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    To coincide with annual Asia Week in New York, Arader Gallery, a prestigious gallery on the Upper East Side, Manhattan, is to display the paintings of Yu Hanyu, a well-known contemporary Chinese painter. It is the first time for the gallery to exhibit the works of Chinese contemporary artists at Asia Week in New York, and they are receiving lots of positive reactions of local audiences.

    The staff of the gallery says that the show, themed “Burning Snowfields and Glaciers”, features with dozens of Yu Hanyu’s paintings focusing on the Himalayas in southwestern China, through which the audience in New York can enjoy the mystic and fantastic natural landscape before March 24, 2018.

    (Stern Redcliff Disdain Frost, Yu H. 230cmx88cm)

    Yu Hanyu graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Department of Traditional Chinese Painting in 1985 and from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1992. As a famous landscape painter, a calligrapher, and national first-grade artist, Yu acts as Dean of BenYuan Calligraphy and Painting Institute of Department of Chinese Literary Federation ArtResource Center and Executive Vice President of Beijing Haiyue Painting and Calligraphy Institute. His works have been included in numerous exhibitions in China and aboard and auctioned by reputable auction houses.

    Yu’s works are unique in two aspects: first, he creatively adopts heavy ink painting on Chinese art paper so as to produce an effect of oil painting; second, he finds views in Tibet where he has spent months sketching from the splendid and untraversed snow-covered plateau and seeking inspiration from the magnificent landscape every year since 2005. The towering row of mountains, the precipitous cliffs, the cold moon and the wasteland, the places beyond the Great Wall and the forests, the wind and the frost – all these painted by him are not reproduction of landscape paintings in the traditional sense.

    (Yu sketched at an elevation of nearly 5000 meters.)

    Yu’s paintings get rid of the model and atmosphere featuring leftover rivers and remains of mountains, instead ushering a totally new style with his stirring, solemn and forceful landscape image. His modern painting perspective helps to integrate these images, creating a unique aesthetic sense of landscape paintings.

    (Snow Mountain Glittering, Yu H., 67cmx67cm)

    Yu says, “As I always want to introduce Chinese paintings to the world, I pay a lot of attention to color and theme the snow maintains and glaciers in Tibet, a place nobody has painted but very attractive to the world. With unique and contemporary style, outstanding materials, and global topic, it is easier for me to promote and spread Chinese paintings worldwide.”


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Asia & America Group LLC
    Contact Person: Hanyu Yu
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    21 Mar, 2018 – Your parents are not getting any younger and it is time to make a decision about their future care. There are a few options for senior care Naperville Il open to you so which one is right for your circumstances?

    You and your loved one’s need to be aware of the options and you need to discuss them all fully before going ahead. When you are talking this through, be careful to note any reservations or resistance to one option or another. The current health and mobility of your loved one will also be significant.

    Here are the two most popular senior care Naperville Il options:

    Assisted Living or Care Homes

    This is a big commitment and it is expensive so you need to be sure that this is what everyone wants before going ahead. An assisted living facility will provide an apartment to your parent (or parents) and they will retain a lot of their independence. Usually these facilities at are very attractive, clean and safe for your loved ones.

    Assisted living facilities will often provide daily meals and some will cater for seniors that have special dietary requirements. There will be other residents in the facility and this should provide a foundation for the formation of new friendships.

    A lot of assisted facilities will have regular activities and social events so that residents do not sit around bored watching TV all day. Some of these activities will feature gentle exercise routines such as dancing.

    Communal spaces are provided for residents to get together and talk or participate in different activities. This is entirely optional but your loved one should be encouraged to participate often so that they can form new companionships.

    The major disadvantages of assisted living are that it is usually expensive, and it takes the senior out of their home environment which they have probably been comfortable in for a number of years.

    Home Care Services

    Another popular senior care Naperville Il option is to use elderly home care services. There have been a number of surveys conducted in the United States and they have revealed that up to 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes and receive care.

    Seniors will have built up a social circle for many years in the area that they live. The thought of moving miles away to an assisted living facility fills them with dread. They want to maintain their “living at home” lifestyle but just need some assistance now to do this.

    One of the main reasons that children persuade their parents to move into assisted living facilities is that they cannot provide the level of care that their love one needs. They have children of their own that need looking after and they have professional commitments to earn their living.

    Home care services do offer a good alternative to the child providing all of the care. They have care givers that are highly trained and most of them have a great deal of experience when it comes to looking after seniors.

    A care giver will provide all of their attention to your loved one when they visit. The same is not true when it comes to assisted living as there is a finite number of staff available. Seniors like this individual care and attention and this can really work well.

    Often a good relationship forms with the care giver and they will become a welcome companion. Your loved one will still have all of their family and friend connections and now they will have an additional friend as well.

    Home care givers will help with daily tasks and ensure that your loved one takes their medications at the proper time. They are not trained nurses but will be able to help in most situations.

    Although home care is almost always cheaper than assisted living it can still be expensive with care givers costing up to $20 per hour in some locations. If your loved one gets to know the care giver really well and then suddenly they quit their job this can be very traumatic.

    In order to choose the right senior care Naperville Il option you need to fully discuss everything with your loved one and ensure that the finances are available to support the favored option.

    We can help you with all aspects of senior care Naperville Il so please get in touch here.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Senior Helpers
    Contact Person: Lynn Sullivan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (331) 281-0728
    Address:633 E Ogden Ave
    City: Naperville
    State: IL
    Country: United States

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    21 Mar, 2018 – The new office is conveniently located at the intersection of I-44 & highway 75 in Tulsa. The building formerly housed Southwest Properties Real Estate, and for the last month it’s undergone a major transformation to better serve clients. 

    The move is a return home for Kay, who started her first Allstate agency less than one block north in 1998. After a brief hiatus from insurance, Kay purchased another Allstate agency in the Brookside area near 41st & Peoria. She sees this as an opportunity to continue building relationships with old and new clients alike. 

    Kay Roseborough – Tulsa Allstate AgentAnd she sees this as a way to add another improvement to the West Tulsa community. Roseborough says, “This remodel project has been about more than providing a new office space for us. We wanted to bring out the true character of this property and update it an a way that adds value to our neighbors and to the community.” 

    Built in 1945, the new office has gotten a complete interior remodel, down to the studs. Walls have been opened up to expand the floorplan. Wiring and energy efficient upgrades have also been made to improve the property. Click to find more details about Auto Insurance Tulsa OK

    The original wood floors are being refinished, and the fireplace is being restored to create a warm and inviting place for customers to come visit. 

    Outside, the first thing you will notice is a brand new beautifully stamped and stained circle drive. The building exterior (currently yellow) will be transformed in coming weeks with earth tones and dark trim. Look for the big Allstate sign on the south side of the building, along with a new pole-mounted LED sign out front.

    Roseborough Insurance is Ready to Serve You 

    Tulsa Seguros Atención en EspañolIn the past year, some exciting things have been happening at the agency. Kay added to her team a bilingual agent to serve the Hispanic community and has expanded her client base to include customers from all over the Tulsa metro area. 

    Although she invites everyone to come visit the office, she says, “Office location is no limitation. We can provide most quotes right over the phone, and many of our clients take advantage of that convenience. We are here to serve the entire community of Tulsa.” 

    If you’re in the area, stop by the office between 9:00am and 6:00pm, or call (918) 574-2400 for quotes on Auto, Home, Life or Business insurance. 

    Llámenos al (918) 925-9695 para servicio en Español.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Roseborough Insurance
    Contact Person: Kay Roseborough
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (918) 574-2400
    Address:4918 S Union Ave
    City: Tulsa
    State: OK
    Country: United States

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    There is a woman. She is gentle as water, beautiful as lotus flowers. She always dresses appropriately, has a short hair and skin as white as snow. She is a natural beauty in no need of make-up. Also she is ambitious. She exemplified that women can be as good as men with her experience. She is Lai Meifang, the president of Ganzhou Mejiasu Beauty co., ltd.



    From 1995 to 2001, she was a teacher. Following her heart, she resigned  in 2001, which caused quite a stir. Lai Meifang went to Shanghai, Shenzhen and entered beauty industry. Gradually, she realized that skin care products could improve her skin quality, which brought her lots of joy. One idea began to sprout in her mind — if she could make the skin of the people around her better, would they be able to feel the joy too? In 2008, Lai meifang started her own beauty business.

    She opened her first beauty salon Younger in 2009. After nearly two years, Lai meifang’s beauty career gradually improved. In April 2011, the name changed to Suyanmei. Since then, her beauty business grew steadily. Starting in 2012, the second chain and the third chain opened. By 2014, the chain had grown to 19. In 2015, with the further expansion of the enterprise, Suyanmei combined with Guangdong satellite TV and Beijing Zhongsouwanglu Internet technology co., ltd., which turned out to be a successful transition. In the same year, Ganzhou Mejiasu Beauty co., ltd. was registered to apply for the Mejiasu trademark, extending the chain to 35 stores. The expansion of the chain store revealed Lai Meifang’s successful management and the great efforts behind it.


    Based on her love for beauty industry and her responsible attitude towards customers, she often thought about how to make cosmetics safe, simple, affordable and effective. Once by chance, Chinese traditional medicine cured her and her family, she suddenly enlightened: early cosmetics come from animals and plants by simple ways, which were natural and effective. Why not transfer the concept of traditional Chinese medicine to modern skin care products?

    Lai Meifang’s beauty business succeeded to inherit and promote traditional Chinese medicine culture. In August 2016, Mejiasu became the brand in the top list of 76 countries. In September of the same year, it won the honorary title of “The national quality of the credibility brand”.


    In May 2017, the brand successfully entered the CCTV network and became the preferred brand of CCTV network mall. In July of the same year, Mejiasu received the honorary certificate of “China quality service reputation AAAA enterprise”. In November, its product “Mejiasu full effect traditional Chinese medicine mask” was broadcast on CCTV 7 sets and 9 sets. Meanwhile, Mejiasu was also broadcast in the show called “Glamour Brands” in CCTV no.1 studio. On January 19, 2018, Mejiasu joined the vice-president unit of the Beijing Private Economic Development Association(BPEDA) to further expand its influence, and made the brand of Mejiasu a household name.


    On March 7, 2018, Mejiasu with DPEDA investigated into the New Zealand, with its ethnic characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine beauty products to seek new breakthroughs. Through constantly efforts, Mejiasu has 15000 users. Its chain extends to 152. Franchisees are more than 400 from 16 provinces all over the country.



    As China’s world economy continues to boom, she believes that beauty and skin care is a rising industry. Her Chinese medicine beauty products have gone before many peers…

    She thinks that a person’s skin will be cyclical changes with the seasons. Only when mastering these changes and professional knowledge of skin care can she properly solves the problem of the skin.

    For the sustainable development of the enterprise, she leads her team and advocates the happy culture, adhering to the concept of “dedication, mutual assistance, mutual love and gratitude”. She plans to make Mejiasu a domestic well-known brand chain-like alliance platform over the next three to five years. At the same time, she will take the opportunity of One Belt And One Road to promote the brand overseas, so that the traditional Chinese medicine culture will blossom and bear fruits abroad, benefiting all mankind. In conclusion, traditional Chinese medicine creates beauty and inherits culture, and national brand benefits the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mejiasu
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    In March 2018, on the International Consumer Rights Day, Baihua, as one of the representatives of national integrity brands in China, appeared on the NASDAQ screen in New York’s times square, drawing the attention both at home and abroad.

    Baihua is the Chinese time-honored bee products enterprise which is recognized by the Ministry of Commerce. The Chinese time-honored brand is the representative of Chinese national business and national brand, which is the important bearing of traditional Chinese business culture and business ethics.

    The core value of the enterprise is “diligence, thrift and honesty”. Integrity is to keep promise, not to deceive, to treat people with sincerity and respect. Thrift and integrity is key component in our country outstanding traditional culture , is also the reason why the Chinese enterprises, especially the old ones, can continue more than one century.

    The company’s appearance on the NASDAQ screen is an important step in the internationalization of Baihua. It also spreads the business culture and business ethics of China’s integrity, and promotes the Chinese bee product industry.

    1. Time-honored Baihua

    Baihua’s history can be traced back to Yongfeng honey shop founded in the year of 1833 in the Qing dynasty. In the late Qing dynasty, the famous “qinghua zhai” and “qing shun zhai” were used to specify the supply of Yongfeng honey shop.

    In 1956, Yongfeng honey shop, Wanhe apiary, Zhicheng apiary and other  established the Beiijng Wax Processing Plant in public-private partnership, later renamed the Beijing Bee Products Company. It provided traditional Chinese medicinal honey and wax for domestic enterprises in the long term , and became an important enterprise of honey foreign trade export.

    In the 1980s, Baihua was the first to divide honey products into the flower seeds of honey plants, which became the basic rules of honey varieties in the market. Next, Baihua was committed to the comprehensive development of bee products. It developed honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and related health care products, cosmetic products, nearly 200 varieties of product system, providing the public with more care solutions.


    2. Blossoming Baihua

    Due to the influence in bee products industry and the selfless dedication for the industry development, Baihua becomes the founding member unit of China Bee Products Association , has served continuously as vice President unit of China Bee Products Association and the director unit of the honey branch of China Bees Association. It drafted and participated in the formulation of dozens of product standards, including the national standards of honey, royal jelly, bee glue, bee pollen.

    With its long history, good reputation and high market influence, Baihua in 2006 was recognized by the state as one of the first batch of Chinese time-honored enterprises.. In 2008, it were awarded as China’s famous trademark.

    In 2008, the 29th Olympic Games was held in Beijing. By the strict audit and supervision, Baihua successfully completed the mission of supplying honey for the Olympic games and the Paralympic games. Baihua got the BOCOG’s recognition, which was the highest certification of Baihua’s credibility and quality.

    On the basis of inheriting the traditional honey inspection and processing techniques, Baihua continuously improved the efficiency and quality of honey processing. In 2012, “Beijing Baihua honey traditional processing technique” was listed in the intangible cultural heritage list.

    When the electronic commerce quietly emerged, Baihua keenly became the first “touch net” enterprise in the bee product industry. It opened flagship stores to sell its bee products in Tmall, Jingdong and other main electric business platforms. Using its brand awareness and first-mover advantage, keeping up to now, Baihua quickly became the No.1 of bee products sales in the whole network, and was awarded as “E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise” by the Ministry of Commerce.


    3. Booming Baihua

    Baihua is traditional, yet innovative. It is continuously exploring based on the trend of development and guidance of national policies, so as to accumulate energy for the continuation of the glory and the redevelopment.

    In order to meet the growing demand for refined living, Baihua is  elaborately creating the high-end brand of “Chaoben” to provide consumers with rare and high-end bee products.

    Under the guidance of the country’s targeted poverty alleviation policy, Baihua has set its sights on China’s excellent ecological resources and mountainous areas with poor economic development. According to the survey, China’s key poverty-stricken areas have nearly 90 percent overlap beekeeping areas. The development of beekeeping can not only promote the local ecological improvement, but also benefit the protection of Chinese bee species. Baihua proposes “high-quality honey comes from original areas” development concept, which supports the development of poor mountainous areas beekeeping. At the same time, the the local harvest, local processing must be in accordance with the standards of Baihua, which guarantees the quality of products. Baihua creates a complete industrial chain of “one, two, three industries”, which is a good way to combine targeted poverty alleviation with the upgrading of the bee industry.

    Now, Baihua has introduced honey varieties from Qinba mountains in Shaanxi province,Hubei province, Yunnan province, Tibet and so on,  presenting a good growth trend.

    Baihua not only stands at home, but also looks around the world, bringing the world’s good honey to the Chinese consumers.


    Under the background of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Baihua’s 45000 square meters new plant will be built in Langfang development zone. There will be the integration of the world’s largest honey processing base, advanced bee products testing center, multimedia bee industry culture exhibition center, modern logistics and distribution of bee products bee products of high-end electric business center, etc.

    Looking forward to tomorrow, Baihua will implement spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhering to the principle of serving the farmers, and compose a new chapter in the new era.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Baihua
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    City: Beijing
    Country: China

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    The new GOL platform uses blockchain technology to decentralize the tournament and payment processes that have long plagued traditional tournament style play.

    In Hong Kong, China, March 14, 2018, the Global Open League (GOL) ICO private sale is now live and is expected to attract attention of the global cryptocurrency and gaming communities.

    GOL is introducing the next generation eSports tournament platform to global gaming enthusiasts by integrating it with blockchain technology. GOL will target the currently underserved amateur players and invite celebrities and professional eSports players with whom gamers will have the rare opportunity to interact on the platform. Next Generation Esports (NGE), one of the largest eSports content providers in North America working with some of the largest gaming companies in the world, will also be a key partner of GOL.

    The eSports market has exploded in the last couple of years, with the global eSports audience estimated to reach 1 billion by 2025 and global revenue of USD 1.5 billion in 2020. However, existing tournament platforms are primarily focused on professional eSports players, leaving hundreds of millions of amateur players with very limited options. GOL is a user-friendly platform catered to this particular segment, allowing amateurs to create tournaments, compete and earn Global Open League Tokens (GOLT) in 1 vs 1 or team vs team matches in popular online games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and CounterStrike:Global Offensive.

    Most existing tournament platforms are centralized. Hence, operating companies set all the rules and have power over the community. GOL is here to change all of that. By using blockchain technology and decentralizing the entire process, GOL gives power back to users and alters the way they interact with the ecosystem. Players will no longer be concerned with common issues such as controversies over reward payments, fraudulent reporting of match results and hacking.

    During a recent interview, Patrick Tang, CEO of GOL commented: “Our mission is to provide an automated fraud free decentralized tournament platform for amateur eSports enthusiasts. They will be rewarded for winning competitive matches or simply contributing to the platform community.” He goes on to say: “GOL will remain hands off for all transactions that take place on the platform. Smart contracts will allow for transparent, secure and reliable processing of match results and rewards.”

    The GOL token, GOLT, can be used for activities such as playing matches, voting in tribunals, receiving coaching lessons and gaining access to data analytics for performance improvement. GOLT can be acquired via winning and verifying competitive matches, referrals and participating in events, just to name a few.

    The GOL team and their advisors have a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experience ranging from eSports, game publishing, tech, marketing, management, product, design and operations. Notable team members also include Kane Li, the No.1 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) player in Asia and Deer Chan, Leader of PandaCute, the No.1 female League of Legends team in Hong Kong.

    GOL will start as an online tournament platform and has ambitious plans to go beyond. It aims to become a dominant brand in the eSports industry, reaching eSports enthusiasts in every corner of the globe.

    This is an exciting opportunity for prospective investors to be a part of the eSports blockchain revolution. Further details on the ICO can be viewed on the GOL Whitepaper here.

    For complete information about GOL, please visit:


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global Open League
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +852 56292001
    Country: HongKong

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    1. The era background of the platform creation

    With the rapid advancement of the new technology revolution represented by the Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc., mankind has entered a new era of the sharing economy and is growing into a new engine driving the development of the global economy. The global sharing economy is in a period of rapid development currently. The number of people participating in the sharing economy is increasing, the income of the sharing economy platform has increased substantially, and the sharing economy has been expanding.

    Social networks have been globalized. At present, the number of netizens exceeds half of the global population, and the network technology is getting higher and higher. In this era of mobile Internet, mobile phones can show their skills at any time and place, and have become an important part of people’s work and life.

    All sorts of facilities to make Internet users around the world to establish contact through the network, the establishment of shared generating transactions, the sharing economy will become a hot spot in the development of the global society in the future, demonstrating the expanding and cross-border integration of the sharing economy. Consumers will be more active in the sharing economy, both as a provider of shared economic products and services and as a shareholder of the shared economy, with the rapid development driven by joint construction.

    Under the trend of globalization of the sharing economy, along with the UK government’s active expansion of bilateral trade strategic cooperation on a global scale, and attempting to deepen cooperation with Asian major countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea in Asia, the global shared service platform created by NMC has emerged. It allows participants worldwide with the power of the platform, integration of resources, share resources, use the platform as a medium, real-time information flow, generate value-added economy, and get their own needs!

    2. NMC Global Shared Service Platform Status and Operation Mechanism

    Currently, the back-end APP system developed by the NMC platform and the top-level technical team has been initially completed, and enterprise-level cloud servers have been built in 226 countries around the world to ensure user experience. NMC also sets up an operation center in Hong Kong, an international financial center, to take charge of investment promotion in the entire Asia-Pacific region!

    The platform is based on the Economic Value Added (“EVA”) concept (information circulation, thought circulation and resource sharing), and Media Coverage (“MC) concept (resources as medium, integration of all) to build, which included, the advanced EVA value-added re-distribution wealth management model; EV Mall; volpaly payment; the use of blockchain technology constant release of NMC digital assets; MC five social sectors as an integrated, global shared services platform.
    Platform operation mechanism are: the participants through advanced value added EVA redistribution of wealth management mode, durable and efficient profit, with earnings into their own digital wallet assets in exchange for NMC digital assets:

    • You can take the NMC digital assets to EV Mall to purchase the highest quality merchandise with the lowest cost, and get the benefits through the shopping rebate mechanism!

    • You can use NMC digital assets to pay for your purchases on the various payment platforms that NMC collaborate with, such as recharge, ticket purchases, fuel card recharge, etc.

    • You can use the integrated MC social platform to make friends, obtain business information, and participate in your favorite games.

    3. The future of the platform

    The future NMC platform will gradually launch its own EV mall while leveraging its excellent financial management mechanism. By breaking in single e-business model, taking the new retail plus the collaborative consumption business model, and achieve seamless connection between online and offline; members’ online shopping, offline store pickup experience, offline services experience, shopping, online profit rebate. Drive more people to collaborate on consumption and get a consumer dividend.

    The platform will use its own traffic to cooperate with professional teams to create its own brand chain: coffee chain, supermarket chain, beauty chain, food chain… to achieve big data plan! In addition to paying for daily life consumption (such as: utility bills, recharge, ticket purchases, insurance payment, etc.), digital assets can be applied to the physical sector created by the NMC platform and continue to increase the influence of NMC’s digital assets in order to embodies the value of digital assets. The platform plans to build its own international digital assets exchange by 2020.

    Let virtual serve as entity, and use entity to host virtual! Let online business flow, capital flow, information flow and offline logistics, services, experience deep integration.The NMC platform will enable participants to achieve: efficient benefits, affordable consumption, convenient payment, and shared resources! 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: NMC CO,Ltd
    Contact Person: Mr. Eva
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Ether Universe ( is the world’s first decentralized high-performance cross-chain system. It allows connecting different blockchains and exchanging value across them. Combining the speed and scalability of EOS.IO, Ether Universe may support up to millions of transactions per second, at a low latency and a low cost for cross-chain transfers. Ether Universe shall become an important infrastructure in the blockchain ecosystem.

    Since Bitcoin was introduced in 2008, blockchain technology has become increasingly popular and potent. At present, most digital assets are isolated within their own blockchains. In future, thousands of blockchains may operate in different industries respectively. If a user wants to make use of functionalities of a blockchain, he/she might first need to purchase tokens of the blockchain. This would greatly limit the competence of the value of blockchain technology.

    Ether Universe is supposed to solve this issue. Ether Universe is dedicated to provide infrastructure services for different blockchains, and thereby to connect them and allow exchanging value across them in a decentralized manner. Based on Ether Universe, blockchains which are currently isolated may be connected. Be it a public blockchian, a private blockchain, an alliance blockchain, or an application based on a blockchain, it may integrate with Ether Universe seamlessly. Cross-chain digital asset liquidity shall be made profoundly easier.

    The developers of Ether Universe come from Bay Area, South Korea, China, Deutschland, and UK. The team has been long devoting in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In-depth reseaches on BTCreply, RootStock, Polkadot, and Cosmos have been made in order to propose the solution of Ether Universe with its own advantages and characteristics.

    Ether Universe will provide an efficient and capable cross-chain solution based on EOS.IO. This is made possible by combining logic subchains of other blockchains and a sidechain of EOS.IO, which is featured by allowing maximally one million users working together, easy upgrading, recovery from bugs, low-latency, and high performance in either serial and parallel computations. Ether Universe may further build a robust cross-chain service platform and beat all existing service providers in terms of transaction volume.


    Ether Universe is designed to enable exchanging value across different blockchains. In order to achieve this, we first need to implement a logic subchain based on Ethereum or another blockchain. A logic subchain is created as a software of a blockchain, then a two-way anchoring between it and the target blockchain is made to enable operations including locking. The communications between Ether Universe and EOS basechain is implemented with the cross-chain communication feature provided by EOS.

    Ether Universe employs a mechanism of miners, witnesses, guarantors, and a reward system to secure the information over blockchains other than EOS. At the very beginning, Ether Universe employs several trusted nodes to help verifying transactions; these nodes are located on sidechains of different blockchains. This will accelerate the development of Ether Universe. When the network grows mature, Ether Universe will gradually enhance its verification system; guarantors will participate in verification processes. And eventually, Ether Universe will verify transactions combining votes of miners and witnesses.

    In future, increasingly more blockchains with distinct features and purposes will emerge. Ether Universe shall connect different blockchains. In order to enable the communications across more blockchains, Ether Universe provides a series of public services including status channels and service APIs. Any application based on EOS may make use of Ether Universe to implement inter-blockchain information exchange functionalities.

    Ether Universe shall become a cmopetent infrastructure for blockchains. It shall provide basic applications based on its own basechain, e.g. cross-chain wallet apps. This may push blockchain technology forward and make it even more accessible by the public. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ether Universe Pte. Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Singapore

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    Charlotte, NC – 22 Mar, 2018 – Claude Ergas Branding, the company managed by the branding expert specializes in helping the best licensing firms across the country. Branding is imperative for the businesses to remain as a separate entity among their rivals by establishing a strong image and grab the attention of the clients.

    At the press meet held this week, Claude Ergas Branding made an announcement that they now provide Marketing and Branding services for all businesses. Claude Ergas, the expert in branding and international marketing own this company that has helped thousands of businesses have a strong foothold in the business arena. One can find his profile at the “People On The Move” section of the reputable Baltimore Business Journal when they check the link at The output-driven growth strategy and marketing plan of Claude Ergas has helped the businesses of various sizes stay successful. With their vast expertise in branding, Claude Ergas has helped many clients build strong partnerships, and identify the opportunities, which can change their fortune.

    Claude Ergas, the CEO of Claude Ergas Branding said, “My vast years of expertise in the field of marketing have helped me understand the major issue faced by the business is branding. The clients prefer their customers to identify their business location but often fail to have excellent visibility. He utilizes his expertise as well as experience in marketing and branding for helping the firms have a better brand establishment, which gains the attention of investing partners, clients and deals. Our methods deliver the results, as we possess the resources as well as tools for helping the businesses of different sizes emerge as successful. We have pride in helping several top licensing companies across the country”.

    To know more about Claude Ergas, just click on the Facebook page at

    Claude Ergas Branding is the right choice for both big companies and small startups who wish to seek a solution for their issues. They offer services that range from offering consultation for marketing and branding, required by firms for attaining growth. Claude Ergas ensures that a better brand identification is created to separate his clients from their competitors to make them stay in touch with their customers. As they specialize in brand authenticity for companies it enables them have improved relationship with their customers, promotes company culture, and know their level of performance.

    Businesses and individuals who are keen to stay in touch with this branding and marketing consultant can follow the Twitter handle of Claude Ergas at

    About Claude Ergas Branding

    Claude Ergas Branding is a reputable company specializing in branding and marketing activities that have helped several businesses gain better awareness in the country. Claude Ergas, the expert in branding and international marketing runs this company and has worked with several billion dollar companies to offer excellent marketing ideas to achieve immense business development.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BLVD
    Contact Person: Don Drapper
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 360-576-2966
    Country: United States

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    23 Mar, 2018 – Ecopainting is a Scarborough based company with a satellite office in Mississauga that offers its customers something that’s hard to find. A hassle-free experience when it comes time to repaint their home or business premises.

    Most organizations will put off repainting their offices due to the inevitable disruption it causes to their staff and clients. Commercial painters are not usually noted for their discretion or ability to fade unobtrusively into the woodwork. Ecopainting, however, has built a sterling reputation for paying attention to the needs of their customers byminimizing the inconvenience of redecorating with WSIB and safety certified crews.

    The company began its operations in the early ‘90s when “green” businesses catered to a niche market. As paint materials free of volatile organic products became the industry standard, Ecopainting focussed its attention on developing what has become their much lauded “nightmare-free” experience.

    All of the workers at Ecopainting are on the payroll, and that in itself is unusual in a field rife with sub-contractors and casual labour. They work with property managers, interior designers, general contractors and home owners to try and see the project first and foremost through the eyes of their clients. As founder George Zarogiannis will attest, a new paint job is a complete waste of time if it doesn’t meet a maintenance or aesthetic need.

    By thoroughly canvassing expectations and requirements, Ecopainting is able to assure their clients that the project will be completed with minimal interference to the usual flow of business. The consultative process that precedes all work canvasses when and how the component parts of the project should unfold. A similar approach to residential jobs gives homeowners the same peace of mind when it comes to knowing exactly who will be working in their home, and what they can expect each day.

    For more information visit

    At heart, however, Ecopainting remains true to its founding commitment to environmental responsibility. Over time, this has become about much more than simply using “green” paint. The company holds regular free paint giveaways in the community to put leftover materials to good use. Where possible, walls are prepped with non-toxic cleaners to minimize the use of stain primers. They try to use local supplies to reduce their transportation footprintand consider every facet of the business fair game for regular environmental audits.

    Ultimately, Ecopainting is a local success story because it has made developing strong relationships within the business a priority. Its painters are employees, with paid benefits and performance bonuses. Women are encouraged and supported to become painters, crew leaders and field managers. Clients get to know the crews, and post hundreds of positive testimonials that reflect their appreciation for personal service. In an industry that’s notoriously fraught with problems, delays and unexpected costs, delivering ahassle-free experience is no small feat. 

    About Ecopainting Inc.:

    Ecopainting Inc., the company belonging to Toronto Painters is a specialist in providing both commercial as well as residential painting services in and around the GTA regions like Toronto, Halton, Durham, York,and Peel. Their office is set up at Scarborough area and can handle painting projectsof different sizes and budget.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ecopainting
    Contact Person: Kevin Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (416) 733-7767
    Address:1345 Morningside Ave
    City: Scarborough
    State: ON
    Country: Canada

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    Mar 23, 2018 – The proliferation of both government-funded and private rehabilitation facilities in this country is a testament to a drug problem that has rapidly reached epidemic proportions. Like our neighbours to the south, Canada is struggling to contain the social and economic fallout of alcohol and drug abuse, made all the deadlier by the recent emergence of fentanyl. Thousands die every year from the abuse of prescription pain medications, and fentanyl is now a factor in over half of those deaths.

    The ready availability of opioids like OxyContin, Demerol and Vicodin have trapped a new generation of users in a cycle of addiction that is incredibly difficult to break. Addicts need the drug to feel “normal”, and the discomforts of withdrawal are particularly acute. Most rehabilitation facilities require clients to be clean for 72 hours before admission, and that bar is one that many are simply unable to meet. Moreover, waiting lists are killing users seeking for a professional withdrawal management. Neworld Medical Detox opened its doors precisely to help substance-abuserstake this first crucial step on the path to recovery. Neworld believes that abusers have to have access to evidence based care when they need it, which is also tailored to every client, in an environment that promotes long lasting change.

    The team at Neworld is focussed entirely on getting their clients through withdrawal so that they can then forge a recovery plan with a clear mind and clean body. Detox isn’t a treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, but it is the necessary precursor to rehabilitation. Treatment plans should include medications, behavioural strategies as well as ongoing care. Because prolonged substance abuse alters chemical processes in the brain, cutting off the drug or alcohol supply can have potentially serious health consequences.  Neworld guides addicts seeking recovery through a carefully monitored program of medical detox that is based on science yet carefully individualized to suit client’s needs.

    For more information visit

    This process begins with a systematic evaluation of both the client’s physical and emotional health before proceeding to stabilization during withdrawal. Once drugs and alcohol are no longer present, the staff at Neworld works with clients, friends and family members to prepare for active rehab. The ultimate goal of detox isn’t simply to get clients “clean”, but rather to get them ready to embark on a process of life-long recovery.

    It is widely believed that many more addicts would seek treatment if they were able to move past the seemingly insurmountable process of withdrawal. Neworld is filling the gap between addiction and rehab by extending a lifeline to those who need help taking that first critical step.

    About Neworld Medical Detox

    Neworld Detox is a private facility in Ontario, Canada that offers a comprehensive range of medical detox programs for alcohol, prescription medications as well as opioids. Neworld also helps clients get off methadone. They specialize in offering medical detox treatments and addiction withdrawal management programs to bring about a lasting change in the lives of their clients. Neworld has also developed a special protocol for pain sufferers who have become addicted to prescribed opioids, with non-narcotic alternatives and other therapies to ease the transition to recovery.

    The Neworld facility is located less than an hour from downtown Toronto, in a rural setting that boasts five-star facilities. The focus is on wellbeing, which includes a supplemental nutritional program, spacious living areas and a limited number of guests.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Neworld Medical Detox
    Contact Person: Tarek Mansour
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1 (844) 639-3389
    Address:13604 6th Line
    City: Limehouse
    State: ON
    Country: Canada

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    TORONTO, Canada – Clearit is one of the most respected international customs brokerage consultants in Canada. This reputable firm makes importing a car to Canada easy with a simple flat fee of $34.95 per transfer.

    You can take advantage of this highly competitive rate on all border transport of goods valuing up to $250 per load.  If your particular transport happens to be valued above $250, you will be happy to know that the next simple, flat rate is only $49.95; and that includes the first five tariffs.  After that it is only another $2.50 per tariff clearance, per line, with all government clearance coming to another simple flat fee of only $15.

    With nearly 40 years in Canadian importing, Clearit has the vast insight that can only come with a lot of experience.  Their agents can walk you through all of the traditional and e-commerce customs brokerage solutions for non-resident import or white-label customs brokerage services that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Combining this updated, flat fee service with live online customer agents, automatic tax and duty calculators, and online billing and payment services, importing to Canada has never been easier.

    Video Link:

    If you have large items—which tend to have great value—Clearit customs brokerage can help you fill your ITN request in order to expedite the Individual Tax Number application process.  Itn requests from are important because you need this number if you are to live in or do business in Canada as it connects you to social and federal services like income tax.

    Car importing to Canada with is very easy.

    When you contact, they could also help you with several of the other customs services with which you may need help. This could include things like:

    • Vehicle Import to Canada with
    • Customizing your e-commerce customs solutions
    • General customs consulting
    • Air & Ocean freight forwarding
    • FTL & LTL truck freight assistance
    • Parcel service discounts

    Clearit is a full-service customs brokerage firm, so they can definitely help you with every aspect of importing to Canada. Whether you need help acquiring or filling out paperwork or you are looking to expedite the payment of duties and taxes so you can complete your import registration more efficiently, this is the place to go.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Online Customs Brokerage
    Contact Person: Adam Lewis
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 888-668-7595
    City: TORONTO
    State: ON
    Country: Canada

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    The World’s first Token which also allows Smart Contracts and opening a new way of banking known as Asset Backed Banking. Bitcoin Futures Alpha will also launch a decentralized exchange to trade Futures instruments. BFA token has a software protocol which controls the price of its Token. The token is based on Bitcoin, Its forks Market-Capitalizations and Market Capitalizations of the tokens which will be created on its own Blockchain. Currently, the software has added 7 Futures Cryptocurrencies and the current price of the Token is around 0.0095 BTC while the ICO price is too lower, meanwhile, If an investor invests 1 Ethereum during the Token Sale, he will get 3000% guaranteed return of its actual investment rest after the ICO. It is a fact that the token will always have the greater Market-Capitalizations comparing to Bitcoin. The token presale has been ended on March 21st, 2018. Now the investors only have around 90 days to participate in the ICO.

    Sohail, CEO of Bitcoin Futures Alpha who currently works in UBL, says: “Bitcoin Futures Alpha is not only a Cryptocurrency, It is an economy, As many Cryptocurrencies are backed by Physical Assets, now the time is to Back the fiat currencies with a digital currency because interest in Digital currencies is greater than the physical assets.”

    Vlad, member of Bitcoin Futures Alpha, from Russian Federation who is also an employee of Microsoft Corporation, says: “We have a complete system, an Economy which could not be controlled by the people, instead it is controlled by the software, We know that a software cannot make a mistake but a human can do it.”

    Roberto Workman from United States, Who is a former employee of IBM, says: “Only the lucky ones will be able to participate in the ICO as after the ICO the price of the Token will be higher and later on, after the integration of Smart Contracts, the remaining tokens will be generated using the POS algorithm, however, the total supply is limited to 2 Billion Tokens.”

    Sohail also told the media on the time of press release that BFA tokens will also back the Physical Bitcoins, The purpose of Physical Bitcoin is to purchase digital tokens from authorized merchants, However, each manufacturer will have a unique pin number which will be printed on these coins.

    For people who want to have a short Introduction, can watch this short video:

    Video Link:

    The software which calculates the price of the token, could be found here:

    To Join the ICO:

    For PC users:

    For Mobile users:


    Official Website:

    Follow Us:



    Join Us:





    Contribute to our Project:


    Company email:

    Live Support:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sohail
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: United States

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    A Parallel Blockchain Based Internet is Being Deployed Across the Globe.

    Recently Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with the very creation of the World Wide Web, wrote an open letter to the world marking its 29th anniversary.  In this letter (published here on The Guardian) Mr. Berners-Lee advocates for a large-scale recalibration and expansion of the internet, the cyber-phenomenon that defines the 21st Century’s modern digital infrastructure.

    His invention is the most smashing technological success in recorded history.  No tangible innovation has scaled so far and wide, with such speed and agility, spawning with it not just an industry, but a fleet of industries, destroying as many as it created, and profoundly altering still as many.  But the web is only an adolescent leviathan.  It must be disciplined as well as encouraged, lest it go down the wrong path.

    Tim Berners-Lee
    Original Photo by: Official Leweb Photos

    Nearly 4 billion people live without access to the internet.  There are numerous regions on earth where empty hands are as ubiquitous as iPhones and Androids in Silicon Valley.  But what are those without access missing?

    On one hand they are ducking ever-pounding waves of scams, hacks, pestilent advertisements, and an endless stream of gibberish posted by a generation beset with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Even more insidious is the fact that behemoth corporations have come to control massive swaths of traffic funneled through their web services like Twitter, Facebook and Google and they suck up any competition with hostile acquisitions.

    But on the other hand, they are lacking a quintessential toolbox that can grant them inroads to commerce, communication, safety, training and education, not to mention entertainment and an overall broadening of horizons.

    This bi-polar set of conditions provides the basis for the two questions Mr. Berners-Lee poses:

    “How do we get the other half of the world connected?”

    “Are we sure the rest of the world wants to connect to the web we have today?”

    These questions are sober and to the point.  They beg a third:  Can we open the digital doors to the underprivileged masses without selling them out?  The answer, is yes.  There is a parallel internet underway, one that is at once agile, scalable, and easily deployable.  But it is also decentralized, impartial to the world wide web, autonomous, and outfitted with the cutting edge of Blockchain 2.0 technologies.

    The SmartMesh ( ecosystem allows people’s smart devices to become nodes of self-sustaining networks that do not require any ISP or telecom carrier to operate.  Users can communicate, make data transfers, and even execute secure digital payments in cryptocurrencies.  If they provide one of their devices as a multi-hop data transfer relay, they can earn rewards in SMT Tokens which are tradeable ERC-20 fungibles already available on multiple worldwide exchanges.  But wandering nodes aren’t 100% reliable and can easily drift out of range.


    Enter the MeshBox (, which is a futuristic hardware device that adds routing and signal strength to local SmartMesh mesh networks.  MeshBoxes also can provide data storage space and stream stored content to user nodes and owners can collect cryptocurrency rewards in MESH or SMT tokens for providing these services.  Finally, a MeshBox can act as a gateway between the greater world wide web and the entire mesh network.  Indoor and outdoor Meshbox models can be deployed, the latter having ranges of up to 10km and running on solar power.

    “…in some countries, the cost of 1GB of mobile broadband remains more than 20% of average monthly income.” – TBL

    Elon Musk has plans to set up an orbiting fleet of mini-satellites on the perimeters of earth’s stratosphere in order to blanket our planet with connectivity via his Starlink initiative.  But, even assuming all the satellites operate properly, they can only broadcast one way to smartphones, because the phones themselves are not powerful enough to return the signal.  The MeshBox, however, will be able to establish bi-directional communications with Starlink and serve as the portal between the satellites and local mesh networks.

    The SmartMesh ecosystem will also be able to integrate with any present IoT infrastructure and have an SDK that developers can build upon.  It will be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and interoperable across various others such as the Bitcoin blockchain.  Tokens can be launched on the SMChain and SmartMesh partner Dcntral ( will be the first to do so.  SmartMesh ecosystems will be built from the ground up supporting locals to collaborate and extend out as they wish.  MeshBox nodes can serve as local digital schools, video streaming hubs, and mini e-commerce markets.

    “The web that many connected to years ago is not what new users will find today.  What was once a rich selection of blogs and websites has been compressed under the powerful weight of a few dominant platforms.” – TBL

    Smartmesh’s Mobile Raiden offline payment system allows internet-free digital payments, supporting local economies, and vice-versa.  These transactions can bring life to a lively intercultural world market, and like the Silk Road of ages before, a wealth of information, culture and history can be exchanged within these digital habitats.  In a thriving multi-dynamic peer to peer hybrid mesh, the overkill of mega-corporations is mitigated through the plurality and spontaneity of channels teeming in the living network.

    “The future of the web isn’t just about those of us who are online today, but also those yet to connect.” – TBL

    The SmartMesh ecosystem is built upon individual nodes, just as Tim Berners-Lee’s original vision of the internet was, and it empowers individuals with the freedom to communicate, transact, and make value transfers within an agile framework outside the reaches of dominating hegemony.  It will bring a new highly customizable set of tools to a population who needs them most.  But they are not the only ones who will benefit, because there are manifold gems in the rough waiting to sparkle.  When they do they will shine for us as new stars are born illuminating the undiscovered future.


    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Katerina
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    Country: Singapore

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    Bit-Z will launch UC (YouLive Coin) on BTC market & ETH market at March 23, 2018 PM 15:00.

    Transfer launch:March 22, 2018 PM 15:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

    Trade launch:March 23, 2018 PM 15:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

    UC (YouLive Coin)

    YouLive, an Ambitious Project by a Group of Blockchain Technology Experts, is Well on its Way to Become the First-ever Decentralized Live Streaming Platform Based on the Technology

    As the creator of video content, the broadcast industry has also taken the lead in the broadcast industry, not only in China, but also in the rapid development of the global broadcast industry. Some agencies expect the market size of the broadcast industry to increase from 30 billion U.S. dollars to 100 billion U.S. dollars by 2017-2020. YouLive, an ambitious project by a group of Blockchain technology experts, is well on its way to become the first-ever decentralized live streaming platform based on the technology.


    Youlive, a decentralized live streaming platform which promises to create value for end users, is going to be launched soon. Youlive is a decentralized live streaming platform where members create can value with ‘Token’ as the unit of measurement. The developers of the platform indicated that in the third quarter of 2018, the Youlive client will be officially launched. They anticipate that the number of Youlive platform anchors will reach 1 million in 2021 and the number of communities will exceed 100 million by the third quarter of 2018.

    The developers confirmed that Youlive will issue the Youlive coin, or UC, which will play an important role in the Youlive ecosystem. Fan gifts in the form of payment tokens would be transferred directly to the anchor’s ‘wallet’, and the developers guaranteed that the anchors would get 100% of the gift revenue.

    “The anchor can also receive direct broadcast room advertising revenue share and shares of additional revenue. All anchors can earn in the form of smart contracts that would send live tokens directly into the wallet. This will completely change anchors’ passive low position in the industry, have complete control over the content they create, and have the right to obtain economic benefits,” said one top executive of YouLive.

    “The broadcast industry has garnered an ever-expanding user base in the global market. Studies have shown that young people worldwide have strong demand for mobile social networking and video content. Among them, the strongest demand is in Asia and North America. After 2015-2017, users heavily relied on the use of live broadcast software to gradually become accustomed to live video streaming. According to Cheetah Lab’s survey, viewing live broadcasts took only 1-2 days a week, with 36% of users watching live broadcasts a week, and up to 3 times a week watching the live broadcasts 49%; 82% of users watch live broadcast every day no more than 2 hours,” added the executive.

    According to the executive, YouLive platform is based on blockchain and AELF network construction payment system, in which the goods or services to token pricing and payment. System participants will receive a system-generated token purse after signing up.

    “Blockchain technology provides a powerful technical guarantee for cross-border payment and peer-to-peer payment. Most of YouLive team members graduated from internationally renowned institution and have experience in from live broadcast operations, Internet technology development, precision marketing and well-known financial institutions,” said the CEO and managing director of YouLive.

    About the Company

    Youlive project has been supported by a number of well-known blockchain investment institutions including Node Capital, Chain+ Fund, AELF Foundation, linkvc and Genesis Capital.

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: YouLive
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: Singapore

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    Consumers can’t get enough of the new Fusion5 Android Tablet

    Consumer electronics are in a growing demand, more and more people are finding it difficult to live without their electronics. Consumer data suggests the most desired products on everyone’s wish lists are mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and accessories to these devices. The problem for consumers is becoming more companies are moving away from affordable pricing and releasing super high-end devices that are often out of their price range. Fusion5 is looking to move in the opposite direction, offering powerful products at affordable prices, allowing all consumers to have access to electronics. The company recently released its own Fusion5 branded Android Tablet at under £100 (UK) or $130 (USA) and consumers are loving it.

    Fusion5 is all about keeping prices affordable while not sacrificing on the parts of technology that people want. The company has spent the last year exploring user data and building prototypes of the perfect consumer tablet. The results have now come to fruition with the Fusion5 Android Tablet. The new 10.1” tablet offers the latest version of stock android Nougat, a solid state 32 gigabyte hard drive, IPS display, a 64-bit quad core processor, 3D graphics, GPS, FM radio, and more. Unlike other Android tablets, Fusion5 has worked extensively with Google to have their new Fusion5 Android Tablet endorsed as a Google Certified Tablet. Many expensive tablets limit users with a certain amount of memory, Fusion5 understands that consumers often want more and has added microSD support. Owners of the Fusion5 Android Tablet can now get up to 128 gigabytes of additional memory. With tablets being made to use on the go, Fusion5 understands that not everyone will have access to charging stations, the company has worked extensively to give the new Fusion5 Android Tablet a powerful battery that can last up to 3 days on standby and up to 9 hours of general use. This gives consumers the ability to use the Fusion5 Tablet throughout their days without the worry of it dying before they get home.

    Fusion5 is committed to providing customers with impeccable customer support. The company stands by the build quality of its products and will provide customers a 12-month warranty in the event of any issuing arising.  Customers looking for a new tablet, mobile device, or laptop are encouraged to checkout Fusion5 for their next purchase!

    To know more, please visit their official website at or check their tablet at (UK) or (USA).

    Media Contact
    Company Name: F5CS LTD
    Contact Person: Gan Perla
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 00441913409929
    Country: United Kingdom

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    24 Mar, 2018 – During the press meet held this week, the spokesperson for Pad List said that they were delighted to announce that they now offer local apartment and housing listings to help thousands of home hunters find a perfect home or apartment to live comfortably. One can find the details of several local apartment and housing listings by checking the link at is a reputable site that specializes in offering offer local apartment and housing listings free of cost to help several home hunters find the best abode within their affordable range. People who are interested to invest in a perfect home or an apartment can visit the site of Pad List to identify the venues that are worth investing. This website is a popular advertising platform related to real estate sector that is already filled up with the rental listings that are more than 50,000 units, 300 plus listings of building and more than 50,000 subscribers. This apartment listing site of Pad List aims at simplifying the way home hunters search for a new house online. They focus on being the first and last link of the real estate industry by offering the right kind of listing that will meet the demands of the people searching for a home. This is why they have an edge over the major ILS sites or Craigslist to help both the home buyers and renters find a suitable buyer or a potential tenant for their home or building.

    Homeowners and renters can list a pad easily by visiting the List section at the url,

    Pad List completely understands that the home hunting process can be a complex task that is overwhelming for each home hunter, which is why they specialize in offering the right solution to meet their needs. This site performs the task of a local real estate expert by helping the people have a look at various apartments and properties available for rent in any location of their choice while offering the details, free of cost. They also post high quality images of hot properties, homes, buildings and apartments available for rent and buying on their Instagram account. The apartment hunters and home buyers can find the Instagram pads of the properties of their choice by checking the link at They also offer last minute deals that are live at the moment for those who are planning a quick move in the coming weekend to save them from spending their valuable time while searching for one.

    About Pad List

    The website of Pad List specializes in providing both local apartment and housing listings for free to help both the apartment and home hunters find the best home within their budget. They also have a section for the homeowners to list their properties to attract the right tenants and last minute deals to those who have to relocate within a couple of days.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BLVD
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 202 609 9898
    Address:643 New York Ave NW
    State: Washington, D.C.
    Country: United States

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    SCRY, an underlying protocol system for blockchain ecosystem, will be launched in April 2018. The article is written by EvaFoo.

    Reuters report link:

    SCRY, an underlying protocol system for blockchain ecosystem using data as the subject matter of transactions, is going to be launched as a double-chain blockchain in April 2018. The developers of  blockchain commented at a press conference that this double-chain is going to be constantly  improved by their researchers and their ultimate goal is to serve disparate industry segments, create value and enable data to be the core of blockchain-driven systems. They also informed that in June 2018, an independent low-level supporting application DAPP, the “α” version of SCRY, will be launched in the market to clean data in the intermediate protocol layer and the double-chain underlying layer.

    “In 2014, our Chinese R&D team started to research and develop a commercial blockchain application for international agriculture supply chain transactions. However, back then, few people knew about the feasibility of using blockchain in real-world applications, such as product trade or supply chain credit rating. We collected agricultural data of upstream producers, and automatically recorded the analysed results into corresponding supply chain blockchain nodes. We also did matchmaking for international trade by leveraging Big Data on market demand and we customized secure collection of food data for diverse end-users, to provide producers real-time consumer market trends, helping them optimize their business models and decisions”, commented by a member of the SCRY research team.

    “In the last four years, we have gone through a lot of trial and errors. We have streamlined the business, solved the problems of hidden 2C transaction costs, and have expanded and opened the market. We now provide transaction services to agricultural entities in over 17 countries and assist underdeveloped regions in monitoring agricultural data, to guarantee the quality of international supply chain”, he added.

    The year 2017 marked the ninth year from when Nakamoto Satoshi first proposed the concept of blockchain and released the BTC code.

    Remembering the landmark moment, one of the chief executives of SCRY said, “We believe that in the next three to five years, blockchain industry will develop rapidly, pushing traditional industries towards utilizing blockchain applications. From a technical point of view, in computers, all callbacks are data; hence, digital trading will be driven by smart contracts, and blockchain will lead the development of a real sharing economy. Thus, in July 2017, we established a non-domain specific international project, which is SCRY.”

    “Development of blockchain applications in various fields is infusing energy in the concept of shared consensus and mutual benefits. It is a form of social cognitive development. However, blockchain connects strangers through value chain of consensus, and the chain is developed unceasingly into a value ecosystem, where a block is generated every second. The core mechanism for increasing profits and lowering costs is the incentive or gas generated from smart contract transactions and reversals, which enables different people and organizations to cooperate, and protects the protocol rules of the consensus mechanism. All technology-led industry changes dramatically to reshape the value model”, he added.

    As is said by the executive, blockchain is a value model based on consensus, trust and sharing, which encourages altruism and mutual benefit. “In this furious fight for survival in the market economy today, the strongest individuals or those who can adapt fastest, survive, while weak individuals or those who can’t adapt, are cruelly eliminated. Through this means, biology evolves. In modern society, with a high degree of division in labour and digital information, we still follow the essence of the commodity economy – exchange. At least two subjects and two commodities are involved in any commercial exchange, which means the original structure of the commodity economy is dual, rather than singular, as assumed in traditional economic theory. Through this dual structure, we can also conclude that the commodity economy is based on mutual benefit and not individualism. The blockchain protocol automatically records data into blocks, and through smart contracts, accounts can be automatically evaluated and settled,” The words were quoted by a local newspaper.

    The CEO and managing director of SCRY said, “As we enter a more comprehensive digitized society and an era of AI, every individual becomes a digital contract asset. Blockchain comprehensively meets the needs for security, automation and efficient consensus, and it is easy to load system protocols to every participator and confirm equity reversal and equity transactions through a virtuous incentive chain. The reason why blockchain has universal value is that it applies to all industries and accords with a created mechanism which combines core purpose with acceptable value. The only purpose of any operation is to create value for some people. The best utilization of SCRY data protocol layer is to create value for everyone associated with the data protocol.”

    He also told the press that the 21st century is the era of technology and a digital information society which connects everything, including individuals and commodities.

    “In the past, different fields were isolated and developed on their own ideas, but now technology is developing more frequent and effective connections between different fields. At the moment, blockchain is a value protocol layer that is most suitable for a consensus mechanism and there is no requirements for a third-party, this combination can increase profits, lower costs and share benefits with every participator”, he expressed his strong hope.

    About the Company

    SCRY is a low-level double-chain underlying protocol system.





    Media Contact
    Company Name: FINANCE NEWS CO., LTD.
    Contact Person: Terry Aziz
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    Phone: 01-267-4706518
    Country: United States

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    Rent4Free has become a leading force in property management services in Chennai, India. They offer a complete property management service including Rent Collection, Property Repairs and a tenant finder service

    Rent4free, a renowned name among tenants in Bangalore & Chennai for their brokerage free rental services also exceling now in their property management services in Chennai. They are helping to reduce the stress for landlords by offering a complete professional service. Since being established, Rent4Free has quickly become a leader in their field, taking on more new clients in Chennai.

    The services provided by the property management company is aimed at simplifying the whole process of renting out a property. Although being a landlord can be very profitable with the right team in the background, it can also be very stressful.

    Rent4Free offers a full property management service to allow the landlord to relax and enjoy the profits from his or her property. The property management service provided by the company in Chennai cater their clients with a fully professional team, managing their property and dealing with all the stress and problems that come with renting out a property. The services include rent collection, property repairs, and on-going customer support.

    A spokesman for Rent4Free said: “We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a one stop property rental and management service in Chennai. Our team are here to deal with everything regarding renting out a property which includes making sure a property is ready for a new tenant.”

    As well as providing a residential property management service, the company also deals with commercial properties.

    To learn more about and why they have become one of the most important property rental services companies in India, please visit and to see their property management services available, please visit

    About Rent4Free is the dedicated portal for rentals and the next big thing happening in the Indian rental market. Harmonizing the chaotic rental market all over pan India by providing professional and brokerage free services.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Media Manager
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    Phone: 044-4600 6400
    Country: India

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    After Venezuela issued oil coins, news came from the digital money market that Mongolia will issue the world’s second digital currency, Mongolian currency wsec. It is also the second digital currency issued by the state in human history. It is reported that the relevant departments of the Mongolian government are holding in-depth discussions with Baoyin Daorji, chairman of Mongolian Sun Road Co., Ltd., who is in charge of issuing Mongolian currency wsec, making an effort to put the issue of Mongolian currency wsec on the agenda as soon as possible.

    On February 9th 2018, the director of the new energy department in the ministry of energy of Mongolia, Bhaudolgi, the chairman of Mongolia Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the chairman of the Mongolia-China Belt and Road Trade Development Promotion Committee, Pan Gaofeng, the chairman of Mongolia Sun Road Co., Ltd., Baoyin Dalji, the head of the economic cooperation department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, and the director of the department of Mongolian Central Belt and Road, Bart Magneh; and the famous IT engineer of Mongolia, Enktuerzi, an expert on block chain, gathered together. Under the auspices of Enktuya, general manager of TV-2 of Mongolia, the status quo of power generation in Mongolia, the technical reform of block chain in Mongolia, and the deep technical promotion of wsec in Mongolia are discussed. Sources said that on 2018, Mongolian currency wsec, the energy coins will be trade in the secondary markets in Mongolia and the international digital encrypted currency exchange.

    So what areas will the Mongolian currency wsec be likely used in after it goes public? What changes will it bring to Mongolia? Let’s make a bold guess. First, like oil coins, the launch of the Mongolian currency wsec is bound to set off a rush of robbing the currency. Oil coins received $735 million orders on the first day of pre-sale, overtaking Venezuela’s expectations and giving investors more confidence in the legal currency as they bought oil coins. Well, in the early stage of the Mongolian currency sale, its price will certainly have a certain discount as the oil coin, and it will also increase value in the short term after the issue. It can be predicted that the Mongolian currency wsec will become the same as the bitcoin and has a very high investment value as an investment channel.

    Today, bitcoin has gradually developed from the original game currency into a universal currency with very strong purchasing power. After the issue of the Mongolian currency wsec, it will certainly circulate in Mongolia first, and will be used within a certain commercial  scope. The Mongolian currency wsec may become a common currency for businesses in Mongolia.

    As far as the current economic situation of Mongolia is concerned, although Mongolia is a big mineral country and is rich in new energy resources, under the influence of US economic sanctions, the economy has been in a downturn since 2016. It is still unknown whether the issue of Mongolian currency wsec can solve the economic problems. So the Mongolian currency wsec is good, but it also depends on whether it can really play the expected role.

    However, with the endorsement of Mongolian government credit, rich mineral and new energy resources to support, the issue of Mongolian currency wsec is welcomed by a large number of investors. Moreover as two countries with serious economic problems, Mongolia’s economic situation is still much better than that of Venezuela, and its inflation rate and domestic situation are better than those of the latter. There should be no doubt that the Mongolian currency is expected to have a better outlook than the oil coins, so the issue of the Mongolian currency wsec has risks and opportunities. It depends on your decisions.

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