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    Uranus Meetup Singapore station was successfully held yesterday (September 20th) at Republic Plaza in Singapore.


    During the meetup, James Jiang, founder of Uranus gave a speech on the theme of uber or airbnb in the ubiquitous computing market, officially launching the conference.

    He claimed, Uranus could empower the redundant computing power of the world by providing ubiquitous and shared-computing services beyond centralized public clouds (i.e. Amazon, Microsoft, Ali) with blockchain technology. Reconstructing the landscape of the global computing-power service market and utilizing containers to integrate various applications on a distributed-computing platform, building a new ecosystem based on a public blockchain.

    Then Kevin Wang, chief Marketing of Uranus gave a speech about ecosystem development of Uranus. He introduced categories of ecosystem participants, developer’s reward, how to get the computing resource contributors and application developer. After that, Kevin introduced operation model flowchat and how to be Uranus Token Holder with the case.

    It is understood that Uranus is a ubiquitous sharing platform that aims to be the airbnb and uber for computing resources, enabling computing-power services beyond the conventional public clouds. By interconnecting countless computing resource contributors and users, the Uranus project empower redundant resources in the world.

    Establishing an expandable public blockchain and an innovative distributed-container technology that provides efficient, cost-effective and decentralized computing services for all users.

    The Uranus system is a decentralized-computing, power-sharing platform based on blockchain technology and cloud native/microservice. It establishes a new intelligent computing-power resource-delivery system as well as value-exchange system. The core technology of the Uranus system lies in the extension of its public blockchain and the distributed-container technology.

    The Uranus project will be a benefit-sharing community and ecosystem formed by hundreds of thousands of computing-power contributors/users, application developers/users, etc. Due to the distributed computing-power architecture of the Uranus platform, it can be used for general-purpose, large-scale, distributed-computing tasks and weather data analysis, and a myriad of applications based on edge computing, such as voting, search, IoT-node management, games and advertising promotions. Functioning as a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), it also provides one-click deployment and application supermarkets for other nodes on the chain, thereby forming an ecosystem in which the aforementioned participants share resources, from which they can pick out only what they need and still achieve common development.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Uranus
    Contact Person: Amber
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    Country: Singapore

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    Sep 25, 2018 – Singapore – Technology start-up company AlphaWallet released the first report of FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia block chain tickets experiment plan after the event final.This is the world’s first global top sporting event ticket to use blockchain technology and one of the few blockchain based projects that is handling a real world legitimate use case.

    This report is writen by AlphaWallet and Shankai, the two companies cooperated on the event using powerful blockchain technology. The tickets were issued on the ethereum blockchain using ERC875, a unique token standard to handle real world use cases. Upon completion of the experiment, AlphaWallet and Shankai now release the results with industry partners, with the longer term vision to use blockchain technology to create a more regulated, free flowing and well rounded ticketing market.

    ERC875 helps mitigate this by requiring only the buyer to have to have ether in a trade and it allows each token to encode complex data about what the token is supposed to represent. This allows the user to understand important details about the tokens they have. The first use case our wallet will be handling is ticketing and for a limited amount of time anyone around the world will be allowed to buy and sell ERC875 World Cup tickets securely without having to worry about fraud.

    The primary market refers to the market consisting of officially authorized channels under the supervision of the event organizer, such as the organizer’s own official sales website,, Yongle Ticket and other officially authorized ticketing platforms and sales organizations.

    The secondary market refers to the market consisting of sales channels that are not officially authorized by the organizer, including individuals, professional ticket sellers, and P2P market platforms.Both buyers and sellers have a love-hate relationship with the secondary market. For most popular events, the secondary market is much larger than the primary market, regardless of the price or amount of tickets available. AlphaWallet block chain technology and ERC875 helps much on the “free market under control”, If you want to learn more about the experiment, please get the report or contact directly on

    Download the report from this link:


    AlphaWallet (Stormbird Pte. Ltd.) is a blockchain startup focused on Layer 2, Offchain blockchain protocol development and consumer terminal application platform development to Improve the usability, performance and privacy of blockchain. The AlphaWallet App is an Ethereum smart contract tool and a protocol runtime platform for the average consumer. ERC 875 is a non-fungible token standard for business cases. Developers and businesses can easily use ERC 875 token to refer to People, Things, Objects and Rights in the physical or digital world, and achieve efficient atomic transaction.


    Beijing Shankai International Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. is a fast-growing sports marketing company that provides sports business operations solutions for domestic and foreign investors. They have a deep understanding of the local market and have a special domestic and international network. They have extensive experience in major international sports events and fully understand the needs of international sports event participants.



    Beijing Shankai International Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. is a fast-growing sports marketing company that provides sports business operations solutions for domestic and foreign investors. They have a deep understanding of the local market and have a special domestic and international network. They have extensive experience in major international sports events and fully understand the needs of international sports event participants. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Stormbird PTE LTD
    Contact Person: Edward Wen
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    Country: Singapore

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    On September 20, 2018, the world witnessed the grand opening of Tokyo Game Show(TGS), the second biggest game show in the world only next to E3 game show of US. As a product combining the feature of blockchain and digital game, SCRY CITY was displayed in the New Star exhibition area of the International Exhibition Hall of TGS. 

    Japanese anime industry and game industry have long been widely recognized across the world, and occupy a vital position in Japan’s economic industries. Many government officials from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) of Japan were invited to TGS, who delivered opening speeches and attended the awarding ceremony. In the Show, besides a lot of exchanges with KONAMI, CAPCOM and other Japanese local big game brands, SCRY also noticed the presence of many Japanese universities. Students from these universities brought to the Show plenty of highly creative products independently designed by them, which greatly raised SCRY’s expectation to the technological development ability as well as the product innovation ability of these students. It is sincerely hoped by us that we could have the opportunity to conduct more in-depth technological cooperation with Japanese universities, and, at that time, we will open our underlying technologies to the university students and university labs for free.  

    SCRY CITY has also intrigued many business show participants, with whom SCRY has carried out keen exchanges and discussions. An official from the Embassy of the Netherlands, which brought new projects from Europe to Japan, was highly interested in SCRY City, and after the mutual exchanges, has invited SCRY to enter Netherlands with the support of the Dutch government. SCRY has also discussed with a Japanese company on project promotion and cooperation. The local company has shown its willingness to promote SCRY City in the Japanese market and has agreed to provide support on promotion channel.

    SCRY.INFO has also expressed our willingness to provide our underlying technological layers to projects from Japan. SCRY City is one of the products in SCRY’s blockchain ecosystem built on Scry’s underlying layers. Scry Depot is the data platform providing data support to SCRY City, and Cashbox is the blockchain wallet supporting the operation of SCRY City’s economic system. All these applications will be opened to all developers and projects, and we highly welcome them to build their own applications in the ecosystem of SCRY.INFO.

    During the TGS Public Day, over 300,000 visitors were attracted to the show. SCRY City is a sim-city built on blockchain virtual world which follows the economic laws of the real world with a super cool Avatar system built in for players to create their own blockchain avatar. The fascinating game characteristics, urban facilities, and cutthroat commercial competition in the City attracted the attention of many game lovers. After getting to know the game better through Scry team, they all said that they could not wait to download SCRY City as their cellphone-end second world. 


    A lot has been learned and harvested from this Japanese TGS trip. In the future, Scry will continue to welcome more cooperation partners to build Scry blockchain data ecosystem into something even greater.

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    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    When the 2019 U.S. News school ranking came out, there were surprises all around. There have been some tremendous changes this year compared to the previous rankings. Most notably, UC Santa Barbra rose by 7 ranks, for #37 to #30. Clark University went from being ranked #81 last year to #66 this year, an increase by 15 places. UC Riverside saw perhaps one of the most significant change, going from #124 to #85 this year, a rise in 39 places. A lot of people wondered why this happened, so we here at Forward Pathway decided to explain some of the intricacies behind this change. Below we created a chart depicting the average change in school rankings within the past ten years. (Only the top 140 schools are included)

    The calculation method we used was simple. We took all the place changes and divided them by the number of schools (140 in this case) to deduce the “average changes per school” on the list. As we can infer from the graph [1], from 2009 to 2019, 2019 saw the most significant change in rankings compared to its predecessors. Prior to this year’s ranking, the average school changes 2.5 places. However, this year that number has reached a record high of 6. I believe by now the readers are all wondering, what brought about this drastic change in rankings? The TL;DR version is this: U.S. News rankings this year utilized a new algorithm that included a new factor; social mobility. [2] This new calculation method is the culprit behind the madness.

    So, let’s talk about social mobility for a second. Wikipedia defines social mobility as “the movement of individuals, families, households, or other categories of people within or between social strata in society.” [3] We most commonly calculate one’s social status based on the amount of wealth he or she might possess. In fact, when I previously wrote about the value of prestigious American universities, I also mentioned the issue of social mobility in the U.S.  As mentioned in Wikipedia, 43% of the children born into the bottom quintile or bottom 20% will remain there whereas 40% of the children born in the top quintile or 20% will remain in their social class. On the other hand, only 4% of the bottom quintile will rise to the top quintile whereas 8% of the top quintile will drop down to the bottom.

    Now let’s take a look at how U.S. News calculated a schools ranking when factoring in social mobility. First, we have the percentage of Pell Grant recipients that graduate within six years. Then we have the ratio of Pell Grant recipients against all the total amount of students that graduate within six years. The graduation rate of Pell Grant students makes up for 2.5% of the scoring while the other 2.5% is composed of the ratio between the number of Pell Grant students and the total student population of the school. This 5% can only be earned through the enrollment of a certain number of students who qualify for Pell Grants, a major financial aid that students can apply for. (Generally, Pell Grants are only awarded to students in the bottom 40% of the social class)

    After discovering this formula, I became skeptical since the graduation rate of a Pell Grant student does not reflect the school’s ability in promoting social mobility. Because in my personal and professional opinion, the graduating rate of a Pell Grant recipient does not determine whether that individual possess an upward social mobility ability. Nor does it reflect the school’s ability to promote social mobility overall. The other half is determined by the ratio of graduating Pell Grant recipients vs. the overall student population. If two schools possess the same Pell Grant recipient graduation rate, the school with the higher population of Pell Grant recipients will receive a higher scoring. I’ll let readers make their own conclusion on how fallible this formula is seeing how this new formula does not directly reflect a school’s ability to train a lower social class student in upward mobility.

    So, in general, this year’s U.S. News social mobility scoring can only reflect the school’s willingness to recruit students from lower social classes as opposed to their ability in raising the social class of a student. Now, let’s take a look at the SUNY schools and the UC schools (public) when compared to most private schools. Because public schools are more likely to accept students from lower social classes, most of their rankings went up, whereas most private schools’ rankings went down. An interesting phenomenon occurred in the structure of the school name. University of XXXXX schools mostly went up whereas XXXXX University’s ranking would generally drop. (This can only be considered a general rule of thumb, seeing how all the Ivy League levels schools remain firm in their standing.)

    I’m sure by now that most readers will have a question in mind. If public schools are on the rise in this new ranking, why does 19 of the top 20 spots still occupied by these private universities? The reasoning behind this is elementary. Let’s take Princeton University as an example. 72% of the students enrolled in Princeton University comes from families ranked within the top 20% of the social caste. Students that come from the bottom 20% however, only makes up for 2.2% of the student population. So, despite “normal” schools gaining the ability to increase their ranking score by a maximum of 5%, the chasm between them and the top 20 is still tremendous. This 5% change will have a greater impact on schools ranked lower, but as the rankings increase, its impact will become more and more negligible.

    Down below is a chart published previously by Forward Pathway, it depicts the distribution of students based on their social class amongst various universities.

    As you can infer from the graph, the majority of students from elite universities and colleges come from elite families within the social ladder. This results in the further solidification of rankings as you near the top. While I wholeheartedly agree with the intentions of U.S. News changing their formula to include social mobility, I do believe the execution phase could do with some adjustments. After all, promoting social mobility is one of the many responsibilities that American universities should shoulder. While U.S. News’ formula and action in placing a heavier emphasis on social mobility still need adjustment, its actions are definitely praiseworthy. I believe that U.S. News will definitely improve its rating system in the subsequent years to come. The attention to detail by U.S. News is very apparent, during my research, I found out that the statistics regarding the Pell Grant recipients is the complete, accurate, and relevant public data on the mobility of the American social class. Previous data such as The Quality of Opportunity Project [4] is severely lacking when compared alongside. It severely lacks continuity and relevance in the long scheme of things.

    CollegeNet’s SMI Ranking’s data [5] factors in the student’s family and median graduating salary. However, the median used is the total student body as opposed to Pell Grant recipients. I believe that the usage of Pell Grant recipients as the basis for scoring is the most applicable. If further data regarding the graduate’s salary and family income can be added, the overall data will become much more infallible.

    In Conclusion: the updated 2019 U.S. News ranking brought about many changes with the added consideration to social mobility. While the data does not present an accurate picture overall, to some extent, it has increased the schools’ need to place a heavier emphasis on lower class students. Overall, the new 2019 U.S. News school ranking definitely should be checked out, for more information, feel free to check it out at Forward Pathway’s website.



    L. Lu, ” Forward Pathway LLC, 2018. [Online]. Available:


    “How U.S. News Calculated the 2019 Best Colleges Rankings,” U.S. News, 2018. [Online]. Available:


    “Social Mobility,” [Online]. Available:


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    “2017 Social Mobility Index,” CollegeNet, 2017. [Online]. Available:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Forward Pathway LLC
    Contact Person: Lucas
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    Country: United States

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    Technology can change the world, change human being, and it can also create wealth. As for the advance in science and technology, a number of legendary stories have emerged from the use of science and technology to create wealth. And the advent of the block chain era has triggered the boom of global investment. There are more and more countries regarding block chain technology as an important means to dominate the world economy in the future, which thus increases support for research. The innovation of block chain technology is listed as the frontier technology of national strategy.

    It includes that the South Korean government will formulate new standards for block chain industry, Austria will strengthen the supervision of ICO and encrypted currencies, and many other countries will develop new laws for block chain and digital currency, as a result, the application of block chain technology will soon be realized.

    Among the numerous block chain projects, the LKE is called the next hundred billion market of block chain by experts within the industry. This is a block chain Alipay that is based on the whole world and promotes the convenient and safe mode of payment in the global financial market. How does it build a universal financial payment platform, so that people in the world can truly enjoy the inclusive nature of financial services?

    The development team of the is a team of outstanding graduates from Harvard University, Columbia University, London Business School and many other institutions of higher colleges and universities. It also includes investment management consultants from world-renowned asset management companies, at the same time, it benefits from international advanced block chain technology. The LKE is a truly de-centralized block chain project, which will serve the community with the basic concept of inclusive finance as the guide, promote it to the overseas and serve the mainland. The inclusive finance will provide more convenient services for the masses. As a result, it can create our own block chain, which can let use the LKE in our own industrial circulation, so as to circulate in the world. Meanwhile, it should create a real common chain LKE, create a Alipay which truly belongs to the block chain industry, so as to change the problems of fund loss, data leakage and complicated financial investment procedures of cross border in the traditional digital money payment.

    As a reward integral of block chain technology, the value of digital money has also been increasing crazily with the application of block chain project. The first issue of the LKE is based on the EtherFong ERC20 protocol + Bitcoin underlying technology release, and the original Rebo coin technology team created it together, so as to create Alipay in the block chain.

    Because of the extraordinary value of block chain technology, digital money also has broad investment prospects. Unlike other digital money investments, LKE gets a five-fold return on its first purchase and a six-fold return on its reinvestment. The LKE system is set to double wallet, such as balance wallet and original force wallet. Assets in the balance can be traded in currency, used for online and offline merchants to consume, repay mortgages, car loans, credit cards, and circulate globally.

    Financial payment transactions are related to the safety of everyone’s assets.The LKE can provide security for financial traders, it firstly wins the trust of the market and users, which is equivalent to occupy hundreds of billions of financial markets. Everyone can participate in the digital currency investment of LKE, so that people around the world can enjoy the value return of block chain technology.

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    Company Name: Iwamc
    Contact Person: Jackson
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    Country: HongKong

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    The world’s first blockchain game named fish hunter(FIS) is officially starting to recruit super node. Being the node of FIS can obtain rewards of 300 ETH, minimum 30% annual revenue and some in-game rights in terms of prior investment right, prior experience right, free VIP right as well as naming right.In addition, FIS nodes make significant profit to community leader for promoting game through “fleet mode”. Meanwhile, individuals and organizations that have rich community resources can join FIS node to permanently bind users and their community and constantly increase community viscous.


    At the same time, FIS freely provides high valued token asset to game players as rewards including BTC, ETH, EOS and so on, in which the total rewards pool is as much as 15,000 ETH. Users are enjoying in play competitive game while earning FIS token and other high valued token through free mining and token games.

    FIS is not only a fish hunter game, but also an integrated blockchain game ecosystem comprised by game public chain, digital wallet, game scene and exchange. FishWallet supports multiple tokens to provide quick recharging and token withdraw for users. Also, in-game assets can exchange with tokens in FishEx. FishChain offers basic technology to support smart contract and FishHall provides a platform for other blockchain projects and game manufacturers to release their game on FIS, which help projects to enhance exposure and users, as well as to speed up the circulation of tokens. Therefore, the four major functions of FishChain, FishWallet, FishHall and FishEX link projects, players and FIS platform to comprise an integrated blockchain ecosystem to achieve win-win situation.

    Currently, FIS is recruiting a limited number of 200 super nodes. The super node applicants of FIS need to fill out an application form and email to official email address before 30th October, 2018. Please download application form from Application result will issue on late Oct, 2018. More details please visit official website of FIS or contact with official media (Telegram:; Facebook: FIS_Global; Twitter: FIS_Global). FIS is looking forward to your participation.

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    Company Name: FIS
    Contact Person: ZZW
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    Phone: 18268374861
    Country: China

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    AllPoint Construction is a roofing company that is based in Dearborn, Michigan. They are a reputable company that does all sorts of roof work which is professional and needed. They have a huge number of services that are apt for the local area that they work in. Their service is sorted and as a Roofing Dearborn company, they try to give their customer their actual need. Their best reputation of them is as one of the best Roofing Shingle Contractors in the Roofing Dearborn Michigan scene.

    As Allpoint Construction is local to Dearborn, they have the right knowledge of the weather conditions of the area. When a customer visits the company they will get impressed by the number of services as well as the way that they have sorted them. Some of their services include installing new shingle roofs, repairing of roof leaks, rejuvenating a roof from storm damage and several other things.


    The workmanship of the company is excellent. They only hire people who have the right knowledge and experience about roofing. Along with that, they do provide the customer as well as their workers with the adequate insurances. The company does have a proper license so people do not need to think much. They are one of the best that you will find in the area.

    When you avail services from a company your first requirement will be to get the best quality products and next will be the price. At Allpoint construction, you will get both at the same place. They provide quality products for the local area sourced right from North America. They will provide you with a free quote when you go for a construction. A free roof inspection is also one of their services.

    As a roofing company, they will provide you with the steps that one needs to complete while going for a roof repair. You do not have to give them any commitment if you do not want to work with them. They will help you with all the needed information on the roof and guide you in making the right decisions. The company provides you with a timeline in which they will absolutely finish the job with full commitment.

    You just need to trust them with their services. The company also have additional services for installation and repair of windows, doors, kitchen, and baths. It is best if you can call them up or visit their website to know more about them.


    About the Company:

    Roofing Dearborn is a company based in Dearborn, Michigan and they deal with roofing.

    To know more about them visit their website

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Roofing Dearborn
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 313-209-6350
    Address:3200 Greenfield Road, Suite 300
    City: Dearborn
    State: MI 48120
    Country: United States

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    A range of beautiful skull necklaces made of sterling silver is now available in the stock of MENSSKULL Jewelry for men to pick them as a trendy fashion accessory for their style enhancement.

    Most men often look out for exceptional fashion accessories that can help them flaunt a unique style before the world. For the rescue of all those fashion conscious men around the world, MENSSKULL Jewelry now brings an amazing collection of skull necklaces. They have amazing necklaces with skull shape pendants that one can wear around his neck to help draw everyone’s attention wherever they go. Besides skull necklaces, the online skull jewelry store also offers an outstanding collection of skull rings and skull bracelets.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, one will be stunned by exploring their exhaustive skull necklace collection. The collection includes beautiful double skull bead necklace, double skull edge necklace, double skull necklace, edge corner necklace, saber-toothed tiger necklace, army flower silver necklace and so on. All these necklaces are made from high quality silver and feature unique designs. The spokesperson states that the designers and craftsmen of the company always endeavor to bring forth innovative designs that one can hardly find in any other jewelry store. “Men will always find novel skull necklaces in our collection wherever they visit our online store,” he states.

    MENSSKULL Jewelry Presents An Elegant Skull Necklace Collection As A Modern Fashion Accessory For Modern Men

    The online skull jewelry store specializes in designing and supplying men’s necklace to suit the style and fashion needs of every man. One can browse through their collection and can pick the best necklace design that could be perfect for his style enhancement. They have necklaces in different lengths and can be accompanied with a variety of skull pendants that MENSSKULL Jewelry has in its collection. According to the spokesperson, the skull pendants are also available in exciting designs and are made from high quality silver. A man can choose a skull pendant and necklace according to his style preferences and can go for a style makeover. Besides, these silver necklaces are also available in different widths, which may also determine the prices of the necklaces.

    The online jewelry store supplies handmade silver necklace for men that showcases an exquisite craftsmanship. Every piece of jewelry they have in their stock is designed meticulously and looks exceptional because of their rigorous manual designing process. The designers always work on unique manuscripts that only come out of their own imagination. With years of experience, they are capable of designing most remarkable jewelry items, carving out from pure silver. They chisel each jewelry item, using the traditional tools and by following a comprehensive procedure, which are the key behind the ever-shining and sparkling skull jewelry pieces the online store has for the modern men.

    Men can explore their skull necklaces and other jewelry items by visiting the website

    About MENSSKULL Jewelry

    MENSSKULL Jewelry was founded in 2014, offering online self-service shopping of silver skull jewelry. They have the world’s best team of designers, who can design ingenious jewelry items. With more than ten years of manual production skills, each designer’s work is unique. MENSSKULL Jewelry has an extensive collection of hand carved and coolest jewelry for customers.

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    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Phone: +86 18946007200
    Country: China

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    48 years in, David Vendig is still passionate about packaging

    PICO RIVERA, CALIFORNIA – September 27, 2018 – When David Vendig founded Jet Sales Packaging to help Southern Californians get their packaging supplies in 1971, FedEx was just coming into existence, Sean Connery was on the big screen as James Bond, and Apollo 14 had just landed on the moon. 

    48 years and 5 James Bonds later, the original Vendig is still at it, providing the same commitment to customer service that has kept his company in business for nearly half a century. 

    “For me, it’s all about pride in your work,” says Vendig, who, at, is still president of the company. “Jet Sales Packaging is a name that means quality products at reasonable prices to generations of business owners around the globe, and I intend to keep it that way as long as I am able.” 

    Domestic and international suppliers all over the world come to Jet Sales Packaging to purchase pallet wrap, packaging, and janitorial supplies in bulk. Vendig says he hopes they’ll continue to do so for another 48 years. 

    “It’s a nice feeling, knowing that what you’ve created has stood the test of time,” says Vendig. “It gives you a feeling of purpose when you wake up in the morning.” 

    David Vendig is available for interviews about his career in business. To schedule an interview, contact David Vendig at or (888) 477-0361. 

    About Jet Sales, Inc.:

    Jet Sales, Inc. is a family owned and operated distributor of packaging supplies, corrugated cartons, janitorial products and paper goods servicing the Southern California market since 1971. David Vendig founded the company and has led the company to its current status of being one of the largest distributors of pallet wrap, packaging and janitorial supplies. 

    The president continues the family tradition by offering customers extraordinary customer service, competitive prices, next day delivery on company owned trucks from their conveniently located warehouse in Pico Rivera, California.Jet Sales sources the highest quality products in large volume from well-known domestic and international suppliers and passes on the savings to its regular customers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Jet Sales Packaging
    Contact Person: David Vendig
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (888) 477-0361
    City: Pico Rivera
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    Sep 27, 2018 – Techpally is a popular digital marketing service provider that works towards helping organizations in the technological sector in creating a very strong and eminent presence online. Specialization at, includes creating informative and good quality blogs and articles on social web, web technology, platform, communities, content network and mobile devices. Driven with the passion of helping its business partners in creating exclusive and useful strategies; the company is constantly into activating and executing integrated digital market strategies and solutions that can help clients in enhancing the revenue and the growth of their companies.

    At, you can remain sure of finding the award winning tech blog in Atlanta that has its main focus on providing information about the different technological advancements made in the last decade. The company is basically made up of a team of editors and writers for a blog network and is bent towards publishing technological trends and news; advancements made in the field of computers, engineering and science and other topics that simplify the technological space for easy digestion and assimilation.

    The contents available on the blogs on this site are completely based on the suggestions and recommendations of the authors and there are no outside influences found within. Nevertheless, there are certain contents that are also written by third party writers and editors and the readers are duly notified about this. All the information available on this site is available in the form of blogs that have been exclusively presented and written to the valuable readers. Nevertheless, the readers can even make references to these blogs and articles and make use of the contents for their individual requirements. It is important to contact the publisher in this respect.

    Sources close to the working team of Techpally come with the claims, “We are completely against featuring or publishing copied content. Thus, you can remain assured of the fact that the contents available on this digital blogging site are not reproduced on any form of print or non-print media. The assessments made on our blog site that subject to judgment of the publisher.”

    Majority of the articles and clogs available at Techpally are on application reviews and the company takes great pleasure in informing its readers that it is a fully independent source for almost any kind of app development firm. The site is also open to individual publishers and freelancers. It is also worth noting that the source does not get any kind of incentives for writing reviews because it chooses the apps based on individual experiences and also user experiences.

    The source operates online with a clear vision of serving in the form of a top-notch company that helps in the creation and the implementation of top-level branding. Digital and web-based marketing services available from this source help companies in establishing their valuable brands. This is because the articles and the blogs provide them with innovative techniques and good facilities for development and growth. Another objective served by the company is generating huge variations for all their prospects. The company has this strong belief in customer-centric procedure where the work of the company never stops until it is not approved by the prospects. Making things effectively work for the clients is one of the most important targets of the source.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Chaktty Media
    Contact Person: Chaktty
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 08108504652
    Address:5342, Old National highway
    City: Atlanta
    State: GA
    Country: United States

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    A blockchain network bringing profits to drivers who save and share energy

    Zug, Switzerland – September 27, 2018 – EVAIO showcased their decentralized electric vehicle (EV) application platform at CryptoValley Labs.  Sponsored by Uotton, a high-end Swiss e-commerce company aiming to deliver luxury personal goods to China using 3D printers. The event featured guests from IBM, Google Swiss and Forbes magazine. 

    “Presently, the EV industry lacks safe and secure digital payment solutions that are cross-brand compatible.  EVAIO brings that solution while also rewarding drivers for the valuable data they generate”, says former Tesla EMEA leader and EVAIO CEO Patrick de Potter.  “We are building applications that will reshape the future of driver interaction with the EV and self-driving vehicle market.  We were excited for the opportunity to present these applications in Zug, the center of the crypto blockchain revolution.”

    Raymond Lau, Chief Blockchain Development Officer of  EVA.IO pointed out that “EVA lays the foundations for the autonomic driving industry through their digital application, pushing aside the need for drivers to carry a hard wallet or cash.”

    The EVAIO team, many of whom are former Tesla employees, also discussed their experience in the EV business to help attendees visualize the reality of the self-driving EV future and the solutions needed to bring that technology to the forefront.  Through the EVAIO mobile application, EV owners will not only be rewarded for selling their data but also have access to peer-to-peer charging stations regardless of the brand of vehicle they use. 


    Attendees learned how blockchain technology will be leveraged to monetize EV data so that drivers can profit from their usage information instead of giving it away for free in the one-way data economy plaguing users of digital applications and networks today.  EVAIO presented their vision, roadmap and team for audience to learn from and meet the individuals bringing real-world applications for blockchain technology.

    For more information on EVAIO visit us at:  Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit.

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    Contact Person: Patrick de Potter
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    Country: Switzerland

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    What exactly is CBD? One of the main components in the cannabis plant is Cannabidiol or CBD. While studies and research are relatively small in scope, the results are quite promising when it comes to CBD (cannabidiol). CBD has been the subject of many studies which examined its effect on dozens of health issues: pain, cancer, anxiety, diabetes, fibromyalgia, PTSD, schizophrenia, MS, and dementia. The best part — CBD produces a beneficial effect without getting you high.

    Regardless of its recent popularity, there is still confusion about CBD products, how they are made, and what they can do for you. That is why well-renowned CBD brand Blue Moon Hemp is determined to spread awareness about the Endocannabinoid System and its beneficial effects on the body and overall wellness. Their mission is to educate the public on the many and varied nutritional and health benefits of CBD oil, to help optimize purity in formulation, and to find new product delivery systems.

    The company offers a variety of CBD products including tinctures, e-liquids, salve, shatter, and edibles. CBD is versatile and can be consumed a variety of ways: you can vape it, enjoy an edible gummy, drop some CBD oil on your tongue, or use it topically (lots of wellness and beauty products use cannabidiol). Not all CBD hemp oils are alike in terms of quality. While most hemp is still imported from other countries, domestic hemp production is growing rapidly. Blue Moon Hemp`s Kentucky-grown hemp produces the highest levels of CBD without any pesticides, heavy metals or toxins. The farms are eco-friendly and use sustainable farming and production methods. The company offers detailed lab reports on their products, so customers always know what they’re getting. Moreover, Blue Moon Hemp products are considered raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy free and nut free.

    CBD oil is a sweetheart of the plant community. Its consumption and production grow every day with new companies and products popping up all over the world. Brightfield Group projected that the cannabidiol industry may reach $22 billion in market size by 2022. With so much potential, it seems new CBD products enter the market daily. Cannabidiol may well be the medicine of the future.

    Blue Moon Hemp is dedicated to bringing together the best farmers, growing methods, researchers, and laboratory partners to create products that have a positive impact on a person`s well-being and life. The company continues to expand due to the surge in demand and increased awareness and acceptance of CBD and its potential benefits.

    More information can be found at

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    Country: United States

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    27 Sep, 2018 – The Working Girl Esq. is a personal style and fashion blog site started by Preetma Singh – the stylish, smart and gorgeous lady who quit her job of a corporate attorney for serving as an interne on a fashion site. This was probably a bold move by the lady. Working Girl came up in the year 2010 with the focus being on keeping Singh’s creative side going well while she stills served as a lawyer. Singh herself admits that she was very late in setting her foot in the world of fashion blogging. However, she was hopeful of doing something exclusive and she was wildly successful in this endeavor.

    At, one can find a complete showcase of the completely original and bold office-suitable style of Singh. This is basically a feat that is not easy to achieve. The posts of this fashion blog site declare the challenges that Preetma faced while making a name in the world of fashion. She says, “Other fashion bloggers do not generally work under the idea of perfection. They do not sacrifice their creativity and their personality for the sake of job security.”

    This fashion blog site is about exclusive and bold fashion. It is about offering an in-depth understanding of risk-taking fashion moves. The blog posts on this site self-describe the attorney turned fashion assistant’s belief in the fact that office-suitable style should not be taken in the form of an oxymoron. Browsing through the blogs on her site will reveal that her main styles are bright prints and colors in silhouettes that are work-friendly. You will also be able to comprehend that Singh takes good care of quality irrespective of the fact that whether a certain items costs little or lot. There are blogs certifying the style that goes with the use of vintage fashion.

    Matter for the blogs available at The Working Girl Esq. has necessarily been accumulated from the right sources. For her sense of fashion and trendy clothing, Singh often haunts eBay, the sample sales and even the outlet stores. If you are one of those individuals who are persistently in the look out of online style inspirations then this fashion blog site is the ultimate solution for you. This is basically an online diary where Singh shares her favorite sales, fashion finds and buys. She also shares everything from travel to beauty to fashion and décor. She loves connecting with people and sharing the beautiful journey of her fashionable life along the way.

    Preetma Singh’s fashion blog site is one of the most reliable resources of fashion criticism and advice. It comes from one of the most influential faces in the fashion industry and is thus sure of covering the different facets of the industry. This fashion blog site has set itself in the form of an agenda-setter and one of the most impactful fashion-focused resources for the consumers. Through immaculate reading of the blogs on this resource, you are sure to get a bold fashion sense that will genuinely work for you.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Jessica Weyer
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    Phone: 678-594-7956
    Country: United States

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    The high quality Ring Bobbins, Cone Bobbins, Dye Tubes and related products that Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd announces to supply have their useful application in the textile machinery.

    There are various kinds of plastic tubes and spare parts that are used in the textile machines. Some of these products include roving tubes, ring tubes, cone cubes, cylindrical tubes, dye cubes etc. China based Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd specializes in plastic tubes that are used in textile machines. They can also supply spare parts, such as bobbin holders, carbon fibers, roving guides, yarn separators and so on. The company employs the latest technology to manufacture each of these products that aim at improving the efficiency of machineries used in the textile industry.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they supply high quality Ring Bobbins, made from top quality PC and ABS material. Each of these bobbins is designed with precise eccentricity and tolerance that can exceed the international standards, and are suitable for use in the global textile industry. These bobbins are designed for a perfect spinning, no matter placed on a variety of surfaces, such as parallel, spiral or micro grooves. The spokesperson states that one can find bobbins suitable for manual, automatic as well as semi-automatic doffing. Available in a tape ratios ranging between 1:36 to 1:64, the bobbins can clock a massive spinning speed of 20,000 RPM or even more.

    Rimzer Announces To Supply Reliable Quality Ring Bobbins & Cone Bobbins At Reasonable Prices

    The company also specializes in Cone Bobbins, available in different lengths of 170mm to 290mm and with diameters between 20mm and 75mm. These cones are very reliable and offer a significant performance to increase the productivity of the textile machines. The multi-way tubes are more suitable for using fibers and cotton yarns in the textile industry. The spokesperson reveals that their cone tubes can work 20-30 times more for the fiber, while can work for several years for the cotton. The tubes are suitable for machines for different brands, such as Murata, Savio, SSM, Elitex, and other winding and twisting machines used in the textile industry.

    For the better performance of the textile machines, they also produce Dye Tubes that can ensure a striking performance under different temperature and pressure conditions. They have both one-way and multi-way tubes with reasonable hole designs. The one-way tubes are made from the PP material, while the multi-way tubes are made of PP with the glass fiber. They have tubes in different sizes and in different dimensions that can be used in a wide range of machines. The tubes are with the stackable cheeses, and the compressed cheeses play a major role in increasing the productivity, while reducing the dyeing cost by 20-40%. The tubes can be used in different machines and can allow dyeing of yarns evenly.

    One can check the entire range of plastic tubes and spare parts the company supplies by visiting their website

    About Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd

    Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd focuses on varieties of plastic tubes and spare parts for textile machinery. The company’s main products areplastic tubes, like roving tubes, ring tubes, dye tubes, cone tubes, cylindrical tubes and thread spools. And also, spare parts like bobbin holders, carbon fibers, belt, roving guides, rubber blowing nozzles, bottom tensioning devices, yarn separators, false twisters, lappet hooks, bearings and so on. The products are compliant with the relevant standards and specification guidelines, such as ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 368.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Leo Chen
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 576 83365586 / +86 13634004908
    Country: China

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    With their exclusive range of printable wallpapers and self adhesive fabrics, China based Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd is increasingly influencing the interior designing choices of a multitude of customers across the globe.

    Not only the common people, but interior designers and other professionals now also love to use printable wallpapers for decorating walls of different buildings. These large size wallpapers with adhesive on their back are easy to install on walls and other surfaces and can remarkably enhance the beauty of the walls. Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd has a huge variety of printable wallpapers with attractive digital prints that one can choose to decorate their home, shop, office space and other buildings.

    The company has released a significant printable wallpaper collection with different varieties. They have printable composite non-woven wallpaper media, printable composite wallpaper media, printable PVC crossed pattern wallpaper media, printable oblique pattern wallpaper media, straw pattern printable wallpaper media, printable leather pattern wallpaper media, and other varieties. These printable wallpapers have high quality fabric as a base material and has non-woven paper on the back surface. These wallpapers are specifically designed for wall graphic applications and are also suitable for the replication of different types of art works. They also have PVC based wallpapers with high foaming that are ideal for wall decorating applications in lounge, lobbies, hotels, restaurants, offices, waiting receptions and other places.

    Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd Reveals Printable Wallpaper As The Latest Home Décor Element

    They have recently introduced the printable textured wallpaper that features high foaming and deep grain structure. This sand texture wallpaper is designed specifically with rebound resistance and is ideal for wall applications. With an easy installation, the spokesperson believes that the wallpaper is an excellent choice for decorating walls of different buildings. With a thickness of 350 micrometers and a GSM around 250g, the wallpaper features an excellent combination of pulp and PVC materials. The wallpaper features an eco-friendly PVC coating and eco-solvent or latex ink. The spokesperson states that the wallpaper is not only suitable for home decoration, but the wallpaper could also be used for outdoor signage and advertisement purposes.

    The company specializes in the self adhesive fabric, which is their unique offering for an excellent wall graphic application. This scuff-resistant and waterproof self-adhesive textile can be used to provide a protective and decorative layer on walls and other surfaces. One can easily install the fabric which has highly effective adhesive on its back surface, while the front surface can include impressive digital prints. The fabric is also easily removable and doesn’t leave any traces of the adhesive on the wall surface after removing the fabric. This helps in changing the wall décor from time to time, and one can easily transform the looks of the walls of their home in a desired manner.

    To check the designs and special features of the printable wallpapers that company has in its stock, one can visit the website

    About Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd.

    Established in the year 2001, Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd (ONEW) has developed into an integrated enterprise, specialized in R&D, manufacture and marketing & sales of digital printing media, especially printable wallpapers and wall fabric materials. The company’s main products include Non Woven Wallpaper, Self Adhesive Non Woven Wallpaper, Self Adhesive Fabric, Paperback PVC High Foaming Textured Wallpaper, Composite Wallpaper, Whiteboard Sticker, Glass Sticker, etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Li Li
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    Phone: +86-21-6888 1570
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    STOCKROOM has introduced an exceptional range of Office chairs Hong Kong and other types of furniture to enhance the aesthetics as well as functional advantages of an office space.

    All offices in Hong Kong can now get a unique look with an amazing range of office furniture that STOCKROOM has now in its stock. The office furniture range includes beautiful office chairs, office tables, working desk, side tables, table lamps and other items. All these furniture pieces are highly attractive and durable and are available at affordable prices. Designed specifically for the office buildings, the furniture sold by STOCKROOM is available in a variety of designs, sizes and dimensions to fit into different office spaces.

    As a leading Furniture Hong Kong outlet, STOCKROOM always focuses on quality, durable and attractive furniture items for contemporary homes and offices. Their office furniture range can suitably meet the unique idea that every office is conceptualized with. No matter, what is the shape and size of an office space, STOCKROOM will supply the furniture that can precisely fit into the space and will also enhance the beauty of the space. They have furniture items with different polishes and finishes that can ideally blend with the office interiors. Moreover, one can choose tables, racks, working desks etc that can help in the optimal use of the office space. All these furniture items are designed with the functional features for improving the working environment of an office.

    STOCKROOM Outlet Launches a Unique Range Of Office Furniture Hong Kong at Affordable Prices

    The furniture outlet has a variety of Office Furniture Hong Kong, including task desk lamp, Eames style highback office chairs, Eames style lowback office chairs, tulip style dining table, and other items. All these furniture pieces are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the workers who generally work 8-10 hours every day. The office chairs with proper backrest offer the comfort one needs to keep working without any difficulty. They also supply shelves, storage units, tables with drawers to keep all office files and other items safely and well-organized. The furniture store has dining tables with a rustic finish for employees to enjoy their meal together during the recess times. One can also pick from a range of office table lamps that not only add to the looks of the office space, but can also provide ample lights when needed.

    STOCKROOM specializes in Office chairs Hong Kong that are specifically designed for enhancing the comfort and efficiency of the workers. They have an amazing collection of Eames style chairs in a variety of styles that are not only elegant in style, but also offer a sufficient support to one’s back and hands while working. With an adequate foam density, these chairs are comfortable for sitting long hours without any difficulty.

    One can check all types of office furniture that the company has in its stock by visiting the website


    STOCKROOM is an online furniture shop, which sources furniture from around the globe to offer the highest quality products at the most affordable prices to its customers. They work very closely with only the best manufacturers and focus time and resources finding manufacturers that meet or exceed the quality standards. They deal directly with the best manufacturers to avoid the role of the costly middlemen, so they can provide contemporary furniture at an affordable price. Stockroom collection includes a variety of items that combine style and quality with versatility, including oak dining tables, chairs, lounge chair, coffee table, lamps, bedroom sets, stools, office chairs, desks, bookshelves and more for individuals, design professionals, architects, and corporations of all sizes looking for quality pieces.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Jojoba
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    Phone: +852 2817 0999
    Country: HongKong

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    ONEROOT won the first Cryptocurrency Financial Services License issued by the Canadian government.

    ONEROOT is able to engage in all cryptocurrency-related financial businesses in Canada, including C2C transactions, Crypto to Crypto trading, contract trade, Fiat-Crypto Trading and Leveraged Transactions, giving a boost to the depressed market.

    For more information, visit:

    About ONEROOT Project

    ONEROOT Project upholds the concept of consensus, co-found, sharing and win-win. ONEROOT has built a distributed business engine, established a new type of collaborative relationship of cooperation and common development. Through a series of encrypted digital asset infrastructure construction, ONEROOT helps resources (software, hardware, manpower, etc.) circulate inside and outside the industry quickly, improving the utilization efficiency and promoting the development of the entire industry. At this stage, as a blockchain technology service provider, the main goal of ONEROOT is to create a secure, transparent, open and friendly distributed digital currency trading system, and return the right of trading to the community.

    Related links:

    Official website:




    Rootrex DEX:

    R1 protocol:

    Rootoken wallet:

    Official QQ group: 6644849

    Official WeChat account: oneroot_admin

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    Company Name: ONEROOT
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: United States

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    Besides highly stylish Designer Boots, women can now also shop for Crystal Bridal Wedding Shoes for their exclusive and complete dressing on the wedding day.

    “Superbly Stunning!” Everyone will utter these words only, when they will glimpse through the new arrivals that Sexyshoeswoman is now showcasing online. The online shoe store has brought an exclusive designer shoe collection that features adorable shoes, boots and pumps for all beautiful women around the world. Women who are looking for the best companion for their feet can check the selection of women’s shoes and boots, which include red boutique women pumps, pearl summer ankle boots, rhinestone thigh high boots, suede lace up thigh high boots and lots many other designs.

    Women who are fond of wearing Designer Boots will be stunned by the amazing boot designs that Sexyshoeswoman has in its stock. They have introduced thigh high boots with elegant rhinestone and crystal works that are simply irresistible. Moreover, these boots are available in several unusual and bright colors, such as red, green, orange and beige, and which could be an attention grabber for a woman who wants everyone’s attention. The exclusive boot designs are suitable for special occasions, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and others. A woman can choose to wear a pair of fashionable boots on different occasions and can pair with different types of dresses.

     Sexyshoeswoman Announces New Arrivals of Designer Boots That Can Spellbind Every Gorgeous Woman on the Planet

    When asked the spokesperson of the online store specially mention about the Red Bottom Pumps that are the bestseller in their collection. These red bottom shoes are popular for their celebrity style and are meant for wearing to an evening party. These pumps go well with long and short cocktail dresses and can add an oomph factor to the style of a wearer. Available at competitive prices, a woman will never look beyond when it comes to grabbing these pumps at such an affordable price. These evening shoes with high heel could be the best choice for a woman who wants to win over someone’s heart with her killer strides.

    The spokesperson reveals that they have specially designed Crystal Bridal Wedding Shoes for a woman who is planning to marry soon. A wedding dress cannot be complete without a pair of matching bridal shoes. Sexyshoeswoman brings wedding shoes that feature delicate rhinestone and crystal works. Available in silver, ivory, red and other colors, each pair of bridal shoes is designed carefully to help maintain its exclusivity. According to the spokesperson, they are offering bridal shoes for women at inexpensive prices, so that a woman can complete her wedding dressing at an affordable cost and can be the center of attraction on her marriage day.

    For purchasing designer shoes or bridal shoes at reasonable prices, a woman can visit the website

    About Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd.

    Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of trendy women’s footwear. The company runs the leading women’s online shoe store, for customers across the world. They supply high quality shoes with amazing designs at reasonable prices. They focus on offering the best and stylish products at affordable prices, maintaining the utmost level of customer satisfaction.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Lene
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 19078765439
    Country: China

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    Some of these new amplifiers available in the stock of China-hifi-Audio include Bewitch 6550 tube hi-fi integrated amplifiers, Yaqin amplifier and Raphaelite tube amplifier.

    When it comes to purchasing the best quality tube amplifiers, China-hifi-Audio comes to the mind of the most of the music lovers around the world. The online tube amplifier shop maintains a significant stock of market-leading products from popular brands, and they also keep adding new amplifiers and products in their inventory on a regular basis. According to the spokesperson of the company, the recent stock update brings some exceptional quality amplifiers that music lovers will love to collect for their unrivaled music listening experience.

    The spokesperson speaks about the Bewitch 6550 tube hi-fi integrated amplifier that is now available in their stock at a discount of 10%. They have a deluxe 2018 edition of this Russian tube integrated amplifier in 100% brand new condition. They supply the amplifier in the original edition box with a one-year warranty. The amplifier comes with a valve cage cover and features a dual power supply mode. The spokesperson reveals that this tube amplifier features a modern powerful design with a large black background and a strong sense of space. With its exceptionally high decomposition and layering capacity, the amplifier can deliver clean, moisturized and transparent sound. It represents a perfect and superb technology for an unparalleled openness, excellent durability and outstanding consistency.

    China-hifi-Audio Announces To Offer Several New Tube Amplifiers With Astonishing Features For Music Lovers Around The World

    Another new and worth-mentioning product inclusion is the new Yaqin amplifier, which can be connected with a variety of digital sound sources, such as CD player, DVD player, computer, etc. to better the sound quality. The amplifier has been designed to offer sweet and warm sound effect for people to enjoy music. The spokesperson states that this amplifier can turn the bass cleaner and stronger, so that one can enjoy pulsating music. The product uses SRPP amplification circuit and features a two-connection mode design. Thus, the audiophile amplifier can be suitable for two kinds of use functions of integrated amplifier mode and pure power amplifier mode.

    Music lovers can also check their stock to learn about the Raphaelite tube amplifier and its advanced features. This newly included tube amplifier features high power and always appreciated for its low distortion. With Rafael patent, this amplifier is available in two different versions of Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. The tube amplifier is fitted with an advanced output transformer that ensures its high-end performance and durability. With its aesthetic design and functional capabilities, the amplifier can deliver a superior sound with a balanced energy. The tube amplifier design is reliable and stable to achieve an ideal tone, in case of playing a delicate sound.

    In order to check the details and features of these new tube amplifiers in their stock, one can visit the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is an audiophile tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-hifi-audio sells products from some great Chinese well-known brands, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    I don’t know if you have heard of the German robot vacuum cleaner brand known for “military quality” – Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner? (You can view the website: or ). Recently, the mid-autumn festival and the national day are approaching. I believe that most people will choose to go home for holidays. Have you ever thought of giving a gift to an elderly parent or a wife who is working at home? Today, I will recommend a Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner – A338 robot vacuum cleaner to free the hands of parents or wives and give parents or wives a little leisure time to do something they like, even if It’s a meeting or a chat with a friend.

    Cool Appearance – Very Attractive To Consumers

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Recommendation    German Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Worthy Of Owning

    The color of A338 robot vacuum cleaner is black. On the top of its body, it has a large screen that keeps pace with times and three touch buttons. It gives people the feeling of simple and easy operating. It is compatible with the big screen design and flat design. At the same time, in the view of robot vacuum cleaner network, black seems to be able to blend with a variety of home styles and it will not give people a sense of incompatibility.

    Superior performance – Easy to handle various environments

    Cool Appearance      Very Attractive To Consumers

    The A338 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 2200mAh battery and can work continuously for about 2 hours and clean the 150-200 square meter house. I believe this configuration can meet the needs of most families. At the same time, this A338 robot vacuum cleaner also has the  “five-in-one”function, which is the five functions of suck, sweep, roll, mop and sterilize. These five functions make cleaning become more easy, relaxed and secure. Especially this sterilization function is not common in general robot vacuum cleaners.

    The A338 robot vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a 350 ml large-capacity dust box that can holds a variety of dust and garbage. At the same time, the large capacity also reduces the frequency of pouring the dust by the user. The mop is made of nano material, which can easily handle all kinds of fine dust.

    The wheels of the A338 robot vacuum cleaner adopts the lift-down design that allow the user to conduct automatic lift-down operation like a SUV on a bumpy road, easily crossing a height of about 1.5 inside. If there is a carpet in the living room or the height between the rooms is cut off, it can be easily crossed and cleaned.

    This robot vacuum cleaner is also equipped with multiple cleaning modes, and the special ones among those cleaning modes are: fixed-point cleaning mode for intractable stains, wall-cleaning mode for corners. In addition, the A338 robot vacuum cleaner also has zigzag cleaning mode  linear cleaning mode, automatic mode, cross mode, and a free-line mode. The use of these modes allows the A338 robot vacuum cleaner to perform sweeping operations in complex home environments.

    The A338 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with multiple sensors at the bottom of the fuselage to protect your robot vacuum cleaner from falling or injuring. The front fuselage of the A338 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with multiple infrared sensors to ensure that your robot vacuum cleaner can effectively avoid obstacles when it encounters obstacles that cannot be crossed. It also prevents the robot vacuum cleaner from colliding with obstacles without detecting obstacles and cause damage to your home.

    Slim Design – Like Into The Uninhabited Place

    Superior performance       Easy to handle various environments

    The A338 robot vacuum cleaner has a height of only 8.7 cm and can easily enter the sofa, wardrobe or bed and there is basically no jam and into the uninhabited place. Therefore, when the robot vacuum cleaner is working, it will enter the unmanned environment, and it can clean according to the established cleaning route. It will not be stuck or unable to clean due to the height of the fuselage.


    What do you think of it? After the above description, do you heart it? Do you want to buy it? Do you want to learn more about the A338 robot vacuum cleaner. For those who want to buy or learn more, please visit Aliexpress store: Liectroux Robotics Store

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +49 335 23386578
    Country: Germany

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