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    For an efficient traffic and mobility management, Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd offers different types of parking solutions, including the parking payment machine, the parking lock and the parking lot sensor.

    With the growing number of vehicles in cities, the need of efficient traffic and parking management has become more and more important today. Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd is a company that believes in smart parking management technologies and comes up with intelligent solutions that can help in both on-street and off-street parking facility management.

    Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd Announces Smart Parking Solution To Make Parking Convenient & Safe For Everyone

    The parking payment machine or the parking meterintroduced by the company can be used by the municipalities to enforce an on-street parking policy and can also be useful in managing traffic and mobility on the streets of a city. The device can be used for collecting money for allowing people to park their vehicles on the streets for a certain period of time. This system can calculate the amount one has to pay for parking a vehicle for a specific amount of time and it can also help in the revenue generation for municipality authorities. According to the spokesperson of the company, the machine is designed to work on low power consumption and can work for several years without a need of recharging the battery. The machine is waterproof, dust-proof and sturdy and can withstand all environmental elements, such as rain, dust and sunrays.

    Besides the parking meter, the company has others important parking management tools, such as the parking lot sensor. The sensor has been designed to provide full and real-time information about the occupancy of a parking space, and can guide drivers to quickly find an unoccupied parking space for their vehicle. The sensor is powered by high-capacity batteries for its flawless performance for long service life. It requires low maintenance and is easy to install. Due to its wireless installation, there is hardly any need of civil works in the parking facility. The spokesperson reveals that the sensor features a robust construction and ensures protection against any kind of vandalism and accidental damage. The sensor has been designed to take the best advantage of the available parking space and can ensure detection with a very high accuracy of up to 99.5%.

    Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd Announces Smart Parking Solution To Make Parking Convenient & Safe For Everyone

    The company’s LoRa parking reservation lock is another outstanding product that can be used for restricting unauthorized parkers from parking their vehicles in a given parking space. Installed in the front parking bay, the lock can block the space so that one cannot park his vehicle there. It comes with a built-in vehicle detector that can monitor the occupancy status in real time. There are 2 ways of wirelss communication, one is LORA, the other is NB-IOT. The company can provide parking reservation lock, gateway and API for your integration and development of backend system and APP.  The lock can also be controlled remotely through multiple ways, such as Bluetooth, mobile application and backend control.

    One can learn more about the feature-rich parking facility management solutions offered by the company by visiting the website

    About Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd

    Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd is a leading parking company that focuses on manufacturing smart parking facilities and providing intelligent parking solutions to clients from global markets. With strong R&D and professional traffic parking management, KSmart continually brings innovative and effective parking solutions and products to market.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou KSmart Parking Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: KSmart Parking
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13535133478
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    With a unique portfolio of durable and reliable anchorage systems, the company helps clients to accomplish their heavy construction projects.

    The pre-stressed and post-tensioned steel product factory in China specializes in producing a variety of anchorage systems that can be used in the construction sector. These anchorage systems are aimed at strengthening the concrete structures. The company specializes in pre-stressing anchors, barrel and wedge anchors, slab steel anchors and other types of anchors.

    The spokesperson of the company reveals that their barrel and wedge anchor is an important post tensioning anchorage system, which is used in the construction of bridges, railway networks, roads and highways and underground projects. According to the spokesperson, this is a type of commonly used anchorage system that is used in many types of infrastructure development projects. The product is 100% reliable to support heavy loads. The company supplies the product after checking all the grips, so that a quality product is shipped to the client. The anchor can efficiently be used in the transmission of the tension in the steel wire, and thus have its important applications in the construction industry.

    Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory Promotes Heavy Construction Projects By Introducing Several Kinds Of Pre-Stressing Anchors

    The company also brings the slab steel anchor that comes with the hollow core slab structure. This type of anchorage system is used in the pre-tensile production. It is suitable for different sizes of steel wires in the beam, lintel making as well as precast slab factories. Available at competitive prices, the anchor is of durable quality and is suitable for a recycled use. The spokesperson states that this type of anchor has varied applications in the construction industry, such as used as a building material in concrete constructions, used in bridges as upper plates, used in PC panels, marine structures and towers, used in multi-storey buildings and also in coal mines. The products anchorage grip features locking for steel wires for the precast concrete line.

    Companies can check their pre-stressing anchor range, which includes a complete choice of products for companies involved in construction projects. The anchorage system is supplied with different components, such as pre-tensioning anchor head, flat anchorage, flat anchor head and pre-stressed concrete bearing plate. The anchorage system supplied by the company is highly durable, rust proof and is easy to install. According to the spokesperson, they are capable of supplying a different assortment of pre-stressed anchors. The company excels in its process expertise and can supply bearing plates with both standard and customized configurations. With a precise design and a flawless manufacturing, the company can meet the requirements of the companies engaged in different construction activities. They also use the best materials in the production process and follow the industry norms to deliver high performance products for customers around the world.

    One can learn more about their anchor production process by visiting their website

    About Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory

    Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory produces pre-tensioned and post-tensioned steel materials, such as Post Tension Anchor, PC strands, PC wire, unbonded tendon, pre-stressing tendon, pre-stressed tendons, pre-stressing strands, unbonded PC strands, PE coated PC strands, anchorages and corrugated duct.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory
    Contact Person: Leo
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 18622040400
    Country: China

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    TVC-Mall keeps introducing repair and replacement parts for the latest smartphones, mobile and computing devices available in the market. Besides a complete range of iPhone parts, they now also have the replacement parts of the Galaxy J Series on their web store of Ipartsexpert.

    For most of the mobile phone repair shops around the world, TVC-Mall is a reliable company to source all kinds of repair and replacement parts. The company takes all pain in researching on the latest devices introduced in the market and replenishes its stock with high quality replacement parts to help repair those devices. They keep prices competitive and also handle bulk orders that enable mobile phone repair shops to increase their profitability.

    TVC-Mall Announces Availability Of iPhone Parts & Replacement Parts for Galaxy J Series in Their Stock

    According to the company spokesperson, they have a significant range of replacement parts, which one can explore on their online store of They have the complete range of iPhone parts, so that one can repair all iPhone versions and models. These iPhone replacement parts include white for the iPhone 5 LCD assembly, black for iPhone 4s, replacement transmitter microphone for iPhone 4, iPhone SE LCD screen and digitizer assembly. The spokesperson reveals that they also have several repair parts for the latest iPhone X. According to him, iPhones are delicate as well as expensive devices, and people often want their iPhones to get repaired quickly. TVC-Mall brings quality and reliable repair parts that can be used to repair all Apple products, including iPhones, iPads and others.

    The company has also included replacement parts for the latest Samsung Galaxy J Series. One can find a whole range of J series parts, such as OEM digitizer touch screen replacement, OEM keypad sensor, OEM loudspeaker module, OEM LCD screen display replacement, OEM battery door cover and other products. All these OEM products can be ideal to replace damaged parts of the J series mobile phones by Samsung. The spokesperson reveals that all these products are specially designed to fit into the J series mobile phones with a precise compatibility. Each part is tested meticulously before packaging and shipping, and one can rest assured of receiving the best replacement parts for Samsung devices, iPhones and for any other product from reputed companies.

    For mobile phone repair shops, ipartsexpert is a one-stop shop to get replacement parts for all types of mobile devices from the leading brands. The online store packs and delivers products in a timely manner and also maintains competitive prices. At the same time, one can get a better price advantage for ordering products in bulk.

    To check the latest replacement parts they have in stock, one can visit the website

    About TVC-Mall

    TVC-Mall is one of the largest online distributors of cell phone replacement parts, offering a wide range of LCD touchscreen digitizers, replacement SIM card slots, OCA optical adhesive sticker and other related repair tools for almost all mainstream cell phone models at the most competitive prices. They have established a strong business relationship with many reliable cell phone repair parts manufacturers in China, and are able to provide quality products at low prices.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TVC-Mall
    Contact Person: Kanon (Manager)
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-755-28416521 Ext.8033
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    Dec 19, 2018 – The best CBD capsules online available at offer a convenient, super easy and discreet way of enjoying the power of CBD oil. For the ones who are in the look out of the high-potency serving of CBD with neutral taste and long-lasting effects, PhytoLogica would definitely be the right place. One of the CBD products from the company called the Full Spectrum Hemp Softgels has been successful in acquiring a good position in the list of Top 14 CBD capsules and softgels reviewed by the Ministry of Hemp. Here, it is important to note that the Ministry of Hemp serves as one of the most reliable sources of information on the best CBD capsules and softgels.

    Coming to PhytoLogica, the company is known for its supply of the Best CBD soft gel capsules designed to be taken orally. At, you will find tasteless, inconspicuous and small CBD capsules with a measured serving of CBD oil. When it comes to precision and ease of use, there is simply no better way of having your regular CBD supplement than by taking just two to three capsules available from PhytoLogica. The capsules from this source can be used anytime and anywhere. They are the firm favorites of many customers and specifically popular with the ones facing hectic lifestyles and busy work schedules. The bottles have been designed to perfectly fit into average-sized bags. This means that you can easily carry your CBD supplement to work or even while travelling.

    Buy CBD capsules online at because here you will get a broad spectrum of CBD products that you might be looking for. Majority of the products are available in capsule form for easy delivery. Sources close to the working team of the company say, “With our Ministry of Hemp certified CBD oil capsules and softgels, you can easily have a good time. Our capsules work perfectly for consumers looking to enter the CBD world. Our capsules come in mid-range concentrations. They are formulated by board-certified pharmacists possessing huge experience in the industry. You can find the best capsules for sale at our store without having to go through any kind of hassle. We take great pride in processing our products with the assurance that they will be highly advantageous for the consumers.”

    When buying CBD capsules online, it is very important for you to know where you are standing in regards to quality. At PhytoLogica, the carefully curated collection of CBD capsules and softgels is strictly derived from top quality commercial hemp plants. The products are processed correctly and serve as the perfect match for developing high-grade CBD supplements. The company works with the mission of becoming the most client-focused service provider of CBD softgels and capsules online. Hence, it is dedicated to sharing and researching the most advanced objective information in regards to CBD and its potential advantages including the latest scientific studies on the subject. It is this attention to details that has helped the agency in creating a curated assortment of CBD capsules, softgels and pills.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Salus PR
    Contact Person: Heather Atwell
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (800) 350-3740
    Address:233 Mt. Airy Road 1st Floor
    City: Basking Ridge
    State: New Jersey
    Country: United States

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    Nasdaq Screen is located in New York’s Times Square, known as the “crossroads of the world”. Its screen is as high as 36.6 meters, and it is the “world’s first screen”. Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, Google, Huawei and other well-known enterprises have appeared here. The voice of big brands are heard by the world from here.

    Nasdaq screen perfectly harmonizes the financial atmosphere of business with high-tech art. It is at the center of fame and fortune with more than 300,000 visitors a day and about 100 million traffic per year. It not only shows the power of a company to the world, but also marks the ambition in the global capital market.

    On November 30th, US time, Mr. Liao Wang, CEO of ATOSHI blockchain, landed on the NASDAQ screen in New York City of the United States and attracted the attention of the world’s major news media. One of the most ambitious crypto projects have begun to uncover the mysterious veil.

    On the big screen, with hands postured like a gun, Liao Wang was looking forward firmly, confidently, determinedly and fearlessly, just like going to shoot a big eagle with a gun. “Empower The World” is announced loudly to the world. The design of the huge golden ATOSHI logo and commemorative coins is particularly eye-catching, making the pedestrians cannot stop and watch, and is extremely impressive. The atmosphere and pleasure show that the ATOS will use blockchain technology to create a currency on the shoulder of bitcoin, to be used between countries and solve financial hegemony… and make the world fairer and more efficient.

    ATOSHI aims to be the currency between countries. Every country should have the right to issue their own currency. And it is sacred and inviolable, so that the country can mobilize resources through the issuance of currency and build the country better.

    However, paper money cannot satisfy the huge needs of nowadays. Especially there is no currency which can be used between countries in a fair way, so we use dollars as an imperfect solution. The currency used between countries should be issued by the blockchain network and in the hand by the people of the world.

    Atoshi stands on the shoulders of mainstream cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Atoshi has all the advantages of gold and dollar. It will adopt the most advanced technology nowadays: PODalgorithm, each user contributes idle computing power to help the whole network to process transactions in return for free transfer service and create a huge amount of computing pool to do all settlements of money transfers and smart contract. The more users, the higher TPS. To fulfill the mission of the Atoshi: “Empower The World.”

    At the same time, Liao Wang also knows that talents first. Talent strategy is the key strategy of ATOSHI. At the top of the Nasdaq big screen written “IT Geek, Join us” and called all IT geeks around the world to join the Atoshi to create a better cryptocurrency for the world and use the blockchain technology to “Empower The World”.

    Used to sleep on the corridor because he had no money for the rent, Liao Wang is famous in Dubai real estate, crytocurrency, asset investment. He started his own real estate in 2009, when there is a lot of crisis and make 700000USD profit in the first year, and 1 million USD in the second year… on the third year, he bought 46 shops in Dubai from AMCON (Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria), which makes him huge profit due to the property went crazy up from 2012 to 2014… after investing in hundreds of properties in Dubai, he started to invest in funds and shares which again have gave him an average gain of 130% per year… in Jan 2017 he bought a lot of Bitcoin under 1000USD, Ethereum and Litecoin at the price around 10 dollars, his assets have skyrocketed and bought a huge house in Jumeirah Golf Estate in Dubai.

    After investing in almost all mainstream cryptocurrencies, Liao Wang feels that cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, and there should be better cryptocurrencies for the world.

    Liao Wang says: “Bitcoin was an amazing invention, but Bitcoin is definitely not the best cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was born 10 years ago,10 years later, there are definitely new technologies that can surpass bitcoin.”

    And he continues firmly “Bitcoin is like a first car. It is a great invention, but the first car is not the best car. There are many problems for the first car, you will have ass pain because there is no shock absorber… The real good car is made by the entrepreneur leading a group of geeks who make cars, including circuit technology geeks, engine technology geeks, brake system geeks, design masters, as well as brands, marketing, sales, finance, procurement, warehouse, manufacturing and other professional talents.

    “The better cryptocurrency should be created by entrepreneurs leading a group of cryptography geeks, programming geeks, system architecture masters, Internet product design talents, economics experts, UI design masters, as well as brands, marketing, sales. financial and other professional talents.

    “I am going to be that entrepreneur, leading a group of talents to create a better cryptocurrency for the world. The goal is to use the blockchain to build the ‘central bank’ of the world. Use the concept of ‘three services’: serve the world’s finance; serve the people of the world; serve the global enterprises.”

    ATOS issued by the ATOSHI network will be a cryptocurrency between countries, committed to perfecting the global financial trading system and building a foreign exchange reserve currency for the future.

    With the operation center in China and Dubai, ATOSHI will become a “dark horse” in the crypto industry and will gradually lead cryptocurrency to “Empower the world”!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Atoshi Foundation
    Contact Person: Nina
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    It’s the holiday season, and what better way to get in the true Christmas spirit than with a new music video from award-winning Christian-Roots recording artist Katie Garibaldi, who has gifted us with her new Christmas release “Wonderful Mother Mary.” 
    The stunning video  exclusively premiered on Christian music blog Louder Than The Music, and the single is taken from Katie’s album Home Sweet Christmas, which is available everywhere now.
    “I’ve always been really inspired by the Blessed Mother’s story,” explains Katie. “Mary was chosen for this miracle and huge responsibility and no matter what anyone else thought, despite any of her fears, and regardless of being turned away at an inn when in need, she carried on and still believed in God’s promises.

    “I wrote this song about her tremendous power of faith, and I wanted the music video to reflect a gradual sense of awakening from timid to bold faithfulness. I hope it inspires people to embrace the kind of gentle but courageous surrender to God’s plan that Mary’s journey symbolizes to me.”

    Watch the premiere:

    Katie Garibaldi is an award-winning singer/songwriter and guitar player whose characteristic Christian-pop and gospel blend with Americana roots gives her a dreamy and soulful musical sound drenched in sparkling memorable melodies. The prolific songwriter continues to stretch the boundaries of any genres walls with the release of her latest album, Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of original holiday and faith-inspired songs that embrace Garibaldis operatic vocal prowess and soulful folky affection, but also branch out into traditional country and gospel atmosphere.

    Hailing from San Francisco, CA, but a regular performer and recording artist in Nashville, TN, Garibaldi has won an impressive 50 awards for her hit music video Delightful, standout song off her EP release Rooted Clarity. Currently her videos Unhappy Holiday and Star in the East are screening at film festivals internationally. An endorsed artist of Breedlove Guitars and a creative who has continued to release a consistent stream of original new content fueled by positive messages, the ever-evolving Katie Garibaldi has proven to be an artist with staying power.

    Watch Katie Garibaldi’s new music video “Wonderful Mother Mary”:

    Listen to Katie Garibaldi’s album Home Sweet Christmas on Spotify: 
    For more information, visit


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Music Talkers
    Contact Person: Andrew Braithwaite
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +44 (0)161 818 6487
    Country: United States

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    China and Britain should strengthen exchanges of personnel in the field of science and innovation as part of the efforts to push forward the “Golden Era” bilateral relations, said a senior Chinese official on Nov. 29th.

    Zhang JianguoVice Minster of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, made the remarks at the ceremony in London

    Zhang Jianguo, Vice Minster of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, said China-Britain exchanges of personnel in science and technology have entered a “Golden Era” with more than 40,000 British experts working in China each year, forming a major part of driving force for China-Britain innovation.

    China will adopt more active and open policies to welcome foreign experts and professionals, Zhang said.

    Zhang made the remarks at the launch ceremony of Britain as the only guest of honor for the upcoming Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (CIEP) to be held in China’s Shenzhen in April, 2019.

    Dubbed as “China’s top conference for talents”, CIEP gathers international experts and professionals with the largest scale and highest level in China.

    The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the inter-governmental agreement on scientific and technological cooperation between China and Britain, Zhang noted.

    After 40 years, a new pattern of wide-ranging China-Britain cooperation in technological innovation in which multiple players are engaged among enterprises, universities, research institutes, Zhang said.

    He called on China and Britain, both big countries in science and technology innovation, to seek more cooperation opportunities.

    Zhu Qin, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in the UK said China-Britain cooperation in science and technology is the “golden fruits” in the “golden era” of China-Britain relations.

    China-Britain cooperation in innovation faces unprecedented opportunities as the world is undergoing profound changes, he said.

    There are 170,000 students in Britain and 10,000 British students in China and many experts and scholars are working in each other’s countries, forming a solid foundation for high-level exchanges of talents between the two countries, Zhu noted.

    David Willetts, member of the House of Lords and former Minister of State for Universities and Science, said China is one of the strategic partners in the development of science and technology that Britain wants to work closely with.

    “We want to see continuing collaboration with China in science and the commercialization of technology,” he said.

    This event also marks the 30th anniversary commemoration of China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP)’s UK office.

    CAIEP, established in 1985, aims to foster cooperation between China and other countries in such fields as industry, agriculture, science and education through personnel exchanges.

    The 30th anniversary commemoration reception of CAIEP-UK office & The launch ceremony of guest of honor (UK) for the 17th CIEP

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Center for International Exchange Personnel
    Contact Person: Chan Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    “ADSS 5th Anniversary in Asia and Press Conference” was held in Shanghai on December 12, 2018. ADSS Asia CEO, Francis Lee and Deputy CEO, Jacob Wissum attended the event.

    As an international financial services company, ADSS deeply understands the importance of regulation to customers. ADSS is regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, and its London office is regulated by the FCA in the UK. In addition to that, unlike many other brokers in industry which do not own a Hong Kong license, ADSS Hong Kong office holds Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Licenses authorized by the SFC in Hong Kong.

    ADSS is a very well capitalized company and initially focused on institutional service by providing liquidity and other trading solutions for a range of brokers in the market, the company has then extended its business to the retail brokerage and global markets. In just a few years, ADSS’ scope of services has covered investment banking, wealth management, corporate finance and other services.

    ADSS has been in the Asia market for five years. While looking into the future of the financial industry, Mr. Francis Lee commented: “ADSS was started eight years ago in Abu Dhabi with the vision of becoming a disruptive force in the financial services industry. Established with strong capital base, it has consistently invested technology, developing OREX, its acclaimed proprietary trading platform. We are very clear that blockchain is a game changer for financial services. The use of transparent distributed ledger technology will allow our industry to develop a new range of services and products delivering what the next generation of investors is looking for. In the future our OREX app will use artificial intelligence to deliver cash management solutions – simple and innovative ways to generate fixed returns on capital, while offering opportunities to utilize funds to trade a wide range of financial markets and assets.”

    After the rebranding in 2018, the brand name ADS grew into ADSS, which features “Living Your Way, Trading Your Way.” In the future, ADSS will continue to integrate trading into customers’ life as always, bringing them the most secured trading experience.

    For more information on ADSS, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Toushistar Media
    Contact Person: Mathilda Shen
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    The VIXA Da Vinci wristwatches are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s works “Homo Vitruvianus” and the cryptex. The perfect proportion of human body and golden section, along with the sleek and elegant cryptex, are exactly the commonality between the VIXA brand and the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

    Unlike traditional watches, which feature its 2- or 3-layer structure, the Da Vinci collection boasts a 6-layer structure that makes the wristwatch unique and distinct. Besides, a wristwatch contains more than 200 spare parts, which show the top-notch brand’s grandeur image both in the production process and from the finished products.

    The VIXA Da Vinci wristwatches will bring a new definition to elaboration. In order to infinitely approach the soul of Leonardo da Vinci, the VIXA Da Vinci collection has its watches’ entire body fire-drawn rosy gold, manifesting a simple fashion and elegant. The color arrangement displays VIXA’s pursuit of ultimate perfection, which is indeed the true reflection of the German craftsman spirit.


    VIXA watches offical offer two configurations, the advanced configuration has been limited sale in Europe and USA. The official site public price is 2350 Euro.

    Video Link:

    For more information, visit:


    Media Contact
    Company Name: VIXA Operating Center In Germany 
    Contact Person: Jack
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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    The online tube amplifier store brings these two popular Line Magnetic products for customers to purchase them at affordable prices. Besides, they have several other LM products in their portfolio.

    China-hifi-Audio is well known to update its products, so that customers can shop for the latest musical electronics online at reasonable prices. The online store has quality products from all leading brands. They have recently added two new Line Magnetic Products in their stock, which customers would love to purchase for their best music listening experience. The LM products are already popular among music lovers, and this could be an opportunity for them to buy these new LM tube amplifiers online.

    According to the spokesperson of the online store, one of these products is the Line Magnetic 219ia, which is a single ended tube integrated amplifier. This Class A tube amplifier is available at an affordable price with free shipping. With a shipping weight of 60Kg, the product is available in black and silver colors. This integrated amplifier is also a power amplifier and comes with a tube cage cover and a remote control. The amplifier features a point-to-point hand welding and uses two high-power EI power transformers. The spokesperson reveals that its preamplifier part uses 12AX7*2 vacuum tubes while the power amplifier part uses two 845 vacuum tubes. This unique combination of vacuum tubes proves useful in the single-ended power amplification. The hifi amplifier can deliver soft, smooth and pure sound for a user to enjoy the music.

    China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability Of Line Magnetic 219ia & Line Magnetic 508ia Tube Amplifiers At Inexpensive Prices

    Another important LM product to make its way to their stock is the Line Magnetic 508ia tube amplifier. This class A and single ended amplifier comes with a remote control with volume control and quiet functions. It also comes with a tube cage cover and can operate on 220V to 240V voltage range. This integrated amplifier is a power amplifier as well and now comes with a more dignified black panel. With 805 output high power tubes, the power amp adopts an audio grade for single-ended power amplification. Users can use a variety of tube brands and models to listen to the different types of rhymes. The amplifier features a totally handmade construction and uses high quality German N-cap coupling capacitance. The high pressure power supply and the preheating function of the filament extend the life of the amplifier.

    Besides these two new products, China-hifi-Audio already has dozens of LM products in its stock. For example, they have 100% brand new LM-216IA KT88 x4 hi-fi tube integrated amplifier that can deliver two different kinds of sounds. The spokesperson maintains that most of the LM amplifiers feature point-to-point handmade welding and are available with a tube cage cover and a remote control. The specially designed EI power transformers give enough power for the amplifiers to perform with an optimum level of power.

    To know more about these LM amplifiers and their features, one can visit the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is an audiophile tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-hifi-audio sells products from some great Chinese well-known brands, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    This Christmas, people can own Textured Canvas Art Paintings at reasonable prices and with free shipping from LN Art to decorate their walls and rooms.

    People can now purchase large abstract wall arts and textured canvas paintings at discount prices from LN Art. One can glimpse through an astounding collection of handmade large canvas art pieces, available at a discount of 5% and with free shipping. One just needs to use the code ART5POFF to take advantage of the price discount, which will end on 28th December, 2018. Thus, for Christmas shoppers, it will be a great opportunity to grab large abstract arts at a reduced price. They can use these paintings to decorate their home and can gift paintings to others as well.

    LN Art Announces Textured Canvas Art Painting Christmas Sale with Free Shipping

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they specialize in creating the Large Abstract Wall Art, using acrylic paints or oil paints. These handmade paintings are the result of hard work and dedication and which also represent the imagination and creativity of the artists. A team of three talented artists is behind these stunning paintings, which are now available on the website of The website offers all relevant details about the paintings and one can also place an online order for any of these paintings. The spokesperson reveals that they have created a secure online platform for all art appreciators to purchase large canvas wall arts for their homes, offices, and any other place.

    They have an awesome Textured Canvas Art Painting collection that can simply draw the attention of everyone who has even a little interest in the modern art. These abstract paintings are available in a wide variety of choices, and everyone can rest assured of finding paintings that can be perfect for their rooms or walls. Available in different colors of pink, red, blue, yellow, violet and others, the paintings can also be supplied in custom colors. According to the spokesperson, they can change the color of the same painting according to the wish of a customer. They have nude arts, minimal paintings, palette knife large canvas arts and many other varieties that one can choose from. These paintings are handmade and do not include any kind of digital printing and patterns.

    The spokesperson reveals that they have the specialty in supplying the Large Canvas Art that can amaze everyone. However, these art pieces are available in different sizes. Moreover, one can choose an art with horizontal orientation or vertical orientation. They can customize both the size and the orientation of a painting, so that a customer can pick the right painting to adorn the wall of his/her room. Each painting is expressive with the vivid presentation of different patterns, shapes and art forms. One can also find pictures of animals, birds, nature, flowers, landscape etc to help transform the looks of their room. Besides the Christmas sale, customers can purchase large canvas arts throughout the year and can expect the same affordable prices.

    One can choose from a large range of textured canvas arts by visiting the website

    About LN Art Co., Ltd.

    LN Art is a group of artists, trying to spread their ideas of art to the world via Etsy and Each artist in the team is talented in certain subjects or techniques. They create, recreate, paint every single piece of art carefully, slowly, and expand their business by bettering their reputation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: LN Art Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jimmy Lin
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +401 517-2115
    Country: United States

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    In the past few years, blockchain technology has been the focus of the world. With the influx of investment institutions in various fields, from listed companies to young companies, from business to technology, the blockchain is decentralized and cannot be tampered with. New technologies traceable attract investors to focus on and participate in this field. Blockchain technology is considered to be the core technology that has the greatest potential to trigger a disruptive revolution.


    The one-stop service of the cross-chain Betoken wallet uses a new generation of blockchain technology to creatively introduce artificial intelligence technology into the blockchain, and the two are closely integrated to create a high-frequency trading arbitrage across the era. product. In the future society, artificial intelligence is productivity, and blockchain is used to maintain production relations. Betoken will provide a vehicle for this purpose, using the bees chain to serve the block-based economy of the blockchain.

    Betoken Wallet is a tool that provides the most objective and neutral data, information and digital asset management. It is designed to solve the inconvenience of users managing multiple digital currencies and the problem of poor value transmission. This wallet provides a safe, convenient, decentralized one-stop management solution by supporting multiple blockchain asset types. Users can use the APP to store and manage mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which not only can completely control their digital assets, but also greatly reduce the usage threshold and management burden of digital currency, and effectively promote digital assets. Flexible application.

    The wallet adopts the mainstream java language development of the financial system, the distributed system architecture, based on hardware extension can support millions of concurrent; hot and cold wallet separation, set hot wallet threshold, cold wallet physical isolation; multi-layer service scheduling, guarantee system bank Level safety.

    The Betoken platform is a Turing-complete contract that provides professional financial services such as transfer, exchange, and transaction for digital assets. The Betoken platform will generate financial-related smart contracts to address the security certification of digital assets. The Betoken platform focuses on the financial functions of digital assets with security and high performance without redundant data.

    In the design concept of the Betoken platform, the digital assets themselves are motivated by the high-frequency automatic quantitative calculation of the completion of the relevant mining fee refund. This incentive mechanism requires some decentralized data or transaction mining services. The corresponding functions are configured in the digital asset generation contract of the Betoken platform, and the algorithm for providing the data or mining is generated and stored in the corresponding number of assets, to initiate a high-frequency automatic quantitative trading program so that many Betoken users will run the data program or mining program to provide data or mining services for the digital asset, earning Bees and corresponding digital assets. Announce the acquisition algorithm and deposit certain digital assets on the Betoken platform.

    Users on the Betoken platform find that running the high-frequency automatic quantitative trading program can earn good Bees and the digital assets of the contract, which will provide a decentralization for the digital asset. Information delivery services. On the Betoken platform, the project side only needs to configure the corresponding data in its own digital asset contract, such as the blockchain mode, block size, consensus mechanism, mining mode, etc., and deposit a certain Bees, then The Betoken platform will find this demand and will switch the trading power of some transactions to generate the smart contract agreement to support the project’s blocks to earn Bees and corresponding digital assets. The Betoken platform achieves good returns by automatically configuring transactional power. For the project side, it is easy to deposit digital assets to obtain decentralized smart contract agreements and corresponding computing support. In this way, digital assets are completely separated from commercial applications, solving performance problems and making digital assets more secure.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Runto Technology Development Pte. Ltd.
    Contact Person: Edward
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    Country: Singapore

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    The Internet of Things + blockchain project Waltonchain has recently released a letter to its community supporters along with a Waltonchain ecosystem illustration and mainnet swap schedule. Waltonchain uses its unique parent/child cross-chain consensus mechanism, combines software and hardware, and utilizes RFID chips with blockchain integration to create an ecosystem that could potentially benefit all industries involving supply chain management. Mr. Mo Bing, Waltonchain CEO, revealed that in 2019 the project will seek community and operations autonomy.

    According to the updated schedule, the Waltonchain mainnet token swap will happen on March 31st, 2019.

    The just-released Waltonchain ecosystem diagram illustrates different layers in the ecosystem structure: from industry use cases and child chains that collect data through hardware devices to Super Master Nodes that deal with cross-chain data uploading to the main chain. As seen in the illustration, GMN and MN nodes will play their roles in the main blockchain; however, detailed information is yet to be released by Waltonchain team.

    In the letter addressed to community supporters, Waltonchain CEO Mr. Mo Bing said:

    “Waltonchain is an enterprise jointly operated by the global users. Our product is both software and hardware. Our core concept is that we use the product to expand our market, gain profit, achieve WTC circulation and thus establish a virtuous cycle. Detours and errors are common in this process; however, we implement it step by step and will not be hindered by small setbacks. Waltonchain mainnet is about to go open source, our software is ready and our hardware enters mass production. Waltonchain is just about to enter the rapid development phase.”


    Waltonchain positions itself as a global leader in blockchain and IoT. The latest update from Waltonchain team and the letter from their CEO calling upon supporters to join building the ecosystem have boosted confidence for this project during the prolonged bear market.

    Waltonchain’s highly anticipated blockchain + IoT supply chain management solutions will greatly affect the demand for WTC once we see working products and child-chain data synchronization with the main chain. We’ll keep an eye on its latest development.

    A Letter to Waltonchain Supporters:

    Dear global Waltonchain supporters,

    Thank you for your continued support for the Waltonchain team. As of today, Waltonchain has 18 SMNs, 2281 MNs (including 1563 GMNs) and 25,477 WTC accounts (excluding personal accounts on exchange platforms). Our nodes spread over 59 countries globally. Every day we receive messages with all kinds of valuable suggestions for Waltonchain development from our supporters. It is your continuous supervision that always reminds us that Waltonchain still has a long journey to go and a lot to be done.

    Waltonchain is an enterprise jointly operated by the global users. Our product is both software and hardware. Our core concept is that we use the product to expand our market, gain profit, achieve WTC circulation and thus establish a virtuous cycle. Detours and errors are common in this process; however, we implement it step by step and will not be hindered by small setbacks. Waltonchain mainnet is about to go open source, our software is ready and our hardware enters mass production. Waltonchain is just about to enter the rapid development phase.

    Blockchain is decentralized, so Waltonchain has to be decentralized, or multicentralized, as well. Our first step is comprehensive promotion of community autonomy in 2019. Walton Chain Foundation will encourage global users to join the Waltonchain community and accelerate the parent-child-chain ecosystem construction. The second step is operation autonomy. When the mainnet is open source, every qualified individual or enterprise can become a manufacturer and supplier of hardware and software products in the Waltonchain ecosystem to jointly promote the circulation and appreciation of WTC.

    It seems to us that you are not just “supporters”. You are rather Waltonchain “builders”; and the common cause brings us together. Although the cryptocurrency market in 2018 can be described as terrible, we remain strong. Warren Buffett once said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” And regarding the market fall, he also said, “…we welcome lower market prices of stocks we own as an opportunity to acquire even more of a good thing at a better price”.

    Therefore, our dear friends, the real battle has just begun!

    – Mo Bing, CEO – Waltonchain
    December 19, 2018

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Wovochain Technology Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Phoenix
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    One can use a web browser or a waiver app to start collecting, signing and storing digital waivers and get rid of the traditional paper based waivers forever.

    A paperless waiver solution is all set to replace the traditional paper waivers, because of a number of advantages that digital waivers often offer to a business. Waiver Digital brings this remarkable solution, which can be used for converting paper waivers into the digital format. Digital waivers are easy to store and can be searched easily when stored online. It hardly takes a few minutes to set up this digital waiver system and one can say goodbye to the stacks of paper for forever.

    Waiver Digital Announces an Online Waiver System to Help Set Up a Digital Waiver Business in Just two Minutes

    The spokesperson of the company reveals that their online waiver system has many advantages in comparison to paper waivers. One can use this online system to create online release forms and liability waivers. The system also allows online signing of waivers. According to the spokesperson, the digital waiver software they have created can be used to simply sign and create online waivers, using any computer with an internet connection. At the same time, one can use the computer for collecting online digital waivers. While these features save a lot of time of a business in collecting and signing waivers, it also brings a flexibility and ease of doing business.

    The company has also introduced a waiver app for collecting waivers using smartphones. They have a mobile app for both Android and iOS users, and one can simply download the mobile application onto their device for signing, collecting and storing digital waivers. This free kiosk waiver app can easily turn an iPad or an Android device into a mobile waiver station. The spokesperson states that all digital waivers will be stored securely in the online cloud database and only authorized users will get an access to the waivers. They use the most secure technology, such as the 256-bit encryption, to store waivers in their database.

    Waiver Digital Announces an Online Waiver System to Help Set Up a Digital Waiver Business in Just two Minutes

    The spokesperson reveals that one can use the mobile waiver application to keep collecting waivers, even when the mobile doesn’t have any internet connection or there is a poor internet. In such a case, the user needs to enable the airplane mode of the mobile phone and can start collecting waivers. As soon as the internet or Wi-Fi is restored, the user can start uploading the offline waivers. In this manner, one can keep collecting waivers incessantly, even when there is no Wi-Fi or internet. This speeds up the waiver collection process, and allows a business to handle more waivers every day. One can also add a link to the digital waiver available online, and can send it to the friends, for them to sign the digital waivers without any delay.

    The spokesperson believes that the digital waiver will help a business to stay ahead of time. Digital is the future, and managing and storing paper waivers are a cumbersome task. Moreover, they offer affordable plans and a business can choose a plan according to the number of waivers they need to handle each month.

    To know more about the features of this digital waiver system, one can visit the website

    About Waiver Digital

    Waiver Digital has created an Online Waiver System that helps people get rid of the traditional paper waivers forever. One can set up the digital waivers in 2 minutes and can start signing, collecting and storing waivers using a computer browser of a mobile application.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Waiver Digital
    Contact Person: Eric Johnson
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    Country: United States

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    With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s demand for social security and service has gradually increased. But the corresponding labor cost is also getting higher and higher so the application of intelligent robot technology to the service field is especially important. Nowadays, the demand for traffic police robots is growing. To recruit and maintain a large number of auxiliary traffic police teams every year is a good proof.

    Bob Li, dean of German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute in Germany, said recently: “Intelligent technology has penetrated into every aspect of people’s lives. Artificial intelligence has enabled more highly trained intelligent robots to replace human beings to handle various tasks,  which greatly improves work efficiency and labor cost savings. The intelligent traffic police robot we developed is a typical example.”

    The intelligent traffic police robot mentioned by Bob Li is a new robot launched by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute. It was unveiled at the 17th Global Artificial Intelligence Expo recently held in Hamburg, Germany.

    German LIECTROUX Intelligent Traffic Police Robot Shows Style  Help Promote The Urban Intelligent Process 

    German LIECTROUX intelligent traffic police robot looks like a human traffic police. It is 1.8 meters high and has flexible limbs. It can conduct traffic command like a human traffic police. It is not only shaped like a human being, but also its way of thinking and behavior is also similar to human beings. Its brain is equipped with a “human brain” high-smart chip, which gives it a number of human capabilities like analytical thinking, communication skills and emotional recognition so it can do a good job. In addition, it is able to work tirelessly and guarantee no errors in work. And it can work efficiently even in bad weather conditions. What is especially worth mentioning is that it can realize automatic audit identification, automatic capture and automatic uploading towards various kinds of traffic violations such as retrograde, occupation of public lanes and non-motor vehicle lanes etc,. It can also automatically identify and record the license plate number, location, type, time and other information of illegal vehicles. It greatly reduces the workload of the original human traffic police and improve work efficiency.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been adhering to the rigorous and fine military quality of Germany. After decades of accumulation and precipitation, it has occupied an important position in the field of intelligent robot research. The robot vacuum cleaner developed by it has opened up a new era of indoor cleaning. (You can view the website: or German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner adopts laser navigation technology. It can map accurate internal image of the spaces by conducting 360 degree omnidirectional scanning of LDS laser radar, 20 Hz adaptive scanning frequency, 4000 laser ranging per second and coupling with its self-developed intelligent algorithm. It can achieve no miss cleaning and no blindly cleaning.

    Moreover, it also has several advantages. Its sweeping and mopping exchanging structure makes it easy to cope with a variety of terrains. When their is much hair on the floor, it will adopt the variable frequency suction mouth to suck the hair. Its suction force is strong and not easy to be entangled, and the fiber bristles of its V-shaped floating roller brushes enable it to penetrate deep into the gap to conduct more thorough cleaning. In addition, it is equipped with a 500ml ultra-capacity water tank, which can supply water continuously for 90 minutes so it can satisfy the needs of large-sized homes. The three water-permeable holes distributed in a perfect way at the bottom of the machine is able to achieve uniform wet mopping. The robot vacuum cleaner possesses novel appearance, powerful functions and stable quality, which has been recognized by consumers once after it launched and the competitors in the industry also expect it.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +49 335 23386578
    Country: Germany

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    On Dec 18th, 2018, Thor Swap released Version 2.2, bringing the innovative and the one and only function on the market called compare rate. With this new function, Thor Swap users will be able to compare the exchange fees and withdraw fees among most of popular exchanges such as Binance and make the best choice according to the real-time data Thor Swap provides.

    Thor Swap, a crypto swap platform developed by the Thor Network team, stands out from other cryptocurrency exchanges for its fairness, security and transaction speed. Without account registration, users can easily buy and swap most of the popular cryptocurrencies on the market with considerably fast speed and high security. Below are the major important features of the Thor Swap exchange platform that will make it have global usage.

    • Account Free

    You can exchange without KYC on Thor Swap, which means no account needed to swap cryptocurrencies and exchange anonymously. At the same time, you can track all your trading records by leaving your emails. The platform also doesn’t collect any personal data on its customers to buy, swap, convert, and exchange cryptocurrency.

    With Thor Swap, you can instantly swap Bitcoin and many of other crypto assets. You simply select one cryptocurrency as the input and another one as the output, fill in the input cryptocurrency’s amount, and then start swapping directly by following the instructions.

    • Lightning Fast

    By using Thor Swap Flash Mode, you will complete swap within one minute based on its atomic swap technology. Currently only ERC20 tokens are supported by this mode. There will be more tokens supported in the future.

    On the other hand, Thor Swap Standard mode supports more than 40 tokens including BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, etc. and provides the fastest cryptocurrency exchange experience comparing with other decentralized exchanges.

    The order process time is largely shortened because of its atomic swap technology and reserve pool model. Both innovative technologies makes sure the processing speed is faster than ever.

    • Best Rate

    Thor Swap offers the best and lowest exchange fee comparing with other platforms. With its innovative and the one and only compare rate function, users will get a clear view on how much exchange fees and withdraw fees they need to pay on popular exchanges such as Binance and Huobi. However, Thor Swap will always make sure the exchange fee on Thor Swap is the lowest among major exchanges on the market, saving both your time and money.

    • Buy cryptocurrencies with credit card

    Thor Swap is also the best place to buy cryptocurrency with credit card. After partnered with Bit2Me and Indacoin, users now can directly buy desired cryptocurrencies by credit card from USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/RUB. On Thor Swap, users can really have the full service from buying cryptocurrency to swap cryptocurrency, easy and fast.

    If you’re looking for the best altcoin exchange, the fastest cryptocurrency exchange to convert your cryptos, and the best place to buy cryptos with credit card, and most importantly, an anonymous exchange without KYC, Thor Swap is the best choice for you.

    Learn more about Thor Swap:

    Thor Swap Platform:

    Home page:


    Telegram Group:

    Twitter page:

    Facebook Page:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Thor Network Pte. Ltd
    Contact Person: Sheryl Li
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    Country: Singapore

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    People, who read the 3D Prostate targeted treatment reviews, simply get attracted towards the all-natural and non-surgical 3D prostate treatment that can cure prostate diseases from its root.

    Prostate diseases are painful and often need an immediate treatment. Dr. Song has discovered a non-surgical and herbal prostate treatment that is based on the Ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy. The treatment is highly successful, but there are numerous people around the world who are still unaware of this treatment. In order to inform people about 3D targeted treatment, Dr. Song’s clinics now publish patient’s testimonials and video reviews.

    3D Prostate Targeted Treatment Reviews Drawing Attention Of Prostate Sufferers From Different Parts Of The World

    Dr. Song has been offering his 3D targeted injection treatment at his 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics in China. He already has treated numerous patients, suffering from different prostate diseases, including prostatitis, enlarged prostates, inflammation of the prostate and even prostate cancer. One can now read the 3D treatment for prostatitis review to learn about the salient features of this amazing prostate treatment. Dr. Song’s clinics have released testimonials and video reviews with an objective to spread awareness about this 3D targeted injection therapy. “One should know that there is no need for surgery in order to cure a prostate disease from its root,” the spokesperson of the clinic states.

    In the 3D Prostate targeted treatment reviews, patients from different countries admit that they are now completely out of danger after a few week’s treatment at Dr. Song’s clinics in China. These patients are from USA and other countries and they stay in China to take advantage of the 3D targeted treatment. They spend time in a congenial environment and Dr. Song’s clinics have English speaking staff for their assistance and proper care. In their video reviews, these patients candidly admit that the 3D prostate treatment is a scientific method to cure prostate diseases, and it has no side effects and any other risks. Unlike surgical treatment methods, this treatment is painless and guarantees encouraging results in just a few weeks. The 3D treatment can cure prostate diseases in 2-5 weeks, based on the severity of the disease.

    Dr. Song acknowledges that there is a surge in the number of patients visiting his clinics, because patients often learn from other patients’ experiences. His clinics are fast emerging as a favorite destination for the 3D prostatitis treatment USA, as a large number of patients from the USA, Canada and other countries are now coming to his clinics for prostate treatment. According to the spokesperson, patients can rest assured of 100% satisfaction with the care, attention and treatment they receive at their clinics. Besides the treatment, patients are also provided with proper diet that can help in the fast healing of the prostate gland. Patients are also recommended to carry out certain exercise that can allow the gland to function normally.

    One can get a free access to the patient video reviews by visiting the website

    About The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are premier prostate treatment clinics. The clinics specialize in treating various types of prostate diseases and complications, such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperlasia (BPH), prostate cancer, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, cystitis, prostate blockage and calcification, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), etc. The clinics are medical clinics, licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics
    Contact Person: Miss Alisa Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18673216429 (WhatsApp)
    State: Hunan Province
    Country: China

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    Walmart recently launched a new generation of physical stores representing the future development direction of omni-channel retail in Chengdu, China. At the same time, the leading O2O e-commerce platform JD Daojia also officially released an efficient compliance solution for one-hour e-commerce in retail stores: Full-category Picking Area. The solution has been successfully applied to Walmart stores in Chengdu already, with average picking time of each order only for five minutes while it has online sales of 2300 SKU and 4000 daily orders. The picking time has been greatly reduced with two-thirds.

    By virtue of solution of Full-category Picking Area, pickers can get rid of the large store picking mode, they are able to accomplish a serial of orders picking procedure, from order receiving, picking, to hand to delivery man, the time and routine have been extremely shortened, and the picking efficiency has been greatly enhanced. The solution can support the picking capability of

    5000 daily orders peak and online sales of 3000 SKU. Currently, it has been put into use in Walmart, Yonghui and other stores first. According to the platform data, the picking time per order is only 4 minutes, and the average picker can pick up more than 15 orders per hour, which is 4 times more effective human efficiency than that of traditional stores. 

    In addition to the Full-category Picking Area, retailers can realize the one-stop management with the help of Warehouse Management System(WMS). Before WMS, the picking area and the store often shared inventory, which is easy to cause inaccurate inventory, late replenishment and other situation, thus further resulting in a high online order shortage rate. After using the system, the warehouse can be managed independently, the real-time inventory changes are clear enough, and the picking staff can timely replenish the goods as needed.

    At the same time, WMS system can generate intelligent replenishment list based on the big data analysis of historical sales, and predict the sales volume of goods through AI algorithm. Replenishment staff only need to replenish goods according to the list, which greatly improves the human efficiency. In addition, the storage location and picture of products can be easily displayed on APP, it greatly reduce searching time for goods.

    “One-hour e-commerce has become the development trend of traditional retailers and is bound to become the mainstream.In the era of one-hour e-commerce, JD Daojia has undertaken the big responsibility for constantly optimizing and iterating store performance solutions, helping traditional retailers to achieve one-hour performance capability with less investment, and achieving continuous iteration and improvement,” said Philip Kuai, CEO of Dada-JD Daojia.

    About Dada-JD Daojia:

    Dada-JD Daojia is China’s leading on-demand logistics and online to offline (O2O) e- commerce platform. “Dada”, the local on-demand logistics platform, operates a network of 5 million registered delivery men, covering more than 450 major cities across China. It serves over 1.2 million merchants and 50 million individual users, with 10 million peak daily orders. “JD Daojia”, the O2O e-commerce platform, partners with over 100 thousand leading retail stores, providing one-hour delivery service of fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, flowers, baked goods and pharmaceutical products to the homes of its users in more than 63 cities across China. JD Daojia has more than 70 million registered customers and 30 million monthly active users.

    Dada-JD Daojia was originally established in 2014, and has raised $1.3 billion from global leading investors including Sequoia, DST, JD ,and Walmart, etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: JD Daojia
    Contact Person: Judy
    Email: Send Email
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Inno Manufacturing, a leading professional contract manufacturer, has added metal fabrication to the list of offered services

    Inno Manufacturing, a market leader in professional contract manufacturing in Shenzhen China, recently decided to include metal fabrication to their list of services. The company, which has been providing low-cost contract manufacturing and OEM services for companies across the globe has now the in-house facility of injection molding, PCBA, mold tooling makingcapabilities. The owners maintained that their metal fabrication department can meet clients’ project targets in regards to quality, cost, and lead time. 

    “We are a low-cost Chinese contract manufacturer and our services are at least 30% cheaper than our competitors. We have a strong and committed engineering team, which takes care of everything product designing to final product manufacturing. Since metal components are integral to a number of products, we decided to add metal mabrication to our list of services. We will be offering one-stop metal parts manufacturing. Inno Manufacturing boasts of a consistent and reliable sub-supplier and all our products are quality-controlled and cost-effective as well”, said the sales and marketing head of Inno Manufacturing.

    Inno Manufacturing metal fabrication services include die casting, sheet metal works, CNC machining parts, stamping & bending, contract assembly, metal spring, screws, and metal injection molding. The types of surface treatment and heat treatment include electro-plating, painting, hardening, power-coating, anodizing, over-molding with plastic, and electrophoresis.

    “As far as an MOQ is concerned, we don’t require one irrespective of whether our customers are small or big. We are always on the cutting-edge of engineering technlogies and we can definitely meet the precise requrements of clients looking for reliable metal fabriction solutions. Most importantly, our QC team has optimum experience and professional quality knowledge,” he added.

    “At Inno Manufacturing, we have a mission to help small and medium-size companies throughout the globe to save the cost of manufacturing without compromising on product quality and intellectual property protection. We have a reputation for a timely delivery since we know that it has equal importance as cost and quality. We want our customers to have faith as we now have the best infrastructure, combined with a trained workforce and a research and development wing to complement our effors. Anybody looking for more information on this newly introduced service cann directly contact us through phone or email,” said the CEO and managing director of Inno Manufacturing during a recent press conference.

    About the Company

    Inno Manufacturing is a leading professional contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Inno Manufacturing
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +(86)13590208318
    Address:GuangMing Disctrict
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    Different from how the digital commercial bank was defined in the past, digital bank is setting off a user experience-centered wave, and have been fully optimized from business process to customer relationships. In terms of deposit, payment and daily use, it gives a new definition to banking services. After discovering the potential value of digital banking, NHK TV, the biggest public media agency in Japan, paid a visit to CoinBank, a brand that targets digital banking business.


    As a digital financial service provider targeting younger generation, CoinBank has carried out services that leverage blockchain and AI technology, which go quite in line with NHK’s reporting on emerging areas.

    Compared with some developing countries, Japan has not been very successful in the application of digital financial innovation. On the one hand, people have become accustomed to using credit cards for daily payments; on the other hand, because of the soundness of traditional architecture, new technologies will not be made so widespread in case of any potential risks. That’s why NHK, as a global independent voice, desires to convey the convenience and efficiency brought by new technologies to Japan and ROW.

    During the interview, CoinBank’s R&D engineers showed NHK reporter the logic behind blockchain technology. The lead from CoinBank explained the working principle and proper relationship of the technology application to help the audience better know the details.

    Lately busy with launching the newly developed APP services, CoinBank’s technical staff, even unprepared, received the NHK visitors with open arms, and discussed with the reporter about the company’s technical application and business development. During the conversation, the NHK reporter asked several times about what they have achieved and how they feel about working at CoinBank. About this question, these technical staff shared what is really in their minds; NHK visitors also gave their positive opinions and claimed, “The digital banking model will have a very good market prospect once fully popularized in Japan.”

    It is learned that CoinBank is intending to promote its business to the Japanese market. On November 29, an officer from CoinBank attended the blockchain technology summit held by Japan Digital Finance in Tokyo, and met with Yukio Hatoyama, former Japanese Prime Minister and Kazuyuki Hamada, senator of the Diet of Japan. Though not yet put into practice in Japan, this business has entered a new market and will make more innovative services accessible to a wider base of users. This is not only a simple business practice, but also a long-term goal of CoinBank as a new-generation brand.

    A global independent voice, NHK is also the only public TV broadcaster in Japan that enjoys a high degree of industrial recognition in the world. Committed to making people’s life better by means of communications, NHK is constantly working on digging newsworthy events and creating greater values and always keeps going forward. Stay with us for follow-up news about CoinBank.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Digital World Holding Limited
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: United Arab Emirates

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