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    Craig Shelly, Beverly Hills, announces an expansion into the Indian market with a prestigious collaboration with The International Indian Film Academy, better known as IIFA.

    Los Angeles – 25 June, 2018 – For the 2018 IIFA Awards, Craig Shelly has designed a commemorative line of elegant Swiss timepieces to celebrate the IIFA awards and all of the talented winners that make up the Bollywood film fraternity.

    According to Ken Research, the premium wristwatch market comprises 44% market share in India. With that said, The Craig Shelly IIFA Collection has surpassed excellence and grace in an effort to represent the award-winning recipients with their own premier timepieces. The Master Blaster, which will be gifted to honor the top actors and actresses is designed with an elite craftsmanship, using the prestigious Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, chronographs and encompasses a multiplicity of functions wrapped in an elegant face and a Sapphire crystal open-face back. After the long-awaited announcement of the winners are revealed, each watch will be engraved and customized for each one of IIFA award winning stars along with a Craig Shelly-IIFA Memorabilia Book to be released to highlight the elegance of the night.

    Craig Shelly thanks IIFA for this groundbreaking collaboration and wishes each of their nominated friends in the industry the best of luck and looks forward to presenting all of the winners a premier Craig Shelly IIFA gift in Bangkok this June 21st to 24th.

    In view of expanding e-commerce market in India, a more affordable collection is also available online at We hope to provide both accessibility and luxury in the IIFA collection so that consumers can achieve the looks that are presented to the IIFA Award-Winners.

    Press Contact:

    Kevin Dezfulian, Assistant to CEO

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Craig Shelly
    Contact Person: Kevin Dezfulian
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 17786806955
    Country: United States

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    Hello, everyone! Welcome to learn about Phantom Autonomous Region-the world’s largest Phantom Global Foundations Community

    From the global community till now, Phantom has spread preparatory nodes throughout the world. From the most primitive four major national seed communities: Silicon Valley in the United States, Berlin in Germany, Shenzhen in China and Osaka in Japan, the preparatory nodes has been distributed in more than a dozen countries in the world.

    About Phantom.block

    Phantom.block is a leading provider of blockchain software technology solutions. It has cryptography experts and consultants all over the world, focusing on business-level blockchain software operation solutions, including the operation of software, and a variety of blockchain technology innovations.

    We believe that Phantom must be the aircraft carrier of the blockchain in the future.

    The Phantom Autonomous Region and other communities continue to work hard to improve their self-management, holding meetings, campaign for BP, incubating Dapps, and everything else that for community building.

    These efforts you have made are extremely important to Phantom Ecology.

    We believe that we must enhance mutual understanding, be open and sincere, and avoid mutual suspicion. But it also needs mutual supervision and mutual trust basing on the spirit of questioning.

    We must be cautious on the basis of full exchanges. We can seek help at the right time, and we should continue to help others on the premise that we can.

    We will not say anything professional here. Our speech here does not represent any organization. We want to say that all Phantom community friends in the world who are eagerly expecting to witness Dapps and decentralized bookkeeping techniques: “This great project is going to be soaring. And it is very likely to change the world. To achieve this vision, we must do better technology applications for the world.”

    In the future, hundreds of millions of people around the world will participate in the application value brought by the experience of the blockchain. The future market will be the potential commercial value of tens of trillions of dollars. Phantom is striving to gradually stabilize itself into the sea of blockchains.

    We will cooperate with global Phantom nodes and communities. We hope that you will also come to us for assistance and technical solutions and operational solutions in the future. We will come to the great Phantom community — Phantom Autonomous Region. Phantom.block will be used by people all over the world for blockchain technology. We are working hard together to change the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    U-trak proudly announced its new fitness tracker. The 3D pedometer is a professional and valuable tool for sport and fitness enthusiasts’ daily activities. The fitness tracker is a simple, smart and radiation-free pedometer, designed for everyday runners and walkers that do not want to be slowed down by the complicated setting process. The pedometer is combined with an alarm clock to design a multifunction product with interesting features like step counting, exercise data management and alarm clock and many more. To get this fitness tracker, visit here:


    It works simply; it counts steps. It will help people put aside any interference to enjoy their daily exercise wholeheartedly. The Flash 3D Pedometer is like an invisible sport partner, people almost can’t feel it’s there, and it’s suitable for any outdoor sports, including running, walking or even hiking.

    Flash is different from another fitness trackers; it has a Very clear, comprehensive and easy-to-read transparent LCD Display. This radiation free 3D pedometer hides lots of exciting features. It uses high-quality 3D sensors and precision micro-processing chips for extremely accurate results. This 3D pedometer uses a low-power chip and button battery that can be used for 12 to 18 months, no need to charge it. The battery is very easy to buy and easy to replace.

    clock memory.png

    Flash is easy to use because there is no need for any mobile app, internet or Bluetooth connection to be able to view exercise data, to use this tracker what people have to do is place the pedometer over the surface of the designated area, and data will seamlessly transfer to the reader. It’s a technology that simplifies the data transmission technology.

    Special features and importance of flash

    • Uses a lightning pairing technology
    • Saves people from the struggle of complex devices and mobile apps
    • Alarm with snooze function
    • Alarm clock and Calendar
    • Set daily steps target with progress bar indicator
    • Stores up to 30 days of pedometer memory
    • The Pedometer data is saved into the clock memory, no data loss when the clock is out of battery

    For more information, visit


    Media Contact
    Company Name: U-Trak
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +852 2414 4532
    Country: HongKong

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    By virtue of the negotiability around the world and timeliness of point-to-point value delivery, the development of digital currencies has received unprecedented attention. The digital assets, represented by Bitcoin (BTC), have exerted a subversive influence globally in the recent years. However, as Bitcoin’s value continues to go up and down dramatically, many holders become quite worried of the unstable market. Upon Bitcoin’s recovery, digital currencies may face a massive shakeout. The digital currencies with steady development, mature technology and perfect credit system will win the trust of users and affirmation of the market.

    Digital currencies await unification urgently and DAC stands out from the crowd

    As there are more and more diverse digital assets, it becomes more difficult to count and manage them. There is no universal cryptocurrency to connect the payment with the liquidation environment, so the payment methods and forms cannot be uniform. The security, privacy and convenience in the payment process cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the participants of both traditional finance and most digital currencies yearn for a one-stop solution and a comprehensive payment and settlement environment to handle the problems above and create a digital economic society truly. 

    After the fluctuation of Bitcoin, from the first popularity to the final decline, the surviving digital currencies are now confronted with poor regulation and lack of credit system. With the whole world in view, there very few projects that can be taken as valuable investment objectives and have sound systems to cope with the risks in the capital market. But it is notable that some projects of South Korea, represented by Davinci (DAC), have made breakthroughs.

    DAC pioneers a way for commercial intercourse and cultural exchange

    As the fourth-generation block chain technology, DAC aims at building a new credit assessment model based on the SNS activity by using big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Compared with the conventional credit assessment, DAC works for a more reliable credit assessment tool to conduct potential businesses in the countries without proper credit assessment systems. Let’s see some data here:

    l Allocation of token: 40% – donations, 18%; Davinci Foundation, 22%; teams and counselors, 20%; super partners, 10%

    l After two months of locked position of token, 20% will be issued each month for 5 months in total.

    DAC is an economic network designed to establish a close non-governmental economic network in the network communications at home and abroad, including not only cultural cooperation but also cooperation among different industries and directions. It will develop into an important hub in the cooperation, connecting people and organizations of each country and region with each other. Just like we can go everywhere by plane and ship, DAC intends to find a way for commercial intercourse and cultural exchange through digital channels. 

    DAC can connect block chains via DAC token within its network. We can use the token as a currency of settlement in overseas trade and use it to buy goods and pay premiums, rentals and telephone charges in each payment and trade process. There is no doubt that many data and personal information will be moved and many unnecessary confirmations will be incurred in a simple settlement process, as a result of which many extra costs will be caused and have to be shared by every interested party. So DAC strives to reduce the unnecessary processes and fees and provide better services.

    Davinci Foundation and upgrading of “Nchain” are high-profile in the industry

    Davinci Foundation provides a basic chain platform for groups, targets activation of people-to-people cultural exchanges and industrial ecosystem, and establishes a consortium of digital assets projects among well-known enterprises. As for services, it minimizes the users’ inconvenience, increases the universality of international trade, and lessens the malicious damages in trade. DAC that provides a technological base can also provide adaptive service support for the diverse market at any time. Moreover, it has also developed the mobile APPs which can get an access to block chain anytime anywhere, to make the users’ life extremely convenient.

    DAC has completed the vote, put its token on Hadax of Huobi and topped first in the period. By now, it has started recharge and will start trade at 3:00pm on June 26, 2018 (Singapore time).

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Gurugram – The Indian Farmer Fertiliser Cooperative, better known as IFFCO, has recently announced the news of the company signing an agreement with CSC e-Governance Services India (CSC SPV). The main aim of this signing is to facilitate the access to e-commerce services related to agriculture to the villages and rural parts of India.

    This aim is to be achieved via the introduction of a digital initiative by IFFCO, which is slated to be an Indian Cooperative Digital Platform (ICDP), called the IFFCO Bazar. According to the MD and CEO of IFFCO, Dr US Awasthi, IFFCO Bazar, as a part of the agreement, will display all the products and services that are offered by IFFCO and its group companies, on a CSC e Commerce web portal.

    As is aptly described in the IFFCO MD’s blog, a cooperative refers to an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily unite to meet common social, cultural, and economic aspirations and needs through a democratically-controlled and jointly-owned enterprise. Cooperatives are basically business organizations that are owned and managed by the people they are meant to serve. According to Dr US Awasthi, IFFCO Bazar is such a cooperative platform that aims to connect the farmers and different cooperative societies in India. The platform is built on the principles of the Prime Minister’s cashless drive and digital initiative. The portal means to provide a single platform where IFFCO and its group companies, different societies, and the consumers can communicate and conduct commerce.

    To make IFFCO Bazar more accessible to the rural population and to facilitate easy usage, the platform is available in 10 different regional languages, and offers a way to seamlessly connect the rural parts of India to the rest of India. The platform offers farmers a Free Delivery and no Minimum Order Value scheme and is set to empower the farmers in our country, helping them get a firmer grasp over the commercial parts of their businesses.

    IFFCO Bazar as a platform has a number of features to offer, including:

    • Ability to register for societies and individuals via Aadhaar or mobile numbers
    • Offers collective information about the platform as well as the schemes under it
    • Provides comprehensive information on the member societies of IFFCO, for corporates
    • You can also get information on business opportunities offered by IFFCO and its group companies to societies and individuals. It also acts as a single point for contact details in case anyone has queries
    • IFFCO Bazar also features a discussion forum where one may ask questions, share ideas and best practices. These forums also have facilities for comments and voting
    • The platform offers a chance to ‘learn by self’ through a number of helpful videos on topics like soil testing, best practices in farming or rearing live-stock, means of cashless payments, and so on
    • One of the features is an Online Mandi that offers information on probable buyers and sellers for agri-produce, farm-equipment, livestock, etc. There is also the facility to list requirements by both buyers and sellers
    • You can also buy products and services of IFFCO and Group Companies online
    • It also provides information for future events, like field programs, farmers meet, Medical or veterinary check-ups, etc.
    • The top feature, as mentioned earlier, is the availability of this platform in 10 Indian languages: Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam

    Making it simpler for the farmers

    Dr US Awasthi’s blog and Twitter handle dedicated this portal to all the farmers and cooperative societies of the country. According the contract that was signed, Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) will be the ones to accept the orders that come in from farmers for various agri-inputs and other services. Once a significant quantity of orders has been aggregated, the VLEs will be placing the orders on the CSC portal and then remit the payment. This move is slated to further simplify the process of supplying agri-inputs to the farmers, which in turn should also encourage the farmers to use digital technology effectively.

    This move is just one more in the line of efforts by IFFCO, under the stewardship of Dr US Awasthi, to empower the Indian farmer. In 2001, consequent to the massive earthquake in Gujarat, IFFCO has also created a charitable trust called the Kisan Sewa Fund (KSF). This fund was later renamed as the “IFFCO KISAN SEWA TRUST (IKST)”. The IKST was established to provide relief and rehabilitation to victims in event of a natural disaster, including earthquakes, floods, droughts, landslides, cyclones, etc. It also aimed to undertake programmes that worked towards the welfare and critical medical attention needs of the farmers, with numerous projects for improving their quality of life.

    About IFFCO

    The Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) is one of India’s biggest cooperative societies and is owned wholly by Indian Cooperatives. IFFCO has always been ahead in technological breakthroughs, and the man who restlessly works towards the adoption of cutting edge technologies at the cooperative is Dr US Awasthi, the MD of IFFCO.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Ltd
    Contact Person: US Awasthi
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9811509144
    City: Gurgaon
    Country: India

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    Founded in 2016, now WCTF has come to its third year. It is a three-day event combines CTF competition and seminars, will fall on July 6th to 8th, 2018 at Wangjing Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China.

    WCTF is exclusively sponsored by the Chinese largest security company – 360 Technology and organized by team 360Vulcan. With the highest CTF bonus, the best CTF teams and the most creative challenges, WCTF 2018 has caught much attention recent years.

    There will be three different games holding at the same time on WCTF 2018: On-site CTF + Online CTF + Campus CTF.

    On-site CTF includes two sessions: CTF battle and seminar. WCTF Committee invited ten top teams according to their last year’s ranking on CTFTIME and performance to come to Beijing battling on site.

    As part of the competition, players will share their problem-solving method and ideas in the seminar, which provides a great opportunity to learn from the top talents.

    The total bonus is up to $100000 and will be shared by the top three on-site CTF teams with an amount of $50,000, $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.

    On-site CTF assembles the world’s top hackers. Some of them are familiar to public for their experience in CTF field, for instance, Dragon Sector, Shellphish, LC ↯BC and 0daysober. There is also team with less experience, but talented: Cykor, the youngest invited team with an average age of 21.8 years old.

    In order to give more opportunities to CTF players,the WCTF committee added online CTF and Campus CTF this year.

    Campus CTF targets in students, aiming at discovering the rising forces of the security industry. Online CTF faces to all CTF players as there are a lot of talents hidden in the private sector. The champions of both online CTF and Campus CTF will be invited to participate in next year’s on-site WCTF.

    Besides of competitive bonus, WCTF 2018 is also attractive for its cutting-edge challenges which are created by top CTF teams.

    Both difficulty and enjoyment were taken into account, meanwhile the topicality. This year, you will see hotspots in the challenge bank such as smart contract vulnerability in block chain, attack scenario of Intel SGX and security issues of Windows latest linux subsystem.

    To make this event the most successful, the organizer, 360Vulcan team has made great efforts on selecting teams and challenges. It self is a famous vulnerability research team. It pwned serval target on recent year’s pwn2own and got “master of pwn” on pwn2own2017. Recently, the team just uncovered a very serious remote vulnerability on EOS system which has drawn much attention of public.


    Want more details? May as well participant in person. A quick access to the registration is here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Limited
    Contact Person: May
    Email: Send Email
    City: Beijing
    Country: China

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    Beijing Capital International Airport held Theme Event of China Service Day
    Beijing Capital International Airport held Theme Event of China Service Day Titled “Service with Heart – New Experience on China’s Gateway”

    On June 27, 2018, the Beijing Capital International Airport held a theme event of China Service Day titled “Service with Heart – New Experience on China’’s Gateway”, during which the Airport awarded the 8th “China Service Stars” to 31 members of the Airport, and carried out exhibitions and performances of a series of traditional culture, including Peking opera and Chinese musical instruments.

    31 “China Service Stars” awarded were employees from 31 posts of duty of the Beijing Capital International Airport, and belonged to different stationed units; from front stage and behind the scenes, they made prominent contributions to the improvement of passenger service of the Airport, and interpreted the nature of China service. Through selection and award of “China Service Stars”, the Airport hoped to further set outstanding examples, give full play to the force of examples, and stimulate more employees to fulfill Chinese service and show the image of gateway.

    On the day of the event, the Airport also carried out various performances of Chinese traditional culture and interactive activities for passengers. Performance of classical Peking operas including Top Scholar as Matchmaker and Farewell to My Concubine, ensembles of Chinese folk music instruments and classes of rites of Han attracted many passengers to stop and watch, while some passengers attended interactive activities including hand knitting of Chinese knots and DIY of Peking opera facial masks. All kinds of culture feasts further enriched passengers’ travel experiences.

    As known, June 25, 2018 is the ninth “China Service Day” of the Beijing Capital International Airport. In the last nine years, all service-guarantee units of the Airport maintained close coordination, focused on practical work as well as innovation, conducted work with common goals and consistent practice in provision of passenger service, and jointly promoted the continuously improvement of the quality of passenger service of the Airport, which won “Best Airport by Size: Over 40 Million Passengers” of the Airports Council International for ten consecutive years. On China Service Day, the Airport exhibited new service measures it implemented lately, including the brand-new Wi-Fi network for passengers, self-help handling of temporary identification for flight, self-help baggage check-in of Air China and Hainan Airlines, intelligent security system and self-help clearance in international departure procedures, and Beijing-Shanghai air express of China Eastern Airlines, from aspects of “sincerity, wisdom, humanity and profusion”, and invited passengers to experience and offer valuable comments.

    As a large international airline hub with the second large passenger throughput of the world, the Beijing Capital International Airport strives to reach the global leading level of service. In recent years, the Airport has been continuously improved service quality, carried out civil aviation’s service with hearts, joined hands with all stationed units to accelerate the improvement of service with application of technology, and greatly improved travel efficiency of passengers with self-help services in all steps of travel. For example, the Airport updated its Wi-Fi network this month, increased the downloading speed of a single user by five times, and further optimized the login page with no advertisements presented during identity authentication and authentication speed accelerated to five seconds from 20 seconds. In addition, through technological means, the network realized validity period of three months after one authentication, making regular passengers feel “automatic connection to Wi-Fi, just like arriving at home”.

    Members of China Airport Association, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, Port Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and North China Air Traffic Management Bureau, committee members of all member units of the Capital Airport Passenger Service Promotion Committee, and outstanding staff representatives, attended the event.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    Veda Hong Kong Group Limited and style goes hand in hand. A manufacturer of metal and jewelry gifts, Veda Hong Kong Group Limited has continued to play a major role in the fashion industry with their quality products and the uniqueness of their jewelry designs, ranging from pendants, bracelets, rings and other accessories.

    In the fashion industry there are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to style and perception of outlook. Accessories play a fashionable role as it is essential for a great outlook and when matched with the right outfit has a mind blowing effect. Leather Bracelets  are part of the accessories being offered by Veda Hong Kong Group Limited to spice up any outfit and make their customers more fashionable. These leather bracelets are all made in china with genuine cow leather that has a stainless steel clasp to ensure its closed properly. It is customizable and is stylishly stitched to showcase a two tone effect making it the go-to wearable for any occasion.

    The USB Jewelry on the other hand is a must have as it highlights any outfit and brings out the style more making it attractive. Of course, when it comes to jewelry, the Veda Hong Kong Group Limited makes sure that the quality of their piece is being maintained and that their customers are satisfied fully. Also in the design of the USB jewelry a lot of things was taken into consideration, such as the outfits, shoes, bags and other things that will go perfectly with the jewelry. Designed in the form of a USB, this shiny jewelry is a good investment for fashion minded people as it adds class to any style.  

    Veda Hong Kong Group Limited Get A Style Upgrade With Fashion Jewelry Designs

    Veda Hong Kong Group Limited is also the right place for Corporate Gifts customizable according to personal or company preferences. For any company occasion done in order to reward excellence, honor service and express appreciation Veda Hong Kong Group Limited corporate gifts would be the right solution. The benefits of their corporate gift include an increase in output as this helps to boost morale in the company and in so doing create long lasting memories. They also offer OEM/ODM service and ensure a round-the-clock production so as to efficiently complete orders and satisfy customers and potential clients. Their OEM/ODM service also includes a professional logo design and molds together with an in-house tooling and CNC trimming. Veda Hong Kong Group Limited is always ready to serve their ever loyal customers and with their supply of quality metals and jewelries they are surely the right place for a style upgrade.

    About Veda Hong Kong Group Limited

    Established in 2004 Veda Hong Kong Group Limited are specialists in the production and manufacture of high quality Metal Gifts manufacturing & Jewelry , Leather Stainless steel Bracelet and metal casting Jewellery. They have a long-out standing reputation as a professional metal gifts manufacturer. In addition to that they also provide OEM services. All their high quality products are affordable at competitive prices to customers all over the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Veda Hong Kong Group Limited
    Contact Person: Raphael Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 755 28886811
    State: Guangdong province
    Country: China

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    Influence Exchange (abbreviated as INEX) ( is a trading platform for digital assets built by Influence Chain. It has launched at 14:00 on June 27, 2018 Beijing Time. As the first vertical exchange targeting the pan-entertainment industry, INEX will select candidate projects for trading based on the value of their influence, to make influence a precisely quantified and tradable entity.   

    An exchange dedicated to a vertical industry is more aligned to the industry’s need for standardization

    Since the trading platforms for digital currencies came into being, and after several years of reshuffling and development, they have gradually evolved into two main categories: first-generation and second-generation. The first-generation exchanges are led by a small number of giants. They are mainly characterized by a big user base, and various types of projects trade on them. The first-generation exchanges arguably generated a capital carnival. The second-generation exchanges are mainly characterized by high user stickiness. They create a high trading volume by offering various benefits. Arguably, the second-generation exchanges represent a big step forward in serving their users.

    Commenting on the philosophy for creating INEX, Rain Huan, founder of Influence Chain, said: “We believe that the new-generation exchanges will be more aligned with the healthy development of vertical industries, and only by being more focused and more specialized can they provide better services as well as a safe, high-quality and sustainable trading environment for projects and users.” He added, “A focus on the vertical industry is very likely to become the main characteristic of the third-generation exchanges.”

    INEX will be divided into two trading areas: one area for mainstream tokens and a vertical trading area for the pan-entertainment industry. In the vertical trading area for the pan-entertainment industry, the key to value assessment will lie in influence. On the one hand, the candidate projects themselves need to have a certain influence, and their influence will be best digitized, quantified and promoted on the exchange’s platform; and on the other hand, the influence also acts on INC users, which is reflected in the fact that the users have a sufficient say in determining the influence of projects in this area.

    Holding tokens to earn interest with the first digital bank model

    Creating as stable a return as possible for traders is another major characteristic of INEX. Holding tokens to earn interest is different from the recent trading model, i.e. the mining mechanism. Holding tokens to earn interest just requires the users to hold INC tokens to be entitled to have a 50% share of the total trading fees (on all types of tokens) generated hourly by INEX. This equates to the fact that INEX has for the first time creatively integrated the saving-for-interest model of traditional banks: you can put your INC tokens on INEX to earn a growing interest from all types of tokens involved in trading. The aim of this model is to provide greater protection for the interests of the users.

    On the first day when INEX launched, the ETH/INC trading pairs will be available for trade. SFI/INC、FTV/INC will be online but not open to trade yet. Meanwhile, in order to better reward INC users both old and new, from 14:00 of June 27 to 14:00 of June 30, each of the newly registered users or each of the users who have already registered but log in for the first time will receive 10 INC tokens as a bonus, and each of those who are verified using their real name will receive 20 INC tokens as a bonus.

    Creating an influence-based digital economy ecosystem with multiple lines of product

    In order to further refine the INEX project screening mechanism, so as to create a more standardized influence-based digital economy ecosystem, Influence Chain has formed several lines of product revolving on INEX.

    The first includes the Influence Index, which was first announced earlier at the Huayi Brothers Fashion Pop event. Every candidate project will be assessed by the index system. Only projects with a general influence score meeting the preset standard can be launched on the platform for trading. After they are launched, their Influence Index score will also be used as an important reference by means of which users will choose projects.

    The second includes the Influence Node, which is created in order to regulate the influence ecosystem in a way that is more open and fair. Unlike the nodes used in recruitment by the issuers of previous projects, Influence Node will have more seats open to organizations not in the digital coin’s circle, such as management companies, production companies, and creative companies in the pan-entertainment industry. They will supervise the projects launched by INEX, and they will also have the authority to recommend appropriate projects for assessment by the Influence Index.

    The third includes the Influence Lab, which provides consulting service for project owners. Some INEX candidate projects may be the first crossover projects between the pan-entertainment industry and the digital currency industry. The Influence Lab will provide consulting focusing on the digital economy.

    All these INEX extensions are designed to serve the basic purpose of INEX, aiming to create a more open and transparent trading ecosystem by integrating resources and technical specifications. INEX will serve as the representative of the new-generation exchanges to provide sustainable trading services for users and projects through more specialized and more focused operations.  

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Influence Chain
    Contact Person: Steven
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0065-94881569
    Country: Singapore

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    In an interview released in China last night, Jian Zhang, Founder of FCoin answered 10 challenging questions regarding his controversial business. Zhang is former CTO of Huobi and later in May this year launched FCoin Crypto Currency Trading Platform. Its innovative business model of “trans-fee mining” has made its trading volume excess the sum of the top exchange markets.

    Zhang revealed in the interview that “the essence of FT (FCoin Token) is to use the idea of the token economy to make a change in the practice of production relations. Transform producer-consumer relationships, or change the relationship between service providers and users. Turn the two from the opposite side of the spectrum of interests into a unified relationship. This may be the first time in the history of mankind promoting the large-scale practice of evolving of the corporate system to the community system. The second core mechanism of FT is that it’s a perfect example of Tokenomics in the future, it can even be regarded as BTC 2.0. Unlike digital coins, FT, as a token, not only supports the profit-cycling-model but also the profit-return-model, which most other digital currencies can’t do. FT has a clearly-defined dividend distribution method, and that’s why I think FT is opening a new chapter of crypto economy. FT is also a portal to digital currency investment, because on FCoin we have only the best quality of coins, and as long as you hold FT you will be able to receive all types of coins traded on FCoin. It’s super easy even for starters without any knowledge.” He also mentioned in the interview that this novel model is to pay his tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto.

    FCoin’s success can be tracked back to Zhang’s mindset. “I often tell people privately that without a public heart you will never succeed in public chain. You may garner some quick wins but it won’t be sustainable. Exchange center itself ends up becoming the most centric body in a blockchain system, vowing to decentralize. We are hurting our own credibility if we have too much inside trading or randomly harvest traders’ profit.”

    Which FCoin’s action of including BNB on the platform earlier is also in accordance with this core value. “In my view the community approach is fundamentally different between FCoin and Binance. Our approach is that we are all members of a community, we are all part of an eco-system. We share the mission to strengthen the community and guard the profit of all members. Inclusiveness is the principle I abide by, we will never regard anyone as our competitor. What I truly want to see is a flourishing crypto economy.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: Beijing
    Country: China

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    COO Danna Li announced today that Mixin will cooperate with City Express Money Transfer Co. Ltd. (City), a global payment service provider, which belongs to the City Express Group, a large integrated financial group in Nepal. The co-operation is between Mixin Network and Mixin Messenger, the instant messaging payment system that is based on a distributed ledger technology.

    As Mahesh Kumar Shrestha, Director of City, explains, “Nepal is a famous overseas employment country. The nominal GDP of the country is about 19.47 billion U.S. dollars, of which the cross-border payment of overseas workers is about 28.2%. In addition, 64% of the labor force in Nepal is still concentrated in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.  The payment and exchange of cash is inconvenient, and the mobile payment industry needs to be upgraded”.

    Mixin Network is a mature distributed ledger and has the opportunity to solve electronic currency issues tied to the Nepal Rupee exchange rate such as; account dealings, KYC, anti-money laundering and other functions in Nepal.  In addition, Mixin Messenger has mature features such as live chat and e-cash QR code payment. It provides recharging and withdrawal services in over 5,000 City branches. Meanwhile, it plays a vital role in instant mobile payment for shopping and remittance payments.

    Mixin is also working with the ANEX Corporation, a global technology consulting firm, to launch a deeper discussion with City for a window into the Tokyo market.

    The picture above is a group photo of Mr. Shrestha, Director of City and Mixin COO Danna Li in Tokyo, Japan.

    Mixin Limited (

    Mixin Limited (Mixin) is based in Hong Kong with offices located in Beijing, Tokyo and other cities across Asia. Mixin was founded by Feng Xiaodong, a former tech partner of Yixia, a former senior system engineer of BigONE, and other outstanding technical talents. Li Xiaolai and Luo Yonghao lead the investment side. Former BigONE COO Danna Li joined Mixin in 2018. Now it has Mixin Network, a distributed underlying development platform, Mixin Messenger, a distributed instant messaging and digital asset mobile payment terminal.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    City: Beijing
    Country: HongKong

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    With the increasingly tightening of domestic policy and the stability of profit model in livestreaming, Tippin Live was founded by Carl, co-invested by Douyu, We Capital of Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd, Inno Valley, Plum Ventures, in December 2016.

    With over 35 million overseas users, Tippin Live has became the Giant of Livestreaming in Southeast Asia

    Tippin Live | About Us

    In March 2017, Tippin Live was in a stage of a small scope testing and put into operation in Thailand with fewer resources.

    In April 2017, Tippin Live was officially released in Google play and APP store.

    Up to April 2018,  Tippin Live has 35 millions of users across the world, with over one hundred million of revenues.

    At present, Tippin Live has 1 million daily active users with over 100 thousand singed anchors broadcasting live on it.

    Tippin Live has product agent teams with an advantage of local resources in  North Africa, West Asia, and Southeast Asia. Besides, it has been one of top twenty social applications in downloading with the best ranking of top three, in twenty-two counties, like Vietnam, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and so on.


    Instant Message with social networking, allowing the audience to interact with the anchor in real time;

    Diversified broadcasting patterns like Special Room & Voice Room & Game Room, making it possible to meet anchor’s various needs;

    Multiple payment methods and VIP member service, meeting demands of users from various countries and regions.

    Tippin Live || Future Orientation

    Tippin Live | Future Orientation

    Currently, Tippin Live’s users overseas are still increasing, so there are many things in this market we can do for a better tomorrow. With excellent local product agents, more and more high-quality content and top anchors will be offered. Endowed with various resources, and advantages and experience as a forerunner in this area, Tippin Live will continue to introduce an sign top anchors and teams on a complementarity and mutual benefit basis, and attract more fans and agents. Tippin Live will be operated and managed in a proper manner and carry out localization operation as a part of an effort to become a global platform in livestreaming.

    At the same time, priority will be given to technical innovations. Through strengthening their own technical advantages at an early stage, Tippin Live will integrate technology and user’s demands in an organic way and accurately expose valuable and interesting content to the users.

    In addition, Tippin Live will continue to embrace users, content, and market. Although the form of entertainment may vary, core value will never change that’s content in the area of the social network. Tippin Live is making every effort to build a diversified social networking and is only going to get bigger as time goes on, so expect to see more and more high quality, new and interesting content along the way.

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    Country: HongKong

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    21st Hannover Industrial Automation Exhibition, which came to a close only recently, was attended by Moflon Technology Company, along with many other exhibitors from across the world.

    On November 30, 2017, the 21st Hannover Industrial Automation Exhibition came to a successful close. With more than 800 industrial automation companies as participants from 13 regional zones and countries, the exhibition is one of the largest and most influential one to be held in Hannover in 2017. Moflong Technology Company, a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of high-performing slip rings, participated in the exhibition in a bid to showcase their products to the global investor community.


    The countries that had representation at the prestigious event included South Korea, US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, UK, Israel and Hong Kong of China. Manufacturers from almost all these nations displayed control robots, machine vision, industrial robots, machine parts, and more in the exhibition.

    “The industry truly prides in Moflon Technology Company after it has proved its might via great technological prowess, meticulous preparation and high-end performance slip ring products. The product quality and design have attracted more merchants at home and afar, such that people stopped by to look, analyze, consult and then negotiate. Over the years, Moflon has stood for commitment towards provision of extraordinary performance 360 degree rotary electrifying and ventilation solutions for customers based worldwide. Buyers have shown interest to visit our manufactory, with many having been already decided to purchase products on the spot after communicating with our engineers at the exhibition and gaining deeper understanding about them”, said a top marketing executive present at the exhibition.


    “It’s akin to a feast in the automation equipment industry, plus a journey worth remembering. Customers were all praise about Moflon, as evident from their opinions in the exhibition, which in turn allowed more users to vest their faith in Moflon as a cutting-edge solution provider and an indispensable contributor toward industrial development via high-quality products”, added the executive.

    In the current years, Moflon has worked for a long-run development in slip ring industry. The company has a good sales network, offices in China and abroad, and it offers products and technical services for reputed companies, military units, research centers and colleges in China.

    “We have managed to secure a leading position in the slip ring industry after depending on proper market operation ability. From now on, we will keep striving to offer high-quality and high-performance slip ring remedies for consumers all across the world in the approaching years and thereby target in catering to the global”, said the CEO and managing director of Moflon at a press conference held in Hannover.

    About the Company

    Moflong Technology Company is a China-based manufacturer of slip rings.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MOFLON Technology Co, Limited
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Phone: +86-755-33196787
    Country: China

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    Drug Intermediates Manufacturer India| Ganesh Group of Industries
    Ganesh Group, a fast growing group of companies was established in 1991 and is a combination of different sectors like Bulk drugs, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Pigments and Packaging.

    Ankleshwar, Gujarat – June 27, 2018 – Ganesh Group of Industries is the leading pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer in India, who aims to manufacture, supply, and export the best quality pharmaceutical intermediates and bulk drugs to cater for the needs of pharmaceutical companies for research and development purpose.

    Ganesh Group of Industries

    When asked about their service, “We specialize in organic chemical reactions technologies and provide a range of services to support Custom Manufacturing projects. The expansion of our manufacturing capacity supports a key strategy for Ganesh Group as we continue to increase our Custom Manufacturing and Toll manufacturing services. We aim to become an outsourced manufacturer of choice by our customers, by ensuring quality specifications are met and maintained.  We can distribute products worldwide either from site of manufacture, or from our COMAH registered warehousing in the UK,” replied the spokesperson of Ganesh Group of Industries.

    Ganesh Group of Industries is the leading manufacturer and exporter of drug intermediates like Bis(2-chloroethyl)amine hydrochloride 821-48-7, 2-Chloroethylamine hydrochloride 8870-24-6 and many more. They have reputation as one of the credible suppliers in India for manufacturing dyes intermediates, fine chemicals, bulk drug and active pharmaceutical intermediates.

    The spokesperson also continued, “Our collaborations with International organizations in Europe and Asia are a proof of our determination to be best at what we do and we are not stopping here. Our aim is to achieve more such strategic alliances in the future.”

    Their group has grown strong in the field of technical expertise and managerial competence to cater the growing needs of Indian and international markets and committed to serve customer needs in providing consistent quality, products and service.

    “We continuously monitor our suppliers, raw materials, in process controls, intermediates, finished goods, packaging, labeling, shipment, delivery and adhere to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 quality standards to ensure consistent levels of quality,”concluded the spokesperson of Ganesh Group of Industries.

    Some of the drug intermediates, which they offer are, Cyclopropanecarbonyl Chloride 4023-34-1, 3-Dimethylaminopropyl chloride hydrochloride 5407-04-5, Diethylaminoethyl Chloride Hydrochloride 869-24-9 and more.

    Also, they are certified by ISO 9001:20015 for quality management systems, OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Systems.

    About Ganesh Group of Industries

    Ganesh Group of Industries is the leading company in offering chemical reactive services and customer manufacturing services at affordable price. In a short span of time, they have emerged as the most promising pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturers, veterinary drug intermediates and bulk drug intermediates suppliers.

    To know more visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ganesh Group of Industries
    Contact Person: Gunjan Kothia
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +917383434444
    Address:Shree Ganesh Remedies Pvt Ltd., PLOT NO 6011, GIDC
    City: Ankleshwar
    State: Gujarat
    Country: India

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    On June 21, 2018, the first Blockchain Hub themed salon, held by BitKop decentralized trading platform, was closed in Beijing. With the theme of “Long-term and healthy development and regulatory compliance of blockchain industry”, Salon deeply explored the security and regulatory issues in the blockchain field.


    This salon invited the Kaplan family, the founder of Prometheum, Inc., Cheetah Rating Token CTO Wenjun Zhang, TokenInsight COO Changbai Zuo, Mindao Yang, chairman of the Atopia Capital and co-founder of Qushi Capital, and Zheng Wei, an 8 Decimal Capital partner, to share their views in blockchain field. In addition, 4 rating agencies and 8 investors also participated in the activity, and more than 20 media reported this salon. Let’s review some important opinions and keywords of this salon.

    Keyword 1: SEC, supervision, legal ICO

    Prometheum is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the United States that has applied an ICO license with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC). The platform provides services such as ICO, token trade and encrypted asset clearing.

    The founder Martin Kaplan pointed out that the SEC has determined that all current unregistered ICOs and tokens circulating in the secondary market actually belong to securities, and therefore many of the existing ICOs are illegal, but there is no relevant law for sanctions. He said, at present SEC has a complete structure and system for the supervision of the US financial market, so a new industry like cryptocurrency only needs to follow the established regulatory treaty, and there is no need to worry that the United States will introduce more stringent laws to limit the development of the new industry. Aaron Kaplan stressed that the US cryptocurrency industry should actively cater to the SEC’s regulation to maintain long-term and stable development. Moreover, only projects that seek to regulate themselves can achieve remarkable process.


    Keyword 2: rating agencies, build a good ecology

    TokenInsight COO Changbai Zuo believed that the chaos of blockchain industry lies in the lack of effective supervision and formal rating of exchange projects, so investors or users can’t choose a compliant and excellent project based on a unified standard. To this end, rating agencies should become the nodes for exchanges, project parties, and investment institutions, and these four parts should join together to build a good ecology of blockchain. In addition, it is necessary to step up supervision, and project fraud should always be recorded and traceable. If the ecology is destroyed, it will not be worth the candle. The project party should also make active disclosures and be responsible for users and investors.


    Keyword 3: regulatory difference, embracing supervision

    Yang Mindao, the co-founder of Qushi Capital, stated that the “cryptocurrency circle” and “chain circle” dictate the regulatory differences because of their attributes: The significance of digital currency lies in creating a parallel financial system, rather than supplementing the centralized financial system. This attribute of pursuing currency privatization and decentralization determines that it does not need to be subject to any regulation. Whereas blockchain is a kind of technology supplement embedded in the current regulatory environment, so it needs to actively embrace and cooperate with supervision. According to the regulatory differences existing in the two circles, Yang Mindao believed that the future direction of supervision will consider the attributes of two circles and narrow the differences: exchanges, digital asset banks, and ICO platforms will be supervised. As the regulatory decentralized infrastructure gradually improves, the prosperous “non-regulatory market” will also exist for a long time.


    The era of blockchain has only just begun. BitKop decentralized trading platform hopes to explore the current status of various issues and solutions in the blockchain industry through long-term salon activities, to promote the development of the blockchain industry in a more secure supervision and sounder direction, and to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the digital asset industry and protect the interests of investors.

    Company Profile

    BitKop decentralized exchange, founded in 2017, headquartered in Singapore, has now received co-investment from IDG Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, Transference Fund, and Bit-Z, the industry-leading digital asset exchange. Targeting the “safe and user friendly decentralized global digital asset exchange”, BitKop will gradually realize decentralization from aspects such as the  cryptocurrency listing method, asset custody, asset clearing, and transaction integration. BitKop currently has over 150,000 registered users, including over 80,000 users holding KOP currency, and the daily average transaction volume has exceeded 1,000 BTC.

    We will hold regular blockchain salon every month. To participate in salon or seek for  media cooperation, please contact us through the following emails and WeChat:

    Contact details

    Customer Service WeChat:bitkop001




    Media Contact
    Company Name: BitKop
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: China

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    Blackcore BlackShark Mobile CMEL Tournament Edition (Blockchain High-end Version)


    Unlike the previous version of BlackShark mobile, the BlackShark Mobile CMEL Tournament Edition is the first gaming hardware to access the BGC game ecological chain (hereafter referred to as BGC) hardware open platform, and is designated as the only E-Sports-use mobile in specified events by Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

    Every mobile phone that has obtained the BGC Authentication is a hardware node that maintains the stable operation of the BGC Blockchain. Using the BlackShrak mobile of CMEL version, you can receive a large amount of “Golden Beans”!

    Reward Rules:According to the reward system of BGC Blockchain, every normal player could receive a “golden bean” by playing the game for on hour. (Equivalent to a $1 game item; the daily limit is 3 golden beans); according to the hardware POT consensus reward system, the BGC Authentication mobile buyer/player could receive extra bonus based on the dynamic status of online service number:  If an average of 100,000 BGC-authenticated mobile phones are online, 64 “Golden Beans” can be received everyday by using mobile games for 3 hours, Which means that if you use the phone for 50 days, you will get a value return which is equivalent to 1 mobile phone!

    A New Generation of Gam-eco Mobile Invites You to Share Extraordinary Experiences!


    The exclusive distributed password protection system, the users of this phone are the guardian of each other.

    Sports car shape, R-angle design and SHARK-style light which shows different effects on start, call, notification, and game scenarios.


    Front and rear camera both support 20 million pixels, large aperture, professional portrait mode; intelligent scene recognition, dark light quality enhancement; camera soft light, making the selfie clearer.

    Xiaolong 845 Qualcomm annual flagship processor plus 8GB memory allows you to fly in the game world!

    The independent image processing chip of Pixelworks supports intelligent motion compensation technology, image enhancement and dark-scene details processing, making the quality of video game more smooth. No jitter, no smear.


    The exclusively designed Mic for the third generation of game is hidden in the handset, which makes the quality of voice calls with your team more clearly. Amazing Biso sound effect, dual Smart PA design, HiFi level music presentation and the voice chat without interference give you a better gaming experience!

    X-shaped smart antenna gives you the best signal, helps you avoid all the errors.


    Wifi is not That Necessary

    A give-away of 12GB of traffic per month and a good network hardware. Any time, full Netcom. Top players exclusive! Play anywhere, anytime!

    Welcome to a New World of BlackShark

    CMEL version of the Blackshark phone has a higher specification hardware and a very strong Performance of nearly 270,000 points, which has exceeded 99% of the market’s mobile phone, became the mobile phone that has the highest running points.

    Of course, running points is just a reference data, the actual experience can tell you the truth. As a professional gaming phone, the BlackShark game phone has a special game button on the left side of the phone – the “Shark Mode” button, allowing you to easily access the “Shark Space” game system with a lightly press.

    A brand new experience that the Blcakshark gives you would shocks you. Downloaded games can be automatically presented in this card-like manner. Select the game you want to play by sliding left and right. It suddenly became a handheld player.


    In order to give the user a more immersive experience, Shark Space game system will not only automatically clean the background, provide the maximum CPU and memory resources for the game to achieve the best gaming experience; at the same time, you can also call out more game settings function by sliding Home button, Including handle button settings, shielding incoming call information notification, eye protection mode, anti-mistaken touch, hang screen hanging, etc., and even providing a “dive mode” which means only to retain mobile data services, eliminate call disconnection phenomenon to have a better game experience!

    Powerful Shooting Function

    As Xiaomi being the “man” behind the blackshark gaming phone, it has a full range of comprehensive strength and the is equally good at taking photos. The blackshark gaming phone has a front camera that supports 20 million pixels, and a 12+20 million pixels camera on the rear. Here is a image taken by the blackshark gaming phone.

    The blackshark gaming phone has an accurate exposure and accurate white balance control. This is attributed to its high-pixel camera, the photo resolution is enough to retain a lot of details, the photo has very high degree of reduction. Using the portrait mode to capture objects in a more complex lighting environment, the black shark gaming mobile phone can still distinguish the background and the subject with the naturally blurring of the background and the high purity of the picture and a high reduction degree of the color.

    In April of this year, Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Jingdong”) and Nanchang BlackShark Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “BlackShark”) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Jingdong Beijing headquarters and reached a consensus of three years of exclusive cooperation. This move caused many netizens to pay attention.


    The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism will also hold a CMEL tournament event in Beijing in late June to kick off the conference. The honorable guests at the conference include: Mr. Yang Yong, Chairman of Datang Networks (Central Enterprise); Sun Hongbin, Chairman of Sunac China. Mr. Huang Yu, the famous game master, and Mr. Wu Shimin, CEO of BlackShark Mobile, have joined hands to launch the CMEL E-smart blackshark mobile phone. More top technology teams from NetEase, Alibaba, Kugou, Renren Blockchain and other industry applications to escort BlackShark!


    A tournament game queen – Miss X, has shared a profound value about the exclusive property of video gaming performance: “The Blackshark gaming phone has given me the best gaming experience ever. In terms of gaming, it has actually take many practical factors that the player need under consideration, such as low temperature when playing,  the great quality of the video, and the freedom from interference etc.

    CMEL E-smart Blackshark Mobile, Born for Gaming!

    CMEL E-smart Blackshark mobile, based on black rice technology, realizing the application of blockchain technology, really innovative. This will change the way people play, allowing people to make money from playing games. This is a subversion of the rules of the existing game world! At the same time, it will surely be an unprecedented wealth feast!

    Media Contact
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    Country: China

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    On June 20th, at the opening ceremony of the global blockchain technology summit held in Bangkok’s Shangri La, Transcendence was the focus of the summit. The introduction of Transcendence at the summit was refreshing and received active discussions from guests attending.

    Australia’s Maoneng Group, following the major success of their Solar photovoltaic projects in 2017, has successfully carried out various new projects.  Under the idea of sustainable development, the Mugga Lane Solar Park, a project initiated by the Transcendence platform, is developing in full swing and realizing “Creating more power and Sharing more profit” in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation.

    As one of Australia’s earliest utility scale solar farm developer, Maoneng group has 10 years of experience in new energy development.  The grand appearance of the Transcendence platform will overturn people’s traditional understanding of the Solar energy industry.  Transcendence ‘s continuous investment in the solar energy field will realize a global massive leap-forward in the whole industry.

    According to Qiao Co-founder and CEO of Transcendence, as a collaborative infrastructure development platform with a large number user community for sustainable development, Transcendence will challenge the current centralized model.  This will revolutionize the traditional high-risk and high-return business model, on the basis of creating confidence, providing platform participants with a fair and collaborative model.

    Under the momentum of vigorous development, the Transcendence platform will also launch an all-round offensive on the key areas of “sharing”.

     The Transcendence team devote themselves to their ” vision + mission”

     A platform with soul is inseparable from the spirit of craftsmen of the times. 

     The vision is to create a community owned Solar farms utilizing the platform in the pursuit of Excellence and creativity – Transcendence.

     The craftsman spirit of dedication, preciseness, lean, focus and innovation is the best synonym for trans.

    Take Mugga lane Solar Park as an example. during the process of development, participants include city planners, power grid operators, energy market operators, technical supervision agencies, designers and other professionals.  According to Qiao, through geographic information systems, the greatest degree of matching has been achieved in the selection of specific plots.  engineers, estimators, bidding teams and finance teams carried out rigorous design and construction coordinating.  Network operation engineers are continuously observing the operating state of solar farms.  The transparency and professionalism of the company’s development process have not wasted through efforts of many professional craftsmen – Currently is perfect timing to build sustainable infrastructure in Australia and beyond!

    TSD “Airdrops”

    As a high-quality collaboration investment service platform, Transcendence integrates blockchain technology into digital cash reward benefits in the process of providing professional knowledge, standardization scheme and connection capital.

    On the Transcendence platform, participants can participate in the blockchain project through “bidding”, i.e. initiate projects while providing services and ideas to obtain funds in the Transcendence platform.  The value of the margin held by participating bidders will be shared by the project initiators and project sponsors.  After the project is successfully completed, the platform will return the full amount to the sponsor. if the project fails to achieve the expected performance, this part of the bonds will be destroyed. 

    At present, there are two kinds of tokens on the Transcendence platform: Tier – 1 TSD token and tier – 2 TSD – IFR token allowing exchange of services and redemption of other currencies.

    The Transcendence platform will create digital standard intelligent contracts for infrastructure assets to ensure the rights and interests of all holders.  It will effectively guide the development of the project and benefit more community partners.

    Under the Transcendence platform, the token has already been designed to be very dynamic, and the utility cases will only grow as the system grows.  Emerson once said that people like to hunt strange things. This is the seed of science.  Transcendence not only uses innovative technology, but aims to satisfy one’s desire by planting a seed for the future in a down-to-earth way.

    You can contact us in the following ways:

    Official website https: / / work (Telegram – Group Chat) / TSD token ( bi Yong – group chat ) / TSD news ( telegraph – news ) / TSD news ( bi Yong – news )

    Transcendence platform will link up finance and economics and will “Airdrop” high-value TSD to all readers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Transcendence
    Contact Person: Alma Li
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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    The website held a conference in Hong Kong and Taipei on June 15 to announce its official launch.

    On the conference, GUAPAI platform official Hedy also officially introduced the listed network. The listed network is a blockchain-based artificial intelligence decentralized digital asset trading platform that combines valuable assets with virtual assets to trade. Based on assets, digital technology and financial instruments are integrated. With the characteristics of blockchain technology, the world’s best quality assets are aggregated to provide users with more secure and convenient digital asset exchange services.

    The TOKEN of the platform is A, which is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on Ethereum Ethereum and an ERC20 standard TOKEN based on the Ethereum blockchain.

    On the technical level, the platform’s proprietary accounting mechanism monitors all users’ funds and multi-dimensional proprietary reports to ensure the safety of funds.

    Proprietary powerful log management to fully grasp the state of the system to ensure the stability and security of the system.

    From the perspective of asset security, the proposed listing through cooperation with internationally renowned auction houses and insurance companies will ensure that the value of the project will not be reduced through the selection of high-quality valuable assets, and valuable assets must be kept in a bank vault or professional storage warehouse of international security standards. .  By reassuring users, they can earn higher incomes and the funds can be more fully protected.

    At the conference, GUAPAI also formally proposed the concept of IAO and announced the launch of the international domain name, the initial public offering of valuable assets, designed to meet the investors to achieve low-risk investment through IAO while retaining the continuation of equity through digital currencies. The market seeks high-income claims.

    This concept is proposed for the iteration of the blockchain industry, or to seize the market, we will wait and see.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: IAO Foundation
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: United States

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    It has now been the sixth year since “YiZhanDaoDi: the Race of Champions of Famous Universities” was launched. The show features the brainstorms among students from the world’s top universities, and meets with considerable acclaim from its birth.

    “Those who outperform you are still working more diligently than you do; and that is even more astonishing than their existing achievement!” The audience speak highly of the outstanding performance of these brains, and at the same time realize the infinity of knowledge as well as the importance of forever pursuing it. Each year, the race of champions of famous universities will lead to a new wave of Chinese television brainstorm, during which thousands of excellent competitors stand out and became rising stars attracting all of the attention.

    To seek for the most powerful brain that longs for truth and problems resolving, our group travels across the world visiting every world-class university on this land. Besides bringing the viewers a feast of intelligence competition, we also manage to preserve the flavour of exotic cultures and the hue of academic environment from these top institutions.

    This year the show welcomes more novelty in many ways, for instance, the contestants are much more experienced and knowledgeable. In addition, students from 24 famous universities enroll in teams, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, Sydney, Tsinghua, Peking University etc. They come for this stage not only to show their talents, but they also shoulder the responsibility of fighting for the school honor. The competition system has as well adjusted to a new one, which involves shifting answering chance and tag match. The contestants challenge each other, and more importantly, they also cultivate enlightening friendships during heated battles.

    Highlighted by this year’s slogan “Come Along & Achieve More”, this year’s show aims at gathering the overseas students and returned scholars together on this most popular domestic stage while they exchange their sparkling ideas. There is no doubt that this will also be a culture shock among global views and civilizations. To be or not to be? Let’s find it out at 21:10 on July 2nd through the Race of Champions of Famous Universities!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    Shanghai Metal Corporation is a reputable metal products manufacturer in China. It offers high-quality Power Factor Implement system as a solution for power and transmission problems faced by many industries.

    Power quality is one of the most important things for a company. From manufacturing industries, financial companies to data and control centers, stable power is the key to the effective and efficient operation. Unfortunately, there are often problems with the power factor that lead to inefficient equipment operation and even equipment failure.

    To solve this problem, the power factor must be “corrected”. Shanghai Metal Corporation, a prominent player in the world of metal products and industrial electric system, offers a reliable Power Factor Correction service and equipment to help improving the efficiency and quality of companies’ and industries’ power. Shanghai Metal Corporation’s PFC is capable to improve power supply’s efficiency, detect problems that cause the inefficiency, improve power factor, which eventually will help its clients save cost on electricity.

    Shanghai Metal Corporation Offers Reliable Solution for Industries’ Power and Transmission Issues

    Taking advantage of STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) Application, the long distance power transmission is capable to help stabilizing weak system voltage and increase transmission capacity. When the transmission loss is reduced, the power efficiency will be automatically improved. Shanghai Metal Corporation’s stacom system also can help reducing power fluctuation, which can help maintaining the lifespan of the equipment.

    This company’s Power Factor Correction is effective in solving problems related to power factor because it addresses the issues of hoist and other heavy loads as well. Besides low power factor, PFC service provided by Shanghai Metal also will address the other common power problems such as voltage distortion due to high order harmonics, continuous voltage fluctuation and voltage flicker Power Factor Correction is needed when the power factor of a certain system is less than 90%. It can lead to sudden power loss which can be fatal for the industries. Not only it will be an obstacle in the production process, sudden power loss also can affect the equipment negatively.

    As a manufacturing company, Shanghai Metal Corporation truly understands the value and importance of stable power and high power factor. This is why the company is committed to provide the best PFC equipment and services.

    About Shanghai Metal Corporation

    Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of metal products, machinery, construction equipment and the electric system that is based in China. With more than 30 years of experience in this industry, the company’s product and services are highly sought after not only by various industries in China but also all over the globe.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Metal Corporation
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 139 1600 7766
    State: Shanghai
    Country: China

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