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    Coimbatore The growing integration of the internet into daily activities has forced individuals, businesses, and professionals to tap into the wealth of advantages presented by the internet, especially in connecting with clients and expanding business reach. This dynamic change in the way business is conducted has led to the increasing demand for web developers to handle these needs for businesses and individuals. However, web developers are faced with the increasing need to stay updated with trends to properly satisfy client’s needs. In a bid to help web developers stay up-to-date and improve their skill set, WPBlogX is offering developers web hosting tutorials aimed at helping them stay in the lead and on top of their game.

    The owner of the web hosting tutorial platform, WPBlogX, while describing the services offered by the platform said, “I am a professional WordPress developer. I started working with WordPress quite a few years back. I would like to help individuals who are very much interested in knowing about WordPress. As for the beginners, I hope this blog will be useful for them. My zenith is to indulge each and every beginner to build their own blog using WordPress CMS. WPBlogX is the best platform to learn, interact, create your own blog, and bloom with innovative WordPress websites. With the help of this blog, you too can become a professional WordPress blogger.  In this tutorial, I will give you each and every idea in a clean and easy manner that is understandable to everyone.”

    WPBlogX thrives on the idea and mission to offer web developers, irrespective of their level of expertise, with the best and easy to understand tutorials aimed at helping them sharpen their skills with the use of the WordPress CMS. At WPBlogX, the team additionally offers clients seeking to improve their web hosting knowledge with Free SSL on FastComet, a professional and dependable web hosting service provider that offers the best visible results to clients, both new and existing. The team of professionals at WPBlogX also offers clients with cheap Hosting plans, which is aimed at helping them hit the ground running for a successful future in the web hosting and WordPress blogging world.

    WPBlogX also offers clients an in-depth knowledge into the use of the FastComet hosting platform which is known for its non-compromising performance, as it has been a choice hosting platform since its inception. The hosting platform also boasts of hundreds of thousands of customers in over 70 countries.

    WPBlogX is located at 83/3, Avinashi Road, Near SITRA Bus stop, Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore- 641 014. For inquiries, training needs, tutorials, and more information on the possible development of WordPress CMS skills contact them via phone at 87219014520, or via email at For additional information regarding their services, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: WPBlogX
    Contact Person: Prabhu Sandeep
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 87219014520
    Address:83/3, Avinashi Road, Near SITRA Bus stop, Civil Aerodrome Post
    City: Coimbatore
    Country: India

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    X-Block:An outstanding representative of public chains in the era of Blockchain 4.0

    Speaking of Blockchain, many readers may feel not familiar with it. Bitcoin represents the era of Blockchain 1.0, which exists just as an account book system, not sup- porting any app development. With the advent of the era of Blockchain 2.0, Ethereum offered the value proposition of supporting smart contracts. This enabled Developer Apps to operate on the blockchain. However, Ethereum characterized by a poor performance and incomplete framework design, can only run simple app scenarios. The era of Blockchain 3.0, which adopts a new consensus mechanism and technical framework, generally focuses on blockchain efficiency.

    Out of the pursuit of consensus efficiency, many new solution plans adopt Super node approaches, this technology offers more versatility than nodes and allows for broader nodal analysis. This resulted in a quality over quantity paradigm; while there was improvement in the confirmation speed of blockchain, there was a concurrent rise of the community’s participation threshold due to lacking and restrictive resources. Contrary to its perceived success, This has gone against the principle of decentralization – the original intention of the blockchain. How do they do that?

    X-Block:An outstanding representative of public chains in the era of Blockchain 4.0

    So far, most blockchain projects have been in the exploratory phase, X-Block mainly employs third methods.

    In the first place, X-Block is the first global public chain built on the Fog computing framework, which aims at creating a user-friendly, convenient and open light eco-blockchain.

    Secondly, Relying on the Fog computing framework, X-Block can, utilize various heterogeneous devices (including personal computers, smartphones, routers, etc.) to form a decentralized computing engine. By creatively designing the “Galaxy Super-Contract”, it enables the smart contract to maximally invoke the powerful Fog computing proprietary technology. Meanwhile, computing resources of the surrounding idle equipment can be integrated via X-Block. This will further empower the blockchain to be integrated into everyday technological processes. Such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things. Thus, a disrupting smart blockchain era can be ushered in to deeply promote applications of blockchain technology in day-to-day life.

    The third approach is committed to the construction of a complete blockchain ecosystem. It has built X-Change along with X-Block’s fog computing and blockchain tools to accomplish the token ecosystem. X-Change is a community-autonomous exchange that incorporates X-Block tokens with trading and mining.

    Except for the above third measures, X-Block ultimately forms an ecological chain with stronger overall performance, higher carrying efficiency, more practical applications, and accessibility for everyone.




    Media Contact
    Company Name: X-Blcok
    Contact Person: Brady
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Block chains are changing the world. Block chain technology, through the use of advanced cryptography and consensus algorithms, does not require a centralization of authority on a large scale. It is rapidly changing everything around, even our way of life, with such a powerful tool that will build a better world, so we have created a whole person. Block chain technical ecosphere ETG.

    What is ETG? ETG is an ecological currency for wallet, payment, game, live broadcast, public welfare and exchange and integration.

    The emergence of ETG is to return value to the hands of creators.

    The creator of value shares the value. ETG is based on the core technology support platform of the ETH ether Fang block chain, providing data acquisition, storage, calculation, transaction, analysis and product level solutions of the digital asset transaction process.

    In addition to having all the features of the digital currency, ETG provides innovative features that enable the possession of ETG to gain dividends after more than 24 hours. These dividends come from intelligent computing, which will be rewarded to each block and distribute in a way that does not increase the burden of the network.

    The flow and transaction of point to point on the ETG block chain, ETG can be used for full convertibility, large hand travel, financial media, cross-border payment, live broadcast, public welfare, digital asset trading and more fields, and the spread of value becomes as convenient as sending information, ETG – the era of leading District block chain society has come.

    With the rapid development of digital money, data has become the existence of our life form. The data is recorded into the block chain to form an intelligent contract world that can be recorded, interactive, encrypted and generated. When all data are formed to form an information society that can not be tampered with, we will usher in the age of full intelligence, and the data information is provided. The intelligent data validation of the whole node cluster and the verification of the data source index after the signature are undeniable in the form of intelligent contracts. Block chain technology is imperative in the future. Block chain technology will certainly become the greatest Internet innovation technology in the twenty-first Century.

    And ETG will inject new vitality into the application of block chain technology, so that everyone can enjoy the trust and wealth brought by the times.

    The ultimate goal is to realize the real landing application of the block chain technology, and establish the new technical standard of the block chain.

    The flow and transaction of point to point on the ETG block chain, ETG can be used for full convertibility, large hand travel, financial media, cross-border payment, live broadcast, public welfare, digital asset trading and more fields, and the spread of value becomes as convenient as sending information, ETG – the era of leading District block chain society has come.

    With the rapid development of digital money, data has become the existence of our life form. The data is recorded into the block chain to form an intelligent contract world that can be recorded, interactive, encrypted and generated. When all data are formed to form an information society that can not be tampered with, we will usher in the age of full intelligence, and the data information is provided. The intelligent data validation of the whole node cluster and the verification of the data source index after the signature are undeniable in the form of intelligent contracts. Block chain technology is imperative in the future. Block chain technology will certainly become the greatest Internet innovation technology in the twenty-first Century.

    And ETG will inject new vitality into the application of block chain technology, so that everyone can enjoy the trust and wealth brought by the times.

    The market value of the future digital money market will reach trillions of scale, like the core entrance of the second generation PC Internet, ETG will become the wind vane of the next generation of digital assets in the 4 era, the market potential is huge, and ETG will subvert the entire ecological circle of diversification!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cytonn Investments
    Contact Person: Jocelyn della
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    The National Healthcare System of England, suggested therapy treatment curing for non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate. On proving that, Dr. Song’s 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment treats prostate enlargement in the high success rate without any side effect.

    As per the recent study, it is predicted that around 18, 000 men from Australia might diagnose with prostate cancer in this year 2018. In fact, the reports add further shocking statistics as about 3,500 men’s lives will be under huge thread because of the prostate cancer. In addition to the prostate cancer threat, about 3 of men who aged above 50 faces urinary problems because of the prostate enlargement, the enlargement is a non-cancerous still it’s a major health issue to notice carefully. The China’s expertise physician Dr. Song has successfully managed to treat the non-cancerous enlargement of prostate by providing effective 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment. The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    The innovative method of 3D treatment for prostatitis review reveals that the 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment offered by the Dr. Song is totally natural and not possess any side effects. Though, the enlargement of prostate among the aged men seems to be common, but still men should not negligent its seriousness. There are high chances that it might turn out to be life threatening cancer disease.

    Few of the commonly noticed symptoms of enlarged prostate

    • Unable to urinate
    • Abnormal urine disposal 
    • Problems controlling urination flow
    • Irregular flow of urine
    • Erections Problems
    • Pain/burning while urinating
    • Blood in urine and/or semen
    • Pain in lower back, hips or upper thighs

    So far, doctors prescribe 2 methods of treatment either by minimally invasive therapy or by the Surgical Treatment for treating enlarged prostate. Where the minimally invasive therapy includes 4 options and the surgical treatment involves 3 optional treatments. Although, the alternative treatments like undergoing BPH diet, removing environmental triggers are likely in practice among few, but the 3d Prostate targeted treatment reviews purely reveals as none other treatments offers successive rates as the 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment.

    Dr. Song’s 3d prostate treatment involves several steps such as identifying the core reason for the enlargement, determining the exact location, study over the lesion and finally by injecting the herbal solution which is a pure herbal extraction reduces the lesion and recovers the prostate back to normal state completely without any side effects.

    About The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    Dr. Song, the director the famous China’s The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics. Dr. Song completed his graduation in 1986 from the Medical School of University of South China. Before stepping into the research over prostatitis diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Song severed in several positions for a decade. The director of The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics Dr. Song possess vast experience in treating various and even the complex prostate diseases.

    To know more about Dr. Song and about his services in treating Urology and Prostate diseases, visit the official website of 3D Clinics

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics
    Contact Person: Miss Alisa Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18673216429 (WhatsApp)
    State: Hunan Province
    Country: China

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    RecycleInMe – Scrap Metal Dealers | Current Scrap and Metal Prices
    RIM – The leading marketplace for scrap and recyclables launched a mobile app for global HMS prices. The app is priced under 1$/month with 7 days free trial.

    Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu – July 24, 2018 – aka RIM have launched an app which provides HMS export prices from US/Europe and HMS Import rates for Turkey, Middle East & Asia. The Global HMS 1 & 2 export and import prices are updated daily with the increase and decrease compared to the previous day.

    “The HMS 1 &2 export prices are calculated from real-time shipping data, Steel Demand, Steel prices, Forward contracts, Trading data from RIM and various other sources. We also provide HMS Import, export offers worldwide to our subscribers. The app is priced at $9.9/year which is less than $1 for a month” says RIM’s scrap price manager Benny Jebaraj.

    Features of HMS price app

    – Export Import Prices of HMS 1 & 2 updated daily.
    – HMS Price Graph
    – HMS  Export, Import offers worldwide
    – 7 days FREE trial
    – First app for Global HMS export & Import prices

    “We have had several requests from our members after the successful launch of Indian price apps for HMS prices worldwide. It was a daunting task as Global HMS prices are impacted by several factors such as steel demand, climate, US$ exchange rates etc. We have worked hard for the past six months, discussing with major importers, ports and traders to obtain the right data. We have offered the app at $10/year for a limited period of time” says RIM’s manager Jenin Alex.

    The HMS price app is available for download at Google play store.

    About RIM

    RecycleinME, has been an industry leader for scrap and recyclable marketplace since 2002. RIM has recently launched free Indian scrap prices and premier Indian scrap prices. RIM connects scrap suppliers with scrap buyers. RIM also provides business verification, trust marks and help scrap traders make a better deal.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: RecycleInMe
    Contact Person: Guna Seelan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 04652 230 776
    Address:4th Floor, Advocate Dharmaraj Complex, Court Road, Near Assisi Church
    City: Nagercoil
    State: Tamil Nadu
    Country: India

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    As a window for all cryptocurrency projects to publish information, digital media has developed into a major force that can control the information of the cryptocurrency. All kinds of cryptocurrency information published by the media platform affect the trend of the cryptocurrency world. It can be said that media platform could make money fast. The launch of any project requires the power of the media. However, there are several major flaws of Blockchain content company, untraceable exposure, unguaranteed views, uneven prices and endless release schedule”.

    FFFnews is the first “0” private placement, “100%” revenue returning to the community, open and fully transparent digital content sharing platform in the world. By focusing on the Blockchain-related domain, it will be built into a digital content sharing platform that includes news publishing, news sharing, exposure, operational services, and give feedback on traffic data.

    FFF means fair, fast and future.

    With private placement, investor will get Token at a relatively lower price in the early stage of the project. The project teams may use this investment for early team construction, project development and other activities. However, after the Token is listed on the exchange, it will instantly gain high liquidity. Soon, the game of who runs fast will begin. Usually, the private investment institution who gets Tokens at a lower cost will sell first.

    There will be no private placement for FFFnews. It wishes to become a spontaneous-order community from the very beginning. Everyone gets Tokens according to their contribution to the community and it will guarantee fairness maximally.

    The total revenue from the “Posting News Mining” model and the number of Tokens generated by mining will be always announced in the community. According to the revenue distribution mechanism “Revenue / liquid FFF * holding FFF”, all revenue will be distributed to FFF holders on a daily basis. The real benefit belongs to the community!

    Today, there are content flood everywhere. But FFF news provides simple, intuitional and focused contents to all community users.

    FFFnews believes that there are three eras in the Internet. The internet 1.0 is free. The internet 2.0 is compensation. And the internet 3.0 will be contribution mining model which the revenue will be distributed to contributors.

    Official website:

    White paper:

    “Posting News Mining” model! Come to FFFnews and join us to the Internet 3.0!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FFFnews
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    In the era of big data, the internet brings great convenience to users, however, this comes at a cost. For example, user identity information and browsing history are leaked. Due to the costs of Internet user data replication is low, replication is indistinguishable, and there are no unique and explicit ownership constraints. In the process of sharing the data, there is the risk of being copied, retained and resold by a third party or data buyer. You must receive many sales calls that know all the information about you. But you will never know who reveals your privacy.

    The advertising giants led by FB, Google, Apple, and Twitter would only make Internet data more and more centralized, and users’ data would be further exploited, and user rights could not be guaranteed. Users have lost control of data and privacy protection, and they have no access to dividends after data is used by the platform for profit. It is a necessity to solve the problem that how to make a balance between protecting user’s privacy as well as rights and enjoying the convenience of the platform.

    To solve this problem, DAD proposes its own solution. Dad is a decentralized advertising chain committed to bringing data ownership back to the masses, making users become the master of their data, and get profit after platform used the data, that is, users can get the Token rewards by clicking the advertisement.

    Since 2013, DAD has built its own advertising system and has more than 150 million users worldwide, has more than 1.5 billion ad impressions per day. Currently, DAD has a perfect advertising ecosystem. With years of accumulation and an outstanding team, DAD has attracted the support of quality investment institutions such as ONT, NEO and Danhua Capital. It collaborates with the world’s largest Airdrop platform Gift.One; HLC; DACC; Digital Asset Management Platform BCV; blockchain media Coinspeaker, Nullxx and CoinCodex etc. Now DAD is actively preparing for listing on the global top3 exchange.

    In order to build a better blockchain advertising ecosystem, DAD now specially launched the “Spark Plan” on July 16, which released 10 million DAD candies to motivate early community users. It became popular on social media immediately, just in a few hours, the number of registered people reached 10,000. DAD “Spark Plan” occupied the hot topics in major communities. In “Spark Plan”, registration and invitation equivalents to mining, candies will be divided according to the number of people in each day.

    It is DAD’s first step in a long-term goal. With the development of the DAD advertising chain, they will use professional technology and team, rich advertising marketing experience to cooperate with more high-quality project parties and investment institutions. Promoting the ecological construction of DAD and the rapid landing of Dapp jointly.

    Official Web:





    Media Contact
    Company Name: DAD
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    nbtopsed11 announces to sell cheap Christian Louboutin and cheap red bottoms at minimum 50% discounts on their web store of

    With their online sale of cheap replica red bottoms, brings stylish footwear within the affordable limits of women customers around the world. These red bottoms are highly fashionable and can be perfect for wearing on different occasions. Designed elegantly, these red bottoms can be paired with modern women dresses, and a woman will find them comfortable to wear and walk in style. Made from the suede material, these red bottoms are with different heel heights for a woman to choose from.

    Born in Paris in 1963, red bottoms are popular footwear for gorgeous women around the world. Available at a discount of 50% and more, women can now purchase cheap red bottoms from for their style enhancement. The online store has a remarkable collection of high heels that are an appropriate resemblance of the French shoemaking. These replicas are designed carefully to include the elements, originally invented by the French shoe designer in 1963. These shoes offer a comfortable feet feeling to a wearer. According to the spokesperson of the web store, they have red bottoms in a variety of styles. There are high heel red shoes with ankle straps and side buckle closures that look stunning on every foot.


    Christian Louboutin shoes are often considered for their exceptional style statement, and are highly popular among women customers of the modern era. The online store is a leading seller of cheap Christian Louboutin. Women customers can choose from an exclusive collection of Christian Louboutin shoes, available at discount prices. The spokesperson states that they have a significant stock of CL shoes and women can find the best pair of shoes that can match their personal style. The web store also claims to offer cheap replica shoes in different sizes, allowing a woman to pick the best fitting shoes. These shoes are also available in a wide range of colors, and a woman can choose a matching pair of shoes to complement her dressing.

    By offering discount Christian Louboutin, allows every woman to stride in style, without bothering about their wallet size. The web store has an amazing collection of Christian Louboutin shoes, which includes CL Milady Peep Toe Pumps, CL Milady Ballerinas, CL Mignon Sandals and other items. Besides these new additions, women can also choose from comfortable Japonaise Loafers and other types of shoes. A woman can also choose a 120mm high heel that is comfortable to wear, and also very attractive and stylish in looks.

    The spokesperson states that they are going to offer price discounts on shoes till the stock lasts. Moreover, they will keep adding new shoes for women from time to time. To check the latest collection of women replica shoes and take advantage of the price discount, one can visit the website

    About nbtopsed11

    The online store of nbtopsed11offers cheap christian louboutin shoes, boots, sandals, replica red bottoms and other types of women’s shoes at cheap prices. The online outlet offers Free Shipping on all Shoes to Worldwide customers. They offer high quality Louboutin Fake Shoes, So Kate Classic Series, Pumps etc on sale price.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nbtopsed11
    Contact Person: Paul Kent
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13666921126
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Internet of People (IoP) is a digital cooperative using blockchain and revolutionary peer-to-peer technology to help everyone connect and do business free from censorship or obstruction and without compromising their digital privacy.

    The modern Internet has transformed all our lives, but rapid advancement has come with huge costs. “Move fast and break things” has been the driving motto of online tech development over the past decade.

    Well, now things are broken.

    We’re on the brink of a data crisis. Companies harvest far more data than they need, store it insecurely, and then regularly sell and misuse it. Over-reaching governments force companies to hand over users’ private information. Data breaches are a daily occurrence. And once your data and identity are out in the wild, there’s no way to reclaim them.

    Today’s centralized model runs contrary to the original idea behind the Internet. It pretends to connect us but actually locks users away behind numerous barriers. The only way through is to pay, either with money or with data. And when things go wrong, it’s the users who suffer while companies keep the profits.

    Crypto was supposed to be the answer: eliminate the greedy middlemen and restore power to the users. But if anything the problem is worse: the lure of the ICO funding model has trumped the values which crypto was built on. Now projects pay lip service to decentralization while hiring old-world PR agencies, lawyers and “advisors” who do nothing but look good to whale investors only interested in making a quick profit.

    But IoP is doing decentralization right: freedom, privacy and commitment to decentralization inform every part of our project, from the software we create to the way our organization is structured. We want to bring crypto to everyone, so we’re building technology people actually need and providing educational resources to help them understand crypto and its benefits. We’re collaborating with major universities to streamline their processes and add blockchain and crypto to the curriculum (and not just computing – crypto will be relevant to almost every modern discipline).

    We’re just putting the finishing touches to our alpha version of Mercury, a communications protocol and dApps platform that punches through all the modern corporate and government barriers to connect users in true peer-to-peer fashion. dApps on Mercury can provide all the services modern centralized companies provide, but users retain complete control over their data. Companies only get the data they need to provide their services, private data is encrypted while public data is signed and stored across a decentralized network maintained by peers, and wherever possible data never even leaves your device.

    Our cryptocurrency, IOP, powers our own blockchain, which has been running stably for years. We currently run a slightly modified proof-of-work consensus which uses whitelisted addresses to avoid the ASIC trap and ensure all our global members get a chance to mine. This year we’re presenting a brand-new consensus mechanism based on directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), byzantine fault tolerance and virtual voting to make things even more fair and efficient.

    We’ve never needed an ICO, so IOP is only held by people who actively support our project’s values. We’re still growing, but every step brings us closer to creating a properly decentralized economy. People are paid in IOP, trade in IOP and Mercury dApps will be powered by IOP.

    IoP is a digital cooperative, a decentralized global organizational structure designed to keep the efficient parts of corporate structure without the centralization. We have members from almost 40 countries and we’re always looking for more. Why not join us and help make the crypto dream a reality?

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Internet of People
    Contact Person: JANE SMITH
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    XMEDChain will begin to add vaccination to offline medical services by next month, and users can use XMC Token (XMCT) to pay for vaccination.


    XMEDChain is a pioneer in the cross-border medical blockchain. Based on blockchain and AI technology, the link source prevents tampering, ensures information real, one-click creation, sharing, and experience. The individual “medical record + experience” is immediately connected to the world. The aims of XMEDChain is to find out the objective, accurate and multi-dimensional global medical advice for users, to solve the pain points in the safety, reassurance and trustworthiness of today’s medical care.

    XMEDChain parent company has three years of experience in cross-border vaccination. XMEDChain will begin to add vaccination to offline medical services, and the reserved vaccine was given priority to users who used the XMC Token (XMCT).

    XMEDChain will continue to work hard to keep in mind the mission and bring more services to hundreds of millions of users and markets around the world. XMEDChain has the responsibility and ability to let each user enjoy the value that medical blockchain brings to our healthy life.


    To know more About XMC:

    Youtube video:






    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: XMED Chain
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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    An online loan portal is helping people to seek loans without spending hours searching different platforms. provides a one-stop shop for car loans, home loans, personal loans, mortgage loans, credit cards, Insurance, and business loans.

    An online loan application service is helping people find finance without spending hours searching for different products and services. works with India’s top Banking and NBFCs to help people looking for a loan to achieve a positive financial outcome.

    The one-stop India loan application platform has become one of the most recommended and successful in helping to achieve finance for those that need it for home loans in Hyderabad India, car loans, and other types of loans.

    Unlike other loan application platforms where they are limited to one or a small number of lenders, work with multiple lending agencies. With having one of the biggest lending partners available it means those using the service have a much higher loan acceptance rate. It’s not just about providing a higher loan acceptance rate, it’s also about those looking for a loan getting the financial help at the best rate possible. can help people find car loans in Hyderabad, India, home loans in Hyderabad India, personal loans in Hyderabad, India, mortgage loans, credit cards, Insurance, and business loans in Hyderabad, India. The company has become so successful in helping people to find a loan at the rate they require last year they achieve a 120 Crores turnover. However, with their increasing customer base and their reputation expanding, the company expects to achieve a 250 Crores turnover this financial year.

    A spokesman for said: “We aim to help our customers to achieve a positive loan outcome. Unlike other loan platforms we don’t just work with one lender, we work with some of the best lenders available. Our service is the best way to obtain a loan at the best rate possible.”

    Applying for a loan has been simplified by the loan application platform. The loan application can be filled in within minutes and unlike other lending platforms, if the loan is not successful then it will be passed onto another lender. This means those that use don’t have to visit different lending platforms to keep filling out forms to achieve a loan.

    To learn more about the India one-stop shop loan application service, and to achieve a positive loan outcome, please visit

    About Loanonmind

    Loanonmind was established in 2018 with the sole aim of providing focused and transparent financial solutions to help people realize their dreams. 
We strive hard to make it happen.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Loanonmind
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 999 555 99 55
    Country: India

    0 0 Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of LED lights. Being in business for many years, it has covered most of the market with their high quality products. is one of the leading companies in LED lights. It is getting popular all over the country due to its quality work. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. The conventional lighting bulbs have various materials like mercury, which is dangerous to environment. The Super lighting company manufactures outdoor waterproof LED lighting that is eco-friendly and convenient to use. Optoelectronics Introduces Eco-friendly Waterproof LED Lighting For Using In Different Industries

    Outdoor lighting is important and crucial to safety. Most of the outdoor lights are yellow, dull, and sometimes noisy with their humming noise. LED lights are the better option to avoid noise and give the required brightness during night time. These lights are brighter than the traditional street lamps, which helps to illuminate streets and parking lots as well as sidewalks. Depending on the usage, they have the capability to last up to 50,000 hours, which is approximately 25 years. They are known as energy savers as they provide more lumens per watt. This means they shine brighter as compared to the incandescent by using led amount of energy.

    LED lights are toxic free and are 100% recyclable, which helps in reducing the carbon footprints. They save material and production of 25 incandescent bulbs. This is surely going to be a great move towards saving the Mother Earth. The super lighting manufacturers produce durable lights that are designed with sturdy components, which can withstand in the extreme climatic conditions. These lights are designed to shock resistant, hence the vibrations and other external impact does not harm their system even in rough condition of extreme weather, rain, and wind or during any traffic related exposure and manufacturing and construction sites.

    LED light produces fewer amounts of lights, which is close to no UV emissions. Due to this, these lights are suitable for goods and materials that are highly sensitive to heat as well as for the sensitive objects in art galleries, archaeological sites, and in museums. LED lights are flexible and so can be easily combined in shape in order to produce efficient illumination. LED lighting system is also used in led neon rope light that is used to decorate home and is also used in malls. The individual LED lights can be easily dimmed, thus making it easy to control the color, light, and its distribution. A perfectly designed system can give great lighting effects that can bring peace to your eye and change your mood and mind. These mood illumination lights are widely used in classrooms, airplanes, and in airports.

    24VDC RGB LED Neon Flex Lights

    Led Neon flex also uses LED lights, which makes the flex attractive and catchy. The LED outdoor lights are operational in cold as well as low outdoor temperatures. Thus it is mostly used in outdoors. Due to its advantages it is getting popular all over the world and is in great demand.

    About guarantees on LED lights and give 24 months warranty on any quality related problem. It uses the best components for lighting and works together with factories that are CE and ROHS approved.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Superlightingled Optoelectronics (ASIA) Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jimmy
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13410161367
    Country: HongKong

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    HPB (High Performance Blockchain) has officially become a global member of the SME Finance Forum in the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group…

    HPB (High Performance Blockchain) has officially become a global member of the SME Finance Forum in the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group.

    The World Bank Group is divided into five separate branches:the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world, and reduces poverty and support development.

    IFC, a sister organization of the World Bank and member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. The SME Finance Forum, of which IFC takes charge, works to expand access to finance for small and medium businesses. The Forum operates a global membership network that brings together financial institutions, technology companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation, and promote the growth of SMEs.

    HPB is a high performance permissionless public blockchain based on hardware acceleration the BOE Acceleration Engine chip drive. It is a new blockchain architecture, positioned as an easy-to-use, high-performance blockchain platform. It aims to extend the performance of distributed applications to meet real-world business needs, like gaming, social networking supply chain finance, authorization and certification traceability etc. HPB has established strategic cooperative partnerships with customers from finance and data industries and is in the process of implementing the applications.

    The core team of HPB boasts over 10 years’ experience in financial data, blockchain and other fields. The founder&CEO of HPB, Wang Xiaoming, is an early adopter of blockchain technology. He has aided in the establishment of the big data team of UnionPay and previously served as the former CTO of Beltal. The other core members of HPB have previous work experience in Huawei, IBM, McKinsey, UnionPay, Deloitte etc.

    With its strong technology and industry impact, HPB has been rewarded with many technological and industrial awards both domestic and overseas. In March 2018, HPB attended the “The 4th Annual Conference on Blockchain and Finance Technology China”, organized by the professional B2B financial media where they were awarded with the “2017 Annual Financial Technology Award” alongside “The Most Potential Blockchain infrastructure” award. In June 2018, the Hurun Reasearch Institute released the Hurun Blockchain Companies List 2018. HPB was honored with the award of the top 50 innovative enterprises.

    As HPB joins IFC’s SME Finance Forum, it will strive to explore the application of blockchain technology in the finance area, uncover opportunities in blockchain technology and promote the industry to the next level with technological innovation.

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    The Global Blockchain Exploration Institute was founded by a number of blockchain technology research experts around the world. One of the founders, W Dai, was the first to propose a peer-to-peer electronic cash mechanism, and his thesis was inspired by the idea of creating a bitcoin. In the industry is known as “Big Emperor.” Barry Si, Honorary Chairman of the Global Blockchain Exploration Institute, founded Bitcon Opportunity Corp in 2012 to invest in angels in blockchain startups, making a significant contribution to a number of startups. Now we are seeing the turbulent growth of the blockchain industry. We have established the Global Blockchain Exploration Institute. The blockchain aims to explore the top technologies and industry specific applications in the global blockchain field, and is committed to the industry of blockchain technology. The transformation of results and international cooperation to explore the commercial value of the discovery of blockchain technology.

    The Research Institute is based in Asia and serves the whole world. Focusing on the exploration and research of the blockchain industry, the Global Blockchain Summit will focus on opening up communication channels with the global blockchain field, with the simultaneous development of technical support and technology services. Gathering innovative resources, fostering the development of blockchain industry applications, supporting global industrial transformation and upgrading, and supporting the development of the global digital economy.

    Exploring the Institute’s responsibility for independent innovation, leading the development of blockchain technology, and serving the “digital global” construction will play an important role in the development of the global blockchain industry, and will become the leading center for the global R&D and transformation of blockchain industry technology. Strategic high ground.

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    For new users who have not use a robot vacuum cleaner, it is very  difficult to choose the best and most suitable robot vacuum cleaner. Which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is good? I can not explain very clearly in a short time. Even if you refer to a lot of information and look at the robot vacuum cleaner leaderboard, it is still difficult to make a decision. Some people believe in the power of the brand and they will buy everything of the best brand no matter what. Some people believe in the online user ratings so they repeatedly view the effective comments in the comment area. Some people follow the crowd and they think other people will not buy bad-quality things so they will buy the best selling products. All the above mentalities are reasonable but they are all not comprehensive. The really good robot vacuum cleaners should not only possess advanced technology and strong brand support, but also more importantly they should have good user experience. At least those robot vacuum cleaners that have established a good image in the hearts of consumers will not be too bad. Let’s take a look at the top ten best reputation robot vacuum cleaners.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top1: German Liectroux B6009

    German Liectroux B6009

    Liectroux is not a popular brand, and its reputation at home and abroad is not high. It is not as familiar to people like Xiaomi, Dyson and Ecovacs but its market share of robot vacuum cleaner retail channel reaches 34.8%, which is a big fish in the robot vacuum cleaner market. Liectroux is a company that specializes in intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. (You can view the website: or And due to its concentration, it can best grasp the users’ heart and feelings. Its Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner is known for its intelligence. Planar memory technology can smoothly plan the sweeping route and allow people to truly experience the convenience and comfort brought by artificial intelligence. In addition with its excellent performance in cleaning ability, it experiences high reputation among the consumers. And it has become one of the most beloved products in the New Year appliance market in 2018.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 2: Xiaomi Second generation

    Xiaomi second generation is the king of cost performance. There are other good products compared with Xiaomi, but in the price range of 2000rmb-3000rmb, the cost performance of Xiaomi second generation has almost no opponent! The products that have better performance than it are more expensive than it; the products that are cheaper than it are more stupid than it. Regardless of its intelligence or its cleaning ability, Xiaomi second generation robot vacuum cleaners are the best in its equally positioned products. Its only shortcoming may be its ability to climb and overcome obstacles such as blankets.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 3: Irobot 980

    Irobot is an excellent representative of robotics and its wet and dry wiping technology is very effective for cleaning dust and sticking objects. Wet wiping and then dry wiping and then wet wiping again. Say goodbye to the ground cleaning work and easily achieve spotless floor. Irobot can handle its hair cleaning ability and the probability of failure very well but its high price makes many families feel powerless and can’t make the purchase.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 4: Dyson 360Eye

    Dyson 360Eye

    Dyson robot vacuum cleaner is the magical machine of Jingdong 6.18 and it remains the highest sales. Though its price is high but still a lot of people are scramble for it. A large part of the reason is due to Dyson’s brand effect. Dyson’s robot vacuum cleaner is very fashionable. People can feel bursting technology sense when they see it at first glance. Coupled with excellent cleaning performance, Dyson has a very important position in the minds of consumers. However, the robot has high requirements for environment. It can intelligently plan the route only when the light is turned on or the room is bright. A little bit dark can make it a fool. However, Dyson’s cleaning sound is not too small, which is almost hard to distinguish with household vacuum cleaners.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 5: Ecovacs

    As a traditional strong and difficult brand in the home appliance industry, Ecovacs has undoubted strength. Its brand ability has attracted a lot of people. Whether talking about its domestic or international influence, Ecovacs is second to none. It applies technology such as supercharged flow control technology in the robot vacuum cleaner and its cleaning ability is objective. However, its level of intelligence needs to be improved. Users often have this kind of experience. The robot vacuum cleaner sweep the floor repeatedly in one place and they can’t clean in other places. At first customers want to return the product but they try to use it for several times and decide to keep it.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 6: Philips FC8832

    Philips FC8832

    Ultra-thin is the main feature of Philips robot vacuum cleaners. The thickness of 60mm body allows it to go anywhere. Four cleaning modes can be chosen. In addition with its user-friendly price, it is well loved by consumers. But the filter and side brush may often need to be changed. Its service life is not ideal.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 7: Haier HB-X300Gp

    Haier’s cleaning mode has been upgraded to a higher level. There are various intelligent cleaning modes such as automatic cleaning and edge cleaning. It has frequency conversion suction and can conduct very efficient cleaning. The zigzag cleaning mode has a good effect of sucking dust and basically leave no dead space. But if there are many obstacles around, it will faint. Its mopping mode can only be used to clean daily ash. It is necessary to manually adjust the cleaning mode to achieve a relatively good mopping effect.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 8: TOMEFON TF-d60

    TOMEFON possesses a good overall obstacle recognition ability. After multiple recognitions, it can better overcome obstacles. Although its cleaning ability is not as good as manual cleaning or vacuum cleaners but it can remove the dust and hair, which fully meets the user’s requirements. Its mopping function is just so so but it can meet people’s daily needs.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 9: Midea R1

    Midea R1

    The most important reason that Midea can enter this leaderboard is because of its price advantage. The prices of some Midea R1 series robot vacuum cleaners are even under 1000 rmb. For those who do not have high requirements for sweeping quality. This price is undoubtedly the best choice.

    The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 10: Samsung R9000

    Samsung R9000 is like a small printer, which is rare. Although it does not own a high proportion in the domestic market but its reputation is not bad.

    The best reputation robot vacuum cleaners, represented by Liectroux, demonstrates the user experience of robot vacuum cleaners among the consumers. This leaderboard does not stand at the technical level to discuss which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is more advanced and does not stand on the market share level to find out which brand of the robot vacuum cleaner is better. Reputation is more about to provide some references of purchase for consumers from the aspect of user experience. The best selling product not necessarily has the best reputation and the most niche brand is not necessarily has the worst reputation. The popularity of Liectroux may not be as well as Ecovacs but Liectroux has better reputation than Ecovacs. Regarding the aspect of reputation, German brand Liectroux is worth recommending.

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    Country: Germany

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    In a new round of technological changes, blockchain has presented itself in a leading method and is becoming one of the ecological genes of the new economy. The heyday of bitcoin has become the yesterday of the blockchain industry, and it represents blockchain 1.0 era being replaced by blockchain 2.0 and is in turn, represented by ICO. However, the red sea of ICO is almost saturated. A variety of players have entered the arena with various stories, but fewer and fewer people pay the bills, so the call for blockchain 3.0 is gradually coming to surface.

    In 2017, an Ethereum game called CryptoKitties attracted players from many virtual game worlds around the world, making the headlines of major media and websites. In the game, players can buy, sell, trade and develop new blockchain CryptoKitties in the game. The price of a CryptoKitties can go up to 100 million CNY. It drives players crazy because of the technical logic behind it, the ERC721 standard. If ERC721 were replaced by ERC20, the game would not have reached such a peak.

    ERC721 brings greater possibilities to the blockchain industry and may be more widely used than ERC20, directly driving the advent of blockchain 3.0.

    What is ERC721? How does it symbolize the advent of blockchain 3.0?

    ERC is the standard abbreviation of the Ethereum currency. Currently, there are two major agreements, ERC-20 and ERC-721. Most of the ICO project tokens issued by Ethereum adopt the ERC20 standard. ERC721 is interpreted as “Non – Fungible Tokens”, also referred to as “NFTs”. It is easy to understand as each token is unique, irreplaceable, and has its own independent token ID number. In terms of diamonds, each diamond represents an NFT and is not interchangeable with each other. Each diamond is an individual, but the two are still a different token from the same intelligent contract.

    An ERC20 token is a standard interface and the ERC20 token can be subdivided infinitely, even as far as to a factor of 10 ^ 18. However, the smallest unit of the ERC721 token is 1, which cannot be further divided. The standard token of ERC20 is replaceable, which means that all tokens are directly indistinguishable, and all tokens are the same.

    Obviously, compared with ERC20, the ERC721 standard can be developed to distinguish tokens. For example, in the popular game, the kitties in CryptoKitties are endowed with genes, and the genes of each one are different. The zero generation cats are the most valuable collectible. In some cases, a certain cat with certain attributes will also be sought after.

    This means that the ERC721 token has the collectible value. Because of this, the ERC721 standard will achieve further breakthroughs in the blockchain industry, especially in the field of cryptocurrency collection and online games with great potential.

    More and more people are keeping an eye on the ERC721 and are looking forward to its potential.

    CRT: First ERC-721 and ERC-20 standard dual currency model

    Project concept

    The core concept of CRT is to use blockchain technology to build blockchain management, including the traceability system from mining, production, and production of raw rocks to the sales of finished products, as well as management of diamond mineral investment channels through the certification of public blockchain. The system combines virtual assets with real diamond resources is committed to the fields of payment, circulation, exchange, financial investment, etc., so as to build a global diamond industry ecosystem of blockchain + diamond.

    Technology innovation

    As a pioneer, CRT recently announced that it will build a diamond investment trading platform by adopting the ERC-721 and ERC -20 standard dual currency model. The ERC -721 standard enables digital assets to become collectible, and it can also realize the unbreakable substitution of assets with unique property rights. The CRT model innovation based on ERC -20 and ERC -721 standards will give each diamond a unique value.

    Industry information

    In the traditional diamond industry, there are illegal diamonds, blood diamonds, insurance fraud, fake products and more cases like these, so it’s always important to trace diamonds back to where they came from. Regardless of how many people have tried so hard to figure out how to track diamonds, they never really addressed the pain points of the industry. Until the rise of blockchain technology, the traditional diamond industry seemed to find a consensus of order and  chaos.

    Solving the pain points

    CRT’s current official annoucement is that it will build a C2C platform for diamond trading through blockchain tracing technology and anti-counterfeiting technology. The problem with the diamond industry right now is that the diamond trade is almost pure B2C, and there is no direct supervision of the expertise of a third-party agency, and it cannot do more to shape the diamond’s value in diamond lending, custodial duties, repairs, and diamond delivery services. The blockchain technology is used to ensure that the diamond certification and identification are accurate enough and are not easily tampered with. The nodes will record the whole process of diamond extraction, production, and finished products. It develops a comprehensive diamond service system by increasing product value. It introduces a third party to ensure the authenticity of merchants’ products and introduce credit data to ensure that users have sufficient purchasing power. Until that time, the platform will build a complete integrity mechanism, realize the identity authentication and authorization of both parties, guarantee the untamable transaction data, and provide safe and reliable point-to-point diamond investment trading service.

    Investment information

    According to official news, the company has received tens of millions of Chinese Yuan in investments from Tianjin Venture Capital, super ecology alliance and other institutions. Tianjin Venture Capital has strategic cooperation agreements with Node Capital and the Huobi Group of the UK region. The super ecology alliance has teamed up with 13 Asian investment banking and other capital institutes to carry out strategic investment. The two powerful investors invested in CRT precisely to see the natural fit between the blockchain and the diamond industry and the concept of constant diamond reserves in this project.

    Constant diamond reserves, the release of the token to the diamond reserves is 1:1

    The valuation of a single diamond product is affected by factors of its original quality and processing, each of which makes an essential difference in its valuation. If there is a medium that can represent the value of the whole diamond category, the circulation of diamonds and their financial value will reach unprecedented popularity and height. That’s exactly what the CRT does. Using digital tokens to value diamonds.

    CRT bases itself on each individual diamond, which has the attributes of diamonds and object values. CRT has a physical price from the start, effectively preventing the dilution of investors’ wealth due to economic factors such as inflation. The more miners excavate, the smaller the reserves will be and the CRT will only increase over time. According to the idea that the amount of solid diamond reserves to the token is 1:1, it is one of the major reasons why the CRT project has received much attention in the industry.

    Through asset alignment, CRT will make asset digitization, transaction encryption, contract intelligence, data blockchain, link synchronization into a reality, and the same will be done for complete industrial chains from investment development to the finished product transaction.

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    TVC Mall, an online store recognized for cooking up utile and cost-effective consumer electronics products, recently rolled out China LED bulbs for modern homes and offices.

    TVC Mall, an online store which has its offices in China and the US, recently launched a series of China LED bulbs at a trade show held in Hong Kong. The lightweight and cost-effective bulbs are custom-designed for modern homes and workspaces, the owners of TVC Mall claimed at the post-launch press conference. They added that retailers can order in bulk to avail special discounts and individual buyers can place their orders using their ecommerce shopping cart.

    The new LED lamps, produced by several China-based manufacturers, are now available at special introductory prices on the website of TVC Mall.

    “Chinese manufacturers who are affiliated to us pay special emphasis on the flicker, glare as well as stroboscopic effects. They take into consideration several other factors such as the photo-biological safety, tune-ability, dimming, color rendering as well as noise. Although there is still no global standard to define eye comfort, our manufacturers put special emphasis on this factor. Besides, these LED lights are specially designed for modern homes and workplaces. These opticolor LED lights can transform any space into a blush-toned wonderland”, claimed a sales and marketing executive of the consumer electronics store.

    Aside from the LED bulbs, the company has also recently launched a wide array of Smartphone accessories. From Apple accessories to OnePlus cases, the online store has it all. The sales and marketing executive who was talking to the press on the sidelines of the trade show informed that the company has plans to launch a series of smart electronics in the days to come.

    “Wearable tech is the order of the day and we are looking forward to launching a series of wearable gadgets in the days to come. TVC Mall won’t just confine itself within the Smartphone market segment or the LED lighting segment for that matter. We will diversify our product range”, he stated.

    The CEO and managing director of TVC Mall said that the aim of the company is to be among the top ten global providers of consumer electronics. “We are relentlessly trying to be at the top of the market segment for consumer electronics and we hope that the collaborative effort from all the manufacturers, OEM suppliers and key stakeholders of our company would culminate into a bright future for brand TVC Mall”, he told the press.

    About the Company

    TVC Mall is a China-based online store selling consumer electronics.

    To know more, visit

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    Phone: +86-755-28416521 Ext.8033
    Country: China

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    ICHEON was born in South Korea. With the aim of pursuing skin balance and health, we have gathered the top biological experts, skin experts, cosmeticians and other experts in China, Japan and South Korea, and joined hands with the cutting-edge skin care experimental center so as to continuously offer the beauty and skin care products of medical cosmetology level to the industry.

    ICHEON, A Popular Skin Care Brand In Asia, Is About To Land In The United States

    Innovative sciences and technologies create new concept of skin care

    The balance between heaven and earth is beauty, while the beauty of skin is also in balance.  Maintaining skin balance is the most beautiful and healthy state. ICHEON has set the goal of pursuing skin balance and health for a long time. In addition, we pay attention to the cell structure and physiological balance of the skin, break the traditional single thinking, open up the new concept of skin care, and restart the healthy state of skin.

    Four principles shape the new benchmark of the industry

    ICHEON series products are complete in type, covering skin care types such as “cleaning, nursing and repairing” etc. Safety is the core advantage of ICHEON products. With five production principles, ICHEON reshapes the benchmark of the industry.

    Sterile production

    According to the production standards of medical devices, the products are low sensitive and sterile, and are suitable for all types ( normal skin, sensitive skin, and the skin after medical cosmetology ).

    Raw material selection

    The safety and effectiveness of materials and ingredients have been clinically verified so as to ensure the safety and efficiency of the products.

    Simple formula

    Our formula is simple and highly professional, thus ensuring a certain rehabilitation auxiliary effect on skin diseases.

    Reliable traceability

    The sources of products are strictly monitored and the old industry standards are broken through, so as to ensure the complete traceability of each product component.

    ICHEON, A Popular Skin Care Brand In Asia, Is About To Land In The United States

    ICHEON medical facial mask has favored by millions of women

    With the continuous development of society, people’s concept of skin care is also constantly changing. Daily skin care products with high price are no longer the first choice for people, but the healthy and efficient medical skin care products sweep across the market. It is precisely seeing such market demand that makes ICHEON adhere to the brand concept of quality first. In 2018, ICHEON effectively combined medical concepts with biotechnology, and thus generating the ICHEON medical facial mask. With the quality of “safe, professional, and efficient”, ICHEON medical facial mask has been renowned in the Asian skin care market once it was on the market. And it has been listed on various fashionable beauty makeup platforms, such as the Little Red Book, a well-known platform for beauty industry in China, on which several beauty makeup bloggers have strongly recommended the ICHEON medical facial mask.

    ICHEON, A Popular Skin Care Brand In Asia, Is About To Land In The United States

    Maintain your beauty forever!

    In this global battle of beauty, ICHEON will greet every beauty lover with the most devout attitude, protect every beauty lover with the most loyal faith, and lead every beauty lover with the most powerful force.

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    China is still a fastener workshop in the world. Most of Chinese fastener manufacturers produce competitive products with competitive price and supply best service to fastener peers in the world.

    China Fastener Industry Association is on behalf of the voice in china fastener industry and builds up International Fastener Show China to show what Chinese manufacturers produce and what kind of fastener technology they have. Some branded fastener companies show their products and new technology during the exhibition.

    International Fastener Show China, Asia’s largest and the world’s most professional show in fastener industry .By the end of June, 2018, the attracted number of exhibitors has exceeded our expectation, among which was booked more than 1, 500 standard booths and the number of pre-register reached more than 9, 000.

    It is believed that IFS China will be built as one of the up-most and largest fastener exhibitions under China Fastener Industry Association to welcome the global peers. It shall be a honor for us to meet friends at IFS China 2018 in Shanghai.

    Basic Information about International Fastener Show China:

    Scale:nearly 34, 000 m²

    Exhibitors:More than 700

    Standard Booths:1700

    Exhibiting Countries: More than 40

    Visitors:estimated 25, 000

    Official Web:

    Hosted by:

    China General Machine Components Industry Association

    China Fastener Industry Association

    Deutsche Messe

    Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Implemented by:

    Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.

    Scope of Exhibits:

    Hall 2 Machinery, Fastener materials, Molds and consumption goods:

    Fastener manufacturing machinery

    Auxiliary equipment

    Inspection equipment / Measuring devices

    Installation / Measurement and maintenance

    Molds / Consumption goods

    Fastener technology / Services

    Hall 3 Fasteners:

    Standard fasteners

    Non- standard fasteners

    Aerospace fasteners / Military fastener

    Construction fasteners

    Other related fasteners and parts

    Concurrent Events:

    The Five Regions Fastener Association Conference 2018

    European & American Fastener Industries Collaboration Exchange Conference 2018

    The 31st National Fastener Economy Trade & Technology Symposium

    There is part of exhibitor list below: 700+ fastener show exhibitor list

    Part of mainstream overseas machinery exhibitors: Hyodong Machine, Nedschroef, Carlo Salvi, ASAHI SUNAC CORPORATION, CPM GmbH, Wafios Umformtechnik GmbH, Aerospace, SACMA, Sakamura, National Machinery LLC, Japan Hardware, NAKASHIMADA RONDERSON, Videx, Hawers.

    Part of main stream national and Taiwan branded exhibitors: NingBo Sijin, Shanghai Chun Zu, Foshan City Meugs, Qiantong Instrument, Jern Yao, Yuyao Zhenda Jingong, SHANGHAI BIAU LI,  Wuxi Zhengyao, FOSHAN NANHAI YUHAI, Jiancai Machinery, Dongguan Hesheng, CHANG YAN, TZE PING PRECISION, Jagular Industry Ltd., Shenzhen City in the Just, JIASHAN MDS ENGINEERING, Suzhou Shangge, Kent Stud Welding.

    Exhibitors of Bolt Company: Prime, Jingding Fasteners, Zhejiang Zhapu, Jinan Star, Lengshuijiang Tianbao;

    Exhibitors of auto parts Company: Zhejiang Mingtai, ShangBiao Group, Fawer Automotive Parts, Zhejiang Ansheng, QunZhan Precision fasteners;

    Exhibitors of Nut Company: Haiyan Yuxing, Changshu Standard Parts, Wenzhou Jinsheng, Shanghai Nanshi, Jiangsu Xinchangjiang;

    Exhibitors of Sets of high strength bolt/nut: Kunshan Xinbang, Hebei Jinan, Ningbo Huazhi, Beijing JInzhaobo, Shanghai High strength;

    Exhibitors of Rivets & Self-Clinching: Shanghai SRC, Jingjiang Hengfeng, Wenzhou Ruizhan, Ningbo Koking, Foshan Sailuk, Shanghai Chengtai;

    Exhibitors of Anchor Company: Eagle, Yuyao Xintai, Anchor, NINGBO ANKER;

    Stainless steel fastener: Jiangsu Yagu, Tong Ming, Shanghai Yaluo, Ruian Sanhe, Dongguan Jucheng;

    Exhibitors of Screws Company: Boite, Wenzhou Youwei, Hisener, Dongguan Dmscrew;

    Exhibitors of Washer Company: Pinghu Kangyuan, Zhejiang Rising, Yangzhou Polysplendid;

    Exhibitors of Clamp and Pin Company: Jiangxi Kaixu, Inovan, Ningbo Dongbo……

    Exhibitors of Thread rods & studs:  Zhongsheng, Ningbo Henghui, Lixin Fasteners;

    Part of mainstream inspection equipment exhibitors: Accuvision Technology Inc., Shanghai Yuezhan, Shanghai Jing Cheng, Knightech International Pte Ltd., Marposs(Shanghai), 3 View, CHING CHAN OPTICAL.

    Part of mainstream heat treatment machinery exhibitors: SAN YUNG ELECTRIC HEA, TAINAN CHIN CHANG, Jiaxing Jinchi, Suzhou Xinling, CANAAN ELECTRO-THERMO, Zhe Jiang Changxing Zhengda, SUMON Industrial (Jia Shan) Co., Ltd.

    Part of mainstream packaging machinery exhibitors: Shanghai Feiyu Automatic, WENZHOU WORKERS AUTOMATIC, Wenzhou Senman, Vanwell, Hangzhou Zhongheng

    Part of mainstream mold, consumables and surface treatment exhibitors: Shenzhen city in the Just, Donglong, Taicang Minghao, MKU Chemical Trade (Suzhou), SPS (CHINA) CO., LTD., TAIHO TOOL, NingBo YiShan, Dongguan kaiyichen, SHAN XI JINJIN, TAIYA RDP MOULD JIAXING CO., LTD.

    Part of mainstream material exhibitors: Tenglong Stainless Steel Products Group, Baosteel, Maanshan Iron And Steel Co., Ltd., ANSTEEL GROUP CORPORATION


    For more exhibitor information, please click, Thank you!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Iris Chen
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    Phone: +86 15918789802
    Country: China

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    In the past two years, the word “block chain” has shown its unique charm in the Internet industry, and has sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. The block chain trading platform is trying to seize the opportunity in every industry.

    In the tide of block chain subversion of traditional industry, the USELINK will be the bottom of the block chain trading platform, which is a safe, robust, solid, efficient and diversified underlying basic chain.


    It breaks through the obstacles of science and technology. What kind of technological revolution will USELINK bring?

    In the process of Internet development,  we find that only the underlying operating system has developed can we have the subsequent application. Therefore, for the whole block chain the development can be summarized as: bottom chain > solution > project application.

    The underlying basic chain is equivalent to the block chain operating system, and the solution and application in all walks of life needs to be based on the underlying basic technology chain, considering the performance of the underlying basic technology chain or the service provided for business applications.

    That is to say, only when the operation of the underlying chain becomes steady, efficient and solid, can the commercial application of the block chain be effectively developed and implemented. As the bottom of the block chain trading platform, USELINK has completed a new technological revolution, which brings more opportunities for global economic development and the future of business.


    The USELINK has a set of cross – chain trading processes. Using a pioneering multiple account structure, a strong function such as consensus trading, asset storage, contract verification, and other powerful functions, and the uniqueness of its account, any transfer operation on the UL chain can be carried out by the username.

    The UL has huge ecological functions and will be a very successful public block chain platform. Based on the design principles of UL, it is committed to building a public chain system with a new concept based on value scale.

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