circle announced the acquisition of Poloniex, the world’s top three digital currency exchanges, for $400 million. Currently, Poloniex offers more than 70 different digital currency transactions, with a single day transaction amounting to $300 million.

    After the cooperation is reached, the two sides will jointly promote the Internet into a new era. At present, the stable digital currency USD Coin issued by Circle has landed in the CoinBank ecosystem, and USD Coin will be circulating in more than 20 exchanges and OTCs within the CoinBank ecosystem.

    CoinBank co-founder and chief community official Dong.Kuai said: “Circle is a company with great application experience in the global blockchain field. It is our honor for CoinBank to cooperate with Circle as its important partner in the field of digital banking. We will provide excellent resources for Circle to promote the smooth development of cooperation between the two parties.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CoinBank
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    The final tally for China’s Double 11 (or Singles’ Day) shopping frenzy invented by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba came in at 213.5 billion yuan ($42.46 billion), shattering last year’s record of USD 25 billion.

    This year around 180,000 both local and international brands signed up for this biggest online shopping festival ever. But there are just enough counterfeiters who hijack money and equity from rightful brand owners.

    E-commerce – Counterfeit Takes Its Toll

    E-Commerce platforms, brands, third party agents have been trying to fight against counterfeits, but counterfeiters still abound. For example this year Alibaba’s ‘fake hunters’ spent 1 millionyuan ($145,000)on average to identify counterfeits, it’s still not hard to find them on Taobao app.

    Leading luxury brand Gucci is reluctant to partner with Alibaba and another China e-commerce giant due to the widespread counterfeiting on those platforms – for a good reason.

    According to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2018, counterfeiting was estimated to have been responsible for losses of $98 billion in the high-end consumer goods sector, with online counterfeiting making up $30.3 billion of the total. The total losses across all industries because of counterfeiting in 2017 were estimated around $1.2 trillion and are expected to reach $1.82 trillion by 2020, while online counterfeitingis estimated to have caused $323 billion worth of losses in 2107.

    Counterfeiting not only has presented serious economic challenges but also caused social and environmental harms.

    “The effects of counterfeiting manifest in many ways including the loss of sales revenue and profit margin, fraudulent product warranty claims, product liability claims, as well as brand and product reputation damage. There are also environmental and social challenges as most of the counterfeiters run sweatshops that rarely abide by environmental protection and labor laws.” says Ronnie Ng, CMO of simplyBrand, an e-commerce verification platform powered by blockchain, AI and decentralized verification to fight counterfeiting.

    A New Approach to Blockchain Against Counterfeiting

    In early November, IBM has announced an initiative to fight counterfeit hard drives using its blockchain platform to help manufacturers, integrators, and business partners better authenticate the provenance of hard disk drives.

    Walmart has also sent letters earlier in Augustto its suppliers of farmed goods urging them to track their produce using blockchain technology.

    From electronics to farm products, as well as medicines and luxury goods, a lot of efforts have been made to trace manufacturing of the products using blockchain so that consumers can get info about the whole process of production, thus improving transparency and trust. This can create a much more effective control on the supply chain for brands.

    But simplyBrand utilizes blockchain with a different approach.

    Instead of tracking the manufacturing process, simplyBrand is trying to create a platform on which the brands can seek services to detect sellers and online merchants involved in selling fake products with the help of crowd-sourced participants who can directly report the counterfeit products.

    There are three steps involved:

    Step 1: simplyBrand will detect all the public data from e-commerce platforms in and out of China including pictures, prices, location, product description, etc.

    Step 2: These data will go through their AI model, which is developed and trained based on its accumulated experience over the past 5 years. The data then will be analyzed through AI, Natural Language Processing, semantic analysis, image recognition technology combined with the human layer to verify if a product is genuine or counterfeit.

    Step 3: The data of the confirmed counterfeits will form an immutable blacklist on blockchain, which will be accessible to brands and consumers and third parties. Third-party then will remove offending product pages and report the status of their work to the platform and claim their rewards.

    SBA token plays a key role in the system. Crowdsourcing participants who report the fake products will receive tokens as rewards and can either use them to purchase brand privileged items on simplyBrand platform or sell them on exchange. While brands can buy tokens from exchange, and purchase brand-protection services on simplyBrand platform.

    “With blockchain technology combined with AI and decentralized verificationwe hope to create an ecosystems where all stakeholders can work together to end counterfeiting once and for all,” Kaufman Chang, CEO of simplyBrand says.

    simplyBrand was founded in 2013 by Kaufman Chang and Ronnie Ng as a data intelligence company that helped brands track counterfeiting. Kaufman Chang holds an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has been a successful serial entrepreneur with ventures in cloud computing software, big data security software and biotech. Ronnie Ng, the co-founder and CMO, is an alumnus of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and has worked across Asia for over 15 years, successfully starting ventures and selling them.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SimplyBrand
    Contact Person: Ronnie Ng
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    Zhang Yue, who was born in Lufeng city, Guangdong province on August 20, 1992. And now, he was already a chairman of DaiPu Group and the founder of brand WOUWOU and WATER SECRET.

    Zhang Yue, A Successful Young Entrepreneur

    His way to success was rugged and legendary.

    After graduated from junior high school, he had to give up his studies due to the economic pressure of his family. He was trying to make a living in Guangzhou with a few hundred yuan.

    After twists and turns, he finally found a job in the hair salon, from the first day on the job, he became the most diligent and hard-working employee in the salon, trying to seize every opportunities to learn. With his own efforts, he became a salon manager in only three years.

    In March 2013, he opened his first salon with his savings, but it failed due to the unstable customer source.

    In January 2014, he borrowed money to open a second hair salon. In the process of operation, he found that many customers have hair quality problems and need a professional hair care product to repair damaged hair, so the first product of  WOUWOU Nutrition Hair Mask was born.

    On May 23, 2014, driven by his dream, Zhang Yue, regardless of the objection from his friends and family, he decided to sell his hair salon and devoted himself to the business of hair care products.

    On July 23, 2014, DaiPu (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. was registered and established. Zhang Yue became the chairman of the board. The brand WOUWOU move into corporatization development.

    At the beginning of the establishment, the company have only 2 or 3 people, they run the market, purchase, delivery, after-sales service all by themselves.

    Months went by and sales were still flat, but he didn’t give up. With the join of the three shareholders, the company sailed through difficult times.

    On November 5, 2015, Guangzhou WOWO Cosmetic Co., Ltd. was established, and the company entered the stage of rapid development. Invited by many media programs, the company win more than 60 awards such as Asian famous brand award and Chinese famous brand.

    With his extraordinary perseverance and courage, overturn the traditional practice of cosmetic markets, engage in internet e-commerce industry, he only used three months to make the profit from nothing to ten million per month. In less than three years, the company has turned to group operation from individual operation.

    The success of this young entrepreneurs, achieving accomplishment that the peers or even the experienced entrepreneurs are difficult to attain. None of this happens by accident. Zhang Yue concluded that the rapid growth of the company cannot be achieved without four aspects:

    1. Grasp the opportunity.

    With the rise of micro internet economy, the keen business sense of smell has been given preconceived development opportunities.

    2. Product quality.

    The innovation ability of DaiPu Group is conspicuous. It is mainly to control the product quality and continuously launch high-quality products with excellent quality that subvert the market, so as to win the competitive advantage.

    3. Social foundation.

    With the support of customers and partners and the hard work of distributors all over the world, the company has gradually gained a firm foothold in the market.

    4. Good word of mouth.

    Good products meet the professional sales team, good reputation will be accumulated naturally.

    Nowadays, while having a good harvest in career and love, he also pays back to the society, helps his hometown to build primary schools, and takes part in many public welfare activities.

    With excellent qualities, he has become a light of hope and role model for many people. He is a legendary entrepreneur born in the 1990s who deserves our admiration.

    If you have a dream as he did, then go for it!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Wowo Cosmetics Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Jimmy
    Email: Send Email
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    On November 27th, New York time, the blue logo of Vocean appeared on the Nasdaq big screen in Times Square, which was the prelude to Vocean’s new journey in the global financial center.

    Vocean is a decentralized financial contract ecosystem, the first project co-incubated by the well-known exchange’s incubator BiboxLab and token fund Node Capital.

    For the trillion-dollar market of crypto bonds and trading platforms, Vocean plans to build a bond market in the crypto currency sector.

    Not long ago, on November 22nd Beijing time, the world’s first crypto bond issued by Vocean, BIX Bond, held an online conference, involving dozens of top crypto currency investors and hedge funds from all around the world. The conference was held and received special reports from more than 20 media.

    Less than 12 hours after the press conference, the BIX bonds have all been subscribed.

    At the press conference, Vocean founder Jerry Zhong introduced that Vocean consists of a financial contract issuance platform, a financial contract secondary market and a financial services community.

    It covers the primary and also secondary markets of financial products, provides services such as risk management and asset deployment through the financial services community.

    At the same time, Bibox co-founder AiresWang emphasis on that the more bear markets, the more bonds are needed. In the field of crypto assets, for investors in the crypto currency market, bond investment is a less risky and stable way of managing money.

    Especially in the bear market cycle, fixed-income products such as bonds can bring continuous investment income and effectively avoid market risks, which is an investment category that investors need. In addition, in the existing digital currency market, even the well-known public chain, it is still impossible to refinance the equity in a similar form, but if it is issued in the form of mortgage bonds.

    Furthermore, Bibox will hold a crypto asset summit in Singapore on November 29th, at that time Vocean will be formally launched and announce future strategic plan.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Vocean
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Teeth are the very important part of the human body. Having good teeth enable people enjoy delicious food. Good and beautiful teeth are also necessity for a good-looking face. Modern people are now pay more attention to the importance of protecting teeth.

    The main purpose of cleaning teeth is to prevent oral diseases and at the same time to make teeth more beautiful and to reduce the inflammation of gingivitis and periodontitis by washing teeth. The current cleaning of teeth mainly adopts methods of manual cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. But these two methods both have their drawbacks. Manual cleaning is time-consuming and laborious. Ultrasonic cleaning is not suitable for people with infectious diseases, respiratory diseases or people wearing pacemakers.

    Japan Dental Hygiene Association Introduces German LIECTROUX Oral Cleaning Robot To Achieve More Precise And Safe Dental Treatment 

    It is reported that the Japanese Dental Hygiene Association recently introduced the oral cleaning robot developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute. This dental cleaning robot combines the advantages of manual cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. It is convenient and fast and is suitable for all people. It is able to achieve efficient and scientific cleaning. It can make dental treatment more precise and safe at the same time. It is small in size and flexible in movement and it can directly enter into the human to conduct treatment. Its built-in smart chip allows it to perform precise operations as directed by the dentist. Its pair of eyes is actually pinhole cameras that are able to capture clear pictures of the mouth.

    In addition, it is equipped with a special medical high magnification magnifier that is able to magnify the fine structure and obtains erect and extremely sharp images. Therefore, the dentists can intuitively know the situation of the patient’s mouth and then adopts targeted treatment. In addition, the arms of this oral cleaning robot can quickly replace a variety of treatment equipment such as high-speed drill bits for sputum and hole preparation; various needles, sputum for root canal treatment and dental head for ultrasonic cleaning. It can therefore help to achieve precise treatment of the mouth and dentistry.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been known for its military quality. It has been in the field of intelligent robots for several years and has developed various types of intelligent robots and gradually change people’s life philosophy and lifestyle. Today, robot vacuum cleaner developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has entered the Chinese market. (You can view the website: or German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner adopts a laser cruise positioning system to scan the surrounding environment by laser technology to achieve more accurate positioning. It can accurately construct real-time room maps and plan cleaning routes.

    Secondly, it has a variety of cleaning modes such as edge cleaning mode, fixed point cleaning mode, reservation cleaning mode, automatic cleaning mode, etc., so it can effectively cope with the cleaning of various complex environments. In addition, it uses an zigzag cleaning route to achieve orderly cleaning, which will not cause repeated cleaning or missed-cleaning, which greatly improves cleaning efficiency. Once launched, this robot vacuum cleaner has been loved and snapped up by consumers for its excellent performance, unique design and stable quality.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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    The explosive growth of medical knowledge is difficult to share and move effectively. The explosive growth of medical knowledge and data has surpassed the processing power of the human brain, making it difficult for doctors to integrate all relevant information and make diagnosis and treatment decisions. At the same time, static medical knowledge requires a long accumulation time. But it’s difficult to extract after it is formed, and more difficult to be assetized for effective sharing and exchange. This further exacerbates regional medical level differences due to uneven resource distribution. In addition, because there is no corresponding support technology, medical data interoperability is poor. Other medical practitioners can hardly participate in and integrate their knowledge to achieve systematic self-improvement of medical knowledge.

    Status Quo Of The Medical Industry
    Status Quo Of The Medical Industry

    With the technical progress, blockchain and smart contract technology have brought new perspectives and ideas to solve the trusted exchange, assetization, and effective sharing of medical data, enabling safe and efficient interconnection among medical resources and medical data. The blockchain establishes an objective and tamper-resistant medical data usage tracking and control mechanism from a technical level and builds up medical data usage credit and medical knowledge flow platforms. Meanwhile, smart contract promotes the flow and sharing of medical knowledge and narrows the service level gap among regions. The new generation of information technology triggers a new round of human pursuit of health and well-being, becoming the second information technology revolution in the medical field.

    The LEBEN platform focuses on solving the pain points of medical data trusted exchange, medical data sharing, visualized medical knowledge exchange, and visualized medical knowledge sharing. It also removes the barriers of data sharing among various medical institutions. This will achieve secure exchange, compensated sharing, and controllable transmission of medical data on a global scale.

    LEBEN Ecosystem's Transformation To The Healthcare Industry
    LEBEN Ecosystem’s Transformation To The Healthcare Industry

    Based on a technical system, the LEBEN platform differentiates the ownership, usage rights, and execution rights of medical data to formally create and validate smart contracts, realize data exchange and sharing, and visualize medical knowledge exchange.

    1. Driven by business applications, it breaks the boundaries between different medical institutions and medical systems in different countries and improves the overall medical state of the world.

    2. Inspired by the economic system, it enables the organizations, traditional medical information systems, and IoT health equipment to access the platform and maintain a healthy and orderly operation of the platform.

    3. Promoted by the ecosystem, it fully exploits the value of multi-source and heterogeneous resources to provide an organic growth environment for the storage, exchange, and appreciation of knowledge. With the help of a strong core team and fund organization, the platform will be organized and developed in an orderly manner.

    Through LEBEN’s reform and optimization of blockchain smart contract, doctor’s medical knowledge can be shared to assist medical practitioners in providing diagnosis and treatment to more patients. This greatly facilitates the flow and dissemination of medical knowledge, infinitely magnifies the value of medical data, and solves the imbalance of medical resource distribution in the world. LEBEN also achieves trusted medical data exchange through blockchain technology, breaking through the bottleneck that medical data are isolated from each other and cannot be fused. LEBEN will cover every single corner of the world with modern medical knowledge and products through an impeccable data exchange platform, bring more possibility for the global homogenization of medical quality.

    About LEBEN

    LEBEN is a global collaboration platform for smart contracts in the medical industry, which characterized by “medical knowledge effective sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”. It integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Leben
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: New Haven
    State: Connecticut
    Country: United States

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    APA Game, once again, has come up with an interesting and new fishing arcade machine game in which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can be seen contesting with each other.

    Taking clue from the last US Presidential elections, APA Game has developed a new fishing game concept. The game will witness the contest between two popular and arch rivals for the presidential race, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While Trump successfully made its way to the White House, there are numerous Hillary supporters who still believe the young lady as the most promising candidate for the president of the world’s most powerful nation.

    At APA Game, the storytellers decided to present this political rivalry between Hillary and Trump in a gaming format and have come up with the new Trump vs Hillary fishing game. The game has a very interesting storyline and can engage anyone in it, no matter he or she is a fan of either Hillary or Trump. Even though people have no interests in the politics of the United States of America will enjoy playing the game. According to the spokesperson of the game machine development company, “it’s just another game with an engaging storyline. It has nothing to do with the politics.” The game has been developed with a politically neutral message and expresses no bias towards any of these two global leaders.

    China Fishing Game Machine Company Announces A New Attraction Of Trump Vs Hillary Fishing Game For Worldwide Gamers

    The company has used its great expertise of designing the fishing arcade machine and included attractive and HD graphics in this Trump vs. Hillary game. In fact, the company has sold many fishing game machines to different geographies, including the USA and South East Asia. Some of the popular games introduced by the company are monster awaken, lion strike, ocean monster, ocean god and others. These fishing game machines may come with both types of options of coins out and tickets out. They also sell fishing game cabinets and fishing game kits and can also install bill receivers and printers in the machines. The spokesperson reveals that they can customize the gaming machine as per the request of the clients, so that they can optimize their profit.

    The China fishing game machine supplier has a huge selection of fishing hunting games and arcade fishing games for video game parlors across the world. And this Hillary vs. Trump game is a new icing on the cake. Video gamers all around the world are enjoying this unique game that allows them to make their free time more entertaining as well as exciting. This new type of fishing game is drawing the interests of the worldwide gamers, and thus, video game shops can make huge profits by installing the Trump vs. Hillary gaming machine. APA Game has a number of gaming machines in its stock and can ship machines, all across the globe on a daily basis.

    One can learn more about the Trump vs. Hillary gaming machine by visiting the website

    About APA GAME( Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.)

    APA GAME( Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2011. The company is located in Panyu, which is the largest game machine industrial area in China. APA Game specializes in the international trade of gaming machines and they import gaming machines from Japan and export all kinds of gaming machines from China to overseas. They work with reliable manufacturers and source products at targeted prices.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: APA GAME (Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.)
    Contact Person: Jenny Peng
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13926124090(Whats App & WeChat)
    State: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    As a member of China Calligraphers Association and China Hard-pen Calligraphy Association, a member of Beijing Huaxia Diplomatic Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, president of Yuntian Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Chen Caifu is the hot spot focused by hundreds of foreign medias and vied to report. Thereupon, here comes a new height of China’s Calligraphy art that has caught world’s recognition.

    Chen Caifu, Member Of China Calligraphers Association And President Of Yuntian Painting And Calligraphy Institute, Inaugurates A New Height Of Chinese Art In The World


    Chen Caifu, also calls Yunshangren, born in 1964, Jinhua, Zhejiang province. He is a member of China Calligraphers Association and China Hard-pen Calligraphy Association, a member of Beijing Huaxia Diplomatic Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, president of Yuntian Painting and Calligraphy Institute. He’s also a member of Jinhua Youth Calligraphy Association. And now he’s been a doctoral supervisor at Oxford Art Academe and a council member of China Folk Painting and Calligraphy Academy, a branch of Oxford Art Academe. In 2017, he’s awarded national cultural pioneer of new era. Mr. Chen Caifu ardently has been loving calligraphy, painting and seal cutting since he was young, and has got splendid achievements.

    Graduated from senior high school in 1981, Chen Caifu learned from a late calligrapher and painter Mr. Jin Pingao, imitated copybooks ofKiloword Script, calligraphy rubbings of Half Stele of Xingfu Temple, Shengjiao Preamble, The Duobao Pagoda, Qin Li Monument, Stele of Caoquan, Stele of Zhangqian, Stele of Shichen, Stele of Yiying, Ode to Shimen and the like. He’s especially good at running script and clerical script and creates lots of calligraphy works like “good luck in career”, ”the sea refuses no river”,” social commitment”, ”Shang Shan Ruo Shui”, ”Zhu Hai Guan Tao”, “heart sutra”, and “Qinyuanchun•Snow” ,etc. Mr. Chen Caifu’s natural and unrestrained writing gives you an enjoy of comfort as if floating on high o’er vales and hills like a cloud. And the characters are lively and form a beauty of symmetry. His work shows artistic beauty. Serving in the cultural bureau of Panan county in 1983, he integrated calligraphy into the creation of wood carving and inaugurated a unique technical method. His ink left in many local architecture and himself was praised by the masses.

    “I’ve inherited much traditional calligraphic technique, and insisting calligraphic elegance and regularity will bring great success.”
     — Famous Calligrapher Chen Caifu

    Owing to the low barriers of calligraphers, there are many ugly works now. Bizarre calligraphy works is not creation, if it is, why the beautiful works are regular, delicate and elegant in the 5000-year history?

    Mr. Chen Caifu exerts all his energies to study traditional calligraphic rubbings, so as to inherit Chinese calligraphy essence. So, he is the real calligraphy artist, and the proctor and creator of pure Chinese calligraphy.

    Chen Caifu’s work
    Chen Caifu’s work

    Look at the work “Hui Feng He Chang”, a real beautiful writing, you’ll find the inheritation of clerical script. Clerical script originated before Qin dynasty and matured in Han Dynasty(both in Donghan and Xihan). Traditional Han clerical script not only reappears in the work but goes up to its summit again. Chen’s work greatly shows the beauty of clerical script and is praised by people.

    This work shows Chen’s achievements on studying calligraphy tablet engraved with clerical script and considering its artistic conception. He combines the regularity of Stele of Zhangqian, the clemency of Ode to Shimen and the abundance of Stele of Yiying. These wonderful words, throughout the soul, brush and ink, present the grandeur and grace of clerical script in Han dynasty from the structure to handwriting.

    Longly studying calligraphic rubbings, Mr. Chen Caifu attains his achievements. In his opinions, inheritation is the most important spot in calligraphy art, and the words’ regularity should get more practice, which is fully showed in his another clerical script work of “learning enlarges knowledge, ambition urges success”. This work uses art skills of Han clerical script and masterly combines the method of engraving steles in Wei dynasty. Both the form and the artistic conception have achieved interflow of the calligraphy and the words. A kind of wisdom is formed and directly hits your heart.

    Chen Caifu’s work
    Chen Caifu’s work

    Referring to the steles, Chen Caifu’s clerical script is regular and correct. Besides, his running script is also correct, beautiful and full of artist conception. Look at the calligraphy work “spring coming with wind and rain”. It obviously takes the form of the freehand brushwork learned from Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi, which is extremely free and lively like an eagle flying up to cloud, a tiger running in ravine stream, and gives you a big eye-feast. Free calligraphy matured in the time of Wang Xizhi and became superb in the era of Wang Xianzhi. So, people say Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy is free but Wang Xianzhi’s is much freer.

    Chen Caifu’s work
    Chen Caifu’s work

    So, we can find Chen Caifu praises highly of Wangs’ semi-cursive and cursive script calligraphy. He combines art skills of both kind of freedom mentioned above, so that his works not only embody the epitome of Jin Dynasty, but is of high quality like mellow wine. “Qinyuan chun•Snow’ is a perfect example.

    Learning from Wang, but creating by himself, Chen Caifu inherits traditional calligraphy and insists his innovation.

    Chen Caifu’s work
    Chen Caifu’s work

    The cursive script work “sky is the limit”, free and elegant, shows a kind of happiness which you can find in Wang Xizhi’s work Lanting Preface. Comparing to Lantign Preface, Chen’s is used to slowly write the last step. Take the Chinese character “天” for example, Chen does not finish word quickly, but writes the last step “乀” (we called “na” in Chinese) slowly and presses the brush near the end, which shows his thought of a stroke of the brush sets the scene and all freedom coming from regularity. The last stroke is free but also is regular and elegant. Combing freedom with regularity, it is Chen Caifu, that not only insists traditional inheritation but also pursues creation.

    Traditional calligraphic technique needs inheriting, and success is achieved by constant practice on calligraphic elegance and regularity. Calligraphers Chen Caifu is similar to Qigong who once said “Don’t call me calligraphers, I am just a writer who just write correctly and elegantly.” Qigong’s words, seems casual, but expresses a real fact: a real master writes correctly and elegantly. Chen Caifu is none other than a real master who writes with a devout heart.

    Famous painting and calligraphy critics Tian Jixue 2017.2

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    Contact Person: Joe
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    Country: United States

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    The Dr. Song’s 3D prostate treatment China is based on the ancient Chinese acupuncture and can cure several types of prostate diseases, including the prostate cancer, without any surgery.

    Prostate diseases are often very painful and men are recommended to undergo a surgery to get a temporary relief from the pain and sufferings. But there is one non-surgical method that can permanently cure different types of prostate diseases, including prostate enlargement, inflammation of prostate, prostatitis and cancer of the prostate. Discovered by Dr. Song, this advanced treatment has helped numerous men to recover from their painful conditions and get back to their healthy and normal life.Dr. Song’s 3D Prostate Treatment China Is Fast Becoming a Reliable Cure for Prostate Cancer

    Dr. Song has well-equipped 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics in China, where he offers his 3D prostate treatment China. He offers his treatment to patients not only from China, but patients from different parts of the world visit his Clinics in China to get rid of their painful prostate disease. Since there is no surgery involved in his treatment, people find it more suitable to cure their disease. Besides being a non-surgical method, Dr. Song only uses his proprietary herbal medicines to treat patients. Thus, the treatment has no side effects and it can permanently cure patients. This advanced 3D prostate treatment is the discovery of Dr. Song and is available to his patients who arrive at his clinic in China.

    According to Dr. Song, he spent a significant number of years in researching the occurrence of the prostate diseases, symptoms, possible causes and the treatment. Today, his treatment is very popular across the world, because of its amazing success rate. Dr. Song can offer guaranteed treatment for diseases like prostatitis and enlarged prostates, and already have a number of successful cases in his name. With his reliable 3D prostatitis treatment USA, he witnesses an inflow of a number of patients from countries like the USA and Canada to his clinics in China. The clinics run by Dr. Song carry all the essential diagnostic equipments and offer world class care and facilities to patients from other countries. Dr. Song reveals that there are English speaking doctors and staffs in the clinic who can offer appropriate help and care to all foreign patients.

    Healthcare specialists from around the world maintain that Prostate cancer is a deadly disease, which can devastate a man’s life. The modern health science often recommends a surgical procedure to cure this kind of cancer. However, Dr. Song has the best therapy to cure the prostate of cancer, using his targeted injections. These tiny injections are potent enough to kill cancerous cells of the prostate gland. According to the doctor, the herbal medicine of the injection kills the maligned tissues, but never damages the healthy surrounding tissues. On the other hand, chemotherapy and surgery may harm healthy tissues as well and this will prolong the healing process after the treatment is complete.

    For complete knowledge about Dr. Song’s 3D targeted injection therapy, one can visit the website

    About The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are premier prostate treatment clinic. These two clinics specialize in treating various types of prostate diseases and complications, such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperlasia (BPH), prostate cancer, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, cystitis, prostate blockage and calcification, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), etc. These two clinics are medical clinic, licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics
    Contact Person: Miss Alisa Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18673216429 (WhatsApp)
    State: Hunan Province
    Country: China

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    Light is essential for plant growth. LED grow light is a proven light source that provides longevity, optimal spectral control, photosynthetic efficiency and rapid return on investment with reduced total cost of ownership.

    Plants need a certain spectrum of light to enable them to do photosynthesis and grow correctly, and while natural light provides this, not every plant has the right does for the right amount of time to ensure it grows optimally. SANSI LED full spectrum grow light is one of the most unique lights on the market. With its ceramic structure, hollowed-out base and superior brightness. It is an ideal solution for indoor gardening applications.

    Patented Ceramic LED technology

    what separates this grow light from the majority of others is its use of ceramic. Most LED grow lights use aluminum and glue the LED chips onto it using adhesives and PC boards. However, SANSI’s lights have been engineered to be different. Ceramic, unlike aluminum, is a non-conductive material, so the LED chips can be stuck directly onto the ceramic body. This allows for there to be less parts within the bulb resulting in less heat created and energy wasted. Overall, creating a more energy efficient bulb.

    Honeycomb structure 

    The honeycomb design not only promotes superior heat dissipation, it also contributes to the production and weight of the light. The adoption of using a ceramic honeycomb structure allows this light to use less material in production; making this light environmentally friendly right the way from creation to performing in the home.

    Hollow base  

    The last distinct feature of SANSI’s 40W grow light is its hollowed-out base. This, like its honeycomb structure, contributes to the look of the light while providing ideal conditions to dissipate heat.

    SANSI is developing a comprehensive range of LED products, stretching from display solutions to all forms of industrial and architectural lighting. We aim to offer the most cutting-edge grow lighting solution for growers in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Amy Gong
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    Country: China

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    Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Co.,Ltd has over 20 years of experience in forging steel products with different compositions that can have a wide variety of applications in various industries.

    Steel is generally known to have high strength and an excellent machinability and thus can be used in many industries. However, steel is an alloy, which contains different elements. The composition of these elements can be customized to produce special steels that can be pretty specific to any industrial process. China base Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Co.,Ltd specializes in customizing the percentage of different elements in the steel alloy and supplies special steel products that can have unique properties.

    According to the company spokesperson, they have a significant expertise in forging special steel products. They can supply DIN 1.1191 steel, which is a general carbon steel. They can supply this steel in round rods, square bars, shafts, blocks and forging pieces. This carbon engineering steel comes with the properties of good welding ability and an outstanding machine processing ability, and thus can be used in many industries. The company supplies this carbon steel to automobile companies, building industry and others. The steel is mainly used for manufacturing shafts, bushings and crankshafts for vehicles, connecting parts for machines and for making knives, axes, hammers etc small tools.

    Forging round bar

    The company is also a leading supplier of the Din 1.7225 steel, which is a Chromium-Molybdenum alloy steel. This steel has excellent strength and toughness and is generally used after it is quenched and tempered. The steel also exhibits excellent low-temperature impact robustness and also has a good tensile strength and yield strength. Available in the forms of round, square, rollers and blocks, the steel is mainly used in large size parts, such as axles, gears, engine cylinders, connecting rods, drill pipe joints, fishing tools and others. The steel blocks are generally supplied with black, peeled, smooth and turned surface. The spokesperson reveals that they supply 100% ultrasonically tested Cr-Mo alloy steel that retain outstanding mechanical properties of this steel alloy.

    The other important alloy steel the company supplies is the DIN 1.6582 steel. This heat treatable steel alloy is composed of nickel, chromium and molybdenum, and these elements are in the ratio as per the DIN Germany standards.  The steel is well known for its toughness and can withstand heat treated conditions. The steel can retain high fatigue strength under high heat and can be used for making heavy duty shafts, gears, pins, axles, spindles, couplings etc. The company can deliver this steel in round, square, flat, rollers and blocks, with black or bright surface. With an excellent surface hardness, the steel is suitable for heavy duty and tough applications.

    One can check different types of special steel products the company supplies by visiting their website

    About Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Co.,Ltd

    Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998. With more than 20 years of industrial experience, over 50 technician staffs and a professional engineering team, the company is the only China based company to focus on the forging and supplying special steel products. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and now for more than 20 years of development, they have become one of the leading special steel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wuxi Fuhong Special Steel Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Tom Zhou
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    Phone: +86-15852726305
    Country: China

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    The online gallery of Canvascoco Art Co.,Ltd brings large size canvas arts at discount prices. One can use the coupon code of ART5POFF to get a discount of 5% on custom abstract paintings.

    An extra large canvas art can dramatically change the looks of a room. The concrete walls could become lively when an abstract art is placed there that can tell a story to every onlooker. China based Canvascoco Art Co.,Ltd brings a variety of canvas arts for the modern customers who are the real appreciators of the contemporary paintings. These large size paintings are available at a discount of 5% until 28th December, 2018, and one needs to quote the coupon code of ART5POFF to enjoy this price discount.

    Canvascoco Art Co.,Ltd Announces Large Canvas Art For Sale With Coupon Codes To Claim Discount on Custom Abstract Paintings

    Canvascoco Art Co.,Ltd has announced the Extra Large Canvas Art For Sale at its online gallery, where people can glimpse though all types of paintings. They have beautiful and high quality canvas arts with a variety of themes and topics to choose from. These are hand painted canvas arts, which show the real artistry of the artists. Each art piece showcases the imagination and the inventiveness of the artists, which can simply appeal to every appreciator of the abstract art. According to the spokesperson of the online art gallery, the artists work very hard to put their ideas on the canvas and make every art piece interactive and lively. These artists are the storytellers and they create a story with their brush and paints.

    The online art gallery specializes in the Large Canvas Art and a variety of patterns and designs available in their portfolio. One can choose from different canvas art sizes, so that it can perfectly fit on the wall. More importantly, they can supply made-to-order art pieces, and the size of the canvas art can be customized as per the request of the customer. The spokesperson reveals that they only use high quality linen canvas and professional acrylic paints, which ensure the quality and durability of the paintings. Each painting carries the signature of the artist on the back side of the canvas. However, the signature can also be placed on the front right corner at the bottom on the demand of the customer. They can also customize the shape and orientation of the paintings.

    Canvascoco Art Co.,Ltd has announced the Abstract Art For Sale for customers to grab custom large abstract arts at discount prices. The sale will go on for one month, and one will have an opportunity to take a variety of abstract arts home at discount prices. These oversized abstract arts feature paintings of landscapes, animals, flowers and lots more modern designs. The hand painted arts could be in different styles and colors, and one can get custom paintings as well. They take merely a few days in customizing the shape, size, style and color of the painting and ship it at the doorstep of the customer. The paintings are shipped without frames, so that it can reach safely to every customer. And also, the cost of the fame is not included in the price.

    To check different types of the abstract arts and take advantage of the price discount, one can visit the website

    About Canvascoco Art Co.,Ltd.

    Canvascoco Art Co.,Ltd offers Large Canvas Art For Sale and Custom Abstract Painting from their Online Gallery. With a Large Canvas Art, they can bring life to every office, business or home. The online art gallery promises great quality at the most affordable prices.

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    Contact Person: ZHILIN
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    Country: China

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    The discount offer will end on 28th December 2018, and this will be a great opportunity for Christmas shoppers to grab Oversized Abstract Paintings for their living room, bedroom, hallway, corridor, lobbies and other places.

    Christmas is round the corner, and Canvashi Art Co.,Ltd is all set to draw the attention of the Christmas shoppers by offering price discounts on a large range of modern canvas arts. The online art gallery is offering a discount of 5% on all abstract paintings available in their stock. One just needs to quote the coupon code of ART5POFF to claim the price discount. The coupon code will expire on 28th December, 2018.

    Canvashi Art Co.,Ltd Announces Big Modern Canvas Art For Sale with Special Discounts on Each Custom Oversized Abstract Painting

    According to the spokesperson of the online art gallery, everybody will love the Modern Canvas Art collection that they have at discount prices. One can purchase these elegant and attractive art pieces for decorating their home, office, restaurant lobbies and other places. This Christmas, people will love to make their walls a center of attraction by placing large size abstract arts there. These canvas arts are available in a variety of sizes and in both horizontal and vertical formats. At the same time, the online art gallery is open to customize the shape, size and the orientation of the canvas arts, so that it can perfectly be placed on the walls of a room. Each art piece is 100% hand painted and there is no printing work in any art available on the website.

    The spokesperson reveals that each Hand-painted Canvas Art is the result of the hard work of the talented artists, and some of these arts have been given a final shape after several months of dedication and labor. Each canvas art also carries the signature of the artist who has created the art, and one can rest assured of the authenticity of the art pieces. These large size canvas arts are created on high quality linen canvases with professional quality acrylic inks. This is the reason why these art pieces do not lose their original shine and appeal after several years. The spokesperson states that the frames shown are just indicative and they ship unframed canvas arts to the customers. The spokesperson also clarifies that the price of the frame is not charged from the customers. They ship paintings rolled and packed in a plastic tube to avoid any kind of damage.

    With their Abstract Art For Sale, Canvashi Art Co.,Ltd aims at promoting the proliferation of the contemporary art among the modern population. They have abstract arts for every wall, and these art pieces can dramatically enhance the attractiveness of the concrete walls. Moreover, each art piece is available at affordable prices and is also protected by 30-day money back policy. If the customer finds that the art piece doesn’t meet his or her expectation, full or partial refund of money will be applicable. The damaged items will qualify for 100% money back, however.

    One can browse through all abstract arts available in the online art gallery by visiting the website

    About Canvashi Art Co.,Ltd.

    Canvashi Art Co.,Ltd is a Large Modern Canvas ART Store! With tens of thousands of satisfied customers in more than 105 countries, the online art store is the world’s largest supplier of Make to Order Large Canvas Paintings. They have been in the art business for 12 years; connecting with artists and art galleries.

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    Company Name: Canvashi Art Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: ZHILIN
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    Country: China

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    The online art gallery allows art lovers to explore a beautiful range of big canvas arts and purchase them online at reasonable prices.

    Canvaslarge Art Co.,Ltd brings simple, modern and perfect big canvas arts for people to decorate their home, office or other buildings. The online art gallery offers the best selection of canvas arts at low prices. One can browse through an amazing collection of 100% hand painted big canvas arts that feature paintings of landscapes, animal paintings, floral arts, and lots more.

    According to the spokesperson of the online art gallery, they specialize in creating Big Canvas Art with custom colors and styles. They have a variety of art pieces in their portfolio, such as black and white geometric arts, black and white minimal paintings, oversized palette knife contemporary paintings, hand painted panoramic contemporary arts, vertical palette knife contemporary paintings and so on. All these paintings are 100% hand painted and they use high quality linen canvas and professional grade acrylic ink in paintings. Each painting is also signed by the artist on the back of the canvas. This guarantees the authenticity of the paintings. Moreover, one can also request the signature to be placed on the front face of the canvas, and the custom adjustment could be carried out to meet the customer’s demand.

    Canvaslarge Art Co.,Ltd Announces Big Canvas Art For Sale for Customers to Purchase Art Pieces Online at Affordable Prices

    The spokesperson reveals that the Big Canvas Art For Sale ensures the delivery of the made to order art pieces with custom adjustments. The online art store can supply paintings with custom changes in the shape, size and orientation that can meet the requirement of a customer. The artists may require a few days time to alter the shape or size of the paintings as per the specification provided by the client. The spokesperson states that they take special care in packing paintings. All paintings are rolled and packed in a plastic or cardboard tube. The paintings are shipped without any frame, and the frame shown in the picture is indicative only. They also do not charge any price for the frames. The unframed paintings in a plastic tube reach customers in a safe and undamaged condition.

    The online art store’s Abstract Art For Sale could be a great opportunity for customers around the world to grab a beautiful abstract art at low prices. One can use these abstract arts to decorate walls of their bedroom, living room, lobby or any other place. These paintings can significantly enhance the aesthetical value of a concrete wall and can turn it into an object of appreciation. They have both vertical and horizontal paintings and one can choose one according to the space available on the wall. They can, however, change the orientation of the paintings, and one can get the same design in both horizontal as well as vertical formats. The size of the paintings is also listed on the website, and they can also customize the size of the paintings on demand.

    One can glimpse through the beautiful selection of abstract arts available in the online art store by visiting the website

    About Canvaslarge Art Co.,Ltd.

    Canvaslarge Art Co.,Ltd is composed of five painters and some other collaborators. Each artist in the team creates works in his or her own style that makes them unique and inimitable. The company participates in various exhibitions, collaborates with interior designers and publishing houses. They have been working since 2010 and have years of experience.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Canvaslarge Art Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: ZHILIN
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    Country: China

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    The Company’s new products include 3 color changes bath sponge, natural loofah acutangula, animal bath sponge for children, Christmas loofah bath sponge and bath shower sponge.

    With their great specialization in the domain of personal care gifting items, The Bath Sponge International Limited has always been at the forefront with their new and exceptional quality products. This time again, they have come up with some new and interesting products that can appeal to people of all ages, even kids. These new products include color changing bath sponges, natural loofah, animal bath sponges for kids, and bath shower sponge.

    The Bath Sponge International Limited Announces To Unveil Some Interesting & Quality New Products For Its Global Customers

    Speaking about the new 3 color changes Bath Sponge, the spokesperson reveals that the product changes its color according to the temperature. Made from the nylon material, the mesh sponge can effectively exfoliate skin and enhance the beauty of the skin. According to her, it is a kind of soft scrubber that is available in mix colors. The product is lightweight and is durable, reliable and user-friendly. Another new kind of sponge introduced by them is designed specifically for the children. Made from recycled and eco-friendly nylon material, these animal bath sponges could be naturally appealing to children. This high quality and durable sponge features a long hanging string design that makes it convenient to use, even for small children.

    The bath sponge manufacturer can produce bath sponges in a variety of colors, including OEM colors that can precisely meet a client’s requirements. All these sponges are designed to produce luxurious lather when used with soap or a gel. The bathing sponge can gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and is suitable for both men and women. Besides bath sponges, they also have introduced the natural loofah in their raw form. These loofah sponge exfoliators are available in different sizes, from 4 inches to 18 inches. One can also cut larger sizes into small ones to use them with soaps for bathing. The spokesperson reveals that these loofahs are not flattened and one can use them multiple times without any problem.

    The company has also introduced the Christmas loofah sponges that are again made of recycled nylon material and are highly durable. With a long hanging string, it is easy to keep the product clean after every use. The spokesperson also draws attention towards their double color Bath Strap, which could be useful in cleaning back or body parts which one generally cannot reach with their hands. These bath straps are also available in wonderful colors and can prove helpful in cleaning, exfoliating skin of different body parts. According to the spokesperson, they accept OEM orders for all types of products and can manufacture and supply products in a timely manner to clients all around the world.

    One can check the different types of products the company can supply by visiting the website

    About The Bath Sponge International Limited

    Established in 2006, The Bath Sponge International Limited has 12 years of experience in the field of gift and personal care suit. The company focuses on production and product research and development in the areas of Bath Strap, Bath Sponge, Bath Ball, Natural Loofah Sponge, to ensure the product quality and continuously improve the service level.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Bath Sponge International Limited
    Contact Person: Mr. Tse (MBA)
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-754-87292639
    Country: China

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    In the field of digital currency, mining, wallets and exchanges are the most mature ones. For the “players” who want to enter the block chain industry, which one should be chosen as the entry point to the industry?

    Opening a self-owned mine requires a lot of manpower and capital costs. With the increasing difficulty of Bitcoin mining and the increase of uncertainties such as Bitcoin bifurcation, mining is increasingly difficult to ensure profitability. At present, there is no clear profit model for digital currency wallet. Compared with mining and trading exchanges, the profitability is weak. Exchange is one of the important channels for the circulation of digital currency transactions, which is at the top of the digital currency industry chain and has a great voice in the industry. Exchanges have a variety of ways of making profits, such as transaction fees, coin release fees, platform coins, etc.

    Therefore, the exchange is undoubtedly a very good choice for “players” who want to enter the block chain industry.

    So how can we easily own a proprietary digital currency exchange? According to the information available at present, there are three ways to create their own proprietary digital currency exchanges:

    1. Teaming up for development

    If you want to set up your own team to develop the exchange system, without considering the development cycle and capital cost of the system, it will take a lot of time and energy to set up relevant team members such as products, development, design and so on. In addition, according to statistics from foreign third-party channels, the overall cost of developing a complete exchange ranges from $300,000 to $400,000. Of course, the cost of developing a digital currency exchange system varies from country to country. It can be seen that the labor cost and the investment of the company’s software and hardware in the whole process of the exchange from the early product design, the mid-term development to the later iteration are enormous.

    2. Purchase from a third-party service provider

    Compared with the teaming up for development, buying an exchange system can save you a lot of time and energy, but the cost is not low. After investigating a number of digital currency exchange service providers, we find that most of the service providers’ systems are sold at a price over $50,000 (except open source code). At the same time, after purchasing the exchange system, there are still a series of problems to be considered, such as:

    • Safety is difficult to guarantee.

    • Code needs special maintenance

    • Follow-up addition of new features are difficult (addition with new demands from service providers requires secondary development fees)

    3. Join the exchange alliance

    Each exchange alliance has at least one exchange with a certain user base and trading liquidity. For the exchanges that have already operated on the market, by providing technology and services, creating a consensus ecosystem is conducive to further expanding profits and enhancing the influence of their brands in the industry.

    Therefore, for the “players” who want to enter the digital currency industry, choosing to join the exchange alliance can not only quickly have a sound exchange, but also obtain strong brand endorsement and technical support, which can be a very ideal choice.

    Next, we will compare and analyze the existing exchange alliances in the market from several different dimensions to see what strengths and weaknesses they have.

    I. Strengths and weaknesses of the representatives of the 6 major exchange alliances

    At present, there are many exchange alliances to choose from. We have selected the following 6 representative exchange alliances and listed their conditions and services for your reference.


    After comparison of the 6 major exchange alliances, they can be roughly divided into the following 3 types:

    A. Huob, Binance, OKEx, IDCM:

    Although they provide basic technology and services, Huob, Binance, OKEx and IDCM have set higher threshold and daily service fee, and the depth and liquidity of alliance branches are not shared.

    B. EXX exchange alliance

    Although EXX has almost zero threshold, it provides very few services at a very high daily service cost. After deducting the corresponding costs, the final actual income ratio is less than 15%, even less than the invitation commission of some exchanges. EXX Exchange Alliance can be said to be a disguised invitation commission as it can’t well balance the interests of both sides to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Users do not really own their exchanges.

    C. Hubi exchange alliance:

    Hubi Exchange Alliance is the founder of Exchange Alliance 3.0. Its access threshold is very low. Everyone is a super node. The alliance has a common OTC system, sharing transaction depth and liquidity, and the ecological dividend of the alliance.

    In summary, we can conclude that the Hubi Exchange Alliance has very low access threshold, the most complete service content and almost zero daily maintenance costs. Therefore, joining the Hubi Exchange Alliance is a wise choice.

    II. Advantages of Hubi Exchange Alliance (HBGA)

    Hubi ( is a global alliance of digital asset exchanges, the world’s first “exchange alliance 3.0” model, in which, everyone is a super node. Hubi’s unique three advantages, platform + alliance + ecology, provide a one-stop trading service platform for digital assets with lower threshold, better service and greater liquidity for global users.

    Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA) is a super-node exchange alliance initiated by Hubi.

    HBGA has the following 8 advantages:

    1. Exchange autonomous operating rights

    Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA) is the first human-node exchange alliance in the world. Everyone can own their own Exchange, which can collect transaction fees, independently deposit and issue coins, and form a consensus with other super nodes in the alliance, so as to realize the autonomous decentralization management and independent operation of each alliance node.

    2. Global leading technological services

    HBGA provides perfect infrastructure for super nodes, including technical framework, security protection system, order matching system, multi-level wallet, independent management background and other functional components, so that everyone has a proprietary digital asset exchange easily, quickly and at a low threshold. In addition, HBGA provides the following personalized services:

    • Personalized configuration

    • Independent domain name

    • Support self-owned brand building, such as custom logo, Slogan, etc.

    • Support custom transaction module layout;

    • APP, Web, WAP, PC client and other access methods;

    • Support multi-language and multi-coin.

    3. 3D brand marketing

    In the Hubi Global Alliance, everyone enjoys the powerful brand endorsement of Hubi, and take the leading change in the digital currency era. It offers each super node personalized brand marketing service support, shares channels and resources, including brand exposure, channel connection and advertising, etc.

    4. Diversified marketing tools

    HBGA provides a variety of tool-based sunk services, such as customized marketing tools (candy airdrops, invitation commission, etc.), so that the marketing of super nodes can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

    5. Exclusive customer service representative

    Exclusive customer service representative is online 7 x 24 hours in Chinese and English, timely responding to customer questions, and performing regular return visits. Each HBGA super node is arranged with a super node manager for one-to-one service.

    6. Alliance Business School Training

    Alliance Business School provides tools, content, resources, customer service support, as well as training and support from world-class block chain teams to make exchange operation easy.

    7. Alliance eco-dividend

    HUB (Hubi Blockchain) EcoCoin is issued by HB Global Blockchain Foundation Limited in Singapore as a global pass connecting Hubi ecological system, carrying the ecological rights, circulation attributes and value consensus. HUB does not support PO, ICO, airdrop, gift, and free release. Its total issuance is a constant of 5 billion, and it guarantees no additional issuance.

    HBGA super node enjoys alliance rights and ecological dividends, and carries corresponding rights and dividends through HUB.

    ● HBGA joint voting for coin release

    HBGA has introduced a voting consensus mechanism. HBGA super-nodes have a high degree of consensus. With HUB as the voucher of rights, the Alliance votes for coin issuance. Users who vote in the alliance can get the dividend of the transaction fee paid by the Project Party in coin, so as to realize voting as mining.

    HUB holders have the right to vote on coin issuance by HGBA

    ● HBGA node as mining dividend

    With a high degree of consensus and shared ecological dividend of the alliance, HBGA can get the corresponding ecological dividend of the alliance according to the total amount of circulating HUB held in the nodes, so as to realize the mining of the nodes.

    HBGA super node enjoys mining dividend. The mining dividends are as follows:

    Mining dividend of the super node = (total transaction fee of the alliance * 20%) * 50% * (total HUB holdings of the super node / all negotiable HUB).

    HUB holders are entitled to HGBA “node as mining” dividends

    8. Sharing the depth and liquidity of alliance transactions

    HBGA is the world’s first super-node exchange alliance. All the super-nodes can share the depth and liquidity of the alliance transaction, including Hubi, and form a huge transaction service ecosystem with global circulation.


    Hubi Global Alliance provides a common OTC system. The Alliance Super Node can provide efficient and fast entry and exit service for users without expending a lot of energy to recruit OTC service providers.

    At the same time, Hubi Global Alliance share transaction depth and liquidity amongst super nodes. User orders of each Alliance Branch are first matched within the exchange. If orders cannot be completed in time, they will be further matched among the super nodes of the whole alliance. Compared with other exchange alliances, this greatly improves the transaction rate of orders from Alliance users.

    “Convenience of entry and exit” and “transaction rate of user orders” are two indicators to measure the user experience of exchanges, and directly affect the volume of exchanges.

    Through “Public OTC System” and “Shared Transaction Depth and Liquidity between Super Nodes”, Hubi Global Alliance provides fast entry and exit service for Alliance users, and improves the transaction rate of user orders, thus greatly enhancing the competitiveness of HBGA Super Nodes.

    III. Hubi creates ecosystem of exchange alliance

    At present, Hubi has cooperated ecologically in security auditing, market-making services, data disclosure, intelligent KYC with other top-level block chain enterprises, such as Beosin, Bit Capacity, Megvii and TokenInsight, in order to make Hubi Global Alliance an alliance withbetter service, safer and more mobile exchange.

    Not only so, with Hubi Global Alliance as the core, Hubi will built a Hubi eco-system consisting of exchange alliance layer, public chain layer, Dapp layer and eco-layer.


    IV. Hubi Global Alliance recruits global super nodes

    Hubi Global Alliance is recruiting super nodes globally. It is a chance you shall never missing if you want to have a dedicated digital currency exchange of your own.


    Now apply for HBGA global super node without threshold and at the lowest price. For more details, please contact: or add wechat account: l_zhen1019 for business consultation.

    More block chain organizations are welcomed to become HBGA super nodes, work together to build Hubi ecology, and share the ecological dividend of the Alliance.

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    Country: HongKong

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    Since the super bull in December 2017, we’ve hit a bear market in cryptocurrency. One year on and the crypto market, as well as investors, are running low on in the “crypto winter”. Recently, the prices of cryptocurrencies reached a record low in 2018. BTC is currently trading at about $4200 at press time. Many investors who invested in the cryptocurrency spot are turning their backs on crypto owing to the colossal losses.

    However, is it impossible to make profits on crypto investment in a bear market? The answer is NO. Based on the current price trend of cryptocurrency, it’s hard to earn money by investing in the spot. But with a cryptocurrency futures contract, also called leverage trading, making money in the crypto bear market becomes easier and faster.

    What is Cryptocurrency Futures Contract?

    For less experienced crypto investors and beginners, futures contract/leverage trading may be a little complex. In simple terms, a futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell cryptocurrency at a predetermined price, betting on its price rising or falling, which means you have the chance to make profits no matter the price of cryptocurrency goes up or down.

    How to Trade Cryptocurrency Futures Contract?

    Knowing about futures contract, let’s see how to start cryptocurrency futures contract trading. Here, take Bitcoin as an example. Firstly, choose to open a short (buy-in) or long position (sell out) according to your analysis on BTC price tendency. That means you can bet on BTC price rising or falling. Then, select a leverage ratio, such as 2x, 10x, 50x, etc. For instance, If you use 1 BTC to leverage short (long), betting on the price going down (up), with the 10x ratio, you can earn 10x profits if the price did go down (up). Along with high profit, crypto futures trading is high-risk as well. Therefore, investors need at least the basic knowledge of the futures contract before trading it.

    Best Cryptocurrency Futures Contract Exchanges

    Futures contract trading has long been seen as the first step on the path to reconcile crypto finance with traditional finance. That is why more and more cryptocurrency exchanges provide futures trading. Here introduces the best and most promising futures exchange in the crypto market.

    Bexplus is the world-leading cryptocurrency futures exchange, aiming at providing advanced financial services to global investors who trade on the cryptocurrency futures contract. Bexplus has established offices in the United States, Brazil, India, and Hong Kong. The team comprises of senior blockchain architects, experienced financial traders, Internet professionals and senior operational staffs who have over 50 years of experience in the field of finance and futures trading. Bexplus has also completed tens of millions of US dollar fundraising and financing, which guarantees the solid foundation as well as long-term development of Bexplus exchange platform.

    Bexplus facilitates up to 100x leverage trading on BTC, ETH, LTC futures etc. If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency futures trading, you can try it with the futures trading simulator provided by Bexplus. In addition, Bexplus charges NO FEE when you deposit and withdraw money. Equipped with multi-signature cold wallet, cryptocurrencies stored in Bexplus will be highly secured and not being hacked.

    Registration invitation and deposit preferential activities are ongoing in Bexplus. Visit and participate in the activities to earn BTC as rewards. Now, start trading cryptocurrency futures contract and make profits even in the crypto bear market!

    Bexplus Latest Event

    Bexplus Investors Night November 16, 2018

    Follow Bexplus on:


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    Country: HongKong

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