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    At present, the application scope of blockchain technology is relatively limited, but the innovation efforts are indeed increasing. The real estate, cultural, and even the tourism industry have begun to engage with blockchain technology and have produced a very pleasant capital “chemical reaction”. Every successful example seems to indicate an unavoidable development fact: Blockchain technology is changing people’s lifestyle at an unimaginable speed.

    In the area of blockchain application technology, the first thing I want to introduce is the successful example of Nasdaq on blockchain application technology. It is reported that Nasdaq, a well-known US electronic securities trading agency, foresees the development potential of block chain technology. At the end of 2015, it officially announced to establish its own exclusive Linq block chain technology trading platform and signed a cooperative agreement with the world’s well-known digital currency trading website, Nasdaq did not publish its own detailed business plan in detail, but its commercial move in combination with blockchain technology has caused a lot of shock within the world.

    Although this is rare, the Elysian Omnipotence Tourism Space (EOTS) has also made outstanding achievements in blockchain application technology. However, EOTS is faced with a tourism industry that many investors and entrepreneurs would never think of. EOTS took the leading role in understanding the business logic relationship between tourism development and blockchain technology, and created a new fusion model of “technology+traditional industries”. It has gradually become one of the world’s most famous and most popular blockchain R&D projects.

    In addition, EOTS has also carefully built a new digital chain product based on tourism, consumption, tourism, holiday, leisure and health care, which is initiated by recreational and recreational health. The EOTS digital chain, which is based on the development of the Ethernet bottom technology, has the core attributes of the most classic “decentralization and de-trust mechanism” in the blockchain and is the most marketable potential in the field of blockchain technology research and development. Currently, the constant number of EOTS issued is 120 million, which occupies a notable share of the digital currency market. Compared with the way to create a platform for Nasdaq, I believe that the means of EOTS entering the tourism industry may be more sophisticated and more mature.

    Although I prefer EOTS, NASDAQ and EOTS’s innovative actions have positive significance for the development of the industry. Except that we can also draw on an obvious conclusion through the above two successful examples, that is, “the application scope of blockchain technology can be extended to any field in theory”. As long as we operate properly and do not make too much mistake, we can create history by changing the characteristics of blockchain technology and completely change people’s lifestyle.

    Although EOTS has not yet fully realized its own development goals and vision, EOTS has made a “from zero to good” breakthrough initiative from the perspective of “expanding blockchain technology applications scope”. The pioneering effort has paved the way for the future development of the blockchain industry and the tourism industry.

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    Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., Ltd offers various high-quality LED grow light bars that can assist in promoting effective plant growth.

    Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., Ltd is one of the best LED grow light bar manufacturers in China. Due to the quality of its products, the company’s LED grow lighting fixtures have been exported to Europe and America. The products don’t only come with a competitive price and great designs, but it has been proven that the LED lights help promote healthy plant growth.

    LED grow light is widely used in urban farming because it offers many advantages. LED light is energy efficient and some, even can last for 100,000 hours. Furthermore, unlike the other type of lighting, LED will not stop working in a sudden when it loses power. Instead, it will grow dimmer, which gives a hint for the farmer that the lighting needs to be changed. It means the plants will be under uninterrupted lighting for a very long time.

    Shenzhen Herifi Technology’s LED Grow Light Bar Helps Promoting Healthy Plant Growth

    The company’s Apolo LED grow light is very popular in the market since it offers the benefits mentioned above. It comes with 3 options of lenses 60, 90 and 120 degrees. The chips are imported to ensure the quality and lifespan of the LED lighting. The design components and technology used to develop the products are specifically chosen and developed to promote the most ideal photosynthesis.

    Another popular product of Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., Ltd is the dimmable grow light. It comes with timing function that allows the farmer to imitate the Mother Nature. The lamp will follow the lighting pattern of the sun so indoor plants can grow effectively like outdoor plants. The LED lamp will light up slowly as the sun rises, go to its full power in the middle of the day and gradually dims as the sun sets.

    In addition to urban farming, Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., Ltd also produces LED light bar for the aquarium. It is ideal to grow coral plants and promote their photosynthesis so all the aquatic plants inside the aquarium can grow well.

    About Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., Ltd is a leading LED grow/aquarium light manufacturer in China. It was founded in 2012 and now it has over 200 knowledgeable staff and a Research and Development Team that consists of 20 experienced people in the field. The company has a 5,000 square meters factory to manufacture high quality LED grow bars every single day. The materials to produce the LED grow lights are imported from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States to ensure the quality of the products.

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    City: Shenzhen
    State: Guangdong
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    Taipei – June 28, 2018 – KYMCO announced the launch of two new groundbreaking electric scooter models and demonstrated the company’s commitment to making electric a popular reality for consumers worldwide. The beautiful retro-styled KYMCO New Many 110 EV scooter is designed for the younger generation while the KYMCO Nice 100 EV aims to attract a wider audience of electric converts.
    The two new models are the tip of the iceberg with regards to KYMCO’s electric vehicle plans for the near future. KYMCO boldly sets to launch 10 distinct scooter models within the next three years, and transform the world’s electric scooter landscape starting with Taiwan, a market with the world’s highest scooter density.

    Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO

    KYMCO furthermore outlined how its EV initiatives are guided by its longstanding brand spirit “Win My Heart”, and its three pillars “Distinctions”, “Pride”, and “Persistence.” It is this spirit that has led KYMCO to excel and transformed KYMCO into a respected global brand.


    First of all, to provide consumers the “Win My Heart” charging infrastructure in Taiwan, KYMCO will complete the deployment of 1,500 Ionex fast charging stations on day one of shipping its first Ionex e-scooters. By the end of 2019 KYMCO will complete the deployment of 2,000 Ionex energy stations, so riders can easily rent swappable shared batteries for long-distance travel. Furthermore, in two years KYMCO will have more than 30,000 shared outlet spots to completely eliminate any range anxiety riders may have. Second, to provide consumers the “Win My Heart” home charging experience, Ionex e-scooter is designed with the industry’s first smart energy bay. Complemented by the extremely light 5 kg battery, riders can easily carry the battery home to charge at night and leave home fully charged every morning. To make overnight charging even simpler for apartment residents, KYMCO will launch the “Ionex Green Ready Community” project. Energy stations will be set up in public parking lots of residential buildings.

    KYMCO held the “Ionex Taipei International Press Conference” and invited nearly 2,000 KYMCO dealers from across the Taiwan region to participate. Over 3,000 people witnessed the event.

    Third, to provide consumers the “Win My Heart” e-scooter ownership experience, KYMCO will offer unprecedented warranty and service. Every Ionex e-scooter comes with a 5 year core battery warranty and a 10 year power motor warranty. Meanwhile, to ensure Ionex users don’t have to pay high price for the riding mileage, every Ionex e-scooter comes with a lifetime-warranty personal rental battery. Monthly rental that comes with 1,000 km of basic riding mileage costs only US$10 (NT$299).

    Finally, to provide consumers the “Win My Heart” products that fulfill different desires, KYMCO will launch 10 electric models over the next three years. Each scooter model will target different users and exhibit distinct characteristics. This ambition starts today with the introduction of two light-duty class electric vehicles – KYMCO New Many 110 EV and KYMCO Nice 100 EV. Next, KYMCO will introduce regular-duty electric vehicles as well as heavy-duty electric vehicles.

    KYMCO Nice 100 EV is the highlight of the international press conference for the practicality and ease of manipulation of female knights in daily life.


    KYMCO’s goal of developing electric scooters is to make green vehicles a practical reality in everyone’s daily life.

    KYMCO New Many 110 EV is an Ionex e-scooter designed for younger generations of riders who like fashion and retro styling. The New Many 110 EV is expected to be available in August and comes with two versions. With the government subsidy factored in, the prices consumers actually pay for the New Many 110 EV Noodoe Navigation version and the Standard version can be as low as US$1,590 (NT$47,800) and US$1,420 (NT$42,800) respectively.

    KYMCO Nice 100 EV aims to attract an even wider audience of electric converts with its practicality and affordability. KYMCO Nice 100 EV is expected to be available in October. With the government subsidy factored in, the price consumers actually pay can be as low as US$990 (NT$ 29,800).

    “With the world’s first two Ionex scooters launched today, consumers can embrace electric without compromise,” stated Allen Ko. “This is a worldwide invitation to an open movement that celebrates one of the most important social missions of our time.”

    More information Welcome to visit KYMCO Taiwan website:

    Video Link:

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    Recently, SCRY.INFO and Hillstone Partners formally entered a strategic cooperation.

    SCRY.INFO is the world’s first quantifiable data trading platform, and has consistently placed immense importance on the South Korean market. Hillstone Partners is a professional investment company established in 2010 by experts with over ten years of investment experience, from Merrill Lynch, Barclays PLC, Mirae Asset, Daishin Securities, KTB and many other large enterprises. Hillstone Partners is particularly strong at IT clean tech in terms of expertise and resources. On top of its strong financial expertise in South Korea and robust overseas resources, it is working with famous funds in the global blockchain market to jointly launch an international blockchain fund.

    At the same time, Deciper, the Seoul National University’s blockchain research institute, affiliated to Hillstone Partners is also playing a significant role in this cooperation. When studying blockchain, people often encounter professional concepts related to its technology development, finance and economics. With the rapid growth of the blockchain industry, a lot of speculative and misleading information with respect to these concepts is being disseminated, which is making it difficult for people to accurately understand the technology. Deciper was specially established to help people gain a better and accurate understanding of blockchain. Deciper has experienced developers and technicians who collect accurate and effective information and conduct real R&D on blockchain technology.

    SCRY.INFO’s vision is to enable more real-world data to be written into blockchain contracts. It aims to have more people share real data, be motivated, reach consensus and achieve win-win results. This vision bears many similarities to Hillstone Partners’ core values, i.e., consensus and sharing, which are thought highly of by SCYR.INFO.

    This cooperation will infuse SCRY.INFO with greater vitality. In an era of data credit, blockchain will determine where benefits will be transferred. SCRY.INFO is confident of creating a smart contract era, where all transactions can be quantified. This era will fundamentally eliminate information asymmetry, increase credit growth and financial liquidity, enable more industries and data to enter blockchain contracts, and effectively promote vigorous development of the entire industry ecosystem.

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    Recently, the news about the products of “black technology of Silicon Valley” launched in Guangzhou is constantly concerned and reported by the global media. Industry experts said the time of product launching had been confirmed and a grand conference would be held in Langham Place Hotels Nanfeng Guangzhou on July 3, 2018. The matters related to brand name, product categories and global/regional spokesmen will be introduced.

    It is reported that the highlight should be the “black technology of Silicon Valley”. This achievement in scientific research was controlled and developed by 8 global top scientists for 15 years, from multiple specialties and dimensions based on the cGMP standard. The technology has received numerous awards all over the world, and obtained 16 worldwide patent certifications in succession, including America, France, Britain, Japan, Korea, Australia, etc.

    16 patent certifications

    On the press conference, the brand host will invite a mysterious master, one of the founders of “black technology”, to explain the core argument about technology, industry application and innovations. The brand host has revealed that this big gun should not be taken lightly, because he is one of the “Thousand Talents of China”, and he has a high prestige in the professional field all over the world.

    It’s worth mentioning that the birth of “black technology of Silicon Valley” has strategic significance and far-reaching impact on the long-term development of various fields in the world, and has gained support from 863 major project in China. It is widely used for the treatment of chloasma, leucoderma, acne mark, hair growth and maintaining in the medical field, all of which have achieved a great success.

    What’s more encouraging is that this scientific achievement has been successfully used in the skincare industry now because of the unremitting efforts researchers have made. It breaks the long-standing limit of traditional skincare, such as slow and difficult absorption, as well as poor effect. So it is speculated that the beauty products to be launched in the world, the “black technology of Silicon Valley”, will achieve a perfect crossover to the beauty and skincare industry in a perfect way.

    In addition, reporters also learned that, on the press conference, the host will invite around 1,000 person, including famous bloggers, beauty makeup experts and pop authoritative media, to see the birth of the new round of tradition-overturned “light medical beauty” fashion products.

    Before publishing, the press conference is still in meticulous preparation. The new product release meeting on July 3, 2018 will certainly be the most prominent ceremony of beauty and skincare industry in Guangzhou and even the world.

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    Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
    Dr. Eric Chun-Pu Chu, DC, P (CDAHK Chairman) and Gang Yang (Sleemon CEO)

    Most conventional mattresses have not transformed noticeably since the 1960s. On the current market, most mattresses are made up of a one size spring system that intertwine in different way to change the firmness of the bed. The original technology was invented in the late 1800s in the seats of horse drawn carriage. Therefore, we are sleeping in beds that are not carries the out-of-date development of the current knowledge of human body and sleep science. As we integrate ergonomics at workstations, car seats, and hone furniture, sleeping on a flat traditional mattress cannot please the current consumers which had made a new trend of ergonomics sleep system. Having reduced the physical stress on the bodies can enhance the sleep quality and wellbeing.

    Sleemon has received its endorsement by the Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) for its foam mattress that use specialized designs with ergonomics requirements for clinically sound postural support. They have become publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) in 2012, and controls its entire supply chain, from factory to customer, with 8 registered brands in over 800 retail stores. With over 3,500 employees and facilities totaling more than 460,000 m2, Sleemon’s annual capacity reaches 4 million mattresses, making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of foam and spring mattresses.

    No automatic alt text available.

    The CDAHK is a professional organization comprised of Hong Kong’s most educated and accomplished chiropractors, representing the healthcare profession in the local government and international community. After thoroughly evaluating Sleemon mattresses, the CDAHK has concluded that their sophisticated line of mattresses is ergonomically balanced and uses chiropractic-sound-design that serve as an important tool for the general health: by alleviating and preventing spinal stress. According to the CDAHK, over 80% of the public have some kind of back pain during their lives, and maintenance of spinal health is crucial of our society.

    Image may contain: 1 person, standing

    The evaluation period takes approximately 3 months and the process includes interviews with their management team. After receiving the supporting documents of the proposal, the endorsement committees meet to discuss results and investigate the retail store and visit the manufacture factory. The endorsement consideration was based on the company’s history, credentials, vision, design, innovation and quality control. Upon completion of the examinations, the endorsement committees make its recommendation to the CDAHK executive to grant final approval. Once the executive signs off the final approved, the product endorsement agreement will be signed off that involves terms of yearly endorsement fees.

    “The CDAHK is pleased to endorse Sleemon Mattress a health-related benefit for consumers. Our endorsement is granted after thorough review, analysis, testing, discussion, and evaluation by CDAHK’s review committees and final signed by the Executive Committees,” said the CDAHK’s Chairman, Dr. Eric Chun-Pu Chu. “We in development the revolutionized mattress, which will be able to measure patient’s weight, height, sleep pattern, and even heart rate. The CDAHK encourages individuals to choose high-quality mattress as an option to achieve optimum wellness.”

    Drs Vincent Chan, Valerie Chu, Gabriel Ng, and Jeffrey Ng were the chiropractors who spend days in factory visits. “Sleemon foam is precision poured for consistency and comfort, digitally cut (convoluted cuts available), fully cured, and lab-tested for quality and low/zero emissions of volatile organic compounds to ensure. They have been selected as the biggest manufacture of IKEA in Asia. It has provided mattresses for world’s leading hotels including Sheraton, Hilton, JW Marriot, Shangri-la. We are happy to see a big change in the mattress industry. It will no longer be old fashion.” Said by Dr Valerie Chu. CDAHK Treasurer.

    Unlike a conventional bed, an ergonomics mattress is designed with flexibility in mind – it is designed to support your entire body while you sleep. The results of better quality of sleep, the lesser aches and pains in your body during the day time. With proud enthusiasm, CDAHK endorses the Sleemon mattress as one of our China’s Choice of ergonomics bed.

    Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

    About the Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong 

    The Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) represents the most registered chiropractors in Hong Kong and China. CDAHK has the most educated and accomplished practicing chiropractors, who advance healthcare profession through patient satisfaction and chiropractic principles. We are piloting our profession in the most constructive and patient-centered ways: by collaborating with leaders in the health care professionals, by lobbying for pro-chiropractic legislators, by developing clinical research and using the evidence to support frontline patientcare. We are also the continuing professional development provider for the government.

    To learn more, visit, connect with us on Facebook, and email at Dr. Eric Chun Pu Chu <>

    Tel: 852-35947844 
    Address: GPO Box 2188 Hong Kong

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    In ancient times, the discovery and utilization of fire made mankind say good-bye to the life of a savage, and began a long era of firewood as the main energy.

    The first industrial revolution, which broke out in eighteenth century, opened the era of replacing manual labor with machines, and it is also a profound social transformation and restructuring of economic form.

    Human society has developed from the steam age, the electrical age, traditional Internet era to the blockchain new Internet era, and energy production will be developed and updated in the different phases of science and technology. which drive the rapid development of human society’s economy.


    The development of science and technology is closely integrated with the iteration and production of new energy.

    THCC is a distributed bookkeeping and application expansion system that integrates traceability system of high-tech achievements in various fields with new energy financial ecology.

    As operation body, THCC is jointly sponsored by the International Space Development Planning Bureau, the International Scientific Research Organization, and the Human Biological Gene Association.

    THCC can solve the problems of high technology and Internet technology R&D, patent sharing, patent conversion, technology commercialization, technology service and all kinds of technology patents in full docking and application, and can solve the problems of energy production, energy transportation, energy consumption, energy storage and capital financing, which are involved in the development and innovation of the traditional operation system of the energy industry to the modern one.


    The main application scenarios of THCC will cover the application of scientific research achievements and cloud digital trading, scientific research and energy supply chain finance, and the delivery and settlement of the cloud power grid.

    THCC will create a cloud smart city!

    To be the wings of human development!

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    Country: United States

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    Modules Compatible with China Mobile’s Network are Intended to Allow Manufacturers and Service Providers to Offer Economical 2G Solutions that are Upgradable Over-the-Air to eMTC and NB-IoT.

    SHANGHAI – June 29, 2018 – At Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Qualcomm Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), and Gizwits, a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) development platforms, today announced their intention to create a breakthrough in IoT development solutions by working toward delivering the world’s first commercial 2G cellular modules with field upgrades to LTE IoT (eMTC/Cat-M1 and NB-IoT/Cat-NB1). The Quectel BG36 module – aimed to be compatible with China Mobile’s network and manufactured by Quectel based on the Qualcomm® MDM9206 LTE IoT modem – will be powered by the Gizwits IoT cloud services and designed to help developers, device manufacturers and service providers to create economical 2G solutions, which are also designed to be flexible and long-lasting by supporting future over-the-air activation of NB-IoT and eMTC as the cellular ecosystem transitions toward the latest LTE IoT standards. This capability is intended to allow IoT devices to use the cellular technology that is best suited for today’s use cases, while being able to accommodate emerging requirements throughout the device lifetime – for instance, supporting commercial and enterprise solutions in case of new cellular network technology deployments and changes, or allowing end-customers to take advantage of new network features and more convenient connectivity economics that arise later on.

    World’s first commercial 2G cellular modules for field upgrades to LTE IoT (eMTC/cat-M1 and NB-IoT/cat-NB1): Quectel BG36 module

    Following the planned initiative with Gizwits and Quectel around BG36, Qualcomm Technologies plans to make modem upgrade capabilities broadly available through Qualcomm wireless edge services (WES) by the first half of 2019, soon after the launch of Qualcomm WES expected by end of this year. Qualcomm WES will be designed to facilitate the deployment of edge devices at scale, by providing efficient zero-touch life-cycle management through services such as plug-n-play onboarding with security, on-demand provisioning, over-the-air feature activation of relevant chipset features, as well as third party service enablement throughout the device life-cycle.

    Signing Ceremony of QWES

    “The expansion of the IoT depends on the ecosystem’s ability to deliver vast amounts of solutions featuring edge intelligence and flexible connectivity that stays current through the device life,” said Serge Willenegger, senior vice president and general manager, 4G/5G and Industrial IoT, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are grateful of the opportunity to work with Gizwits, China Mobile Shandong Branch and Quectel. Our focus is to offer the technology solutions that the IoT ecosystem requires to grow, helping manufacturers and solution providers connect and manage massive amounts of devices in a trusted, security-rich and scalable manner. This is the vision behind our Qualcomm wireless edge services.”

    Serge Willenegger, senior vice president and general manager, 4G/5G and Industrial IoT, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

    “The IoT enabling infrastructure is rapidly evolving. A challenge during this growing process for developers and manufacturers is the concern that the products they deliver today may not work well in tomorrow’s environment,” said Jack Huang, CEO, Gizwits. “For example, telecommunication operators throughout the world are phasing out 2G networks, leaving manufacturers with the tough choices of either sticking with the 2G modem technology that has worked well but may not be supported in the near future, or switching to LTE technologies, such as NB-IoT or eMTC, with limited network coverage in many regions. Our anticipated work with Qualcomm Technologies, China Mobile Shandong Branch and Quectel, is designed to allow developers to confidently create and deploy cost-effective IoT solutions whose modem technology can be upgraded on-demand using Gizwits IoT cloud Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to take advantage of the increasingly mature LTE networks. The ability to use the cloud to activate new capabilities of the cellular modem on an IoT device will be an important innovation, and a key milestone in the development of the IoT ecosystem.”

    Jack Huang, CEO of Gizwits

    The Quectel BG36 module is planned to be powered by the Qualcomm MDM9206 LTE IoT modem, a purpose-built solution with global multimode capabilities, including eMTC/Cat-M1, NB-IoT/Cat-NB1 and 2G/E-GPRS, which is designed to support the development of cost-efficient, low-power devices with multi-year battery life and greater coverage for the next-generation of IoT services as compared to traditional LTE connectivity. LTE IoT is a suite of complementary narrowband technologies pioneered by Qualcomm and engineered to deliver optimized performance and efficiency for a wide range of low-power, wide-area Internet of Things. The continued LTE IoT evolution will help address the needs of the massive IoT, complemented with the acceleration of 5G New Radio (NR) – the global 5G standard.

    “The path of the IoT ecosystem toward 5G goes through LTE IoT, including the NB-IoT mode,” said Yong Chen, general manager of enterprise business, China Mobile Shandong Branch. “Qualcomm Technologies and Gizwits are collaborating to help our customers get ready for the future as we deploy the latest cellular technologies across our network infrastructure.”

    “Quectel is proud to work on a range of innovative LTE IoT modules based on Qualcomm Technologies’ modems,” said Doron Zhang, senior vice president, Quectel Wireless Solutions Co. Ltd., “Our work together with Qualcomm Technologies is anticipated to allow us to stay up front in the evolution of technology and quickly make the latest cellular solutions available to IoT developers and manufacturers.”

    The Quectel BG36 module is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2018. For more information, please visit Quectel’s website.

    About Qualcomm

    Qualcomm invents breakthrough technologies that transform how the world connects, computes and communicates. When we connected the phone to the Internet, the mobile revolution was born. Today, our inventions are the foundation for life-changing products, experiences, and industries. As we lead the world to 5G, we envision this next big change in cellular technology spurring a new era of intelligent, connected devices and enabling new opportunities in connected cars, remote delivery of health care services, and the IoT — including smart cities, smart homes, and wearables. Qualcomm Incorporated includes our licensing business, QTL, and the vast majority of our patent portfolio. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, operates, along with its subsidiaries, all of our engineering, research and development functions, and all of our products and services businesses, including, our QCT semiconductor business.

    For more information, visit Qualcomm’s website (, OnQ blog (https://www.qualcomm.com_news_onq/), Twitter (https://www.twitter.com_qualcomm/) and Facebook pages.

    About Gizwits

    Gizwits is a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) development platforms. Launched in 2010, Gizwits offers comprehensive development tools and cloud services specifically for the creation, deployment and management of IoT devices and services. The Gizwits platform seamlessly integrates multidisciplinary technologies in embedded systems, network communications, edge computing and cloud computing into easy to use tools such as embedded libraries, mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs), and cloud Application Programing Interfaces (APIs). With over 100,000 registered IoT developers, Gizwits has enabled IoT innovation and proliferation in a wide range of Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT verticals. Gizwits IoT services are supported by data centers in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China, and have powered over 10 million connected devices globally, making it one of the largest and most robust IoT platforms in the world.

    For more information, visit Gizwits website (, and developer portal (

    About Quectel

    Quectel Wireless Solutions is the leading global supplier of GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA(+), LTE, LTE-A, LPWA and GNSS modules. As a professional IoT technology developer and cellular module supplier, Quectel is able to provide one-stop service for IoT cellular modules. Quectel products have been widely applied in IoT/M2M fields including smart payment, telematics and transport, smart energy, smart city, security, wireless gateway, industry, healthcare, agriculture and environment monitoring.

    For more information, visit Quectel’s website (, LinkedIn (, Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages.

    Qualcomm is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries.

    Qualcomm MDM9206 is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. Qualcomm wireless edge services are offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

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    Phone: 86.18010128863
    City: Guangzhou
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    MCY, a marine chain project which is based on the blockchain technology, would soon be launched by the developers. Recently, the whitepaper of the project was published for investors and stakeholders alike.

    MCY Marine Chain, a marine chain based on blockchain which aims to give users the rights to perform, so as to ensure the protection of the marine life and environment, would be released soon. The developers of the marine chain recently published a whitepaper on how the marine chain would possibly improve the marine environment and protect the marine ecology. The whitepaper, which was published at a recent press conference held in Beijing, would answer many queries of investors and stakeholders alike, the developers believe.

    “For continuous protection of the marine ecology and environment, the decentralized character of the Marine Chain would be implemental, as the MCY marine chain grants each and every user to supervise as well as maintain the marine ecology. In that way, everyone becomes a part of the management. The users must realize the significance of protection of marine ecology and bear the responsibility of protecting the ecology, while abiding by the rules of the global marine environmental protection. This will lead to further mutual cooperation and supervision”, said a senior developer of MCY at the event. 

    The developer also provided ample examples to explain how the use of their blockchain-based marine chain would ensure that marine products data be recorded directly in the blockchain. “The entity which participates in the blockchain can effectively see each of the links, and the information cannot be tampered by anyone. The information can further be traced back to each point and the backup threats can be easily avoided. Marine Chain would bring a new idea in the field of tracing marine products. We believe that persons and entities plying their trades in this field would be able to eliminate all the blind spots and add more necessary details to the transaction information. This way, they can also spread the knowledge and awareness about marine biodiversity”, added the developer.

    According to the developer, MCY Marine Chain would remediate the disorders in the marine ecology and protect the underwater biodiversity. “By using the blockchain-based marine chain, our users can increase their efficiency in seafood trading as Marine Chain would work as a trans-border circulation tool for the fisher consumer exchange global market, as well as work as a credible circulation medium for all sorts of marine consumption. People and organizations engaged in seafood trading, fishery credit reporting can hugely benefit from the Marie Chain as they can bring industrial innovation for changing the role relationships.

    “At the core of the MCY marine Chain, there is weak centralization. It alters the functionalities of the marine fisheries and streamlines the interaction and relationships between different roles. While some roles are weakened or abolished, some other roles take the centre stage, and the goal is to improve the efficiency of the product circulation. High level living test certification and providing eal name services to different scenarios and application platforms would become a lot easier with the launch of the Marine Chain. In addition to that, a credit information system can also be established with the help of MCY Marine Chain. What we have seen in the past is that the maritime trading market is marked by a lack of punctuality in providing supply and demand related information and there was no adequate credit support for both the buyer and seller sides. Maritime consumer information is important for fishermen, shippers, masters and the various persons and entities that are directly involved in maritime trading”, added the developer during the press conference.

    According to the developer of MCY, their whitepaper answers the questions related to standardization of marine tourism and systematic reduction in marine pollution. “MCY Chain has the potential to gamify the entire tourism industry and one can use the gamified excursions for discovering new attractions. It can effectively reduce the chances of fraud in maritime tourism”, he claimed.

    Bi Mowei, one of the founder members of MCY Marine Chain, said that the decentralized system is primarily aimed at creating a safe trading environment. “We need a censorship mechanism to prevent illegal activities. The MCY1.0 is now being evaluated by our consultants and we will soon resolve the issue. Our team is full of institutional talents and we will soon launch the MCY full version after completely reviewing it. We are inviting all the potential investors to go over the whitepaper. We are aiming at promoting and establishing blockchain-based system in the maritime trading and tourism industry as we believe this will bring a paradigm shift to the industry and all the ancillary industries as well. This will strengthen the cross-border exchange in the long run”, said Mr. Mowei during the whitepaper launch.

    About the Company

    MCY Marine Chain is a blockchain-based system.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    Since BlockOne announced the planned launch of EOS on June 2 and finally went through on June 15, EOS with million TPS capability has been a focus of the whole industry.

    Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, announced during the 2018 Ethereum Technology and Application Conference in Beijing on June 3 that sharding, as the scalability solution for the Ethereum blockchain network, will be coming soon and allow the network to process millions of transactions per second in future.

    Even before that, Chinese Internet veteran Xunlei, had announced in April the launch of ThunderChain, an open blockchain platform supporting millions of transactions per second. Since then, ThunderChain has received attention from the government and the general public.

    Although a number of other blockchain programs claims to handle millios of transaction per second, ThunderChain, EOS and Ethereum are the most likely contenders for the forerunners in the Blockchain 3.0 sphere, whether in terms of technological breakthrough or brand reputation.

    Blockob, a leading blockchain publication and research institution in China, offers an in-depth analysis of the three millions TPS blockchain platform and explores enormous implications on the future blockchain applications.

    ThunderChain gets a head start

    Limited TPS is the core reason holding back phenomenal blockchain platforms. The bitcoin network currently processes 5-7 transactions per second and it takes half an hour to confirm a transaction across the network. Theoretically, an Ethereum transaction takes 15 seconds and confirmation is about 3 minutes. These rates are fast enough for the handling of cryptocurrencies but hardly possible to support other application scenarios.

    That’s why the market was excited about EOS and its scalability as described in its White Paper 2.0 in last December. EOS had raised up to US$ 4.2 billion before the mainnet launch on June 15.

    Ethereum also identifies low performance as a bottleneck for blockchain platforms. Since the beginning of this year, Vitalik has repeatedly stressed the use of sharding in tackling Ethereum’s performance issues and eventually reaching millions of transactions per second.

    On April 20, a blockchain platform supporting millions TPS was released by Xunlei. This incredible news was followed by Xunlei’s announcement in May to host the Xunlei Blockchain Application Global Challenge, allowing more developers to get hands-on experience of this millions TPS-enabled blockchain platform.

    As shown on the timetable, the mainnet launch of EOS took place on June 15. The current single chain proved to reach 3000+ TPS. According to Tan Zhiyong, CTO and co-founder of OracleChain, the optimized multi-core, non-segmented version to be implemented by the end of this year is likely to achieve millions TPS based on a 128-core machine.

    For Ethereum, the goal of millions TPS will take longer. “We hope to get ready in one or two months”, Vitalik said on June 3, adding that his team was making that happen, but the deployment would take a year, so it’s too early to tell. Ethereum is expected to reach millions TPS as soon as next July.

    ThunderChain and Ethereum are based on similar architect design. Both Ethereum’s sharding technology and ThunderChain’s homogeneous multi-chain framework allow multi-chain scaling to achieve millions TPS. So, what makes ThunderChain the lead?

    “We have sold like over 1 million blockchain devices, which means the owners of such devices – over 1 million households – are part of our ecosystem”, Xunlei CEO Chen Lei said, adding that the size of user base means a very high throughput. As a result, millions TPS-enabled ThunderChain is developed upon users’ demand.

    Similarity and difference in architecture

    Blockchain is known for decentralized and consensus consistency. But these features may result in weak performance.

    In the case of bitcoin, a block is collection of about 3,000 transactions. When a block is verified, all 3,000 transactions are validated. If not encapsulated, transactions have to be validated one by one, which means high-frequency validation requests and low efficiency. Meanwhile, each block contains addresses of the previous block to form a “chain” from the latest block all the way back to the original genesis block. New blocks can be created in many ways and forks can happen. For bitcoin, the rule “selecting the longest chain as the main chain” helps identify the recognized “main chain” after a certain time even if forks happen.

    This rule is one of the reasons behind low throughput.

    EOS, ThunderChain and Ethereum have all turned to the multi-chain architecture to address the performance issues, even though they got different in name.

    Apparently, single-machine computing, memory and disk resources are limited. An ideal blockchain architecture should support a larger number of machines effectively and allows performance scalability by adding new machines.

    The architectures adopted by EOS, ThunderChain and Ethereum are different. EOS uses a 21-hypernode environment, which means high competence requirements for these hypernodes in terms of storage, bandwidth and computing power.

    In accordance with EOS’s hardware specifications, the server configuration scheme for node candidates should meet these minimum requirements: Amazon AWSEC 2 host x1.32x large, 128-core processor, 2TB memory, 2x1920GB SSD, and 25Gb bandwidth.

    ThunderChain has advantages in this aspect. It has deployed a mega-node shared computing nodes (OneThing Cloud). These nodes serve as bookkeeping nodes and offer high computing power as a whole under a well-designed architecture to support millions of transactions concurrently. 

    EOS has created a mechanism encouraging voluntarily spending on high-performance blockchain environments. EOSYS, an EOS Block Producer (BP) candidate, has estimated maintenance costs to exceed US$90,000 each month, or US$1.08 million annually.

    Which is the best?

    In terms of application scenarios, all three blockchains have their own advantages and limitations. For example, ThunderChain doesn’t support ICO projects while Ethereum and EOS can do so.

    In terms of R&D, ThunderChain and Ethereum are developed based on Solidity. EOS is using the programming language C++ and development tools are limited so far.

    However, EOS developers do not need to spend transaction fees, though they have to pay for EOS storage and computing resources.

    ThunderChain and Ethereum have transaction fees. ThunderChain has promised to remove transaction fees for the first year (May 16, 2018 – May 16, 2019) to further reduce development cost. Ethereum charges an average fee rate of US$ 0.05 per contract.

    With 35 million users, Ethereum remains the most popular blockchain platform among others. Currently, EOS has only 230,000 users. ThunderChain is built upon over 1 million Xunlei’s blockchain devices and Xunlei has over 400 million users in total.

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    A wide variety of injection molding products and development services now available at affordable costs for global production companies

    JasonMould Industrial Company Limited, the single source manufacturing company, based in China, introduces advanced rapid prototyping services, CNC machining services and more to achieve a wide variety of plastic injection mold products ranging from low-value and small precision components to the larger automotive parts. This is aimed at improving global manufacturing business and more. The products feature components of major home appliances, safety equipment, electronic equipment, monitoring system devices and a lot more.

    JasonMould Industrial Company Limited Introduces Innovative Prototyping, CNC Machining Services To Boost Global Business

    Undoubtedly, there has been a recent demand for an increment in the supply of plastic injection mold products especially for most manufacturing industries. This has also been accompanied by the need for an improvement in quality and a concomitant reduction in prices to accommodate and enable the expansion of global manufacturing companies and businesses. However, the failure to achieve this leading to inadequacy and effects on industrial utility has informed JasonMould Industrial Company Limited, who focuses on stepping up quality of their plastic injection molding services. They have also made these services affordable to ensure a reduction in production cost on the part of their clients and global businesses.

    The professional plastic injection manufacturing company based in China, takes the leading role with their massive production of high-quality plastic components. These components have been produced in a wide variety for both commercial and domestic uses.  These include components for home appliances, as safety equipment, electronic equipment, monitoring system devices and a lot more.

    To eliminate expensive investments on tooling, the company engages in a rather innovative CNC machining services. The services are carried out by their team of technical experts who engage in quality control measures to ensure that products have tighter tolerance with improved surface finishes than the conventional prototyping methods. In addition, the JasonMould Industrial Company Limited experienced technicians utilize the CNC machining services to achieve precision in modeling functional parts of products. This include tapped and threaded holes as well as flat surfaces. To accommodate clients from different cultural backgrounds as well as ensure good customer experiences, the company maintains a team of multilingual support who are available round the clock to provide services to clients.

    To further display their commitment towards encouraging their clients as well as boosting global businesses, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited has offered to take the total responsibility of their customers’ travel costs as well as their accommodation during their tour to the company on business terms.

    Clients who are interested in knowing more about the company, their products and other services are urged to visit their website on

    About JasonMould Industrial Company Limited

    Established in 2010, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is a China-based company that specializes in the manufacture of injection molding. The company produces plastic mold for household appliances, electronic equipment, medical equipment, safety equipment and for other monitoring systems. They also engage in other development services to offer standard products to global customers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: JasonMould Industrial Company Limited
    Contact Person: James Yuan
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    Phone: +86-752-6682869
    City: Huizhou City
    State: Guangdong Province
    Country: China

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    Creating A Stunning Portfolio With WPS PDF

    Portfolios are for every job candidates.

    WPS PDFs are more professional than other documents.

    Stand out by investing time in creating a portfolio.

    When you want a job and you know you’re the perfect candidate, how do you stand out from all the other applicants who also think they’re perfect for the job?

    You create a stunning portfolio with PDFs, of course. Portfolios aren’t just for creatives, such as artists and writers. They’re the ideal way to stand out from the crowd. Think of it as a quick way of showcasing your skills in an easy to scan format. Plus, it shows you’re willing to go the extra mile when other candidates aren’t.

    Why Use PDFs?

    Why not documents or spreadsheets over PDFs? First of all, PDFs aren’t easy to alter and they’re compatible with nearly every computer and mobile device. You don’t have to worry if your .PDF to docx file will display correctly when an employer checks out your portfolio. Plus, PDFs seem more like the sophisticated businessman of document formats. Don’t you want to seem sophisticated for your interview?

    Are Portfolios That Important?

    Yes! According to The Muse, everyone should create an interview portfolio. When a hundred other applicants want the same job, a resume alone may not be enough to get you noticed. Providing a link to your online portfolio not only catches an employer’s attention, but makes them take a closer look at what your skills and accomplishments are, pdf to word May be not well

    Think of this as show and tell before you even get called in for an interview. For instance, your resume might say you have team building skills, but that’s an extremely general statement. Your portfolio might include PDFs that list the team building steps you’ve taken, the ROI of creating more productive teams and even feedback from prior team members.

    You want to take any opportunity possible to stand out. Portfolios filled with detailed PDFs showcase your dedication. They’re even more impressive if you customize the portfolio to the job. Want to get hired for a web developer position? Showcase code samples on your portfolio. Want to be a veterinarian assistant? Detail volunteer and intern positions along with pictures of you in those positions.

    How To Create A PDF Portfolio?

    It’s a myth that portfolios are only for those with something visual to show off, such as photographers, digital designers, artists and even writers. However, every skill you have has a story and examples attached to it. Don’t just wait for an interviewer to ask you the right questions. Use your portfolio to answer all their questions before you even interview for the job.

    Use your portfolio to tell your work story. For best results, use visuals in your PDFs to instantly attract attention. You could even create you own quote-style graphics at the start of each document to make the titles of each PDF more noticeable.

    According to John Leonard, every person has something to put in their portfolio, but what you add varies based on who you are, what you’re applying for and your past experience. For instance, a recent college grad might post PDF versions of their transcripts, any internships along with details of the position, letters of recommendation and in-depth details of projects you completed during college.

    Some general ideas to help get you started with your own stunning portfolio include:

    Any projects you’ve worked on in previous jobs, especially those that relate to the position you’re applying for

    Sample case studies / research projects for research style positions

    Sample project that’s relevant to the job you’re applying for

    Anything you developed or created at previous positions (if you have license to showcase it)

    Performance awards

    Letters of recommendation

    Samples to go with individual skills

    Certifications and how you earned them

    Challenges you faced and overcame

    Future goals and aspirations

    Create your own personal website to host your portfolio. Upload your PDFs as needed. By using PDFs, it’s easy to add and remove files to your site as needed. Plus, employers are able to download the files most relevant to them to add to your resume when you come in to interview.

    Before you apply to another job, create your portfolio. It could mean the difference between getting your dream job sooner rather than much later.

    About WPS Office Software

    Palo Alto-based WPS Office is a leading provider of office software for PC,  mobile, and cloud users. With more than 1.2 billion installs, WPS Office is a high performing, yet considerably more affordable office software solution that is recognized as a preferred alternative to Microsoft® Office and fully compatible and comparable to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The WPS Office software suite is available for Windows and Linux-based PCs as well as Android and iOS. WPS Office Software is a subsidiary of Kingsoft Corporation, China’s leading Internet services and software company. More information can be found at

    Follow us on Twitter @WPS_Office  and Facebook (

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    Phone: +1 (650) 617-3213
    State: California
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    By China brand innovation alliance, the Chinese brand nasdaq hosted roadshow review committee and sichuan intellectual day financial service outsourcing co., LTD., its name, its car (jiaxing) network science and technology development co., LTD., hebei zhengding debao porch calligraphy and painting lives, such as electronic commerce group co., LTD.

    Shandong uplift speed as a strategic business unit of the Chinese brand nasdaq tour on July 1, 2018 the 97th anniversary of the big screen at times square nasdaq in the United States. The event commemorates the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 97th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China(CPC).

    According to Chang Ming, deputy secretary-general of tour, the tour from the project to the brand selection lasted 2 months time, the exhibition brands is selected from the application of nearly 2000 brands, they can be on behalf of the Chinese brands in their respective fie

    List of exhibitors of the second China brand nasdaq exhibition tour and the 97th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China (CPC)

    Sichuan zhitian financial service outsourcing co. LTD

    Shandong yangsu electronic commerce group co. LTD

    Into money net

    Media car (jiaxing) network technology development co. LTD

    Debaoxin painting and calligraphy garden, zhengding county, hebei province

    Quanzhou chunhui trading co. LTD

    Red small kitchen

    Guoshang holding group

    Beijing tiandi cloud Internet of things technology co. LTD

    Beijing qunxiong hui technology co. LTD

    Synchronous footwear technology co

    Yibo international technology (shenzhen) limited company

    Zhengyu international holdings group

    Zhongju asset management co. LTD

    Zhongapeng assets

    Chinese brand Nasdaq tour official

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    The non-surgical treatment offered by the physician Dr. Song of 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics out stands all other existing current treatment for treating prostate blockage, causative pathogens, and other prostate diseases.

    Without any invasive methods, the expertise physician of the facility 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics Dr. Song, manages to provide effective 3d prostate treatment with the innovative 3D Prostate Targeted Therapy. In today’s advanced medical world, all forms of the prostate inflammation can be treated in several methods.The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    To be frank, the prostate disease is considered as the most difficult thing to manage in the medical world. Since, it is not sure about the root cause of the prostate related disease, providing accurate treatment for the prostate diseases is not an easy task for the medical experts. Though, there are several treatments available for treating prostate diseases, yet the satisfactory level of both the patients and the treating doctors not up to the par level in most cases.

    However, with the arrival of the most advanced non-invasive method of treatment 3D Prostate Targeted Therapy patients who are all suffering from the prostate oriented diseases can avail better treatment that too without any side effects. The 3d prostate targeted treatment offered by the facility is completely natural treatment where the relevant doctor performs a goal-directed injection, which would be just like an acupuncture inserted via pelvic gap. The appropriate medicine gets injected via the goal directed injection, owing to that blocking or any other infection in the prostate can be cured.

    The most cases, patients suffer because of the prostate blockage or by calcified lesion. The special 3D Treatment Techniques along with the unique unblocking formula of the expertise physician Dr. Song of 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics kills the causative pathogens which cause the infections in the prostate and clears the blockage.

    This non-invasive method of treating prostate blockage is purely safe and doesn’t posses any harm to the patients’ health. Also, patients who undergo such medications need not consume long term systemic medicines. The facility 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics offer the best 3d prostate treatment China.

    About The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    Dr Song’s 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are the premier prostate treatment clinics located in china. By offering professional and comprehensive method of treatments to the patients, the facility manages to gain the trust factor and cracks the list of best prostate treatment clinics in China. Apart from 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment, the facility wide range of services to treat all illness of the prostate.

    To know about the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics and the services offered by them, visit their official site

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics
    Contact Person: Miss Alisa Wang
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    Phone: +86-18673216429 (WhatsApp)
    State: Hunan Province
    Country: China

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    The arrival of the augmented intelligence is interfering for many traditional businesses. For example, the drones are replacing the delivery service; the cooking robots are taking the chives’ jobs. More surprisingly, AI also impacts the exhibition industry heavily – a coming-soon “Black Technology Festival” will overthrow the definition of “expo”.

    Zero One Technology Festival is named after the seemingly small digital elements of zeros and ones, but when they are put together, they unleash an infinite amount of power, and their plans reveal that they really want to play it big.

    The festival is like a si-fi movie filming base, where you are not only a viewer but also an actor. You will play in a movie showcasing a super colorful and futuristic life.

    In the morning, you walk into the kitchen and smile to the screen, the coffee machine will make you a cup of cappuccino right away. Then the kitchen will serve you a tailor-made breakfast based on your health situation.


    When you are taking a break, your robot trainer will teach you a piece of jazz dance or you can put on a smart sport tee and run 20 minutes. Then you can see how many calories you burnt and the conditions of your heart and breath when you were exercising.

     Before going to bed, you will adjust your intelligent blanket which can adjust the temperature to the perfect sleeping level and wake you up with gentle vibration when the morning comes.

    This is Zero One Technology Festival. All these “si-fi movie props” are actually products of our exhibitors, which are leading technology companies from around the world.

    Also invited by Zero One Technology Festival organizer, Chinese new media art group FIXTURE created a magnificent promo video piece combining the works of artist Raven Kwok and musician Mike Gao. Raven Kwok is a visual artist, animator and creative programmer, whose artistic and research interest mainly focus on exploring generative visual aesthetic brought by computer algorithms and software processes. Mike Gao is a producer, a technologist, a bonafide audio scientist whose style is futuristic and forward thinking.

    Video Link:

    To create an environment of artificial intelligence, Zero One will provide a base for you to experience the black technology and the intelligent technology in the future life. At a venue with the size over 300,000 square meters, there are more than 50 interactive tech shows where you can really touch the shape of future.

    For “black technology” fans, there are 20 product launch events from over 100 leading tech companies, 10 first launch events, and many future product concept exhibitions.

    On the 5th and 8th of July, make sure you will visit the Zero One Technology Festival at Shekou I-Factory in Shenzhen. A kind of yearning and ideal life will be clearly visible. Your second nature instinct will be awakened.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Zero One Technology Co., LTD
    Contact Person: Wei Ran
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    Country: China

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    On July 1, the 27th Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automotive Products, Auto Parts & Post-market Services (referred to as ZHONGMAO YASN Exhibition at Guangzhou hereinafter) jointly hosted by China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Group and YASN Group grandly opened at Pavilion of Guangzhou·China  Import and Export Commodity Trade Fair. The three-day Exhibition attracted carload factories, 4S, capital tycoons, E-commerce tycoons, Chinese and foreign commerce associations, service providers and agents from each province and city, terminal stores, various professional Chinese and foreign audience and hundreds of global professional medias. The attending audience was estimated to be 200,000.

    As the largest post automotive market full industrial chain exhibition in this autumn, there are ten major pavilions that cover all the core industries in the post market with an exhibition area more than 120,000m2 and 3,981 attending enterprises from all over the world. It is estimated that more than 120,000 types of subdivided exhibits are exhibited and more than 16,000 types of new industrial products are issued. More than 30 industrial summits and hundreds of enterprise activities are simultaneously convened for buyers’ one-stop purchase and grasp of more industrial information and business opportunities. Exhibits including smart automotive union, safety electronics, adornment, solar film for maintenance, refitting, sound modification, spare parts, wheels, batteries and accessories, which covers the post market full industrial chain products and comprehensively exhibits the industrial and developing trends. Additionally, apart from the on-site exhibition of 100 outstanding stores, there are new energy, AI automobile, online automotive maintenance, sharing trip, film sticking contest, sound experience of luxurious automobiles, refitting culture festival and so on. The integration of automobile-related culture also instills new vitality into the exhibition.

    This Exhibition will continue to adhere to the exhibition positioning of “platform building, service optimization, trade promotion and actual effect conquering”, devote to expanding the brand influence of post market full industrial cluster and activate the source power for “Guangzhou products accessible to the whole world”. Compared to the previous exhibition scales, the scale of this Exhibition creates a new record. The pavilion layout, exhibit types and simultaneous activities integrate the most up-to-date developing status of post market, break the original separation mode of exhibition and conference areas, provide the convenient docking platform and communication space for exhibitors and buyers and greatly provide innovative ideas for terminal operators of the Exhibition.

    During the Exhibition, there will be 30 high-end industrial summits with successive focuses, climaxes and strengths. With top industrial think tanks, industrial tycoons and tendency, brand, talent, technology and management related contents, customers’ subtly changing demands under the new tendency of consumption upgrading are explored so as to provide the communication and resource platform for sellers and buyers and help enterprises to find out the tricks for continuous profits.

    Thousands of high-quality municipal agents from all over China on “Municipal Growing Plan& Talent Strategy and Profit Upgrading Summit” faced the brand manufacturers to negotiate on the profitable projects. On the 3rd Procurement Matching Fair of Foreign Merchants, there will be procurement groups from more than 100 countries including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, Egypt, Poland and Russia visiting the Exhibition with large-amount procurement orders and the procured products include automotive parts, automotive electronics, adornments, maintenance, car-wash chains, quick repair and guarantee. On 2018 Guangzhou Procurement Matching Fair of National 4S Groups, there will be 93 host plants, top 100 groups, large, medium and small 4S groups from all over China successively joining the large-scale procurement at Guangzhou with 600-million orders and the Exhibition will become the high-return commerce platform where industrial manufacturers focus on maintaining old customers, expanding new customers and leading the transaction of the second half in the autumn.

    ZHONGMAO YASN Guangzhou Exhibition, depending on the fame of Millennium Business Capital of Guangzhou, creates the high-end platform where product, project and capital dock for the industry. This Exhibition attracts the global attention again and constructs the “passages accessible to overseas” for the internationalization of self-owned brands. Meanwhile, this Exhibition introduces Guangzhou and the great potential of Chinese automotive post market to the world.


    Company name: Beijing YASN International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


    Contact: Helen han

    Tel: +068-010-57970852


    Address: Floor 27, North Ring Center, No.18 of Yumin Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beijing Yasn International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Helen Han
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    Country: China

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    Tea, like a steady, introverted and reserved hermit with charming temperament that inspires people like a spring breeze, originates from the mysterious orient five thousand years ago. Tea has accompanied Chinese people for more than two thousand years, during which it always plays an indispensable role in Chinese people’s life as a conformity to inner desire and a regression to the spiritual world. In the world of tea, the majority prefers Pu’er Tea. With a long history, Pu’er Tea is famous for the sweet aftertaste with effects of blood lipid reduction, weight loss, stomach warming-up, alcoholic effect dispelling and detoxification. Among Pu’er Tea in China, there exists a tea aristocrat that pursues for the extreme art, dignity and sense of quality, Jiuyuntengxiang, whose tea leaves originate from Mount Nannuo, Menghai, Yunnan, China where Pu’er Tea Culture and history of vicissitudes accumulate. In view of appearance of Jiuyuntengxiang, the color is oily dark green with bright essence and tea soup. The mellow tea aroma and persistent aftertaste have made it known at home and abroad.

    Jiuyuntengxiang drives and leads the vane of industrial development with technical innovation and brand innovation, which makes it unique in the variable market demands. It owns the unique revolutionary innovative technique, natural sunlight technique for Pu’er Tea. During the production process, tea leaves in the nature deserve the most respect and artificial intervention should be reduced to the minimum from each original tea leave to the finished tea products. It is only necessary to dry the newly-collected tea leaves by natural sunlight and suppress the tea leaves into tea cakes by traditional stone mold in the most ancient way. This technique not only opens the new trend of natural and healthy drying by pure sunlight but has also been awarded several national “Technical Innovative Awards” of China and the gold prize of World Tea Union. The unique tea-making process, high-quality products, unanimous industrial identification and high recognition of consumers jointly lay the leading position and quality totem of Jiuyuntengxiang. The technique shines the persistent historical glory of Pu’er Tea and reflects the brilliant life art. For each taste of Jiuyuntengxiang, there is just a sweet relationship between original tea leaves and the sun and a pure tea leave from the nature during the whole manufacturing process. Such Pu’er Tea satisfies the need for ongoing health quality upgrading and makes tea drinking safer and relaxing. Consumers who cannot drink tea for stomach problems, or need to lose weight healthily, or need skin care can simultaneously enjoy the Pu’er Tea that is safe and relaxing for health and nature. With multiple functions, this kind of tea can actually realize the prospect of “making good tea for the people”.

    In the recent five years, Jiuyuntengxiang keeps accelerating the ecological layout of brand strategy. As shown by the financial reports from the first half of 2016 to now, the group performance keeps showing the high-growth trend and the company has entered the high-speed developing stage and started to devote to improving the brand internationalization. On May 26, “2018 International Forum on Chinese Brand Responsibility and Innovative Development” hosted by International Cooperation Chamber of Commerce of Private Economy of China and Brand China Strategic Planning Institute and sponsored by Beijing Branch of Xinhua News Agency was held in Beijing where Jiuyuntengxiang received great attention and high recognition and was selected into 2018 Chinese Brand Blue Book along with Shell (China, Haier, Microsoft (China), Panasonic (China), “Kweichow Moutai” and other internationally-famous brands. On June 21 in Eastern Time of the United States, the brand publicity film of Jiuyuntengxiang with the traditional concepts of Beijing Opera and a large number of oriental elements appeared on the NASDAQ screen at Times Square in New York witnessed by the mass where Chinese tea is publicly represented globally in the form of calling Wanwan back home early with the Chinese spirits of global harmony and unity, which unveils the unprecedentedly largest image exhibition of Chinese brand and product. It is also the second excellent appearance of publicity film of Jiuyuntengxiang at a global commerce and finance center after the first playing at mainland China as well as an important step further towards the international platform after Jiuyuntengxiang rented NASA satellite monitoring to deploy at the tea mountains in Yunan, China at a high price last year. When Jiuyuntengxiang is further expanding the overseas market, it has also been highly recognized by the overseas market as it is selected as the only tea sponsor for 2018 Russian World Cup. It highlights the brand force of excellent Chinese enterprises while it shares the cultural charm of Chinese tea with the world.

    The refinement of each tea-making processing step and quality of Jiuyuntengxiang originates from its respect and cherish for consumers as well as its high confidence. It never compromise due to limits of money and time. It always insists on the initial intention and pursues for the best quality even regardless of its own interests.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Kirin International Hongkong Group
    Contact Person: Du Wanshan
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    As an innovative company, innoPD looks to supply technology, product design and development to numerous startups and global clients. All the way from Shenzhen,China with sophisticated designers, top qualified project managers, and experienced manufacturing specialists, InnoPD promises to be the right partner to change clients ideas into products that will add value to the world market.

    InnoPD is a product design company that offers product design services to startups and independent clients by helping individual ideas to be properly launched after proper analysis and market tests which enable it to be marketed appropriately.  InnoPD sets a great example in product design and development services as they put in extra efforts to ensure their partners ideas yield profits. The first step in their process involves setting up a product concept around the client’s idea ensuring that it is a high quality product that will be of high performance with features that resonate with the customers all the while making it simple and easy to use.  Another essential step is the product design itself which attracts customers then a series of steps like, prototyping, engineering, production, and marketing follows.  With their highly skilled engineers and China manufacturing facilities this is a possibility.

    InnoPD Offers Creative Product Development and Manufacturing Services

    InnoPD remains distinct from other contract manufacturing companies with their turnkey contract manufacturing services which plays a pivotal part in ensuring the success of numerous startups that pair with them. These startups and brands already in circulation makes use of this turnkey contract in production of wide range of their products and also make use of other services offered by InnoPD such as, product design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, and also apply necessary information’s from experts of InnoPD that lead to their growth.  InnoPD makes sure that all products being manufactured by them, maintain a set quality standard thereby ensuring that all requirements are thoroughly met in a timely manner, and no extra cost is incurred.

    Compare to other industrial design firms, another grandiose service of InnoPD is their usage of industrial designers in carrying out both maximum marketability designs and also optimal manufacturing solutions. With a fully packed team of mechanical, electronic and project designers and engineers, they have been able to create a fairly competitive environment for their clients and also creating a product of greater value. For a rich product, collaboration has been a factor as they collaborate with qualified professionals all around the world to ensure a successful product development.

    About InnoPD

    Innopd is a Worldwide known turnkey product development and manufacturing company in Shenzhen China. With over 17 years of experience in product development and manufacturing they continue to influence numerous industries with their one stop service from product design, prototyping, injection molding, electronics, to final product manufacturing. They also conduct researches and, design, engineer, and manufacture products from their manufacturing facility in China. Their efficient work helps clients to keep project at high quality, on schedule, and within budget. Their mission of helping global start-ups as well as established brands to develop their ideas or existing products has been a driving factor over the 17 years of their product development experience and this helps them understand clients need, customer need, and inspires a great team functionality to ensure good product quality at affordable price.

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    ESDC is initiated by the International Ecological Security Organization and supported by the European PA International Foundation. It is used to maintain the global ecological balance and enhance the ecological awareness of global citizens.


    ESDC’s 108 global nodes are currently the most widely-published nodes in the world and have more than 10,000 application scenarios. With the vigorous promotion and widespread application of ESDC, it will inevitably generate huge economic value. Participants will Calculate the force to obtain the corresponding ecological value feedback.


    With the help of ESDC’s various ecological foundations established in various countries in the world, the EU member states Switzerland holds the position of chairman of the ESDC Foundation to ensure that ESDC’s special funds are fully escalated, and ESDC’s comprehensive technology upgrades, promotion services and applications Governance makes a good layout. 


    ESDC is the only public chain based on the value system. The value of ESDC is the blockchain carrier created by the protection of ecological environment labor and the healthy development of ecological sustainable circulation. It is an epoch-making blockchain technology ecological application. The milestone of the Internet revolution, ESDC will surely create miracles for blockchain applications.

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    When human beings entered the industrial age, large machine production replaced manual production, that is, factories replaced manuals. The high concentration of capital material energy greatly increased productivity. With the advent of the Internet era, global economic integration, people transformed the tradition through the Internet. The industrial development model, to achieve intelligent production, can provide personalized services and products, form a polymerization effect, greatly save production costs and promote global economic prosperity.

    The Internet has also spawned the blockchain era, solved the decentralized security, and trusted people to make the Internet enter the era of value exchange from information technology exchange. In this process of subverting and reshaping the global economic system, the Ethernet chain ETBL came into being.

    ETBL not only gives us the opportunity to participate in the investment income brought by the important economic data; the participants do not only acquire a fast wealth path; each person (ie each block node) is effectively imported through the smart contract, orderly The establishment of market value has virtually participated in the wave of technology commercialization of blockchains around the world. ETBL leads us to efficiently explore, experiment and apply the assets and interests of the physical world to digitize and decentralize network protocols for financial transactions such as registration and distribution, transfer transactions, clearing and settlement through peer-to-peer networks. Efficient, convenient and multiplying, such as smart contracts, consensus-based, unbounded collaboration, wealth distribution, etc., are the darlings of the times. ETBL gives us a rich gift.


    With the rapid development of the third industrial revolution of mankind, the ecological balance of nature has also suffered unprecedented damage. Continue to pursue the economic benefits of high-speed development, or look to the future to achieve a balance on the basis of protecting the ecological environment? With the advent of the Internet high-tech era, the Ethernet chain ETBL developed by the blockchain 3.0 technology was born! The blockchain has been hailed by experts as the fourth industrial revolution, which will lead us into a new era of Internet artificial intelligence. In the case of weak centralization, let us really take the lead in entering the ecologically balanced ecological consensus system. ETBL will bring together all the forces, organizations, organizations, social groups and enterprises in various industries around the world to build a green ecological mine, which is widely used in global atmospheric protection, global water resources management and protection, and global soil improvement. Protect and improve the global application of beneficial microbial cycles, promote the healthy reproduction of plants, animals and humans, and promote the simultaneous and harmonious development of material civilization and spiritual civilization in the whole society, so that all things in the earth can live in harmony and in harmony with each other in nature. In the link, the biggest energy effect is exerted. The wide application of the Ethernet chain ETBL will surely enable human beings to play a key practical benefit in the process of subverting and reshaping the global ecological value system in the basic agreements of consensus, self-discipline, openness, fairness, justice and trust.

    In the process of maintaining the natural ecological balance of ETBL, each block can form a contract through the Ethernet chain artificial intelligence, effectively interact and orderly share the huge economic benefits brought by the future ecological benefits, so that we can participate in the global invisible. The wave of cutting-edge high-tech innovation.

    The circulation and application of ETBL can fundamentally solve the problem of global ecological cycle imbalance. It is based on the principles of natural ecological science and develops a variety of blockchain application systems that constrain sustainable economic development through sufficient research. ETBL’s extensive application circulation will greatly promote the development speed of the industry, and at the same time it will effectively adjust the balance system of nature. ETBL will change the production relationship and lifestyle of human beings, thus making excellent balance of nature. achievement!

    A well-maintained natural ecology is also a community of destiny for humanity. In response to the call of nature, ETBL is co-sponsored by all the charities who advocate the maintenance of ecological balance in the global Bitcoin community and EPT’s core technology team (BLOCKCHAIN), in the global block. With the common support and promotion of chain lovers, we will make great contributions to reshaping the harmony between man and nature and rebuilding a beautiful earth home!

    The Ethernet chain ETBL will also give back more ecological benefits and more wealth, and bless the energy to each of our caring people and ETBL participants, let us join hands in the future, create greater glories and share the good!

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