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    January 18, 2017– HiMama, a leading provider of apps for childcare and early learning programs, is helping to develop future leaders in the field of early childhood education through an interview series called The Preschool Podcast. The podcast is designed to educate professionals in early childhood education by providing a new forum for continuous professional learning. The podcasts are released weekly and provide practical ideas for childcare workers, early childhood educators and preschool teachers, as well as inspiring stories and lessons from current leaders in the field.

    Purpose of The Preschool Podcast

    The Preschool Podcast from HiMama is a platform for learning from leading professionals in early childhood education.The podcast provideslistenerswith both practical advice for managing an organization, center or classroom, as well as thought provoking content and insights about the field of early childhood education more broadly.The primary goal ofThe Preschool Podcast is to provide knowledge and inspiration to the future leaders of early childhood education by speaking with experienced and insightful leaders in the world of preschool and early learning today.

    Episodes of The Preschool Podcast

    The Preschool Podcast is the first of its kind thatconcentrates on the important topic of early childhood education. Podcasts are focused on a wide range of educational topics that every professional in the childcare and early childhood education field should hear in order to provide the best possible experience and outcomes from children under the age of five. Over 25 episodes have already been released and the podcast, at the time of writing, has a rating of 5 stars on iTunes.It has also received praise from an array of leaders in the field. Some specific podcast examples include the science behind language development, dealing with challenging behavior in young children, advocating for early childhood education, the Reggio Emilia approach and pedagogical documentation.

    Vision for The Preschool Podcast

    Ron Spreeuwenberg, CEO of HiMama, says that the vision for The Preschool Podcast is to be a platform for inspiration and learning to develop the future leaders of early childhood education. It is the hope of those at HiMama that created the show, that the insightful thoughts and ideas provided by experienced experts that appear as guests will providemotivation to those in the field to advocate for the profession and take their role to the next level.With the learning tools and ideas discussed in the program, teachers and educators should be better equipped with the most recent thought leadership as they enter the classroom to work with our most precious asset, our youngest learners.

    About HiMama

    According tothe HiMama website, “HiMama is made up of a group of committed professionals, parents, daughters, uncles and aunts who are working hard to build a product and a company that we can all be proud of”. Their innovative solutions enable quick and intuitive recording of observations in the early childhood setting, as well as instant sharing with parents through real-time emails and updates through mobile apps. In addition to staying informed on their children’s activities while in childcare programs, parents can also log their children’s activities so they’ll never forget their favorite stories and can always relive through photos and videos in their child’s online journal.

    If you would like to know more information about HiMamaor The Preschool Podcast, please contact HiMama at 1-800-905-1876 or email at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Himama Inc.
    Contact Person: Ron Spreeuwenberg
    Phone: +1 437-887-4812
    Address:1920 Yonge St., Suite 200
    City: Toronto
    State: ON
    Country: Canada

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    India – As the modern workplace becomes increasingly infiltrated with advanced technologies and the wide array of programs that come along with them, there are many professionals left feeling somewhat in the dark. It isn’t always the employees with many years invested in the company. Oftentimes, schools (and even colleges) don’t equip students with the knowledge of programs that are actually used in the professional world.

    One of the most commonly used programs now is Microsoft Office’s Excel. And the creative forces behind the pragmatically-oriented website Trump Excel feel that if there’s one necessary skill a huge number of people currently lack, it’s proper Excel training. The program does not operate under the same tenets that others in the Office library do. PowerPoint and Word are both essentially understandable after a few hours of experimentation and creation. Learning Excel and adapting to its interface is simply a much longer, more complex process.

    Trump Excel realizes that there is a need for easily accessible and understandable training material. That is why they are now offering a free Excel course that will guide you through the intricacies of using the software over the span of 7 days. Through the use of HD videos complete with screen captures, access to practice files, and a library of resources and cheat sheets, they believe each of their users can quickly become an Excel Pro.

    Free Excel training can be difficult to find. Some users have taken to looking up videos on YouTube and similar video sharing sites to learn individual skills or features, but it can be difficult to acquire a comprehensive education that way. Some features are too intricately connected to others, and some stand completely alone.

    “I have been using Excel spreadsheets for more than 10 years now, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2013 when I got neck-deep into it,” explained Sumit Bansal, the creator of the site. “Every day, I would learn something new, and I wanted to share it with people! So finally, one day, I started”

    So far, users everywhere from the United States to India have found a revitalized set of uses for Microsoft’s infamous Excel program. Bookkeepers who work in finances, administrative assistants creating schedules, even managers recording sick/vacation days- any type of professional can make their everyday tasks just a little bit easier with the use of Excel. Trump Excel believes they have found the formula through which to teach this difficult-to-learn program. To learn more about the free course and what it offers, simply click here.

    Contact name: Sumit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Trump Excel
    Contact Person: Sumit
    Phone: 0091-987-326-8765
    Country: India

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    Two weeks before the Chinese New Year, shocking news broke out in the Chinese copyright domain. The 12426 copyright protection center website affiliated to Copyright Society of China that Shanghai GuangYong Information Technology Co., Ltd. takes charge of the operation was suspected of being involved in plagiarizing its competitor in the same industry, 426so website. The plagiarist, Shanghai GuangYong, is a copyright protection company and the target being plagiarized, 426so website is a public platform that professionally provides one-stop online protection and legal right maintenance service for copyright owners. After Chinese media’s disclosure, Shanghai GuangYong refused to admit with a tough attitude and the event temporarily fell into Rashomon. Meanwhile, the signal that “Chinese copyright protection practitioners also publicly plagiarize” conveyed by this report made other countries’ culture output institutions concern about Chinese copyright market.

    According to the latest news, the operation party of 426so website has filed a lawsuit to the court and has stated to maintain its legal rights with the help of law so as to protect the dignity of copyright. The event that the copyright protection industries confronted each other on the court has become a heated topic that every Chinese concerns.

    The intellectual property protection problem in China has always been a global concern due to multiple culture integration as a result of collision of different countries’ culture and the huge Chinese market. However, in a more complicated copyright protection environment, the culture interaction appears to be maladjusted. As for this, Chinese government firmly adheres to the protection of intellectual property rights. In January 2017, Chinese government clarified the development targets and major tasks of intellectual property right works in the 13th Five-Year and conducted overall deployment of nationwide intellectual property right works, which is the first time for intellectual property right planning to be listed in China’s national key specialized planning.

    As one of the parties concerned in the event, 426so website has affiliation to “COPYRIGHT CLOUD” in the Chinese Culture (Publication Administration) Big Data (CCDI) and it is a quite influencing online protection and legal right maintenance brand in the copyright industry of China. The “COPYRIGHT CLOUD” project is also the first culture big data application project that is approved by the government in Chinese cultural industry domain. Based on the cloud data center with the core technology, the project conducts authentication, registration and storage on culture copyright works so as to further conduct protection, monitoring, distribution, transaction and settlement online, as the leading digital public service platform of copyright.

    As witnessed by the whole world, the economic reform of China has achieved a great success and the copyright industry is one of its rising industries. With the increasing implementation force of China’s copyright protection, the copyright market in China will usher in a huge outbreak as proved by the performance of Chinese movie ticket office. The Rashomon event of copyright plagiarism in China is a milestone in China’s copyright industry, testifying Chinese government’s determination on copyright protection, whose final result will exert significant effect on the industry.

    We will keep to the latest development of the event.

    Link to 426so website:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Admin5 Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Mr. Zhao
    Phone: (86) 516-61994636
    Country: China

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    For colleges, institutes and R&D departments of companies, Shanghai Pilotech Instrument&Equipment Co.,Ltd supplies mini spray dryers to support academic research, innovation and other requirements.

    With an experience of installing thousands of mini spray dryers in different laboratories of colleges, institutes and company labs, Shanghai Pilotech can supply spray dryers that are reliable and durable. According to the company spokesperson, they manufacture spray dryers to support academic research, development of new products or for innovation.

    The spokesperson reveals that they have been engaged in the production of the mini spray dryer for the past years. The dryer is remarkable for its quick and gentle drying ability and can be an asset for any laboratory. It requires a very short setup time and starts performing with a greater efficiency after the installation. The nozzle cleaning mechanism ensures a higher degree of flexibility with which dryers can be used in various labs.

    According to the spokesperson, the lab spray dryer has been designed to run on both automatic as well as an eye-monitored mode. This ensures the flexibility with which one can carry out the drying process in the lab. The system features different cylinder geometries, which again prove flexible enough for different experimental processes. They have different lab sprayer models with different capacities, ranging between 50ml and 4L.

    Pilotech Announces To Supply Mini Spray Dryer & Mini Inert Loop Spray Dryer for Practical Laboratories

    The company’s Mini Inert loop spray dryer is safe enough for spray drying of both aqueous and organic solutions. It is very effective in quick drying and shows and impressive performance throughout the lifecycle. It uses inflammable solvents and ensures drying under inert conditions in the absence of oxygen, which effectively ensures a safe drying. To know more about their mini dryers, one can visit the website

    About  Shanghai Pilotech Instrument&Equipment Co.,Ltd 

    Since 2005, Shanghai Pilotech Instrument&Equipment Co.,Ltd has provided mini spray dryer YC-015, laboratory low-temperature spray dryer YC-1800, pilot sacle spray dryer YC-018, laboratory vacuum spray dryer YC-2000, laboratory inert loop spray dryer YC-015A and pilot scale inert loop spray dryer YC-018A system to different laboratories. The company has been a leader in the laboratory scale spray dryer field in the global market. They have installed over 3000 spray dryers in colleges, institutes and business R&D departments all over the world. In 2016, in accordance with the principle of providing reliable and durable products with accuracy and innovation, focusing on practical laboratory requirements of customers, Shanghai Pilotech launched brand-new YC-500 mini spray dryer, which was produced from many years of spray dryer manufacturing experience and modern instrument manufacturing.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Pilotech Instrument&Equipment Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Vicky Xiang
    Phone: 86-21-51082915
    State: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    DATE: 2016.12.27 – 2017.03.31

    COST: Free

    ADDRESS: Chengdu Museum

    A large exhibition featuring the Dunhuang art and cultural relics from the ancient Silk Road to be held at the Chengdu Museum on December 27th will showcase eight magnificent replicas of the Mogao Caves, murals, sculptures, and so on. The three-month event, with admission free for visitors, highlights the close relationship between Chengdu & Sichuan and the Silk Road.

    The Dunhuang Caves includes Mogao Caves (also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes) and other Buddhist cave sites in the Dunhuang area, such as the Western Thousand Buddha Caves, and the Yulin Caves farther away. With the first caves excavated in 366 AD, the Dunhuang Caves contain many of the finest examples of Buddhist art spanning a period of 1,000 years. Dunhuang is a county-level city in northwestern Gansu Province, Western China, which was once a major stop on the ancient Silk Road.

    The exhibition consists of several parts, highlighting the replicas of Duhuang grottoes, cultural relics alongside the Silk Road, murals and clay sculptures, and so on. Most caves to be displayed during the event are 1-to-1 replicas of the caves in Dunhuang, except one being a 4/5 copy. From the eight duplicated caves, visitors can see the style changing of the caves from the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589) and the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

    More Information:

    Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 Tuesday through Sunday

    Visitors are required to produce valid certificates like ID card to get free admission to the museum at the entrance.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sichuan Provincial Tourism Information Center
    Contact Person: Mr. Li
    Phone: +86-28-86702855
    City: Chengdu
    State: Sichuan Province
    Country: China

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    Lintech Enterprises Limited is a Chinese company that is involved in production of different kinds of security products. The products are made for different industries which includes telecom, bank, underground, parks, and transport system.

    Security products are highly essential for almost each and every place. Be it home or commercial space, it is important to use the best security systems available. The need of having better security increases in industries and other commercial spaces that have undergone huge investments and store a lot of valuable stuffs. There are a number of security products that are available to meet this purpose.

    China is among the leading producers of security products which is exported to different countries of the world today. One company that hails from China and is involved in production of different kinds of security products is Lintech Enterprises Limited. The company is mainly involved in production of these products for banking, telecom, transport, parks, and several other commercial sectors. The popular product offerings include card dispenser, card issuing readers, electric card readers, automatic counting machines, card reader & card writer.

    Lintech Enterprises Limited offers its exclusive range of security products for different industries

    The company has been operating since several years now and has been able to build its name for highly capable products. The focus has remained in constant research about the market demand and building products based on the requirements of the market. The team is mostly inclined towards providing of reliable equipment after a through testing and inspection procedure. With an aim to build a long term relationship, the company believes in establishing a strong mutual coordination with its stable partners. In order to check out their range of solutions and products, customers can check out their website. The website acts as a virtual showroom that showcases all its products. Each of its products come with detailed specifications and HD images to facilitate the purpose of buying. Products like USB magnetic card reader and magnetic card dispensers in particular offer some advanced options to the customers.

    Additionally, customers do have the option to check out other forms of technologically advanced solutions that are built with different industries in mind. Products such as a passport id scanner or even a motorized card reader is highly effective when it comes to notching up the aspect of security to a large extent. In case a customer is interested to buy any of the featured products, they have an option to send an inquiry by using the contact option below the products. Moreover, the customer service can also be reached with specific or custom queries by using the mentioned contact details on their contact page.

    About Lintech Enterprises Limited

    Lintech Enterprises Limited is a China based company that is involved in production of a wide range of technologically advanced security products. The company has been in business for several years now and have a huge list of security products suiting various kinds of industries in its portfolio.

    For more information or to get in touch with the representatives, customers can visit their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lintech Enterprises Limited
    Contact Person: Anny Lin
    Phone: +86-769-81183549
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    Article/Ye Tan

    In November, 2016, when I visited several companies in Suzhou, the entrepreneurs there gave some precious voices to which the entire society should listen.

    Recently theorists are discussing if government should reduce tax, should lower exchange rate, and should give more care to companies so as to make them pass through the transition difficulty.

    The thinking of front-line entrepreneurs must be considered to know what they really need.

    When I conducted research into those companies, I found the fact that it is contrary to what I thought in my study room. The truth is that companies aren’t be bound up in asking for tax reduction or special protect but stable policy expectation, efficient service and the well-functioning protect on innovative and honest corporates.

    The result may have something to with the surveyed companies themselves, of which are either leading in industry or superiorly innovative. After earning the first pocket of gold, such companies hope to become a century-old big name through natural selection.

    1.GoodBaby: tax reduction isn’t important thing

    Goodbaby is founded in 1989. Now two of three buggies in Europe and America are produced by the Goodbaby Group.
    Goodbaby introduced the fund and completed the adjustment on ownership structure in 2008, and was list in 2010. It had no worry about its ownership unlike the Vanke and can enter the international market through its internationalized personnel. A healthy and sturdy ownership structure is of great significance for a company which just obtained first bucket of gold.

    To keep the vantage, company made several changes which resonates with transition in manufacturing in recent years.
    First is innovation. Goodbaby has eight R&D centers in cities like Boston, Bayreuth and Dongguan. Over 400 employees work in these centers.

    In 2014, company casted eyes on European and North American markets and made two important acquisitions. In January, 2014, Goodbaby bought out issued capital stock of Columbus Holding, a Germany famous children’s product company. At the same year, all issued capital stock of WP Evenflo was purchased to enlarge the manufacturing business in North America and shorten the delivery cycle and lower the risk of increase on cross-ocean freight cost.

    Although the turnover of WP Evenflo is 1.612 billion HDK, a year-on-year decrease of 4.9%, synergistic effect has taken place judging by the latest data. In 2015, Goodbaby’ s net profit in global market reached 197.434 million HDK from 57.475 million HDK last year, an increase of 243.51%.

    The gene of this company has changed, from domestic company to international one. Innovation doesn’t mean isolating yourself from the rest of the world and seeking award at home but means quantifying the indexes which can reflect the sales in each region across world and the profit rate of each products.

    Second is three times’ transformations. I find even every industry walks on different paths but they will end up in same destination. After several times transformations, the destination is service-chain.

    Goodbaby transformed from producing durable goods to consumer goods, later to service products. Goodbaby remains committed to building up service platform and developing service tracking system.

    Every family, starting from mother just bearing the child to the child gradually becoming infant and teenager, requires various services. Some billion dollars can be ceiling of manufacturing while prospect in service industry is enormous. When traditional manufacturing is stranded in trouble, transformed companies are enjoying the unique landscape.

    After young parents have children, the baby-sitter, the soft materials that can cover on the edge of every furniture in case of baby tumbling, the crib and the service life baby carriage can be huge challenge for them, which requests the companies in the field of infant products to provide a safe and reliable service chain.

    The business opportunities are boundless. Teenager’s foot get bigger every day and their foot shapes differ from the adult’s. In our time when all materials were scarce, parents bought much bigger shoes and otherwise we worn brothers’ and sisters’ shoes. That’s not same in today in which children should wear size-fitted shoes, from which the boundless business opportunities arise.

    In the past, the shop assistant also was the seller. Nowadays, a store can be a service hub where every shop assistant is a waiter who grasps the professional skill. Goodbaby now is busy integrating the resource online and offline. Even mothers’ enthusiastic chats in BBS are viewed as valuable resource, of which the content can be an ideal or an appeal.

    An incentive mechanism can be established with moms so that they become an important element in service chain.

    Third is the control over the standard setting

    Goodbaby participates in 70% setting of standard at home and further become a constitutor of international standard. It is encouraging to see that Chinese companies has a part of discourse right on traditional manufacturing including special steel, steel wire and baby care product.

    The last but the foremost is government’s efforts to protect intellectual property.
    Some people are always talking about tax reduction, but for established companies, the most needed thing is not the tax reduction but the solution to their biggest concern. The innovation on which company spend tremendous energies can be demolished in one day. If their newly-developed products are manufactured everywhere without their knowledge, they will have no gain for innovation.

    When hearing the call of Song Zhenghuan, Goodbaby president, I recall another company whose molds are all made by itself. The reason still rests on the intellectual property right, because there exist many counterfeits on market and the government official uphold the mentality that mass have the immunity to regulation and forging products of others is conducive to poverty elimination. Then the innovative company has nowhere to go.

    Not all governments act in this way. It’s seen that a few official have in-depth understanding of innovation protect, most of them from cities like Suzhou which achieved primitive accumulation, ascended to the middle-high end of manufacturing and harvested the appreciation of IPR

    2.Suzhou BioBay: government puts excessive efforts on unnecessary things but leaves behind the important

    Nanometer is the frontier in the new technology on which every country is seeking the discourse right
    Each seen product is advertising nanometer, from cosmetics to healthcare products and daily necessities, but the innovation in real sense is not enough.

    Government should step in the basic technology field which will have century-lasting influence. Government in countries like United States, Japan and Korea where such leading companies as Microsoft and Samsung emerge, head the basic research. In Russia and Malaysia, nanotechnology researches are also guided by government

    China also follows the suit. However, the problem is the deep division among industry steering committee in Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry. These departments seem value the industry. When they see the healthy outlook and are able to carve up the profits, they are eager to take in charge. If the industry needs to be coordinated, seeking help from these departments is of no avail.

    Government lacks systematic management on basic research, one area controlled by many sectors but having little resources to grow. Each department should form systematic management to regulate efficiently. Anyone making innovation or commercialization should be given reward. Result does not come out well in practice. The problems existing dozen years ago is not resolved yet.

    The solutions the governments find is high-tech parks and industrial park in which industries convene. Resources gathered, the outlet towards answer is formed. As China’s economy is on track to transform, it’s time to address the problem on top-level design by converging the power of high-tech parks.

    Just in Suzhou, with a view to forging leading position on industry and talent recruitment, comprehensive innovation districts like Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District and Suzhou science and technology Town are completed, innovation platforms like Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics and Institute of Biomedical Engineering are introduced, near 20 specialized industrial parks including Biobay and 89 technology incubators above province level like the innovation park for overseas students in Suzhou are built up.

    In addition, boss of Biobay admires a revolutionary move that is outsourcing intelligence. He particularly mentioned Aliyun’ s measure that converges 70 thousand innovators who create knowledge to found China International Intellectech Corporation. Companies invite bids on this platform which gathers tens of thousands of brains and possesses all data in education and knowledge industry.

    It is a trend that already happens outside China. P&G and Unilever now are compressing the research teams in headquarter and resorts to outsourcing which lowers costs and improve efficiency.

    3.Skyray Instrument, Beiren Robot and Innovent Biologics

    Skyray Instrument tells us that unattainable goal has been realized. For instance, environment protection department is equipped with its facility which can measure the smog component precisely so that they can deal with the smog in an ordered way. Now the difficult is the choice between economy and environment protection.

    It is impressive that antiquities can be examined precisely. Nevertheless, this method is unpopular in market where people still use naked eyes during cultural relics Identification and transaction. The reason will not be mentioned here.
    Beiren Robot and Innovent Biologics showcase the realistic path of China’s companies to make innovation that it is not achieved overnight but step by step.

    World’s robot field is dominated by four companies, ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Anzhong. So far, the core spare parts of Chinese robot are imported.

    If we want to exceed at a curve, two things must be done.

    First is acquisition. Midea announces that the preparation to purchase Kuka Group entities will be finished on January 6, all money is paid, 37,605,732 shares of Kuka Group are owned, accounting for 94.55% issued capital stock, through MECCA International(BVI)Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary company overseas.

    Second is the integrated simulation of non-standard design. Corporations who need robots have different demands, with broad applications. During the stimulation, China’ s companies learn the technology. Arc welding robot is a typical example.

    The gross profit margin of the best robot in industry sector can reach 20% to 25%, with 10% net profit. Because some domestic robot companies have learnt a part of technology, plus the safety margin, international robot companies have to cut price. ABB sells arc welding robot at price of 110,000 to 120,000, while it sold for 300,000 in 2000. This robot of Chinese brands sells for 90,000. Considering the speed of robot replacing human at an increase of 25% to 30% every year, there comes the crucial time for China’s robot companies to expand.

    Innovent Biologics sheds new light on the path in China for bio-pharmaceuticals. Best talent works with first-class company. Innovent Biologics has close interaction with Eli Lilly and undergoes phase III trial of several macromolecular drugs. 5 workers from Eli Lilly resided permanently in Innovent Biologics.

    It is unrealistic for Chinese companies to spend 1 billion dollars on developing new drug that has fat chance to succeed. The best way is to draw from India, producing generic drug at first. That is exactly the way we did. We are seeking market and producing the drug quickly before patent life expires.

    Now the course of treatment of Innovent’ s anticancer drug lasts for three months and costs some 150,000 dollars with fastest speed.

    4.What can government do in the competition for talent recruitment in city?

    The competition among cities in future China is the tussle for talents and environment.
    Because government has already controlled resources, the tussle for talents reflects the attention governments attach to talents. Now the competition among different cities is roaring.

    The report in November, 2016 shows that Suzhou possesses 2,280 million talents and introduces 20,000 overseas returnees of which 219 people is selected into Thousand Talents Program. Among 219 people, 120 people are identified as start-up talents, making Suzhou listed first among large and medium sized cities.

    Advantage in location is one of the reasons why so many people choose Suzhou. Suzhou, geographically close to Shanghai and Nanjing, sits at the prosperous agglomeration of core cities of Yangtze River Delta, with normal commodity prices compared to Shanghai.

    The second reason is thick sycamore tree. Suzhou, as the second largest industrial city, has well-functioning industrial base and establishes over 20 industry parks including Biobay, as well as the 89 technology incubators above province level like the innovation park for overseas students in Suzhou.

    Except the detailed assessment of governments at town and district level on talent, upstream-downstream service system is established. The efforts are made to facilitate talents settlement and start-up, and two aspects are sized to address financial difficult for high-level talents: one side is to promote equity investment center. Through government’s efforts to set up guidance fund and supporting investment, social capital can be leaded and integrated to involve in the entity investment for scientific and technological enterprises at early stage so as to gradually establish the cluster district for start-up and investment industry centered on Sha Lake Equity Investment Center. Up to the end of 2016, there are near 300 institutes which undertake start-up and investment and are recently active on market, managing total fund of 100 billion dollars. The other side is to create a new way to creditor’s rights investment. To solve financing difficulties for medium and small-sized scientific and technological enterprises, 1 billion special fund of credit risk compensation, Ke Dai Tong business is launched that aims at promoting banks to provide SMEs with credit support of low threshold, low interest rate and full energies is put on creating relaxed financing environment for start-up and company development.

    As of the end of 2016, Ke Dai Tong provides financing services to 2616 companies which make scientific and technological innovation, loans reaching 20.15 billion yuan.

    Either the high tech or talent requires an ecosystem for living and starting business. Even with the help of academician and one billion funds, ecology of science and technology cannot be established on a barren place.

    The key is the upstream-downstream industry and service chain and a good expectation for future making talent feel worthy ten year later.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SPCN
    Contact Person:
    Phone: 021-54775717
    Country: China

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    VISION PAPER TOWEL CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly napkins and towels. All these items are in line with the prescribed international criteria.

    People are now showing increased interest towards environment protection and conservation. For this reason, they are spending money to buy household commodities that are made of used raw materials. VISION PAPER TOWEL CO.,LTD is a China-based company which is specialized in producing and supplying environment-friendly napkins and towels of different sizes to help people in achieving the goal of healthy lifestyle. Holding more than 80 employees at present and covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the firm utilizes latest production technology and processing equipment to offer a cost-effective sanitization solution in every walk of life. It stringently observes the philosophy of green development and low-carbon economy to earn the trust and confidence of clients.

    The firm offers distinct sizes of single fold paper towels that have occupied an important place in the lives of the average people. Such towels are widely used in places such as hospitals, canteens, schools, hotels, airports etc. Such towels are usually manufactured by processing body paper produced with fourdriniers. Towels made from such paper feature high thickness, high stiffness, and a strong tensile force. Such towels impart a soft feeling and exhibit a low wet strength. The firm always concentrates on minute details to easily meet the distinct needs of customers without compromising quality. For exporting these towels, the company indirectly plays a big role in protecting trees around 3000 to preserve the environment.

    Vision Paper Towel exports unique ranges of paper towels and napkins to all nations

    The agency exports impressive ranges of paper towel roll that are primarily made of materials like recycled white, recycled natural brown/virgin and recycled TAD. Such towels primarily feature high absorbency, beautiful looks, and soft feelings that make them suitable to be used in high-end clubs and color ultrasonic departments of hospitals. The company utilizes fastest shipping options to deliver products within fixed period of time in any part of the world. It provides advanced packing solutions to retain the quality of recycled towels and napkins in all conditions. It usually extracts reclaimed paper pulp from waste paper through smashing, discoloring and various other complex processes.

    The company also offers facial tissue papers in unique shapes to ensure thorough face cleaning without leaving any trace of moisture and germs. Such tissue papers do not impart any adverse effect on the facial skin. These paper tissues are widely used in different commercial and residential establishments to deliver top-notch cleaning solution. The company always emphasizes on promoting the use of sustainable products to improve the living standards of the global population.


    VISION PAPER TOWEL CO.,LTD is a specialized producer and supplier of eco-friendly napkins and towers using recycled paper pulp. All these products are in line with the prescribed global criteria.

    To know more, customers can visit website of this company.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Vision Paper Towel Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: John
    Phone: +86 15999824479
    Country: China

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    Shen Yun Performing Arts, an art troupe that is part of the Falun Gong organisation,has staged its Shen Yun shows, supposedly aimed at propagating Chinese traditional culture, around the world since 2004.

    Li Hongzhi, founder and head of Falun Gong, is portrayed as a reincarnation of Li Shimin,an emperor of the Tang Dynasty (618- 907), and all the performances are based on this far-fetched theme.

    In fact, these shows are replete with the ideological claptrap of Falun Gong, and little effort is spared in demonising the Chinese government.At the same time, historical and cultural facts are distorted after audiences have been duped into handing over their hard- earned money for this so-called show that is really nothing more than a political tool.

    These shoddy displays of “Chinese ethnic dancing and singing” are also nothingmore than low-rent plagiarism that feeds on China Central Television’s Spring Festival Gala, but nevertheless they deliver Falun Gong to thousands of audience members, whose minds, made pliable with the belief that they are about to enjoy an evening of refined culture, will soon be assaulted with everything the Falun Gong propaganda arsenal has to fire at them.

    In fact the reviews are in onthe Shen Yun shows from some mainstream Western media, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Foreign Policy and CBC television in Canada, and — let’s put it politely — they are not good. Instead the shows are seen for what they are — messengers of all that is rotten in Falun Gong rather than conveyors of all that is wonderful in Chinese culture.

    On the other hand, some media outfits go out of their way tolaud the shows, but you can be sure who is pulling their strings. The so-called reviews in such media are so over the top in their e usiveness that the show comes across as a farce along the lines of The Emperor’s New Suit.

    Real art has no borders, but Falun Gong’s so-called art clearly does have them. For example, there is an organisation called Feitian Arts School whose poorly disguised agenda is in fact to snare new members for the cult. The school, of course, has nothing but the best to say about the Shen Yun shows. When a school says that only Falun Gong adherents, or those who are heading in that direction, can be accepted into the schools, you know that there is something that is highly suspect.

    Even for those who know little about Chinese culture, it becomes quickly apparent that the Shen Yun show is nothing to do with true culture, but is instead an exercise in brainwashing. Those with discernment know that Chinese culture has a long history, and is a treasure trove. Scholars and artists from around the world spend their lives studying it and looking for proper artistic languages and means to communicate to modern audiences and readers.

    However, many of those duped into attending the Shen Yun show later complain about their disappointment and say it is a grotesque, gaudy mixture of falsehoods.

    While arts critics have been just as damning in their reviews, few have found it in themselves to call this travesty what it really is: a blasphemy against real art.

    In that light, a call that has gone out in some countries, for people to boycott the show is one that is well worth heeding.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SPCN
    Contact Person: Mr. Hu
    Phone: (800) 719-7378
    Country: United States

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    by: Yi Shang

    Xiujuexi founder, Christie Shen

    While American perfumistas have wonderful events like Elements Showcase, and Sniffapalooza, Italians enjoy Esxence and Pitti Fragranze, and the French visit the TFWA World exhibition and conference… somehow it always feels like there is not much going on for perfume lovers in the Asia-Pacific region.

    This might have been the case a few years ago, but thanks to Fragrantica I had the chance to interview Christie Shen, founder of Xiujuexi (嗅觉系, which can be loosely translated from Chinese as olfactory style). She is a passionate woman who tries to bring the wonderful perfume world to more and more Chinese audiences.

    Xiujuexi 2016 exhibition guests, staff, and volunteers group photo

    SOFIA: Hello Christie, first of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. What we’ve learnt is that you organized the Xiujuexi Perfume Exhibition in Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, on 21-23 October 2016. This exhibition fully utilized the structure of Duolun Museum by occupying three levels. It showcased nearly 2,000 bottles of mainstream and niche perfumes and brought perfume workshops and bottle-signing to the audiences. This is the second cooperation between Xiujuexi and Duolun Museum. Congratulations for organizing such a successful exhibition! Firstly, I’d like to know more about this exhibition and Xiujuexi. For the benefit of those who could not attend, can you please introduce this exhibition to us, and what are some of the highlights?

    CHRISTIE: What sparked our initial desire to host Xiujuexi Perfume Exhibition is that, in China, except for those perfume bays in shopping malls, you don’t have a place for learning about perfume. However, due to the goals of the salespersons, shopping malls are not the ideal place for learning about perfume culture or to exchange user experiences. Therefore, we organized Xiujuexi Perfume Exhibition. All you need to do is to buy an entrance ticket, then you can smell two thousand perfumes, take photos, jot down notes… all at your own pace. We also invited a few famous niche perfume founders from some European perfume brands, so the audiences can interact with them face to face. Many visitors brought their favorite perfume here, to show the founders what loyal fans they are. Then it is followed by the founders signing their bottles and having photos taken alongside their fans. This is a quite meaningful experience.

    A perfume fan having her bottle signed at MDCI stand

    SOFIA: Can you share with us how Xiujuexi, as a company, has developed from a concept to now?

    CHRISTIE: Early on, we noticed that there was little perfume variety in China, and most perfume brands hadn’t got into the Chinese market yet. If you wanted to buy some perfumes, your first challenge is inconvenience, secondly, you won’t know if you’ll like a scent or not if bought blindly. Therefore, we believe that the possibility to test-smell a perfume is very important. Especially for the copious amount of niche brands which have no counters in China.

    SOFIA: As the biggest mediator for brining overseas perfume to the Chinese consumers, what is Xiujuexi’s main business model?

    CHRISTIE: We directly negotiate and obtain rights to represent and distribute some overseas perfume brands. What’s important is that the brands need to be ok with our model of using the Internet — after promotion, we allow perfume fans to test first, then decide whether to purchase. Currently we have two brands giving us exclusive distribution rights in China, they are MDCI Parfums, and Chabaud, respectively.

    SOFIA: In the exhibition, Xiujuexi chose to go without cabinet counters, in order to foster a relaxed atmosphere, and let people smell things freely. On top of that, I learnt that there was no pressure to make a purchase. In today’s world where nearly everything has a touch of commercial aims, why did Xiujuexi choose to make smelling perfume an experience? Also, why did you prioritize perfume as an art for enjoyment?

    CHRISTIE: Maybe it is because I was initially just a perfume fan myself. When you love something, and then get into that industry, you bring a sense of humanity and sentiment. In fact, I’m a bit more in touch with my feelings in my company and I do those things that logical people see as a waste of money with no immediate financial gain. However, I believe what we do will have long term benefit.

    SOFIA: I’ve learnt that all the perfumes for this exhibition are from someone’s private collection. Is it yours? If so, just out of curiosity, how did you get interested in perfume? Do you have any stories to share?

    CHRISTIE: Yes, they are my private collection. I’ve been collecting perfume for about seven to eight years, and I have collected quite a bit. Since I am in this industry, such collection is nothing I can boast for, especially when compared to what many others in a similar position can achieve. The only difference is that we are more eager to do things, and organized an exhibition.

    I remember the first ever perfume I smelled is Cool Water for Women by Davidoff. At that moment, I was so intrigued by how a perfume can mimic the scent of water. And from then on, I’ve been studying perfume, and never looked back.

    Perfumes from a private collection being showcased at the Xiujuexi Exhibition

    SOFIA: In order to fulfill the needs of the Chinese market, Xiujuexi is selling perfume in small sizes; in addition, you developed new packaging for some perfumes, for example, we can see MDCI perfumes have new labels and they come with corresponding Chinese brochures. Therefore, for those brands pondering whether to get into the Chinese market, can you talk about the needs of the Chinese market? Is localization somewhat a must?

    CHRISTIE: The Chinese market has seen drastic improvement in their level of perfume knowledge. I think it is mainly due to Internet celebrities and the economical mode associated with it, and more and more convenient ways for media and communication. These days, if you have a great product, it will sell due to how easy it is to spread the word over the Internet. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for niche brands.

    With regard to localization, we respect what a brand’s wishes are. Different brands have different cultures; some have more open-minded approaches when cooperating, and are willing to give the distributor the rights to localize a product. This is the case with MDCI, thus their new packaging and brochures in Chinese.

    SOFIA: In the exhibition, besides niche brands’ founders and a perfumer, Xiujuexi also invited famous bloggers who have huge followings, popular idols from a reality TV show, like Shao Mingming, Ge Weiyin, and online celebrity shopping anchors who do live broadcasts. I guess some of these guests can seem unlikely for an exhibition, from a more Western perspective. Can you please share a bit about the Chinese market with regard to the Internet celebrity phenomenon?

    CHRISTIE: According to some research, China has the world’s number one Internet market. Mobile shopping contributes to more than 90% of e-commerce transactions. Therefore, for this exhibition we thought: if all focus was on the actual exhibition, we could at most reach the people who attended the exhibition. But what if we added in live broadcast at the same time? We would spread to the Chinese netizens. Therefore, we invited two popular idols, and several online celebrity anchors. They guided their fans through the whole exhibition over their screens. What differentiates Taobao’s [Chinese eBay] live broadcast platform from the others? The difference is that whatever product the anchor is talking about will show up on your screen, and you are only a few clicks away from successfully purchasing it. We got thousands of orders through such seamless instant purchasing function. We’ve also thoroughly experienced the impact of live broadcasting events.

    SOFIA: Talking about the Chinese perfume market, according to your observation, how’s Western perfume doing there? Is there any trend in what the Chinese like?

    CHRISTIE: Generally speaking, the Chinese still like fresh, light and elegant perfumes. Some themes are naturally preferred by the Chinese, for example, osmanthus, gardenia, bamboo and so on. However, as the Chinese consumers are having more and more improved knowledge about perfumes, top selling perfumes here will also have great quality, because simply relying on marketing won’t get any poor quality perfume to withstand the market.

    SOFIA: What difficulties will perfume lovers face when buying perfumes in China? What are some of the common ways to buy perfumes here? And what’s an average consumer’s biggest perfume concern?

    CHRISTIE: For one, people are quite concerned about the price; another concern is the variety of perfumes one can choose from. Nowadays, more and more people are buying online. I guess an average perfume consumer would be most concerned about how to pick the most suitable perfume for him/herself.

    SOFIA: Xiujuexi aims to be a bridge between the Chinese perfume market and niche brands. Why niche? What’s the current situation like, and what kind of future do you foresee for niche brands in China?

    CHRISTIE: There’s a “blue ocean” opportunity with niche perfumes. There are so many varieties and background stories, and there are many strongly artistic ones. Many famous salon brands had their very niche days. We are like talent scouts, just like how the Chinese proverb puts it, we are the Bole looking for our Maxima horse. There’s a lot of fun doing it. Niche perfumes are seeing more and more acceptance and popularity in China. Some famous salon perfumes are no longer niche, they metamorphosed into successful commercial brands. It’s quite exciting to see how a perfume brand’s grown.

    SOFIA: Whether we like to put it this way or not, we can notice certain popular trends in the perfume world and fashion world. For example, many brands have been quite focused on raw materials like oud recently by launching deep oriental perfumes; whiles a few years ago, it seems many were eager to get on the rose & patchouli bandwagon. So in the newly emerging Chinese market, is there any popular trending scent? Or do you see people self-group by more abstract themes, like “artistic girls love Keiko perfume?”

    CHRISTIE: Indeed, trends converge in the fashion world, like this year’s oud trend, and many designer brands launching their exclusive collections. But the majority of Chinese consumers’ preferences are unchanged: fresh, floral and gourmand perfumes are still preferred. With regards to abstract self-grouping, it happens when a brand has at least three or four perfumes sharing similar characteristics, then people give that brand a summarized personality, and that brand in turn becomes the spokesperfume for a certain group of people. Such progress also makes the brand’s personality increasingly clearer.

    Inside Xiujuexi Exhibition

    SOFIA: Do you have any tips or suggestions for the Chinese perfume lovers? No matter if they’ve been hooked for years, or just started showing some budding interest.

    CHRISTIE: I hope everyone can thoroughly listen to his/her olfactory preferences. Don’t let a brand’s fame, price, bottle design, or any other outside elements influence how you feel about a perfume. Of course, this is based on the premise that one has smelled quite a lot of perfumes, otherwise the grass is always greener, or the next perfume is always better. Be confident of knowing that what you want is based on experience, same with anything else.

    SOFIA: Christie, is there anything I haven’t asked, but you’d like to share with our readers?

    CHRISTIE: Well, I think I’m very lucky because I’m doing what I love as a career. I hope everyone can bravely go after their heart’s desire, and leave no regret in life.

    Thank you Christie of Xiujuexi for taking time to answer our questions!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Beilei Trading Company, Ltd.
    Contact Person: Miya Shen
    Phone: 86 021 57746128
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    A cursory reading of reviews of the Shen Yun show quickly reveals that those who see it — art critics and the public alike — are unimpressed by the stage antics.

    In Foreign Policy magazine of April 29, 2015, Isaac Stone Fish, a journalist and senior fellow at the Asia Society’s Center on US-China relations, said: “Shen Yun … is not about the arts. It’s not about ‘reviving 5,000 years of civilization’, as the show’s ubiquitous fliers proclaim; nor is it a Chinese version of the wildly popular Canadian circus company Cirque du Soleil, as the older gentleman sitting next to me at the performance expected.

    “Rather, Shen Yun exists to transmit a message: that heavenly forces will destroy modern-day China, obliterating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has ruled the country since 1949.”

    In a critique in the Hamilton Spectator in Ontario on January 1, 2015, Ingrid Mayrhofer was no less scathing: “The show tried our patience right at the beginning with garish electronic imaging andloud Western instruments. The background projection outdid the dancers on the stage with visual (effects), and the military-style sound smothered the hall.

    “Approximately 20 minutes into the spectacle, the announcers began to talk about Falun Gong and how the Chinese government persecuted the sect, offering the next dance as an illustration thereof. At this point, we agreed that we did not have to endure without complaining.”

    In the Oregonian of January 14, 2014, Jamie Hale said: “Organisers for the arts troupe Shen Yun bill itsperformances as ‘an extraordinar journey across 5,000 years of Chinese civilisation’ told through dance, music and breathtaking imagery’. They promise that the show … will ‘touch your soul’. But beneath the layers of coloured, flowing cloth is a message that wraps up politics, propaganda, religion and media.”

    In Britain, Sarah Crompton said in the Daily Telegraph of February 25, 2008: “This show is advertised as a Chinese spectacular — a kind of Eastern version of Cirque du Soleil. It is nothing of the kind. Acrobatics, singing and dancing skills are used in the service of a propaganda exercise on the part of Falun Gong, a group banned as an ‘evil cult’ by the Communist Chinese government in 1999.

    “Most of the members of the Divine Performing Arts troupe are members of Falun Gong. But their beliefs do not simply form a backdrop to a neutral presentation of traditional Chinese dance and legends. They are the focal point of the evening.”

    In the New York Times of February 6, 2008, Eric Konigsberg’s remarks also covered what went on offstage.

    Audience members who filed out of Radio City before and during intermission said they were troubled by the material. “I had no idea it was Falun Gong until now that it’s too late, and it really bums me out,” said Steven, a Chinese immigrant living in New Jersey who, along with his family, was among the first to leave and asked that his last name not be published.

    “It’s a little too political, too religious, especially the dance showing some girls getting tortured in the prisons. That’s too much for Chinese New Year, especially with our children.”

    Media Contact
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    The wheels on the bus is one such interesting rhyme that teaches the way by which a bus moves and what happens inside the bus and outside on the streets when the vehicles are moving on the road. The nursery rhymes videos have already received positive responses from many teachers and moms, as it has clear cut pronunciation.

    When you click on the link of the rhymes video, your kids will fall in love with it, as it is created to be an amazing musical adventure aboard a bright pink and purple bus that is fitted with wheels that spin faster and swishing wipers. The rhymes video also features barking dogs, vehicle lights, moving people, spinning wheels and busy streets in the town to help the kids know what they would find on the road. The Wheels on the Bus rhymes features stunning illustrations, foot tapping music, catchy tune and creative interaction to make the kids love the rhyme instantly.

    This rhyme is specifically designed for kids above 18 months of age.  You can find the wheels on the bus lyrics below the videoon the YouTube page. The kids would be able to learn that the bus moves faster due to its spinning wheels, the doors can open and close, the wipers make a swishing sound while wiping the raindrops, the people would fall up and down on their seats when the bus goes faster, the baker makes fresh cakes, the bark of the dog is woof, the gold fish jumps and much more.

    When the child sings the wheels on the bus lyrics, they would experience cognitive, motor and language development, as they will recognize various sounds, fun filled lyrics and action to represent the verses in the rhymes. The phrases of this rhyme can be recognized by the kids instantly and the video has beautiful animation featuring colorful characters, vehicles and things on the street to give the kids the real feel of being aboard the bus. As the rhyme is offered as a music video, it can easily register in their sub conscious mind while swathing this rhyme video continuously and would help your child to learn it quickly. Make sure that you teach your child some action to enact the Wheels on the bus rhyme to make the job of teaching super easy. The parents and the teachers can also subscribe the YouTube channel to stay updated about the latest rhyme videos.

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    The people can visit temple fairs for free during the Spring Festival this year.

    The Cultural Benefiting Projects has issued 300,000 temple fair tickets to the public for free to enrich the cultural life of Beijing citizens. The 300,000 temple fair tickets will be available to the public from January 20 to 22 through the internet.

    The free tickets are offered by Beijing government on Spring Festival to create a more vibrant experience, and allow for more participation and enjoyment. 

    “I haven’t attended temple fairs for many years, but I heard this year the temple fair in Chaoyang park will be an international one, so I want to check it out. I’m so glad the Cultural Benefiting Projects offered the free tickets to us,” says a participant who got the free ticket through Cultural Benefiting Projects.

    About Temple Fairs

    In Beijing, several fairs will be held during the period at various ancient temples, thus they are called “temple fairs.” Temple fairs, originated along with the development of Buddhist and Taoist activities, are a kind of mass gatherings that integrate religious worship, entertainment and commerce.

    Temple fairs in Beijing have a very long history, and saw a boom especially during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) as well as the Republic of China (1912-1949). Major temples all have their own festivals, some of which are held regularly. During the Spring Festival, temple fair is one of the most important activities, and a traditional cultural event that features all kinds of Chinese folk art. So far, there have been more than 10 major temple fairs held each year in Beijing.

    In traditional temple fairs around Beijing, there are performances and booths demonstrating and selling traditional arts and crafts. The fairs have lots of games to play, food to eat, performances and lots of people. In the temple fair you can taste numerous kinds of local snacks, court food and other dishes.

    Most temple fairs feature dragon and lion dances, waist drum dancing, lotus blossom fairy dances, ground and clam dancing as well as other folk performances, and some even stage traditional wedding ceremonies.

    For foreigners, temple fair is definitely a cultural experience, because it airs Chinese cultures from a very detailed perspective. While enjoying the samplings of Chinese delicacies, you can appreciate craftsmanship and artworks displayed by local artisans.

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    In January 20th, a young fellow Yang from Ukraine came to a Dashuhua theatre of ancient town Nuanquan of Hebei province, putting up a special Dashuhua show especially for his long secretly-loved Chinese girl Xiao Su. Picture shows Yang is performing for Xiao Su, Dashuhua means creating a firework show out of molten iron.

    In order to show his love for Xiao Su, Yang goes to Wei county to learn this art from Dashuhua masters as long as he’s got time. “I want to learn how to do it, and I want to put up a show for Xiao Su. Every time she performs, the master performing Dashuhua stands behind her, I want to do this for her, I want her to see this beautiful art,” he says. Picture shows Yang is writing down “I love you” preparing for his confession of love. Photographed by Shen Shi.

    At 7 o’clock, 20th, Yang leaving from Beijing with flowers and other gifts wants to give Xiao Su a surprise. Xiao Su’s performance starts in the afternoon, Yang arrived at the theatre earlier writing down “I love you” with a brush pen and planning his confession with other actors. Picture shows Yang’s appearance surprised Xiao Su. Photographed by Shen Shi.

    Performance starts, Xiao begins her routine on the stage, then suddenly Yang shows up, giving her a big pleasant surprise. With flowers in Yang’s hands he kneels down confessing his love to her, then he put on his sheepskin coat, holding a large wooden spoon in hand starting to perform Dashuhua for Xiao Su. Picture shows Yang’s confession of love to Xiao Su. Photographed by Shen Shi. 

    “I have not expected he would do such a thing for me, I’m deeply moved.” Picture shows Yang and Xiao Su take a photo together. Photographed by Shen Shi. 

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