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    On December 4, 2018, CoinBank officially announced the recent update of the open source blockchain that CK.USD runs on. The upgraded CNET address has now replaced the previous one and API access is now available.

    As a digital bank headquartered in Dubai, CoinBank provides global digital financial services to younger generations. In August of this year, CoinBank announced its acquisition of the stable digital asset CK.USD, which is anchored with the U.S. dollar. After the completion of the acquisition, CoinBank set about to reorganize it and launched a new application solution, including the replacement of the open source public chain, which realizes a better access for third parties and expand the scope of circulation.

    CNET is a global digital asset payment network technology that enables consumption payment via digital currencies. On November 10, CNET announced a major upgrade to the main network and allowed users to download and use the new version of the wallet. In this upgrade, CNET reserved the API documentation and opened the source code. Knowing the upgrade by CNET, CoinBank contacted the CNET team immediately and set about to replace the open source public chain.

    The updated CNET main network adopts a more rigorous reinforced UTXO accounting model to adapt to the strict requirements of digital assets, stable assets and STO on digital financial scenarios. The new network also adopts the original multi-asset model and integrates a targeted instruction system. Compared with the old CNET network, the new one will provide stronger performance and higher speed. At the same time, it further reduces the transfer cost and improves the system stability.

    FanKe Meng, the CTO of CoinBank, said “After changing to the new main chain, CK.USD will be compatible with more existing protocols and integrates more interfaces, improving its adaptability to digital financial application scenarios. The upgrade coincides with CoinBank’s current development needs and will benefit our cooperation with ecological partners.”

    At present, the CNET open source code and wallet of the new main network can be downloaded through CNET.GLOBAL. The exchanges that previously supported CK.USD such as BCEX ALLCOIN and CoinBank OTC have actively responded to the upgrade. CoinBank continues promoting the new network, which will enjoy a rosy outlook in the future.

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    Country: United States

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    Under the recent downturn of Cryptocurrency, European Markets were greeted today by a new token release – Electronic Transmitted Parking Coins (ETPC) – an ERC-20 STO Cryptocurrency issued by JR Financial. ETPC looks to serve the growing need for car-parking, and it is based on parking real-estate reserves. Certain number of ETPC tokens is legally tied to a parking spot asset, therefore ETPC can and will be used for collecting the revenue for the associated parking spot, or to be used network-wise as parking validations or community exchange.

    In the news release provided by JR Financial, Co-Executive Chairman Ricardo Onnis commented, ‘Europeans know technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things, and AI are going to change the way we live, work and park our cars, but it can be difficult to access high quality investments especially in the parking sector without deep domain expertise. We are doing the work for investors, using our in-depth industry knowledge to provide the market with an innovative suite of investment options that help them invest in new technology even if they are not an expert.’

    Ricardo Onnis, Chairman of the ETPC Autonomy Committee, Co-Executive Chairman of JR International Financial Holdings Limited

    Prior to the event today, ETPC is on beta-tesing started 11th of November this year. According to Chairman Onnis, ‘Thanks to supports from our investors worldwide, we just passed the half-way point on our angel investment stage, and will stop accepting buy-in requests at the end of this year. My team and I are very grateful for our community supports.’

    ETPC is now available for investors via Ethereum network, and will be available for exchange trading in early 2019.

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    Contact Person: Amber
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    Country: United Kingdom

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    The medical data is a global concern. It is a well-known problem in the industry that medical data is currently not used efficiently nor effectively due to fragmented information created. It is the current status of data in the global medical industry that the users have to bear the consequences of uncirculated medical data because they couldn’t access to patients’ medical information due to privacy concerns. Therefore, how to improve and provide a safe environment for the medical industry to give full play to the value of medical data is what we dedicate to pushing forward.

    The Latest Medical Blockchain Application Project - LEBEN

    With the technical progress, blockchain and smart contract technology have brought new perspectives and ideas to solve the problem of trusted exchange, assetization, and effective sharing of medical data, enabling safe and efficient interconnection among resources and data. The blockchain establishes an objective and tamper-resistant medical data usage tracking and control mechanism from a technical level and builds up medical data usage credit and medical knowledge flow platforms. Meanwhile, it can promote the medical knowledge flow and sharing and narrow the service level gap among regions through smart contract. The new generation of information technology triggers a new round of human pursuit of health and well-being, which will become the second information technology revolution in the medical field.

    “Blockchain + Medical” which will escort the data security circulation in medical industry with blockchain technology. The LEBEN platform focuses on solving the pain points of medical data trusted exchange, medical data sharing, visualized medical knowledge exchange, and visualized medical knowledge sharing. It also removes the barriers of data sharing among various medical institutions. This will achieve secure exchange, compensated sharing, and controllable transmission of medical data on a global scale.

    LEBEN organically integrates medical industry knowledge, physician’s professional medical experience, disease diagnosis, and treatment processes into a visualized smart contract with semantic information to support diagnostic decisions for other physicians and medical institutions. This greatly facilitates the flow and dissemination of medical big data and medical knowledge, infinitely magnifies the value of medical data, and solves the imbalance of medical resource distribution in the world.

    It cannot stop us from exploring the future due to the technical difficulties. We are looking forward to that the blockchain technology will play a significant part in the development of medical industry. And through the “LEBEN” platform which combining blockchain, artificial intelligence and knowledge computing, we found that, there are still existing many health problems which we can’t overcome nowadays, but it won’t last forever.

    LEBEN is a global collaboration platform for smart contracts in the medical industry, which characterized by “medical knowledge deep sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”. It integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

    Leben Official Website:

    Contact E-mail:


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    City: New Haven
    State: Connecticut
    Country: United States

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    Five Tigers Generals: Yu Guan, Fei Zhang, Yun Zhao, Chao Ma and Zhong Huang.

    This is the traditional story of Chinese classical culture, which has been told and spread for nearly a thousand years.

    What will the future society be like? Various sci-fi movies and science fiction have already begun the imagination for us. Artificial intelligence can be seen everywhere in the future human society. Various types of intelligent robots such as babysitting robots, cooking robots, and medical robots are widely applied in various industries, which greatly improves people’s standard of living and endows people a more refined quality of life.

    The manual telemarketing personnel make hundreds of calls every day so it is difficult for them to keep working in enthusiasm for a long time. Especially when encountering some bad conversation situations, it is often inevitable that there will be mood fluctuations and therefore affecting their work. Moreover, manual recording is prone to causing problems such as error and confusion, not timely follow up, information missing and repeated deals etc. And those problems will result in decrease of work quality and work efficiency, thereby causing losses to the enterprises. Therefore, the telemarketing industry has promoted the birth of telemarketing robot due to the limitations of manual work.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute enjoys worldwide reputation. It has always been at the forefront of the development of intelligent robots. The telemarketing robots have become the “darlings” that major enterprises are rushing to introduce.

    German LIECTROUX Telemarketing Robot    Creates More Benefit For The Enterprises

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute specially adds the human-like design when designing this telemarketing robot, that is, the robot highly simulates various characteristics such as human thinking and expression, but it will not show any negative mood to customers. Therefore it will make customers feel that they are talking to a very kind human being rather than a cold, unfeeling machine. Human-like design makes customers more willing to talk with the robot, which promotes the smooth running of conversations and improves the conversion rate of intent customers. This telemarketing robot is also equipped with core technologies such as speech recognition, semantic understanding, intelligent response, data analysis and classification etc,. It can intelligently select from a large number of customers and select out possible intent customers and classify them, which facilitates the secondary follow-up work of manual telemarketing salesman. Thus the turnover rate has been greatly improved. In addition, the robot will not feel tired, it can work for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day without break. Its work efficiency is very high. It can make 1200 calls or more in a day. And it will not make mistakes, not be influenced by external interference, not be impatient, not complaint about overtime, not have mood fluctuations. This telemarketing robot greatly saves the cost of business operations and brings more benefit to the enterprises.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been adhering to the rigorous and meticulous military quality of Germany. The intelligent robots developed by it have not only powerful functions, beautiful appearance, but also excellent quality and they are very popular in the world. Among them, the robot vacuum cleaner developed by it has solved indoor cleaning problems for the majority of families. (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute adopts laser navigation technology to realize 360-degree omnidirectional scanning of LDS laser radar, 20 Hz adaptive scanning frequency and 4000 times laser ranging per second.

    Combined with its self-developed SLAM algorithm, it is able to survey and draw accurate family maps. Secondly, it adopts the zigzag cleaning mode. It will clean according to the planned clean path so that it does clean randomly and collide, and achieve the cleaning work without missing and dead ends. In addition, it has strong ability of getting out of the troubles. When encountering wires or other debris, the machine will intelligently adjust the speed of side brushes to escape the winding in a short time. This robot vacuum cleaner has set off a wave of purchasing in the global smart home appliance market due to its excellent performance and stable quality, which has won the unanimous approval and trust of consumers.

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    Country: Germany

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    LN Art Co.,Ltd announces selling a wide range of Handmade Abstract Paintings and Oversized Canvas Arts at discount prices and also free shipping to customers around the world.

    Everyone wants their home to be beautifully decorated with paintings and embellishments. For many, oversized canvas arts could be the best way to deck up concrete walls to turn them more visually appealing. However, modern abstract paintings are often sold at premium prices, which many may not be able to afford. In such a scenario, LN Art Co.,Ltd comes to people’s help by offering an extensive range of abstract paintings at affordable prices. Besides, they are also offering a discount of 5% on all art pieces they have in stock, and one can also get the paintings delivered at their doorstep with free shipping.

    Handmade Abstract Paintings Available for Sale at One Special Discounts & With Free Shipping From LN Art Co.,Ltd

    LN Art Co.,Ltd has a team of talented artists who are proficient in creating Handmade Abstract Painting. These artists use acrylic paints or oil paints to draw beautiful images on linen canvases, which could be an attractive art piece to decorate walls or other surfaces. These paintings are available in a variety of designs, patterns and colors, and one can pick a painting according to his/her personal choice or color or theme of the room where it needs to be installed. The paintings are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes so that it can fit into the given space of a wall. Moreover, customers can choose paintings available in both the orientations of horizontal and vertical and can adorn their walls for a perfect decoration of a room.

    The spokesperson of the company reveals that these paintings are also suitable for office, restaurants, lounges and other places besides one’s sweet home. According to him, LN Art Co.,Ltd has been created as the right platform for everyone to purchase contemporary canvas arts. “People who don’t know from Where To Buy Oversized Canvas Art can visit our website and can choose from a wide variety of paintings”, he states. The one advantage of their platform is that they can customize the paintings as per the requirements of the buyer. From shape and size, they can also customize the color and orientation of the paintings. “We can deliver you the same painting design with different colors to best meet your needs,” the spokesperson says again.

    For purchasing an Abstract Painting On Canvas, LN Art Co.,Ltd offers all conveniences and friendly terms to its customers. They have a secure payment mechanism and all ordered art pieces are shipped to the clients in a timely manner. They ship paintings unframed and un-stretched and rolled into a plastic tube, so that it reached clients safely without any damage or scratch on the paintings. However, all paintings shown on the website are with frames, but they do not charge the price of the frame from the customer. After receiving the painting, one can get it stretched and framed in a local shop, which will also prove an economical and viable option for the customers. The spokesperson reveals that if customers receive a damaged painting, it will be eligible for a monetary refund.

    In order to purchase large size canvas arts at affordable prices and convenient terms, one can visit the website

    About LN Art Co.,Ltd.

    LN Art Co.,Ltd is a group of artists, trying to spread their ideas of art to the world via Etsy and Each artist in the team is talented in certain subjects or techniques. They create, recreate, paint every single piece of art carefully, slowly, and expand their business by bettering their reputation.

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    Phone: +401 517-2115
    Country: United States

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    Dr. Lingyun Xiang was appointed as the Consultant of the Innovative Education Research Centre of Doctors Think Tank Academy on November 28, 2018.

    Research topics include: innovative education model, and artificial intelligence application and development.

    The project includes: educational institution rating, inspire the future composition contest judge, inspire the future education ambassador exchange program, touching the future child growth plan, the innovative technology talent pilot program, artificial intelligence application pilot program.


    Doctors Think Tank Academy

    (Hong Kong Registered Non-Profit Organization) NO.2709832


    Honorary Chief Scientist: Michael Saunders, Professor in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Member of the Stanford Invention Hall of Fame, SIAM Fellow

    Principle: Ding Yi, PhD, Professor

    Chairman: Sunny Wong, MBA, PhD.IT

    Vice Chairman: Ding Yi, PhD

    Vice Chairman: Dr. Alfred Wong, MBA, PhD

    Committee: Vincent Lau, EdD, MBA, CPA, CIH Asia Pacific, HKPCA

    Committee: John Wong, MBA, PhD

    Committee: Jonathan Diu, PhD

    Committee: David Fenn, LLB, PCLL, LLM

    Secretary General: Bosco Wong


    Lingyun Xiang, PhD

    Dr. Xiang has various appellations: Economist; Outstanding Global Chinese; Excellent Leader in the Financial Industry; High-profile Investor; Senior Financial Risk Controlling Consultant; Invited Researcher of Academic Committee of China Academy of Management Science; Deputy Director of Blockchain Research Center of Emerging Economy Industry research, China Academy of Management Science; Researcher of Asian Blockchain Industry Institute; Lead Researcher of Asian Blockchain Society; Researcher of System Optimization Lab in Stanford University School of Engineering and Chinese Enterprise System Optimization Research Center by Chinese-American Silicon Valley Development Association;

    Xiang is the special advisor to UN Science and Technology Organization; President of International Economic Promotion Association; Chairman of Blockchain Alliance; Founding Member of Sino-UK-US Financier Club; Honorary Chairman of ASEAN Capital Construction Alliance; Professor of Corporate Management of Professional Teacher Review Committee of US International Professional Management Organization; Consultant of the Innovative Education Research Centre of Doctors Think Tank Academy; Honorary Chairman of the Financial Enterprise Union of Guizhou Province; Consultant of the Guizhou Green Ecological Development Promotion Association; and Economic Consultant of the Danzhai County Government.

    Xiang is proficient in international laws, civil laws, economic laws, partnership enterprise laws, tax laws and securities laws. He has gained many authoritative awards and honors. Also, he has rich experiences in the business model design and compliance in the blockchain industry and is familiar with many countries’ legislative situations and the policy environment.

    Xiang has written some books published overseas and domestically, such as The Logic of Blockchain, The Practice of Stock Rights Incentive, Solutions to Private Equity Investment Solutions, Winning Financing – SMEs Financing and Growth, Global Visual Economics, Industrial Economics, International Trade and Economic Management, Computer Network and E-commerce, Investment Risk and Operation Management.

    In 2014, he was awarded “Outstanding Achievement Award” by the US National Investment and Trade Commission for outstanding contributions in the field of investment trade between China and the United States; “World Excellent Chinese Golden Award” by the US International Cultural Exchange Foundation and the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Association on June 28th, 2014; “The Best 2017 Leader of China Financial Industry Award”; “Golden Tripod Award” and “Financial Industry Excellence Award” by China international financial brand innovation summit. In December 2017, he won “2017 Financial Industry Excellence Award” presented by Chinese Academy of Management Sciences Institute; In 2018, the Second China Economic Summit awarded him “China’s Top 10 Economic Outstanding Persons”; On June 2, 2018, he won “Management Science Outstanding Person in Internet Financial Industry” by the 9th China’s Management Innovation Summit; He got the title of “2018 China’s Top 10 Financial Industry Outstanding Persons” by the 3th China Economic and Brand Innovation Summit on July 22, 2018; China New Economy Industry Leaders Summit & Blockchain Technology and Development Forum awarded him as “2018 China’s Top 10 Leaders of Blockchain Industry” on September 8, 2018.

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    The first Ludos Middle East investors meeting held in Dubai ended with great success.

    It is a super-star project invested by Softbank(a Japanese company) with Fuad Farooq Abdul Qader Bastak (CEO of Zabeel Group the top company in Duba), actor Ali and other high potential investors. This meeting was live and watched by 116 thousand fans on a live broadcast app YiZhiBo, collecting many comments and recommendations. Moreover, overseas Telegram fans also viewed it via Periscope and had many feedbacks and response.

    Ludos has been committed to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem followed by the first activity, the launch of “Lud Pay Wallet”, which apply the interaction of online and offline application as well as online digital asset transactions and offline direct cash.Besides, it records the assets and key data of game players to make it increase the transparency. In addition, it reaches the unique confirmation by different intelligent contracts for different ways of virtual assets. As a result, intra-game and cross-game asset transaction become available.

    “Lud Pay Wallet” is developed based on on Plasma Cash technology, that apply the side-chain capacity expansion scheme. The decentralized game exchange will integrate all digital assets based on Ludos block chain for current game assets transaction. “Lud Pay Wallet” opened a create and inspiring gaming ecosystem,that allows players to earn money from games as well as social events. Investors can reduce marketing costs and can gain additional revenue from other games.

    Ludos will continue the world tour and aim to become the leading app.

    If you want to have more information, please join Ludos official Telegram community:

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    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    Currently the number of EOS accounts has exceeded 500,000. These EOS accounts receive a fair amount of airdrops every day.

    If airdrops don’t get to circulate, they are just a bunch of worthless random characters. It seems to be a common sense for early EOS users that once you got airdrops, you trade them on Newdex. This allows Newdex to quickly overtake the top ETH decentralized exchange IDEX in both daily active users and 24h trading volume.

    Data screenshot
    – (Source: SpiderStore2018.11.26)

    Getting Rid of Registration and KYC, Newdex Gives Users its First Hit

    When users start their journey on some kinds of exchanges, the first step it comes is registration. Such process could take users a lot of time to fill out their personal details. Email or mobile text verification might also be included.

    Some exchanges even require users to show certification titling “I [CERTAIN NAME] certify to register the [CERTAIN EXCHANGE] exchange”, then upload a picture of them holding that certification. Process like this drives users away from their exchanges.

    As exchanges for cryptocurrency, registration that requires KYC verification contradicts the anonymity principle of decentralization. Therefore, Newdex was able to impress users firstly by its friendly user experience that allows them to skip the registration.

    Open Newdex’s official website, click on Sign In, the interface will show up as follows:

    Users can sign in and start trading simply by authorizing with either Scatter Extension or mobile wallets. Both ways are starter-friendly, there is tutorial about using Scatter on the sign-in interface. For wallets, installing navigations are all very clear on their official sites. 

    There are 11 wallets supported on Newdex Web Version, including TokenPocket, MEETONE, Math Wallet, Bitpie, NovaWallet, EOS.Live, MOREWallet, Starteos, 51Token, Pocket EOS and PRABOX.

    Despite IDEX requires no registration as well, they don’t support the function of code scanning, users still need to import wallet to start trading.

    The Exemption of Registration Allows Users to Skip Deposit and Withdrawal

    Behind the exemption of registration, users private keys are guarded by wallet.

    On Newdex, users authorize with wallet directly. Because users do not need to make any deposit, their assets will be protected until deals are finished. Once orders are matched, selling assets will be charged from wallet, greatly reducing the time that assets are exposed.

    When deals are finished, buying assets will be transferred to wallet directly, meanwhile the transfer details are clear and traceable on EOS main net. Users do not need to submit any withdrawing claim.

    Although IDEX is a decentralized exchange, this platform still requires deposit and withdrawal. Not to mention the loads of withdrawing time effected by Ethereum’s poor performance. 

    Capturing User Needs is the Fundamental to Newdex

    No withdrawal means no withdrawal charge on Newdex.

    Limited to the operating cost on Ethereum, IDEX charges fees on placing and revoking order. Apparently such charging list is unacceptable by most users.

    With friendly user experience, fast trading and various Tokens (listing 102 trading pairs), Newdex is able to seize target users firmly.

    For investors who haven’t step in EOS ecology yet, it is not too late to get engaged and learn more about EOS.

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    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    In the past several years, blockchain technology has rapidly achieved global prominence. Deemed an important driver of the fourth industrial revolution. The logistics industry is considered by the insiders to be the field with the highest potential for innovative application of blockchains besides the financial industry.

    The logistics industry has broad prospects. On the scale of the global market, it will reach $12.256 trillion by 2022, but still remains behind in terms of technology and operation. This is due to the decentralized nature of the industry, which has caused the entire logistical process to lack transparency, many important areas of accountability cannot be attributed to any one participant.

    One might say, blockchain provides a logical course for the standardization and digitization of the logistics industry. At present, blockchain teams from logistics giants have tested the logistics public chain, but whether they can match technology to business, or whether it will have value for large-scale commercial application, has become an important criterion for judging the success of a public chain.

    Exploring Eight Application Scenarios

    As the world’s first public chain based on EOS underlying technology and designed specifically for logistics industry applications, the OPT team has delved deeply into the study of application scenarios over many years. In their latest white paper, they published their case studies in this field.

    “Blockchain has a lot of advantages, saves time and costs, reduces risk and fraud. By utilizing blockchain technology, the logistics industry can optimize resource utilization, compress intermediate links, and improve overall industry efficiency. The head of the OPT team introduced the eight application scenarios one by one in the white paper.

    Firstly, logistics platforms easily make chains: Since blockchain is decentralized and data cannot be tampered with, the cargo owner, drivers, logistics behavior and key information can be placed in the chain, allowing tracking of and accountability for issues. The logistics platform easily builds and deploys its own Dapp using the DAPP development engine module provided by the OPT’s BASS platform, solving the credit problem also solves the problem of high cost of blockchain development.

    Secondly, instant matching of industry chain collaboration: Small logistics platforms fill the role of the transportation agent through the Dapp provided by the OPT ecology. In this process, the OPT’s advanced interface is used to search and screen inter-provincial long-distance transportation, multiple drivers planned iterations for inter-city logistics and same city deliveries, thereby creating an efficient logistics team.

    Thirdly, traceability of goods: Goods from planting and production to delivery to consumers, the logistics links play a central role, allowing information about the loading, transportation, unloading, schedule, and responsible person to be totally uploaded into blockchain, so information about the whereabouts of cargo can be traced but not be tampered with. Taking food safety as an example, blockchain can realize complete traceability and visibility of “from farm to table” in the true sense.

    Fourthly, logistics monitoring and driver dispatching: Logistics platforms can use the relevant Dapp on the OPT platform to manage routes and transport, monitor the entire logistical process, discover anomalies, follow up and handle them in a timely manner, as well as find and dispatch a suitable driver.

    Fifthly, the whole process can be tracked: Logistics usually spans many steps, hundreds of geographic locations, and transport by multiple parties. Using the OPT related Dapp to connect each logistical leg as well as track the entire process.

    Sixthly, security and privacy: Many manufacturers are concerned about data leakage during the logistical process. This has caused many logistics SAAS providers to lose opportunities. If the company quickly stores the information about customers, drivers, logistics transportation after encryption using the development engine provided by the OPT public chain, which can only be viewed with the customer’s private key, therefore, it can completely dispel concerns about data security and privacy.

    Seventhly, insurance services: Uploading drivers transportation data to the blockchain makes it tamper-proof, which means credibility in terms of insurance and premiums will be reduced correspondingly, putting an end to insurance fraud.

    Eighthly, supply chain finance: At present, there are few financial products for small and medium-sized brick-and-mortar stores, logistics, or drivers. This is because supply chain financial institutions are unable to obtain sufficient real data to analyze and evaluate a comprehensive credit limit. In the face of this rigid remand market, financial institutions can obtain valid data authorized by lenders using the advanced query interface on the OPT platform. At the same time, data flow creates a chain reaction, expanding value and profits.

    Insiders believe that the multiplicity, small size, decentralization, and unpredictability of logistics companies are pain points of the industry. The eight applications proposed by OPT have practical significance. Their core meaning lies in using blockchain technology to create an efficient operating model based on the premises of automation and information sharing, ultimately reducing the cost of transportation and improving customer experience.

    Committed to Building the First Public Logistics Chain

    Of course, everything has two sides. The coordination of “blockchains + logistics” also faces many challenges. For example, smart contract vulnerabilities, consensus mechanisms and private key protections, 51% attack, cryptographic algorithms and other technical security issues. There is also the talent aspect, and due to blockchains’ multidisciplinary nature, combining cryptography, mathematics, algorithms, and finance, the requirements for versatile talent are very high.

    This requires the blockchain team to have highly skilled personnel and technological advantages in order to incorporate the logic of business in technology and application scenarios.

    OPT is one of the top blockchain technical teams in the world. Team members not only have educational backgrounds at MIT, the University of California, the University of Michigan, the University of Southern California, and the University of Pennsylvania, they also have work experience at large-scale technology, finance, and logistics companies as well as many years of experience in the blockchain industry.

    The head of the OPT team said that any new technology requires a certain development process, and believes that with all the team’s efforts, future blockchains can play a bigger role in logistics. OPT is committed to the use of blockchain technology to achieve intelligent logistics, solve the problems of information islands, system security, privacy violations, payment uncertainty, and low efficiency of overall industry collaboration as well as to achieving a logistical process that can be traced from origin to destination, to ensuring there is an accountable person at each link in the process and seamless delivery, and providing a simple, low cost, highly efficient, safe and reliable blockchain solution for the entire logistics industry.

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    In the past November, the cryptocurrency market has lost more than $65 billion market capitalization, and mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and other digital assets have also experienced significant plunge from 10% to 50%.

    Investors who bought with a high price suffered a great loss, but there’s no need to be overanxious because of the BTC price drop from $20,000 at the beginning of the year to the current $4,000, which was not the worst in the history of Bitcoin, and there were at least 4 times worse than this drop.

    If you still believe in Bitcoin, then not leaving the table is the best strategy. In fact, there are still many investors who earned a lot in the bear market, but why you are not included, because you didn’t master the correct method.

    The leverage trading recently launched by ExShell is a financial product that can take you through the bullish and bearish markets, and can be profitable whether in bear market or bull market.

    Leverage trading is an indispensable financial tool in financial markets. Archimedes can use leverage to move the earth. You can also use leverage to make money in bear market. The leverage trading of ExShell is that users mortgage the digital assets on the platform, borrow the digital assets, perform long or short operations, and in this way to use small funds to incite large funds to earn more profits. The leverage trading of ExShell supports up to 3 times leverage, which means that the trade can be magnified 3 times and so is the profit.

    Let’s talk about why you will lose money in bear market? We all know that spot trading is based on the rise in the price of the coin to achieve profit, so when the market is bearish, investors can only look for opportunities in a short-term rebound, which is commonly known as bargain-hunting. However, the bottom of bear market is unpredictable, and investors usually buy the bottom at a high price. Sometimes they will lose their capitals. Therefore, the bear market is basically not profitable.But if you use leverage trading of ExShell to make short selling and get profits in bear market. You can imagine how easy it is to earn profits like that.

    Let’s make an example to make the whole logic clearer and more intuitive. Take the BTC/USDT trading pair as an example. Let’s suppose we have 1 BTC in hand. The current price is 4000USDT. When we judge that the BTC price is about to fall, we can mortgage 1 BTC, then borrow 2 BTC, and then sell 3 BTC at that current price, so we can get 12,000 USDT. Assuming BTC falls to 3000 USDT, we buy back 4 BTC with 12,000 USDT in hand, return 2 BTC and still have 2 BTC remaining, and earn 1 BTC. This can be done by selling high and buying low to earn profits.

    In the same way, you can loan coins to make it big in leverage trading, 3 times leverage will get 3 times profits.

    There are more than 10,000 global cryptocurrency exchanges, but only a handful of exchanges can operate leverage trading. ExShell introduces up to 3 times leverage trading, and has a professional risk management mechanism to protect the users’ asset security. What’s more, the overall security of ExShell is very distinctive, such as the establishment of Silicon Valley security laboratory, the use of one-way transmission shutters, encrypted QR code and other trading technologies, and its financial security protection system has reached the national financial security protection level.

    Besides security, the financial capability of ExShell is also very excellent, taking its role as the promoter for the evolution of traditional finance to digital finance. The launch of leverage trading in only one month shows the financial product design and service capabilities of ExShell. Before the leverage was launched, ExShell also launched another digital asset financial product ShellBel, which is characterized by deposit and withdraw at any time, 0 handling fee, up to 36% annualized return, is also outstanding in the entire industry.

    Of course, there are 10 times and 20 times contract trading in the industry, but we should be cautious to this kind of trading. Contract trading above 10 times requires very high operational capability, and a momentary oversight will make you lose all, which is too risky for ordinary investors. Compared with that, we recommend 3 times leverage trading, which is more fault-tolerant and more suitable for mass investors. Buy at bull market and sell in bear market, the leverage trading of ExShell is a fabulous guide for you to walk through the bull and bear markets.




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    Wheelchairs are not only a means of transport for physically handicapped and people with reduced mobility, but also a tool for their physical exercise and participation in social activities. The traditional wheelchair consists of a wheelchair frame, wheels, brakes and a seat.

    But when the user encounters some special circumstances and no one is helping, for example, when the user needs to go up and down the stairs alone, the traditional wheelchair is not enough to meet the needs of the user. In order to make the wheelchair more intelligent, better serve the user and reduce the burden of the family members, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has developed and launched a wheelchair robot to bring users new experience in wheelchair use.

    German LIECTROUX Wheelchair Robot Brings New Experience To Wheelchair Users 

    The shape of this wheelchair robot is the traditional wheelchair and plus the brain and arms of the intelligent robot. The robot’s brain is equipped with a smart chip, which has ten times the sensory acuity of human beings. Therefore, it can accurately and quickly judge external factors including terrain, weather and speed etc,. And then it will determine the way of moving forward and the track of the action. For example, the bottom of the robot is equipped with a retractable crawler that is self-developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute. When passing through a flat road surface, the crawler is pulled back under the seat. When passing through bad road conditions such as rugged terrain, snow, muddy road or special road conditions such as stairs, the robot will automatically activate the crawler to allow users to easily pass through various road conditions. For example, when the user crosses the road, the robot can “be observant and alert” and timely judge the possible dangers. For example, if the user encounters vehicle that is in rapid driving, the robot will automatically speed up the tire speed and quickly take the user away from the dangerous area. In addition, the built-in safe of the robot can store things carried by the user, including valuables such as mobile phones, wallets and so on. The waists on both sides of the robot can store fruits, water bottles, etc,. Thus making it easy for users to travel. German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has added a very user-friendly design to the design of this wheelchair robot, which is to make this robot a smart robot that is very close to real humans. So this robot can conduct a smooth conversation with the user to let the user have a good mood at all times and provide a better experience for the user. This wheelchair robot also possesses many other advantages, including no fatigue, uninterrupted work, high efficiency and high quality at work, patience, no negative emotions to the user and so on. With so many advantages, this robot is definitely the best choice for wheelchair users.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute inherits the meticulous quality of German military industry and its product development strength is in the forefront of the world. All those makes it the leader in the field of intelligent robot research all over the world and possesses a worldwide reputation. The robot vacuum cleaner developed by it has opened up a new era of indoor cleaning. (You can view the website: or German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner adopts laser navigation technology to realize 4000 times laser ranging per second and coupled with its self-developed intelligent algorithm, it can accurately construct the room map and plan the cleaning route.

    Secondly, it is able to change the cleaning method according to the surrounding environment. For the hair, it will adopt the vacuum mouth to suck and the strong suction of 3000Pa can suck away without winding. For the large particle dust, it will clean with the V-shaped floating roller brush, which can clean deep into the gap, gather dust efficiently, and clean up and down. In addition, it adopts zigzag cleaning route, which can achieve no random cleaning, cleaning without omission, cleaning without dead spaces, thus greatly improving the cleaning efficiency. As soon as the robot vacuum cleaner entered into the smart home appliance market, it immediately got a hot snap from consumers.

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    In these days, Wei Yongmai, director of the China Artists Association and national first-class artist has had many important interviews form hundreds of media at home and abroad, which will be broadcast in relative art programs. Also as member of art development center of China rural art association and of Chinese painting and calligraphy artists, Wei becomes one of the first artists whose work is reported by so many media, breaking the record of Chinese Art in the world.

    Director Of The China Artists Association And National First-class Artist Wei Yongmai Has Broken The Record Of Chinese Art In The World

    Art introduction of Wei Yongmai

    Wei Yongmai, female, born in Beijing in 1955. She is a national first-class artist, member of the China Artists Association, member of art development center of China rural art association and member of Chinese painting and calligraphy artist, all of which is recorded in ministry of culture art talent database. Wei studies in the school of history, Beijing normal university and graduates from the school of information technology management (now school of government management), Beijing normal university. Then she becomes a painting undergraduate in central academy of fine arts and graduates from English junior college of Beijing language and culture university.

    Director Of The China Artists Association And National First-class Artist Wei Yongmai Has Broken The Record Of Chinese Art In The World 

    Since her childhood, Mrs Wei has learned traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy from her parents and grown in an artistic atmosphere created by vast Chinese and western painting and calligraphy works. Based on the understanding of humanities and information technology management, she comes to be what she is today through the long-term exploration of art science, aesthetic education, fine arts, painting & calligraphy works. Wei thanks the society and everything for her becoming a national first-class artist.

    Director Of The China Artists Association And National First-class Artist Wei Yongmai Has Broken The Record Of Chinese Art In The World

    We can see it from Wei’s works that whether the grasp of the figure sketch or the gouache portrait grasp, or the realistic expression to flowers, birds and landscape paintings completely reflect what she means, how flowers, birds and landscape are and the fact that she is good at regular script and running grass, two arts of Chinese calligraphy.

    Major achievements:

    Make good use of watercolor techniques to depict the portraits of people and draw the simplicity of wetland as well as water birds up and down. The parrots that rest on the flowers and trees chirp. Wetland water and grass are beautiful and swaying. Swans are in the water, fishes eat.

    Major representative works:

    Several portraits of famous leaders, watercolor works (Beautiful Peace) (Chicken Figure) (Wutong Phoenix) (Horse Month of the Monkey Year); watercolor traditional Chinese paintings (North-south Window) (Persimmon Ferro), etc.

    Director Of The China Artists Association And National First-class Artist Wei Yongmai Has Broken The Record Of Chinese Art In The World

    Especially in Chicken Figure, Wei personifies the scene of a flock of chickens celebrating a happy New Year. Besides, Wutong Phoenix shows that a beautiful phoenix flying from the sky dances around trees, and Horse Month of the Monkey Year depicts how the monkeys and horses get along with each other in their life.

    Director Of The China Artists Association And National First-class Artist Wei Yongmai Has Broken The Record Of Chinese Art In The World

    Director Of The China Artists Association And National First-class Artist Wei Yongmai Has Broken The Record Of Chinese Art In The World

    Wei Yongmai was invited to participate in celebrity calendar making and display in 2017. Moreover, in 2016, on the invitation of such media and companies as Shandong province literary union, qufu city literary union, Confucius institute, China visit network media center, saishang luxi academy of painting, world traditional culture research institute, Chinese enterprises report, Beijing art enterprise Tibet investment consulting Co., LTD, Wei had four watercolor representative works: Beautiful Peace, Yulan Harbinger, Horse Month of the Monkey Year and Wutong Phoenix displayed on the large-scale opening ceremony of painting and calligraphy works jointly held by Confucius Art Museums in Qufu, the great Chinese educator Confucius’ hometown. On 18th October 2017, Wei and other famous artists were invited to present excellent works on Pure Heart China Dream-Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in national art museum to celebrate the opening of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, reported by People’s net, xinhuanet. com, guangming net, sina. com, sohu net, NetEase net and Tencent net.

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    By APD writer Gong Chen

    The 4th Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation (hereinafter Guangzhou Award) and the World Mayor Forum opened in south China’s Guangdong Province on Thursday.

    During the three-day event, five out of 15 finalists will stand out through fierce competition and 20,000 dollars will be rewarded to them for supporting their further development. Besides, one most popular city will be singled out and rewarded by online voting.

    For each cycle, the Technical Committee consisting of international experts identifies no more than 45 excellent cities, from which 15 are shortlisted. The independent jury will make a final selection of up to five winning cities from these 15 shortlisted cities.

    The 15 shortlisted cities are Santa Fe (Argentina), Sydney (Australia), Salvador (Brazil), Repentigny (Canada), Wuhan (China), Yiwu (China), Santa Ana (Costa Rica), Surabaya (Indonesia), Milan (Italy), Guadalajara (Mexico), Utrecht (Netherlands), Kazan (Russia), eThekwini (South Africa), Mezitli (Turkey), New York (United States).

    Launched jointly by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and Guangzhou Municipal Government and supported by United Cities and Local Governments and World Association of Major Metropolises, the Guangzhou Award is held biennially and aims to recognize cities and local governments for their successful practices in innovation that are valuable for worldwide replication and reward excellent performances in urban innovation, encourage innovation by cities and local governments, improve local governance and promote and disseminate successful initiative on urban innovation as well as sustainable development.

    More than 700 initiatives of 150 cities from 50 countries have participated the award program every other year since its establishment in 2012, with theme areas ranging from infrastructure, public service, urban planning, good governance, partnerships, technology, resilience, social inclusion to gender equality.

    Updated Guangzhou Award

    Different from the previous Guangzhou Award, the newly-added World Mayor Forum is highlighted the event this year, which aims to set up a multilateral platform for governments to advance cooperation and exchanges in a bid to achieve win-win in global urban governance and promote inclusive innovation in sustainable development.

    Promote building international community

    Themed with ”Global Openness and Inclusive Innovation“, the Guangzhou Award this year focuses on issues of Blockchain: Tools for Governing Metropolitan and Urban Management, the Belt and Road and Urban Construction, and Cultural Heritage and Innovation of Future Cities.

    In order to build the international community for exchanges, Guangzhou actively participates many high-level international events such as the World Economic Forum, the Boao Asia Forum and the China Development Forum and hosted 13 international events like Guangzhou Annual Investment Conference (China).

    According to Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office, the city now has 37 international friendship cities and 34 friendly cities of international exchange and cooperation after years of efforts. It has also established close ties with international organizations and more than 200 cities all over the world through the Guangzhou Award program.

    Make dreams come true

    After experiencing the rapid development in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the southern Chinese city now puts more efforts in creating city brand and enhancing soft power by innovating urban governance.

    As Dr. Joan Clos, UN Under-Secretary General and the executive director of UN – HABITAT, said on the sidelines of the World City Day held in the city on October 31, 2017 that “Guangzhou is the best illustration of ‘City makes life better.’”

    Reputed as the Chinese flower city, Guangzhou has proved itself as a model of urban landscape and ecological restoration for the nationwide emulation.

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    For the music lovers around the world, China-hifi-Audio now brings the deluxe edition Bewitch 6550 hi-fi integrated amplifier, Yaqin amplifier and several other ancillary products at the best prices.

    There are different types of instruments available in the market that can be used to improve or purify the sound quality and enjoy a soulful music. China based China-hifi-Audioonline store maintains a huge database of music enhancement devices and other ancillary products that music lovers can purchase from them online at reasonable prices. They keep updating their stock from time to time, and now they have included some amplifiers from Bewitch and Yaqin companies and also high quality audiophile cables for customers around the world.

    According to the company spokesperson, customers can now purchase the deluxe edition Bewitch 6550 hi-fi integrated amplifier from them. The product comes with a shipping weight of 30kg and can operate on a large voltage range, from 100V to 240V. The amplifier can, however, operate in the dual power supply mode of high voltage and low voltage power supplies. This amplifier comes with a valve cage cover for its additional protection. The spokesperson reveals that this tube integrated amplifier comes with a modern powerful design with a large black background and a strong sense of space. With a significant signal-to-noise ratio, the amplifier can deliver clean, transparent and moisturized sound.

    China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability Of Copper Colour Audiophile Cable To Connect the Hi-End Audio Equipment In Its Portfolio

    The online store also brings a significant Yaqin amplifier range with 100% brand new and high quality amplifiers from the company. Available with one-year warranty, the valve amplifier of the company comes with a protective cover. The product adopts an outstanding ultra circuit while getting linear. Its grade has upgraded and enlarged the circuit for SRPP and the machine is now more suitable for loud and wide music delivery. The output transformer of the amplifier is made of special purpose silicon steel sheet and high quality enameled wires to ensure its durable performance. The amplifier features a solid built with an outstanding craftsmanship. According to the spokesperson, this amplifier can aptly control the sound distortion and can maintain the smoothness of the sound.

    Besides different types of amplifiers, China-hifi-Audionow also brings the Copper Colour audiophile cable, which comes with the XLR connector and hi-fi audio interconnect cord. The 100% brand new cable is available at reasonable prices with free shipping. With a comprehensive strength, the cable allows product completion in a quite effective manner. The spokesperson reveals that the cable can ensure a great performance in all frequency bands. With good detailing, the cable can facilitate an outstanding interpretation of emotions, rhythm and strength. The cable facilitates transition of each frequency band in a natural and smooth manner with a wide sound field.

    To learn more about these new amplifiers or the audiophile cables, one can visit the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is an audiophile tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-hifi-audio sells products from some great Chinese well-known brands, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc.

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    International rising star DJ Babba, dubbed as one of the hottest new artists in electronic, dance, pop, trance music recently released “Don’t Touch My Spaghetti”, and it sure does offer something unique.

    The song starts with a heavy hard-hitting electronic, trance sound but then breaks into something similar to a soundtrack that would feature in a Spaghetti Western fight scene; This sure to catch any listener by surprise. One could imagine it going down well in a club scene, the track then swaps between heavy hard hitting sounds and a milder Western theme.

    The song is available in 2 different versions, radio edits and an Extended version. 

    DJ Babba has crafted his own unique syle, this obviously shown in this new song. DJ Babba is tipped to become the next international name in the Dance / Electonic / Trance.

    DJ Babba grew up in the Netherlands in a very musical family. Anyone who knows the scene in Amsterdam, will realise there is a prominent EDM scene and culture. 

    Before he became a DJ / Producer he was already working in Clubs and recording studio’s recording bands and artists as a sound engineer. Amsterdam has many clubs famous for this genre of music, there’s also many festivals hosting EDM, electronic and dance. 

    He is a big fan of 80’s/90’s Synthesizer music (Vangelis, Jean Michel JarreKraftwerkGiorgio Moroder), Reggea and Italo disco but also of today’s electronic and dance music. As a DJ he probably draws some influence from these artistsDJ Babba has been working in the music industry for many years now producing albums for other artists too. 

    His music style varies from melodic Dance, Trance, Pop, Electronic and has a growing fan base worldwide. Many of his Youtube videos have garnished impressive views and responses; this could possibly be because he brings something new to the table in the EDM, dance scene.

    Available on iTunes/Applemusic: 

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    Organized by the China Brand International Exhibition Committee, exclusive title sponsored by World Zhitian Real Estate Co., Ltd., Tmall, Xiaomi Technology,,, Duobao Store,, Shandong Beadhouse Construction Development Co., Ltd sponsored as strategic partners. The China Brand International Exhibition was held on December 5, 2018 on the NASDAQ screen at Times Square, US. The tour event grandly commemorated the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up and released the top 100 Chinese international brands.

    Exclusive title sponsor, World Zhitian Real Estate Co. Ltd, Mr Deng Zhitian

    According to Chang Ming, the secretary-general of the exhibition, it took 2 months for the international exhibition committee from zero to the brand selection. The participating brands were selected from nearly 2,000 brands, and they can represent Chinese brands in their respective fields.

    Exclusive title sponsor, World Zhitian Real Estate Co. Ltd, Dr. Lantu

    Strategic partner, Duobao Store

    Strategic partner, Chairman of guoshinong Co, ltd. Tan Zeyu

    Strategic partner –

    2018, the 4th China Brand International Exhibition + Partial Lists of Top 100 Chinese International Brands

















































































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    On November 24, 2018, the second International Early Childhood Education Summit (IECES) was successfully held in Hilton Beijing, Beijing, China. The summit is co-hosted by Expert Advisory Committee of China Academy of Management Science and GYMBABY, with the theme of “creating core education · adding maximum value” and the purpose of “global sharing, diversity integration, wisdom creation and future building”. The summit has brought together over 300 attendees including experts from in early childhood education field, well-known enterprise executives from the industry and guests from authoritative media. This summit is another major forum after the first IECES, providing a state-of-the-art academic exchange platform for early childhood education in China and leading the force for the upgrading of early childhood education in China.


    This summit is set up as the main venue of “create core education, adding maximum value” and a special session of global early childhood education: build China’s early childhood education to improve the industrial chain and maintain the sustained vitality of education industry; 0-3 day care special session: future of day care industry and brand, how to stand out; Children programming special session: ping efficiency doubles – programming helps education enterprises create a new market blue ocean.

    Education policy research and Judicial Branch director, the Chinese society of Education Development Strategy(CSEDS) president Xiaobing Sun, China Academy of Management Science Companies Administration Innovation Institution director, Advisory Committee for China Academy of Management Science Secretary-General Jinlan Hu, Advisory Committee for China Academy of Management Science Secretary-General Peilin Lv, CHINA LIFE SCIENCE ASSOCIATION Secretary-Genera Chenxi He, Education group of GYMBABY president Lori, Education group of GYMBABY CEO Celine attended the meeting, and forum guests plan for a bright future of Chinese children’s education, Early childhood education industry for the development of energy.

    Explore and innovate early education, experts talk about development.

    Innovation and development, change the future.


    Institute of China academy of management science education innovation at the meeting, the expert advisory committee, deputy director and secretary-general, finance professor Dr Jinlan Hu on behalf of the organizers of the speech. He understood the development of education in early childhood from national policies, development trends and other aspects, and placed hopes on the development of the industry. “we live in a great era, and the biggest change in this era is innovation. Therefore, the theme of our conference is called “creating core education · adding maximum value”. What are the results of innovation? We still need the efforts of all of us here.

    Education policy research and Judicial Branch director, the Chinese society of Education Development Strategy (CSEDS) president Xiaobing Sun has carried on the multi-angle interpretation to the national policy.

    Expand product lines to form an industrial chain and make contributions to early education.

    Celine, CEO of GYMBABY group with the theme of “professional and construction barriers, enabling the industry to enjoy multi-win”, we stand at the height of the whole early education industry, from the perspective of the early childhood education industry, the status quo and the core barriers of sports baby to create, future core content direction to share.


    Celine, CEO of education group of GYMBABY, took “GYMBABY” as an example to show the focus of excellent international early education on content research and development, and the great love feelings of win-win. She mentioned that sports baby is a professional brand focusing on research and development. With real characteristics of the course products, we hope to help other early childhood education friends to improve the core competitiveness, expand product lines, form an industrial chain, early childhood education industry can.

    According to Celine, education group of GYMBABY is a group enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. It owns several children education sub-brands and has a comprehensive layout of early childhood education industry chain. Some achievements of “future growth space for children” and the industry-university-research project of tsinghua university were demonstrated on the spot. Absorb the essence of international education, upgrade early education courses; Driven by big data, open the big saas system of intelligent early education; Invest tens of millions of IP animation and early family education products; MOMYHOME daycare has recently introduced recipes with different samples for 365 days, and established the international department of MOMYHOME daycare in France. There are children programming, sensory integration courses and other quality courses. Now for the entire industry output, to professional research and development to build barriers, content can be assigned to the industry to share multi-win.

    Create a harmonious family atmosphere, cultivate children’s good mood.

    Shuquan Wang, a researcher and professor of education research institute in China, is a member of the expert steering committee of China association for optimal birth and family planning. He has been engaged in theoretical and practical research on early childhood education for many years and has been making efforts to promote the comprehensive development of early childhood. From the accumulated practice cases of children education career she has been engaged in over the years, she has Shared the importance of creating a harmonious family atmosphere and the basic principles and elements of building a harmonious family in a simple way.

    A harmonious family environment is good for children’s emotional development, she said. Every parent should strive to explore, to find suitable for their children’s enlightenment education mode. Every parent may agree that his or her approach is good, but perhaps you have neglected the characteristics and needs of the child at this age, which may affect his or her whole life. The one-sided concept of education and inappropriate education environment will inadvertently affect the comprehensive development of children.

    Combining medicine with education, sensory integration helps early education

    Xukai Zhang, a well-known sensory-system education expert from Taiwan, China, has been studying sensory-system for more than 20 years and has rich clinical experience in rehabilitation medicine. After co-founding monty education, Mr. Arkai shifted his focus to mainland China, combining medicine with education and enabling early education from sensory integration. We hope to bring high-quality sensory integration education to more children through win-win cooperation mode.

    His speech, from the perspective of the significance of sensory education, development history, existing misunderstandings and other aspects, is rich in content and enlightening. “from the medical level, what is sensory integration doing? The first is for special children, so we don’t want to treat our children as special children. The second is to do the pattern repetition. The child will repeat the turn and throw several times and play on the swing for a few minutes. “Sensory integration education enabling early education process we emphasize immersive game interaction teaching method.”

    Build a space for children’s growth and keep pace with world development.

    Churchill said, we build buildings, and then we are shaped by them. Professor qiu song, PhD supervisor of academy of fine arts, tsinghua university, has been engaged in the research of bionic modeling design for many years and is a creator of “beauty”.

    From three aspects of background, current situation and trend, he elaborated the key and difficult points faced by the development of children’s early education space design, and pointed out the direction for the future development. During this period, he mentioned that after cooperating with sports baby on the production-university-research project of tsinghua university, he devoted himself to the creation of children’s aesthetics and did his best without any regrets. Because it is so important, “early education environment can make the child become safe, can give him a kind of encouragement, so that he can overcome some difficulties and difficulties. On the contrary, if our environment design is not good, children will be afraid, afraid, and even want to cry. These are all related to the environment”, “IP implantation, thematic situational application into the future trend”.

    Family education is the core, only adult growth can bring the growth of children.

    LanHai LanHai founder said growth in the speech “to promote the development of 0-3 infant family grow new practice of this subject, points out that in the central television and anhui satellite TV hit show” super parenting division “this program from the four years we entered China in 100 families of repeated practice of family education important conclusion, deeply aware of the child’s early growth, family education should be as the dominant, collaborative school education and social education, to form a complete chain of effective education.

    She pointed out that there are three kinds of people who have an impact on children aged 0-3 years old, namely, novice parents, experienced grandparents and first-time family nurseries. Only when the three kinds of people cooperate with each other at the same time can they provide a good atmosphere for children. Through the analysis of the barriers in the early childhood education industry in China at present, the difference in the content of homogenization courses is only 15%, and brand competence has become an important core of competition.

    The influence of animation IP industry on the growth of education in early childhood.

    Ms. Aiqun Peng, deputy director of hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon channel, deputy general manager of hunan golden eagle cartoon co., LTD., chairman of hunan McCard paradise culture co., LTD., Shared in “the influence of IP animation on children’s early growth”: As China’s real growth for the animation industry power, the IP industry in China has been gradually perfect, in IP industry growing and infant education unbounded confluence at the same time, influence each other, IP to the child’s physical and mental health, intellectual development of thinking and emotional intelligence cultivation has a positive role in promoting, at the same time, the audience more pursuit of high quality, high quality animation content and IP concept, scientific innovation bring sustainable power for IP industry, forming a virtuous cycle.

    What is the most important thing about the whole industry? In the winter of capital is the most important confidence.

    View fund founding partner, Mr Through vertical Shang Minglei, founder of the accelerator in the speech in the boundary of the maternal and infant children’s industrial growth that maternal and infant children’s industry is the industry boundary is very weak, confidentiality between user groups is very weak, refine industry relative to other industries do not have good advantage, so it is very important to how to clearly know the maternal and infant children’s industry boundary.

    Mr. Minglei Tang then listed the six boundaries of the maternal, infant and child industry in 2019, namely, customization boundary, boundary breakthrough boundary, single-layer breakthrough, enabling boundary, sharing boundary, service boundary and growth boundary. Starting from the six boundary plates, the paper conducts a profound and accurate analysis of the development trend of the industry, which encourages enterprises to enhance confidence and brings feasible solutions to break the situation.

    Enabling education with AI to satisfy children’s fantasy of products is the core.

    Guo jia, co-founder of Turing, a well-known and leading Chinese semantic technology company, is one of the earliest pioneers engaged in the productization of natural language (NLP) technology in China. For the guo family, AI is a magical world, which is worth working hard on.

    How to create intelligent products that children like? He proposed the “AI+IP” model, where AI = multi-mode interaction technology + intelligent service value output; IP = influence (fan traffic) + consumption (fan conversion). But these are not enough, AI applications should be customized, “IP build intelligent hardware, help them to build interactive services, do personalized voice, do personalized content, and even do personalized script”, “to meet the children’s fantasy of the product, is the core concept of our product building”.

    Personalized early education market, data scene is the most important.

    Benwei Zhang, a former alibaba executive and author of the best-selling entrepreneurship book “single point breakthrough,” has influenced millions of professionals. He started his own business many times. Now he is a famous tutor of entrepreneurship. Everyone calls him “teacher Ben wei”.

    He believes that the future must be personalized, the future of the entire market will be competing for data, you and your competitors who are more closely connected to the customer. Early childhood education market is no exception. “With data you can really satisfy individual development, because every child’s character, growth is personality, but if you have data to support this personality is very easy to achieve.”

    The opening ceremony of the compilation of evaluation standards for day care institutions for children aged 0-3 years in China was held to jointly promote the development of day care industry.

    At the summit, managed by Chinese academy of sciences institute of education innovation, expert advisory committee executive Jinlan Hu professor, deputy director of the China academy of management science expert advisory committee, executive secretary-general Peilin Lv, CHINA LIFE SCIENCE ASSOCIATION Secretary-Genera Chenxi He, Education group of GYMBABY president Lori, Education group of GYMBABY CEO Celine, researcher at the Chinese education science research institute, professor, China concerned about the next generation working committee of the expert committee Shuquan Wang jointly launched the China 0 to 3 years old child care institutions evaluation standard “ceremony of the preparation work, It guides the new industry standards for the daycare industry for children aged 0-3 years and helps the development of the daycare industry together.

    The second International Early Childhood Education Summit List out.

    This international early childhood education summit, adhering to the principles of professionalism, justice and equity, awarded awards to industry leaders, brands with good reputation and influence.

    The most trusted children’s brand by parents in 2018:

    Babies to Kids、FAIRAIR、Crayola、Qomolangma glacier、 alilo、baolinss story 、Classic world、 Programming class、 LION TRUNK TECHNOLOGY、 Elated Baby、 COOGHI、 tongdou town、 STARFISH、 KINLE、 Xiao Ban Long、 TOPIGHTBR、 LOONG SWIM CLUB

    The most influential brand in 2018:


    Credibility education brand in 2018:

    GYMBABY、Super Manager for Smart Kindergarten Director、EENSTAR、Captain Science、YOUYANG、MENGDI EDUCATION、YINJIANLI FUMUXUTANG、tongdou town、mytian、8-lab、kelaike、Beijing Jintong Occupational Training School

    Influential media in 2018:


    Leader of the children industry in 2018:

    Shuquan Wang、Xukai Zhang、Song Qiu、Benwei Zhang、Jinlan Hu、Celine、Baolin Zhou、Aiqun Peng、Shengtao Ye、Hai Lan、Shouyan Gao、Minglei Tang、Chongchong Feng、Jia Guo、Shengdi Wang

    Outstanding early education center of 2018:

    Dlian Wafangdian early education center、Liaoning Liaoyang early education center、Changchun Zhonghai early education center、Shanxi Lvliang early education center、Chongqing Yuanyang early education center、Anhui Xiaoxian early education center、Suzhou Shengze early education center、Jiangsu Lianyungang early education center、Nanjing Baijiahu early education center、Jiangsu Suqian early education center、Jiangsi Haimen early education center、Jiangsu Peixian early education center、Hebei Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi early education center

    At the meeting, sister meow said that the founder Shouyan Gao andSuper Manager for Smart Kindergarten Director, hosted together on the same stage. With humor and professionalism, they cooperated well with each other, which added a lot of color to the smooth convening of the conference. The scene was full of people and the atmosphere was warm.

    Special thanks to:


    Beijing New Vocational Skill Training Industry Alliance

    The 2018 international early childhood education summit has effectively solved the pain points in the development of China’s children’s industry and accelerated the diversified integration of high-quality brands in China’s children’s education industry. Create core education, no boundary endowed, all participants and experts said a lot of harvest.

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    Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC, which was hosted both by Zhuhai Exhibition Group and Guangzhou Unikar Group, successfully came to its conclusion in Zhuhai Air Show Centre on 2nd December 2018.

    There were totally 9 car owners communities, including Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) & Formula Student Autonomous China (FSAC); 0-400m Drag Race; The Elite Party Winter Carnival; E-karting; Super SAC Car Owner Music Feast; Children Auto Technology Playground; Guinness World Record: The Longest Parade of Mercedes Benz Cars; GroChina Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum; GDCC “Galaxy Legend Cup” & Wild Yell Women Racing Master Grand Prix (Off-road Race).

    The 3-days event attracted near 600 Car Owner Clubs and about 50,000 attendees this year as well as close to 100 million audiences watching Super SAC on the online platforms of,,, and

    Several Records Created in Super SAC – the Carnival for Chinese Car Owner Communities

    The Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC has leaded a new chapter in China for Chinese Car Owner Communities, in the aspects of event scale, activity content, media publicity etc.

    In Zhuhai Air Show Centre, a total 1.3 million sqm area of different spaces had been designed by the organisers for various activities – drag race area, off-road race area, exhibition venue, outdoor tarmac racing area etc. The centre ensures Super SAC to be the largest Urban Cultural Event for Car Owner Communities not only in China but also in the world. Meanwhile, Super SAC is the largest event both in scale and attendees besides the Zhuhai Air Show (China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition) which is held every two years in the centre.

    The event’s varied themes of content contributed from 9 Car Owner Communities composed the largest coverage and the highest involvement International Cultural Event in China for Chinese Car Owners in recent years.

    Among this, Guangdong Cross-country Club League Matches (GDCC) created many new records in China: the longest racing track within off-road venue in China, the best facilities in China, the largest number of off-road racing cars in China, the largest number of top national racing drivers in China, the largest scale of women driver racing in China and the highest Prize for Women Racing Group, hitting a new peak of off-road racing communities.

    A several miles of fleet consisting of 358 Mercedes Benz Cars created the new record in China – the Longest Parade of Mercedes Benz Cars in the world, which won a lot praise and encouragement from Chinese Car Owner communities and spectators on spot.

    An exhibition of over 300 stance cars created a new record of the largest static exhibition of modified cars in Southern China.

    Mr. Gabriel Cerdan, President from Slide Drift Team in France, performed his drifting skill in two Super Cars, which was the first European Super-car Drifting Show in China!

    Mr. Giles Brown, Business Director from Silverstone Classic, brought a MOU from UK to attend Super SAC. The MOU has been signed by Mr. Nick Wigley, CEO of Silverstone Classic — the biggest Classic Motoring Festival in the world. He came on behalf of Mr. Nick Wigley and it was the first-time cooperation of Silverstone Classic in its 29-year history with a Chinese company.

    The debut of International Motor Film Awards in China placed great expectation on Chinese Motor Films Development in Super SAC.

    The Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum held by GroChina Capital invited renowned figures from home and abroad to communicate in depth the investment in auto technology and consumption industry dual-fueled by “industry operation and fund investment” for the sake of constructing a new scenario of automotive consumption & new retail, being a hot topic in investment industry as well as automobile industry.

    Over 20 media containing GDTV, ZHTV, Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhuhai Daily,,, were invited to Zhuhai Airshow Center to follow and report. Live followers of this event exceeded 30 million person-times as the indirect coverage exceeded 100 million person-times on the platforms such as,,,,, and Tencent News, etc.

    A 6’S’ Design of Event Topics, The “Human-Car-Venue” Interactive Experience Of 9 Car Owners Communities

    As a leading Chinese platform for Internet-based car owners communities and the co-organizer of this event, Unikar creatively proposed the 6’S’ event topics of car owners communities, fusing the topics of “Science, Speed, Spirit, Share, Splendid, Sunshine” into the entire planning of this event. It redefined the car owners carnivals, built the harmony and unity of “Human-Car-Venue” Eco-environment, and created a new retail model of automotive products and services.

    The Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC integrated in the first time 9 car owners communities — the deep involvement & interaction of students car owners communities, fashion car owners communities, modified car owners communities, luxury car owners communities, off-road car owners communities,international car owners communities, children car owners communities, performance car owners communities, and women car owners communities, allowed car owners and the communities to be not only contributors, but also the participants and consumers in this event. For instance, Catplay Entertainment — the title sponsor of the Challenge of Guinness World Records of the Largest Parade of Mercedes Benz cars, SGG Creator Feast, and The Elite Party Winter Carnival, contributed in total a media flow of circa 100 million, as the founder of Catplay Entertainment is a member of Mercedes Benz car owners community and Unikar community. Founder of T3 Tea, a sponsor of this event is also a member of BMW car owners community. Mr. Kention Huang (nicknamed as KK in car owners communities) who is the Founder & CEO of Unikar Group — one organizer of this event, is a co-founder of Jaguar Canton Club (JCC) and the initiator of Super SAC. The culture of interaction & experience originating from car owners communities and providing services for car owner communities, and the construction of new retail scenarios are a breakthrough of traditional static exhibitions and the offish professional racing IPs, creating another new high of Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival and Super SAC.

    The Formula Student China Series Activities organized by SAE China were part of the most featured activities of Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC, embodying the future of Chinese auto technology. 57 fleets from 52 colleges and universities in China with in total 1,172 students attended the static and dynamic competitions with electric racing vehicles and autonomous vehicles self-developed in a year. Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology won the laurel of Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) as Beijing Institute of Technology was the champion of Formula Student Autonomous China (FSAC).

    The Formula Student China Series Activities are the cradle of Chinese auto engineers. On the stage of this Super SAC, auto engineers who would possibly become part of the top engineers in China, have accomplished their first show of conception in practice as the seeds of the most advanced auto technologies will be incubated here.

    On Dec. 2, “Galaxy Legend Cup”·GDCC·Jinwan Off-road Carnival & The First Wild Yell Women Master Racer Grand Prix successfully came to their conclusion within the ground equipment display area of Zhuhai Airshow Center, creating numerous records incl. the longest racing track within off-road venue in China, best facilities, largest number of racing cars, largest scale of top national racers, largest scale of women racers, and the highest bonus for women racers group. The off-road race attracted the attendance of 200+ top national off-road racers and the organizer — Xinjue Sports, specially created for women racers “The First Wild Yell Women Master Racer Grand Prix” in combination with the image of “Zhuhai Fishing Girl” in Zhuhai City, which is the first of its kind in the sector of Chinese women racing events. “Four Kings” and “Eight King Kongs” in Chinese off-road racing world gathered together, leading this activity to another new high of off-road race in the aspects of scale and lineup in recent years in China. In the end, Racer Mr. Fengge Huang won the champion of professional race group as Ms. Panpan Rong was crowned to be the “First Woman Master Racer” in women professional race group. Blessed with both beauty and talent, Ms. Rong is a racer that performed even better than some of the male racers, who is the exact figure showing that women are as excellent as men.

    The strength of one car owner could be limited, but that of 358 car owners is far enough to create a world record. Arranged by Unikar and various Mercedes Benz Car Clubs in China incl. Guangdong CLA Club, and Shenzhen Car Collection Association, the Challenge of Guinness World Record of the Largest Parade of Mercedes Benz Cars attracted the attendance of every Mercedes Benz car clubs around China and 358 cars. Soon, it became a hot topic among Chinese car owner communities and WeChat Moments as the number of online viewers surged to new highs again and again. Though the challenge failed owing to the accidental interruption after 3 tries in 3 hours, the gathering of 358 Mercedes Benz cars for miles due to the fusion of super power of car owners communities has already broken the current record of the largest parade of Mercedes Benz cars concerning the scale and number of cars. It was also the nearest moment towards success for Chinese car owners to try to challenge the Guinness World Record in the centurial history of Mercedes Benz cars. THEY LOST THE RECORD, BUT MADE THE HISTORY! They are the MOST Gelivable Mercedes Benz car owners in China which needs no proof of Guinness World Record. Their feat, and their determination and courage to rewrite the history, flamed the entire car owners communities in China and won the praise of all the spectators on spot, as the spirit of  them is bound to encourage the successors! Hundreds of Mercedes Benz car owners gathered together due to the summon of Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC as the spirit of them should be carved in the milestone of Super SAC and even that of Chinese auto culture.

    As a leader of party culture in Southern China, Super SAC Car Owner Feast & SGG Creator Feast displayed for every car owners on site the grandeur and splendidness of this creative visual show. Over 50 anchors who are online celebrities (Wanghong in Chinese) appeared in this show, e.g. Ms. Yueyuan Zhan, a popular anchor and Ms. SGG, the party queen in Southern China and the creator of SGG club. This Feast impressed everyone thanks to its combination of George Patton, Hummers, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Hongqi Classic Cars, and the creative and fashionable dress styles. The atmosphere of this Feast came to its peak when a dance on car roof was presented, receiving applause from international guests.

    Great Show!

    The activity among all that would be able to stimulate the adrenaline of spectators was undoubtedly the Aibo 04 Drag Race, as there were over 200 performance vehicles coming from every corner of China gathering in the venue. To respond to the demand of various car owners and enthusiasts, Super SAC organized some contests between electric cars and super cars. A Tesla Model X P100D competed with Audi TT RS car from HG Fleet. The Audi TT RS car is the fastest record holder of Aibo 04 Drag Race with a marvelous performance of 9.681 seconds during Aibo 04 Drag Race and amazing response time, allowing it to break the rumor that electric cars perform better in drag race. At the same time, the competition between a domestically produced BYD Tang car and a Audi RS3 car came to the end as Audi RS3 scored its success. The modified potential of traditional fuel vehicles granted them the strength to secure the throne when confronting with the amazing written data of electric cars. In the 0-400-meter level, electric cars performed less satisfying comparing with the performance of electric cars in the 2nd Super SAC. However, it is an established fact that electric cars are much popular among car owners now. As a carnival for car owners communities, Super SAC will arrange certain drag racing events on the basis of reflecting the truth and meeting the true demand of car owners, in regardless of the rationality of competition between electric cars and fuel cars.

    As one of the most influenced kinds in automotive culture world, modified cars are gradually accepted by mainstream as the loosening of regulations & laws. In this event, renowned static exhibition of stance cars in China—The Elite Party Winter Carnival welcomed a fiery registration, as some car owners from Beijing even registered and shipped their cars to Zhuhai for the exhibition in this activity. As a result, only 300+ stance cars selected from over 5,000 cars were able to attend this activity, opening a new chapter of stance cars in Southern China. On spot, the election of stance cars in various aspects allowed it to be the one of most popular unit of this event, attracting over 10,000 domestic and foreign spectators, Males & Females, the Old & Young, in just ONE day (Dec. 1).

    In-depth Involvement Of International IPs, Construction of Human-Car-VenueEco-investment In Chinese Auto Technology & Consumption Industry

    It’s worth mentioning that this event was the first international carnival for car owners communities in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao after the opening of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. It not only attracted a huge number of visitors from Hong Kong and Macao, but also invited the guests on behalf of top international auto culture IPs, including Goose Live Events Limited, the operation company of Silverstone Classic which is the biggest classic motoring festival in the world; International Motor Film Awards which is known as the Oscars for the motoring world; Slide Drift Team, a pillar of drift and benchmark for drifting spirit in not only France but also Europe; and IQ12, a creative company developing immersive in-car VR technologies.

    On the GroChina Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum which was organized by GroChina Capital, guests incl. Mr. Stanley Cheung (Former Chairman of Greater China of Walt Disney), Mr. Kention Huang (Founder of GroChina Capital and CEO of Unikar Group), Mr. Giles Brown, Mr. Vince Knight, Mr. Gabriel Cerdan, Ms. Yue Wu (Principal of Auto Technology Dep. of KPMG), Mr. Bin Zeng (Representative of Country Garden Industry Investment Group) were invited to present keynote speeches as renowned leaders in investment industry, for instance, Mr. Kelvin Yu (Former VP of Sequoia Capital and Co-founder of Capital Today) and Mr. Gary Kwok (Founder of Shing Chak Investment) were invited to conduct a in-depth discussion regarding the construction of auto consumption new retail ecosphere of “Human-Car-Venue” based on the Eco-investment in “industry operation + fund investment” in the sectors of automobile technologies and automotive culture. Mr. Kention Huang present a deep analysis of “industry operation + fund investment” of GroChina Capital and Unikar Group and the investment strategy to construct auto consumption new retail ecosphere of “Human-Car-Venue”. Mr. Huang was bold to predict that there would possibly come the auto theme parks comparable to Disney in China as some Chinese auto cultural IPs in the sector of Grand Entertainment would be able to present themselves on the international stage with superb investment value in few years. The speech of Mr. Huang impressed Mr. Kelvin Yu, whom has 18 years of expertise on private equity investment and been appointed as the Principal of New Retail Strategic Investment Dep. of Fosun Group. Mr. Yu indicated that it would be a new direction for automotive technologies, culture & tourism and the IP industry operation. Duel engines of eco-investment contributed by GroChina Capital and Unikar Group would creatively lead the investment in Chinese automobile technology and consumption industry. Mr. Giles Brown, Commercial Director of the operation company of Silverstone Classic—the biggest classic motoring festival in the world, dissected the operation of this biggest classic motoring IP. The auto technology team of KPMG shared on site the development of Chinese auto technologies as the representative of Country Garden Industry Investment Group shared the project experience regarding the combination of NEV town and City of Industry. Meanwhile, Unikar Group signed Memorandums of Understanding with the operation company of Silverstone Classic, the Slide Drift Team, the International Motor Film Awards, and IQ12 for the purpose of the gradual introduction of premium auto culture IPs.

    In the pipeline roadshow session of Forum, companies incl. Slide Drift Team which is the top European super-car drifting company, IQ12 which is planning to provide the in-car immersive VR experience, E-power Kart–a world-class Sino Germany e-karting company which adopts compound insulation materials for the production of lithium battery packs and swaps battery in 5 seconds, and award-winning Engine pipeline from UK featuring a thermal efficiency reaching up to 46% and being able to apply to plug-in electric vehicles and range-extended electric vehicles. These pipelines contain high technological contents, adequately showing the large investment opportunities in and the fine future of auto technology and consumption industry.

    After the Forum, Mr. Gabriel Cerdan from Slide Drift Team performed for spectators the drift by Ferrari F430 car and Jaguar F-Type car as it was the first European super-car drifting show in China.

    Since the establishment as a result of responding to the demand of car owners in July 2016 and with 3 years of organization, soaring growth of Super SAC continues every year on the basis of only over 200 car owners from 40+ car owners communities in 2016, attracting over 5,000 spectators and 200+ car owners communities in 2017, and over 50,000 audiences on spot and millions of online viewers as well as 600+ car owners communities. Super SAC keeps in line with the core principle of “sharing among communities” and believes that car owners attending the event are the creators and spectators of the event, being one part of the event contents. 9 car owners communities containing circa 600 car owners clubs, e.g. students car owners communities, fashion car owners communities, modified car owners communities, luxury car owners communities, off-road car owners communities, international car owners communities, children car owners communities, performance car owners communities, and women car owners communities, gather and achieve many new records and scales, due to the sharing and creation generated by Chinese car owners communities as proposed by the purport of event–interlinking car owners’ super power, sharing and creating the infinite possibility. Super SAC will continue, on the basis of car owners communities and with the core spirit of sharing among car owners communities, to interlink the car owners’ super power for the purpose of providing Chinese car owners with more activities of quality and features with in-depth interaction, premium experience and better man-car life.

    We, the car owners, are jointly creating the future of Chinese car owners communities, and the future of China automobile technology & consumption industry!

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    Recently, Kunming Municipal People’s Government, CSFI and LaLiga have reached a consensus to sign a strategic cooperation memorandum introducing LaLiga with forty-two Spain football giants into Kunming. Therefore, CSFI and LaLiga had an official signing ceremony of Kunming International Sports and Health Valley with Anning Municipal People’s Government.

    Under the witness of Mr. Cheng Lianyuan, Standing Committee of Yunnan province and Secretary Municipal Committee of the CPC of Kunming; Mr. Li Yingchuan, Deputy Director-general of General Administration of Sport of China, the following leaders like Mr. Hu Baoguo, Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Kunming, Mr. Wang Jianguang, Chairman of CSFI and Sergi Torrents, CEO of LaLiga in Greater China signed strategic cooperation agreement.

    At the ceremony, Mr. Cheng Lianyuan, Standing Committee of Yunnan province and Secretary Municipal Committee of the CPC of Kunming, said that we would strengthen plateau sports brand, speed up building an international, stereo and multi-functional “five-in-one” plateau sports center involving sports events, national fitness, sports tourism, sports science and research and sports exchanges. And we looked forward to having a comprehensive cooperation in setting up football school, introducing international events and developing youth football. Kunming would fully support project construction to promote football industry development.

    Mr. Li Yingchuan, Deputy Director-general of General Administration of Sport of China, said that the exchanges between China and Spain in sports was increasingly closing with a fruitful achievement. I hoped Kunming and LaLiga would take the opportunity of this signing ceremony to launch practical cooperation in events holding and youth football development so as to cultivate more excellent football talents for China football and achieve win-win cooperation.

    2018 witnesses the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Spain for 45 years. China and Spain sign Culture, Youth and Sports Cooperation Executive Plan From 2018 To 2021 Between the Republic of China and The Kingdom of Spain to deepen sports cooperation, strengthen sports and personal exchanges, including the experiences exchanges of youth training cooperation and sports infrastructure. Kunming Municipal People’s Government, CSFI and LaLiga unite together to introduce LaLiga youth training system. That will be a standard as practicing strategic cooperative relations between China and Spain and deepening sports cooperative relations of both sides.

    Sergi Torrents, CEO of LaLiga in Greater China, said that football development played an important role in cooperation between China and Spain. LaLiga paid a high attention to Kunming project hoping promote Kunming International Sports and Health Valley landing and make a new contribution for professional football and youth football development.

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    7 December, 2018 – SHANGHAI – Reed Exhibitions, part of RELX group has announced a new joint venture with the Shanghai Forever Exhibition. The new company, Reed Exhibitions Hengjin, will manage the Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show (AMTS), China’s leading trade event in automotive engineering, as well as the co-located Assembly & Handling Technology Exhibition (AHTE). Reed Exhibitions Hengjin will in addition run a series of related conferences and seminars across China throughout the year covering the various automotive engineering and industrial assembly hubs.

    Reed Exhibitions Announces New Joint Venture with Shanghai Forever Exhibition, Expanding into Automotive Manufacturing Sector

    AMTS and AHTE combined reached around 100,000 gross sqm and hosted more than 77,000 professional trade visitors in 2018, exceeding 2017’s visitors by 12%. The events also played host to 240 delegation groups from a number of premier automotive manufacturers with the high quality conference program well received and a main draw for visitors across China.

    Michael Cheng, President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China shaking hands with Zhou Xiaochuan, Founder of Shanghai Forever Exhibition

    Michael Cheng, President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China shaking hands with Zhou Xiaochuan, Founder of Shanghai Forever Exhibition

    Michael Cheng, President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China said: “The automotive manufacturing industry is a core pillar of China’s economy, contributing to 11% of China’s total GDP. This new venture enables Reed Exhibitions to expand further and establish a strong foothold in this market.”

    Zhou Xiaochuan, Founder of Shanghai Forever Exhibition added: “This newly announced partnership with Reed Exhibitions will enable us to extend our reach into the international market. Reed Exhibitions’ strong global network, tradeshow expertise, marketing technology and matchmaking innovations, will make AMTS and AHTE even more successful for our exhibitors and visitors. It’s exciting to see what the future will deliver.”

    The next edition of the annual event will be held from the 3 to 6 of July 2019 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

    Notes to Editors:

    About Reed Exhibitions

    Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organiser, with over 500 events in 30 countries. In 2017 Reed brought together over seven million event participants from around the world generating billions of dollars in business for local markets and national economies. Today Reed events are held throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa and organised by 38 fully staffed offices. Reed Exhibitions serves 43 industry sectors with trade and consumer events. It is part of RELX Group, a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries.

    For more information, visit:

    About RELX Group       

    About RELX Group

    RELX Group is a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries. The Group serves customers in more than 180 countries and has offices in about 40 countries. It employs about 30,000 people of whom almost half are in North America. The shares of RELX PLC, the parent company, are traded on the London, Amsterdam and New York Stock Exchanges using the following ticker symbols: London: REL; Amsterdam: REN; New York: RELX.

    The market capitalisation is approximately 1,969,930,909 £31.2bn, €35.1bn,  $39.9bn.

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    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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