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    Zurich, Switzerland – 15 January, 2018 – The Business Intelligence company Worldbox has today launched an API-powered Global Company Monitoring service to enable rapid decision-making and logistical workflow management.

    Subscribers to the Worldbox Global Company Monitoring service receive notifications of changes at any business – whether a customer, supplier or contract partner – instantly, via XML.

    This works thanks to Worldbox’s bespoke company information management system which identifies differences between sets of records, and flags important changes in circumstances, their financial statements or trading addresses to the subscriber, as frequently as required.

    Subscribing customers can monitor entire portfolios, with all related company data sets delivered into a user-friendly secure system, or fed directly to their own internal systems.

    Worldbox CEO, Adrian Ashurst, says this approach enables clients to provide a ‘shopping list’ of firms they need to watch, particularly wherever business information is scarce – such as in emerging markets – and is unavailable from existing online providers or registers.

    “More and more clients are approaching us with a need for Global Company Monitoring,” he explains…

    “The difficulties faced are that not everything is online. Therefore, by utilising our strength in research we can operate efficiently and quickly on the ground via our extensive network, then provide the results through our API as quickly as our customers require it”.

    All XML company data feeds are in a standardised but flexible format, featuring unique company identification WIN Numbers (Worldbox Identification Numbers).

    Worldbox’s network includes a head office in Switzerland and offices in the UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong and India, as well as branches in Taiwan, Singapore, Portugal, Romania, Algeria, Mauritius and South Africa.

    Over 10 million business records are offered by Worldbox, including information on group structures, ultimate company ownership and linked relationships.

    Reports are available in English, French, German and Italian languages.

    Interested in Global Company Monitoring? See

    About Worldbox

    Worldbox is a trusted global provider of business, due diligence and credit information for nearly quarter of a century.

    The company specialises in obtaining hard-to-find company information, particularly in developing regions, using a network of on-the-ground agents, serving clients across sectors including Export Credit Risk Insurance, M&A Due Diligence, Anti-Bribery Compliance and Institutional Investment.

    Outsell shortlisted Worldbox as an ‘Emerging Disruptor’ in its Financial, Credit, Legal and Governance, Risk and Compliance Report as “a credit information and Business Intelligence provider that is growing aggressively in brand equity [and has] grown to become the largest provider of cross-border information, locally’.

    For further information about Worldbox, please contact:

    Commercial enquiries

    Edward Sornio
    Office: +44 (0) 208 622 3879

    Media enquiries

    Richard Powell, Presswire
    Office: +44 (0) 207 754 0050

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Worldbox
    Contact Person: Edward Sornio
    Phone: +44 (0) 208 622 3879
    Country: Switzerland

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    15 Jan, 2018 – During the press meet held yesterday, the spokesperson of BINTBIZ said that they were happy to announce the launch of their French Press Coffee and Tea Collection to make mornings more special for hot beverage lovers. One can find a wide range of French Press Coffee and Tea Collection by clicking on the link given at

    It is true that French Presses have become the very popular way of making tea or coffee in the recent times. Rather than passing the hot water on the beans like the classic coffee maker, these brewing machines can hold the beans in a direct fashion. This kitchen appliance is designed to steep the ground coffee in the hot water to offer a cup of freshly brewed beverage. French Presses are the cost-effective and simple way for enjoying a fresh gourmet cup of one’s favorite hot beverage. The coffee brewed by these appliances has excellent mouthfeel and rich flavor of freshly ground coffee beans. It can work with precise timing to prepare aromatic the best coffee using coarsely ground coffee beans.

    BINTBIZ specialize in providing a vast selection of French Presses for tea and coffee lovers, tea pot infusers, lighters, humidors, cigar cases, cigar cutters, ashtrays and cigar accessories. They provide an array of flasks in different materials and sizes ranging from 5 oz. to jumbo sized ones. Wine lovers and cocktail enthusiasts can find corkscrews, beer growlers, beer mugs, cocktail sets, cocktail shakers and wine stoppers.

    One can find an extensive range of French Press Coffee and Tea Collection when they click on the website link at Their products have an innovative design for capturing the concentrated flavors of tea and coffee while making sure the natural oils of the ground mixture are washed off and no residue is left behind in the pitcher. They are self contained and highly portable when compared to other coffee makers in the market. The tea lovers will be delighted to find tea kettle to make a fresh cup of tea every day. The tea pot infusers, teapots and tea kettles found on the site of BINTBIZ made with premium materials like Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, Glass, Copper, etc.

    About BINTBIZ

    BINTBIZ specializes in offering handpicked products, which can surpass the expectations of the buyers and offer reliable service. Their product range comprises of corkscrews, beer growlers, beer mugs, cocktail sets, cocktail shakers, wine stoppers, tea pot infusers, lighters, humidors, cigar cases, cigar cutters, ashtrays, cigar and much more. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Bintbiz
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 712-293-1755
    Address:9455 NE Alderwood Rd C/O MXW-DWS
    City: Portland
    State: Oregon
    Country: United States

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    Recently, Blockchain technology attracts variety of investors to get involve in this area because of its well-known characters, namely decentralization, openness, anonymity, falsification etc.

    Seeing this god-given opportunity, Lightning Ant Market seizes the opportunity, combining Blockchain with time trading, it creates the first Dapp on the basis of decentralized trading platform by using tokens worldwide. Once this app releases, it will create quite a buzz in the business and investment circle.

    Then why Lightning Ant Market can come out on top in such a short period, let’s see. 


    1. What is Lightning Ant Market

    2. Analysis of Lightning Ant Market

    3. Token Economy and Business Model

    4. Team Member

    5. Conclusion

    What is Lightning Ant Market

    Lightning Ant Market is a point to point decentralized time trading platform based on Blockchain technology and characterized by social media and operation. It can Blockchain all users’ time and conduct trading on the Blockchain. And it also can provide time transaction services for enterprises, meet the demand of B2C time transaction, it can Blockchain all the time “commodities”.


    On Lightning Ant Market, uses can carry out B2C and C2C decentralized commodity transaction by using digital currency. It is a completely decentralized Blockchain e-business platform, enterprises do not need to pay any fees for the third party or to others. In the future, it will involve Blockchain traceability industry and provide a trustworthy shopping experience for customers. And all transactions are paid in digital currency.

    QBAO has participated in the investment of this program. QBT can be used in public fund raising. 

    Such problems make users scratch their heads. On these issues, the Lightning Ant Team offers a solution which combines with Blockchain technology – a decentralized time transaction app based on Beidou Chain.

    Beidou Chain is a third party chain based on transaction engine a s well as a enterprise- level platform.

    Beidou Chain combines local currency with Token, upgrades intelligence assets, authority-controlled engine, geological information engine as well as comparability with KYC and AML agreement. All these assure the safety of the Lightning Ant Market and prevent it from malicious transaction. Real-name authentication engine interface realizes the “front-end anonymous anonymity, back-end real name” function.

    1. Credit System

    Lightning Ant Market adopts various method as user’s credit index: users can upload pictures, videos and audios, remarks will be evidence recorded on the Blockchain. Users can give their scores for seller’ services, the scores can also be recorded on the Blockchain.

    If stored data on the Blockchain be falsified, the data will be invalid, thus it can guarantee the transparency and reliability of the system.

    2. Users’ Privacy

    Most users are now very concerned about their privacy issues, basically they do not want to leak own personal information, for those actions like verifying the phone number, ID number, photos are even more exclusive, because users worry that their personal information and transaction information are misappropriated by the platform.

    In order to dispel users’ worries, Beidou Chain, the transaction engine-based third-generation blockchain technology used by the Lightning Ant Market, ensures user’s privacy.

    3. Point to Point Encrypted Conversation

    Lightning Ant Market pay high attention to uses’ privacy. In order to avoid information leakage or sharing, the lightning Ant Market uses point to point encrypted communication mechanism, that is to say, the information will not be on the Blockchain and will not be analyzed!

    Lightning Ant Market applies a asymmetric cryptographic algorithm, namely Elliptic Curve Cryptography which is faster and securer. All dialogues on the platform will need specific private keys to see the content, so it protect users chat information to the largest extent.


    In other words, only speakers know the content, others can not supervise them. It is even more safer than a face to face talk in private. 

    4. Safety Factor

    Wallet protection mechanism: Lightning Ant Market will encrypt users’ wallet information and store them locally. Lightning Ant cloud doesn’t preserve users’ wallets. Thus, even if the server is under attack which results in the exposure of the accounts and passwords, attackers still cannot transfer any users’ funds.


    Multi-signature(Multisig) verification: multisig is used for the transaction of the two sides, the Lightning Ant Market uses a 2 of 3 approach (including both sides of the transaction and a middleman). When the buyer clicks on the purchase button, LAP does not directly enter the seller’s account or the guaranteed account of the Lightning Ant Market, but transfer to a randomly generated multisig account, which requires two signatures of the private key to transfer the asset, and any individual signatures will be rejected by the Blockchain.

    Data isolation: Lightning Ant Cloud can isolate the central data from the program data and can fully upgrade the account system. Even if the server and the database are under attack, the attacker cannot steal user information and data from the Lightning Ant Cloud server. 

    5.  On the Basis of Geographical Location

    Transactions in the Lightning Ant Market has a high standard for geographical location, because Beidou Chain contains geographical information. Lightning Ant Market will provide location services on the basis of Blockchain technology. Transactions happened among a particular span can be regarded as successful and it also can guarantee the safety of the transaction. 

    What-if Scenario:

    Eva is a jogger, but recently moves to a new house, she is unfamiliar with the surroundings and needs a man to jog with her, so she issues a purchase message on Lightning Ant Market: March 1, 2018, a woman who is familiar with the surroundings is needed, jogging with me for 1 hour.
    When browsing the information on the Lightning Ant Market, Joanna finds her location is quite near Eva, and fortunately, she is familiar with the environment and enjoys jogging. So she contacts with Eva and sets time and order.

    So how does the platform verify to this deal? One of the necessary factors is whether Eva and Joanna’s geographical locations coincide or not at the agreed time, in order to avoid default during the transaction and optimize the experience and interests of consumers. 

    6. Product Traceability

    At present, mainstream systems have information islands in the entire product supply chain. Usually, there are multiple information systems which are difficult to interact with each other in the whole supply chain. As a result, the information check process is complicated and the data exchange is unbalanced. As a result, too many offline checks and double checks are required to make up for the multiple system interaction problems.

    The decentralized trust system of the Blockchain itself guarantees its authenticity and does not require the involvement of an external trusted endorsement. In order to solve the trust issue at the e-commerce business level, the Lightning Ant Market will provide B2C and B2B services in the future, communicate with manufacturers and businesses, build a decentralized Blockchain traceability node service, and offer consumers a true trustworthy and decentralized shopping experience.


    For example, using the unique treasibility code of the handbag, customer will know the production place of the handbag, manufacture’s information, production date, quality control report, transportation time, sampling reports, etc. The delivery information can also be checked, so illegal transactions and fraud have no place to hide.

    Token Economy and Business Model

    Lightning Ant Market is a time transaction platform based on social contact and professional skills. Its corresponding token – Lightning Ant Pay (LAP) is the voucher of transactions.

    LAP has the characteristics of consumption circulation, pledge and exchange, users can conduct transactions in the Lightning Ant Market, or choose to lock positions in exchange for mining rights. The Lightning Ant Market will draw a certain percentage of LAP of the transaction fee as a service fee. Half of the service fee will be permanently locked.


    In the Lightning Ant Chain, the role of miners is to verify transactions and store data, they don’t have the right to mint. Miner rewards come from the salary paid by the Lightning Ant Market. Annual fixed salary assures the stability of token circulation. Fair mining rewards guarantee the active participation of miners. 

    With the gradual increase of registered users and time trading volume, token price is sure to increase which forms a virtuous circle.

    Team Member

    Outstanding member makes a successful team.

    Lixiao Zhou, founder of Lightning Ant Market, micro economist. He is  specially specialized in western economics and finance, researcher and implementer of Blockchain theory, One of the most experienced experts in domestic capital operation and business model design. All these guarantee a promising future for the Lightning Ant Market.

    Lei Zhang, with more than 20 years of experience in technical development management, he has worked in IT structural design and IT consulting for years. With the engagement of Yantao Wang, former senior R & D manager of HUAWEI, all these make the Beidou Chain play a leading role in the Blockchain industry. 


    Lightning Ant Market has a huge user group and market potential in the field of e-commerce and time trading. It will be well known and recognized by the the public soon in the future.

    The founding team plays a positive role in promoting research and development of the project. At the same time, the token ecosystem is very normative, there is plenty of space for the increase of tokens value.

    The Lightning Ant Market is based on the Beidou Chain which provides users with safe transactions, privacy protection and financial security. As a result, it meets the market demand under the current situation and has great development potential.

    Overall, Lightning Ant Market will certain to make a buzz cause in the entire Internet industry.


    Twitter: Lightning Ant Market

    Facebook: Lightning Ant Market

    We Chat:(Account:SYSC818)

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lightning Ant Market PTE. LTD.
    Contact Person: TIGER
    Country: China

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    TVC Mall, an online store that sells consumer electronics at affordable prices, recently started selling high-quality OEM cell phone parts to meet the growing needs of their existing and potential buyers.

    TVC Mall, an online store that has already found a sizeable section of loyal customers by offering feature-rich cell phones at affordable prices, recently stepped up their game in the competitive online marketplace by including OEM cell phone parts to their list of products. The online store, which is more of a bargain bin than anything else for their most loyal customers, recently issued a press statement, highlighting that they have started selling OEM cell phone parts and aftermarket parts at marked-down prices since January 1st this year.

    On behalf of TVC Mall, a marketing executive recently told the press that their aim is to be on a par with the top ecommerce marketplaces that offer both Smartphone products and OEM Apple parts and Samsung parts. He said that their market analysts have discovered that a large number of Smartphone users now take interest in refurbished phones and recycled cell phone parts. He also added that many of their users do not opt for replacing their phones, but they look out for replacement parts for the branded mobile phones.

    Video Link:

    “Our key challenge this year is to offer high-quality OEM parts for all sorts of mobile phones. For example, the Samsung parts we now offer are manufactured by OEM manufacturers that specialize in manufacturing Samsung mobile phone parts only. Similarly, we source Apple parts, HTC parts and Sony parts from manufacturers that have considerable market reputation”, said a top marketing executive of TVC Mall during a press conference.

    “The OEM replacement parts we offer are ideal for replacing worn-out Smartphone parts. Our quality analysis team checks each and every product before they are finally shipped to the buyers. We recruit professionals who have years of experience in assembling mobile phones in our quality team so that the compatibility of mobile phone parts with corresponding handsets can be thoroughly checked”, added the executive during the press conference. He also added that their buyers are always recommended to use professional installation and assembling services when they finally retrofit their mobile phones.

    About the Company

    TVC Mall is a reputable online store selling consumer electronics.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TVC-Mall
    Contact Person: Rita
    Phone: +86-755-28416521 Ext.8033
    Country: China

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    Eco Molding, a leading plastic injection molding service provider from China, recently started offering original factory prices on plastic injection molds.

    In a bid to maintain cost transparency and to increase competitiveness in the global market, Eco Molding, a China-based plastic injection molding service provider, recently started offering original factory prices on all of their plastic injection molding products. Eco Molding, which has its factory spanning an area of 2000 square meters in Shenzhen, China, has now the daily output capacity of 40-50 plastic injection molds every month. The owners said at a recent press conference that their plastic injection molds are directly transported from their factory and are delivered directly to their clients in disparate industries such as automotive, home appliances, industrial OEM application manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing industries.

    The concept of plastic injection molding is still not known to many. This is why the counterfeit plastic injection molding companies from China often quote unreasonably high prices for plastic injection molding services. We would like to let our investors and stakeholders know that use of latest technologies, strategic location and low transportation costs and a lean manufacturing model help us in keeping the manufacturing costs low”, said one sales and marketing executive while speaking on behalf of Eco Molding at a recent press conference.

    “Our top management is closely involved in the manufacturing process and our goal is to keep the cost low while ensuring zero defects. We deploy the best technologies and mix a lot of innovation so that the molds are always accurate. We are now a trusted plastic injection molding partner for a number of small and medium-sized companies. We think that the factory-direct pricing policy which we have adopted now would help us in becoming one of the top global plastic injection molding service providers”, the executive maintained.

    At present, the company imports its eco molding equipment from Taiwan and Switzerland. According to the executive, the company has now aimed at increasing their monthly and annual production capacity so as to meet the growing demands of their clients spread all across the world.

    While speaking about Eco Molding, the CEO and managing director said, “We want to be in the top ten plastic injection molding companies worldwide in the next five years”.

    About the Company

    Eco Molding is a China based plastic injection molding service provider.

    To know more, visit

    Skype: Jackielau0109

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Eco Molding Co., Limited
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 0086-(0)755 3318 3226
    Address:Long Xing Building, Songyu Road 144#
    City: Songgang Town
    Country: China

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    Mold China, a plastic injection molding service provider from China, recently announced that it will soon publish its 2018 guidelines for molding design as the previous set of guidelines published in 2017 was highly appreciated by the investors and key stakeholders.

    In a bid to make plastic injection molding more streamlined and more accurate, Mold China, a leading plastic injection molding service provider from China recently published 2018 guidelines for molding design. The owners said that the plastic injection guidelines 2017 which they published at the beginning of the previous year were accepted well by their investors and key stakeholders. Following the success of the 2017 guidelines for molding design, the company is all set to roll out the 2018 guidelines for industry experts, key stakeholders and investors.

    “The manufacturing process is of highest importance in the plastic injection molding. Injection molding involves melting of resin pellets, and then the plastic mold is made colder. There are quite a few factors that might affect the different cooling stages of the plastic injection molding process. In our previous guide, we explained these factors in detail. In our 2018 guide for molding design, we are going to expand more on these factors”, said one of the top sales and marketing executives of Mold China.

    “We recommend our clients to maintain a 5mm wall thickness as thick walls can result in poor mechanical efficiency. Our experts also avoid variations in wall thickness to make the flow simplified. Also, the rib thickness is another important factor. We are going to give away many more important tips and technical knowhow in our 2018 guide for plastic injection molding”, added the executive.

    The CEO and managing director of Mold China said that one of the main reasons why the global mold supply chain has leaned toward China-based plastic injection molding companies is that the leading China based companies have improved their technological competencies in recent times.

    International mold supply chain trends indicate that the Chinese mold companies have become the global industry leaders. One of the many reasons is that the China-based companies have never ceased to upgrade their technologies. As a leading China-based plastic injection molding company, we are committed to educate our investors and clients about the latest technologies that we have embraced. The 2018 guide would put some light on the technologies we use now”, said the CEO and managing director of Mold China.

    About the Company

    Mold China is a reputable plastic injection molding company from China.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mold China Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: +86-0755-33183226
    Address:Longxing Building, Songyu Road 144#, Songgang Town
    City: Shenzhen
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    Ocean Nuclear, a nuclear energy financial service provider, is all set to launch its GNIS Nuclear Investment forum for bridging the gap between potential investors and nuclear energy projects and corporations worldwide.

    Ocean Nuclear, a global nuclear sector financial service provider, is about to launch the first ever nuclear investment forum to close the gap between global investors and nuclear energy researchers and corporations. On behalf of Ocean Nuclear, it was recently announced that the primary objective of launching the forum is to integrate finance and nuclear research, thereby fostering industrial growth and broad-spectrum growth of the industry. The owners of Ocean Nuclear also said that the forum would help nuclear researchers and corporations in utilizing a variety of financial methods such as venture capital, equity financing, industrial investment funds, financial bonds, acquisitions and mergers to drive growth of the industry.

    At a recent pre-launch press conference, a top executive of Ocean Nuclear said that the GNIS Nuclear Investment Forum would be launched on January 28 this year at Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing, China. He also informed the press that the launch event is themed around the concept of “Financing the Future of the Nuclear Industry”. He added that the forum would promote innovation, openness, coordination as well as sharing benefits and an eco-friendly approach to nuclear energy production.

    “The GNIS Nuclear Investment Forum would be committed to solving the key issues that hinder the energy economic development globally. We will also promote regional nuclear energy integration and sustainable economic development of the sector. Our aim is to improve nuclear industrial development in a sustainable manner”, said the executive.

    While speaking about Ocean Nuclear, the executive said that it is a nuclear energy global financial service market provider that specializes in arranging capital market financial services to nuclear energy projects around the world, has offices now in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London and Shanghai. The company, which was formed with an aim of deploying big investments in energy sector developments, is also an active member of World Nuclear Association.

    The CEO and managing director of Ocean Nuclear said, “We proudly announce that the GNIS Nuclear Investment Forum launch event would be attended by Mr. Dejiang Zhang, former Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Mr. Wuwei Li, Vice Chairman of The Eleventh CPPCC National Committee, among many others.”

    About the Company

    Ocean Nuclear is a global nuclear energy financial service provider.

    To know more, visit  


    Hong Kong Office: Room 32,11/F, Lee Ka Industrial Building, 8 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    London Office: 4 Christopher St, London, EC2A 2BS
    Shenzhen Office: 601, Oriental Science and Technology Building, 3 Kewei Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong
    Shanghai Office: Suite 502, 1271 South Pudong Road, Pudong, Shanghai

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ocean Nuclear
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    January 9th US time,Las Vegas Inaugurated The 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As the world’s largest and the most popular consumer electronics exhibition, CES has attracted the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers and core IT  manufacturers.


    During the exhibition,  Shenzhen Yiyongda company from China officially launched the new product Y128C worldwide. Following intelligence education, intelligent household products, Yiyongda Robot seized the chance, making their products official enter into global health care domain.

    By the interview, the staff said: this kind of old-age “black tech” medical robot could occupy the medical health care market, which can measure various body’s biology data, and generate a health report. Through its internal AI analysis, it can provide users with chronic disease diagnosis and early warning of their health. In the mean time, the product also gathers the functions of intelligent monitoring, video chatting and other functions. These brand new intelligent robots aimed for alleviating the health problems of aged people.

    Whatsmore, Yongyida also exhibited a series of intelligent education robots, and received a cooperation invitation from the US KADHO team. KADHO is a well-known company which focused on children’s English education. The founder are Dr. Kaveh Azartash and Dhonam Pemba with PH.D degrees at the university of California. The education products, Kadho English won the U.S. media’s trust with a first prize. Yongyida revealed, based on the overlap of two parties in children’s education, they will work together to develop children chinese-english bilingual education AI system, and apply them into a service robot.


    December 2017, China’s official ministry released the three years action plan (2018-2020), to foster a new generation of artificial intelligence industry for clean, elderly care, rehabilitation, disabled assistant, children’s education and other intelligent home service robots, etc. 

    Since the global aging accelerating, as the highest unit value medical robot, the demand for them are increasing. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 40 medical robot enterprises in China, with a financing quota of over 800 million RMB. Medical robots are expected to be worth $17 billion by 2025. This number, is a huge peice of “cake” worldwide. By then, smart robots, without a nurse’s cap, are walking into hospitals, clinics and community health centre. They are no longer far away from people. 

    KADHO’s founder, Kaveh Azartash (Centre), takes a photo in front of the Yongyida.

    Learning from the public information, Yongyida was founded in October 2013 which is the first Chinese high-tech enterprise engaged in service robots sector. Rely on its leading research level, and half-automated intelligent basement, Yongyida has successfully created a series of service robot products, covering intelligent education, smart home, medicare, business and commercial fields. They are not only selling well in China, also exported to overseas.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Yongyida
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    Intraday Trading Tips – Home –
    India’s No. 1 best option trading tips provider, offer best option trading tips for Indian Stock Market to enable investors to multiply their profits.

    Chennai, Tamil Nadu – January 16, 2018 – Getting started in the world of option trading requires careful research and handful knowledge. Many traders, particularly beginners, don’t fully understand the implications of option trading and this can lead to problems. It’s not impossible to make any kind of accurate forecasts about how the price of options will move without having a clear insight into volatility and the impact it has. To help the novice option traders to become the successful one,, recognized as India’s No.1 best option trading tips provider now offers the best option trading tips for Indian Stock Market to enable investors to multiply their profits.

    The spokesperson stated, “We are providing the best Option Trading Tips with consummate accuracy to obtain the utmost profit from the market for our customers. Our Research Analysts will provide accurate Intraday Trading Tips based on the current market trends. We use advanced proprietary software and tools coupled with experience of expert analysts to provide best option trading tips and accurate Stock Advisory services to our clients. We encourage people to be in the market as intelligent investors to multifold their wealth.” is the first and foremost company who are providing sure shot services in option segment. All their professionals are solely dedicated towards unfurling the expertise of those Option veterans in the Indian Stock Market domain who are involved in providing option tips in index and equity Options, Hedging with options, Call & Put Writing Strategies.

    The spokesperson also continued, “This is a well beginning and in the near future you will be benefited, as has been observed in case of our thousands of customers/clients. We assure you to give our prime attention to your valued suggestions please. This site is purely created to provide technical and financial information to the people to earn more money from Indian stock market. We provide recommendations live through Chat Room, and via WhatsApp. Our live Customer Support facility is a very efficient system ensuring the instant delivery of Message without any loss of time.”

    While addressing the audience, the Founder of commented that their vision is to become the Award winning best stock advisory company in India by 2020 and expand their operations to Global markets at the same time.  

    He concluded the meeting by stating, “Keeping all the above factors and forecasting the profit potential possibilities, we assure all customers to the best in nifty options and stock options with the use of our share market tips, thereby ensuring client retention for a long period of time.”

    At the very end of the meeting, Rakesh Sharma, one of the happy customers of delightedly commented, “ is giving good calls in market, I am very happy with their calls, I recommended to my friends also, they are also happy, take their one month service and check, follow-up, profit ratio, less calls and sure profit, i am expecting good service further also, good calls, good profit’s am happy with profitable calls. Thank u OTT team.”

    About is a one stop portal for all active and passive players in Indian Stock Market. They come across as an unbiased information provider across the in depth pattern of the Stock market providing expert views and news especially for the Option Traders.

    For more details, visit

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Ajay Kumar
    Phone: 9677666555
    Address:10-k, MM PLAZA, SOUTH USMAN ROAD
    City: Chennai
    State: Tamil Nadu
    Country: India

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    Child Tracker Device Praised for Humanitarian Efforts

    With over 90,000 children reported as missing in India annually, it’s good to know that someone has their back.  GPS Champ, a New Delhi-based GPS tracking company, is making great strides for the safety of Children in India.

    GPS Champ was founded in 2014.  The company offers Powerful GPS Solutions using reliable & secure Made In India GPS Trackers. The tracking devices feature state-of-the-art technology coupled with intuitive user interface, bringing the best of both worlds together.  The GPS tracking devices have real time monitoring which is imperative when time is everything and minutes can mean life or death.

    Gaurav Kaushik, Founder @ GPS Champ stated, “I am honored to be leading our efforts in fighting India’s missing children epidemic.” He further added, “Our Child Tracking Device is making headway to keep children in India safe. Nothing is more rewarding than helping keep children out of harm’s way and we are delighted to be taking an active role in doing so.”

    “We are always trying to bring the Best of GPS Technology to the customers in India. We are not just limited to Kids Tracking, We have Solutions for Fleet Owners, School Buses, Trucks etc. Our aim is to set benchmarks in GPS industry in terms of imparting avant-garde solutions, high quality services, and ceaseless support to our customers. We at GPS Champ are committed to Contribute to Make In India Initiate with our expertise and experience in Hardware & Software Technologies,” stated Ritesh Chauhan, CTO @ GPS Champ.

    GPS Champ offers advanced IoT Solutions based on GPS Technology like Driver Behavior, Fuel Monitoring, Live Camera, Temperature Solutions etc. The GPS Tracking software is available on cloud as well as on premise.

    For more details about their GPS Trackers & Business Solutions you may get in touch with their sales team at +91 8010-645-645 or go through the website


    Media Contact
    Company Name: TIF Digital Private Limited
    Contact Person: Ritesh Chauhan
    Phone: 8010-645-645
    Country: India

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    As the typical example of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is not just the “real currency”, it is the next “best currency” in a rapidly evolving world of alternative decentralized and digital economy. The rising of the cryptocurrency brings uncountable investors. To meet variety demands of global digital asset investors, The latest intelligent digital asset exchange, Bitpaction, which is developed by Sonny Cheung, is waiting for an official roll-out.

    Due to the incredible price fluctuation of cryptocurrency, it has already captured every investor’s imagination. Next-generation entrepreneur Sonny Cheung recently developed Bitpaction, The latest intelligent digital asset exchange which was developed on the same core technology – Blockchain. Sonny Cheung and team recently appeared at a press conference to announced that Bitpaction, the exchange which they have developed, would be rolled out soon.


    Sonny Cheung, who stepped in the electronic commerce and investment industry after earning his post-graduation degree with a major in Economics from the University of Liverpool, came to know about Bitcoin unwittingly in 2013, and started to invest in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The young investor went through both ebb and flow during his early years and he gradually turned into an expert in this particular field in this period. After years of trading with all existing digital asset exchanges, Sonny Cheung realized that there are certain limitations of all those exchanges.

    At the recent press conference, Sonny Cheung said, “Imperfect regulatory policies, various levels of core technologies, lack of coin listing auditing mechanism, poor user experience, lack of long-term planning, high service charges are some of the reasons investors were turning away from investing in cryptocurrency.”

    One of the top executive of the company informed the press that Sonny Cheung realized that he was not the only one to be bothered by those shortcomings of existing exchanges. During a discussion in a cyber community, he met a group of friends who shared similar concerns about their digital assets. “There were experts in internet technologies, professional marketing practitioners with groundbreaking ideas, and cryptocurrency experts, who teamed up with Sonny Cheung and decided to launch a new digital asset exchanges, which is Bitpaction”, the executive was quoted by the local press.   

    “Bitpaction commits itself to building the first global intelligence digital asset exchange, creating an automatic global integrated asset platform which is original, much simpler, and more intelligent, starting the 2.0 era of the digital asset exchange, helping the development of the block chain, and improving the technology in order to strengthen the global economy. Bitpaction is different from all the existing digital asset exchanges in various aspects”, he added.

    According to Sonny Cheung, it is very easy to operate as a user even for a beginner who has just heard about the digital assets. “There are greenhorns who would get a chance to collaborate with the most experienced digital asset experts and such combination would make it easier for the entry-level investors to invest in cryptocurrency on Bitpaction”, Cheung told the press.

    “Under any circumstances, the minimum price of each BPS would not go lower than 0.76 USDT. Bitpaction would calculate the amount of the service fee users have spent at Bitpaction as USTD, and users can also use the BPS to exchange the USDT. If the current price of BPS is lower than 0.76 USTD, the BPS of users can still be valued 0.76 USTD so that they can complete the exchange without losing their money”, he added.

    According to Sonny Cheung and team, the special surplus stop-loss point function was added to the new exchange during its development. “After logging in Bitpaction, users can set an increasing or decreasing figure for a particular digital asset. The selling or buying would be automatically triggered when this particular digital asset reaches or exceeds the figure the user has set. This function could protect their investments efficiently”, Cheung stated.  

    As the CEO, Sonny Cheung and the whole team has high expectations from Bitpaction and believe that it would serve a significant purpose of protecting investor interests. “We have planned to add the trade mode for globalization, and integration with entity resources, to link the stores both online and offline, to expand the market for the BPS, to open the business close loop, and to make it a diversified comprehensive investment trading platform”, Cheung told the press. 

    Current event

    Support Bitpaction, Share 750,000 BPS: Upload photoes or videos to, demonstrate support for bitpaction.

    Excellent participants: 300 excellent participants will be received 2,000  BPS each as a reward (1BPS≈0.23 US).

    Project ambassador: 15 most popular images will be post on the white paper with the core team of bitpaction as the project ambassadors, each of them will earn 10,000 BPS and one year service charge free at Bitpaction.

    P.S. Participant should upload materials under the Bitpaction username.

    About the Company

    Bitpaction is the latest intelligent digital asset exchange that focus on the user experience.





    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Bitpaction
    Contact Person: Oliver Zhang
    Country: Singapore

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    Bit Diamond Foundation recently reached an agreement with Baofeng Boko Cloud to increase and strengthen cooperation.

    Bit Diamond Foundation recently reached a BCN co-operation with Baofeng Boko Cloud to increase BCN blockchain consensus network services cooperation. From now on, both parties will collaborate in many areas such as technology exchange and marketing collaboration. In the next few months, Baofeng’s new shadow hardware, “BFC BokoCloud” will be deployed on BCD full node, so that the Bitcoin Diamond blockchain security and stability can be greatly improved.

    Only recently, Bitcoin Diamond main network was launched ahead of tentative launch date, and one of their heavyweight products, Baofeng Boko Cloud project, also reached BCN cooperation. “In the future, Baofeng Boko Cloud will become the first bit-broken blockchain project with a total number of nodes exceeding 100,000 by the end of the deployment of BCN full nodes provided by BFC BokoCloud. At the same time, we are going to launch in a number of well-known global exchanges next month. With the gradual improvement of the ecological construction of BCD, the value of BCD will also be gradually reflected”, said an executive of Baofeng Boko Cloud.

    About the Company

    Baofeng Boko Cloud is the core equipment of privately watched movies, and its main function is to store private movie source files. At the same time, Bokocloud is also a machine to earn BFC points, which can use idle storage space and bandwidth to help Baofeng series software, third-party CDN business, and third-party blockchain business for large file network acceleration. The deployment of a full-node blockchain network allows users to earn BFC points by sharing unused storage space and bandwidth resources.

    To know more, visit

    Related links:

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: Singapore

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    Internet has created a tremendous impact on the lives of people. As a result, people have got the need to use internet for many different things that they do in our lives as well. If they want to socialize or if they want to find a new job, they tend to go ahead and seek the assistance of internet without keeping any doubt in mind. However, it is important to find a reputed online platform to find whatever people want, so that we can stay away from frustration. That’s where BrainBuxa comes into play.

    BrainBuxa can simply be defined as an educational search engine. Students will be able to use this resource to find almost all the information they need. However, it is not just another educational search engine. In addition, students will be able to receive a social media experience by using this search engine as well. That’s because BrainBuxa offers job alerts, exam results, college admission information and many other useful details that people need to know. BrainBuxa has got built-in chatting and calling capabilities. Therefore, it is possible to get connected with other people with the help of this social media network as well.

    By using BrainBuxa, a student will be able to search for different courses offered by colleges. They include courses that belong to a variety of subjects, including fashion, law, management, technology and animations. In addition, video lectures are also available in BrainBuxa for the students to see. Whenever the results are about the get released, students can keep an eye on BrainBuxa. BrainBuxa will provide all useful information related to results and the students don’t need to worry about anything. Whenever the results are released, they soon get updated on BrainBuxa.

    BrainBuxa features a fully functional educational blog. Students who are confused with available career opportunities can think about following this blog. It can provide them with all required information. On the other hand, all educational events that are available for the students to attend are also updated in BrainBuxa. Students can go through the list of events and attend any I they are interested. In addition, students will also be introduced to a large number of educational opportunities available abroad. On top of everything, BrainBuxa exposes students to available job opportunities. Job opportunities that belong to a variety of sectors are available in BrainBuxa. Students just need to go through the list of available job opportunities and apply for the ones that match with their qualifications and preferences.

    BrainBuxa will soon become the leading educational portal within India. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a look at what BrainBuxa offers and start experiencing all the benefits delivered.

    Brainbuxa – Education Portal has recently launched Android Application for the Worldwide Mobile Users. Now Students can go through Latest Education News, Educational Blog Articles, Job Updates and Inspiring Interviews on mobile.

    The Android Application has been downloaded by Thousands of Users in Just a month Time.

    You can Download Latest Android App. Of Brainbuxa from Google Play Store.

    To get started, students can download and install the Android application. Or else, they can contact the team via +91 78218 20066 to get additional information. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Brainbuxa – Education Portal
    Contact Person: Akash
    Phone: 78218 20066
    Country: India

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    Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge will get someone from A to B but imagination will take them everywhere. China’s first immersive future experience space, Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum will be opened soon to capture the imagination of the curious kids.

    Children’s imagination and curiosity are like the infinite universe, which is inexhaustible and full of possibilities. All their curiosity and doubts will be answered at Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum, which will open its doors soon for all and sundry. By exploring science with art and presenting art with science, Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum aims to be the best place in the world for teenagers from China to enjoy and comprehend science and art. Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum, China’s first immersive future experience science space, will open at Loft D, Upper Hills, Futian, Shenzhen on February 6th, 2018.


    Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum is China’s first immersive future experience science space which is created by Shenzhen SEG-Skyland Technology Co.,Ltd. or SEG-Skyland with the help of digital technology, artificial intelligence, VR/MR and other frontier technologies. It emphasizes the integration and association of scientific exploration, practical skills, space science, social humanities and artistic aesthetics. In addition, as the first landmark of scientific interactive space in China, Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum will give the teenagers from China an immersion experience of both science and art.

    “The Museum of emerging science and innovation covers an area of two thousand square meters including two theme spaces: Hello Universe and Fancy Lab. In the theme spaces, dozens of experience projects using the world’s top technology to show teenagers the beauty of the collision between the cutting-edge technology and the vivid art in the process of new media art and creation design”, said one of the executives of SEG-Skyland at a press conference.

    “Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum is committed to satisfying the curiosity of kids by using the cutting-edge technology, as they can find the beauty of science and art and change their fantastic ideas into reality and build their own world and future”, added the executive.

    Shenzhen SEG-Skyland Technology Co.,Ltd. (SEG-Skyland) is an innovative company belongs to SEG Group, which is oriented toward technological innovation education industry and cultural creative industry. SEG-Skyland has applied cutting-edge technologies in various educational scenes in order to popularize science and to create a new scientific temper among the young generation of China.

    “Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum is going to be the most distinctive space of science and art in China”, claimed the executive.

    “The report of 19th CPC National Congress clarifies the goal of accelerating the development of an innovation country. Teenagers are hope of the new age, so cultivating innovative talents becomes the most important part in building an innovative country. Moreover, the degree of youth’s mastery of scientific technology and art often determines the creativity of a region, the power of a society and the competitiveness of a country. Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum believes that science and art are parts of the culture and it is going provide an open space for all to ponder and discuss the future roles of science and art. Skyland Future Science & Technology Museum has taken the first step successfully in cultivating Chinese teenagers’ scientific thinking and art aesthetics”, said the CEO and managing director of Shenzhen SEG-Skyland Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Seg-skyland Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    From January 16th to 17th, Jiangsu Tourist Administration organized the marketing promotion staffs and the representatives of enterprises and public institutions of civic tourism department in Xuzhou, Suzhou, Taizhou, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang and Yancheng to go to Philippines for holding tourism promotion about “Aqua Jiangsu” and large-scale photo exhibition activity.

    (Group photo about Jiangsu tourism promotion group and the officers of Philippine Tourism Department, travel agency and the representatives of news and media)

    Jiangsu tourism promotion group held a large-scale photo exhibition and tourism promotion about “Aqua Jiangsu” in Philippines on January 16th. There were nearly 60 people who participated in this promotion and tourism photo exhibition, including the section chief of route development department of National Ministry of Tourism in Philippines, Baron Owen, the relevant personnel of Jiangsu Tourist Administration and relevant prefectural and municipal ministry of tourism, the principals of tourism enterprises, the representatives of local tourism enterprises in Philippines, World Journal, El Comercio, Sino-Fil Daily and other media of Philippines.

    (Han Bo, the deputy director of Tourism Promotion Office of Jiangsu Tourism accompanies Baron Owen, the section chief of route development department of National Ministry of Tourism in Philippines to visit the tourism photo exhibition about “Aqua Jiangsu”)

    (Baron Owen, the section chief of route development department of National Ministry of Tourism in Philippines is making a speech)

    The promotion was conducted with the methods of picture presentation, view on the advertising video, communication of the industry, subject promotion and so on mainly. It mainly promoted famous tour of Yangtze, cultural tour of the Grand Canal and the ecological tour of the Yellow River, and it also introduced the developed three-dimensional traffic network and perfect public service situation of the tourism in Jiangsu. This tourism promotion conducted the industrial communication and enhanced the understanding between Jiangsu and Philippines through propagandizing typical tourism resources of Jiangsu, which attracted more Philippine tourists to go to Jiangsu for tourism, holiday and relaxation.

    (The scene of Philippine tourism promotion about “Aqua Jiangsu”)

    Meanwhile, the members of the tourism promotion delegation conducted symposium and communication with Philippine QUEENSPOINT, GREAT SIGHTS, Asian World Travel Agency and other local institutions of the same industry and the representatives of the travelling salesmen to seek cooperation and promote further development of the tourism in Jiangsu.

    According to the statistics, Philippine tourists who went to Jiangsu, China achieved 26.4 thousand people in 2017, and it was the important tourist source country. In 2017, the tourists of Jiangsu who went to Philippines achieved to 39 thousand people, and the year-on-year growth was 3.77%. More and more residents of Jiangsu take Philippines as the main destination for their travel to Southeast Asian countries.

    Jiangsu has long history, multi-culture and colorful tourism resources, and it is the only province that has rivers, lakes and the sea in China. Especially the promotion of a set of tourism-themed products, such as famous tour of Yangtze, cultural tour of the Grand Canal and the ecological tour of the Eastern Yellow Sea, the tourism and leisure characteristics is more obvious. The relevant personnel of Jiangsu Tourism Administration said that they hoped to promote the tourism communication and cooperation between the two parties through holding this promotion, and let the Philippine feel the beauty of “Aqua Jiangsu” fully and appreciated the vigor of the development in Jiangsu.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tecent
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    The Packers and movers have been chosen for their quality service and their affordability in helping people move from one property to another. has today announced their top Bangalore packers and movers, helping people looking to move to the area or to a new property to appoint the best movers for their move.

    With over ten million people living in Bangalore, and with even more people looking to move to the popular capital of India’s southern Karnataka state, hundreds of people are moving to a new property each day. Many of those people that use movers in Bangalore complain that they are expensive or don’t offer a professional service. wants to rectify that problem by helping people living in and moving to Bangalore to hire the best movers and packers available.

    The site does not only list the best packers and movers available, they also provide reviews, and more importantly, they provide details of the charges.

    One of the most important factors when moving is the quality of the service and how much it would cost to use a moving company in Bangalore. The calculator tool provides by provides the price that a person could expect to pay when hiring one of the best movers and packers.

    The tool is very easy to use. A person wishing to move to a new property simply enters their requirements, then a representative will be in contact within a minute to provide full details of the cost of moving.

    A spokesman for said: “We have reviewed the movers and packing services available and have listed the ones that we feel are the best and provide value for money.”

    Since being launched, the site has become one of the most important tools for those looking to move to a new property in Bangalore. By providing details of the best movers and packers available, and by providing a calculator tool to find out the cost, this site removes the stress from moving. does not only help people to move by providing details of the best movers in Bangalore, but they also provide useful tips and advice for those looking to move.

    Mr. Sandeep Soni, founder of, announced that all the companies are physically verified before listing on website, and they check Reviews of all companies before listing. requires documents such as Registration Certificate, Address Proof, Pan Card and GST Certificate Etc to get listed.

    To learn more about, and to see the best movers in Bangalore, please visit

    About provides details of the best packers and movers in Bangalore. Since being launched they have helped hundreds of people to save money by comparing prices on moving from one property to another.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Media Manager
    City: Bangalore
    Country: India

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    Los Angeles, CA – January 19, 2018 – Agraria, America’s oldest and most celebrated luxury home fragrance company, announced today unique perfumed TasselAire™. Now it is more beautiful with a new contemporary design and vibrant colors.

    The First in Fragranced Tassels

    Hang them on an armoire key, door knob, closet hook or hanger. Use them with tie-back curtains on windows or canopied beds. Accessorize a key chain or your handbag. For extra drama, combine multiple fragrances and colors.

    They can be used in every room of your home to add an unexpected wisp of fragrance. Hang them on an armoire key, door knob, closet hook or hanger. Use them with tie-back curtains on windows or canopied beds. They are even fashionable enough to accessorize a key chain or your handbag. For extra drama, combine multiple fragrances and colors. 

    TasselAire™ available in 9 fragrances: Balsam, Bitter Orange, Cedar Rose, Golden Cassis, Lavender & Rosemary, Lime & Orange Blossoms, Mediterranean Jasmine, Mediterranean Jasmine, Monique Lhuillier Citrus Lily.

    AirEssence™ Spray – Perfect Companion to TasselAire™

    Each of the beautifully boxed sprays make an ideal companion to AirEssence™ and PetiteEssence™ diffusers. They also work perfectly to refresh our TasselAire™ for added fragrance, anytime and anywhere. 

    Add an instant burst of fragrance to any room with a spritz of AirEssence Spray. Enjoy the same fresh scents of our AirEssence and PetiteEssence diffusers in the convenience of a spray.

    History of the Tassels 

    From the highest ecclesiastical offices to the low prurience of a near-the-airport strip club, tassels are both a signifier of status and a visual point of whimsy. In Deuteronomy 22:12 we read: “You must put four tassels on the hem of the cloak with which you cover yourself — on the front, back, and sides.” But we didn’t need the Bible to tell us that tassels add a little something extra to almost anything decorative.

    Originally used to finish the edge of tapestries and textiles, tassels made the cut and became a decorative element in their own right. In early Egypt, Mesopotamia and throughout the Arab world, tassels were affixed to ward off evil spirits and demons. 

    Ornate tassels made by skilled French “passementiers” were used to symbolize status and nobility. Chinese tassels are woven with red and gold threads for good fortune. And let’s not forget the tassel-swinging pasties from Vivian Vavoom’s School of Burlesque! 

    About Agraria 

    From its beginnings in a quiet shop on San Francisco’s Nob Hill, Agraria has set the standard in luxury home fragrance and bath and body products for over 46 years. Many of the company’s most devoted fans hail from the worlds of fashion, design and entertainment, including Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Hubert de Givenchy, Cher, and the late Diana Vreeland.

    For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Agraria San Francisco, Inc
    Phone: 323-462-7898
    Address:4125 West Jefferson Blvd
    City: Los Angeles
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    XBrick CEO Leafer Zhao Attended the Asia Pacific Blockchain New Media Summit Forum Round Table Interview

    11th Jan afternoon, sponsored by Xiha Finance, co-organised by XBrick, ICOZaoNiao, Coinsotc, 2018 Asia Pacific Blockchain New Media Summit Forum & Xiha Finance Launching Ceremony was held at the Langham Hong Kong Hotel.


    Presentations, deep sharing and round table interview sections lead to discussions of business insights and the latest market movements. The core topic of the forum was to explore how the “blockchain + application” ecosystem was built with sustainability.


    The founder of Xiha Finance, Luo GangYu spoke on the opening of the forum. He said, under this moment of economy globalisation, technology was changing people’s everyday life. Internet, IoT, AI, blockchain, big data, quantum, all these technologies were moving the community development forward with unbelievable speed. For example, the blockchain applications served the real economy and would be able to simplify and resolve many complex and previously unsolvable issues.  


    XBrick, a global crypto currency exchange, CEO Leafer Zhao attended the forum round table interview.  The interview discussions with six guests focused on the blockchain industry opportunities in 2018. During the interview, Leafer Zhao who had previous investment banking experience shared his vision on what is XBrick’s role in this market and how we could utilise the participation benefit under this tide. As a global crypto currency exchange, XBrick did not only offer a platform for trading, but also interacted with blockchain project teams, token holders, as well as many other supporters and fans. This interaction was able to help the project development moving along and to build responsive and transparent understanding among supporters. Also, XBrick hoped to communicate with other exchanges, project teams, media channels to together promote and contribute to the global blockchain industry development.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: X Blockchain Pty Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: Australia

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    Contract implementation only consumes KMC system native token and it is not subject to XAS. XAS will only be registered.

    SER, a hybrid blockchain which was established on a centralized service system, was officially launched recently. The fully-open service chain was developed so that organizations and developers can participate in the construction of the service system framework. The service chain system, which has been successfully developed, is based on the blockchain technology such as information technology, business alliance, consumer union and system engineering, and an open source ecosystem.

    Open source sharing, and consensus mechanisms to encrypt the currency, decentralizing the service-related aspects such as the hospitality industry, hotel industry, insurance industry, service industry, etc. can be used to radically improve the ecological infrastructure to form a complete consumer service network.

    The new Ethereum intelligent contract outlines the service chain business agreement code, distributed storage, open and transparent, token incentive, spending power and other characteristics.

    According to the owners of SER, Point of Sale is cantered on the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot. Caldano’s smart contract will use the third-generation EVM-based virtual machine, IELE, to enable cross-link functionality through the sidechain. They said that the initial goal was to improve the current design and development model for cryptocurrencies with the ultimate vision of providing a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem and meeting the needs of users seeking additional system integration。

    One of the top executives of SER stated that the top nine purposes that the service chain would serve are token accounting, financial management, the production control and management, hash management, procurement management, distribution management, inventory control, human resources management and consumer data sharing.

    “SER’s core objective is to achieve the effective management of the entire service supply chain. The various components of the value chain of the service industry constitute an organic whole, which are interrelated, mutually restricted and interdependent. Each link consists of a large number of similar enterprises. With a large amount of exchange of information, material, tokens and sharing, it is essentially a process of increasing value. At the same time, it is intertwined between the industrial value chains which are often represented as a multi-level decentralized structure. In the new competitive environment, the competition in the industry not only shows the competition among individual enterprises, but also shows the competition between one industrial chain and another industrial chain, the competition between one enterprise cluster and another cluster, even competition between state and state enterprises”, said an executive of SER.

    “The value-added link behind the front of the value of the product helps new customers to produce new value products. However, this does not mean that the value of the input in the previous part can be achieved later. If there is a value-added bottleneck, part of the input value in the service value chain will be lost and cannot be added. Also, the process of value-added service value is a continuous process. This feature is of great significance to the going-concern enterprises involved in the value chain because the realization of the long-term value of the enterprise is more important than the realization of the short-term value. If an industry value chain cannot be effectively recycled, then the value chain of the industry will be on the verge of death”, he added.

    “Take the electronic information industry as an example. From a system perspective, there is a technical hierarchy of standards development and equipment development for an end product. The technical convergence between the three levels is stringent. Equipment and end products are developed under a certain standard. Each time a piece of equipment or product is produced, a certain standard fee for use by a standard-holding enterprise needs to be paid. The chip technology is the core of our industrial chain technology, and the components are based on chip performance and parameter development, the technology and chip technology has upstream and downstream relations, the whole The technical content of the assembly link is lower, mainly to solve the problem of device selection and component matching. For example, we can equip the restaurant industry with intelligent hardware to centralize SER strands, enabling consumers, merchants and developers alike to generate and accumulate output tokens”, added the executive. 

    While speaking about the developer benefits, the executive of SER stated that developers for businesses need to customize the functionality. “For example, each business is like a pool, which needs to be continuously consumed by users after consumption, so how do they happen? There are three relationships established through the server chain SER block technology, so that they form an Ecosystem. Business developers have to obtain the proportion of SER fee compensation. On the other hand, merchants provide consumers with a power pool that can create blockchain, when consumers make purchases for the SER token, at the same time they need to pay the merchants. Consumers need to obtain SER tokens, which can be consumed by enterprises and accumulate hash values according to the amount of consumption”, he told the press.

    About the Company

    Official website:

    Service Chain – serving the global service industry

    View contract information:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Service
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

    0 0, a global leading brand for all sorts of virtual goods, recently added FIFA Mobile 18 coins and other types of FIFA coins to their hot products., an online store that offers a wide assortment of virtual goods, recently added FIFA Mobile 18 coins and other sorts of FIFA coins to their list of hot products. Not only that, the global leading online store has also added RuneScape Gold & OSRS Gold, NBA 2K MT, and POE Trade Currencyto their hot products. The owners of the store believe that the addition of the hot products would boost the sales of their e-store in the first quarter of 2018.

    The online store, which doesn’t require phone verification for transferring and delivering virtual goods such as FIFA coins and NBA coins, now offers free coins with each bundle of coins that are arrayed on the web store. The owners said that players who buy FUT coins from their store need to have their own FIFA mobile accounts to get the coins transferred directly to their respective accounts.

    “ aspired to become the number one in-game service and virtual goods provider in the world. We are committed to offering the cheapest price on all sorts of in-game coins, including FIFA coins. With the launch of the new FIFA 18 mobile coins and other latest in-game goods, we believe we would be able to gain trust of gamers worldwide”, said Mr. Gong, a top sales and marketing executive of

    “We offer round-the-clock services and our sales executives and customer support executives are always available to help buyers choose the right products according to their needs and place their orders. Once the order information is confirmed and the payment is realized by our servers, we will instantly arrange the coins to be delivered to the buyer accounts. We also have a huge stock of coins now and we always strive to offer the most competitive prices on all sorts of coins”, added Mr. Gong.

    Mr. Gong also said that their live assistance team is always ready to help their buyers in fixing the payment and accounts transfer issues that might arise during buying the FIFA coins and other types of virtual goods.

    About the Company is a global leading brand for virtual goods.

    Skype ID: live:mmoak_3

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Mr. Gong
    Phone: +8615256087919
    Country: United States

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