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    On November 8th, 2018, a huge advertisement in Chinese and English for “Sport-Covers – the third anniversary of registration, recruitment of global partners” appeared on the Nasdaq screen in New York Times Square, USA. Through the platform of “the world’s first screen”, the reputation of China’s sports insurance service brand “Sport-covers” is widely spread to the world.

    Sport Covers was established in November 2015. It is the first Internet company in China to provide professional sports insurance. It mainly provides professional sports insurance based on specific time, specific venues, specific types of sports, immediate effect and high cost performance to the organizers and participants of mass sports through mobile Internet (Wechat Public Account, App, PC terminal, etc.).

    At present, Sport-Covers has guaranteed more than 50 kinds of sports, including ball games, outdoor sports, combat sports, performance aesthetic sports and so on. Partners include: China Football Super League Football Club, Chinese Football Association China League Football Club, World Top Fighting Event WBA, F1H2O Water Motorcycle and many other events.

    In 2018, on the third anniversary of the establishment of Sport Covers, Sport Covers recruite for global open partners. Based on the innovative Internet model and strong competitive sports insurance products, Sport Covers Company recruits global partners to jointly develop the sports insurance market, mutual benefit and assist the grand occasion altogether.

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    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    Human beings are great because of gratitude, the world is beautiful because of gratitude, gratitude is the continuation of love, love is the energy of life; November 22, 2018 is the annual Thanksgiving Day, as always, to support our customers, Sichuan One&Two Image Culture Communication Co., Ltd (abbreviation: One&Two media) specially launched the Thanksgiving package, which has various contents and rich forms, including special hot red book, friend circle advertisement, microblog hot search list, microblog topic list, etc., promoted in place, first-class service.

    Grateful, the price is reduced. This promotion is very powerful and involves a wide range of activities. At the same time, this event uses novel promotion methods to promote themselves with creative pictures as a medium to prove their strength as a media company and also to bring visual enjoyment to customers. As we all know, One&Two media soft writing is of a high level, and the news is not inconspicuous in combination with the actual situation, and it always makes people shine. Its promotion of the brand is easier to open up the popularity, and is sought after by the company. In addition to the textual description, the One&Two media article also integrates the promotional features of SNS social media: Articles can bring youtube videos, several photos, facebook links, twitter links, AliExpress shop links, Amazon store connections and more.

    In other words, One&Two media is not just a bunch of persuasive news articles, but a combination of social network (SNS) marketing, video marketing, photo display, and so on. The intensity of comprehensive promotion is far from comparable to any other media. At the same time, One&Two media’s foreign cooperation media include the US Boston Daily, Wall Street News Network, US NBC12 News Network, US News Enterprise News and hundreds of North American, European and Australian news media websites. At the same time, it also provides the world’s famous website publishing services such as Nasdaq official website, Reuters, Yahoo News, Bloomberg, etc., covering more than 3 billion Internet users worldwide. During the Thanksgiving period, One&Two media will offer discounted prices, and will also offer package discounts to meet the needs of new and existing customers. One&Two media adheres to the principle that “customers are the principle of God”. All customers meet the needs of customers, meet the needs of customers, let customers open their own popularity, get a large number of potential users, and also promote themselves.

    In addition to soft text promotion and news promotion, One&Two media also provides various services such as video shooting and micro-film publicity shooting. One&Two media not only has advanced video shooting equipment, but also closely matches the current trend. It also has a professional video shooting team. The video clips are beautifully designed to fit the needs of the audience.

    At the same time, in the Thanksgiving season, One&Two media also provides the outdoor advertising package for the Nasdaq big screen and Reuters screen of the New York Times Square, which is the core of the world’s attention and is known as the “world crossroads” where wealth and culture meet. Service, allowing advertisers to show their brand influence to the world, achieve better promotion with less investment, enhance product sales, open brand awareness, improve product reputation, penetrate the cultural essence of the company, and thus give Impressions that people can’t ignore.

    It is reported that in addition to the above preferential items, One&Two media also conducts a series of preferential activities for active self-media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, WeChat, Weibo Hot Search, and Topic List. In such a grounded propaganda brand, it has certain innovation. It also caters to the trend of the majority of corporate users. In the promotion of songs and music storage, as long as the customer needs, One&Two media will also put the songs on KTV all over the country, improve the singer of the songs, and increase the popularity of the singers and songs, thus becoming a classic of the population. One&Two media’s network-wide marketing network fully opens up the product market, increases product exposure, and allows products to penetrate the hearts of the people and form brand effectiveness.

    One&Two media Thanksgiving Day is a rare opportunity for customers with needs to seize the opportunity to patronize and let them have a good value for money promotion. I also believe that One&Two media will be presented in the form of more promotion in front of advertisers, allowing more advertisers to Domestically, you will be able to exude the charm of the brand from the inside out!

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    Company Name: One and Two
    Contact Person: Jiangerer
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    Country: China

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    As we all know, smoking is harmful to people’s health. Smoking can cause cancer, leading to a significant increase in the disease incidence of coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease, increasing disease incidence of lung cancer, causing damage to brain health and so on. In addition, people living and working around smokers unconsciously inhale smoke dust and various toxic substances. The concentration of harmful substances inhaled by passive smokers is not lower than that of smokers. And the smoke of passive smoking can also cause serious diseases such as malignant tumors such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart and cerebrovascular diseases and so on.

    The dangers of smoking are so great that many smokers are aware of this problem, but it is often difficult for smokers to insist on quitting smoke. They often fail to quit smoking for various reasons. To this end, in order to help smokers successfully quit smoking. German Liectroux Robotics Institute has especially developed a smoking cessation robot o help smokers to quit smoking quickly and completely.

    German Liectroux Smoking-Quit Robot Helps Smokers To Quit Smoking Successfully

    The smoking cessation robot is small in size so smokers can carry it with them. It works by helping smokers quit smoking in two stages. When smokers’ addiction occurs and they ignite cigarettes, the robot will immediately sense the smoke and then automatically turn on the work mode. Firstly, it will start the first stage of work, which is imitating the way that smokers smoke in front of them. The chest of the robot is transparent so smokers can see clearly that the process of smoke inhaling into smokers’ mouth and through the lungs, the harmful nicotine and tobacco tar in the smoke slowly accumulating in the lungs and turning the lungs into black lungs. At the same time of the smoking show, the smoking cessation robot will simultaneously perform a voice commentary, allowing smokers to understand the dangers of smoking in a very intuitive way, thus eliminating their idea of continuing smoking. If smokers still can not control themselves from smoking after the first stage, then the robot will immediately start the second stage of work, which is emitting gas to eliminate the addiction so that smokers will lose the desire to smoke and stop smoking. And the robot cessation robot can also affect smokers’ sensory nerves to allow them to feel the intense cough and other strong discomfort caused by excessive smoking so that smokers have to give up smoking.

    German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has been studying in the field of robot vacuum cleaner for decades. (You can view the website: or With its strong expert resources and technical support, rigorous and fine style as well as advanced and perfect equipment etc. It has developed and applied the intelligent robots to various kinds of fields. And many have been widely used in people’s daily life and the robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics has become a good helper for household cleaning in people’s daily life.

    The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts self-developed high-precision laser ranging sensor, which can accurately build plan cleaning routes at a speed of 6×360° per second through its ingenious intelligent algorithm. Secondly, its professional variable frequency brushless motor forged by high-precision pure lead not only has high temperature resistance and high number of revolutions, but also can bring strong suction up to 1500Pa. In addition, its unique zigzag cleaning mode has high cleaning coverage and is able to achieve better cleaning results. And  the zigzag cleaning mode can also save time, no dead ends and omissions. Once the robot vacuum cleaner was launched, it was loved by consumers and snapped up by consumers.

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    Contact Person: Christina
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    Country: Germany

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    Kazakhstan looks set to benefit from an influx of Indian based investment over the coming years as more and more Indian businesses seek to capitalize on the country’s strategic location, favorable agribusiness climate and highly-skilled workforce.

    ASTANA – 13 November, 2018 – More than 50 Indian companies are attending a major investment forum as they look to profit from Kazakhstan’s attractive business environment.

    The Kazakh-Indian Invest Forum, which is being held in New Delhi between November 12th and 14th, is being attended by India’s Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of External Affairs, as well as representatives from dozens of major Indian companies.

    The forum, which is being hosted by Kazakh Invest, the national company for attracting inward investment to Kazakhstan, includes a plenary session and themed sessions, during which Kazakh entrepreneurs will describe the investment projects that are currently underway in the country.

    Heading the Kazakh delegation is Saparbek Tuyakbayev, the CEO of Kazakh Invest. The heads of 10 leading Kazakh companies are also in attendance.

    In a further sign of the attention Kazakhstan is placing on one of its largest neighbors, the Kazakh Government has agreed to work together with its Russian counterparts to attract tourists from India and China and promote the development of tourism in the region.

    Kazakhstan’s relationship with India goes back 26 years, and the two countries have cooperated in a broad range of areas, including IT, fintech, oil and gas and banking. The Tengri Bank in Almaty said it had opened more than 80 Indian company accounts over the past two years.

    India is only the latest country looking to increase investment in Kazakhstan. Over the past 10 years, more than $250 billion in FDI has poured into the country as companies look to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded to them.

    Kazakhstan, which is the largest economy in Central Asia, accounts for more than 70 percent of all foreign direct investment in the region and was ranked 28th in the “Doing Business” report for 2019 – a climb of eight places – reflecting the government’s success in cultivating a highly attractive business environment.

    In the first six months of 2018, the volume of foreign direct investments rose by 15.4 percent on the previous year, amounting to $12.3 billion compared to $10.5 billion in 2017.

    Kazakh Invest, which is hosting the Kazakh-Indian Invest Forum, has been vital in supporting the government’s efforts to create a favourable investment landscape and in promoting Kazakh investment projects to the wider world.

    Note to Editors:

    Kazakh Invest was established by the Government of Kazakhstan to attract foreign direct investment into the country. From establishing links with local companies to supporting project maintenance and coordination, it provides a wide range of services to facilitate investment, acting as a ‘one-stop shop’ for all investment queries and needs.

    Media contact:

    Ms. Gulshat Suiindik
    Press Secretary, Kazakh Invest

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Kazakh Invest
    Contact Person: Ms. Gulshat Suiindik
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +7 701 935 6027
    Country: Kazakhstan

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    Nov 13, 2018 – SkyGoal is probably the largest online shop for cheap soccer jerseys, training apparel and jackets. This is the place where you can feel comfortable to place your retail and wholesale orders for soccer apparel and related accessories. The working objective at this unit is satisfying the requirements of customers and this is done in the most favorable manner. The company and its officials do their best in giving customers the experience of a lifetime. This is done by providing customers with the required products within an affordable range and without making any compromises with the quality of the products.

    Offering good service to individuals who are in the look out of cheap soccer jersey is the main objective at The company always does exactly according to what its customers require. It is only because of its commendable supply chains services and its able customer service department that the company has been successful in grabbing good name as one of the leading soccer jersey specialists sticking more than 2000 high quality products from international and national club teams from different parts of the world. Here, the main objective is quite simple- offering a huge selection of soccer merchandise and jerseys to international audiences at the most competitive rates.

    SkyGoal is one site that has been able to grab huge success within a very short span of time mainly because of the quality and the affordability of the products that it deals in. Company officials rightly say, “At SkyGoal, our main motive is providing a user-friendly transaction procedure while optimizing the search function. We constantly review our product range for ensuring that our customers get the best and cheap soccer jerseys online. We are also into delivering some of the most fantastic promotions. Accomplishing the satisfaction of the customers by offering them excellent service is what we strive for. Our team believes in the exclusive value of differences and in its ability of solving the problems of the buyers. We always take the best foot forward when it comes to confronting challenges. We always overcome the barriers that lie in the way of our services and concert them into scopes.”

    The company is quite serious when it comes to the overall shopping experience offered to the customers right from the quality of the products offered on sale to the ones that are delivered to the residences of the customers. Therefore, the site offers after-sales service for all those clients who need extra care. For ensuring the quality of its product range, the officials or the team working for the unit examine the products on a regular basis and keep updating the range. This makes it possible for the buyers to search exactly for the things that they might be in the look out of.

    Only the most professional and dedicated service officers and professionals are hired for offering services to the clients. The prices of the products available at SkyGoal are the best in the market with perfect dedicated to quality.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SkyGoal
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 870-483-4546
    Country: United States

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    What is Bexplus Exchange?

    Bexplus ( is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, but also a world-leading derivative platform in cryptocurrency area, which aims at providing advanced financial services to global investors of futures trading by using blockchain technology.

    Founded by senior blockchain architects, experienced financial traders, Internet professionals, and operated by team who has over 50-year experience in the field of finance and futures trading, Bexplus has established offices in the United States, Brazil, India and Hong Kong. By virtue of strong technical and operating strengths, Bexplus has completed tens of millions of US dollar fundraising and financing, which guarantees the solid foundation as well as long-term development of Bexplus exchange platform.

    Bexplus provides 23 languages versions for investors all around the world, including English, Chinese, Chinese Traditional, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Korean, Thai, French, German, Indonesian, Vietnamese,  Russian, Italian, Malay, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Czech and Hindi.

    Bexplus exchange app is also available for Android and iOS users.


    What You Can Trade on Bexplus Exchange?

    As we mentioned before, Bexplus is one of the best cryptocurrency futures trading exchanges. In other words, you can buy crypto futures contracts/trading in Currently, it allows users to trade BTC futures contract, ETH futures contract as well as LTC futures contract. And futures trading for more altcoins will be added soon in the future.

    Unlike some other crypto futures exchanges offering traditional futures trading, which means you can buy or sell cryptocurrency futures at a predetermined price at a specified time. Bexplus provides perpetual contract, which mimics a margin-based spot market with no expiry or settlement. Simply put, you can buy in(long) or sell out(short) the BTC/ETH/LTC futures at any price anytime you want.

    Furthermore, Bexplus offers 100x leverage for BTC futures trading. If you open a long position, when the price of BTC rises 1%, you can earn 100% profits. In reverse, if you open a short position, you can also make 100% profits when BTC’s price goes down 1%. And the minimum amount of cryptocurrencies in Bexplus’s futures trading are: 0.1 BTC, 1 ETH and 10 LTC. It’s quite friendly for investors and beginners who hold a small amount of BTC, ETH and LTC.

    Advantages of Bexplus Exchange for Investors

    1. Easy Registration

    With email registration, you can easily sign up an account. Enter the verification code received in the registered email mailbox, your registration will complete in a second, and you can start trading in

    2. Two-way Profits

    With perpetual contract of cryptocurrency futures trading, you can make profits when the price of BTC, ETH or LTC goes up or down. You can choose when to open a short or long position, and set stop-profit or stop-loss point to lower the risks of investment.

    3. 100x Leverage

    Bexplus offers 100x leverage, while other exchanges only offers the maximum of 50x leverage. Even if you hold only 0.1 BTC, you can leverage up to 100x and enter a greater trade, which means that you can use 0.1 BTC to start a 10 BTC trade.

    4. Free Futures Trading Simulator

    Bexplus offers simulation mode where you can try to trade cryptocurrency futures with a preset limited amount of BTC, ETH or LTC. This feature is designed for beginners who are not familiar with cryptocurrency futures trading, and perpetual contract trading in particular.

    5. High Security

    Bexplus is equipped with multi-signature encrypted cold wallet storage technology. In other words, all your digital assets deposit or trade in Bexplus will be securely stored in the cold wallet. It guarantees the high security of your cryptocurrency and not being hacked.



    In other financial areas, futures trading has become the most popular and mainstream transaction mode. It will also be the same true in cryptocurrency market, though many cryptocurrency exchanges still provide Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading like fiat-to-crypto and the spot like crypto-to-crypto. For new investors in cryptocurrency area, futures trading maybe a little too complex. As a result, Bexplus offers futures trading simulator, helping beginner learn how to trade BTC, ETH and LTC futures in an easy and fast way. Moreover, the entry threshold of futures trading in Bexplus cryptocurrency exchange is low that you can use 0.1 BTC, 1 ETH or 10 LTC to trade on 100x leverage. No matter you are a beginner or sophisticated investors in crypto futures market, Bexplus crypto futures exchange is one of the best options for you to make profits with small amount of capitals.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Bexplus
    Contact Person: Public Relations Department
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    Country: HongKong

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    Besides updating the stock of Yaqin amplifiers, China-hifi-Audio now also includes a number of Raphaelite tube amplifiers in its stock for customers to purchase them online at cost-effective prices.

    Perhaps, China-hifi-Audio maintains the biggest online inventory of amplifiers beside other products for the music lovers around the world. At the same time, they keep including new and more advanced products in their stock and enable customers to purchase these products at reasonable prices. They have a team of professionals who regularly keep an eye on the market and find out new products that could be valuable for their customers.

    Recently, they have included several new amplifiers from Yaqin and Raphaelite. The new Yaqin amplifier range allows people to enjoy music in a rather engrossed manner. These amplifiers are made in Russia and are 100% brand new for people to experience nicer sound when music is played on a CD player or a DVD player. With a one year warranty, they supply Yaqin amplifiers in the original edition box to customers all around the world. These amplifiers can operate at different voltage range, such as 110V and 230V, and could be connected with the digital sound sources, such as CD players, DVD players or computers, and can improve the sound quality. The amplifiers are capable of delivering sweeter and warmer sounds to a listener to enjoy the music. One will also get clearer, cleaner and stronger bass with a rounded midrange.

    The spokesperson of the online amplifier shop specially mentions the Yaqin MC-100B tube integrated amplifier that is also a power amplifier. This 100% brand new amplifier uses the SRPP amplification circuit and a cathode output circuit. It comes with a special two connection design mode of ultra linear amplifier and triode modes. This one amplifier can provide two kinds of use functions of integrated amplifier mode and pure power amplifier mode. There is a switch in the amplifier to switch between these two modes. With its special coiling process and the use of the high-strength enamel insulated wire, the amplifier gets its durability and robustness. This amplifier also contains the special electrolytic capacitor that improves its performance. The product is available with an earphone and has a shipping weight of 30Kg.

    China-hifi-Audio Now Supplies Yaqin Amplifiers & Raphaelite Tube Amplifiers At Cost-effective Prices

    China-hifi-Audio has also updated its stock with a new Raphaelite tube amplifier range. They have stereo integrated Raphaelite amplifiers with 211 vacuum tubes with a protective cover. Some of these amplifiers are also available with free shipping, which makes the products even more affordable for customers. The power tubes of the amplifier can be customized as per the choice of the customer, and one can choose from 211, 845 or 805 power tubes. They, however, may require 10 to 15 days to customize the product with the chosen power tubes. All Raphaelite amplifiers come with a one-year warranty and are shipped to customers in original edition boxes only.

    One can check the specifications of Yaqin amplifiers and Raphaelite amplifiers in their stock by by visiting the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is an audiophile tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-hifi-audio sells products from some great Chinese well-known brands, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    The RGB+CCT WiFi Alexa Controller is one of the LED controllers that Superlightingled Optoelectronics (ASIA) Co., Ltd has in its stock, allowing users to control LED lights from a significant distance.

    Alexa is making headlines for its stunning, innovative feature of voice based music activation. Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd is now adding more fun and convenience to this innovation, by allowing users to control their Alexa devices from a remote distance using a functionally advantageous controller. This Alexa Controller is one of the innovative LED controllers in their stock that allow users to control LED lights from a distance in order to create a lighting ambiance, maintaining energy efficiency.

    According to the company spokesperson, their RGB+CCT WiFi Alexa Controller is drawing everyone’s attention, because of its amazing music activation capabilities. With its 5-channel control, the controller can apply to 5-in-1 RGB LED strip. The timer music group sync controller comes with the Wi-Fi control with its compact and stylish Wi-Fi control unit, and which widens its controlling range. One can easily control LED strip lights from a distance beyond 20 meters. The spokesperson reveals that the controlling software can be installed onto an Android device, and one can easily use an Android phone to control LED lights. The controller comes with advanced software with the color wheel for creating custom colors. One can easily scroll custom colors and patterns using the controller.

    Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd Announces To Supply RGB+CCT Wifi Alexa Controller with Music Activation Feature

    Besides the controller, the company has the RGBWW LED Strip Lights, which is a 5 color changing LED strip light. This flexible LED strip is available in the length of 5 meters with 30 Leds every meter. The spokesperson reveals that this LED density helps create ample light in any space during the night. The waterproof LED strip is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, with a significant durability and an ability to withstand an extreme temperature range. Fitted with the Epistar 5050 chip, one can never doubt on its performance. With its 3000k super bright light; the Led strip is very popular for different applications, including advertising signs, computer machine box, mechanical equipment and others.

    Another type of adorable LED strip light they have is the RGB+CCT LED Strips. This 5-in-1 24V DC LED strip light can work with Wi-Fi Alexa controller, allowing a user to control the LED strip lights from a large distance. The spokesperson states that there are 5 chips in one LED, and which improves its lighting capacity. With a high quality double layer PCB, the LED strip is designed to be installed in different tough conditions in the outdoors. The controller allows multiple device synchronized control and the LED strips can be controlled easily besides controlling several other devices at the same time.

    One can learn more about the LED controllers and the color changing LED strips the company has in its stock by visiting their website

    About Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd

    Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd has the brightest LED light strips and they can customize Architectural flexible LED strip lights, LED light kits, and accessories in their China factory. All LED strip lights and LED flexible lighting kits are shipped from Hong Kong DHL. The company ships and provides services worldwide. For online orders, they sell all over the USA and internationally as well. The company is looking for distributors in USA, Australia, UK, and Canada.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Superlightingled Optoelectronics (ASIA) Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jimmy
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13410161367
    Country: HongKong

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    Along with turbulence of the cryptocurrency market in recent months, benefits of leverage trading has been increasingly discussed. But how many truly understand such trading mechanisms? In a bear market where profits are lacking, people have tried different products to seek returns from holdings. In this respect, KKcoin stands out with their innovation and reliability.

    Why does the bear market cause investors to explore leverage trading? What are the differences between spot and leverage trading? The table below compares spot trading with KKcoin’s leverage trading product, Perpetual Contracts, which clearly outlines advantages:

    Exploring KKcoin’s Perpetual Contracts

    The biggest difference between spot and Perpetual Contracts is that spot trading only allows for single directional trades. With spot trading, investors can only Buy-Long their asset and profit in a bull market; Should markets begin to tank, investors may be stuck with paper losses for a long time in a bear market. Such incidents are common in cryptocurrency due to inflexibility of spot trading mechanisms.

    Perpetual Contracts allows both Long/Short trades – investors profit in a downward trending market by shorting assets. Further, it provides leverage (10x, 20x) trading, increasing risks but also magnifying gains. Trading with Perpetual Contracts is more flexible and requires only a small initial capital.

    It is common knowledge amongst crypto traders that exchanges each have their own intricacies from risk management, network stability, account bust mechanisms etc. Some platforms are not developed adequately to handle these scenarios resulting in unfair treatment and frustrated users. Having spent time searching for a reliable levearge trading exchange, I came across KKcoin’s Perpetual Contracts which proved to match my expectations. The exchange has been reliable, secure and transparent even in the face of extreme market movements, managed properly via pre-defined procedures. Investors are able to liquidate positions at all times.

    The table below provides a comparison of popular leverage trading products in the market. You will observe that each exchange manages operations differently in many ways:

    Exploring KKcoin’s Perpetual Contracts

    Different products utilize different mechanisms to manage risks. With Perpetual Contracts, KKcoin goes above and beyond existing standards by protecting investors via price and position limits, restricting effects of market manipulators. Deep liquidity also allows positions to be settled quickly. KKcoin has proven to be genuine, standing out with its Perpetual Contracts trading model, reliability and low transaction fees as key advantages. Traders are able to hold their positions for as long as they wish (subject to sufficient margin) at no additional cost until they are satisfied with returns.

    Since the middle of 2018, cryptocurrency markets have faced a constant downward trend and investors are struggling to avoid losses. Many are turning towards leverage trading to prevent further depreciation. Per numbers posted by OKEx and BitMEX, leverage trading volumes have doubled month on month, representing future opportunities in the exchange industry.

    As a professional trading platform, KKcoin leads the industry with its security and risk control mechanisms, along with a comprehensive support center that outlines detailed information. Perpetual Contracts further enables users to profit even with a small capital through leverage up to 20x. With both Web and Mobile App (iOS & Android) support, the trading experience is guaranteed to be convenient and seamless!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: KKcoin
    Contact Person: Stephen
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Singapore

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    Hubi ( is a global digital asset exchange alliance, the world’s first “Exchange Alliance 3.0” model, everyone is a super node. Hubi’s exclusively 3 major advantages,“Platform + Alliance + Eco-system”, providing global users with a one-stop trading platform of lower entry threshold, better services, higher liquidity.

    Hubi Global Alliance(HBGA) is the world’s first “everyone is super node” exchange alliance initiated by Hubi.

    I. Advantages of Hubi Exchange Alliance 3.0

    1. Minimal Entry Threshold, Everyone is Super Node

    Hubi is the world’s first exchange alliance with everyone as super node.. Everyone can have their own exclusive exchange, which can charge exchange fees, list independently and issue coins independently, and can form a consensus with other super nodes in the alliance.

    The entry threshold of Hubi exchange alliance is minimal, with wider coverage, realizing everyone is super node

    2. Not Simply Site Duplication, Utility Submersive Services

    Hubi provides all-inclusive digital asset solutions, let everyone own exclusive digital asset exchange rapidly with lower entry threshold. Currently, Hubi exchange alliance provides the following support for the super nodes:

    a. Technical supper, security guarantee, customer service, sharing resource liquidity.

    b. “Alliance Super Background” in possession, can secure independent decentralized management and independent operation.

    Hubi exchange alliance’s super nodes are not simply site duplication, at the same time, Hubi provides a variety of utility subversive services, for instance, custom-made marketing tools (like candy airdrop, invitation commission rebate, etc.), alliance’s exclusive consultation channel, alliance business school.

    3. Alliance Nodes High Consensus, Sharing “Node is Mining”

    Hubi pioneered the alliance consensus and the alliance’s eco-dividends, and materialized alliance joint vote to list and alliance node mining. Let each super node obtain the corresponding alliance eco-dividends according to the total amount of tradable HUB held in the node.

    II. Hubi established Exchange Eco-System Centered Around HUBI Global Alliance

    The Hubi Global Alliance has invested heavily in site construction. At the same time, Hubi has cooperated with many top blockchain companies such as Lianan, BitForce, Face, TokenInsight, etc. in cooperation in security auditing, market making services, data disclosure, and intelligent KYC, aiming to integrate Hubi Global. Alliance as a consortium of exchanges with better service, higher security and liquidity.

    In addition, Hubi will also create a Hubi eco-system consists of exchange alliance layer, public chain layer, Dapp layer and eco-layer, to facilitate serving Hubi Global Alliance.

    III. HUB Eco-Coin is the global token connecting Hubi ecosystem, never distributed for free, bearing eco-benefits, circulation attributes and value consensus.

    Usage of HUB Eco-Coin:

    1. Exchange Platform Fuel & Rights and Benefits

    2. Deposit of Alliance Membership

    3. Alliance Joint Vote to List

    4. Dividends of Alliance Nodes’ Instant Mining

    IV. Hubi Global Alliance Recruiting Global Super Nodes

    Nine Major Advantages of HBGA Super Nodes:

    1. Exchange’s Independent Operation Authority

    The Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA) is the world’s first exchange of people-based exchanges. Everyone can have its own exclusive exchange, have independent operation authority, can charge exchange fees, independent coin listing and distribution, and will form a consensus with other super nodes in the alliance.

    2. World’s Leading Technical Services

    HBGA provides a complete infrastructure for Super Nodes, including a great variety of services such as technical frameworks, security systems, order-matching systems, multi-level wallets, independent management background, and back-end server docking. Allow everyone to have an exclusive digital asset exchange with convenience and low entry threshold.

    3. Dimensional Brand Marketing

    Upon becoming a part of Hubi Global Alliance, you will immediately enjoy Hubi’s powerful brand endorsement and take the lead in the digital currency fad. We provide personalized brand marketing service support for Super Nodes, and share channel resources, including brand exposure, channel breakthrough, and advertisement distribution.

    4. Diversified Marketing Tools

    HBGA offers a variety of tool-based immersive services, such as: customized marketing tools (such as candy airdrops, invitation commission rebates, etc.), so that Super Node marketing can attain more with less.

    5. Alliance Super Background Independent Decentralized Management

    HBGA independently develops the world’s leading “Alliance Super Background”, enabling independent decentralized management and operation of each alliance node.

    6. Alliance Exclusive Customer Serive

    Alliance exclusive customer service provides 24*7 online services with both English and Chinese languages, timely responses to customer issues, regular return visits. Each HBGA super node is matched with a super node manager, providing one-to-one services.

    7. Alliance Business School Training

    Alliance Business School provides tools, contents, resources, customer support, and a world-class blockchain team to provide training and support so you can operate the exchange with ease!

    8. Enjoying Alliance Eco Dividends

    Become a HBGA super node, high-consensus alliance nodes, sharing node to mine, and each super node can obtain the corresponding alliance Eco-dividends according to the total amount of tradable HUB held in the node.

    9. Sharing Alliance Transaction Depth and Liquidity

    HBGA is the world’s first exchange alliance with everyone is a super node. All super nodes can share the depth and liquidity of alliance transactions including Hubi, forming a global trading service ecosystem with huge circulation.

    Hubi Global Alliance is recruiting super nodes globally. If you want to join the trend and revolution of exchanges, please don’t miss such great opportunity!

    Apply now to become a HBGA Global Super Node, enjoy super discounts, please contact for detail, or add our business wechat (Wechat ID: l_zhen1019) It is a global digital asset exchange alliance, the world’s first “Exchange Union Alliance 3.0” model, everyone is a super node. The unique three advantages of “Platform + Alliance + Ecology” provide a one-stop trading service platform for global users with entry threshold, better service and greater mobility.

    HU Points: As a welfare certificate for establishing the Hubi users ‘equity system, 100% for gift, convertible to HUB Eco-Coin according to a certain ratio.

    HUB Eco-Coin: As the global token connecting Hubi ecosystem, never distributed for free, bearing eco-benefits, circulation attributes and value consensus.

    Hubi VIP Consensus: Consists of HU Points and HUB Eco-Coin, no need of purchasing, just need consensus, instantly enjoy consensus benefits.

    Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA): the exchange alliance sponsored by Hubi as the world’s first everyone is a super node

    More Details:

    Hubi Official Website:

    Hubi Official Telegram Group:

    Hubi Official QQ Group: 757199968

    Hubi Official Wechat Customer Service: HubiGlobal

    Premium Project Listing Partnership:

    Business Email:

    Business Wechat: l_zhen1019

    Hubi Exchange Alliance ‘Strategic Partners:

    Lianan, BitForce, TokenInsight, Face++,,, B91 and other top blockchain institutions.

    We welcome more blockchain institutions to become our strategic partners and build the Hubi Exchange Alliance together!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Hubi Company
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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    The fifth World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang on November 6th-10th. Professor Haogang Zhu, as chief architect of LEBEN, was invited to attend this conference and participated in the Forum on “Internet + Public Services: Performance, Collaboration and Innovation” held on November 8th.

    LEBEN chief architect Professor Haogang Zhu attended World Internet Conference

    This forum has invited local governments and enterprises representatives with innovative practice in the field of “Internet + Public Service”. From the different perspectives such as government and enterprise, they have shared the experience of content innovation and mode transformation of public services in the digital era. Professor Haogang Zhu discussed around the theme “Enhancement of Public Service Performance Driven by the New Technology” with many attendees including Yan Lida, Director of Huawei & Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Chen Shangyi, Chairman of Baidu Technology Committee, Wang Yulin, CEO of Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Shiqi, CEO of 21 Vianet Group Limited Co., Binod Hampapur Rangadore, Executive Vice President of Infosys and so on.

    The low circulation of data is one of the main reasons for restricting the development of new technology. We should have a positive attitude towards data just as assets, change the deteriorated qualities of internet from the bottom up to copy and disseminate data and avoid assets loss due to excessive data concentration and excessive copying.

    LEBEN chief architect Professor Haogang Zhu attended World Internet Conference

    Professor Haogang Zhu mentioned that LEBEN is a technology characterized by “medical knowledge efficient sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”, which integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It aims to change the current situation of “knowledge cannot be effectively shared and utilized” in the medical industry.

    Any doctor or medical institution can transform their knowledge, experience or data into smart contracts and share to others in contract store through LEBEN platform. Others can call these smart contracts through our devices or DApp for auxiliary diagnosis and treatment. The whole process is operated in a black box, where distributors no need to worry about data leakage and users don’t have to download and save data.

    Currently, LEBEN has implemented intelligent screening for fetal congenital heart disease in China. In an under-developed area with high incidence of fetal congenital heart disease, by connecting the LEBEN platform terminal on its B-mode ultrasound equipment, we can get the local fetal heart ultrasound image, and the images can be real-time compared with others in many hospital databases around the world. After a series of AI operations, the system will output the probability of congenital heart disease the fetus may suffer, and the accuracy of the results is infinitely close to the screening accuracy of hospitals in well-developed areas.

    This forum has attracted more than 200 people, including government officials, experts and scholars, business representatives, media journalists and so on. They lively and enthusiastically communicated with each other. The participants fully exchanged the views on technological application, service patterns and institutional mechanism of “Internet + Public Service”, presenting a “think-fest” for the fifth World Internet Conference.

    About LEBEN

    LEBEN is a global collaboration platform for smart contracts in the medical industry, which characterized by “medical knowledge deep sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”. It integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

    LEBEN’s ecological vision is to promote “global medical homogenization” and create a disruptive value system in the medical industry, clearly defining the three main value carriers (knowledge, data, and computing power). LEBEN proposes a “Projection of Thought” system to spread the ontology cognition and the digital world conversion channel. Based on blockchain and smart contract technology, LEBEN builds a value mobile platform, designs a “dual track” monetary economy system, expands medical value series, and provides energy for all links of the medical industry chain. Thus, a continuously flowing and expanding economic cycle system is established. In addition to the multi-links and multi-parties, LEBEN also establishes a complete ecosystem, including empowered ecological layers and innovative ecological layers to form an ecological gravitation. This promotes new models and new forms of business operation to transform and upgrade the medical industry. LEBEN further proposes an open, transparent, efficient, and sustainable development governance system to ensure the reasonableness and justice of multi-party interests and to support its efficient and stable operation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Leben
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: New Haven
    State: Connecticut
    Country: United States

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    Jake Ovenden

    SANSI’s 40W LED full spectrum grow light is one of the most unique lights on the market. With its ceramic structure, hollowed-out base and superior brightness. This light is an ideal choice for any indoor small-medium scale gardening projects. One of their best features is the way they can fit into any setting. Due to their sleek porcelain look and honeycomb structure, they will do well in any modern home. 

    What sets them apart?

    What makes this light stand out is its full spectrum beam, the brightness of this beam and their design. A full spectrum beam not only provides great benefits to a plant by replicating natural daylight. The light it produces makes the light applicable to office and home environments. A lot of LED grow lights emit a purplish light that can be unpleasant to the eyes or distracting especially in offices. So full spectrum is the way to go.

    The beam

    The brightness and quality of the light produced for the amount of Watts it uses is unparalleled. The best feature of this light’s beam is that it is full spectrum. The spectrum of light distributed is: Blue (400-499nm) 19.46%, Green (500-599nm) 37.70%, Red (600-699nm) 36.23%, Far Red (700-780nm) 6.61% respectively. Blue light promotes the absorption of chlorophyll and carotenoid in order to boost root and stem growth. Red and Far red help with blooming and fruits. Green light is used to promote photosynthesis. So this light promotes well balanced uniform light that a plant would enjoy in its natural environment.  


    One of the most important yet underutilized measurements when it comes to horticultural lighting. PPF or Photosynthetic photon flux measures the total amount of PAR produced by a lighting system each second. The unit used to measure this is μmol/s. This measurement is incredibly useful when looking at a grow light as it tells you how efficient the light is at producing PAR.

    This measurement is not listed by many companies. However, SANSI does list this and the 40W Grow Light’s μmol/s is incredibly high. A whopping 98.28 μmol/s. This light is incredibly efficient at producing high quality light that promotes photosynthesis. The efficiency of this light stems from its unique design. As its design allows the light to produce a very powerful light while promoting very effective dissipation of heat.

    Perfectly Engineered

    Using Ceramic

    First of all, what separates this grow light from the majority of others is its use of ceramic. Most LED grow lights use aluminum and glue the LED chips onto it using adhesives and PC boards. However, SANSI’s lights have been engineered to be different. Ceramic, unlike aluminum, is a non-conductive material, so the LED chips can be stuck directly onto the ceramic body. This allows for there to be less parts within the bulb resulting in less heat created and energy wasted. Overall, creating a more energy efficient bulb.

    Honeycomb structure

    The honeycomb design of this light is not only aesthetically pleasing. It was engineered this way. The honeycomb design has been used in numerous engineering and scientific applications. Now is its time for LED lighting. The honeycomb design not only promotes superior heat dissipation, it also contributes to the production and weight of the light. The adoption of using a ceramic honeycomb structure allows this light to use less material in production; making this light environmentally friendly right the way from creation to performing in the home.


    Hollow base  

    The last distinct feature of SANSI’s 40W grow light( is its hollowed-out base. This, like its honeycomb structure, contributes to the look of the light while providing ideal conditions to dissipate heat.


    Overall, this light was created to benefit indoor gardeners. What sets this light apart is that it benefits homeowners and gardeners in ways they couldn’t have imagined. It provides a bright natural daylight beam that not only helps plants. It also brightens up the room it is installed in. This light dissipates heat incredibly efficiently, which allows it to run on very little energy for the light it produces. This results in the owner and the plants getting the maximum out of this light as it can be used for however long the plant needs without any concerns. The PPF is high, the design is unique and its performance is unbelievable. Get ahead of the curve and try one!

    Early Bird Discounts

    SANSI currently offers a special discount to early birds. Connect with SANSI:

    * Spend $40 get $9 off on 30W or 40W Grow Light. Code: GROWTREE

    * Newly registered members will enjoy 10% off on all items.

    * Clearance Sales:

    52% off on 15W Grow Light Full Spectrum with code: KEEPGROW.

    55% off on 15W Grow Light Flowering with code: FLOWERING.

    Be effective until 2018/11/31. Hurry up, early birds.

    SANSI 40W LED Grow Light Unboxing Video:

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SANSI LED Lighting, Inc.
    Contact Person: Alice Fu
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Customers can now get Large Contemporary Art pieces for their walls from WhereBuyArt Co.,Ltd and can request for custom adjustments in the shape and size of the painting so that it can exactly fit into the space of the wall.

    Art lovers can find it a lot easier and efficient to deal with abstract art with the online platform of WhereBuyArt Co.,Ltd, which offers a variety of large size abstract art pieces with customization services. The customization service is available for altering the shape and size, changing the color and adding signature of the artist on the front canvas.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they are always available to customize the Oversized Canvas Art, so that it can precisely fit into the space of the client. According to the specific requirements of the client, they can alter the shape and size of the paintings. Clients can measure the space where they want to put the painting and can choose any painting from the given collection. The artists of WhereBuyArt will make appropriate adjustments in the painting shape and size as per the given details of the client and will ship it to the client without wasting time. They, however, have a large collection of large canvas paintings in a number of styles and colors to choose from. These are contemporary art pieces that depict various themes and topics and can enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the walls where they are placed.

    WhereBuyArt Co.,Ltd Announces To Offer Oversized Canvas Art With Custom Adjustments In Shape & Size

    WhereBuyArt Co.,Ltd specializes in Large Contemporary Art with a team of talented artists who attempt at expressing unique tales with their brush-strokes. Each art in their collection has been created with great passion and love, and one will remain awestruck by their exceptional artistic presentation. These are hand painted art pieces that reflect the amazing visualization of the artists. The large size paintings are drawn by the artists on large canvases using acrylic paints. The spokesperson reveals that each art piece is created by hand and there is no printing work. They supply paintings unframed, rolled in a solid tube so that it can reach safely to the client’s location. Once the client receives it, he or she can get the painting stretched and framed in the local framing shop in their area.

    With their Huge Abstract Art collection, the WhereBuyArt team allows their clients to turn their walls expressive and livelier. Instead of standing as a concrete wall, it can now become an attention puller when an inquisitive modern art will be placed on the wall. The online art store has huge paintings in both vertical and horizontal formats, which clients can choose from. These art pieces can suitably improve the beauty of the wall décor and can be chosen for home, hotel lobbies, lounges, restaurants and other places. They have a variety of art pieces, featuring animals, floral paintings, panoramic landscapes and so on. Available at reasonable prices, each of these paintings is protected by the 30-day free return policy.

    To choose from different types of large paintings with custom adjustments, one can visit the website

    About WhereBuyArt Co.,Ltd

    With tens of thousands of satisfied customers in more than 120 countries Where To Buy is the world’s largest supplier of Made-to-Order Oil Paintings. The talented artists have created hundreds of thousands of paintings for art lovers around the world, as well as clients that include the Royal Family, major hotel chains, luxury cruise-liners, museums, interior design firms, the largest real estate developers, Hollywood production companies and many more.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: WhereBuyArt Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Zhi Lin
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-15892056362
    Country: China

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    After PLUS TOKEN has successively landed in Hong Kong, China, Jeju Island, South Korea, Geneva of Switzerland and Harvard University in the United States conducted technical discussions and exchanges, LUS TOKEN arrived at the (WBF) Global Blockchain Summit – New York Station according to appointment and discussed with a number of blockchain entrepreneurs and Wall Street elites about supervisory policies of different countries, the development of blockchains in different regions, and the development trend of future blockchains, especially about the current hotspot of STO. How to effectively use of STO in a better way, to service blockchain entrepreneurs, and to create better value is the purpose of PLUS TOKEN’s US trip.

    What is STO? The full name of STO is Security Token Offering, which is the issuance of securities-type certificates. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) divides cryptocurrencies into two categories, namely, Utility Token and Security Token. STO belongs to the second one. STO usually needs to be supervised and protected by relevant local agencies, while the issuing institution will be bound by laws and regulations. And the relevant tokens need to be registered with the CSRC and comply with various provisions of the securities law, which provides a certain degree of protection for the investors.

    PLUS TOKEN has been paying attention to this field for a long time. So, what does PLUS TOKEN do to do well in STO?

    As for products, PLUS TOKEN launched a comprehensive transformation and upgrade: it introduces the STO section and achieves the purpose of guiding, regulating and helping the world’s excellent blockchain project for financing through the platform to issue stable currency; it improves its trading attributes and opens multiple trading pairs in the currency trading area so as to let the user’s digital assets be freely circulated on PLUS TOKEN; it opens a stable currency channel, and preferentially opens a legal currency trading channel in some countries which allow digital currency trading. PLUS will be designated as the only legal currency transaction tentatively, and high-level users of the platform can apply to become an acceptance dealer.

    The layout of PLUS TOKEN is in Jeju Island, South Korea and Singapore, and it will actively cooperate and communicate with local governments and entrepreneurs to learn advanced industry experience continuously and improve products and services.

    In the competition in the financial sector, licensing is crucial, which determines whether you can develop business legally and legitimate at such local place. So! PLUS TOKEN attaches great importance to the policy changes of various countries and actively maintains communication with governments around the world. At present, PLUS TOKEN has obtained the authorization about the STO exchange in Australia and Singapore. Meanwhile, it also actively communicates with the US to better develop blockchain business globally.

    In the future, the competition in blockchain is no longer just the competition of products and services, but the competition of users, quantity of flow, technology, licenses and patterns. PLUS TOKEN has always adhered to the principle of taking users’ security, users’ experience, system fluency as the core and adhere to the times as well as the global layout. The summit focused on making PLUS TOKEN the first STO exchange in Asia and leading PLUS TOKEN into the blockchain 2.0 era. The PLUS TOKEN blockchain 2.0 era is bound to be a new start as well as a brighter future.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    From Harley Quinn to Wonder Woman and Batgirl, women can now opt for a new avatar with the attractive cosplay costumes that Sichuan Maila Trading Co., Ltd has now it its stock at great prices.

    Women can now have more fun and excitement during the Halloween and other fancy dress occasions, as Sichuan Maila Trading Co., Ltd has a new range of cosplay costumes for them. These costumes are the representation of dress and style of the popular characters of Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Available at affordable prices, these costumes are with a variety of customization options for a woman or a girl to pick a cosplay costume that suits her personal style.

    Women can now explore Harley Quinn Cosplay Costumes available in the stock of the online cosplay costume store. Harley Quinn is a popular fictional character designed by DC Comics, which first made its appearance in the Batman comic books. Women are always fascinated by the looks and style of this comical character and they can now precisely copy the dressing of Harley Quinn. The online cosplay costume store has a variety of Harley Quinn costume designs, such as Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Costume, Harley Quinn Catsuit, Harley Quinn Dva Overwatch Costume, Harley Quinn Wetsuit Costume and others. These costumes are perfect for the Halloween fashion and will suit the dressing sense of girls and women of all ages.

    Cosplay Costume Store Presents New Costume Collection To Lure Its Women Customers

    The spokesperson of the online cosplay costume store speaks about the Wonder Woman Cosplay Costumes, allowing women to showcase their style with a more creative approach. The character of Wonder Woman is also an invention of the DC Comics and is pretty popular among Americans and people worldwide. The online cosplay costume store presents a spectacular range of Wonder Woman costumes for all women to dress for the Halloween fashion with more sophistication and style. The costume collection includes Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costumes, Wonder Woman Catsuit, Wonder Woman Bodysuit, Wonder Woman costume with a cape and other styles. Available in different sizes, these costumes are also available with different customization options.

    The cosplay costume store has another great Batman Batgirl Batwoman Cosplay Costume collection for women customers. These costumes are suitable for young girls and women of all ages, and the online store has costumes in different sizes. Batman is a very popular fictional superhero and women can now find the signature Batman dress that has been designed to suit their physique and style. The women’s version of the Batman costume can be appealing for any woman to play the role of a female counterpart of Batman. The Batgirl or Batwomen costumes are available in a whole range of attractive styles, in the color combinations of black, blue, yellow and red.

    Women customers can check the entire new range of cosplay costumes for them on the website

    About Sichuan Maila Trading Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2005, Coser Cosplay Costume Factory is a specialized manufacturer of costumes. The company has 2 factories with 3 production lines and advanced equipment for anime cosplay, anime cosplay costumes, video game cosplay costumes, movie cosplay costumes, sexy cosplay costumes, Halloween costumes, bodysuit, catsuit, zentai etc. They can design and make many kinds of costume styles according to the customer needs.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sichuan Maila Trading Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jack
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 17078654356
    Country: China

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    The new stock update of Brand Knee High Boots and Brand Thigh High Boots is aimed at providing women with trendy footwear for the upcoming winter season.

    Winter is fast approaching and it’s time to update the wardrobe for the winter season. Besides, choosing from a wide range of trendy dresses, women also focus on selecting perfect footwear for any season and occasion. When it comes to winter, boots are the perfect footwear for women to wear with different types of dresses. Recently, has updated its stock with an exciting range of knee high boots and thigh high boots for all discerning women customers.

    According to the spokesperson of the women footwear online store, women can be stunned by the beauty and styles of their Brand Knee High Boots. A woman can find knee high boots in a variety of styles, both with high heels and flat heels. The spokesperson states that these boots have been inspired by the recent fashion shows and a woman can easily find boots that have been flaunted by the noted celebrities. These boots with updated styles will surely appeal to every woman who wants a pair of perfect footwear for the upcoming winter season. These high heel boots have become very popular in the recent years, and one can search the boot collection with the keyword 2018 boots to find the latest knee high boots for women customers. The new boot styles include boots with leopard prints, studded, with rivets and spikes, rhinestone styles etc. Announces Biggest Stock Update with Brand Knee High Boots & Brand Thigh High Boots for Women Customers

    Similarly, the online women boot store also has an incredible collection of Brand Thigh High Boots for its women customers. These newly designed boots could bring the perfect choice for a woman to flaunt her style during the chilly winter season. These boots are generally made of leather to maintain the much-needed warmth and usually come in the length of 55cm to 65cm. According to the spokesperson, the length of the thigh high boots will be suitable for women of all heights and they can wear these boots with short skirts, denim shorts and other types of attires. Women can also choose from lace up thigh high boots, thigh high boots with a zipper and other styles. They also have boots without any zipper and which use an elastic material for an easy wearing of the boots. These boots are also available with different heel choices, such as flat heels, high heels, platform heels and others.

    The spokesperson specially talks about the Brand Vintage Boots that are special attractions in their collection. They have hundreds of vintage boots from the 1990s that remind of a classic style. These boots are available at affordable prices and showcase the popular styles of yesteryears, such as platform heels or studded boots. These vintage boots are available in both types, including thigh high boots and knee high boots, and which a woman can wear with skirts or a pair of jeans. These fashionable boots are perfect for the winter season to keep the warmth and also adding to the style.

    Women can check the entire collection of stylish and elegant boots by visiting the website

    About Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd.

    Sichuan Yimai Trading Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of trendy women’s footwear. The company runs the leading women’s online shoe store, for customers across the world. They supply high quality shoes with amazing designs at reasonable prices. They focus on offering the best and stylish products at affordable prices, maintaining the utmost level of customer satisfaction.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Lene
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    Phone: +86 19078765439
    Country: China

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    Lucky Baby Names | Professional Baby Name Consultant
    A lucky name using Astrology and Numerology together is the best foundation for the success of a child. Dr. PR Sundhar Raja B.E. Ph.D. (Astrology), is India’s No. 1 Astrologer & Numerologist specialist and a leading professional baby name consultant.

    Chennai, Tamil Nadu – November 14, 2018 – As one of the leading Astrology and Numerology Dr. PR Sundhar Raja B.E. Ph.D. give your child a lucky name for life time. He believes strongly that only GOD should decide the date and time of birth of a child. However, using Astrology and baby name Numerology Dr. Raja will help you to choose the Lucky Name for your child after delivery.

    When asked about their service, the spokesperson replied “Using Astrology and selecting the baby names based on Nakshatra is not fully effective as this includes only the starting letter vibration and does not have the control or capability to give continuous success in life. Dr. Raja uses Astrology and Numerology together to maximize success. Go ahead in taking the first important step to bring success and happiness to your new born baby and to yourself. A child’s character and personality are also influenced by the unique name you call him / her,” replied the spokesperson of Lucky Baby Name.

    Lucky Baby Name is the best baby name consultant in India, should always select the unique baby names, whether it is Baby boy names or Baby girl names using the right starting letters.

    The spokesperson also continued, “Dr. PR Sundhar Raja B.E. Ph.D. (Astrology), is the recipient of several awards including the “Indian Achievers Award” and uses Astrology with Numerology, as per our ancient texts, for over 35 years in assisting to choose the right baby names, company names and fine-tuning existing children names and individual names to achieve great success.”

    Some famous examples of successful celebrities, who changed their name after consulting with the famous numerologist in India:

    Inquilab Shrivastava (small time actor) became Amitabh Bachan (Big B)

    Shivaji Rao Gaekwad (bus conductor) became Rajinikanth (Super Star)

    “You can also use this service for your grown up children. Also Gift this baby name numerology service to your friends & relatives children. This will be the best gift for their success. If you are looking for astrology for baby names for your new born child, book an appointment with Dr. PR Sundhar Raja B.E. Ph.D. (Astrology), concluded the spokesperson of Lucky Baby Name.

    About Lucky Baby

    Dr. PR Sundhar Raja is a leading expert in the science of Astro-Nameology and has assisted several business leaders and professionals over the last three decades by contributing to their success and many business tycoons and corporate business heads are his repeat clients.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lucky Baby Name
    Contact Person: Sundhar Raja
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9840020243
    Address:No.1, 1165, 6th Ave, Z Block
    City: Chennai
    State: Tamil Nadu
    Country: India

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    Recently, TDF Holdings Co., Ltd. has completed the installation and commissioning of eight new production lines of PET spunbond waterproofing bitumen membrane carrier in Chuzhou Factory, Anhui Province.Up to now, the number of nonwoven fabric production lines has reached 18 and the total production capacity is 90,000 tons. It indicates that TDF has surpassed the existing production capacity of the international nonwovengiants(nonwoven giants) Freudenberg and Johns Manville, and is becoming the world’s largest supplier of PET nonwovens.

    TDF’s name comes from ancient bronze wares and abundant crops, representing that hard work and honesty are bound to harvest. Just like its name, TDF is creating miracles. Through its continuous investment in construction and rapid expansion of technology accumulation, TDF has achieved an average compound annual growth rate of more than 48% and obtains the first market share in China for three consecutive years. More than that, TDF is also actively distributing the international market. It is understood that its business involves 16 countries and regions, and has established good cooperative relations with 25 leading global or regional waterproofing enterprises at present.

    Transcendence is no accident. Quality determines the future. The core competitive advantage of TDF is mainly embodied in sufficient capacity and excellent quality. TDF benchmarks with the famous international manufacturers of roofing materials. Many main products in markets surpass giant enterprises in the industry. TDF is also actively exploring new business areas, such as high tenacity coarse denier polypropylene spunbond needle punched geotextiles which are TDF’s unique advantages. The main mechanical indexes such as tensile strength and CBR breaking strength of geotextiles are superior to competitors, and they are in the leading level in the world. It can be used in the international market.

    Industry insiders point out that the global market demand for nonwovens reaches 2.5 billion square meters, with a total market capacity of about $1 billion. At present, TDF PET nonwoven occupies about 10% of the global market share, and its future share will continue to rise. TDF won double respects of quality and public praise because it has passed the market test and the product quality. The international window is gradually opening to us. TDF has accepted the examination of the global market and assumed the responsibility of the world’s largest supplier of PET nonwoven.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
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    Country: United States

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    Customers in Australia who are willing to purchase cheap ray ban sunglasses can now visit the online store of rbtopsedu11au to take advantage of the discount sale of Ray Ban sunglasses with free delivery to many Australian cities.

    Whether someone needs a prescription glass or just wants to replace old sunglasses with more stylish Ray Bans, the online store of rbtopsedu11au could be an ideal online destination to purchase the finest quality of replica ray bans at cheap prices. Besides offering sunglasses at throw-away prices, the online store also delivers products with free shipping to major cities across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and others. With its first-ever sunglass collection at cheap prices, the online store allows Australian customers to go for a stylish makeover.

    According to the spokesperson of the ray bans Australia online store, all replica sunglasses are made from high quality materials. This is the reason why these sunglasses are capable of blocking above 99% of UV rays to protect human eyes. Besides, they have an extensive range of sunglass shades to choose from. Available in the latest range of styles, some of the rectangular ray bans could be the best choice for the youths of all style preferences. The sunglasses are available in a variety of shapes, however, such as round, oval, aviator and others. Along with designer frames and accessories, these replica sunglasses give the exact feel of a top brand. The online store has now become the best fashion shop online for Australian customers to grab a pair of cool sunglasses at never before prices.

    Rbtopsedu11au Cheap Ray Bans Australia Online Store Announce Discount Sale of Sunglasses With Free Shipping to Major Cities Across Australia

    For the most fashionable and cheap ray bans Australia, rbtopsedu11au is a popular online store now for numerous men and women in Australia. They have sunglasses for both men and women, and one can find cheap ray bans, according to his/her age, sense of dressing and style preferences. These replica sunglasses are no way inferior to top-brand eyewear available in the market. Besides the style enhancement, these replica ray bans also come with amazing protective features to protect one’s eyes from harmful sun rays, dust particles, and other environmental elements. These sunglasses come with durable and stylish frames that can also help enhance the fashion statement of an individual wearing cheap replica ray bans. Besides Ray Ban sunglasses, customers can also choose from top brands, such as Oakley, Prada, Versace, Vogue and others.

    The online store brings cheap ray ban sunglasses Australia in the newest and popular styles. These latest sunglasses could be a hot favorite among bikers, mountaineers, and people who love different kinds of outdoor activities. These high quality fake replica ray bans could be an important accessory for all fashionable men and women on this planet. These are perfect for people to don a casual style, and one can wear these sunglasses on different occasions.

    One can choose from a variety of cheap ray ban sunglasses by visiting the website

    About Rbtopsedu11au

    Rbtopsedu11au Cheap Sunglasses Store Online offers cheap ray bans for sale for Australian customers. Besides cheap prices, the online store offers free shipping to Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities.

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    On November 10, 2018, the C.E.C Meetup Korea, co-organized by Brink Asset and Babi Finance, with assistance from AXIOMZ and CoinIN, came to a close in Seoul. The conference brought together nearly 200 industry celebrities, project organizers, investment institutions and top Korean media. Besides the Keynote speeches by the project organizers, also opened up discussions on the pattern of blockchain development, the development of blockchain applications, and how blockchains empower the real economy.

    Brink Asset

    The conference officially kicked off with a brief and wonderful speech by Ms. Grace (Brink Asset CEO). First, Grace expressed her gratitude to all the guests present on behalf of the event’s organizers. Grace said that C.E.C is a blockchain global tour brand co-founded by BA and Babi Finance that stands for innovation, efficiency and cooperation. The conference will start off in South Korea and continue its vision for globalization with meetings in Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and other places, jointly promoting the development of the blockchain industry and implementing the application of blockchain technology using analyses of blockchain policies, and of industry experts, promoting quality projects, round-table discussions, and cooperative exchanges.


    Mr. Zac Nien gave a presentation on the theme of Developing a decentralized global content ecosystem. He reiterated that Contentos aims to build a global ecosystem of decentralization in the field of digital content building, continuing to use blockchain technology and a token economy to achieve freedom of creation, copyright, trade and dissemination of content.

    Zac Nien(Sr. Director of Product Management of COS)


    AITA Network CEO Aaron Guan’s speech dealt with credit-based blockchain infrastructure. He stated that in the latest test network, AITA has achieved an average speed of 6852 TPS and a sharding failure time of more than 4000 years. Transaction costs are estimated to be as low as $0.00001 per transaction in the main network.

    Aaron Guan(AITA Network CEO)


    As the premier development engineer at Qtum, Mr. Zhong Wenbin spoke to the blockchain enthusiasts present from the perspective of pure technology in a highly technical keynote speech. He mentioned that Qtum is an open source blockchain platform, whose independent blockchain is geared at bringing smart contract technology to mobile and networked devices, and bridging the gap which still exists between blockchains and the business world. This development strategy will broadly improve the commercialization and practicality of blockchain technologies.

    Zhong Wenbin (Chief Development Engineer of QTUM)


    Filenet Community Representative Mr. Jude shared a speech on the new incentive layer of IPFS at the conference. He mentioned that Filenet itself is an incentive layer built on top of IPFS, which rewards miners for sharing their storage and network resources, as well as a token which runs on a distribution proof mechanism. It is a super cloud system that shares content based on IPFS and is committed to storing and distributing valuable content.



    As a special guest of the conference, Ms. René Cao also put out a message on the value created from information. She said that BINANCE INFO, as a renowned data service platform for currency information, will continue to work hard to provide more varied market information, help users to obtain accurate project information, and shape reliable and comprehensive currency encyclopedias.

    Standard & Consensus

    Ms. Alice You gave a speech entitled “STO — How will it Change the Global Financial Landscape”. She said that Standard & Consensus, as a world-renowned blockchain rating agency, will continue to publish independent and rigorous analysis reports and credit ratings for all types of blockchain projects, as well as provide professional and reliable investment basis for investment institutions and small and medium investors.

    LEFT: René Cao (VP of BINANCE INFO).
    RIGHT: Alice You (Partner of Standard & Consensus)

    In the subsequent panel discussion, five guests including Sky, a Foundation Partner of DACC; Zac Nien, Director of Product Management of COS; CEO of Nexus One, SungKu Kim; CBO of BitMart, Peter King and CEO of DigiFinex Exchange, Kiana Shek held a wonderful discussion on the topic Blockchain 3.0: Blockchain Empowers the Real Economy. They analyzed stabilization of blockchain application scenarios, and how to help and promote the development of blockchains, for the audience. And in closing, they expressed expectations for blockchains to empower traditional industries.

    The successful conclusion of this conference was made possible by the efforts of people from many different sectors. In addition to on-site support from international blockchain and encryption field experts, the conference also received support from Chinese and foreign media, especially many well-known North American media such as Medium and DIGITAL JOURNAL. Not only was cooperation based on the blockchain industry deepened, but the large trend in global development of blockchains was promoted, resulting in a win-win situation. The era of blockchain has come and all the conference’s participants are its witnesses, its spokesmen, as well as its implementers!

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