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    These Hot Yoga Infrared Heating Panels are available in stylish designs that create a cozy and comfortable environment in the Yoga Studio for people to practice yoga with comfort and efficiency.

    Eco Art Heating Green introduces infrared heaters and heating panels that can be used for creating a uniform and deep heating effect inside a building. According to the spokesperson of the company, these infrared heating panels can have a wide range of practical applications and can also be used in Yoga studios.

    The company recently implemented the Hot Yoga Studio Heating Solution in Eastwood City’s Yoga Studio, Yoga Tree Manila. The infrared red heating panels created a hot environment inside the studio, aiding in the healing of body and minds. With a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, the studio now improves the healing and therapeutic experience of yoga practitioners. The heating solution has made the yoga classes suitable for all students, irrespective of their age or fitness level. It also lifts the spirits of yoga students, allowing them to practice yoga asana and posture with a better proficiency.

    Hot Yoga Studio Heating Solution

    The spokesperson reveals that their Yoga Studio Heating Solution is a practical way to maintain the necessary warmth inside the studio. They are also going to implement Hot Yoga Infrared Heating Panels in the Yoga Studio going to be opened by Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Centre in Copenhagen in Denmark. It already has been established that the infrared heater can have several kinds of positive effects on the health and healing of yoga students. It can provide a deep heat to the muscles and joints of a person for his/her proper yoga training.

    Eco Art Heating Green has cost-effective Far Infrared Heaters, which is white and lightweight and can easily be wall mounted and ceiling mounted. They develop quality infrared panels and ship them after power testing. These infrared heaters are perfect for heating a room, office or a commercial establishment. Beautifully designed and waterproof panels can match the décor of a building and can also save energy bills. Available at reasonable prices, these heating panels can bring a long-term cost benefit to all customers.

    People can learn more about these infrared heating panels by visiting the website

    About Eco Art Heating Green

    Eco Art Heating Greenoffers a range of infrared heating systems for domestic as well as public and commercial use. The heating systems are easy to install and can save a significant amount of energy. The company also designs custom infrared heating systems as per the requirements of the clients. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Eco Art Heating Green
    Contact Person: Christina
    Phone: +86 25 66081939
    Country: China

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    Take Easy Hong Kong is based in Hong Kong and is involved in production of various kinds of premium corporate gifts. The company caters to customer from across the planet.

    Organizations across the world adopt creative ideas to promote their brands. Corporate gifting is one such idea that has been around for quite a few years. It is regarded as a well-thought out plan that intends to offer valuable products to employees and customers. The options for gifting such products seem to be endless and several companies from across the world have been creating a lot of such products. Take Easy Hong Kong is one such company that belongs to Hong Kong and offers its extensive collection of premium corporate gifts. They intend to be a single stop destination for supplying corporate and promotional gifts. Creative Gift and Premium quality materials make it possible for the company to come out with some exceptional range of products.Take Easy Hong Kong offers its extensive collection of premium corporate gifts from China

    The company has its own manufacturing unit in Hong Kong and is equipped to cater to all OEM and ODM requirements of company from across the world. Among the popular offerings, the company presents a wide range of thermos bags which are quite popular. Corporates could get their branding with logo on any of these bags. All its products are backed by complete branding that includes printing of logo and embroidery too. One may also get the other types of branding options like imprinting, embossing, pad printing, silk-screen printing, etc. on their preferred products. Additionally, these products come in great packaging which are not only attractive but safe too. Custom packaging could be done on standard packaging boxes with the use of ribbons, wrappers, papers, and premium Boxes. One may even order a custom non-woven bag for each of the gift items.

    In order to know more about their products and services, customers may check out their website. The website is easy to use and customers can browse through the relevant categories to check out the offerings. Each of the product comes with HD images and detailed specifications. In case of queries or discussions about the customizations needed, customers can directly use the contact options on the website by sending an inquiry. Products like custom playing cards, stationary items, bottle mugs, home products, and a lot more options are constantly upgraded from time to time. For checking the latest additions, customers can check out the new arrivals section on the website.

    About Take Easy Hong Kong

    Take Easy Hong Kong is a gift design company based in Hong Kong. The company is involved in design and production of various types of premium quality corporate gifting products. These products are backed by highly customizable options for OEM and ODM for better branding for every company. For more details about the products or to place an order, customers can visit their website. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Take Easy Hong Kong
    Contact Person: Gilies Yeung
    Phone: +852 26774899
    Address:Unit E , 17/F, Superluck Industrial Centre 1., No. 45- 43 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan. N.T.
    Country: HongKong

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    In this age and day, new technical innovations rule the roost. Most people aren’t able to keep track of each new innovation around them because of the sheer number. This variety in the number of gadgets being released every day, prevents one from purchasing a new gadget without first looking at its pros and cons and all available information. People go online to look for the best gadgets on the market. Most such sites aren’t trustworthy and that’s why the need for  a reliable technology review site, like 1DayReview. The people behind the site realized the need for such a service long ago.

    “1DayReview is the new source of electronics and networking tool  reviews online, giving the most up-to-date news and analysis on new electronic gadgets, outdoor products, networking tools, and other gadgets that suits one’s needs,” says company representative, George.

    1DayReview is a company that offers you insights on the newest electronic gadgets, sports tools and outdoor products that are released both offline and online so that one doesn’t have to go out of their way to try all of these products that launched every now and then. Buying a new gadget that would last longer than the past purchase is expected to be the norm. However, because of the increasing number of companies producing new goods, a large number of people can’t afford to spend more money just to buy newer ones with new features. For this reason this new site offers a wide range of products to choose from.  With meticulously researched facts and painstakingly written reviews you get the latest and the best.

    Every day there are new websites that are popping up online and offering the same service to its readers, so what makes them different from the rest? Aside from the fact that 1DayReview offers only the newest and latest products, the reviews they publish are better written and better researched than other websites out there. The site focuses more on the quality of the article rather than filling up space with a barrage of words. Whether it’s product launch news, an opinion on a product, or a list of specs and features that one is seeking, has it all.

    1DayReview is the new Technology news site that delivers the latest on the hottest and most talked about brands on the market. 1DayReview is everything that someone interested in learning about the latest gadgets could ever want from a website.

    For more information on the services they offer, please visit 1DayReview on their website or their facebook page or Twitter account

    They can also be reached via email at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: 1DayReview
    Contact Person: George
    Phone: 9995183685
    Address:PC Rd, Kaloor
    City: Ernakulam
    State: Kerala
    Country: India

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    Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd globally supplies a large range of industrial storage solutions, including heavy duty racks, flow racks and other products.

    Companies can now procure heavy duty racks and other types of storage solutions from the Chinese company at affordable prices. Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd specializes in designing and supplying industrial storage solutions that can meet the storage needs of a diverse group of industries.

    The company offers an extensive range of industrial storage racks, including drawer racks, gorilla shelving racks, high quality gravity racks, multi-level drive-in racks, and other varieties. Each type of racks has their own specialty, and an industrial client can choose between them as per its storage requirement. These racks are available in different capacities and are made of rust-free metals, like galvanized iron and stainless steel. These are durable and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage. Fitted on pallet racking beams, these racks can serve the purpose of flexible shelves. With solid steel panels, these are a safer alternative to timber decking.

    Heavy Duty & High Quality Industrial Storage Racks Now Available For Global Supply From Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd

    Industries that need a heavy duty racking can rely on Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd for their different types of racking systems. The company offers plastic pellets heavy duty racks, large gravity racks, cantilever racks, warehousing racks and other products. These racks can handle different sets of static and dynamic loads and are suitable for storing a wide range of products. Available in different sizes, these heavy duty racks have different capacities. These racks are also suitable for load transportation and efficient cargo handling.

    Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of racking and storage solutions and their flow racksare ideal for the storage of the fast moving products. Unlike a static racking system, the flow rack is driven by gravity and is easily accessible to an operator. The company produces flow racks that are perfect for high density storage applications. These racks are made of durable materials and are fast movable, based on the pallet system. The flow racking system makes inventory control and monitoring a lot easier.

    To know more about different types of racking solutions that the company provides, one can visit their website

    About Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd

    Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd sells the best and top high quality industrial and commercial shelving solutions, including shelves, pallet racks, storage shelves, workbenches, pallet shelves, wire shelves, material handling equipment, warehouse shelving, storage shelving, metal shelving, wire mesh, industrial shelving solutions and systems for customer all over the world, including Australia, Middle East countries, North America, South America, Europe etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Mrs. Yolanda
    Phone: +86 15859294088
    State: Jiangsu Province
    Country: China

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    Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited produces various tanks, trailers and equipment that deal with industrial gases. They cater to the needs of industries that require LNG gases and different cryogenic gases for their manufacturing requirements.

    Gas cylinders and LNG equipment have always been in demand at various industrial areas. Manufacturers make sure that they are in contact with professionals that have expertise in this field. Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited is one such firm that specializes in this tools and equipment. They provide wide range of products that can match the needs of different companies from different fields.

    LPG tanks are available in four different varieties that include storage tanks, ISO containers, filling station and Semi-trailers. The LPG storage tank comes with a good working pressure that range between 0.7MPa to 2.16MPa. Its tank capacity is made to serve small industries as well as big industries. With range of 10m3 to 1000m3 the storage tank can serve all kinds of manufacturing needs. Users can go through the detailed specification and select the storage tank that meets their requirements. The LPG tank containers come in two different options that include the 20 feet and 40 feet tank capacity.

    Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited specializes in effective handling of air separation fluids

    At Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited there are eight different semi-trailer models available. The total capacity of these models range from 29 M3 to 58.2M3, it is important for the buyers to check the detailed specification and buy it according to his manufacturing requirements. Along with LPG trailers buyers can also check out the refilling station. These refilling stations are customized depending on the user’s requirements. Cryogenic pump is useful for industries that deal in nitrogen fluids, carbon fluids, liquid argon and various other industrial fluids.

    When it comes to centrifugal pumps it is important to focus on the flow rate. The flow rates of these equipment range from 13m3/h to 24m3/h. Buyers should make sure that they go through the reviews provided by previous customers. These reviews help a lot when it comes to making a smart purchase. These products can be expensive and one does not buy them regularly. Professionals at Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited understand the importance of user satisfaction and focus on quality. The buyers can also get into consultation with the professionals at the company and get their queries solved.

    They also supply LNG vehicle cylinder, available in the capacity range of 150l to 500l. They have different models of LNG cylinders with different diameters, lengths, filling weights and other parameters. These cylinders are of GB, TPED and DOT standards and are suitable to be fitted in different vehicles. They have different sizes and dimensions that make them compatible for different vehicles and different models. The cylinders of made of quality materials to be used in vehicles and which can withstand higher temperature levels.

    About Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited:

    Cryo-tech Industrial Company Limited is based in China and they have been involved in the manufacturing industry for a long time now. The professionals make a proper research in each of the manufacturing sector and they make sure that the buyers get exactly what they need. In order to check out the products, one can check out the above mentioned website. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cryo-Tech Industrial Company Limited
    Contact Person: Vance Fan
    Phone: +86-13884458586
    State: Zhejiang
    Country: China

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    Company-List offers a unique platform for smooth contact between the clients and firms of different industries. It provides essential details of all companies from different industries.

    Distributors and wholesalers do not have to spend a lot of time and energy to establish communication with any company. It is due to the emergence of certain websites that maintain a vast database of companies across the world that help clients to select the ideal one among them on the basis of industries and other yardsticks. is one such online platform that presents a well-organized data of various firms operating their businesses in sectors like real estate, packaging, telecommunications, transportation, and others. It is the one-stop destination where companies can easily draw the attention of the global customers to maximize their sale of different products and services.

    The portal of Company List-List of Companies helps customers to venture in different industrial sectors of China and other countries of the world with the active support of renowned private organizations. This platform also plays a crucial role to increase the flow of traffic in the commercial website of different companies of the world and thereby improves product sales and service standards. People of diverse backgrounds can join the platform for free to easily connect with firms of different industries. It also provides a clear insight on the industrial growth and condition of every country with all the essential details. It enables viewers to ascertain the genuineness of every company before entering into any commercial transaction.

    People who want to invest their money in different small and medium American industries can easily do so by establishing contact with any reliable company in United States by using the contact options mentioned on the website. From this portal, one can acquire all the essential details of a firm that includes production lines, overall annual revenue, number of employees, client-base, and others. It regularly updates the existing database to help clients in building build a relationship with a reputed company that enjoys maximum trust and confidence of the global clients.

    The website also features a comprehensive agriculture company list of different countries including China for the convenience of the clients who want to invest in different agricultural sectors to reap dividends. It enhances the income-earning scope of the individuals and helps them to develop an effective communication with any well-established company of the world. The platform increases the scope of investment in different industrial sectors of one’s choice without encountering any difficulty. Information provided in this platform are accurate and help individuals to modify their selection on the basis of budget, geographical location, and others.

    About Company-List

    Company-List maintains a vast database of different companies that operate their business in different industrial sectors. It provides detail information on each and every company without missing any fact. It also improves the visibility of different companies as well. For more information, customers can visit this website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Company-List
    Contact Person: Amanda Matson
    Phone: +1 5108132174
    Country: United States

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    Inno Molding Co.,ltd believes in custom mold making and supplies plastic molds that precisely meet all specifications provided by the clients from different industries.

    For a number of plastic product manufacturers, Inno Molding Co.,ltd is a preferred choice for custom-made mold making. The company has a team of engineers and technicians who take care of each client’s mold related requirements more precisely. They follow strict mold making and quality analysis process to develop plastic molds that can meet the OEM manufacturing process for different clients.

    The plastic mold manufacturer China specializes in a wide range of mold making that can cater to different industries, such as automotive, electronics, home appliances and others. The company is capable of taking care of all types of injection molding job with technical and systematic proficiency. They focus on the precise mold design that saves both time and costs. According to the spokesperson of the company, they quickly design the sample and send it back to the client for their approval. Because of their quality mold development process, the sample is approved fast and they start the mass production of the molds without a delay.

    Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer in China Announces To Offer Economical Manufacturing Solution for Industrial Clients

    Inno Molding Co.,ltd is one of the reputed plastic injection molding companies China that accepts OEM mold making work from the worldwide clients. They have the specialty of working with different types of plastic materials, such as PA, PC, PE, PP, TPE, TPR, silicone and others. Client companies can request for plastic molds made from different types of plastics and can evaluate the mold quality. The company is an ISO certified enterprise that follows a strict quality control process to make sure that each client gets superior quality molds from them.

    As one of the full-capacity plastic injection mold manufacturers China, the company has an in-house factory with dozens of injection molding machines and other necessary equipments. They have more than 150 personnel in the team, comprising of experienced engineers, project managers, technicians, toolmakers, QC professionals and others. Each mold making undergoes a defined design, development and quality control process before the final delivery.

    To learn more about their mold making process, one can visit the website:

    About Inno Molding Co., Ltd:

    Inno Molding Co.,ltd is an innovative and economical plastic mold manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, specializing in plastic injection mold making, injection molding, and full products contract manufacturing services. They have a professional mould factory, certificated with the ISO 9001 quality system, and which covers about a 3,500 square meters of mold tooling shop. The company has a team of highly skilled mold toolmakers, designers, QC, and project managers. They supply molds that are in accordance with DME, HASCO, HEB, STRACK, and OPITZ standards.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Inno Molding Co.,ltd
    Contact Person: James Yu
    Phone: +86-13590208318
    Country: China

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    Duahari is online shopping portal featuring a wide range of electronic gadgets and accessories. The products are available to order across Indonesia.

    Smartphones and Tablets seem to be an essential element that not only lets you stay connected but also great for its loads of entertaining features. Brands like Apple and Samsung are truly world leaders when it comes to offering advanced cellphones and gadgets. However, there are a number of other well-known players who are equally popular for their range of products. presents a unique ecommerce platform for selling these electronic gadgets and accessories to customers across Indonesia. The company offers an easy to use shopping platform and backs it with convenient and safe shipping options.

    The other facilities featured by the website includes 0% instalment facility that could be spread over 12 months. Each of their products are available with free shipping throughout Indonesia. Moreover, customers also have the option of returning a product within a 15 day period after receiving the product. A customer may opt to make payments using PayPal, credit cards and online banking. To make sure customers are safe and their transactions are protected, the company has secured its website using the VeriSign certification and integrates a credit card fraud detection system. Other than that, the products featured on the website are available at cost effective pricing whereby many of them come with attractive discounts.

    Speaking about the ecommerce portal, it has a well-designed website whereby all the products have been categorized under specific categories and brand labels. Depending on the preferences, customers are free to browse and select the product variant they are looking for. Each of the products also come with detailed specifications and high definition images. Hence, a customer can be very sure about the important aspects of technical specs and design standards before making a purchase.

    Additionally, the company updates its collection of advanced products from time to time. Other than that customers may get great deals on selected products by purchasing products under the head of deals every day. This section has exclusive listing of different products that are specifically been listed at a discount for a selected time period. In case of any grievances or any related queries to any specific product or order, customers can get in touch with the company’s representatives using the contact options featured on the website. In order to stay updated with the latest products and launches customers may also follow the blog section on the company’s website.

    About Duahari

    Duahari is an Indonesia e-commerce platform selling a wide range of branded electronic gadgets and accessories to customers across Indonesia. The website is pretty user friendly and the company accepts payments using popular payment platforms. For more details about their products or to place an order, please visit their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: +6221 5696 – 9402
    Country: Indonesia

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    Nowadays, as the e-cigarette business become more mature and prosperous than ever.  Our e-cig vapors can find their loved e-liquids and e-juice flavors everywhere with great ease. Vapors anxious to know, what is the Best Mixed E-Juice and E-Liquids Flavors in Market? 

    Curiously, according to our survey, among vapors from different countries and ages. We found different vapors have different preference for the options of their best e-juice flavors, that varied from age groups, districts, culture background, gender, even in sexual orientation, etc.

    We found those who had enjoyed the traditional smoking experience, they preferred flavors modeled after old cigarettes and cigar flavors. Traditional mixed e-juice flavors such as Mint and Menthol are ideal for the ex-smokers who wishes to recreate the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes with the benefits of mixed flavors e-liquids, which include choosing nicotine levels, not carrying that old-cigarette smell, and not inhaling the same carcinogenic tar into the lungs.

    BLBioTech Presents Mixed E-Juice and E-Liquids Flavors in Market for e-cigarette lover

    For those young vapors who pursue fashion and keen on hot topic gossip news, most of them are single and young people, we found these young people more prefer to mixed e-juice flavors, such as fruits and snack foods flavors, as well as drinks & dessert flavors. More than e-cigarette, we found young people have a more modern cognition on their vaping experience. It is strange, that most of young vapors don’t like tobacco flavors e-liquids anymore, we are glad to see that’s different from the traditional tobacco smoking era in history.

    Vapors from tropical zone, they show bigger interesting on mixed e-liquids flavors, that they can enjoy the cool and cold feeling from it, such as strong menthol in mango, or strong menthol in other blended flavors e-liquids. Undoubtedly, strong menthol is an essential element in their vaping life. While vapors from where that snow sometimes throughout the year, they may choose milk related flavors e-liquids, rather than menthol blended flavors e-liquids.

    Between male and females, we found mixed fruits e-juice flavors in male’s e-liquids favorite, especially that mixed e-juice flavors that come with mint and menthol flavors in it.  And our lovely females, not only blended fruits flavors e-juice, also like snack foods mixed flavors eliquids as always, as their otaku life on sofa.

    Regarding the culture backgrounds among vapors, we found their own dietary habits and dietary culture produced a profound influence on the way to choose their favorite mixed flavors e-liquids for vaping.

    Based on our interviews with one of flavorist engineer from the mixed flavors e-liquids supplier, BLBioTech, he said BLBioTech have supplying in a wide variety of mixed e-Liquid flavors in years, total in more than eight categories and more than 500 blended flavors to their supplying OEM ODM customers from EU and US markets. These mixed e-liquids flavors that covered from traditional Tobacco Flavors, to wonderful Floral & Herbs & Spices Flavors, natural and fresh Fruit Flavors, sweet Drinks & Dessert Flavors, greedy Snack Foods Flavors, simple unadorned Grains & Rice & Nuts Flavors, recommended Premium BLBioTech Top Blending Flavors, even strong and classic Liquor & Wine Flavors. He said, different e-cigarette companies that from different districts, have different preferences on mixed flavors eliquids choosing, the best-sellers blended flavors from certain customer, maybe not good for other customer’s e-liquids business in market.

    Let’s back to the article starting question: what is the Best Mixed E-Juice and E-Liquids Flavors in Market? We have to quote the e-juice supplier BLBioTech flavorist suggestion here” Based on BLBioTech mixed flavors e-juice supplier experience, there is no best, only better and suitable mixed flavors e-liquids to your tastes, and your brand customer’s tastes, with the premium and reliable quality from BLBioTech”.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BLBioTech Biological Technology Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Emeric
    Phone: +86-13823327907
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    There are a wide variety of panda bags that are exceptional in looks and are also practical to carry various items, such as books, pencils, mobile phones, cash and coins etc.

    These panda bags are unique and look exceptionally attractive. The company specializes in designing a wide range of panda bags, such as casual cute panda bag, silicone panda zipper bag, cute cartoon panda bag, PU shoulder panda bag and others.

    According to the spokesperson of Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co.,Ltd, they are offering their panda bag online for customers worldwide. A customer can place an order for panda bags online, and they will ship the product in any part of the world in a timely manner. All these bags are available in different sizes and different color choices. One can pick a panda bag in his/her favorite color and can use it to carry different items. The attractively designed panda face gives a lively appearance to these bags, and for people its fun to carry these bags.

    The spokesperson maintains that they have the panda school bag for kids, which is very popular among children. However, they have panda bags that are admired by people of all ages. They have casual panda bags with single shoulder straps that women can carry along in style. The bag is highly stylish and allows women to keep a wide variety of products intact. According to the spokesperson, they use quality materials in making these bags. This is the reason why these panda bags are durable and are meant for the long-time use.

    Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co.,Ltd Introduces a Wide Variety of Panda Bags & Panda Backpacks for Customers Worldwide

    The company specializes in manufacturing the panda backpack, which one can use for carrying books, clothes and other items. The backpack is particularly popular among travelers and backpackers. Available in different dimensions, the backpack provides an ample space for a backpacker to keep all essential items safely inside it. With adjustable straps, the backpack is easy to carry without feeling the load.

    The spokesperson maintains that all panda bags are available at affordable prices and come with a quality guarantee.

    To check the entire panda bag collection or to place an order, one can visit the website

    About Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co.,Ltd

    iPandarea is the home of panda lovers! It is a company established by several panda lovers, who share the pandas’ photos, videos and products with everyone. And they hope that other panda lovers will share them on their website too. The website features over 1500 products in the shape of pandas, covers in pandas, inspired by pandas, and lots more. They work with some of the most trusted internet retailers to offer the best panda products to their customers. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen iPandarea Technology Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Tyler Liu
    Phone: +86 13058706453
    City: Shenzhen
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd sells different types of batteries, chargers, power banks and various battery packs. They are original equipment battery manufacturers and ship these products to different parts of the world.

    Batteries and power banks have become a necessity in the present world. Using smartphones is quiet common and people are always on the lookout for innovative ways that can help them in keeping the phone charged. Power banks have come up as a useful solution that helps in charging the mobile phone even when one is travelling. While buying the battery packs or power banks it is important to buy them from a reliable company that provides durable products. One of the companies that have been selling these products through its online store is Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    With the technological revolution and invention of new products it has become important to focus on eco-friendly products. Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd has been producing eco-friendly batteries and chargers that meet the requirements of eco-friendly users. It is a China battery manufacturer that comes up with some interesting products that are cost effective and durable as well. Buyers can easily make their research and read about the products in detail. Making a research and going through the specification helps in making a smart purchase. The website even shows the feedbacks provided by previous customers so that they can be confident while making a decision.

    Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd releases innovative designs of batteries and battery packs

    One of the products that have been in great demand in this online store includes Custom Rechargeable battery. These are customized batteries that include Li-Polymer batteries with a power range of 4800mAh, 1000mAh, 1400mAh, 1500mAh and much more. There is something for every user and the online store makes sure that the buyers can easily make comparisons between products before buying them. When it comes to the parameters the buyers need to have a look at the resistance differences, capacity differences, voltage differences and much more. The specifications have been mentioned in detail and Li-polymer batteries have a different combination. If you want to make your own batteries,such as battery for mobile phone and all kinds of electric equipments,then just contact KNY and tell them your idea,you will get your specific battery in one month.

    The company also sells different kinds of mobile phone batteries. While buying a mobile phone battery it is important to check out the smartphone one is using. Buyers need to be very specific before they make a final purchase. The company makes sure that these products meet the requirements of all kinds of customers. There is a difference when a person is buying from a physical store or an online store. Online store does go out of stock and the batteries are always available. In the physical stores there are high chances of products going out of stock and buyers need to wait for some time. It’s always better to check out the online store and buy the product after having a look at the specifications.

    About Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd

    Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd has been manufacturing and selling different kinds of batteries, chargers, power banks, etc. for a long time now. They ship these products to different customers around the world. To know more about the company one can visit the above mentioned website. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Nicole Wang
    Phone: +86-0755-82772785
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    17 Apr, 2017 – During the recent press meet held yesterday, the spokesperson for Pomade101 said that they have now released the list of top pomade products for men for the year 2017.

    Most of the men find it very difficult to make their appearance presentable, as they might have unruly or messy hair. It is true that one cannot ignore the bad hair days that would make them look very untidy. Having unmanageable hair will make the men cringe when they are expected to attend several occasions like parties, date or interviews. Most of the males are keen to try several hair dos by making use of various styling lotions, serums or styling gels. To know more about this hair styling product, check the website of Pomade101.

    The recent buzz in the men’s fashion world is styling unruly hair using pomade. It doesn’t matter if you have medium hair length, short hair, wavy hair or long hair with short sideburns. One can also try some interesting yesteryear hairstyles to flaunt a stylish and classy slicked back hair with pomade. Pomade became very popular during the 60s that has made a comeback right now. This product can be a great choice for those who have curly hair, thick hair, thin hair or messy hair.

    According to the website of, there are several types of pomades, such as water based pomade and oil based pomade to style the hair easily. The market is full of pomade offered by various brands that can make it difficult for the men to choose the perfect pomade to take care of their hairstyling requirements. This is why they need to refer to the reviews offered at the site of Pomade101 that has the complete details about the best selling products for the year 2017.

    Based on the list of top pomades in the market offered by Pomade101, the first one on the list is Smooth Viking Haircare, Suavecito Pomade Firm Hold, American Crew Pomade For Hold And Shine, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5 oz., Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4 oz., Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4 oz. etc. The pomade experts who make sure that they personally test the pomade products and try it individually write such reviews.

    Reading these pomade reviews at the website of Pomade101 would help the buyers choose the best one based on their requirements. The reviews would inform the users whether the product would suit their hair type, how well it works in managing hair and how it washes off. With these detailed reviews, the pomade shoppers would be able to make a well informed buying decision.

    About Pomade101:

    The Pomade Guy, Franklin, who makes sure that only the best pomade products reach the hands of the buyers, runs the website of Pomade101. He offers honest, straight forward and informative reviews for helping the buyers make a well informed purchase decision when shopping for pomade. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Pomade101
    Contact Person: Franklin Stephen
    Phone: 954-820-8796
    Country: United States

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    Guangzhou Xingke Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in evaporative air coolers that are fitted with high-grade evaporative cooling pad to reduce the temperature inside the room to 4 degree to 12 degree Celsius.

    XIKOO desert air coolers are becoming popular for their energy efficiency and the effective cooling technology. The air cooler comes with a 60L tank capacity and can be used for cooling an area of 100 or more. With a significant air volume flow per hour, the cooler can cool down the room to 4 degree to 12 degree Celsius.

    As one of the leading evaporative air cooler suppliers, Guangzhou Xingke Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd supplies air coolers to many countries around the world, including Brazil, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Australia. The company produces mobile evaporative cooler that doesn’t require any compressor. They do not use Freon either and hence it does not create pollution. One can use the cooler to cool a place according to the real situation, and can cool in whole or in parts. With a huge airflow, it can quickly cool down a significantly large area.

    Evaporative Air Cooler Supplier Introduces XIKOO Desert Air Cooler That Is Highly Efficient, Energy-Saving & Pollution-Free

    The company maintains evaporative cooler supplies that are highly efficient and feature small vibration and low noise. The coolers are affordable and require less energy to cool down a larger area, and hence it could be a smart investment for a factory owner, workshop owner and other industrial or commercial users. The spokesperson of the company reveals that the coolers require one KWH power that is equivalent to the energy requirements of traditional air conditioning units. According to the spokesperson, the use of the high-grade evaporative cooling pad allows the cooler to bring down the temperature to several degrees Celsius, very effectively.

    Guangzhou Xingke Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the well-known evaporative cooling manufacturers in the world that supplies the best evaporative coolers. These coolers not only keep the place cool, but also help maintain the indoor air quality. The coolers can be installed in any place to ensure an effective cooling and ventilation and also maintain cleanliness and freshness inside the room or a building.

    To check all the features of their XIKOO Desert Air Cooler, one can visit the website

    About Guangzhou Xingke Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    The company is specialized in manufacturing evaporative air coolers since 2007. They have their own 4000 sq m factory with air cooler body injection moulds. Their factory is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province in China, which is only 40 minutes away from the Canton fair by car. They export their air coolers to Sudan, Brazil, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Australia and several other countries.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Xingke Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Kaka Liu
    Phone: +86-20-84516212-801
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    Forsentek Co., Limited supplies tension load cells, force transducers and torque sensors that can be used in various devices and equipments.

    Forsentek Co., Limited has a wide range of tension load cells and force transducers in their portfolio that have been designed by a team of experienced engineers and technicians. They have a variety of load cells, such as inline load cells, tension load cells, tension and compression load cells etc. Each of these load cells features a precise engineering to ensure the quality and performance.

    The company supplies the tension load cell made of stainless steel and is designed with the tensional load direction. An efficient design of the load cell allows and easy integration into mechanical shafts. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they also offer custom designing of load cells that can precisely meet the requirements of the industrial clients. These load cells are specially designed to use in devices with a limited space and are suitable for the tension or compression force measurement.

    load cell

    They also have a significant force transducer rangewith micro, miniature, sub-miniature load cells of different capacities. Available in a very small size, the transducer can effectively measure compression force in devices and a range of industrial applications. With a low heat emission, the transducer is more durable compared to normal transducers available in the market. It features a significant output range, which is normally proportional to the applied force.

    Forsentek Co., Limited also specializes in the production of an impressive torque sensor range. Industries can choose from different types of sensors, such as shaft rotary torque sensors, shaft to shaft torque sensors, dynamic torque sensors, square drive rotary torque sensors, and so on. These torque sensors are of CE standards and feature a stainless steel construction with aluminum housing.  The sensor features the strain gauge technology to ensure a high accuracy of measurement in the dual directions of clockwise and anticlockwise. With a rotating speed of 4000RPM, the sensor is ideal for the torque measurement.

    One can learn more about tension load cells, force transducers and torque sensors by visiting the website

    About Forsentek Co., Limited

    Located in China, Forsentek Co., Limited has provided load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions to more than 30 countries all over the world. With experienced engineers in load cell and force sensor application areas, Forsentek knows exactly what clients need for improving their production and performance. Being an expert in strain gauge based load cell manufacturing technology and custom-made service, they provide the most suitable products to meet client applications perfectly.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Forsentek Co., Limited
    Contact Person: Tarik Lu
    Phone: 86 755 84536383
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    Team Diaton tonometer received a Thank you letter for participating in “Restoring sight to over 4M people” Himalayan Cataract Project CBS 60 Minutes will feature the Himalayan Cataract Project. #cureblindness or visit

    “Thank you for letting our Diaton tonometer, glaucoma diagnostic technology to participate in your sight saving mission!”- said Roman Iospa, CEO of BiCOM Inc., home of Diaton tonometer

    Diaton translapebral and transclera tonometer is an irreplaceable tonometry solution for rural areas for quick and noninvasive glaucoma diagnosis. Since no drops are needed during the IOP test with Diaton, dry eye cases are minimized in hot and dry areas of the world.

    Tonometer Diaton is particularly useful in cases where standard direct applanation (corneal) tonometry is difficult or not viable, such as with pediatric patients, in presence of certain corneal pathology, edema, infection, keratoconus, following corneal surgery and in cases of eye trauma.

    Major Benefits of Diaton Tonometer:

    • Easy to use. Can be used by any trained personnel
    • No contact with the cornea (only upper eyelid and sclera)
    • No need for anesthesia drops or removal of contact lenses
    • Safe: No risk of infecting or scratching cornea (safer vs other methods)
    • Cost efficient: No consumables (no need to purchase replacement tips, probes or covers, etc.)
    • Latex-free, handheld, non-contact, portable, pen-like device
    • No sterilization (just alcohol swab is used to wipe off the tip)
    • Accurate: No pachymetry needed (independent of corneal biomechanics)
    • Ready-to-use: Daily calibration not required (saves time)

    More information about glaucoma diagnostic Diaton tonometer can be obtained at or by contacting the company at 1-877-DIATONS (1-877-342-8667)

    About BiCOM Inc:

    BiCOM, home of Diaton glaucoma diagnostic tonometer pen – committed to the global fight against blindness caused by glaucoma. A unique team of engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes BiCOM Inc., uniquely placed to provide Diaton diagnostic tonometer, which measures intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid and sclera, making it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines and provide a more favorable outcome for the patient.

    For more information about Diaton tonometer and purchase options visit:  or dial 1-877-DIATONS ( 1-877-342-8667 )

    Follow Diaton tonometer on:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BiCOM Inc.
    Contact Person: Alina Lagoviyer, Media / Public Relations
    Phone: 1-877-DIATONS (1-877-342-8667)
    Address:151 East Walnut Street
    City: Long Beach
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd work on various educational projects and helps local suppliers. They specialize in making test paper, laboratory glassware, microscope and various educational products.

    Laboratory products have been in great demand in almost all the educational institutions. A school is never complete without test papers, filter papers, maps, physical model, etc. It is important for the school to opt for a supplier that has experience in this field and provides an all in one solution to them. One of the companies that have been manufacturing and selling wide range of products for schools and colleges includes Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd.

    When it comes to laboratory the educational institution should make sure that they buy quality products. High quality lab equipment can be purchased through professional online sellers. Buyers can have a look at the stock of products at Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd’s online store and they will have enough options. Products like indicators, microscope, spectrometer, glassware, etc. are essential for the laboratory. Instead of looking for cheap products it is important for the schools to focus on quality products that would not harm their students.

    Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd releases its educational products for various schools and colleges

    The lab glassware is available in different shapes and sizes. Among the glassware buyers can choose between distilling flask, evaporating dish, vacuum desiccators, bell jar, gas generator, nitrogen and various other options. Every product has different diameter and height. It depends on the requirements of the buyer and the company customizes them according to the requirements of the purchaser. It is important to go through the specifications and go through a detailed research. Buyers can also check out the feedback of previous clients while going through their research.

    The products can be purchased in bulk and they are shipped at the address provided by the buyers. In ordered to enquire about the product and know more buyers have the option to click on the “Inquire now” button and know more about the product. Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd also sells general labware and there is wide variety of products available on the online store. Before buying the labware buyers can have a check on stainless steel ring clamps, iron-ring clamp, cross clamp, tripod stand, drip rack, micro burner, adjustable cross clamp, etc. There are microscopes available in the website that includes binoculars, monocular, biological microscopes and various other biological products. Laboratory has always been an integral part of any educational instituin and a school or college can never be complete without these products. Along with this the school authorities also require indicator papers and thermometers to train their students. Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd has made sure that the buyers get an all in one solution for their institution.

    About Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd

    Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and seller of various educational products. They have been supplying to schools and institutions in different regions. The company has been in this field for a long time now. To know more about the company one can visit the above mentioned website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Canfort Laboratory and Education Supplies Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: David
    Phone: +86-20-39021985
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    PayRange Inc., maker of the world’s simplest mobile payment solution for machines, announced it has signed an agreement with Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company (SMCC), the largest merchant acquirer in Japan to begin the work necessary to expand the PayRange mobile payment solution to millions of Japanese vending machines.

    Japan has among the most advanced vending machine markets in the world. The ubiquitous vending machines are available on virtually every street corner in the cities. However, almost none of the vending machines take credit or debit cards. Some machines accept prepaid transit cards, but the vast majority are cash and coin only.

    “It has been very expensive to bring cashless solutions to this vending market. The PayRange solution is unique in that it requires no networking infrastructure allowing easy upgrade of the existing fleet of machines,” stated SMCC. “We’re particularly eager to offer solutions to vending merchants that will allow them to upgrade their machines ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics when millions of visitors and athletes will visit. We want them to be able to easily use the vending machines.”

    In addition to vending, the PayRange solution will also be available on Japanese laundry and amusement machines. SMCC has experience bringing innovative payment solutions into Japan. They have partnered with other US companies such as Square and Stripe to make those services available in that market.

    “Partnering with SMCC is an exciting opportunity for PayRange,” stated Paresh Patel, founder and CEO of PayRange. “The Japanese vending is large, but also complicated. SMCC’s leadership, reputation, and experience is what we sought to ensure success of our entry into the market.”

    About PayRange:

    PayRange was founded in 2013 by Paresh Patel to provide operators and consumers with the simplest, most accessible mobile payment solution for vending, amusement, laundry and more. Consumers download the free mobile app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. And with flexible funding options including all major cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, consumers are empowered to pay machines with ease. PayRange-enabled machines can be found across the 50 United States and throughout Canada.

    Find out more at

    PayRange in Japan


    Media Contact
    Company Name: PayRange
    Contact Person: Amanda Mailey
    Phone: 855.856.6398 ext. 810
    City: Portland
    State: OR
    Country: United States

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    From a security monitoring center to a television studio, the LED video wall introduced by HaiSheng Led Co., Ltd offers clear and vivid images and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

    Optokingdom specializes in a wide range of LED displays, LED screens and LED signs and their newly introduced LED video walls are going to revolutionize many application areas, such as security monitoring, command platforms, smart city, and television studios and so on. These LED screens or walls are available in different dimensions and can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, the LED video wall features smart pixel modules to deliver clear and vivid images. The lively and spotless presentation of images makes these LED modules perfect for several kinds of practical usages, from advertising and promotions to scheduling high-end meetings and commands that require a visual presentation. The company uses the best quality materials to manufacture these LED modules that ensure the durability and performance. The LED video walls deliver supreme quality outputs and a seamless picture quality.

    Optokingdom Introduces LED Video Wall with Smart Pixel Modules for Various Applications

    Besides LED video walls, the company also produces a significant LED display range that includes transparent LED displays, outdoor fixed LED displays, stadium LED displays, mobile truck LED displays and other varieties. Each type of the LED displays has their own applications and can be used for different purposes. The display features a high refresh rate that ensures a certain level of dynamism of the pictures. A high gray level ensures clarity of pictures, even though seen from a large distance.

    The company also supplies LED signs that can be used for marketing of products with a creative visual presentation. All texts on the screen will be clearly visible to the audience for advertising a product with all relevant details. The spokesperson of the company reveals that the LED sign is easy to install and one can start advertising their products in minutes using creatively designed LED fitted signs. The LED displays and signs come with the advanced adjustment options, allowing setting up the display as per the environmental conditions.

    To learn more about the LED video walls or LED display panels, one can visit the website

    About HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd

    HaiSheng Led Co., Ltd, established in May 2008, is a professional LED Display Manufacturer. It’s a hi-tech enterprise which specializes in research, designing, manufacturing and export of all kinds of LED Products. With qualified talents, high technology and abundant funds, the company has many offices and branches in most cities of China. Optokingdom is the most trusted online store for HSTV LED Display, LED screen, LED wall, LED signs and LED panels. They offer the highest quality of LED Screens, Displays, signs, and panels, suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertisement.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: HaiSheng Led CO., LTD
    Contact Person: Sophia
    Phone: +86-755-29784452
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    18 Apr, 2017 – During the press meet held at the prominent 5 star hotel in the city this week, the spokesperson of Just Unique Consultation provides specialized Trade show, road shows, event and Exhibition services. They follow an innovative “one stop solutions” concept, which assures their clients that all the aspects of the event would be handled in a perfect fashion. Be it a corporate event, exhibition, trade show or any other event, the expert manages of Just Unique Consultation ensure that the clients have peace of mind with their dedicated range of services. They make sure that only top class services are offered to save the time and money. Their team of professional work with impressive coordination and maintain liaison with every department to make all events, exhibitions and trade shows, a huge success. To know more details, please click on the link at

    The spokesperson also added that their event management company also specializes in designing and building booths for exhibitions. According to the website of Just Unique Consultation, the booth display can either create or break the success rate of any event. When the display booth is dull and simple, there is a loss of potential customers, as it might fail to attract their attention. When a business sets up an unattractive exhibition booth, the customers would not show interest in knowing about the product or services.

    The team at Just Unique Consultation said that they are experts in creating and designing exhibition booth that reaches out to the targeted audience and turns them into potential customers. The booths that they create have interesting display to help the customers have more interest about the new product that is launched in the market. Such booths that they design and develop are a great find for trade shows as well as for expos. Their team of experts are efficient enough to decide about the best exposure booths based on the nature of business and target customers.

    Apart from creating booths with a creative with a creative design, Just Unique Consultation experts make sure it also stands out in the crowd by setting it in an innovative fashion. According to the website link at, they design display booths that can be suspended from the ceiling to stand a class apart in the trade shows. They also make sure that even classic exhibition booths they create are positioned in a perfect position to help the customers view the images and graphics in an impressive fashion. They hook it to the wall with the help of aluminium poles fabric panels and wall panels to achieve the goal of attracting the customers.

    About Just Unique Consultation:

    The website of About Just Unique Consultation provides A to Z solutions to all the needs related to events like trade shows, exhibitions and corporate events by designing display booths, offering event management services, showroom displays, event graphics and mini booths for road shows.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Just Unique Consultation Sdn. Bhd
    Contact Person: Joey Ng
    Phone: 603 2856 7383
    Address:Block D-5-3 , Southgate Commercial Centre, Jalan Dua off Chan Sow Lin
    City: Kuala Lumpur
    Country: Malaysia

    0 0, a global leading brand for virtual goods such as NFL coins, recently started offering massive discounts on madden mobile coins and other types of in-game upgrades and currencies., a leading online store that serves as a one-stop destination for all sorts of virtual goods often sought after by gamers and MMO fans, recently started offering NFL live coins at discounted prices for Easter promotions. The special Easter discounts have been announced by the online store owners for a limited period only. The discounts are now available on madden mobile coins and all other types of mobile coins which are high in demand across the gaming fraternity, especially the massive online gaming community worldwide. owners claimed that they now offer a hassle-free and completely safe way to buy game coins, including madden NFL 18 coins and other types of coins such as in-game currencies for Final Fantasy XV, Runescape, Tree of Savior, Star Trek, Champions League, NBA and other popular online games which can be played virtually by multiple players simultaneously.

    While announcing the Easter special discounts, Mr. Gong, the spokesperson and media manager for said that they offer the lowest price on all sorts of gaming coins and in-game items which can be purchased for power leveling and unlocking levels within a game environment. He added that the Easter special discounts and special offers are meant to increase interest in all types of MMO games, and NFL in particular. He also said that if buyers cannot avail the special offers and discounts or they have a query regarding buying or selling madden mobile coins.

    “We have our dedicated customer support team and if anybody has a query, they can simply get in touch with us via Skype or simply by shooting an email. We sincerely hope that the Easter special discounts will multiply and escalate the fun and excitement of online gaming for those who are simply addicted to NFL. We have recently seen a surge in popularity of this particular MMO and we think that the discounts and special offers will increase the popularity of the widely played game even more”, said Mr. Gong during a press conference, while also announcing that the discounts will be valid for a week.

    About the Company is an online store selling coins and other gaming items.

    To know more, visit or

    Skype ID: live:mmoak_3

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Mr. Gong
    Phone: +8615256087919
    Country: United States

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