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    Recently, Huang Binxiong, artist at the national level and the chairman of International League of Artist Limited Company, was interviewed by hundreds of foreign media. And these interviews were broadcast on the corresponding art programs. Since the founding of new China, he has become “the president of International Calligraphers and Painters Association Macao Branch”, “the influential painter of HAOBRAND”, and “the contract artist of Chinese Ink Painting of China Education Television”. He enjoyed painting since childhood and joined Guangzhou Bonsai Association, Macao Art Association, Macao Wenchang Association and Macao Lotus Art Culture Association. He received attention from hundreds of foreign media and opened up a new height in the international recognition of Chinese painting and calligraphy.

    Art introduction of Huang Binxiong

    Art introduction of Huang Binxiong

    Huang Binxiong (Zhikun), male, the Han nationality, artist at the national level, chairman of International League of Artist Limited Company, president of International Calligraphers and Painters Association Macao Branch, influential painter of HAOBRAND, contract artist of Chinese Ink Painting of China Education Television, born in 1944 in Conghua, Guangzhou.

      He enjoyed painting and Lingnan bonsal since childhood. As a result, he became a fan of Dan Qing and bonsai, and he often infiltrated two concepts of painting and bonsai. He joined Guangzhou Bonsai Association, Macao Art Association, Macao Wenchang Association and Macao Lotus Art Culture Association. After thirty-three years of business, he began to study Dan Qing again. His study involves landscapes, flowers, birds, figures, abstracts, etc. He He explored and created finger painting techniques for plum blossom, Puchizi techniques and bark painting. In order to perfect the research and development of “Huang Binxiong’s illusion colored pen” and “Huang Binxiong’s two-dimensional art workbench”, he devoted himself more to creation under the sense of mission.

    Exhibition of Huang Binxiong's works

    Exhibition of Huang Binxiong’s works

    Exhibition of Huang Binxiong's works

    Exhibition of Huang Binxiong’s works

    Exhibition of Huang Binxiong's works
    Exhibition of Huang Binxiong’s works

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    CCTV 2 mentioned in the “Conversations” column: “The blockchain is the second era of the Internet.” “The value of the blockchain is ten times that of the Internet.” “The blockchain is the machine that creates trust.”

    The intelligent industry and blockchain can be said to be the two most popular trends today. Of course, the rapid development of the intelligent industry is also accompanied by the emergence of its “disease”. Faced with the development bottleneck of the intelligent industry, the emergence of the blockchain can be described as a “cardiotonic agent”! Rock Chain is a global leader in the integration of blockchain and intelligent industries.

    Rock Chain is co-sponsored by Natalia Technology Group. The founder is Brian Holt, senior researcher at the Blockchain Innovation Institute of the US, blockchain technology expert, and one of the main R&D personnel of the underlying technology of Rock Chain. Brian has participated in the development of public chains such as Ethereum and ADA. Brian Holt discovered the great value of Rock Chain when he participated in the research and development of Rock Chain underlying technology. Based on the existing features of Rock Chain, Brian Holt first put forward Rock Chain project in Silicon Valley, USA, in 2017.

    With the global intelligent industry as its core and relying on a strong technical and operational team, Rock Chain has established the underlying architecture of “blockchain + artificial intelligence + big data”, organically integrating blockchain technology and global intelligent industry. Starting with the sports industry, Rock Chain links the three application scenarios of sports, health and future, accelerating the realization of important scenes concerning the future development of human kind, building a win-win ecosystem of global trillion-level intelligent industry chain, and building a great dream of “keeping a healthy life in the world with a digital solution.”

    Adrian, CEO of Rock Chain, said that the use of blockchain technology to transform the intelligent industry is not a disruptive process, but a process of convergence, which is like integrating smart computing, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. Intelligent Industry will integrate blockchain technology and uses blockchain technology to solve or improve certain segments and problems in the intelligent industry. In the future, Rock Chain will create a healthy and intelligent global ecosystem circle of unimpeded, high-speed economic flow.

    With the gradual improvement of the global intelligent industry, the strong combination of “blockchain + intelligent industry” has given Rock Chain the potential to become the next star project. The future Rock Chain will become the EOS in the intelligent industry, leading ecological construction of centralized intelligent industry and creating a win-win model for everyone participated in. For investors, it is extremely important to find a hard-working team and a stable and reliable project. Instead of relying on the short-term band of the secondary market, it is better to choose a new dark horse with valuable potential. Rock Chain is not only a successful investment choice, but also a choice for the future intelligent industry lifestyle. Rock Chain users will become the pioneers and beneficiaries of the “blockchain + intelligent industry” era.

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    Sichuan Yimai Trading Co. Ltd. has stocked up a new range of Gladiator Sandals, Evening Shoes, Lace Up Thigh High Boots and Red Bottom Pumps, which women can wear on different occasions to look extra stylish and gorgeous.

    Women always look around for beautiful shoes that can complement their dressing and can add to their style. For all those stylish women around the world, Sexyshoeswoman has now brought an amazing collection of sandals, evening shoes, pumps, boots and lots more. These women’s shoes are available at affordable prices and available with a doorstep delivery for customers across the globe.

    Women can explore an exclusive selection of Gladiator Sandals on the company’s website. These premium quality sandals are available in a variety of styles, which women can choose to wear during summers for a refreshed feeling. The collection includes Ankle High Peep Toe Gladiator Sandal, Ankle Strap Studded Gladiator Sandal, Black Designer High Heel Gladiator Sandal, Black Lace Up Ankle Gladiator Sandal, and lots many other fashionable styles. The spokesperson of the company states that they have both flat and high heel sandals for women to showcase an outstanding summer fashion.

    Sexyshoeswoman to Revolutionize Women Fashion with Their New Collection of Gladiator Sandals & Evening Shoes  

    Sexyshoeswoman has an outstanding collection of evening shoes for women who want to enter party circuits in style. Women can pick the Red Bottom Pumps from the collection, which have been designed to attenuate the beauty and charm of a lovely lady. The elegantly designed pumps will turn any woman into a celebrity when she pairs them with a beautiful evening gown. Available in various sizes, these pumps feature simple, elegant heels and are very comfortable to wear. Women can enjoy the pleasure of walking and dancing on different types of terrains without any difficulty, wearing these beautiful shoes.

    The popular women shoes outlet also brings an amazing range of Lace Up Thigh High Boots that are the best women’s footwear during spring or autumn. A woman can wear these over the knee boots with skirts and denim shots. These boots are meant for those women who want their normal life to be more colorful and fashionable. Available at competitive prices, the designer boots collection includes Back Lace Up Boots, Beige Suede Lace Up Open Toe Thigh High Boots, Black Designer Lace Up Boots and several other varieties. The spokesperson maintains that they have boots in different colors and styles to match the fashion requirement of diverse group of women.

    A woman can check up the shoes and boots collection to pick the right pair of footwear for her by visiting the website

    About Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd.

    Sichuan Yimai Trading Company is a manufacturer and supplier of trendy women’s footwear. The company runs the leading women’s online shoe store, for customers across the world. They supply high quality shoes with amazing designs at reasonable prices. They focus on offering the best and stylish products at affordable prices, maintaining the utmost level of customer satisfaction.

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    A hydroelectric power station dam under construction in southeastern Laos collapsed on the evening of July 23rd. The collapse resulted in hundreds of people missing, about 6,600 people homeless, and nearly 3,000 people still “waiting for rescue”. The current bad weather and continuously heavy rains have destroyed most of road traffic facilities. However, the rescuers are still trying their best in extremely difficult conditions.

    The disaster area (Photo source: internet)

    After the accident, several civilian volunteering organizations planning to go to Laos for humanitarian mission contacted Hytera, asking for PMR communications support. Hytera responded immediately and developed an emergency communication plan in short time. As of 24:00 BeiJing time on July 26th, Hytera Laos branch and local distributors had well prepared necessary communication equipment. The local technical engineers from the overseas customer service department were in 24-hour standby in order to provide the first-minute support once needed.

    At 19:00  BeiJing time on July 27th, Hytera received the message from the Blue Sky Rescue (“BSR”), a China based non-governmental humanitarian organization, that its command center could not reach rescuers in time because of weak communication signal. Considering the complex environment, the command center worried about the rescuers’ safety. The command center hoped Hytera could solve the communication problem as fast as possible.

    BSR team on-site rescue

    After communicating BSR’s needs in detail, Hytera technical team customized an emergency communication solution and transported the equipment to the destination in the shortest possible time.

    Hytera, a leading global provider of innovative Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications solutions, knows the importance and the irreplaceable role of PMR communication in an emergency rescue. In the past years, Hytera has supported BSR in several rescues, such as the Nepal earthquake, the Myanmar flood, and the Guangming landslide. Hytera will continue to pay attention to the disaster in Laos and provide supports in the first moment.

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    In July 29th 2018, iLight Sky Co., Ltd. was boarded on Nasdaq big screen in NYC Times Square to ask for attention to Chinese real Auto LED Headlight. Known as the “crossroads of the world”, New York Time Square attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world every day. So at this intersection of the world as well as one of the “four golden advertising spots in the world”, why did iLight Sky spare no expense to grasp the chance appeared on Nasdaq screen for attention from all over the world? Who they are? What they do? Are they ready for our question?

    iLight Sky Co., Ltd. the storied Auto LED Headlight manufacturer in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, was found in 2008, dedicating to providing the finest service from start to finish built on a foundation of trust, integrity, liability and quality. The skilled R&D team and advanced equipments make iLight Sky the first one to use graphene material in Auto LED Headlamp successfully in China, thereby solve the LED headlight heat dissipation problem effectively. And the originality spirit makes it possible for iLight Sky team to launch new products every three months. “Our dream is to make Chinese Auto LED Headlights light up every corner of the world.” said Yucheng Liu, the founder of iLight Sky.

    Auto Headlight has experienced long history from oil lamp, halogen lamp, xenon HID lamp to LED headlamp. LED Headlight is getting more and more popular because of its electrical efficiency and longer lifespan even the heat dissipation problem remains to be solved.

    However, the successful and accurate application of new technology graphene, Philips ZES chip, long lifespan Hydraulic fan and aviation aluminum materials make iLight Sky newest product T1 mini-series Auto LED Headlight to be the most stable and the best heat dissipation headlight, which is capturing the eyes from all over the world. Meanwhile, iLight Sky has been working with the leading Motor Companies such as Toyota, Volkswagen and 4S stores, which allows iLight Sky become more competitive in LED headlight industry.

    Although they have a long way to go, iLight Sky team states that they will stay true on their belief, strive to accomplish commission, so as to make outstanding achievement in the LED new era. 

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    The is a distributed technology organization with global cryptographers and consultants. It can publish a blockchain or a decentralized application.

    The distributed technology organization will incubate global blockchain quality projects and invest in public blockchain projects and blockchain infrastructure hardware projects. It will eventually be driven by third parties and communities and those who want to gain value in the blockchain.

    The distributed technology organization does not guarantee or promise that someone will do this. They are only responsible for the underlying system, deploying the corresponding functions, and making excellent DAPPs on the blockchain.

    David Ritchie, who is known as the father of C and creator of the Unix operating system, is the President and Chief Technology Officer of – a blockchain distributed technology organization. There are also international financial analysts with many years of experience as a strong risk control system.

    The is the core technology service provider of global blockchain software and a global blockchain incubator that helps people create a large number of decentralized applications.

    Currently has more than 100 distributed technicians worldwide.

    The is constantly growing and growing. is expanding its global operations and is also favored by global capital, many of which are invested in world-class funds. In the near future, it has also signed strategic alliances with Asia’s Contented Angels Investment Association to jointly build the world’s top blockchain brand community.

    The blockchain is a treasure map that brings many changes to society. is using this treasure map to find the value of the true blockchain application and ultimately create a more meaningful blockchain for the world.

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    In 2018, the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship in blockchain is surging, and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds flooded in. It seems that overnight, payment across blockchain industry rose along with expectation.

    Blockchain is booming, but there is a cruel reality, which is that except for exchanges and a few Apps, most projects are still in the air with a long way to go.

    This year, public chains and platform coins are doing good, because blockchain is still at a stage where all industry chains are competing. However, a steady and strong private industry chain is bound to be launched!

    PR Chain is determined to be the world’s largest open media platform

    Targeting media industry as a breakthrough point, PR Chain is formulating a set of community autonomous incentive mechanism that is compliant, reasonable, fair, just, effective and innovative. Their goal is to build a fair and just, open and transparent media credibility system through rewarding media content creators, value transmitters and recipients of content with largest incentive. They are also committed to build the most trustworthy media credibility index, the PR-INDEX.

    Global media industry today is characterized as news-oriented. Nevertheless, the industry is scattered as many media institutions fighting for their own island, therefore trillions of media industry output is broken down to multiple platforms.

    Problems with Traditional Media Industry:

    1. It is difficult to confirm and protect media’s ownership rights.
    2. The low reliability and security of news.
    3. The plunder of user’s privacy and media value.

    PR Chain Reconstruct the Production Relationship of Media Industry with Blockchain Technology

    The nature of blockchain lies in the transformation of production relations and trust relations. In media industry, revolution that is most likely to take place is the  reconstruct of production relations.

    A decentralized media platform does not belong to any centralized party, but a virtual autonomous one based on blockchain technology, smart contracts and consensus mechanism, solving the problem of trust and staying neutral.

    Centered on this decentralized and autonomous open media platform and a reliable media circulation mechanism, it is possible to build a whole new ecology system covering across media service providers, industry applications providers, general technology vendors and platform application providers.

    The PR chain enables large-scale media sharing and open platforms that can access massive Apps and massive media through technologies such as smart contracts and distributed media libraries. The main features of the PR chain include: fairness, transparency, openness and autonomy.

    Tech Support: Synereo, Israeli Top Company in Decentralization

    Different from other blockchain projects that are in the air, PR Chain’s core strength is that it is easier to apply based on existed massive users and media resources on Synereo platform.

    PR Chain is an official collaborative project with Synereo that will leverage the latter’s proven technology and economic models, combined with a localized operation team to promote the growth, maturity and healthy development of a new media ecosystem.

    Synereo, a startup in Tel Aviv, Israel, has developed a decentralized open source social network. Built on the attention economy system, every end user on the distributed APP in Synereo ecosystem is the owner of the network, thus returning to users the control of content, personal information and monetization.

    The Synereo network operates with not a single central server or data center. Quite the opposite, when a user supports this distributed network using personal device, the network will compensate for the user’s contribution to storage and computing power.

    Synereo brings the PR Chain with market access and business resources. In addition, valuable BD experience, industry insights and other invisible resources can reduce trial can error cost for the team to achieve fast cold boot.

    PR Chain has completed four major incentive models, and its token is expected to be listed on exchange soon

    The PR Chain project has been very smooth and four models for blockchain media have been completed.

    Value Transmit Incentive Model:

    Economic incentives stated the how everything is set behind attention economy using Synereo’s application public chain and AMP attention economic realization tools, which allow users to cash and invest in content transmit with attention economy.

    After joining the PR Chain, users can create or share high-quality content in social community using PRZ. Any user can initiate PRPUSH amplification chain through sharing content with PRZ.

    Advertising Suspended Incentive Model: PRAD

    PRAD provides suspended advertising incentives based on PRPUSH. Considering the PRZ value and the advertising budget, PRZ determines autonomously the allocation method, number of PRZ, number of people, initiating time and suspension period. Users can receive the reward set by advertisers through actively receive advertisements within required time.

    Content Autonomy Review Mechanism: PRVOTE

    PRVOTE Content Autonomous Review Mechanism is a consensus agreement on information management in distributed business system. It is a pioneer mechanism in media industry and can only be put into practice and operated smoothly in PR Chain ecology.

    Media Credibility Index: PRINDEX

    Departments concerned do publish reports on online media credibility survey, however, there is always a lack of data for sufficient dimensions.

    The complete system of PR Chain employs big data, AI and other technologies to collect data of various dimensions to establish a more scientific evaluation system.

    Description of PR Chain Token and its Usage

    • Token name: PRZ
    • PR Chain’s revenue and repurchase instructions have been completed 
    • The goal of PR Chain is to reshape existing media ecology and promote the launch of PRINDEX Media Credibility Index
    • In order to protect all participants, PR Chain will repurchase PRZ regularly. Part of the repurchased coins will be placed in the PR Chain foundation risk control mechanism. Also, considering how the ecology develops, board of director of the foundation will vote on whether to destroy some PRZ to maintain a stable circulation value.
    • Scheduled to be listed on exchange on 15, August.

    Jack Ma once said that the future is media era, with massive news content generated every day. The new blockchain technology can empower individual media. so that they will not be subject to centralized giant. From this perspective, PR Chain indeed solves the pain points in media industry. Compared with other hollow projects, PR Chain has a realistic landing chance and therefore it is expected that it will achieve its ambition as soon as possible.

    For more information on PR Chain, please follow

    Official website:

    WeChat official public account: PRChain

    WeChat official contact: PR16999888

    Telegram Chinese group:

    Telegram English group:

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    “A group of people who are the smartest receive remunerations incommensurate with their capabilities and contributions. This problem has been around in this Internet age for a long time. Hopefully, it’ll be resolved in the blockchain age,” said Mingo Chin from Security Chain (SECC) in Mars Finance interview.

    Mingo Chin

    Mingo Chin is a blockchain security expert, the Ecological Development Officer of SECC, a partner of Xing’an Capital, and the founder of Cloudchain Technology. He is on the first list of Forbes 30 Under 30 China and U.S.

    In 2017, Mr. Chin founded security company in blockchain, providing military-grade network security solutions to blockchain corporate and individual users. The company is also the world’s only chip-level hardware and software wallet solution provider.

    “What we’re doing now gives people the impression that we’re just a third-party blockchain solution provider or a security product company, but that is not true. We are transforming labor relations in the security industry through blockchain-related economic and technological systems and community consensus. All security companies are our potential partners,” said Mingo Chin of SECC.

    Blockchain technology has undoubtedly emerged as a hot new technology in the fields of technology and finance. Global interest in blockchain is no longer confined to one institution; rather, it has expanded to large-scale collaborative exploration. However, thefts of digital currencies followed on the heels of the DAO incident. Statistics show that security incidents resulting from blockchain loopholes have cost more than US$ 2 billion since 2011. With rampant currency theft, digital currencies worth hundreds of billions of dollars have become more vulnerable than ever before, and the security of digital assets has turned into a serious concern. A software loophole may lead to astronomical financial losses. By exploiting a loophole, hackers can not only take over the virtual currency, transactions and applications in the network, but also obtain control of all the participating servers on the node.

    The public should pay due attention to the security of blockchain as well as blockchain technology. According to Mr. Chin, the biggest problem with blockchain security at present is the shortage of security personnel with an adequate understanding of blockchain. At this stage, the most important duty is to help classical security personnel complete the transition and stimulate the entire security ecosystem by means of technology, community and investment incubation.

    Mr. Chin point out that the value of security white hats (developers) have been so seriously underestimated that they make far less money than hackers. As such, some people are tempted into hacking rather than upholding justice. It’s very unusual that a group of highly intelligent people are paid a pittance for holding onto their ideals.

    He said, “From now on, if you see any great security personnel or projects, please recommend them to us. SECC can provide them with free security consulting. When we enable all people to connect on all dimensions, the industry will grow in a healthier way and more people will take note of the enormous security needs.” 

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    On July 22, 2018, the “Legendary” huge poster shocked the world in New York’s Times Square, focusing on the Hangzhou Bay of the era, a new legend, starting here!

    New York’s Times Square is located between the famous Broadway and Seventh Avenue. New York’s Times Square is regarded as the “most eye-catching” window of the world because of its annual flow of hundreds of millions of people. Brands and companies from all over the world. Debut here and show the world. With China’s rise as a world power, Country Garden’s maritime legend officially entered the world as a legendary cruise ship and landed in Times Square in New York.

    The Country Garden Sea Legend debuted, with the strong posture of Nasdaq + Reuters dual screen, the concept image of the cruise ship settlement was presented on the stage of the world.

    World Bay Legends Sea Dreams

    The planning and development of the Dawan District era has always been the focus of attention. The Bay Area symbolizes openness, innovation and livability. The home is a warm harbor, and in this warm harbor, the cruise ship life at sea is launched. Enjoy the beauty of the new era with a unique geographical advantage. The Hangzhou Bay New District, located at the geometric center of Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo, is booming. The cross-sea bridge connects Shanghai and Hangzhou, and many policy dividends are released. Hangzhou Bay is fully calibrated in the World Bay Area, and the feast of wealth is Sheng Qi!

    The landmarks of each well-known city are adjacent to the Bay Area. The life of the Bay is the yearning for most people. The first in the Bay Area, the legend of the Country Garden Sea, unveiled the luxury of the Bay.

    In recent years, Country Garden has increased the layout of upstream and downstream industries for real estate development and new urbanization construction, and has actively involved in many new fields such as science and technology, agriculture, and intelligent intellectual creation. It is standing on the world commercial stage with the attitude of a composite national enterprise group.

    The world’s top 500 Country Garden, with the world’s high-end boutiques in the Bay Area, builds a core residential area in the Hangzhou Bay New Area, and builds a high-end residential, star-rated hotel, boutique apartment, and city-oriented office in a “Bay Area + Industry” model. Bay landmark works, dedicated TOD cover works – Country Garden · Sea Legend.

    Country Garden’s forward-looking vision and innovative design concept create a legend of the Bay, to pay tribute to the legend and help the Bay Area to develop! Let the world focus on the Hangzhou Bay of the era, the new legend, set sail here!

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    “Tea has been regarded as something to drink since Shennong era and become popular since Zhou Dynasty.” China is the hometown of tea, the birthplace of tea culture, and the world’s biggest tea production country. The picture scroll of Chinese nation’s 5,000 years civilization, every scroll generates the clear fragrance of tea. It is enough to witness the long history of tea in China. Tea industry is the traditional advantaged industry of China, the area of tea garden in China accounts for 60% of the world, and the output accounts for over 40% of the world. Although China is a big country producing tea in the world, but is not a strong country in tea production. Tea enterprises in China are difficult to develop big and strong, which is related to the problems existing in China’s tea development. The problems such as low industrial concentration, oversupply of tea, low organization degree and low quality have hindered the development of Chinese tea industry.

    German CTEE Group Foundation: Don't forget The Original Intent, Let Chinese Tea Fly To The World

    With the development of tea industry hindered, German CTEE  Group Foundation, in order to carry forward the Chinese tea culture, promote the renaissance of Chinese tea, and improve the brand reputation of Chinese tea, with the main means of docking the resources with technology and cooperating the tea industry with finance, has set up the special fund for the tea and the relevant industry to boost the development of China’s tea economy.

    German CTEE Group Foundation: Don't forget The Original Intent, Let Chinese Tea Fly To The World

    German CTEE Group Foundation: Don't forget The Original Intent, Let Chinese Tea Fly To The World

    The aim of the establishment of German CTEE Group Foundation (CTEE) is to combine the blockchain with Chinese tea and tea culture to create an open, fair, transparent and traceable tea culture industrial chain and jointly build the digital economic ecology of Chinese tea. Perfect governance structure, reasonable organization, adequate consideration and countermeasures for risk and information disclosure, being innovative, feasibility and implementable, it provides safe and intelligent blockchain service for blockchain enthusiasts, and is committed to the tea finance and tea culture, tea entertainment and offline experience, thus jointly  creatingthe global leading ecological community in tea market.

    In order to more effectively and standardize the current Chinese tea industry and tea ecology problems, CTEE, cooperating with the China Tea Blockchain Research Center and IBM Blockchain Technology Center as well as relevant enterprises and elites, has constructed the Agricultural Ecological Protocol (AEP), which is the blockchain permit to solve the current problems of Chinese tea industry and tea ecology.

    Agricultural Ecological Protocol is the tea industry ecology based on blockchain, and establishes the whole ecological closed-loop of the tea industry chain which is all included in a series of links such as planting, picking, processing, storage, logistics, tea finance, tea culture, tea entertainment, tea exchange and offline experience, and the tea and people, organizations on the industrial chains and the world are closely combined to form an open and borderless tea ecology with very extensive application scenario.

    German CTEE Group Foundation: Don't forget The Original Intent, Let Chinese Tea Fly To The World 

    Seizing the opportunity and making full use of the new mode of blockchain + financial + tea industry, actively promoting the “One Belt and One Road” Chinese tea to the “Silk Road”; cooperating with local governments to jointly develop the characteristic town with tea as the core industry; carrying forward and propagandizing the Chinese tea culture, with four ideas of the Chinese tea matching the “One Belt and One Road” Initiative, connecting various aspects of tourism industry such as catering, entertainment, shopping and so on. Supporting the Chinese tea industry to achieve rapid and stable transformation and upgrade, constantly improving the awareness and reputation of the Chinese tea brands, and let Chinese tea fly to the world.

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    In the middle of April 2018, MONEY MONSTER team with its rich experience, took the mission of “creating silo-breaking real-world scenarios and building a new ecosystem for digital asset investment”. They aim at  forming a platform for stored value, added value, circulation, and entertainment. After an effort of 3 months, Money Monster complete the transformation of blockchain technology into traditional industry model, creating real application scenarios for production, circulation, and consumption which help in the implementation of the  for the closed-loop.


    1. M Wallet – New starting point for digital asset stored value, added value, circulation, and entertainment

    This wallet integrates the latest features of the block chain wallet, which is a Dapp carried by friends in the industry, but also a safe and private “wealth center”. M wallet releases multi-chain cryptocurrency and distributed application entry. It supports decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It is reported that the wallet will be available late in August, and at present, the entrance of distributed applications has been connected to the blockchain applications such as Monster mining machine, Golden horse, capital management tool and other blockchain applications.

    2. Monster Mining Machine – New highlight for digital asset stored value, added value, circulation, and entertainment

    Monster mining machine is a leisure blockchain game.The player buys the virtual mining machine and use  MMON tokens for mining and obtain considerable every day, valuable mining, distributed monster machine. This game is different from the classical Internet games. Each mining machine belongs to the player private assets and are not controlled by any platform and third party control.

    3. Golden horse – Exploding point for digital asset stored value, added value, circulation, and entertainment.

    Golden horse is a pure blockchain formation game, which was launched on August 1st. Players use MMON tokens to make, feed and reproduce Golden horses. There is purchase, auction, and gift sharing among players. They then  develop treasure hunting, PK and other high order plays. The biggest feature of the game is that each Golden horse is unique, unreplicable and untampered. Also, the game uses block chain technology which guarantees a secure network world for the players. There is uniqueness in the representation of the pet horses in the game which is quite appealing for the gamers.


    4. Strong and Mature community-based governance

    The MMON team is set up by the SINGA BLOCKCHAIN INVESTMENT LTD. in the UK to operate project promotion and community operation in the global distribution communities such as MMON Co. Ltd.etc. It is wholly registered in Tokyo, Japan as an important base for the MMON. It aids in taking block chain cryptocurrency property mortgage loan in Asia Pacific.  It also has a  Chinese community already in Hangzhou block chain industrial park, Shenzhen Nanshan Science Park and Nanning earth King chamber of Commerce Center, The MMON project investors are all over the countries and regions of Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


    5. Embark on a new journey

    MMON team strives to gain more and more. Recently, GOLD KNOWS THE ANWSERS co-sponsored thehero list. MMON gained the ninth place on the CoinEx exchange’s last 800 projects, stood at 3rd position in the vote which has prompted a number of exchanges in the industry to fight. The recognition of the industry’s approval of the MMON project has also been reached. On August 6th, MMON will be launched on the exchange named “hotcoin” andwill embark on a new journey.

    “The soil is the mountain, and the water is the sea”. Happiness and a bright future will not come out of thin air. Success belongs to a brave and persistent team like MMON.  MMON creation team is planning to launch the “Dragon Hole Project” in the 4th quarter of this year, and continue to be bold in change and innovation, MMON is moving towards the peak of the new digital asset ecology!

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    Aug 2, 2018 – As mortgage interest rates rise, housing prices remain high, and bank rules get tougher, Freedom Capital offers an alternative solution to all of this. Freedom Capital provides unique private, alternative, and commercial financing solutions to help Canadians overcome the burdens of the mortgage application process and the bank rules. Their financing options are designed to meet the needs of borrowers who do not fitthe evolving criteria of conventional financing. Their commercial financing options include land and real estate as well as construction. With a lending range from anything between one million to100+ millions, Freedom Capital can handle financing any project.

    Extremely tough bank rules coupled with a changing marketplace has made it very difficult for companies and individuals to work with the lending solutions provided by the traditional banks. With the 2018 mortgage changes in Canada, banks no longer approve the same number of mortgages they have in the past.In fact, over 100,000 people who were approved for mortgages last year would not be under the new rules. This leaves a large majority of Canadians in need of a financing solution. So what happens to these Canadians?Some may postpone buying a home, and some may reapply to a different bank hoping for an approval. In the end, when a solution does not seem apparent from the banks, Canadians seek alternative mortgage companies for help.Companies, like Freedom Capital, are not bound by the same lending regulations as the banks. This means that Canadian individuals or businesses now have more options to fulfil their financing needs. Alternative mortgage companies do not base approval on income, job stability or credit rating. Instead, applications are approved based on equity.

    Freedom Capital has been in business for years and is a well-known alternative private financing mortgage company in British Columbia. They specialize in helping fund self-employed entrepreneurs, real-estate agents, construction companies, and many more. Their several years of experience in providing various alternative and commercial financing options allow them to have a smooth process and fund the most challenging applications. They’re now opening offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto, enabling them to help Canadians with their financial needs nationwide.To find more information about their wide range of financial options, just click on the website link at

    According to Freedom Capital’s website, their innovative alternative financing solutions are backed by their creative approach that enables them to deliver quick and simple access to money even fordifficult situations. Those who are in need of urgent financing can rely on Freedom Capital’s financial services to deliver and relieve their stressful situation. People who are tired of the games, politics, and bureaucracy of the banks can be grateful for the alternative financing companiessimilar to Freedom Capital.

    About Freedom Capital

    Freedom Capital is a popular alternative private financingmortgage company based in Canada that specializes in providing help fund Canadians that do not fit into today’s traditional lendinginstitutions.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Freedom Capital
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Phone: 866-944-7778
    Address:#101 19909 64th Ave
    City: Langley
    State: BC V2Y 1G9
    Country: Canada

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    Aug 2, 2018 – During the press meet held yesterday at their headquarters in Indianapolis, In., the spokesperson for BitcoinMarketShare.comsaid that they were happy to convey that the investors of Cryptocurrency can now make better investment decisions by accessing the updated information and latest news available at their site.

    Carla DeWitt, the spokesperson for also added that they aim at offering straightforward, income oriented, and conservative information to make Cryptocurrency investments. She also added that they strive to be open and diligent while offering Cryptocurrency News and Information to help the readers make a well informed decision while investing in Cryptocurrency. To know more information about Cryptocurrency or to get the recent news related to Crypto investment, just click on the website link at

    While speaking about, Carla DeWitt added that they perform the art of publishing rather than offering financial advice that are custom made to solve the current situation of an investor. They offer recommendations and news, which includes suggestions and strategies that may be useful for individuals with varied investment needs. They also provide general answers to the queries raised by the members, contacts and readers of The information gathered by this site is through reliable sources and are compiled as public market information that comprises of corporate news and financial news. To know more about how the team at work, just click on the link at


    The site of is updated with well researched articles on topics like Altcoin, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and digital currency. These articles are written by experts in Cryptocurrency and are the best choice for the investors who wish to know the latest Alt Coin and Bitcoin happenings as well as Crypto news and information.

    Media Contact
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    Address:973 N Shadeland Av Suite 223
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    State: Indiana
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    International Design Competition – Bridge of Entrepreneur by Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park was launched on 15th March 2018. After the successful in-campus briefing sessions in 5 prestigious universities in China: University Of Science And Technology Of China, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen University, Zhejiang University and Fudan University, the competition briefing session was also held in a few top universities in international level such as Harvard University, Yale University and MIT.

    The theme message of “Prevailing of Creativity” has been getting highly concerned in local and foreign media. At the same time, it had successfully attracted the interest and participation of student and designer all around the world.

    After 4 months of competition schedule, there were almost 2000 enterprises contribute in entry-participation and voting session. Finally, 50 outstanding entries were shortlisted.

    The final result is including: 1 entry for First Prize Winner, 2 entries for Second Prize Winner, 3 entries for Third Prize Winner and 44 entries for Honorable Mention.

    List of winners:

    The First Prize


    Group Member




    WANG Fan


    T. Y. Lin International Engineering Consulting(China)Co., Ltd

    The Second Prize


    Group Member




    Adel Nourani Shiva

    Bridge of Entrepreneur

    Graduated Bachelor of Architecture


    ZHANG Anxiao, SUN Yanchen

    Market of Entrepreneur

    Tianjing University

    The Third Prize


    Group Member




    WANG Kuan, ZHAO Yawei,

    WANG lin, XIAO Yi, WANG Kai, LEE Youcheng

    Future: Bi-Bridge

    KUAN Architects(UCD),Tianjing University, Beijing Jiaotong University


    Zijian Li

    The Gate To Innovation


    LU Chao

    Bridge of Encounter



    The Honorable Mentions


    Group Member




    Bernd KoehlerYudi Gao-KoehlerHao SongTianshuo Zhang

    Bridge of Entrepreneur

    WIKI Germany



    Chavannes& Associés

    Newborn Bridge


    AAUPC Chavannes& Associés



    Cardenas Laverde

    Entrepreneurial Bamboo     Arches

     Studio Cardenas Conscious Design


    LEE Jie, SONG Mengtian, TIAN Duyi

    Wandering Bridge

    Field Architecture Office (Beijing)


    ZHANG Yunyao,CAI Kui, LEE Yaxian, BI Tou, WANG Wenhan

    The Chuanggu Hill

    VIKI Design & Research Studio


    JIA Wenzhao ZHANG Chi, YOU Jiani, Andrius Ribikauskas, YANG Nan

    Chunggu DNA Bridge

    Xiyi’s Workshop Architecture Studio


    MA Yao, TING Yu


    BUG office


    WANG Gelan, ZHANG Jie, YANG Fan


    Bridge of Confluence

    Tianjin University Of Technology


    ZHANG Yue

    Flying with Melody

    Shenyang Jianzhu University


    LUO Jiatao, WANG Yuanzhen


    Guangzhou University, Southwest Minzu University


    LIU Heyang, LEE Chenyue, CHEN Yuting, WANG Tengfei

    Halving-Heart Bridge

    Hefei University


    YI Zhenbang, YANG Haoyan

    White · Dot

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong


    LEE Junda, LEE Linlin

    Bridge of Entrepreneur

    Kunming University of Science and Technology


    GUAN Liang, CONG Wangduji, LEE JinshuanZOU Shuai


    Kunming University of Science and Technology


    LIANG Qingjin

    Humanoid Bridge

    University of South China


    LEE Yucai


    Anhui vocational & technical college of Forestry


    ZHU Yilan, SUN Yaqi,

    ZHEN Jing

    Green, Life, Innovation

    Tianjing University


    LEE Yueguang, LUO Jing

    Bridge: Floating Upon The Wave

    Tongji University


    HAO Liao,WONG Xiaobin

    CHEN Yien

    Interaction of 30°

    Guangzhou University


    Sanjay Ektate



    Not Stated


    Ben Feicht

    World Bridge

    University of Oregon


    Benjamin Daniel

    cloud path



    Mohsen KHeirmand Parizi , Mohamadhosein Rahmati  Mohammadreza GHorbani

     The high-tech bridge for Entrepreneurship  and Public Relations

    Mira studio


    Subhajit Das





    The HIVE Bridge



    Philipp Schaake

    Flow Of Thoughts




    Bridge Of Entrepreneur



    Eden Chang Yee Dun

    Bridge of Metallic Character

    E.G.G. Design Studio


    ZHU Yan

    Bridge Of Entrepreneur



    JIA Yaodong, ZHANG Yaqian


    Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd


    HUANG Jianwei

    Tri-Linking Beam Style Bridge

    Yue Chen Architecture Studio


    LIAN Yunxiao

    Core of Intelligence,

    Resident of Creativity

    AAUPC Chavannes& Associés



    GAO Xu

    Bridge Landscape Park

    Ben Jiang Ying Architecture Design Studio, Tianjin


    LEE Bo

    Pedestrian Bridge

    Anhui City Comprehensive Design

    Institute Co.LTD


    HUANG Yaxin

    Tribute of Art



    HUANG Jian

    Combined The Bridge

    TIME-Z Architects


    LAI Yingxia

    Strolling In The Milky Way

    Wu Kong Architecture design (Beijing)    Co. LTD


    ZHANG Hua

    The Bridge of Entrepreneurial Dream



    XIAO Zhilun, ZHU Kejin


    Bridge of Entrepreneur



    WANG Xixiong

    Ring · Flow



    CHEN Jingying

    Double Möbiusband

    Hefei Gaoxin Development & Investment  Group Company


    WANG Long

    Bridge of Entrepreneur



    LIAN Junqin

    Linking of

     Technology and Creativity

    Wan Ban Space


    ZHAO Guiyang

    Bridge of Landscape


    Suzhou Sheheshe Environmental Art Design Co.Ltd

    Background and Definition

    In 21th century, the form and function of “Bridge” should be redefined. Instead of only serves as a connection facility, the “Bridge” is also playing other significant roles like: an iconic landmark; a combination of aesthetic and technology; a linear urban facility also; a connection of physical and social space.

    “Bridge of Entrepreneur” aims to emphasis its cultural context and at the same time showcasing its iconic creativity to corresponding its high-tech and contemporary feature in Zhong’an Chunaggu Technology Park.

    The First Prize

    Title Illusion

    Group member WANG Fan

    Institute T. Y. Lin International Engineering ConsultingChinaCo., Ltd


    The Second Prize

    TitleBridge of Entrepreneur

    Group MemberAdel Nourani Shiva

    InstituteGraduated Bachelor of Architecture

    TitleMarket of Entrepreneur

    Group MemberZHANG Anxiao, SUN Yanchen

    InstituteTianjing University


    Background of Site

    Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park is one of the technology-themed development scheme which is empowered with the concept of “Co-maker space, Business Incubator, Industry Accelerator, Industry base and fund cluster”. “Financial Technology”, “Information Technology”, “Artificial Intelligence” and “Healthy & Well-being” become 4 core industries to sustain its entrepreneur-cycle services and altogether to success this iconic development project in Anhui Province.

    Organizer believes that competition “Bridge of Entrepreneur” will be served as a platform to gather the wisdom from all over the world with an intention to develop new ideas in building an international technology park in the future in a fresh light where focusing on the communication between people, cities and architectural spaces.

    Aerial View of Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park

    Perspective view of Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park

    Hosting Organization

    Anhui Zhong’an Chuanggu Technology Park

    Co-Hosting Organization

    CBC (China Building Centre)

    Arcplus Group PLC

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    The latest achievements in the global industrial chain of integrated circuits to be discovered and the coordinated development of the industry to be studied.

    IC world 2018 officially kicks off in Beijing on the morning of July 30th. Information is given in its press conference that the event, themed as “Into A future of technological innovation and industrial chain with coordinated development”, will take place in Beijing Etrong International Exhibition&Convention Center from October 22nd to 24th, during which 20 academic seminars and an exposition containing 11 exhibition areas with special focus will be held as well.


    According to the introduction, IC World is directed by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, and the Administrative Committee of Beijing Economical-technological Development Area. Meanwhile, jointly sponsored by Institute of Microelectronics of China’s Academy of Sciences, The R&D Center of the Internet of Things of China’s Academy of Sciences, Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association, SEMI International Semiconductor Industry Association, Chinese American Semi-conductor Professional Association Beijing Institute of Electronics, Zhongguancun Alliance of Integrated Circuits Industry, Zhongguancun Alliance of Technological Innovation Of Material and Components Industries, Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Information, the event aims at providing a platform for the industry to exhibit their products on the industrial chain, and for global businesses of integrated circuits to communicate with each other.

    4 major forums will be held in the part of academic seminars, namely IC World, Beijing International Microelectronics Summit 2018, the 5th International Global Sensor Summit, and the conference of Zhongguancun Integrated Circuits Industry Alliance, supplemented by a dozen of sub-forums with special topics. At the same time, joined by more than 300 experts, scholars and business leaders from international top universities, research institutes and enterprises in integrated circuits, IC World will witness high-level academic exchanges focusing on the following hot topics, including the current situation and trend for the development of international integrated circuits industry, sensors, electron components and its manufacturing, bio-pharmacy, medical care and all-round health, automatic driving, new-energy vehicles, intelligent network, artificial intelligence, robot, intelligent manufacturing, correspondence in the future, internet of things, wearable electronics, smart home, smart hardware, the negotiation of investing and financing in the industry of integrated circuits. Besides, the expo of IC world this year will last for 3 days. Covering an area of 215278.2 square feet, this Expo contains 11 exhibition areas for integrated circuits. These exhibition areas, centered over the topic of innovation,  will present its design, manufacturing, equipment, material, components, production system, factory management, closed beta, terminals, production study and research, industry alliance, etc.


    The event is held in Yizhuang because of its important position in China as the industrial base for integrated circuits production. Currently, Yizhuang harbors a number of enterprises in this industry, such as SMI, SMIC, NAURA, Infineon, CHIPONE. By fully utilizing the advantages brought by Beijing’s long-term strategic layout with southern part focusing on manicuring while northern design, Yizhuang is now equipped with self-contained industrial chain, containing design, materials, equipment, manufacturing, components and closed beta tests. With its value of the industry accounting for half of the total in Beijing and one-tenth in China, Yizhuang has become the largest and best industrial base for integrated circuits production, the first base to build the production line for 12-inch integrated circuits wafer as well. On July 12th, the innovation center of integrated circuits, jointly established by the SMI and other enterprises both upstream and downstream on the industrial chain, officially started its mission. As an open and substantive coordination platform for this industry, the center provides access for the design companies and the research institutions to conduct tests as well as for equipment and material companies to verify their products, so as to accelerate the creation of a national technological innovation center of integrated circuits in Beijing.

    Beijing is now building major platforms of its national technological innovation center, which cover 3 towns and 1 area. As the “area” referred to here, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area will focus on both providing optimal services and strong financial support to enterprises by transforming the technological achievements into real products, according to the introduction given by its officials. Up to now, the development area has been endowed with an investment and financing system for integrated circuits, core to which is a state-owned financing and investment platform. There are 12 funds for the industry of integrated circuits here, with total amount exceeding RMB 160 billion yuan. The area invested in the several funds, including the Investment Fund for the National Integrated Circuits Industry, the Underlying Fund of Bejjing Integrated Circuits Manufacturing and Equipment, the Underlying Fund of Beijing Integrated Circuits Design and Closed Beta.  At the same time, we jointly established Yi Tang Chang Hou Investment Fund with CHIPONE and Xin Dong Neng Investment Fund with BOE. With regard to transforming the outcomes of technological innovations, encouraging pieces of news of the industry have been constantly released in the first half of year 2018, such as the high-energy excimer laser independently developed and designed by RSLASER, the operation starting after the second phase of NAURA construction finished, the signing of the program contract for production expansion of VISION Tech. In the first half of the year, the total amount of industrial output produced by the leading enterprises in the area stands at RMB 187.21 billion yuan, a 14.9% year-on-year increase, to which the electronics and information industries have contributed to RMB 43.27 billion yuan with a 19.5% year-on-year increase, the most rapid one among the 4 pillar industries in this area.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Organizing Committee Of IC WORLD
    Contact Person: Zhang Qingqing
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    From Matt Damon to Bruce Willis, like many below-the-line workers in film industry, Hollywood stars are also running away. Already well-known for his ‘Die Hard’ movie franchise among Chinese audiences, Bruce Willis may have found a closer link with this valuable market.

    Image/ ‘Air Strike’

    The war epic is based on the notorious attacks on Chongqing during WWII by Japanese air force, which lasted from 1938 to 1944 and caused massive death of Chinese civilians. This historical event is as traumatic as ‘Nanking Massacre’ but still less known even to many Chinese people. According to the director Xiao Feng, history behind the movie should be remembered, and the sacrifices that Chinese people have made for the victory of the anti-Fascist war needs to be realized by the world.

    Joined by Liu Ye, Song Seung-Heon (South Korea), William Chan and many other A-list actors/actresses, Bruce Willis plays an American officer from the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) named Jack Johnson. As a volunteer fighter, Jack fights with a troop of young Chinese pilots who determine to protect their homeland whatever the cost.

    An ambitious Chinese film industry is increasingly expanding just as China desires to export soft power. For many Chinese blockbusters, integrating Hollywood stars and production teams into a Chinese story is a strategy to attract international audiences and to earn recognition abroad, though the commercial performances of these movies are still unpredictable.

    ‘Air Strike’ also employs Mel Gibson as art director, whose latest movie ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ hit the Chinese market by the end of 2016. In a behind-the-scene video released recently, Mel Gibson calls the movie ‘sort of epic’.

    Lionsgate Grindstone Entertainment Group will handle the movie’s distribution in North America, and Blue Box International owns the worldwide sales rights to the movie.

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    The Chinese war drama Air Strike (previously known as The Bombing, aka Unbreakable Spirit) is going to have its globally theatrical release, including North America.

    Poster/Air Strike (aka Unbreakable Spirit)

    Starring Bruce Willis as an American commander who is dispatched to China during the Second World War to fight against Japanese air force with young Chinese fighter pilots, the movie is a transnational co-production in many respects. Transnational collaboration of it expands from production level to exhibition.

    Mel Gibson was hired as art director and joined this project just before he started making the Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge, which received both commercial and critical success in China in 2016. Since then, Mel’s name has become extremely popular with Chinese audiences. Vilmos Zsigmond (Cinematographer of The Deer Hunter) was appointed as cinematography consultant of the movie. Both of them had expressed their delight in co-operating with Chinese filmmakers on the war epic before in interviews with leading Chinese media.

    Assembled in the movie are actors from different countries and areas, including Bruce Willis, Adrien Brody, and South Korean actor Song Seung-Heon.

    According to Xiao Feng, the director, working on a movie with such diverse cast and crew is not easy, but all participants acknowledge the anti-Fascist spirit and ideas of humanity stressed in the movie.

    The preparation of script began in 2011 and lasted for four years, followed by another four years of production. Based on one of the cruelest bombings that happened during the Second World War, Air Strike tells how civilians in Chongqing live their life with unexpected optimism and fight against Fascism with strong mind.

    The scale of theatrical distribution in the States is still unknown, but possibly a war blockbuster showing the ‘unbreakable spirits’ of Chinese people will shed some lights on the current U.S.-China relationship. There was a time when the two nations joined the Allies to fight against Fascism. And recent years also see frequent exchanges of ideas and talents, especially in the cultural and art fields. Apparently, a trade war will certainly affect far more than economic interests of the United States.

    Blue Box International acquired worldwide sales rights to the movie on last year’s MIPCOM, according to ScreenDaily. The movie’s international distribution will be led by Lionsgate Grindstone Entertainment Group along with Blue Box International.

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    Funcoin will launch AI CONTRACT(AICN) globally at 19:00(UTC +9) on August 10, 2018, and open the aicn/ete trading market!

    The AI contract combines artificial intelligence with BLAST chain technology to reshape the new BLAST technology application. The AI contract is a new generation of intelligent chain underlying systems with four capabilities, including the ability to quantify positioning problems, civilian application capabilities accepted and used by ordinary users, Bionic thinking evolution capabilities, and artificial intelligence interventions. Industrial intelligence, the public ability to perform computing through continuous learning and application. The AI contract will open the era of the application of nationwide chain technology and is committed to providing services for everyone.


    The founder of the AICN has used the industry’s keen sense of smell for many years to find the combination of artificial intelligence and block chains. Combining the two advanced technologies will collide with different sparks.At the end of 2017, the founder of the AI smart contract realized that artificial intelligence is in line with the development direction of block chain technology and took the lead in combining artificial intelligence with block chain technology. He believes that artificial intelligence under block chain 4.0 is the most high-end technology. In the future, it will land in the fields of finance, legal affairs, medical care, and industry. The future industrial robots will replace manpower and combine artificial intelligence with block chains. This is also the original intention of the AI smart contract.

    AI smart contract can land

    Talking about two new technology trends in the AI contract + block chain is always exciting, because this combination is not only extremely challenging, but also has the possibility of making pioneers “historical pioneers” of industry changes, so that the top brains can be actively involved. No one is sure what the future holds for them. Two major technological trends are either fading or a great commercial potential is created by cross-merging.

    AI contracts and block chains are complementary. For example, AI contracts can optimize energy consumption and improve mining efficiency; AI contracts can pass data partitions, and thus improve the scalability of block chains; AI contracts can also be used to detect fraud. AI smart contract landing is just around the corner.

    AICN core team

    AI smart contract is the crystallization of artificial intelligence and block chain wisdom. It will be applied to many fields, and future intelligent life will be opened.

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    Country: United States

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    Last year, the Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Petteri Taalas, released the provisional climate statement “The years 2013 to 2017 are likely to be the hottest five-year period on record” on the UN climate change conference (Bonn), which led to our resonance and discussion in the world; recently, The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a report ( showing June 2018 was the fifth warmest June on record (since 1880), and it was also the 42nd consecutive June with temperatures above average, combined with the top five warmest years since 1880 ( 2016, 2015, 2017, 2014 and 2010, we can see that global warming is overwhelming.  Therefore, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND want to do in-depth exploration about related climate issues with everyone with scientific and responsible attitudes, all the opinions and conclusions only represent personal opinions, please understand! Meanwhile, welcome everyone to interact and exchange actively about the shortcomings, let’s make due contributions to the sustainable and stable development of human society and nature!

    “The Little Ice Age” is actually a “hypothetical” problem brought up by us in 2012, and of course it is closely related to our products; green, environmental protection, low carbon and sustainability are what we always pursue, and we have carried out a series of innovation, research, promotion activities accordingly, “Gelidity is no longer cold, and warmth is in CWMALLS” is the slogan resulting from this; why? Because this is the conclusion made after we observed and analyzed the homochronous synthetical temperature and climate of over 300 large and medium-sized cities in the world, we took average annual relative value (total temperature divided by 365 days) as the reference standard and found obviously that though this year (2018) the average temperature in Australia and New Zealand in the southern hemisphere (so far) is a little bit higher than last year, but the temperature of last year was lower than former years in Europe (especially France, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, etc.) and Canada, the United States of North America in the northern hemisphere and the winter was a bit longer as well due to the effects of multiple snowstorms, “Bomb Cyclone”, etc.; just as the natural laws like “Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme” and “Conservation of Energy” show, this winter in the northern hemisphere might be the coldest and longest winter; someone will ask why the practical situation doesn’t change so much and is similar every year, that’s the question; the influence of inertial thinking leads to the numbness of frog-boiling effect, so nowadays when internet and information are developed it’s easy to form a illusion which is just as Petteri Taalas said “The years 2013 to 2017 are likely to be the hottest five-year period on record”, but it is not true! Partial phenomena mean nothing, also prove nothing! In case it’s due to human factor like the film “Geostorm” shows?

    “The Little Ice Age”, as a natural subject, can only be researched and analyzed on the natural law basis; Earth is the only home of human at present, everyone’s care and concern are the duty and responsibility of us; “Conservation of Energy”, “Natural Evolution”, “Life Cycle”, “Ecosystem” similarly as our research module and direction, for Earth itself, it will make some adjustment about itself, situations like melting icebergs of the Antarctic Pole and Arctic Pole, the increase of natural disasters and the emergence of extreme weather, etc., all of these are the results of self-adjustment and optimization, just like a long time to meet, a long time to be divided, the things to be the opposite, it also has its own temperament and its own sublimation; so at this point, the influence of human activities is not enough to change its own laws of activity; of course, we harmonious balanced development are the sustainable future! The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Paris Agreement, Kyoto Protocol, Bali Roadmap, Copenhagen Protocol, Montreal Protocol on Substances that Depletethe Ozone Layer, The Delhi Declaration, and World Environment Convention, all these are the expressions of human civilization, the protection of Earth home, also the choice of attitude! Finally, we have to warn everyone that it is better to respect the laws of nature instead of over-interpreting human factors; prevention and adaptation are the guarantee of security, beauty and future! Welcome more friends and partners from all over the world to exchange and cooperate, let’s make the world become more wonderful with our existence! Gelidity is no longer cold, and warmth is in CWMALLS, making warm love become the lighthouse of winter and light up everything! Thank you!

    Respecting and protecting nature is a necessary requirement in the development of human society; of course, even if we did be kind to the environment, there might be some anomalies such as Little Ice Age, so it’s of great importance to prevent in advance; therefore, CWMALLS® 2 in 1 Multifunctional Coat&Jacket Series, CWMALLS® Winter Coat&Jacket Series, CWMALLS® Sheepskin Overcoat Series, CWMALLS® Fur Coat Series and other innovative, patented products for your experience and sharing, especially the middle-aged and elderly friends living in high altitude areas and cold regions (we offer “try before buy” service to them) should pay more attention to it!

    Note: From now on, our partial patented designed products “CWMALLS® Multifunctional 2 in 1 Coat&Jacket” are officially provided “Custom Made”, “Personal Tailor” services, its unique multifunctional features and characteristics (constant temperature, constant humidity, explosion-proof, windproof, rainproof, breathable, light and soft, warm, ultraviolet-proof, easy-care, promoting blood circulation, etc.) make your precaution to extreme weathers more scientific and reasonable; meanwhile, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY also provide global free shipping, global off-site delivery, 48-hour delivery services, and no-reason return or change, free lifetime maintenance and other services, welcome worldwide old and new clients, customers to experience and appreciate them actively, thank you! In 2018 innovation comes first, in 2018 we cooperate and share, in 2018 we transform perfectly! (In 2020, we will see you in Nasdaq.)

    “Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School” — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND

    “The Little Ice Age” — scientific and reasonable precaution makes life more wonderful!

    CWMALLS COMMODITY (WWW.CWMALLS.COM) CWMALLS Global Networked Lab, CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee and CWMALLS Global Networked Factory lay a solid foundation for the globalization, space and universalization of every product of CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™. Make original design blossom and yield; Make dream come true, we share together! (More of our high quality featured products are directly or indirectly from 27 countries and regions such as Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, the United States, China, Japan, etc., for you to purchase, experience and share online!)

    August 3, 2018

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    Electric Scooter sharing gained huge popularity in the US at the beginning of this year.

    Companies such as Lime, Bird, Spin and Skip have been trying to grow their presence in both Europe and North America. Several billion dollars worth of revenue was generated in the United States shared economy in just a few months. There have been reports that some shared scooters have entered the European market recently.

    While shared scooters have gone through a boom in Europe and the United States, they have met the same fate as the shared bicycles prevalent in the European market. These are heavily used and are piled up indiscriminately.

    Shared scooters piled up indiscriminately. 

    Users often throw shared scooters in the dustbin, cut the cable, remove the QR code and remove the handlebars, even throw it into the sea.


    The damage rate of the vehicle is undoubtedly the biggest cost that the shared scooter service providers have to bear. The enterprises do not have a good plan to deal with the continued damages incurred on the shared scooters. The best way is to customize the scooter and parts to reduce the damage rate.

    All shared scooters are currently pile-free, meaning that the operator has to recycle them daily to ensure their normal operation. This frequent operational change requires not only quality of the scooter but also needs a good-quality charger.

    Taking into account the usage conditions for shared scooters, Fuyuan Power, a leading brand of smart chargers, recently customized solutions to reduce the power loss rate of shared scooters.

    Fuyuan Power engineers used the Wire-hoisting or weight swaying experiment and created a simulation to check whether the power wire and the terminal of the shared scooter have normal electrical performance, as open circuits and poor contacts normally happen after thousands of bending and folding. Only when the product is swayed and simulated strictly, the actual user’s bending and twisting operations in the actual use environment can be effectively guaranteed, and the product performance consistency can be maintained.

    The engineers of Fuyuan Power also conducted vibration experiment, which is a simulation of the shared scooter power, to see whether the product still maintained good performance in the transport environment and whether it encounters performance impacts in various bad road conditions, such as uneven, muddy pits, falls and bumps.

    Salt spray experiment is another experiment which was conducted by Fuyuan Power engineers to simulate the metal components on the power supply of the shared scooter, such as AC inserts, as they wanted to check whether the appearance gets tainted. Good connection performance is now guaranteed through the seaside seawater, sprinkling of sewage, splash of various kinds of acid and alkali drinks.


    If a product does not pass the salt spray test, and if it meets the acid-base environment, the AC pin will rust, and finally it will catch fire, which will lead to fire hazards.

    The experiment of high and low temperature humidity is to simulate whether the sharing of scooter power remains normal during electrical performance in different actual environments, such as high temperature environment, low temperature environment and high humidity environment, etc.

    The products which have not passed the experiment have the risk of stopping work in the harsh environment conditions such as excessive humidity, high temperature, subzero temperature, and even in the high temperature environment, in no output situations, fire and other fatal and hidden dangers.

    This simulation experiment scheme basically covered the normal and extreme usage conditions of the shared scooter power supply at present. The power supply detected by this scheme can cope with the daily operation and greatly reduce the maintenance cost.


    Fuyuan Power is a power supplier for many top-notch brands in the intelligent walking industry. It provides thousands of users with safe and high quality power supply solutions. Their products have complete standard certification. Their products have complete standard certification. This company is also the hoverboard UL standard Technical Panel Member.  The mission of Fuyuan Power is to make the safest charger in the world.

    At the same time, it is the only supply chain member of the Inaugural Conference of China-US Electric Self-balancing Scooter Standards Harmonization Working Group.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Hera Cao
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 86-13430403862
    Country: China

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